Blush And Stripes And The New Bachelor!

Happy Monday luvs! Today’s blog has two purposes really. First, to tell you about my outfit and second, to share my thoughts on Arie being named the new Bachelor!

First, can I gush about my look today?! I had a meeting this morning, and because I don’t work in an office every day, I get really excited when I have a reason to wear more polished office looks! This blush top and straight pant combo is so cute, stylish, and super comfortable to wear. And did I mention the entire look is from Nordstrom?! It’s no secret on my blog that I’m completely obsessed with everything at Nordstrom. I’d say 90% of my closet is from there. They just have really stylish clothes that are top-notch quality. And it’s so easy to find both designer pieces and affordable pieces all in one place. Plus they have free shipping and returns which I absolutely love because when I shop online, I tend to buy a ton of stuff so I can try it at home and decide what I want to keep. After I try everything on, I’m able to easily send things back with the return label. You wonder why I buy the majority of my clothes from there, these are the reasons why!


The blush top might be my favorite part of the whole outfit. If you have a larger chest, this top will be a bit revealing. But because I have a small chest it had more coverage for me. The sleeves on this top are the absolute best thing about it! They’re so fun and the detail is just gorgeous for a top at this price point.

My striped wide leg pants are a really great item to own and to mix-and-match with any of the tops in your closet. Plus, if you work in an office, it lets you switch up your outfit so you’re not just wearing a black trouser every day. I’m wearing a US 8, but they were slightly big around the waist for me as you can see in one of the photos where my tummy is showing. So I’m having them taken in on the waist. But it really depends how you want to wear them! I want to wear them as true high-waisted pants. I’m sure if I had ordered a US 6 then maybe they just would’ve fit me properly. But I was too excited about the look to send it back to get the smaller size so I’m just gonna have them slightly taken in. Plus right now they only have limited sizes left! I’m not the only one who LUVS these pants!


My heels are a simple black strappy heel that really every woman should own. I wear these shoes with so many looks because they really go with almost everything!

And last but not least are my earrings! They are such a statement and really such a steel at under $20. And even though they’re super affordable, they’re really good quality! Statement earrings are such a huge trend right now but sometimes they’re pretty expensive. If you’ve been wanting to try the statement earring trend, but not wanting to spend too much money doing it, these earrings are the perfect way to go! Plus, they’re black so they go with so many things and will be easy to pair with your outfits. Just in case those sell out, here are another pair that would be SO fun to wear with this look and are only $14.


OK, now it’s time for my thoughts on our new Bachelor. To be completely honest with you, when I first found out the news my first thought was “WHAAAAAAT?!?!” I, like so many of you, was completely shocked. My jaw may have actually hit the floor. Ha! But after the initial shock wore off, I started really thinking about ABC’s choice. We all know that ABC chooses their Bachelors and Bachelorettes VERY carefully. This isn’t a rash, spur of the moment decision that they had. Many people weighed in, I’m sure focus groups were done to see what the public would think, and in the end Arie was their choice. They must feel that he has what it takes to be a great Bachelor. And I think he does too.

This is going to sound crazy, but I’m not even 100% certain whether or not I’ve ever met Arie in person. We may have met, but in the Bachelor family we’re all meeting each other at a bunch of different times and every single time I meet someone from the show I feel like I know them or I’ve already met them before. Even if I haven’t! So maybe I’ve met him but maybe I haven’t. Ha! But, I have followed him on Instagram for years now and we have exchanged messages a few times. So the exchanges that I have had with Arie have been very pleasant and he’s always been a really sweet guy. I actually think that ABC felt strongly about Arie being the Bachelor after Emily Maynard’s season. However, after her season they were left with two extremely strong candidates – Sean Lowe and Arie. And in the end they decided to go with Sean. Which was obviously a great choice! Sean is arguably one of the most loved Bachelors of all time and is married to Catherine who he met on the show and they have a beautiful family together! So, after all these years I think ABC just kept going back to how Arie would’ve been a great Bachelor too, but they obviously couldn’t have had two Bachelors that season.

