Perfect Distraction for a Toddler

Happy Friday Luvs! I had to share these pics of Molly and I are out shopping the other day with all of you! Dada tagged along too 😉

Normally when I go shopping at the mall I wear flats, jeans, and a t-shirt. Because it can be pretty exhausting taking on and off clothes. However, this trip was after a day of work on set (so I was wearing my clothes from the show) and I just needed to run to the mall quick to grab a birthday present for my friend. So since Molly tends to do better in public places than being cooped up at home I thought we make a family trip out of it!

In between stores we sat in a little sitting area in the outdoor mall and I couldn’t get over how interested Molly was in my shoes! I mean, I knew my shoes were fabulous which is why I bought them! But Molly totally loves them too! Normally when we try to sit for a second she just runs away and we would have to get up to chase after her. But this time, I was able to sit and relax while she played with my fun fluffy shoes.

OK, so I’ve talked about how my shoes are great for distracting your toddler! Ha! But can I also gush about how cute they are?! I totally felt like Elle Woods shopping through the mall! I bought them for work (and date nights!), but I might have to wear them a lot more often more often with Molly to keep her distracted. Mom life hack! And honestly, the block heel makes them pretty comfortable. And I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but they would be a great shoe for NYE 😉 They come in two other colors too – black and burgundy.

My dress is under $50 and I just liked how it matched the color of the shoes. I feel like wearing beige head-to-toe or blush had-to-toe looks so chic! And I think it’s pretty stinking cute that Molly has little blush shoes on too. A little mommy and me matching! I’ll just have to glue with a pink pom-pom to the top of the shoe to match mine. He he.

I finished off the look with a cross ring and oversized star earrings. All from Nordstrom!!! So if you guys decide to get any of these things not only will you get free shipping but if something doesn’t work out, you get free returns as well! People ask why I buy almost everything from Nordstrom, well not only is their stuff great quality and you can find good prices but I just can’t shop anywhere that doesn’t offer free shipping and returns now.

Let me know what you guys think of this look and if you use this mom life hack! Or really what other mom life hacks you use. I think it be fun to share those with each other. Have a great weekend luvs! I’m headed down to SD for the night to celebrate my friend’s birthday! xoxo




9 Thoughts

9 thoughts on “Perfect Distraction for a Toddler

  1. ahhhh that’s so cute that Molly likes the fluff on your shoes.
    maybe you can buy some ‘fluff’ at a craft store that can be made to ‘clip on’
    your other shoes for the same effect/distraction. ha
    She’s adorable, like her Mother!
    Have fun at your friends party

  2. I love your outfit! I have to tell you about my recent purchase. You keep gushing about Sole Society’s shoes so I finally went to their web site. I bought two pairs of shoes and a purse. I received them today and they feel/look great! I will definitely purchase more from there. Thanks for the tip Ali! Cheryl

  3. You look so happy and healthy! Hope you are feeling so much better after your procedure! After what you described it probably feels extraordinary to do the simply things in life. I know whenever I have gone through rough trials in life the simplest things became the most wonderful because you gain this gratitude you never had before. Anyway, so sweet you got to have a little shopping trip with your family! Yours and Molly’s outfits…the shoes in particular 😉 are absolutely adorable~! Love the blush pink color! And I’m not really a high heel gal either. Once in a blue moon 🙂

  4. That’s is the sweetest thing!!!
    And I’m obsessed with Molly too so you’re not alone Kevin!!! She cracks me up every night!!! 😍😍😍

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