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Last week me and my girlfriend Catherine (fab blogger of The Life Styled) had so much fun watching Bachelor in Paradise and making fun BIP themed cocktails! So much fun in fact, that we decide to do it again this week! Yesterday I shared this Champagne Paloma drink on my blog. And today is more about sharing my thoughts on the episode and of course our Bachelor in Paradise themed outfits. Keep in mind, that when we were shopping for this we wanted our clothes to look like they would be appropriate in Paradise but also work for the upcoming fall weather! Details on our outfits are below the first pic. OK, now let’s talk about this episode!

Last night I couldn’t focus on anything other than Dean. Am I upset with him? Absolutely! But I want to start off by saying this, my blog never has been and never will be about tearing other people down. Blatantly publicly bashing someone isn’t healthy for the person doing the bashing and certainly isn’t helpful to the person they’re talking about. I want this blog to be a place where we talk about inappropriate behavior but never purposely try to bring a person down. So with that said, here’s why am so upset with Dean.



Yes, it’s true that he told Kristina before the rose ceremony that he wanted to put the brakes on things.Β  He was upfront about that. But he also told her he wanted to get to know her more. I just don’t believe him. I think he knew that he wasn’t that interested in her but by telling her that, he knew he had a better chance of getting a rose. Also his words said one thing but his body language said something completely different! He was rubbing her back and sitting super close to her (they were basically on top of each other at the rose ceremony) which in my mind are very strong signals to her that he is into her. So here she is, thinking that maybe he doesn’t realize how much he likes her. We have all been here before right? Where a guy tells you he doesn’t know how he’s feeling but then he acts like he’s into you into you soΒ  you believe that he doesn’t know what he saying and that you can “change” him. Or that one day he will wake up and realize that he loves you. At least I know I’ve been there!

Do I like Dean? Of course I do. He seems like a really nice guy that just has no idea what he’s doing. I truly believe that his age is playing a big factor here. He’s a young guy and I’m sure he’s never been in a situation where he’s basically dating two women at once. And even though in the “real world” his actions would be frowned upon. And I’m sure he knows that. He might feel that in Bachelor in Paradise world what he’s doing is OK. I just don’t think we write Dean off quite yet. I really believe that there is a lot of good in him even though he’s doing some not so great things right now.

He tried to do the right thing but in the end didn’t end up doing the right thing at all. At least that’s my opinion. Would you guys think? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

And last thing about Dean. I’m sorry but his kiss with D-lo was more than a “peck”! I was so upset when he wasn’t honest with Kristina about that. And the cake/half birthday thing? Oh Dean. You’ll quickly learn and you’ll be better for it.

That said, I absolutely adore Kristina and I hope she knows that she deserves a man who puts her first. She shouldn’t have to feel the way she’s feeling. And I know she thinks it’s more justified because she’s in “Bachelor in Paradise world ” but she really shouldn’t be put through this by a man that cares about her.

The last thing I want to say is I absolutely love Alexis! Not only was she there to comfort Kristina after the half-birthday thing, but her little break down at the end over her pizza had me cracking up laughing! She seriously the best!

Oh and last thing for real this time. Ha! Raven hasn’t met the right match yet. But I hope she does! Luv her!





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94 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise

  1. Poor Kristina 😫 My heart breaks for her too ! I’ve been there too and it’s not a fun feeling . But then I met the right one and I think back why did I wate so much time trying to change the wrong one . I’m hoping Mr Right walks into paradise for her ! Oh and the end was the best , she is hilarious and a true sweetheart for being there for Kristina πŸ’•

    1. Totally!!! Same here! Once I met Kevin I totally understood what real love is! And what it feels like to be put first πŸ™‚

  2. I think Taylor is totally likeable now and I don’t even know how to handle that! What do you think of her now?

    1. I always liked her! If you read the past blogs I felt for her during the whole Corinne thing. Glad you like her too!

  3. I agree with you 100%…,my heart broke for Kristina and I hope she puts Dean aside and meets someone else that treats her how she deserves to be treated. When Alexis went and layed beside Kristina I loved her even more…she’s that great girlfriend we all need. She’s the best and makes me laugh. I also loved that Danielle gave Ben or Matt (I can’t remember I mix them up) a Ross because she felt they were good guys and needed to be there.

