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Another season of Bachelor in Paradise! Although I think it’s safe to say this season is unlike any other season before! Honestly, for the first time, I think Chris Harrison is totally on point when saying it’s the most dramatic season ever! At least the first couple episodes will be. I knew going into watching this episode, I even tweeted about it, that we weren’t going to get answers about what happened with Corrine and Demario. But hopefully we will get some next week! Actually I guess we kind of did. We saw them flirting a lot and we saw that they were totally cool with each other the next day; although I feel like I remember someone saying Corrine was giving her rose to someone else? And Demario expressed interest in Alexis. Am I making this up? Ha! I drank a few cocktails during the show last night. And they were GOOD cocktails. I’ll get to those in a minute…

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Today’s blog post is going to be twofold. I’m going to hash out what I thought about last nights episode and share pics of the super cute and fun Bachelor in Paradise themed party my friend Catherine, a few others & I had! We had black bean taquitos, chips and salsa, guacamole, and the most incredible cocktails I have ever had! OK maybe they’re ONE of the most incredible cocktails I’ve ever had! Because I like a lot of cocktails! Ha! No but really, these rose daiquiris are so delicious and actually perfect for any Bachelor in Paradise viewing party you have this season. Get the full recipe on my girl Catherine’s Blog!

Ok.. back to last night’s episode! I am loving ALL the couples on the show so far!!! Three especially.

First, Dean and Kristina! Are they not the cutest couple ever?! And anyone else want to see WAY more of their date?!?! I seriously think that they are a perfect match! I don’t know what it is about them, but I feel like if they end up together after this, they could be the type of couple that makes it for the long-haul! What do you guys think?

I also think Jasmine and Matt are such a great match! I think her bold personality and his shy-guy personality actually balance each other out quite nicely. I honestly couldn’t be more excited about them as a couple! And how cool is it that Matt was so down to be a part of the drag queen show. And not in an obnoxious way. In an “I’m up for anything” kind of way. He’s just a class act!!!! And Jasmine! Love her! I’m just all around pumped for them!

And there’s Derek and Taylor. Another super cute couple! Taylor has a harsh personality that is hard for some people to understand, but I think Derek brings out a vulnerable side of her that we don’t really get to see because she puts up a hard exterior. I love that her walls are already coming down with him.

And what do we think about Wells being a bartender!? I wonder why he is taking himself out of the dating game? Is he in a relationship? Or are they just doing that so they have an actual bartender. And then one of the cast members will break the rules later in the season and ask him out. We shall see. For now, he should totally be whipping up these rose daiquiris for the cast πŸ˜‰


And we have to talk fashion! Both mine and Catherine’s looks and the girls on Bachelor in Paradise. First, Catherine and I totally went crazy at Free People with our clothes for this! Ha! They just have great pieces that have a “Paradise” feel, but will transition easily into fall! Because let’s face it, we aren’t buying a ton of summer clothes right now. Most of us (me for sure) are focused on fall and what can transition from summer. Details on our looks are below…





Raven’s blue bikini top when she arrived in Paradise and the orange bikini top she wore on her date with Robby are both by Seafolly. I know because I asked her! I couldn’t find the exact blue one, but this one is super similar and by the same brand. Also her For Love & Lemons rose ceremony dress is from her very own shop! Check out all her shop items HERE! Btw, isn’t Raven great?! I just adore everything about her! I really hope she finds love!

Alexis (aka shark/dolphin girl!) is just THE BEST and she wore, well, a shark costume and an H&M bikini. Her exact bikini is no longer in stock.

These are all the outfit details I have for now! Maybe I’ll get more later today but I wrote this early this morning!

Let’s discuss all your favorite parts about last nights episode in the comments below! And I hope we gave you some inspirations for your next Bachelor in Paradise viewing party!





48 Thoughts

48 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise Party!