I selfishly like Arie as the Bachelor because it makes me feel not quite as old! Ha! And I think it’s great that he’s older. He’s more ready to settle down at this point in his life. And yes, we could all say “Why is he still single? What’s wrong with him?”Β Β But really sometimes the right person just doesn’t come into our lives. Hopefully Arie meets that person on the show!

Also, did you guys see him on GMA the other day? If not, you should totally Google and watch the interview. He was so sweet and endearing. I’m truly excited to have him as our new Bachelor and I think we should all give him a chance to have the very best experience on his journey to find love!

Let’s discuss my outfit AND Arie in the comments below!







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89 thoughts on “Blush And Stripes And The New Bachelor!

  1. I’m excited about Arie as the bachelor as well! I’ve been wanting him to be the bachelor since he was on the bachelorette and thought it wouldn’t happen anymore. So excited to watch his season!

      1. I just met Peter (from Rachel’s season) on Friday night, and he was supposed to be the next Bachelor. He told me the whole story how they went and chose Arie over him. Omg, Peter is so sweet!!!!! I wish it was him

    1. As you mentioned, Arie is older and I also feel like he was from a time in the show when it wasn’t overly dramatic..which I prefered. I totally forgot about him but am super excited to see the kind of vibe he brings to the show!

    2. You are simply beautiful inside & out! You are a class act and what a role model should be. Thank you for you.
      On another note, extremely excited to have Arie as bachelor because he’s a bit more mature and brings back good memories of old school bachelor. I know others don’t approve but I think it’s going to be so great to watch this amazing handsome guy find love. ❀️

  2. I am SO excited for Arie to be the Bachelor! I loved him on Emily’s season and have been rooting for him to be the Bachelor for many years now. His name always seems to come up each year as a “possibility” so I’m so happy it’s finally a reality! I think ABC just wanted to “reset” so-to-speak and not choose a recent guy that’s been caught up in Bachelor in Paradise and other drama, but still choose somebody that most people know! I’m so ecstatic! Is it January yet?!

      1. Yes! I don’t really think he was quite as ready as Sean, after Emily’s season. It’s very awesome that he gets to have the “if I knew then, what I know now” and “if I was in a different season of my life” sort of experience.

        1. Let’s just hope they don’t cast women in their early 20’s as his potential partner. It seemed like all of the girls in Nick’s season were young, and I’m just not sure they are ready to make that committment.

  3. Your outfit is so cute! And like you think Arie is a good choice. And observely he believes in the tradition so I wish him luck.

  4. Arie was my absolute FAVORITE on Emily’s season! Like you, I was very surprised by the choice just because it has been a while since he has been on the show but I think he will be such a great Bachelor! We are in for a good season!

  5. Cute outfit! Blush pink seems to be the new color. Just got a blush pink dress and absolutely love it!

    I was shocked as well to find Arie as the new Bachelor! Even from Emily’s season, on the first episode, I predicted he’d get the final rose, which Jef got instead. I think this was honestly a great choice and I have really high hopes for him! I can’t wait to watch! He deserves to find his one and only πŸ™‚

  6. Im happy They chose someone no one expected. Im tired of them choosing guys that were just in TV. We need new fresh bachelors

  7. I’m so Happy Arie is the new bachelor as well! I was not feeling it with anyone from the bachelorette or bachelor in paradise. I think he will do great! He’s so charismatic!

  8. I have always had a crush on Arie! He seemed emotionally aware with Emily and I do think older is better for a show that hopefully ends in marriage.

    You always look beautiful Ali! The clothes just accent you. ❀️

  9. So excited to watch Arie find love! It’s definitely a change of pace and I felt such a great vibe watching him on GMA. I can’t wait for the season to start!

  10. I love Arie ! I think it’s such a good choice. If I had known earlier, I would have nominated a few of single lady friends, who are looking for a man, not a boy πŸ˜‰ ha

  11. Hi Ali! Love you! I have a weird knack for picking out typos…it’s like they are highlighted in yellow to my eyes. (Even in published books!) I noticed a few in this blog post and I’m not calling you out at all. I would’ve sent a private message if I could. I was just wondering if you’d like an editor?