  4. I agree with everything you said. I didn’t like how he sort of led her on, then turned on her in the end. I do realize that editing could be making it seem worse, but I think his actions were still wrong. That being said, I LOVE Kristina and I LOVE Raven. And I can’t get over how much I’m loving Derek and Taylor together! Didn’t think I’d like Taylor after Nick’s season. But, I do! Thanks for being such a positive influence and writing a beautiful blog. Also…ps. I’m loving your Instagram stories! Mom to four here and I get so encouraged by your real-ness with Molly and parenting struggles and victories!

  5. My heart breaks for Kristina. I hope she finds her person soon because she sure deserves it!!
    Not a fan of DLo at all, but maybe that’s because I’m a huge Kristina fan.

    And oh Dean. So young and clueless as to how much he is hurting Kristina! I think this shows he is definitely not ready for the Bachelor role if he is single at the end.

    I have a hard time with Alexis. She is super funny, but knowing she is another one that went there and had a boyfriend at home gives me a bad taste in my mouth. And the salty attitude toward Nick didn’t really seem necessary (and it’s still going on on twitter today!). But she does make for good tv.

  6. I totally agree! I think that what Dean is doing isn’t being intentionally malicious or trying to hurt anyone, but he is clearly clueless. What he’s doing seems so familiar to me as I know so many guys that are exactly like that. He’s a people pleaser, so he is trying to be nice to Kristina but in the end that’s not what’s best for her. I still like him, I just think he needs to mature a bit. Kristina will find someone who puts her first, maybe in a future episode!

    1. He is an inconsiderate ass, he knows what he is doing. He needs to go home, and good luck on getting any dates any time soon.


  7. You are so spot on with Dean, so glad you came out and said it because I was thinking the same thing last night. I felt so bad for Kristina for sure, she deserves so much more. can i say how much I am loving Taylor and Derek too, they are totally adorable together. I do hope Raven finds a guy too she totally deserves it. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

  8. I was pretty upset when he told her it was just a peck… a peck that involved holding each other close and tongue action!! πŸ™ˆ I agree with Alexis at the end- pretty funny!

    Can’t wait to try the cocktail you guys made last night!

  9. I’m really glad you wrote this blog post because I ended that episode like, screw Dean! I think you’re right though, he’s young, he thinks the “rules” don’t apply in paradise, and he’s pushing his luck. I think (hope?) he’s a good guy underneath and he makes a comeback in our eyes in weeks to come. Regardless, Kristina needs to dump that and move on. She deserves a man, not a boy.

  10. I love Dean, but his actions last night broke my heart! It makes me love Kristina even more and not like Danielle as much because I feel like she knew what she was doing – getting inbetween Dean and Kristina (I know thats how it works on this show, but still!) I think all around Dean, Kristina and Danielle are great people!

  11. Taylor is just so awkward to me. I still have a hard time watching her. I don’t dislike her, but I just can seem to connect to her at all. I think her and Derek seems so mismatched. They really don’t ever show anything about them except the kissing so I feel like we don’t really get to know Derek at all.
    Dean was so hurtful to Kristina. She doesn’t deserve that. She definitely needs to have higher expectations. I think what makes it so hard or confusing is the fact that Dean went to her during the film break so she thought they came back in a stronger place. I love Raven – I love ben Z – I am sad that she isn’t too into him. He is clearly smitten for her. Guess we will see what happens down the road.

    1. I agree with you 100% about Taylor. Just cuddling, kissing and giggling. I’ve seen no real substance of a deep relationship. I wish them well though!
      And Ben Z. cracks me up. I love his personality and smile, and everytime he mentions his dog (part of editing I’m sure) it cracks me up.

