Goodbye to Paradise

So sorry this blog is a day late guys! I meant to post it yesterday but then I had to bring my dog Owen to the vet because he has an infection on his paws and I spent the day trying to comfort him. But better late than never right?! Let’s get into it…

OK. First, it was totally weird that the couples had three options at the end – leave single, leave as a couple or stay as a couple. And each one of those things must’ve had some sort of rules attached to it. For instance, if you’re gonna leave as a couple, why wouldn’t you just stay another night so you could have more time in paradise?! Free dates on ABC? Yes please! So I’m guessing the producers told them that they can either leave as a couple (a.k.a. boyfriend-girlfriend), or stay with the idea that they would get engaged (But then again only one couple ended up getting engaged). There just had to be a big difference between “stay as a couple” and “leave as a couple.” I just don’t really get the difference. I’m so curious to know what the producers told them behind the scenes.

I’m also pretty confused why they made such a big deal about staying together in the fantasy suites. Most of these couples have slept in the same bed together multiple times throughout the season. It’s not like on the Bachelor or Bachelorette where the fantasy suite is literally the only night you spend with that person. But in the same breath, Taylor and Derek talked about how they haven’t had sex yet. Or at least they hadn’t up until the fantasy suite. Maybe that’s because people can walk in too easily and they don’t have complete privacy? Or maybe there’s a rule in paradise that you can’t spend the night with anybody? However, I’m almost positive in past seasons they were open about people spending the night together. Maybe it changed after all the Corrine and Demario stuff. I’m really not sure.

And I tweeted the other night that I secretly wished Dean and Kristina would end up together and SOOOO many people tweeted me saying I was nuts! Ha! And I guess you guys are right. He needs time to grow up a bit. But I guess I just felt like what they had together was so real. Oh well. Kristina deserves the best and I would absolutely LOVE if she was the next Bachelorette. Can we all start tweeting ABC and Mike Fliess (the creator of the show) to make this happen?!

I really enjoyed the reunion part of the finale last night so let’s talk about that.

I thought it was kind of pointless but they went back to what happen with Corrine and DeMario again. I feel like it’s been talked about enough and it wasn’t necessary. Although they both seemed happy, which is great.

Raven and Adam are super cute and I so hope things work out for them!

But the moment that had me crying my eyes out, along with many of you, was the moment when Derek proposed to Taylor. If you guys look back at my old blogs about Taylor when she was on Nick’s season, I was pretty supportive of her. I felt truly sorry for her that she had such a negative experience on the Bachelor and I can only imagine how terrified she was that she would leave relive some of that in Bachelor in Paradise. But I’m so glad that she took that leap of faith and obviously Derek is too! It’s so beautiful that a love like that was the result of her going back into the Bachelor world. She went in fearful, but was willing to take the risk and ended up with the best thing imaginable! I’m so happy for Derek and Taylor! Can’t wait to see your future wedding!

Well that’s all I’ve got. Let me know what you guys think in the comment below!!


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45 thoughts on “Goodbye to Paradise

  1. This episode of the cast tells all happened to be the only time I haven’t heard Chris Harrison say, “The ‘MOST’ dramatic episode of the Bachelor/ette (or BIP), yet,” and it was the only time my jaw was on the floor THE. ENTIRE. EPISODE. Dean in the hot seat was insane and I can’t believe what went down between Lacey and Daniel. So shady!!

  2. I wanna know more about Will and Danielle? <3 them also together since they have been friends for a long time…sigh!

    1. I saw that Danielle will be on Wells’ podcast, which will be available tomorrow I think. Danielle posted that she and Wells will give the update (I’m paraphrasing but she posted on instagram yesterday). I for one am looking forward to listening 😊

  3. I knew Daniel wasnt telling the truth. Ive watched him on every episode of the Bachelorette, this and he was also on Millionaire Matchmaker. He is a douche as much as I would like to like him. Lacey had to know deep down that he wasnt for real from watching him in the past and how he treats women and speaks to them. But she has a cloud of Canadian smoke over her eyes.

