The BIG Question – Should Peter Have Proposed?!?!

Update: THIS DRESS is the one Rachel was wearing at After The Final Rose for those wondering.

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I was sad to see Eric go. As you guys know, I got to sit down with him recently and I really got to know the real Eric. He is such a good guy and I know he will find love! Instead of writing about Eric, I am just going to give you Part 2 of the interview I did with him. And don’t be mad at me, but when I wrote yesterday’s blog post I knew Rachel didn’t pick him, but I couldn’t give anything away! I really appreciated Eric opening up to me, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving anything away. Here is what he has to say about his breakup with Rachel and whether or not he would consider being the next Bachelor!

We wish you the best Eric!!!!


Forgive me in advance but most of this blog is going to be about Peter because he was a very hot topic on Twitter last night and a topic that I think should be discussed. So the question is, should you be expected to propose to someone if you go on the show? My thoughts? HELL NO! Not unless you feel 100% ready to propose to THAT person at the end. Just because he wasn’t ready to propose to her, that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready in general.

Can we really blame Peter for not being ready to propose to someone after only knowing them a couple months? Actually it’s 2.5 months to be more accurate. I think it’s totally normal not to feel ready. And let’s be honest here, the majority of the couples that get engaged end up breaking up after the show (myself included!). I respect his decision to want to save his only first shot at proposing to someone for when he feels it in his bones. Honestly, looking back, I’m kind of disappointed that I got engaged on the show. I knew I didn’t know the guy I picked in the end well enough, but I decided to accept the proposal anyway. And it kind of bums me out that Kevin’s proposal to me wasn’t the only time I said yes to someone. Does that make sense?

I’ve talked about this before but you really don’t fall in love with the person you meet on the show. Yes my relationship didn’t work, so obviously mine wasn’t real love. But even if you ask many of the couples who are married from the show, they will tell you that they really fell in love after the show is over. I believe to love someone is to know someone. You really can’t do this on the show. Is it possible to get to know someone in 2 1/2 months? Of course it is! But not when you’re dating a bunch of other guys at the same time and spending maybe a couple hours a week (if that) with each one. Having gone through it myself, I just don’t really think it’s possible to get to know someone in the scenario of the show.

Also I TOTALLY think it’s possible to feel like someone could be your husband or wife after spending just minutes with them! I believe in that feeling of lust at first sight! Or just having a feeling that this person is meant to be your husband or wife! But again, I think a lot of people feel this way after a really great first date. So looking back, yeah hindsight is 20/20. Like I said above, I just really feel like to truly love someone, you have to know them.

And some people tweeted me that Peter should have been ready to propose because that’s the expectation of the show he went on. That makes no sense to me whatsoever! Maybe he did go on hoping to meet someone and propose. But the fact of the matter is he didn’t feel ready WITH RACHEL at the point in which he was expected to propose. So maybe he would have gotten there with her at some point, but in the exact time frame of the show he didn’t get there, and he shouldn’t be criticized for that! He was totally open with Rachel about it every step of the way. It’s not like he blindsided her with it when he was in the top two!

He also flat out asked her if she could tell him that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and she told him she couldn’t answer that question. I know many of you are going to think that the producers wouldn’t let her answer that question, but at this point in the show she could and SHOULD answer it if Peter really was the one for her. I just don’t think she knew who she wanted to be with at that point  in the show (or she was leaning towards Bryan) and I could see why that would make Peter even more hesitant to get down on one knee. Don’t you? Peter said it best “Marriage doesn’t scare me. The idea of multiple marriages scares me.” AMEN to that!!!

I also have to say that I completely respect Rachel’s decision to push Peter by questioning him on why he’s not ready to propose. I obviously don’t think she should pressure him into proposing, but she has every right to ask him questions about why he’s feeling the way he’s feeling. I think she was seeing red flags of past relationships in Peter’s hesitation and I think it’s good that she was seeing those and questioning those things. Because at the end of the day, I don’t think Peter fell for her in the same way that she fell for him, otherwise maybe he would’ve felt ready to propose on the show. It’s good that they talked about it as much as they did because ultimately they parted ways which is what’s best for both of them.

And at the end of the day, Rachel made the best choice for her, and I couldn’t be happier for her! It’s obvious that she and Bryan have intense chemistry and I wish them nothing but the best! It’s funny because most seasons I feel like I have a pretty good handle on who is going to win in the end, and Bryan just totally came out of nowhere for me! But I kind of love that! I feel like it’s not as fun every season when I think I know who wins in the first couple weeks. The season was a mystery to me and I loved every second of it!

So congrats to Rachel and Bryan! Bryan seems like a really nice person and he and Rachel obviously love each other very much! I wish them so much happiness!!!

