Tank Dress – Great For Layering

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to share this tank dress that I bought the other day because I just think it’s such a great piece to wear the rest of the summer and then also layer once fall comes around. I got it in both the blue and grey. But there are very limited sizes left in the grey and a few sizes left in the blue! So I wanted to write about this before it sells out! I got it in my normal size which is a medium. But I actually think I could have size down. So whether you get your normal size or one size down I think you’ll be good to go. However, I will say that if you’re on the shorter side I would definitely size down since it’s pretty long. If you’re tall, you’ll love it because it’s got great length! I’m 5’7 ” FYI.

For the summertime I think the dress is cute with a chambray shirt tied around your waist or a jean jacket. And in the fall you could pair it with boots and a cardigan and it would look really cute! I really think it’s a great layering dress.

And the watch I’m wearing is from last year but the same brand makes a somewhat similar one that I even like more for only $19  that I just ordered! The rest of the details on my outfit are below the first picture! Hope you guys have a beautiful Sunday!







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35 thoughts on “Tank Dress – Great For Layering

  1. Having raised kids I know people at restaurants and servers seldom find it cute for kids to wander out of their parents tables. Ya they my smile not to be rude. It can be dangerous too for someone to trip carrying dishes, drinks or just doing what they must. Also teach Molly how to eat using a child’s plate and utensil. No need for such a mess and she is plenty old enough.

    1. As someone who has raised kids you should know how annoying it is to get unsolicited parenting advice from a total stranger. 🙄

    2. It never ceases to amaze me how people give unsolicited advice on how to parent other people’s children. I hope your kids grew up to be absolute angels with all the knowledge you seem to have.

    3. Did that make you feel better? Unless you were personally offended in the restaurant or listen to Ali’s endless complaints of cleaning up after Molly (which, as a fan, I’ve never once heard), why would you feel the need to tell her how to parent?
      Ps. As someone without children who often eats at restaurants, I’d welcome a smiley baby approaching my table any day.

      1. I find her comment amusing honestly. The people at the table in the restaurant ASKED us to bring Molly over and Kevin was standing right next to her so no one would trip over her.

        And we pick up EVERYTHING when she is out to eat with us.

        Some people *MAJOR eye roll

        1. I’m confused. I did not read anything about a restaurant or Molly? Did I miss something? lol either way your a great mom!! 🙂

  2. I love Leith dresses but of course it seems like they are always sold out of my size! I’ve been lucky with checking back periodically and usually I can get what I need eventually 😄. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  3. Hi Ali! I love that you took time for just you and Owen. My husband and I currently have a dog that we rescued last December. We are getting ready to try to start a family and I am absolutely terrified of how things are going to change for the dog. She is my first baby and my whole life and it breaks my heart when I hear people in similar situations that have completely neglected their dog and felt differently towards their dog once they had a baby. Did you find your feelings toward change at all more towards an obligation?

    1. I had my fur baby 3 years before having my first child. I had a difficult postpartum and there where times I’d look at my dog and say, “Let’s grab a bag, fill it with clothes, and go live in a tiny house just the two of us.” The love for my dog never lessened. She sits with me as a nurse, and I try my very best to give her one on one time as much as possible. Things will change with your dog. You won’t be able to spend as much time with her/him as you do now. So, just make the most of your time together and love on her or him at every given opportunity.

    2. My love for Owen only GREW with Molly being born. Heck, it made me realize how EASY Owen was compared! Ha! Does he get as much attention? Of course not. We have a little girl to look after and at the very least he is going to get 1/2 as much attention since there are two of them.

    1. The sizes they have in stock always changes. Sometimes I will post and it will say fully in stock and then 2 minute later it says sold out (which can’t be because I posted) Other days, it will show 1 size left and the next day it’s back in stock fully! So weird!

      1. Its restocked! Just ordered! Thanks for the perfect weekend dress idea…needed that in my closet instead of the work dresses!

  4. I’m obsessed with the rug that’s shown in your instastories. Looks like a sweater knit? Amazing! Where’s it from?

  5. So sad they sold out of that dress! It’s so cute! Ali, I have to say, I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on the bachelor and I love how happy you seem to be now! You and Kevin seem to have created an amazing little family and I only hope I can be half as lucky some day!

  6. What lipstick are you wearing in your IG story when you’re wearing this dress and walking Owen? I love it on you!

  7. Do you know what length your chain is for this necklace? It looks like the perfect length with everything you wear.

  8. Hi Ali! Where did you get your dress that you wore yesterday? the red top with the floral bottom? I loved it!

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