  4. I am amazed at Kristina’s background/history and how she has persevered through it. I felt really bad for her on Bachelor in Paradise but what I didn’t like was the things she said about DLo to her face and behind her back. I think Kristina was just hurt and angry and maybe said those things out of those feelings but it doesn’t make it okay at the end of the day. I really felt bad for DLo at the end of this too. Even though she clearly didn’t have as much of a relationship with Dean when it was all said and done…she still is a human being with feelings too. I HATED how some of the contestants were insinuating that DLo was “dumb” and she was like “talking to a brick”. Maybe she is shy and nervous more introverted. You can be introverted and still go out in social settings…I know because this is totally me! LOL I think it just triggered something for me and struck a nerve because I’ve been called a dumb blonde multiple times throughout my life and its been hard to get over honestly. No one wants to be looked at that way…

    I hated how the twins said that Taylor and DLo were “ugly whores” because they just happened to be seeing the two guys the twins wanted to go on a date with. The twins are beautiful and fun but it just caught me off guard when they said that. Maybe it was a joke with the gals and they call each other “whores” just like some gals call each other b*tches as a term of endearment. I don’t know?

    Overall, I am glad there were some happy endings to paradise but really glad its come to an end πŸ™‚ Here’s to next year! *cheers!* haha πŸ™‚

  5. Ali on the topic of spending the night together in paradise- after the Corinne and Demario scandal I read that from then on the cast was only allowed to have 2 alcoholic drinks per hour and if they wanted to sleep with somebody they had to let the producers know first. I have no idea if that’s actually true, but I know I read it somewhere!

  6. Hi Ali….
    ALWAYS ❀️ Reading your blog and I hope Owen 🐾❀️🐾 Feels better real soon.
    The end of BIP was interesting and I feel like things ended the way they should have for the better of all involved. I wish Chris would have talked to Wells … although I guess he did and the show felt it was not good enough material to watch. I ❀️ Wells and hope he too finds love… REAL ❀️

  7. Hope Owen feels better soon!

    I thought the format of the finale was really interesting. I felt bad for Lacey because I felt like it was really obvious he wasn’t that into her (the ONE time we saw him say anything about falling for her, he wouldn’t even look at her), but I can see how she could’ve been just totally blinded by her feelings for him to where she wouldn’t see that at all. It was just sad for her because it felt like he was only into that for one thing.

    I also thought it was weird about the options they were given! Very true the producers could have said something else we didn’t see…. Because I know people were talking about how it’d be weird for Christen to go on the overnight date because she’s a virgin…as if sex was all that could happen on the overnight??? I mean, I’m sure it did for some of them β€” that’s their own business β€” but it just seemed weird how everyone was making it sound like that was the only reason for it.

    I also loved the kind of redemption story for Taylor. I feel like she learned a lot from her experience on The Bachelor and didn’t truly have any bad intentions but didn’t realize how things were coming across from her. But I feel like we got to see the true Taylor here — in a lower-stress situation where it’s not 30 girls trying to date 1 guy (because I can’t even imagine that kind of stress, though you can, but I’m sure it’s terrible) — and I really enjoyed it. Even Corinne looked really happy for her during the engagement part.

    And can we just talk about how cute all the girls on the stage were when Derek was proposing — gripping each other and staring and smiling? For some reason seeing all of their reactions made me really happy also.

  8. Some random thoughts:
    – I lost what shred of respect I had for the twins when they showed up in Paradise. I feel like they were rather rude and petty.
    – I continue to feel bad for Kristin and how everyone was teasing her about “scallop-fingers”. I did not like how the girls on ‘the cast tells all’ said it wasn’t bullying. I don’t think they get to call what they did bullying or not. If the person you are teasing feels like it is bullying, then it is bullying. Perception is truth in some cases.
    – Totally agree with you on Corinne and DeMario – can we just leave it alone and move on. One can tell they want to – especially DeMario.
    – Dean in the hotseat was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. He is so not ready for a serious relationship.
    – I think Kristina would make an awesome bachelorette! I feel like she is emotionally ready and stable enough for a serious relationship.
    – Daniel and Lacey – Lacey should have been more careful with her heart and known what kind of guy he is. BUT shame on Daniel for taking advantage of her.
    – Yes! Come on Danielle and Wells! Wells is so darn cute. I think they would make an adorable couple.
    – Come on January! Can’t wait for the next season of the Bachelor!