And forgive for not having more “finale appropriate” photos for this post. I guess I just hope Bryan and Rachel end up as happy as I feel right now with my little family 🙂

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  1. I completely agree with you Ali! Just because he wasn’t ready to propose now doesn’t mean he won’t be in the future. He kept it real and was always honest and for that he gained a lot of respect from me. I like that he wanted to get to know her without cameras rolling and her dating other people before he popped the question. Can’t blame him for that. He seems like a genuinely nice guy with some insecurities he has to work out (don’t we all?!!) and I hope he finds happiness in the future 😊

        1. Yes!!! Can’t get enough of him! I’d LOVE to see Peter as the next Bachelor. Ali, do you think women may be apprehensive to be on the show if it’s Peter seeing he wasn’t ready to propose to Rachel and has such strong views on only proposing once?

      1. I would too…I really like Rachel but she said 2x last night that she didn’t think that this “process” was right for Peter. In a sense I feel she was sabotaging him as being the bachelor…I think she was resentful because he didn’t propose to her

        1. Oh my goodness I thought the same thing last night when I was watching!! I really hope that was not her intention and we juest misinterpreted what she was saying.

        2. I feel like she was totally resentful last night. I also loved Peter and though from the start he approached the process from the real side of things. He didn’t let himself get caught up in the fairytale part of everything which I respect.
          There were still some intense feelings last night when they met again. I bawled like a baby when they had their final date. I’m still sad about it today lol.

          1. I lost a lot of respect for Rachel last night-she was hurt that Peter didn’t feel about her the way she felt about him. He wasn’t sure she was “the one” and she made it clear that she resented him for it. He was completely honest from day 1! I’m so glad he didn’t end up with her. Let her enjoy her diamond ring and proposal, which was what she wanted in the end (her own words), not true love.

        3. I have to agree on this point too. She was resentful, arrogant at times and the comment she made about not living a mediocre life but the best life after Peter just apologized for saying it out of a place of hurt was very unclassy on her part. In fact, I think I lost a lot of respect for her at that moment. Peter said he felt attacked and I think he was. Rachel tried to discredit his feelings time and time again and for what? Because he just wasn’t ready! Peter got lucky in my opinion. He deserves better. I hope Rachel doesn’t take all that sass to Bryan’s mom, lol. It won’t end well. Anyway, that’s my opinion. Thanks for allowing me to share it.

          1. shut up! I have even more respect for her. She was one of the most poise, respectful, and dignify bachelorette. Was she perfect? absolutely not. But neither or you. Stop looking to downgrade her because you cant!

          2. I liked her until that moment. She was rude and disrespectful to his feelings. Very disappointing!

          3. Completely agree. She was so mean to him last night. Especially when he sincerely apologized about that comment. Which I don’t think he even needed to apologize for. Anyone would say that to someone they are trying to win over.

          4. Omg! My thoughts exactly!!! Bryan reminds me of Josh Murray… looks and charm only. Peter is a real man … not caught up in the fantasy of it all .. he’s realistic. Really hope Rachel
            is happy.

        4. I thought the same thing. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she did seem a little perturbed at him.

        5. I felt like it was a weird subliminal message too. Then today on a morning talk show she and Bryan revealed that they think Alex should be the next Bachelor.

          1. OMG! Alex would be AMAZING as the Bachelor. He would be a nice change from the usual (IMHO) vanilla guys they cast for the lead. He would be *hilarious.* 🙂

          2. Alex?! Alex who?? I guess I’m over this, and I’m definitely over Rachel and Bryan. Was not impressed with her last night, and I think, just maybe, she isn’t over Peter. It sure seemed like she and Bryan were way overplaying their “chemistry” last night, as if to prove it’s real. I felt so bad for Peter, but I don’t really think he’d be a good bachelor because he’s way too thoughtful for the show. They don’t give anyone a chance to REALLY know each other and he wants a soul-deep relationship that just can’t happen on the show when your dating 25 different people all at the same time.

        6. Amy, I totally thought the same thing! It’s like she was saying if you can’t propose to me, you don’t need to be The Bachelor!

        7. Rachel also said on good morning America that she didn’t want any of her suitors to be the next bachelor which I think is really a mean thing to say. I’m really happy for her and Bryan but now wishing that the guys who participated on her season don’t get another chance is just wrong.

      2. I’m not sure I’d like to see him as the Bachelor. If he wasn’t ready to propose to Rachel after 2.5 months, why should we believe he’d be ready to do it if he was the person picking the final person? Seems like he’d be put in that same position again and might have the same outcome.

        1. As much as I would LOVE to see a whole season of Peter, I don’t think he would do it… I am voting for Dean! 🙂

        2. I agree. I loved Peter, but he needs more time to get to know a woman before he proposes. I would love to see Kenny as the next Bachelor. He’s a big teddy bear inside.