  12. Dean was not cool at all. Have to appreciate him telling Kristina he wanted to slow things down but his dishonesty about that kiss. Ummm no. Now with that said…I’m all about female empowerment…”DLO” should have contained herself when she saw what it was doing to Kristina. No matter what Dean told her…she turned around and basically flaunted the fact that she was getting under Kristina’s skin. I don’t like that. But it makes me think the show is in fact scripted. Kristina’s tears were real tho. Anywho we shall see.
    Thanks for another great blog Ali! ❀️

  13. Kristina is one tough chick. Her story is amazing. I just hope she finds someone who will put her first. I think you’re right in the fact that Dean’s age (and the situation) a part because in his behavior. Though I feel he doesn’t think about Kristina’s feelings. Going from having a good time, hanging out, cuddling then busting out a half birthday cake for another chick and doing shots with her… What was that about?! It’s just a lot of mixed signals for Kristina. I really like Kristina and hope things work out for her.

  14. Love Kristina!! She needs to move on and kick dean to the curb….it wasn’t even D-Lo’s actual birthday…it was her HALF-BIRTHDAY!! And after how he was with Kristina around the bonfire and then getting up and pulling that?! Ummm no! Not ok. I’m hoping dean try’s to get back with Kristina after she finds someone way better than him and he finds out what he missed out on. We need better guys for these poor girls in paradise!! Season has been so boring so far! Alexis is hilarious and so sweet….would love to see her find someone!

  15. He totally wanted to weigh out his options. I think Dean likes Kristina a lot but doesn’t want to miss out on other possible opportunities. It almost seems as if he sees all the other guys swooning over DLo, that it makes her more attractive to him? If Kristina were to have some other guy chasing over her, i think Dean would of handled things differently.
    He was upfront with her in the beginning but shouldn’t of said they pecked. He should have said they kissed. Ugh so disappointed in him right now. Kristina is such a catch! Total wifey material and he will lose out if he doesn’t realize what he could have with her. I do still like them together and feel they bave a strong connection

  16. I love and adore Kristina and hope she finds happiness. Dean isn’t putting her first, so she needs to move on! She deserves so much better than that! When he told her about his “peck” my mouth hit the floor. My husband was even in the room and said “Bad move!” He’s just not that into her and leading her on until he finds the next best thing is not okay. 😀

      1. Unfortunately on this show sometimes it’s about getting a rose so you can be there the next week and the potential of meeting someone else. Having said that, I think there is an easy way to have discussions with friends on the other side to ensure that maybe you get a spot without leading someone on.

  17. My heart breaks for KristinaπŸ’” I like dean but I wish he would have been more honest to Kristina. I bet he becomes the next bachelor since Peter turned it down.

        1. Yes!! I love Wells. He’d be great all around. But I also think that Danielle likes him & he said something like she’s totally out of my league on a preview, so we’ll see! πŸ™‚

      1. He could change it around if he wants to but I would still like to see Chase from JoJo season as the next Bachelor. I think waiting a season gives someone who was really falling in love with someone and then not chosen a chance to heal their heart and be more open/ready to meet someone new.

  18. Deans age totally plays a factor in this show, what guy his age wouldn’t love all these beautiful girls interested in him. Hard not to be a slight player. Not to give him credit for it I was really disappointed in him big time!! I love Kristina and I hope she finds her Prince Charming, it’s definitely not dean and unfortunately at this point if she try’s to give dean more chances he’ll probably take more advantage sadly πŸ™ I wish him and Kristina the best and hope they part ways so they can find happiness. But I always say a guy doesn’t want to put on the brakes if he’s into you ever!

  19. After Dean and D-Lo’s date, Kristina said in her interview that D-Lo KNEW that Dean had gone home to Kentucky with her during the “shutdown” and still asked him on her date. That is absolutely breaking the girl code and is a really shady thing to do. I had to rewind it to be sure that was what Kristina said. I loved Danielle up to that point. Not any more, though. Who does that?

    1. I have to kind of agree with you that it does break girl code. But do the same rules apply in Paradise? It’s just such a weird situation!