    1. OH and congratulations to Derek and Taylor!!! And I wish only the best for Raven and Adam (“everyone deserves an Adam” = adorable!). πŸ™‚

    2. I could never stand the twins! I just thought they were plain annoying! And after the stunt they pulled in paradise now I really can’t stand them πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  9. I REALLY wanted them to give us an update on Wells and Danielle! I guess the no update means they aren’t together?? (And if they aren’t together why is he not the new Bachelor?!?!?!) I was also really hoping Dean and Kristina would be together…and at the beginning of the episode I thought they might be. But then DLo said her and Dean hung out after paradise was over which hurt my heart for KristinaπŸ’”πŸ’”

  10. Yes – Kristina for Bachelorette! She needs to get over Dean and move on to someone who knows how to treat her! I enjoyed watching the finale. I am tired of the whole Corrine thing, I thought Raven and Adam were adorable and I was so happy for Taylor and Derek. They look so in love and it’s so heartwarming to see them together. I would have liked to hear if anything is happening with Danielle and Wells though! Great recap and I hope your dog is better!

  11. I wanted to see dean and Kristina to get back together too, and when he was crying before the after show on the last day in paradise I totally thought he was sincere! I couldn’t believe Danielle called him out! (I mean if I was her I would’ve after what she said) I was pretty shocked, he totallllly had me fooled!

    I thought the 3 choices was weird too, and was bummed they were more casual about it rather than doing a final rose ceremony. This season just kinda bummed me out in general. I love, loved Carly & Evans (& of course jade & tanner) stories soooo much, so I guess my expectations were just higher(?!)

    Until Derek and Taylor got engaged, I freakin bawled like a baby that proposal was flawless and sooo sooo sweet! Oh gosh it was just beautiful 😍 Luv ya Ali!

  12. The biggest disappointment I had with the finale was that we didn’t get an update on Wells and Danielle!!!! Looking at their Instagram accounts…. it looks like that segment was recorded and then cut. I guess we all have to go listen to Wells’ podcast to get the update.

  13. This was the worst season of bachelor in paradise ever!!! Complete snooze fest the ENTIRE time!!! And these poor girls had no quality guys to choose from either. Didn’t care much about the finale as I could have cared less about any of these people who found love. Oh you found love….cool. Oh you broke up? Darn it. Don’t care. They need to bring back bachelor pad. And not bring people into the show so late….stupid and such a waste. Dean is the worst and is a little child….so glad d-lo called him on his crap otherwise Kristina probably would have thought to get back with that creep and she deserves so much better than dean! Trying to play 2 women AGAIN with the excuse of….oh….I just don’t know what I want. Save it pal! Grow up and do the world a favor and be single for the next 5 years and figure out what you want without stringing people along. Would love to see Kristina as the new bachelorette for sure!!! Love her!

    1. You echo so many of my own thoughts about this season. I was so disappointed in Dean but he redeemed himself when he told DLo they should leave separately until she outed him out that he called her an hour later for a hook up. I had felt sorry for her until then. At least when he told Kristina that he was “choosing” DLo she had enough self respect to leave. When he told Danielle he loved Kristina but then called her an hour later she went for the hookup. I feel he cried crocodile tears and was so insincere. I hope he never gets picked as the Bachelor and I think it would fitting for him to see Kristina as the Bachelorette and realize what he threw away. For Taylor and Derek it was one of the sweetest and most sincere proposal in a long time. I wish them the best. I also hope the best for Raven and Adam. I am from Texas and he is a Texas boy. I would love to see this franchise get back to the premise of finding love and let go of so much drama.

    2. YES! Bring back Bachelor Pad. Paradise is played out and I agree this season was the most boring even with the love triangle drama.

  14. I was really hoping for an update on Danielle and Wells! πŸ’™ Also, this was by far the worst bachelor in paradise. EVER.