          1. I agree. I have liked Kenny since he got out of the limousine the first night. I think he would be a great mature bachelor!

      3. No I don’t think he would make a good batchelor. I think he would be too scared in the end to pick someone

      4. He would be a great bachelor! However rachel tried to say several times last night that the show isn’t for him… I think she may not be into the idea of Peter as Bachelor.. 🙄

        1. I think Peter is WAY too good for this show. Look what this one did to him, his heartbreak really stuck with me this season and he’s so much better off running for the hills from the show AND Rachel. I love his realness and not just doing what he’s expected to do because of a show. He’s going to make some lady extremely happy someday and Rachel missed out!

          1. I’ll be shocked if Rachel and Bryan last. They may have fun for now, but Rachel saying she’s extremely happy with Bryan right to Peter’s face on After the Final Rose, came across to me as one vindictive woman. Peter deserves so much better than Rachel. I’m so thankful that Peter didn’t compromise his convictions for pushy Rachel.

            As far as Bryan goes, I never did like his demeanor. He treated the other guys in the house rudely. There’s absolutely no humility in that man. Rachel can have him.

        2. I was so bummed with how Rachel was acting towards Peter regarding him being the Bachelor. I personally would love to see him do it.

          1. Same here! He seemed really down the entire time. I think he would make a great bachelor.

      5. Just finished watching your interview with Eric! Such a great guy. He will be just fine because he has the right attitude. May the love he desires flow his way.

      6. Having him be the bachelor is silly,,,,he needs more time to get to know the women than what he’s given. So there most likely would not be a proposel.

      7. Yes Ali!!!! He seems genuine and it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous! I wonder though if this whole process is for him

      8. I think they will pick the next bachelor from Paradise and that’s why they are waiting to announce who it will be until Paradise is over.

      9. He would make a good bachelor because he seems like a very honest, caring and genuinely nice guy but I think as Rachel said last night maybe the process of this show is not for him.
        I will also add to this I lost a little bit of respect for Bryan when I watched one of his and Rachel’s interview referring to Peter as wishy-washy that was so below the belt because of a choice he made. I think he was in love with her and just because he didn’t want to propose just after 2.5 months doesn’t make him wishy-washy. As Jimmy Kimmel said it probably makes him the most rational contestant in this entire franchise. What do you guys think?

        1. Totally agree. Wishy-washy would be if he kept changing his mind. He said the same thing throughout – that he was not ready.

        2. 100% agree. Peter was not wishy washy. My goodness 2 1/2 months and a proposal is expected? We can clearly see that many have gotten engaged on the show and it didn’t work out. Bryan wasn’t nice to Peter or Eric. I just don’t have any respect for Bryan. I think Rachel really was into Peter. If Peter had been ready for a proposal knows? Rachel may have picked Peter. If Rachel’s mind had been made up about Bryan as she stated, why press Peter on the last date?

      10. I think Rachel’s demeanor with Peter is because she already KNOWS, or feels strongly that he is the BACHELOR, and that’s why he didn’t propose. She’s letting him know that she knows, indirectly. Could be wrong, but we’ll see. That said, I’d like to see him or Eric as Bachelor.

      11. I agree with everything you said 100% however I believe it was obvious she was going to pick Bryan. He had so many one on one dates she liked him the most. I hate to be negative but I don’t think Rachel and Bryan will last. It’s all lust with Bryan. Even her family wasn’t so fond of him. He moves so fast and uses the L word a little too lightly. Something about that Bryan that rubs me the wrong way.

      12. No because if he couldn’t commit on this what that says is he needs long term. Rachel even told him that on after the final rose

      13. I really liked last night’s format. It was different than any they’ve ever done. And Tachel and Peter’s farewell was intense and heart wrenching! Both times! It was awkward, too! Unlike any I’ve ever seen.

      14. I’d love to see Peter as the next Bachelor!

        I wasn’t a fan of Bryan for me personally. But if Rachel and Bryan make it, I certainly wish them the best!

        After the Final Rose I felt like Rachel was stabbing Peter in the back. Sadly, I think she is bitter towards Peter.

      15. Yes I would love to see him as Bachelor because he’s beautiful inside and out BUT, I think he’s best suited for an off camera romance that grows over time. I think he’s one of the most realistic men ever to be on the show. ❤️

        1. Peter is a player, he totally tried to string Rachel along, she had every right to say what she thought and she was totally on point! Peter this whole season was a drag and I vote for Eric!!

      16. I loved Peter, thought he was a really nice guy but he couldn’t commit to Rachel and he was only dating one girl. So i don’t think he could commit to anyone if he was the next Bachelor. I just don’t see that working.

