After Work- We Eat Cake!

Good morning luvs! Yesterday was a super long workday and when I got home for the day I couldn’t help but let myself indulge! So as soon as I walked in the door, before I even took off my heels, I poured myself a glass of wine and served myself a slice of chocolate cake! My kind of Tuesday evening!

Anyway, I wanted to share my outfit details because I just think this top is such a great top to wear to work. I love how it’s loose fitting but it’s also got great shape so you don’t look like you’re wearing a tent. I’m wearing it with jeans but it would also be really cute with black leggings. It comes in a bunch of different colors, including blush, that I think would be really cute with light wash jeans or even jean shorts. It’s just such a perfect top to effortlessly throw on to go to work and look really put together. Or really to wear to anything. You could dress it up with a statement necklace or wear it by itself liek I am. And it’s under $50.

Just wanted to share with you guys! Details on my jeans, wine glass (isn’t it FAB!?), and heels, or below the first pic!

Today is another big workday for me because I’m filling in as a guest cohost on home and family today. The hosts of the show, Mark and Debbie, are I incredibly talented and I feel honored to step into their shoes for the day. Hope I make them proud!

And I hope all of you all have a great Wednesday! Xoxo




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27 thoughts on “After Work- We Eat Cake!

  1. This definitely sounds like something I would do too! Wine and cake always make things better! Cute outfit! Love the blue on you!

      1. Hi, Ali! Do you have any fitness tips that you would recommend, or things that have worked for you? I’m ALL about some wine and cake, but struggling w/ finding a balance. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl, aka eating ALL the cake & drinking all the wine, or being super restrictive!

  2. I’m sure you’ll make Mark & Debbie proud.
    You should be proud of yourself for always being such a gracious guest co-host!
    Ali….guess what I’m doing after work today?
    🍷 🍰

  3. Thank you for sharing, that top is adorable! I love your honesty as well – I’ve dived into bottle of wine before I take my shoes off some nights as well. You deserve it – cheers!

  4. Ali you always make everything look super cute and effortless!!! I need this top- this is my power color!! LOL I will be ordering- thanks for sharing!!! (ps- I am currently wearing the blush pajama-style blouse from the NSale that you posted a while back!! I love your blogs and the new clothes it brings into my life!!)

    1. Thanks for reading my blog!!!! I’m a bit obsessed with clothes! But it’s easier to be when you by things that are affordable 🙂 Hope you love this top! It’s GOOD one! What color did you get?!

    1. It runs big. I got a small and I am normally a medium. I should have written that in the blog post. Thanks for asking!

  5. Ali,
    You are adorable!
    Read your blog about your spinal procedure and I just want to caution you to make sure you have the most qualified person doing it and still be cautious. Spinal CSF Leaks have been caused by spinal injection!

  6. Ali,

    I will always be there to cure you with my own potion. At least, a dose of sweetness, kisses and smiles.
    My heart and soul join me in wishing you a good recovery.


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