    1. I know. I’m the worst. I just want to share my thoughts with you guys and I am SOOO busy that I don’t always have time to read through slowly to pick out typos Sorry!

  12. I am still not sure how I feel. Arie comes with a lot of crontroversy already so we shall see how it goes. Since he is older I am hoping they don’t fill the show with a lot immature contestants like they did with Nick.

  13. Don’t get me wrong Arie is a great guy! But I was really thinking (and hoping) it would be Wells. I thought maybe that’s why they brought him on as the bartender on BIP. Ali, do you think Wells was in the running to be the Bachelor?

      1. Ok well if he ends up with Danielle I won’t be as depressed that he’s not the Bachelor haha. They would make a great couple!

    1. I was too! I totally thought that’s why he was the bartender on BIP! I’m sad it’s not Wells, but maybe they will bring him back in the future like they just did with Arie?!

  14. I was pleasantly surprised at first! But after seeing things come out about his interaction with girls who barley have a license is disturbing and I feel like he might not be as sincere anymore. I guess we will see when the season unfolds but the stories are already out and that’s never a good sign.

      1. yes these… one F jef calls him disgusting, reality steve has stories and well i guess hair ben’s courtney’s claim of him being great in bed isn’t the WORST thing in the world for the girls… i’ve heard he’s a cradle robber and had a serious 25 year old gf days prior to being chosen. lots of pics and she shaded him more than once after. juicy! but darn it i wasn’t expecting this either

  15. I agree with your comment about picking a bachelor that is more “ready” to settle down. I feel like after Peter didn’t propose (which I totally respect) and everything that has happened with Bachelor in Paradise they needed to carefully pick the next bachelor! I’m excited to see how it all plays out.

  16. ohhhhh kay. so. i was beyond on board with him, remembering his and emily’s “wall scene” and loving that he’s a race car driver and a little older!! i was defending him to everyone lol. but. enter the gossip. and the controversy. there’s A LOT. and from all over… i was disappointed but now just wondering if that’s indeed why they picked him in the first place! old flames, past bach contestants with stories, andddd ugh COURTNEY for goodness sakes. help us ali. they obviously have heard this all when choosing.

  17. First of all- outfit is on point! I’m loving everything about this look ESPECIALLY those pants!!

    I am really happy and excited that Arie is the new Bachelor. I loved him on Emily’s season and then he kind of dropped off of the Bachelor family face of the earth :(. So I’m happy to see him back! LOVE your blogs! I am such a big fan and your season of the Bachelorette was hands down my favorite!

  18. Do you wear the outfits you blog about more than once? Your photographs are always so crisp and clean and I love that! Love to follow your stories too!!

    1. Of course! But I usually only post about the outfits once. Unless it’s a base pieces like my favorite jeans or tees. I post about those ALL the time! And I post about my fave bags and shoes multiple times too!

  19. To be honest I hate how some people keep saying Arie is old…he is 36 years old- this is not old at all LOL! When we are in our 30’s, yes, we are getting older but that is wonderful. Compared to 80-90 years old 36 is quite young. So many people act like life is “ending” in your 30’s. It’s so bizarre to me. Even I someone is 80-90 their life isn’t ending. People live to be 100+ and that is such a Blessing in my opinion. I am 33 and I feel fabulous, healthy, young but with a little more wisdom under my belt than I personally had before (this is relative of course) Society suggests that people cant find love, have children, go after dreams, start new careers, go back to college, start going to college, wear certain styles, etc…in their 30’s… is just incredibly silly in my opinion. I think Arie is a great pick and perfect choice to balance out all the drama of the past Bachelorette season and current Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone complained Dean was too young to be the Bachelor now people are complaining Arie is too old. We are so fickle! πŸ™‚

  20. I am soooo exited about Arie being the Bachelor! From what I’ve heard he’s been in the talks of being the bachelor for quite some time and the time was never right. Well now it is and I’m stoked!! Maybe it’ll shake things up a bit in the current bachelor world! I think he’s going to be a great, classy, and wonderful bachelor! Wish I woohldve signed up for this season πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ

  21. Don’t like Arie as The Bachelor.. no offense or anything against him. I just don’t think he’s relevant. I’m just not sold on him, I will probably skip his season… besides I’m Team Peter for life.

