Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – SI Joint Pain

Hi luvs! So many of you have been so wonderful with all your kind comments and words of encouragement about what’s been going on with my hip. As many of you know, I was recently diagnosed with SI Joint Dysfunction. My doctor told me I had the worst case he’s ever seen (oh joy). But I am so happy to report that I am currently pain-free! And I hope that this post serves as something that people who are Googling “SI joint pain” find and can use as a resource to hopefully help them heal faster.


So here’s my story. About 3 months ago I started waking up in the morning with sharp pain in my right hip. I would say the pain was about a 7 out of 10 and it usually only lasted for a few hours every morning and would disappear by the early afternoon. So I ignored it for about 6 weeks thinking it would go away but it never did. So I finally decided to go to physical therapy. The day after my first session of physical therapy I woke up in the worst pain I’d been in yet! At the time, I would’ve described it as a 10 out of 10, but I’d soon find out that it could even get worse. So even though physical therapy usually helps injuries, in my case, it made it much much worse. So I decided then it was time to see an orthopedic surgeon.

For a while I thought I was suffering from Hip Bursitis but my surgeon let me know that I was in fact suffering from something called SI Joint Dysfunction or the technical term Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. So he suggested that I get something called an SI joint block/injection.

After playing phone tag with the radiology place where I needed to get the procedure done, I was finally able to schedule one. Unfortunately, that was a 3 week period between meeting with the surgeon and getting the procedure. During that time frame I was in excruciating pain. Sometimes laying down was the worst of it all. When I would lay down if my legs were in a certain position I would have a sharp pain in my lower right back going into my hip. And forget about rolling over in bed! I could barely even roll out of bed in the morning. All the while I’m trying to chase around my 13-month-old who thinks it’s so much more fun to run than to carefully walk, even though she runs like a drunken sailor and falls all over the place. So as you can see, it was a rough 3 weeks for me.

The day of the SI joint block people kept asking me if I was nervous. Essentially it’s like an epidural. A very long needle is injected into your SI joint to inject a steroid. This is all done while you’re in a CT scan machine so the doctor knows exactly where to place the needle. So every time someone would ask me if I was nervous I would respond by saying that I was the most excited I’d been in a very long time! The idea of being pain-free was something I thought I’d never feel again!

The doctor told me to fast for 4 hours prior to the procedure and I had to get some blood work done as well. So let me be clear, this isn’t a Cortizone shot or a simple shot at the doctors office. This was an actual procedure where I had to get blood work done and fast but it wasn’t surgery either. Also, the pain of this procedure is unlike anything I’ve ever felt, well, except for childbirth! Most people don’t experience the level of pain I did, so if you have SI joint pain and you’re reading this don’t get freaked out. My surgeon told me that I had an extreme case and my SI joint was severely inflamed. So here I am lying facedown with my naked butt in the air and the surgeon gives me some general anesthetic to numb the area. Similar to when you go to the dentist and he numbs your gums before putting the bigger needle in. Then he ran me through the CT scan to get a map of the inside of my hip and then placed a small x’s on my lower back to mark where he was going to do the injection. I was run through the CT scan one more time to make sure the injection site was 100% correct and then my doctor inserted the long needle. Honestly, I couldn’t even feel the needle going in because of the general anesthetic. And then the pain came.

The moment the needle touched my SI joint I screamed in excruciating pain. The only thing that even comes close to this pain, for me, was labor pains. And honestly, this pain was so close I might even say it was as bad. But thankfully, unlike childbirth, the time the needle was injected into my joint couldn’t have been more than two minutes. Maybe even 60 seconds. But it was agonizingly painful. I just kept grunting and screaming and trying to get through it. When the doctor was done he swiftly yanked the needle out and I instantly felt better.


That said, I did have some intense shivering and body convulsions after the procedure because my body was in shock from the pain. Any moms out there who have been in labor might know what I’m talking about. The same thing happened to me after I gave birth to Molly. I remember shivering and my teeth chattering so loudly (like my body was convulsing) because I was in shock from the pain. When I mentioned this on my Instagram stories recently, a bunch of moms commented on my Instagram photo saying that they remember that exact same thing happening to them after they gave birth. It’s no fun. But the doctor wrapped me up in a warm blanket and within 2 minutes I was sitting up feeling so much better.

An hour after the procedure I had no pain. The only pain I really felt was in my quadriceps because it had been months since I actually used them in my right leg and I think that they were all out of whack.