  20. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to script this so things are magnified. That said, Deans silly grin is starting to sicken me. No longer cute

  21. Yes that sucks for Kristina and I think she’s awesome but I really can’t blame Dean. For the most part he’s been up front with Kristina and in the real world it wouldn’t be cool. He’s not in the real world though. He says he’s there to find love so I think he would be foolish to put all his eggs in the first basket. All the guys said if Dlo would’ve asked them on the date they would go no matter what. I say good for Dean BUT, he’s walking a fine line.

  22. I really wish they would change the format of this show. Some really great guys where sent home, then a new girl comes in and would be perfect for one of them. Why not bring all of them on at once? They should not have a rose ceremony so soon. Have some planned events (volleyball, a dance, pool parties, etc). Let everyone mingle. Now about Dean. Isn’t that what this show is all about … to get to know everyone? Why can’t he go out with other people? Unfortunately, people are pairing up just so they “get a rose” to stay on the show. Sure, there needs to be drama, but come on …. DO SOMETHING besides sit around and drink. We feel like we know these people from watching all the past seasons and want them to find happiness, too.

  23. As usual, you are spot on Ali. I love Kristina and I hope a good guy comes along for her. I think Dean is just stringing her along as a safety net to stay on the show. I think her likes her but he’s not into her. She needs a guy who will put her first! But most importantly can we talk about how they hinted at a connection between Danielle M and Wells?!?!? Hello!! I can’t wait to see if they get together!! They would be so cute together! And how Wells said she was “out of his league”! Swoon!! Sooo cute!! Love them!!

  24. I couldn’t agree with you more re everything you said about Dean, but esp about (not) putting people down. I had a very strong reaction to his behavior last night and posted a few benign tweets and then could not believe the semi-Twitter storm occurring. I then looked at his IG and saw the WORST comments! Nothing – ever – justifies bullying/abusive behavior by anyone so thanks for starting out by saying that in your blog today. That said, I think his behavior – and DLo’s struck a nerve with many! As you said – we’ve all been there
    when we thought we knew someone, or trusted them, or believed them, etc. I was incensed that I thought I knew him! Yeah right, from a TV show lol. Big reminder: we don’t! And not fair to them in many ways. But I had been so gushing about him from the Bachelorette that I even felt betrayed! So I’m guessing this is sort of possibly why everyone is ticked off with him. What also struck a nerve with me is DLo’s flaunting their time in front of everyone – and him going along with it. Every time she giggled – which was a lot – I cringed. Bottom line: bad form Dean. And DLo. Also I just like Kristina and so feel for her – in fact MY emotions were so strong – I often felt like I was ther there, crying. I hope she finds someone her adores her and who deserves her. Btw – she looked so beautiful in that blue outfit!

    1. I made a post earlier but have a question for those on a Twitter or Instgram. I am not on Twitter or Instagram so I was wondering if Dean is the only one getting all the slack or is Danielle as well. I think her being friends with Kristina and knowing Dean had gone to her home during the break is as bad or worse than Dean.

  25. I used to root for Dean but not any longer. Actions speak louder than words. I don’t blame DLo as she only knows what Dean told her. He is very immature. He’s riding the Bachelor wave franchise now making the rounds but I hope it ends soon for him and he doesn’t become the next Bachelor. I’m a Raven fan as well!

  26. I think Dean is just super immature. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but definitely has a lot of his own issues he probably needs to deal with before he pursues a serious relationship. I reallllly hope he doesn’t become the Bachelor because he is just not mature enough to be in that role. Kristina is so beautiful and classy and I’m wondering why she’s so stuck on Dean! She needs a man not boy. And I was freaking out over him calling that kiss a peck as well!! I was wondering what was going through Kristina’s head watching what the kiss was really like. I also love how loyal Alexis is to her friends! I hope Kristina will realize Dean isn’t worth her time and find someone that is!