  22. Do you have thoughts on any of the negative “stories” released about Arie from Reality Steve, Jef Holm & Arie’s exes?

  23. Ali,

    I absolutely love you and your blog, and I know you have a lot in your life lately so I hesitate whether I should even share this… but I will because I think it could help make things even better!

    When I read your blog, I can’t help but think that I would appreciate it so much more if you could double check for typos. I find at least a few in each post that affect how the sentence reads, and it can be a bit distracting. One of those things where a quick proof read could really make a big difference and add some polish. Hope you take this as a nice piece of constructive criticism and not an attack. I know I have things I need to work on in my own work/life too! Just one girl lookin out for another here.


      1. You handled this comment so gracefully, just another quality to add to your long list of great characteristics.
        Personally, I say if you have to decide between ten minutes editing or 10 minutes with Molly… skip the edit, most of us can read in between the lines!

        1. Totally agree Erin -although I do understand that typos drive some people almost insane. I’m guessing most of them don’t have children though. I’m a teacher and while I still have “fingernails on a chalkboard” moments with blaring typos – becoming a mom hugely mellowed me out when I realized how little some things matter in life compared to what really does.

          And I totally love what you said abt how if Aly chooses to spend any extra precious minutes she has with her adorable Molly rather than proofreading for typos that is 100% what she should do. When I see any good and loving mom who realizes and spends her time on what is really important and what really matters – what little hope I have left for this sad, angry, mean world we live in … lives to fight another day.

  24. Your so beautiful and I look forward to your posts everyday! Your a amazing mother and I love how down to earth you are ! With all the negativity going on in our world it’s so nice to follow someone as positive as you are ! Thanks for being you ❀️

  25. I’m truly so excited for Arie to be the new bachelor. I just didn’t see any of the guys from the last couple seasons as a great candidate. I think Arie was definitely an awesome choice! He is older, more grounded, and ready for commitment.

  26. Love the outfit!! 2 questions… is the top long enough to tuck in? And… it’s still too much chest for me (and I really don’t have that much chest) at work… would it still look good with a cami underneath? Thanks so much!! PS… Molly is a doll!!

  27. I am excited with Arie but agree with what someone say about picking age appropriate women for him or at least younger woman that are mature. No matter who was picked they were never going to make everyone happy and we all have skeletons in our closet and there are people who will try to drudge up all the negative things they can find. I wish someone could find a way to silence Reality Steve, he is such a buzz kill. Love you outfits. You always look so good and are as beautiful outside as you are inside.

  28. You never reviewed last weeks BIP… just curious about your thoughts on the twins. I thought they were extremely mean and rude.

  29. I LOVE Arie! Sean Lowe has posted before that he and Arie are great friends. I’m hopeful that Arie will be as loved as Sean was as the Bachelor! Can’t wait til January!!

  30. I was shocked at the news of Arie becoming the the new bachelor, mainly because I was desperately hoping it was Peter. I think with time, we will see Peter resurface as the Bachelor similiarly to how Arie finally got the gig. Ps – cute outfit!

  31. Can someone tell me when they announced it? I watch bachelor in paradise and didn’t see anything about it…did they announce it some other way??? Thanks ladies!!!

  32. Am I the only person less than thrilled with Arie??? I wasn’t really into him on Emily’s season and even less interested now. Chase on the other hand would have been my pick. 😍😍😍 This might be the bachelor I am the least excited about. Just feeling. Meh! Blah! Disappointed. πŸ‘ŽThey should have asked Rashad Jennings from last season of. DWTS. He has such a fun personality.