The night after the procedure was absolutely glorious. I got right on Instagram story and told all of you how excited I was that I was pain-free and I could put all of this behind me at least for a little while! Little did I know, I would wake up in the middle of the night in agonizing pain. I keep using the word agonizing but there’s really no other way to describe it. I woke up around 3 AM because I had a sharp pain in my lower back and right hip that instantly woke me up. I thought I would try to get out of bed to see what was going on but the second I tried to roll I screamed out loud and woke Kevin out of a deep sleep. Poor guy. I must’ve freaked him out so bad. He asked me what was wrong and I told him about how much pain I was in and that I needed help to get to the bathroom. He gave me his shoulder to help me up out of bed and the moment I tried to put weight on my leg I fell to my knees sobbing in pain. We were both really scared and thought that maybe I was going to have to go to the emergency room. Anytime you get a procedure done or a huge needle inserted into your lower back by your spine, it feels scary. And even though this procedure is very low risk, I was still freaked out just because of what I was feeling.

I decided to wait it out and to call my surgeon around 8 AM to get his opinion. My mother wanted me to go straight to the ER because that’s what moms do but still, I waited it out. When I spoke to my surgeon he told me in rare cases people can end up with a lot more pain the day after the surgery. I just didn’t realize how much more pain. And again, I think I’m just a severe case.

Well, I’m so happy to report that that was the end of it. After that day, I was completely pain-free! That was over a week ago now and still every day I am walking around, playing with Molly, and living my life without pain! It makes me so grateful that, in general, I do live pain-free. My heart goes out to all the people out there who are suffering from chronic pain every day because it’s just terrible. It consumes you and there’s nothing else you can think about. While my pain was acute and very sharp, I imagine that dull chronic pain over a long period time is just as terrible. So no my heart goes out to all of you!

My doctor said there’s a chance this procedure will only work for a few months and I might have to have it done again. Luckily, since my inflammation should be much less severe at that point (because I will go to the doctor right away other than waiting for it to get worse) it shouldn’t be nearly as painful. Fingers crossed! Or really, I just hope I don’t have to do a second procedure!

But with that said, I also found out when I saw my surgeon originally that I have Hip Dysplasia, which is a whole other thing that I’ll need to go to physical therapy for the rest of my life to try preventing any future hip replacement surgeries. My doctor actually said that it’s a blessing in disguise that I had the SI joint pain because it allowed me to find out about the Hip Dysplasia which is a bigger deal long term.

So anyway, that’s my story! I just wanted to share it with you guys cause you all have been so great about checking up on me and asking if I’m feeling better. Also, if you just happen to google SI joint dysfunction or SI joint block and found this blog, I really hope this was helpful to you! My biggest advice to all of you, is to get that SI joint block and don’t wait because it changed everything for me. I’ll do another update to this blog after a few months have passed. I’ll let you know how my physical therapy is going and if I have to do another injection or not. Fingers crossed that I don’t! Luv you guys!

And real quick before you all go. This tee I’m wearing is only $25 and my new FAVORITE EVER!!!! I bought it in white too and plan on getting every color I love it so much. I’m normally a medium and got a medium.


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56 thoughts on “Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – SI Joint Pain

    1. Hi Ali ~
      I’m glad you are feeling better …
      I too experienced the pain of SI joint dysfunction and had the block injection .
      My case was not as severe as yours but very painful .
      I experienced this about 6 months after giving birth to my son, he was 7lb 6oz ..
      Typical birthing pain nothing like yours.
      I was flat on my back in terrible pain for a day or 2 until I could no longer stand it.
      Went to my chiropractor but too painful to be adjusted.
      Eventually I too had the joint block which was terrific though painful and have had to do it again MANY years later and also a Radio Frequency procedure.. I have Fibromyalgia as well and take an anti inflammatory.
      Interesting, I too have hip dysplasia.
      One of the worst things you can do is carry your baby on your hip which I had been doing for 6 months. Did the ortho mention that?
      I do frequently suffer from hip bursitis , I have had cortisone injections which do help .
      So that’s my “similar” story.
      Be well .. take good care.
      I loved you as the “Bachelorette”
      Love following you and Kevin and Molly .. she is adorable

  1. Hey Ali, just out of curiosity, did you have any imaging done to diagnose the SI dysfunction or just based on exam?

    Curious as I have someone with a similar problem (sounds that way)- she has had bone scan and MRI but results are essentially all normal.