  27. I am on the fence with this one but leaning more towards Kristina’s side. I know he was sitting soo close to her and everything but was it just those times? I mean they are there all day.. it seemed like he was more stand-offish than on? He should have told her that him and the other girl kissed and not pecked. And the bday cake that was just a no no! Kristina said she wants to put her energy just into Dean but can’t she tell that he’s not as into her as she is him? Dean is on bachelor in paradise and that’s kind of how the show works if you have a bigger connection with somebody else unfortunately the other person is going to get their feelings hurt.. they can’t be the next Jarred and Ashley I. I hope Kristina finds someone deserving of her. I’ll end with a simple quote. “He’s just not that into you.”

  28. I Like Dean and Kristina…Dean acted very immature last episode…I hope Kristina doesnt waste anymore time on him…she deserves someone who puts her first and loves her.

  29. I’m surprised that you absolutely love Alexis. While I like her, and the funny comments she made were hysterical, the way she throws shade at Nick is not nice at all!! I’m truly surprised you don’t have something to say about that. I mean it’s seems like this franchise needs to have Nicks name mentioned to get any kind or reaction from people!! It’s nice to see just how valuable he is to this franchise and quite frankly well deserving and in my eyes he was the best Bachelor around. His transparency, and honesty was the most refreshing aspect of this whole franchise and I wish that some would follow suit and give credit to where credit is due. Love your blogs and sorry for my rant but I was getting a bit fed up with the negativity and if they need to bash Nick to make a good show, then boy, this franchise needs to rethink who they cast!! 😘

    1. Yes! I said that above! The Nick bashing wasn’t necessary just because he didn’t pick “her girl.” And she continued on Twitter some yesterday too.
      She is there with a boyfriend at home. Not sure she really has room to comment about other people. But she does make great tv!

  30. Dean: He thinks he is the Bachellor; please can someone let him know he is not.
    Kristina: She needs to see the red flags. She is a sweet heart and she needs a grown up man with her
    Danielle: Totally out of place. This girl don’t care about anybody feelings
    Amanda: She think she is the prettiest. I did not like how she treated Alex
    Raven and Adam: They make a cute couple
    Jasmine: Matt is not totally unto to you. She needs to keep looking for her match
    Derek: This guy is so genuine and a gentleman and is good for Taylor. Now she is a happy girl
    Alexis: Beautiful and sensitive girl πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Ben Z: Why he only talks about his dogs? Probably is the editing of the program

  31. I wonder what people would say if Kristina had of been given the date card by Adam and gone on that date – she clearly wanted it and was visibly bummed when she didn’t get it. Would we all be bashing Dean then?

    Dean shouldn’t have said “peck” but beyond that – I really don’t think he did anything too wrong. He is guilty of not being into a girl that much and unsure how to get out of it. That’s about it.

  32. Honesty is the best policy yet to me he’s playing games. It’s the worst feeling when you’re told 1 thing and he does the opposite. Women and men are different. Men need to be “detailed” in anything because it can mean 100 different things when it comes from them, lol. I still love my hubby very much but dont play me is my motto!

  33. Part of me is Really mad at Dean for the way he is treating Kristina and part of me thinks Kristina should have seen signs and left the relationship. Like when we watched the way Alex was with Amanda. I am not saying Kristina is all over Dean, I am just saying Dean has told her that his feelings are not fully there. I am thinking if it were me, there are a lot of good looking guys there, I would have given my rose to someone else.

  34. I love Kristina! She has such a pour sweet spirit, and you can tell that she wants to find love, and she deserves it. Dean is a great guy, but I don’t think he deserves her. I mean was it just me or was Dean totally checking out DLo while cuddling with Kristina! Rude!
    I also love Raven, and I really hope that she finds love, because she deserves it πŸ™‚ you are the sweetest Ali! I enjoy seeing your pictures and listening to your stories. I’m so happy that you found your happily ever after.

  35. I am super disappointed in Dean. He’s immature and he 100 % led Kristina on. It’s heartbreaking to watch for anyone but especially to someone who most definitely deserves more and better. A partial lie (the peck) is still a lie. Kristina hopefully finds some great guy. Dean, right now, is NOT a good guy.