  33. You’ll laugh at this, but I had the biggest crush on Arie’s DAD when I was in my 20s. I live in Indianapolis and got to meet him once at an Indy 500 event. He was good looking and so cool! So I’m excited to watch Arie Jr as the next Bachelor to see if he’s as charming as his father.😊

  34. Your outfit is the CUTEST thing you have ever worn! Love love love ARIE as the bachelor. Although I have heard younger viewers call him irrelevant. I also think he has all the characteristics – Charm, good looks and a bit of a BAD BOY. <3 love him, love you.

  35. Always loved Arie! I hope The Bachelor brings him some age appropriate and ready to commit gals. This could be a very endearing season. Truly excited for his happy ever after!

  36. Firstly, I want to say thank you for my free Nivea products. I was one of the Nivea winners in your contest and all I have to say is wow! The foaming silk Mousse is just an awesome product and I will buy it for the rest of my life. Secondly, I am so excited about Arie being the bachelor. We need some maturity on this show after BIP πŸ˜‚

  37. Like many of the others, I was a huge fan of Arie’s and can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that we will all get to spend several weeks watching him go through this crazy journey!!

    Your outfit is super cute!

  38. Emily’s season is one of the few I have never seen, so for me he will be a fresh face and that is exciting.
    As much as I would have loved to see more of Peter, I am also very glad it isn’t him, due to the reasons he left last season.

  39. I personally am very happy with this decision. Nothing wrong with an older bachelor. Honestly it makes more sense. Someone in their mid 20’s still has a lot of potential for meeting someone. When you get older it does become harder and more complicated. I really hope they give him more ladies closer to his age who really are there to find a forever love not just a few minutes of fame. The series has just become so trashy lately. Hoping for the best for Arie!

  40. Ali! You were one of my favorite Bachelorettes. You’re one of the cutest people ever and you have such a sweet & fun personality. ANYWAYS, yes! I think Arie will be a great bachelor. A sweet & endearing person will make for a great season. Just like your season! πŸ™‚

  41. I’m beyond excited! I’ve always really liked him, and he’s one of the Bachelor guys that I’ve always remembered. I’m super pumped to watch him. And I just really didn’t Rachel’s guys that much. Thanks for your posts, Ali. I’ve sure been feeling for you with your hip. I’ve had chronic back pain which has led into neuropathy for 5 years now. Being in pain every second is debilitating– but at least my kids were teens when it happened. I hope you’re getting some relief.

  42. I’m wondering if they will cast older women to match up with his age. I feel like if they pick the usual 20 somethings they won’t be at the same place in life, but if they cast a bunch of “old people” they’ll lose the interest of their younger bachelor nation crowd. I don’t know how reality tv works!

  43. I don’t have much of an opinion on Arie being the new bachelor… BUT since ABC just had their first black Bachelorette, I was hoping they would maybe choose a black bachelor this time around…maybe Kenny from Rachel’s season?! I loooved Kenny. He seems so genuine, obviously a very devoted dad and I think the public would’ve undoubtedly rooted him on!

  44. I was SO shocked when Aroe was announced. I think it’s refreshing to choose someone like him and not someone fresh off of the show….he was my FAVE in Emily’s season! I’m so glad he has the chance to find LπŸ’–VE!

  45. I’m actually really glad Peter isn’t the next bachelor! Most may disagree but I did not want him to be it. Simply because, he wasn’t ready to be with Rachel in the end, why would he be ready to be with another woman after that same amount of time, and not long after the airing of the bachelorette!? I woulda thought he was a hypocrite! I liked peter, I wanted him to get picked soooo sooo bad in the end, but I understood why he didn’t, and I DIDNT understand what the hype was about him being bachelor?!πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It seriously made nooo sense!