    1. There’s literally no way to diagnose it, except for when they put the injection into your SI joint…..if it stops hurting, then you hsve SI joint dysfunction. That’s literally the only way to test for it. It doesn’t show up in imaging. The joint doesn’t have anything actually wrong with it to be able to come up on imaging. It’s just dysfunctional. Either too tight or hypermobile.

  2. So sorry you have to go through that! I am a first time mom living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammation and deterioration of the joints). I know too well how painful joint pain is and add trying to take care of a baby on top of that! Very challenging! Thanks for sharing your story I am sure it will help others with the same condition to know their not alone! Happy healing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, I was diagnosed with RA after I had meniscus surgery on my right knee. I did a lot of research on the medications and my husband and I were afraid of all the side affects. I decided to change how I ate and went on an anti-inflammatory diet. Cut all processed foods, sugar and nightshade vegetables. So far it’s work for 7 years! Also gave up gluten that helped a lot!

        1. While I don’t have RA, I do have a chronic pain condition that presents similarly at times to RA (I’ve been tested for RA & its negative). I do, though, have a colleague living win RA and has sworn by an anti-inflammatory diet. Good luck!

  3. My husband and I both have SI Joint issues. My husband actually just went through SI Joint fusion. It was a few days recovery but has been the best thing to happen to him. I had RFA (Radio-frequency ablation) on my SI Joint (Similar to what you had but the needles actually killed the nerves in my back.) They will eventually grow back and I will need to look into having the fusion myself – but hopefully that is years down the road.

    I hope for your sake you are able to have very long term relief from this. It’s PAINFUL. So glad you have some relief for now. I’ll keep praying for you!

    1. Hi Dee
      I just read your story and I had Raf yesterday and straight afterwards felt slightly less pain but today it has been so vicious I can hardly bear it , did you experience this at all? I would really like to hear if you have a spare moment to reply.

  4. I’ve had chronic back pain for about 6 months and can SO very much relate to your story. It’s just now starting to get better and it’s amazing how life can change for the better when you can start doing things again. Thank you for sharing your story!

  5. I’m so sorry! I lived with chronic pain from the time I was 17 to 21. Then I was finally diagnosed with Lupus. This was back in 1981. I was put on 80mg. Of prednisone daily. I finally got pain free. I’ve been in remission all this time with only a few flare ups. I’ve since changed meds as new meds were developed. I feel for you! Chin up and as my mother told me back then this is your new normal. You can do it ! Your husband, daughter and family will be your biggest support system. Lots of love!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I live with chronic pain and it’s nice to hear when someone understands. I’m so happy for you!! Praying that you stay pain free!

  7. I’m glad you found out what is wrong and got treatment. I am one of those people with chronic pain and everyday is a challenge thank you for putting that in your blog. It’s very refreshing to hear someone say they understand what it is to have chronic pain

  8. Glad you are feeling better Ali. I had the same issue in 2015. I had to have the same procedure done. It helped me for about 8 months. Every other time the pain came back, I was able to fix it myself with certain stretches I learned from my PT. Now, my pain came back yesterday and I am sucking at life today. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I feel like I have an “up-slip” and my bone won’t let up and let me feel like everything is rotating as it should. And it’s painful in certain positions.
    Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to you again. ๐Ÿคž

  9. I’m sorry you had to go thru that. It definatly does suck bc I gaff back surgery and have 2 rods and 4 screws in my back and constantly am in muscle pain after surgery. I get these shots all the time for 4 years now. They definatly are not fun at all i hate them and needles.

  10. Ali I never comment here, just a silent reader (enjoy the blog btw) and I also have SI joint dysfunction. I totally sympathize with all your pain because I experience it as well. What I found worked really well for me was the serola SI joint belt. It’s really discrete and you can wear it under clothing. Basically it holds your hips in such a way that it’s like an external ligament to take the load off the joint and allow for healing. Of course I also have to stop the offending activity which for me is sitting at my job. What caused it for you? Was it childbirth? Please keep us updated on how it goes. I’m interested in the procedure you had done but wondering if it won’t really help me because I have to continue sitting at my job…

  11. So incredibly happy that the procedure has worked and will keep my fingers crossed you won’t need to have it again! Love the colour of that tee and you just look amazing- as always!