  15. I’m sooooo hoping that Kristina will become the next Bachelorette. I think she fell “BIG TIME” for Dean and in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before she’s with him again. I don’t ever see a future for her and Dean because Dean is not even close to being ready for a committed relationship that would eventually lead to marriage…..not in the near future anyways. Kristina is too good of a person to be with a guy that has no idea what he wants. Hopefully she finds a man on her own thats treats her the way she deserves to be treated if not it would be amazing if she became the Bachelorette! πŸ’•

  16. I used to like the twins but have quit following them on social media because it is obvious fame has gotten to them. And BiP just sealed the deal. What awful comments about Jack Stone and others. I am horrified at what they said about Jack Stone both behind hid back and in his face. So sad.
    This season was off for me and I was ready for it to be done.
    That said, I LOVE Wells being the bartender! And so happy for Taylor and Derek and Adam and Raven (a good surprise!)
    I agree that D-Lo got unfairly treated and I felt bad for her. She stuck up for herself the next day on Instagram and it was awesome. That said I also feel really bad for Kristina. Dean needs to take some time to mature before doing anything like this again.

    1. I agree with you about the Twins. Their rude comments about Jack Stone were uncalled for and didn’t make the finale any better.

  17. I think they have plenty of opportunity to spend the night together through out the season. It was pretty obvious Dean and Kristina did the night before she saw him in the pool with D Lo!

  18. Here is my 2 cents….. I did not need to see Corinne and Demario again. Stop dragging that story out and trying to make it sound like nothing happened. I don’t believe that.

    Dean is a douche. He looks great but he needs to grow up like many have already said. When I saw his family I scratched him because he has a lot to overcome.

    Congrats to Taylor and Derek and Raven and Adam. Hoping they stay together going forward.

  19. I agree. Corrine and demario did not need to be addressed again on the finale.

    I think derick and taylor are adorable and perfect together.

    Dean disappointed meπŸ˜“ i was hoping he and christina would
    have worked out. Christina deserves sooooo much better!Both girls should run from him & fast!

    Overall,the show wasnt as interesting as i thought it would be.

  20. Has anybody seen what the format for the Bachelor winter games is supposed to be? Ali do you have any insight about this?

    1. Wells** and she had just got back from her trip so they didn’t even know where they stood that’s why it wasn’t addressed. They updated everyone on their status on wells podcast which came out yesterday.

  21. I am glad DLO called Dean out but can I just say I wasn’t surprised and it’s a little sad all together …. not the first time that a guy has been willing to dump another for her but then in the end doesn’t choose her either … that’s gotta hurt. I wish Dean had done better him and Kristina could’ve really had something special. I’m not a fan of Taylor honestly but I was super happy to see Derek and her get engaged it was beautiful and authentic. Raven is my boo so if this works out between her and Adam I’ll be over the moon ❀️ I agree with you though this season was more real people are not interested in playing with their lives when it comes to making a choice outside of paradise.

  22. I am pretty sure I remember Kristina mentioning how she and Dean slept together in Paradise. It was when she was talking to Robby by the pool and Dean was in the pool with D-Lo. She said something to the affect of ‘I don’t know how he can do that with her when we spent last night together and you can imagine what happened.’ Not a direct quote but still some implication they slept together. Who knows.

    I think it’s time for a new Bachelor show. This BIP wasn’t that exciting, I thought. I thought it was more mean spirited.

    I think poor Amanda just needs to take a break from the show too. She keeps getting screwed over.

  23. I love Taylor’s transformation growing more beautiful in love. She absolutely glowed. It was very touching. Love is a beautiful thing.

  24. I am rooting for Dean and Kristina to get married or for her to be the next Bachelorette! She is such a beautiful person. I also think Wells should be the Bachelor at some point. And, as a side note – we really don’t need to see any more of the twins or Daniel or Amanda. Enough with recycling characters, just for the sake of recycling. Let’s move on to people we haven’t seen enough of and put the others to the side. Oh, and congratulations Ali, on your Home and Family gig! What’s next? A Hallmark movie? πŸ™‚

  25. Great idea for Kristina to be the Bachelorette!!!!! I wish they would just skip over Arie’s season and have another Bachelorette season next with Kristina. All the guys aren’t ready to commit. They all just want to fool around like playboys.

  26. I think the option to stay or leave as a couple was to either A. Help undecided couples spend a night alone to see if they really want to stay together or B. To give them the option to leave Mexico to get an early start on their lives together.

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