    My reaction to arie as bachelor was “ohhhhh I remember him!” I liked him so much! I agree with you on what you said about him and Sean Lowe back then for the running of the bachelor that season, Sean and Catherine do have an absolutely adorable family! I’m following both on instagram πŸ˜„ I think arie as the bachelor will be awesome though, I think the season will be more “mature” feeling, for lack of a better term, I saw some negative feedback on bachelor abc’s insta post and I just didn’t agree, I think a guy in his mid 30’s would make the perfect bachelor! I’m super excited for it, and I think,it will be an awesome season! It will also sort of have that classic bachelor feeling too, since he was on 5 years ago. Idk, I just feel like the past few seasons have kinda lost me, sadly, even BIP ☹️Just with so much immature drama πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Which is a bummer so hopefully this will perk it up a little! Thanks for your posts Ali, Luv ya!! (Plus, PS arie kinda looks like my husband, so he’s got my vote as the bachelor, hahah tall dark and handsome is always a good quality πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸŒΉπŸ˜„)

    1. Also I’m in disagreence on dean as next bachelor too, he needs about 5 more years then he’ll be ready for it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  46. I am very excited for Arie! I think it was time for ABC to pick someone from a past season or an entirely new to the franchise person. I feel like with social media these days, people go on the show and are already almost celebrities. I loved when we used to have no idea who the people were! I realize Arie is a bit of a celebrity but it just seems different than someone like Peter. I think it will be a great season! And as always, Ali you look fabulous!

  47. Love, love ❀️ that outfit Ali, going to try to buy something, thanks for hooking me up girl!!

    I love Arie as the Bachelor, I’ve been stalki…. pardon me, following him 😏 since Emily’s season. I really like seing someone older than the 25’s because it make me feel not that old hahaha, selfish I know!
    People it’s being talking about the readiness on the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, I really don’t think is about that, if you are willing to find love and give it a chance, then you might find someone, it’s just about picking the right person for you, not thinking just about if she has the best body or who is the one that the public want or who is the “right” choise for the show. How many of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes made it and got married or are in a committed relationship with the one they choose, just a handful and many of them where “ready to commit”, so he might be known as a womanizer but maybe just maybe because the right person, the love of her life, is not being found yet!!
    And Jef with one F, I mean, common, he is plain jealous, he says Arie is disgusting but according to the sources he also were looking for underage girls, so how can we be sure that’s true, if it’s true, they are both disgusting but we will never know….or show me the evidence!! Hahahaha

    Pd. I’m Mexican and english is my second language, so please bare with me if my grammar is horrible πŸ˜‚

  48. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if all the girls were some from past seasons as well? Kind of like an all-star edition, where the new Bachelor chooses from past contestants who made it to the top… 3? I would totally be into that πŸ™‚

  49. I’m pretty sure Arie is *younger* than Nick Viall, or at the very least they’re the same age. I think people are only commenting on Arie’s age because it’s been 5 years since he was on the show. πŸ˜› I honestly didn’t like him on Emily’s season, but maybe this is what the show needs…? I guess we shall see. πŸ™‚

  50. Your outfit is cute! And as far as for Arie I’m not sure what to think.. I read that he broke up with his girlfriend 2 days before they announced him as bachelor but he said it wasn’t coincidence but I don’t know! Not going to judge. He will probably be great.

  51. Arie – What an old man:) insert sarcasm. No way is 36 old. He is the perfect age to find love. I hope they don’t cast only women in their early twenties. If he is going to find someone with similar dreams, values etc., there is a likely a better chance that it is with someone closer to his “old” age:) lol. I am 38 so please, please, please let’s stop saying Arie is old:)

    Also, Ali – you look fab! I work from home and am a mom of 2 so trust me.. I get it. It is so fun to have an excuse to dress up!

  52. Hi Ali,

    Love the outfit and color hue combo. I think this combo would only work on the 6/8/10 figure. No worries though because curvy style choices increase all the time.
    I could see this as a brunch, baby/bridal shower or dinner party outfit. It might be too “fussy” for working. It seems like it would shift a lot. Do not try to cook in that style of sleeve. (I’ve tried)
    The colors are stunning on you. You are such a pretty lady.

  53. Hi Ali,

    I am surprised that ABC has chosen Arie and I am very curious how he is doing with his Dutch background and what girl he will choose at the end. He has a Dutch background and we Dutch people are very straight, outspoken and to the point. So I will cross my fingers. πŸ™‚
    But the choice for Arie is great. I’m can’t wait to see the show.
    A lot of regards to you all from the Netherlands

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