  12. Ali! Glad to hear your doing much better ! I had the same procedure done about 2 months ago, but on my lumbar spine! I know exactly what you’re talking about! Like you people thought I was getting a cortozone shot, but it’s not that at all! Way more painful and complicated procedure. Stay stay strong and know that as the months pass the joy of being pain free gets even better ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  13. Hey Ali! So nice to read that the cortisone kicked in. I, too, had that same awful pain the next day after my SI injection and it went on for a few days. Gah! What I learned with this problem is that the muscles surrounding this little joint must be strengthened. Bridges bridges and more bridges.

  14. Hi Ali, fellow native from The Berkshires here! As someone who lives with chronic pain (RA) 24/7, I am blown away by your positive attitude and your ability to smile through your pain!

  15. Ali dear I thank God for letting you be pain free. I love with it daily in my back. I try to get through each day and not complain but that’s hard not to do. Lord Jesus thank you again for Ali. Please continue to watch over her and he family. Amen ๐Ÿ™ Ali thank you for sharing this journey with us all I know someone will read this and it will help them. I lost my sister due to chronic pain 4 years ago. Long story short after her surviving breast cancer and 6 surgeries she got hooked on the pain pills and it spiraled out of control. And ended up taking her life. You never know chronic pain until you are in it. As I am now I understand it but get through it not taking pain medication or and meds. I use essential oils and prayers to get through it daily. Again Ali ty for sharing your journey with us all. You are an amazing human, woman, mom, wife,daughter and friend and opening up to all of us. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
    Regards Olivia

  16. So happy for you Ali! I cannot imagine the pain you felt and trying to chase down Molly. My 14 month old does not sit still and I am exhausted at the end of most days. I will send lots of positive thoughts your way that you remain pain free. Thank you for sharing with us! I think you will help a lot of people.

    1. Hi Ali. So glad you are feeling better. Did you ever try essential oils as a proactive measure? Not sure if it would help? Doterra makes a deep blue oil and a deep blue rub that was amazing in helping me with some knee pain. Just curious. I know you probably have tried everything. I love your blog! You are amazing.

  17. Hi Ali,

    I had my first SI injection 2 years ago and actually ended up hyperventilating on the table. That injection kept me pain free for less than a week (there was a miscommunication between the PT and the surgeon, and the PT pretty much reversed the injection). I then had another SI injection, and thankfully they put me to sleep for it so that I wouldn’t end up hyperventilating again. This one wore off in about a month, so my surgeon reccomended a nerve ablation, and it truly was the best thing ever! I was in a lot of pain after the procedure, but it has been almost 2 years and the top of my butt cheek/hip are still numb! Hopefully, you do not end up in pain again, but if you do I would recommend considering/talking to your doctor about getting the ablation done!

  18. My eyes got all watered up reading this. I am soo happy that you are feeling better! I had been hoping you were going to update us on how you were doing. I’ll definitely keep you in my prayers.

  19. Ali, Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am getting ready to have a cervical epidural. I’ve had neck pain for a few years now… off and on. It has been chronic in the last year…..nonstop. I’ve exhausted all means of treatment except cervical epidural and surgery. I recently had an MRI that showed circumferential central posterior disc buldging and degenerative disc disease, C5-9. I’m pretty young….how does this happen I ask?! ….. genetics of course, and I was a gymnast and cheerleader for about 12 years of my life which definitely sped up the process of my neck issues. I will have to have dual disc replacement at some point. However, I am trying to delay this for as long as I can. I am told I should be a good candidate for cervical epidurals, and I completely understand your excitement for the procedure. When you feel so bad and in pain all the time, you just want some relief. I can’t even function without Advil for the inflammation. My husband says I yell out in pain at night if I try to roll over in bed. It’s really crazy. I am so glad you have found some relief. I pray I have the same results as you and feel a bit normal again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Thanks for the update, Ali! So glad that last pain resolved on its own and you’re now pain free… hopefully for good! My sister had a similar needle epidural type procedure done in her spine cause she has a slipped disc in her neck. Those procedures are scary but seem to be worth it! Take care.

  21. Dear Ali,

    My name is Krystle Howald I am a doctor of physical therapist. I usually never write to bloggers. I usually am just a consumer and frequent shopping to what you guys are wearing! I thought I would reach out about your story with SI pain. You must have had a bad case if you got the injection! A couple of thoughts: like your surgeon said you may experience the pain again in a few months. The injection calms down the inflammation (usually work 3-4 months) or as I tell patients throws some water on a fire. There still maybe ashes smoldering aka the problem may still be there that caused the inflammation in the first place. Other times calming down the inflammation is enough to solve the problem.