  1. Those pants look super cute on you!! (What doesn’t though?!)

    Also, I had a dream the other night that I was babysitting Molly during your wedding, hahhaha! She was the sweetest little girl and you were so kind and gracious. Very random dream, but fun πŸ™‚

  2. I thought from the minute I saw them them (Dean & Kristina) – before they went out – that they would be perfect for each other! I love Raven and what she said about Robby lol. He just bugs me. Maybe she and Wells can get together because he’s my other favorite.

  3. Don’t forget there is another episode tonight and we may find out something about Corinne and DeMario πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m excited about paradise, I like Danielle M and was wondering about her and Wells since said they were such good friends and she was bummed he was the bartender, like you said Ali, could some break the rules!! This is my first time commenting on your blog, I have liked you all the way back when you were on Jakes season and was so bummed when you left, when you came back was awesome, I have enjoyed watching you come in to your own person and I just love who you are!! Thank you for being true to yourself and us!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

    1. Thanks for the comment Julia! Yeah I totally think Danielle M and Wells could end up as something!

      And thank you sooo much for the sweet words! Made my day! xoxo

  5. Dean an christina is my top couple right now. They are adorable. But oddly enough,the couples getting together (at the moment) seem like a good fit.

    The girl (cant think of her name) that lost her grandfather,made me tear up bc i also had a close relationship with mine.I miss him so much.

    Wills the bartender,oddly interesting.😏

    This has been a great show,just wish i had a group of silly girls to laugh it it with when it comes onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. I really want to see Danielle M break the rules and ask Wells out! I know they’re great friends. Maybe this could be a ‘best friends fall in love’ scenario <3

  7. Wells, YES! Amanda not so much, she is SOOO over done. You girls look adorable… Enjoyed the show for the most part❀️

  8. Per usual I fell asleep on the couch before 8:30 (I live in Chicago). As much as I wanted to stay up for BIP I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Thanks for the recap Ali!

  9. I actually said the exact same thing last night about Jasmine and Matt! I think they are a perfect match, I never would have put them together going into this but I love it. I would love to see Danielle and Wells end up together, but they are really good friends from what I see on social media and I’m not sure they would want to chance it but we can hope!! Also I felt like they tried to make it seem weird that Ben Z was talking about his dog (who is ridiculously cute by the way, check out his instagram) so much but as a girl who loves her dogs like children I thought it was super sweet!

    1. It definitely was edited to seem weird but I don’t think it’s weird at all! It’s SOOOO hard for me to leave my doggie!!!

  10. I feel like I got a lot answered about Corrine and DeMario last night! First off, when she first shows up to Paradise, Chris Harrison asks her point blank if she has a boyfriend and she says no…Surprising since after the whole “investigation” came out, she said she had no intent of hooking up with anyone on BIP because of her boyfriend. I do agree that Corrine and DeMario had instant flirtation/chemistry, but what I also saw was that she was the one literally pulling him around and into the pool, where the incident happened. To me, this clears up any doubt that anyone had about what happened that night and backs up the conclusion that there was no wrongdoing. I’m no fan of either one, but I’m glad it sort of cleared the air. I hope they go into more details tonight! I’m so excited for some of these couples and can’t wait to see what happens this season! πŸ™‚ I always look forward to your blog posts!

    1. I definitely think we will learn more tonight. At the very least a speech from Chris Harrison about what happened and moving forward!

    2. I have never liked Corinne. I think she is extremely immature. And right after she told Chris she was sailing straight….she starts drinking excessively and dragging Demario around. It’s a shame they even invited her back. She is trouble waiting to happen.

  11. Love Kristina & Dean! Being from Kentucky I am rooting for Kristina to find her happily ever after! I also loved the romper she was wearing when she arrived!

  12. Those cocktails do sound amazing! Loved the episode, it’s such a good cast this year! And I can’t wait for Carly and Evan’s wedding tonight. Although I will be PVRing and watching tomorrow – we are currently into Day 3 of sleep training so my evenings consist of a listening to a crying baby.
    PS- your blog posts were the main reason we decided to hire a sleep consultant! Fingers crossed it works as well for my little Ivy as it did for Molly! πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t know, I thought it was kind of blah. I actually fell asleep. I just think the editing was so disjointed because stuff with DeMario and Corinne that wouldn’t have been shown had the scandal not happened really chopped up the episode. Looking forward to Carly and Evan’s wedding tonight though!