  36. Dean seriously reminds me of a boy I dated when I was 16. We were together for over a year when he decided he wanted to still see me, but also see other girls. I was like, you can’t have your cake and eat it too (pun intended)! I feel like he really does like Kristina, but wants to keep his options open. But the way he’s going about it is all wrong. He said they should pump the brakes, but then still cuddles with her and is constantly by her side?! Ugh, and the whole half birthday crap was totally unnecessary…ESPECIALLY in front of Kristina! I loved Dean on Rachel’s season – but I could tell then that he has a hard time communicating and having more serious discussions. I just don’t think he’s quite ready to find his forever.

    Oh, and I totally love Alexis! She’s a smart a** and tells it like it is – which is refreshing! I feel like a lot of people only reveal their best sides on these shows (which I totally get), but she seriously DGAF!

  37. I really like Kristina, and want her to find love! She is just adorable! But, don’t be sooooo hard on Dean! Don’t underestimate having a solid homeless, a nurturing mother and parents to guide you! Dean didn’t have any of that, when he needed it most! I felt like he was trying to do the right thing, has his heart. In a good place, but just needs a lot more guidance and maturity! I hope the best for both of them!

  38. Yep, my last boyfriend, before I met my Husband, was similar (sort of) to Kristina and Dean-except there wasn’t another woman involved. It was just a lot of mind games (in my case) and finally he broke it off. I was initially devastated but then totally realized it was a Blessing in disguise and I only regret not being the one to break off things first. But, I thank my ex for figuring it out for the both of us, but I have to give my Lord and Savior all the credit. He was sure looking out for me. Thankfully my ex and I parted on good terms and we haven’t spoke since. This was over 12 years ago. I was in my early 20’s too. Age is relative. The young can learn from the older and the older can learn from the young. We all grow at different stages and sometimes back words in life. I’m in my 30’s and I am still learning so much about love, forgiveness, and more. If my 33 year old self could talk to my early 20 something self…I would have talked her out of a lot of decisions lol. But the best decision was my Husband! My 33 year old self is high fiving my younger self πŸ™‚

    1. I totally agree! I bet it was something a producer came up with, and as others mentioned, Dean is a people pleaser and probably said “sure I’ll bring her a half birthday cake” without thinking about the effect it would have on Kristina. I also think he was initially drawn to Kristina because they both had challenging childhoods and he felt they could connect on that, but maybe she’s just too serious for him- he seems like he just wants fun right now and he’s seeing he could get that someplace else.

  39. I agree with everything you’re saying! I still love Dean. We all have to make mistakes in order to learn/grow and unfortunately his mistakes are being televised. I love that you are honest in your blog, yet you show so much grace. You are one of the classiest women in Bachelor Nation! ❀️

  40. Oh gee whiz! I was screaming at Dean through the tv. Yes, that was way more than a “peck” he gave D-Lo. The whole half birthday thing pissed me off too. I cant imagine how Kristina felt. Shocking.

  41. can you find out where ravens red dress from her date with adam was from?
    ps i really like her with adam. i think that they have similar personalities:)

  42. Dean kind of reminds me of Jared two seasons ago. He just got his heart broken by Rachel and now is just looking to play the field and not settle down with anyone quickly.

  43. I hate when guys act one way on the Bachelorette and then go into Paradise and show their TRUE SIDE and it’s not likeable. (ex. Josh. Really liked him on Andi’s season but didn’t like him AT ALL on BIP.) I’ve never been gaga over Dean like every girl in America but I at least thought he was genuine and nice. Seeing him on BIP has definitely made me see him in a different light. And did anyone notice when D-Lo showed up and Jack said Derek & Taylor were one of the only 2 couples there and Derek said “I don’t know anymore”…???

    1. Yes! That was shady of Derek!
      Did you also hear Amanda say Josh was “sweaty” when she was talking about breaking up with him!
      Dean is not ready for any kind of relationship! The guy needs to get some serious therapy after hearing his family story on Bachelorette!