    Women are more prone to SI problem than men. Likely, part of the reason that you are experiencing it is from carrying and delivering Molly. She is a cutie! The body changes during this time and does not automatically correct afterwards. Interestingly, in foreign countries such as German, Czech, France women are screened 6 weeks -12 weeks postpartum. At that time, the physical therapists are looking for hip weakness, low back problems, core strength issues and pelvic floor issues. Those countries do not have as many elderly in nursing homes with incontinence issues. As we age, so do our muscles and if they never self-corrected after baby than you are behind the curve.

    Itโ€™s crazy because you may not have felt pain during carrying or after Molly but the SI issue was probably there and then something changed for example increasing your exercise, sitting in a car or on a plane, or just as simple as picking Molly up wrong and BAM. The SI joint does move and in the comments on your blog some people are told they have an up/downslips which can be fixed by a knowledgeable PT.

    Here is what my plan would be if I had your issueโ€ฆ Find an amazing PT. If you are going to a โ€œlarger PTโ€ company this is like going to McDonalds verses a nice farm to table restaurant. You would be looking for someone that specializes in Womenโ€™s Health and Orthopedics. I can not find anyone in the PT locator which you can find on These are the two people that look the best on paper in your area.

    Michael Henry Leal
    West Coast University
    590 N. Vermont LA, CA 90004

    Liz Bottrell
    Artisan Physical Therapy
    Echo Park LA, CA 90026

    I wish that I could treat you at my clinic because in Wisconsin we can also do a technique that is called dry needling. It looks like you travel a lot of work so maybe you could do this during your travels. There are only 4 states that don’t allow PTs to do it and CA is one of them. California has a very strong physician organization and they don’t appreciate PTs performing dry needling because they lose money than. The dry needling loosens the deep muscles in your hip that connect to the SI joint.

    First you need to correct the alignment of the SI joint and pubic bone and make sure your low back is moving well. (Sounds like you have some low back involvement too) Than you can stabilize the joint with an SI belt called a serlobelt until you can strengthen this area. You will want to avoid deep asymmetrical movements such as lunging and jumping. I advise patients to pretended they have a mini skirt on for example getting in the car sit your butt down and then move your legs together into the car. Verses one leg in and then the other.

    My sister and I are launching a pregnancy workout guide (end of September) that corrects and avoids musculoskeletal injuries and problems associated with pregnancy such as SI pain, pubic bone pain, low back pain, sciatica, headaches, back aches and carpal tunnel. This would actually be a good program for you to follow at home it is 3 strength workouts a week for 30 minutes. During my first pregnancy, I had extreme pubic bone pain (similar to SI pain but in the front) and during my second I had started to get it and that’s when we tested the guide and it only should have gotten worse with the progression of the pregnancy but it was gone in 5 weeks! This SI issue for you may have been completely avoidable and it’s a shame because in the US we don’t do any preventive care. The business is Expecting and Empowered. Here are our link and also its on Instagram at expectingandempowered. We would be happy to share the guide with you if you are serious about correcting your problem. Even if you arenโ€™t interested in it I am happy to help you navigate your SI problem if you have questions.

    Krystle Howald, PT, DPT
    Owner of Empower Movement Physical Therapy and Expecting and Empowered (pregnancy workout guide)

  22. Glad that you’re better! My mom has severe rheumatoid arthritis and suffers from chronic pain daily. Her hip has been out for well over a month now. So even though it’s not the same thing I feel for you because pain does consume you and it’s no way to have to live your life. I wish my mom didn’t have to suffer in so much pain .

  23. Your pain the night after sounds very similar to what my husband experienced after having a cortisone shot in his foot. A few hours after the shot he was in excruciating pain that lasted almost 24 hrs without letting up. He couldn’t even get up with crutches to go to the rest room. I was literally his bedside nurse for days after that until he was able to hobble on crutches. The dr. called it a cortisone flare that sometimes happens but you don’t know its going to happen until it does.