  14. I’m hoping they are just bringing Wells back as the bartender to remind all of us about him. I’m hoping Wells for next Bachelor!

  15. I am super excited about this season! I am really pulling for Raven to find love, I have always like her. I love that Kristina and Dean have paired up. I think their relationship could go a long ways. You have always been my favorite since your first appearance. I have enjoyed following you through all of your journeys and watching your family grow. I wanted to mention to you about your hip, have you ever tried cryotherapy? I have been having bad hip issues and finally tried that out and it has been such a huge relief. Definitely worth a try. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! ☺️

  16. Your viewing party looks like so much fun. My viewing party is my dad and I lol I finally begged him enough and he gave in & now he loves it haha. Okay. So you’re fav couples are my fav too. I think Derek and Taylor are hot and the chemistry is crazy. I think they’re gonna go the distance. Kristina & Dean omg they look so good together… Last thing I’ll say. Matt is fine fine fine. I love me some 🐧 πŸ˜‰

  17. I was excited for a few of the couples last night, especially Dean and Kristina. My initial hope was Dean and Raven but that doesn’t seem to happen. I much preferred Ben for Raven than Robbie. I wonder about the Demario and Corrine issue. Surely neither of these people would let themselves be used as a publicity stunt. When it showed them coming to get Corrine and Demario they both seemed fine and having a good time so how traumatic could something really have been? Also if it was something enough to stop filming why didn’t the producer stop it before it happened. I thought the comment Daniel made about Wells was interesting. Sometimes friends can find themselves in different surroundings and see each other in a different light. Did anyone happen to catch the episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker that had Vinney and Daniel (Canada from JoJo season)

  18. I really enjoyed your recap, Ali and agree with you on every point. I’ve been wondering if you’ve found some relief for your hip? I hope so!

  19. I really want to see raven find someone. She’s so easy to like! Either way, I love her commentary and think she’s my favorite member in paradise right now. I hope a guy enters in that she hits it off with. Right now I don’t see it happening for her with any of the current guys but who knows…

  20. I’m really hoping that Raven picks Ben over Robby. I liked his confidence on Jojo’s season, but now it seems like he is becoming over confident and borderline obnoxious.

    I’m really pulling for Amanda and Vinny. I hope they both find love in Paradise. They totally deserve it!

  21. I loved the Part 1 episode. I agree with all your comments on the current couples. I’m not quite sure why Amanda keeps going back; when she made a comment about trying to go on a celebrity dating app – it made me believe that the only reason she came back was to stay relevant. Also, is it just me or does it look like Robby is wearing eyeliner? I can’t figure out what looks different around his eyes, almost like he got work done? I’m not sure.

  22. Hey Ali! I’ve followed you for a long time now! Molly is soooo cute!! And I love to read all your posts/blogs. However your hip issue has me thinking, have you tried a holistic doctor? Regular chiropractic care? Cutting out foods that cause inflammation? Just though I would throw some suggestions out there since I hadn’t heard you mention any of those! I would for a holistic Chiropractor and it’s amazing the things you can heal by lifestyle change.

  23. Re; the Corrine and Demario thing… I’m confused bc I thought production shut down immediately, but what did they shut down if Corrine and Demario were fine together the next day. Also, how did the media make a big deal when it was the crew that stopped production bc they felt something was so wrong? Totally confused there.

  24. Okay so how about this…. Wells is there because they are thinking about him for the next Bachelor?? He has always been one of my favorites.

  25. Ha! I love that you included Alexis’ shark costume. Hilarious! I love following your blog and your adorable little family on social media – Molly is the sweetest!

  26. Any idea about the swimwear in the opening credits? Specifically Amanda and Danielle M? Both of those swimsuits are super cute. Love your blog!

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