    1. I think Wells for the next bachelor would be great! However I think we need to wait and see, I think things are coming very soon with Daniell M…. 🀞🏼❀️🌹

  44. First of all, thank you for always keeping things positive on your blog! You rock! You were spot on with the comment of Dean and his age. Age plays a HUGE part at times and it’s very true in this case. I would love to see him and Kristina get together by their lack of communication kills me. Literally, I’m peeking through my fingers watching them “talk”. YIKES.

  45. My thoughts…

    Alexis needs a spin-off and Wells needs to be the next Bachelor. Kristina needs a more mature man and Dean and D. Lo are great for each other.

    Oh and get those kids some pizza for crying out loud!!

  46. Oh my gosh! I love Kristina. But, Dean is too emotionally immature and instead of just saying we had fun but I’m not feeling it now, he is stringing her along and hurting her more while he’s protecting himself. Ali! You’re so right about the body language. How about his body language when he was “sleeping” / avoiding her. And the not talking or answering her questions. Ugh! Listen to your inner voice girl and move on!

  47. Sure he was “honest” about the kiss, but that was not a peck. And he told DLo not to feel bad about it at all. That pissed me off and Dean and DLo deserve eachother if they are going to be so bold. Kristina deserves better. Someone who cares enough to not be cuddling her one second then making a move on someone else the next second. That will screw up anyone.
    Also I want Danielle (blonde) to find love here. She’s the sweetest!

  48. All great points and comments. But can we talk about Vinny’s exit and the seatbelt?? Loved that scene and his reaction!

  49. Wow, the extremes I went to watch this episode. The president cut on about 1/2 way through gen program and ran over 30 minutes (watching from (dvr) which cut off right when the date started (crap) so I am not sure if the station started the news late or what. After reading the posts today I had to figure out how to watch the rest of the show. I have Dish and tried to get on Demand but couldn’t so I downloaded ABC app then had to register for a Dish logon. What lengths will we as fans go to (lol). Finally watched and have such mixed feelings. I really like Dean and was really surprised at how he treated Kristina and not sure agree with him being immature. The word that comes to me is insensitive. I can almost understand the date, they are there to meet someone and make a connection which is what he is doing, but the 1/2 cake was over the top but wonder if was his idea or a producer. I am not sure I agree with the concept of people coming in like a revolving door. The later you come in the less chance you have as connections are already being made. I personally was a bigger fan of Bachelor Pad than I am of BIP. What do they have to do besides drink and hook up. How is that conducive to greating a strong foundation, but still watch it. I still have hope for them but he has some serious making up to do. I was really shocked that Raven picked Adam over Ben. Kristina and Raven are my favorite and my hope is they each find a good guy. Chase is still one of my favorites and my wish is for him to be the next Bachelor.

  50. I still like Dean, but he made me so mad when he came back from an amazing Date and goes straight to Kristina and gives her false hope and drops her another minute. He is very insecure and disrespectful! Yes, the show is there for them to find love, but not to play with a Woman’s feelings and emotions like that. I hope that Kristina can move on and find someone that will be picking her the stars out of the sky. I love the blond hair Danielle and really wish something could start with Wells, but I guess we have to see about that. Ben is a nice guy, but I wish he wouldn’t always talk so much about his Dog back home. No woman will get that attracted to a Man, if all he can talk about is his dog. That would even make my Alarm ring that I would always be second place. I also love Taylor on BIP and really hope she will be ending up with this guy. I can’t wait for the episode tonight and see what else will happen. Everyone deserves love and I hope that each and every single one of them will find it. Some sooner and some later!!!

  51. I think Dean and Danielle are a better fit than Dean and Kristina. Dean and Danielle are both very giggly and seem to be looking for fun. Kristina needs a man, not a boy, who can communicate clearly and be as strong as her. Dean should just cut her loose instead of stringing her along. I don’t blame Danielle at all. She’s just looking for love too and it’s Paradise, you have to look out for yourself if you want to find love. It is the point of the show, for everyone to date anyone they want and find their person. It’s not her fault that she wasn’t part of the original group. And Dean told Danielle that he told Kristina that he wanted to pump the breaks. I don’t know why Kristina even wants to be with Dean! He is so frustrating to watch and not a good communicator!