  24. Hey Ali! My aunt recently had a similar procedure twice and she asked for a light sedative beforehand since the first deep injection had been super painful. Not the shot, but the aftermath – like you said. She was able to drive herself home, so it was something super light, but she said it made all of the difference in the world. Just a suggestion if you have to go in again down the line. Could help with the initial shock and pain. Fingers crossed! Happy you’re doing well! Xo

  25. Pain of any type is overwhelming. As someone who’s lived in pain for 10+ years (an entire third of my life!), I can vouch for how much pain changes a person. I’ve tried everything from spinal epidurals to injection under CT and/or x-ray and now monthly infusions. Combine all of that with my cocktail of medications and yes, pain can easily take over someone’s life. I’ve fought very, very hard to rise above it & not let it dictate who I am. For people that live in pain, there are good & bad days but focusing my energy outward (i.e., on my job, hobbies, relationships, etc.) has made it almost easier to accept… at least for me. Work hard to learn your body and it’s signs and that way you’ll be on top of this (and any other possible injuries/illnesses). Find a therapy that works for you to better strengthen yourself so that you can avoid this type of pain later, such as PT, osteopathy, chiro, acupuncture, massage, yoga or pilates. You’ll feel good about taking care of yourself in that way, I promise! Also, I can attest to someone else’s comment on the DoTERRA Deep Blue rub… while it doesn’t eliminate my pain (because nothing does), it does “numb” it to allow me to focus on what I need to for the time being. Plus, I feel good about putting it on my body because it’s chemical free! Best of luck!

    Ps. Thanks for bringing this up as a topic in this forum… chronic pain can feel very isolating, even more so when you’re young and people think you just “look so healthy!” or “are too young to be in such pain”… while I’m not wishing it on anyone, it’s nice to see so many people step out and identify themselves as a person with chronic pain, if for nothing more than to let the rest of us know we aren’t alone. Thank you.

  26. Hi Ali,

    I also suffer from SI Joint Pain…. have for many years… I just wanted to let you know that after years of serious hip and low back pain, nerve pain ect. I have been able to manage the pain with exercise…. I wore the SI belt, got the shots and went to PT for many years. Now, I must make sure I’m sitting on cushy seats at all times when sitting and simply make sure I workout at least every other day… at least 20-30 minutes on the elliptical seems to keep the muscles that are around the SI joint tight so that the joint doesn’t slip out of place an cause shooting pains or muscles tightening to hold the joint in place, thereby pinching nerves ect. I also do a lot of core reformer classes and/or bar classes. I would watch out for yoga because it stretches all the muscles around the joint and likely these muscles should not get stretched out too much in this area. Also, when getting massages, don’t let the therapist go over the SI joint and tell them to stay off any sits bones — basically, make sure they stay on the muscles and glutes, no bones.. except to massage the tissue around the hips…… ok.. anyways… just wanted to let you know because your shot will wear off — but if you start exercising consistently to protect this area (you probably already do : ) ) while your shot is making you feel good, you can continue with it and stay strong, so that you can pick up your sweet baby girl without throwing your SI joint out every time. I felt compelled to write because this SI problem often goes undiagnosed as low back pain or sciatica. I think its great that you wrote this blog and hope it helps many people. Good luck and thanks!

  27. Hi Ali! I’m so happy for you that you’re feeling better! Question- I ordered the shirt but I had trouble finding the color you’re wearing. I got the purple plum but it looks burgundy and nothing like the pretty purple that you’re wearing above. Is the color you got no longer available?

  28. Acupuncture can treat SI joint pain and discomfort without any injections or terrible side effects like convulsions and pain! I’ve gotten successful acupuncture treatments done for the same pain (and low back pain too)!

  29. Hi Ali!

    I wanted to check and see if your pain has still subsided after this procedure? I had the same procedure and my pain is now back which is SO frustrating! Did this help cure you at this point still?

  30. Hi Ali just wondering how your doing. I had the steroid injections anf the first one was amazing 5 weeks pain free . Sadly the pain was worse afterwards anf had my second injection 6 weeks ago. The pain is getting worse every day . Waiting for radio frequency ablation surgey and hoping it will work. I feel for you all knowing how agonising this pain is.

  31. Hi I’m lauren I’m about to be 34 i read your blog. My experience started October of 2016, had x-ray an Mri done went to therapy 3 times had 2 back injections on right side an 1 si injection on each side. I have a pinched nerve,2 bulging disc and a herniated disc plus arthritis. Went to a neurosurgeon he said I don’t need surgery. An my pain management Dr said there is nothing she can do. I take meds for nerves, a muscle relaxer,
    A inflammation pill,plus another nerve pill. Here it is 2018 an im still in bad pain. I’m a personal care giver. So picking up on somebody that can’t walk an is completely disabled doesn’t help. I was wondering how are you doing now? Has any thing gotten better or worse? An do you have any suggestions that I could tell my Dr or for me to know. Hope you don’t have to get another injection they did nothing for me.