  52. When a guy tells you to date other people and that he’s not interested, believe him.

    Shame on Dean for saying that and then leading her on with physically flirting. But shame on Kristina for trying to ignore the fact that he said I want you to date other people and (for him basically to be able to do the same)

    I can’t feel that sorry for Kristina.

    But honestly Dean, … the half birthday thing with Danielle L…. in front of Kristina. Could you not have?

  53. Have not watched last night’s (Tuesday) BIP yet.
    Monday nights episode starts out with EVERYONE’S mood / vibe being different from before they left when production shut down. It was odd that the bromance was stronger than the romance. I noticed Kristina loose a bit of her radiance. This is UNDERSTANDABLE after spending the down time with Dean, only to return and he tells her her wants to put the breaks on. I would be pissed too.
    Kristina gives Dean the rose “with hopes” that their relationship continues to grow. She wanted to focus on him!! Did he cozy put to her prior to the ceremony? OF COURSE he did! Would I have given him the rose? OF COURSE I WOULD.
    In walks DLo, which re-stimulated the pheromones in Paradise, guys and ladies… so should Dean have said “nah, I’ll pass on the date”. NO! Should Dean have gone on to tell Kristina that “we sucked face”. NO.,that would have been cruel.
    The half birthday cake… VERY awkward FOR EVERYONE I would be SHOCKED if that WASN’T orchestrated by producers. Something had to stir the pot to allow the drama in to spark the controversy of the “love triangle “. A half- birthday… eeeeek.

  54. Hey Ali. Firstly, I love your “don’t tear people down” attitude! I believe Dean is afraid to allow himself to get close to anyone as a result of feeling his family wasn’t there for him when his Mother died. Maybe it’s easier for him to sabotage his own happiness and have people judge him than it is for him to take the chance at love with someone and the possibility they may desert him like his family did. I hope he gets some therapy to help him overcome his self-destructive behavior. Have a wonderful day and keep up the wonderful blogging!

  55. I agree with everything you’ve said. I also want to add, D-lo isn’t at fault here. She came in and had no clue. Dean, unfortunately is misleading them both, actually. He may be way more attracted to D and genuinely like Kristina for all the obvious reasons, she’s a sweetheart. Do you agree?

  56. My take on this week’s shows….Dean, as much as I liked him, was just not cool towards Kristina. My advice to her is to basically say, “get lost” and look towards the other men, or leave Paradise. Take the higher road, Kristina. Don’t act mad, the best revenge is to adopt an attitude of indifference and not hang on his every word, go and do things with the others. Lacey needs to leave, I was tired of her whining the other night, and Diggy was “doing a Dean” when Dominique (anyone remember her on Nick’s season, because I sure didn’t!) showed up. Everyone was so down on Dean, but Diggy did the very same thing to Lacey and I don’t see anyone upset with Diggy. ? My favorite part of Tuesday night was of course, Carly and Evan’s baby announcement and ultrasound. It’s too bad they did that before the ultrasonographer could determine the sex. I’d be so thrilled for them if they had a girl! I guess we’ll find out soon. And I love Ben Z…not sure why he and Danielle M never got around to a date or what have you…I love Ben Z. I think the producers are editing Ben to make him look kind of one dimensional, and I hate when they do that. Maybe Ben for next Bachelor, since we know Peter isn’t it. ?? Adam is also making his way around with the ladies, so again, the only mistake Dean made was to tell Kristina one thing, while doing something else. Seems to me more than one guy is doing that. Love your blog, Ali!

  57. Hi all. Kristina is a survivor, and she deserves someone who thinks he hit the lottery with her. She is making the mistake many of us have, and it’s painful to watch. Like when she wanted to talk to Dean, and he said he wanted to take a shower? Ok, we’re done. I hope Raven will talk to her frankly, like she did with Alex about Amanda, and tell her to move on. I’m disappointed that there isn’t anyone there who Raven is excited about, but I’m happy that she’s not willing to settle. She’s a smart, savvy woman who deserves someone amazing. I hear that Nick is available!

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