  32. Congratulations on being pain free! Party! Party! Party! Thank you for this blog that I stumbled on. I am 61 and having been dealing with this for about 18 months. It didn’t start out painful just extremely stiff in the morning and at night. Later on I realized I was bent over in my standing and walking. Then I couldn’t get up from any sitting position or down without severe pain. Then it began to get worse and worse and worse to where both sides of my hip were crazy painful. No sleep, couldn’t turn myself, I had to use my PJ’s to help turn me. Watching TV an old program called the Medic was on and the guy had arthritis of the spine and I was like that’s me! Did some research took it to my Doctor did an xray and MRI (at my request) and it confirmed it. Sent me to an Orthopaedic, 6 weeks of therphy which helped the hip pain vanish but then I began having trouble with my bottom! WOW! I couldn’t sit down at all! My bottom spent most of the time on a heating pad, two pillows behind my back and in bed. Walked with limp, no bending, standing, nothing. Been out on FMLA for 3 months with extended theraphy and they decided to do the SlJ block which was today and I choose not to have the cortisone injection. I was so happy today I think they thought I was crazy! So far no pain because of the numbing injections (I had them put me to sleep). NO PAIN! There is a tear on my right sacroiliac joint so there will be surgery but I am ready! I will be getting my life back! Didn’t mean to write so much but it helped me to vent with others who can understand! I will be praying for this blog that everyone is pain free and get your lives back! Thank you Ali! Thank you!

  33. I suffer from bilateral hip dysplasia and have had 6 surgeries (2 PAO). I am doing great but believe I am now suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Thanks for sharing your story. Who did the injection? Orthopedist? Pain management? Are you still pain free or did symptoms reoccur?

  34. Hi Ali! Thank you so much for this post. I’ve had SI joint dysfunction (SI joint arthritis) for about 10 years now, but I’ve been hesitant to get a steroid injection even though the pain has been a 10 out of 10 at points. I’m 36 and just had a baby girl. With dysfunction, the joint doesn’t move enough, or it’s hypo-mobile from what I understand. My MRI suggests that I have arthritis in my right SI joint. Pregnancy was the best thing that ever happened to me! The joints loosen during pregnancy which allowed me to walk and climb pain free for the first time in years. I’ve been relatively pain free post-pregnancy because of a gluten free diet and eating mostly anti-inflammatory foods. The idea is to keep the joint from becoming inflamed. So what is causing the underlying inflammation? Figuring that out is really important. Dr. Gundry (Plant Paradox) says that arthritis is not a natural form of aging, and that we should not have such high rates of arthritis in our country. For me, I’m convinced it’s gluten. Celiac disease often presents as SI joint inflammation, not always intestinal pain. There is a study if you search that connects 70% of celiac patients with sacroilitis. Something to think about for some women out there!

  35. Hi! Iโ€™m new to SI Joint psin. What type of injection was put into your SI Joint? Was it a steroid for pain relief!


  37. Hi Ali,

    I miss seeing you on E news! I also really miss the former E news show and team. Not sure why they changed the show and hosts? I have been spending hours googling SIJ stuff after a very painful block 12 days ago. Unfortunately the pain you describe post injection am is the pain Iโ€™m in every day since getting the injection. I never had this pain before and so worried he caused more damage. Have you heard of people experiencing worse pain after? I just hope it goes away soon.

    You have a great energy and smile!


  38. Wow! I have suffered from this for years. After having my first son it started. I went to chiropractor and it helped a little. Mine hurts when I work out especially running. I got pregnant with my second son and it got better since I stopped running. Now 4 years after my 3rd son itโ€™s the worst itโ€™s ever been. It wakes me up at night too! Now you have me scared!! Lol! I know I need to go see a doctor but Iโ€™m scared!!! Thank you for sharing!

  39. I had surgery when i was 22; L4, L5 and Si joint. It was agonizing pain prior to the surgery!!

    Now at 40, Iโ€™ve had hip pain and just learned itโ€™s hip dysplasia. I see a surgeon tomorrow but hope physical therapy will help for a long time before thatโ€™s needed!!

    No one really understands back/hip pain unless they experience it!

    I hope you stay pain free!!!!

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  41. Ali, can you share the info for the cervical chiropractor that you went to in the Nashville area for treatment? Thank you!

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