      17. Can I just say, and I know it’s off subject, but I’m so glad it didn’t work out for you on the show because can you imagine anyone more perfect for you than Kevin? Or oh my goodness…Molly Manno is just the cutest little girl ever!!!! So happy for how everything worked out for you!

      18. I would LOVE to see Peter as the next Bachelor. What is your opinion about what Rachel said to Peter about this avenue not being the best way for him to find love? I personally was a little annoyed because, to me, it felt like she was still upset with him about some things that were said and it came across a little childish on her part. I don’t know, I just felt like she was really opposed to Peter being the Bachelor. Thoughts?

      19. Absolutely, Peter for Bachelor!!! I totally respect Peter for staying true to his convictions and not caving in. That said, I had loved Rachel, and enjoyed watching her season, until she was down to her final 3. I was a little upset with Rachel being mean/rude to Peter during the airing of the finale. Rachel, you got your guy, your engagement, be magnanimous to the runner up. It speaks to me that her feelings for Peter were stronger than hers for Bryan, at that time. Kind of reminds me of Ben Higgins season where he was in love with both Lauren and Jojo. I think Rachel was in love with both Peter and Bryan, regardless of what she is saying. I also think the past few months while we’ve been watching the show, she’s had time with Bryan which has helped to solidify her decision, and given her time to move past Peter. However, you can tell she’s got some anger towards Peter and it just isn’t necessary. I think Peter can find love on this show, absolutely. Rachel should have ZERO input on who is the next Bachelor. Time for her to move on and focus on Bryan.

    1. I agree with you Ali. NO if Peter wasnt ready, he should of NOT proposed. I do believe you can fall in love 😍 in a very short time, however. I dated my husband six weeks got engaged married him eight months later. Tommorrow we celebrate 21 years of marriage. Rare but it happens.

    2. As always, I thought the show was great. Rachel is a sweetheart and Bryan was lovable from the start. Peter obviously cared for her, but it was obvious that he wasn’t in love. I will admit, I was definitely yelling at my television saying, “Ummmm, why did you come on the show Peter?” Lol, but I totally get his reason and timing. You’re absolutely correct when you say, it’s a short time frame to know if you want to propose/spend the REST of your life together. Could it be that Bryan fell for her as he watched her season of The Bachelor? I wish them both the best and I pray they are a match for life. Everyone deserves the love n marriage that they desire.

      Ps. Would be nice to see Eric as the next Bachelor. He took everything so well. Such a gentleman.

    3. I agree with both of you and I was honestly going nuts that smart Rachel couldn’t get or accept what he was trying to convey to her! He even said for her he would make a sacrifice for her and go against what he felt and give her the proposal she so felt she needed and then she didn’t accept that either! So I don’t blame Peter for his frustration whatsoever and I felt he should have said goodbye right then and there to her. I think Peter is the best and wish him all good things but I don’t think he should be the next bachelor because I think he’s just too genuine for the “process”. I would love to see Dean personally but I think he’s also too genuine. That’s not to say others who participate aren’t genuine! I do think Rachel’s need was super influenced by her past and she wanted that “guarantee” – the ring – and Bryan was able to give that to her no problem. I thought from minute one that he was the one for her. They’re mature, both professionals, and each have that special combo like Bryan said that each other needs, a rare combo indeed. I also like that Rachel gets and can handle Bryan’s mother. I wish all the best for them.

    4. Check this out… Why is Rachel lying? She’s trying to save face🤷🏾‍♀️ The world could see that she was clearly in love with Peter. Rachel is not over Peter because it strikes a nerve & brings out her bitter side. I’ve watched all the press tour interviews today & she keeps bashing him. If she didn’t care, why try to sabotage his chances at becoming The Bachelor🤔

      1. I’ve watched quite a few of her interviews today and I’m starting to no only see that she is coming off sort of petty but also kind of a liar as well. Last night Peter asked her if she can say he’s the one for her and she said twice she can’t answer that. However in an interview she said she knew the night before she was gonna send him home. So then if she knew that she could’ve answered his question and said no you’re not the one for me because I’m in love with someone else. I think she should just stop doing interviews because her responses are making her look silly, petty and unkind in a certain to Peter and the feelings and connection they obviously shared.
        The whole situation is so sad now but I really do hope the best for her and Bryan.
        Just be gracious and move on!

        1. Exactly!! If she knew she was picking Bryan, why put Peter through all that emotional drama and make him try and change his convictions just for her? I think she just needs to put a lid on it about Peter, and quit doing interviews that are extremely unflattering. Her “in-your-face Peter” comments can just stop now. I am hoping for the best for her and Bryan, but I am very skeptical if it will work. (Sorry, just a feeling I have.)

  2. I totally agree with you 100% on all of this. If she can’t say she’s ready to marry him, why should she expect him to say the same? I was really rooting for Peter, but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be. I wish they just had more time together.

    I hope Rachel didn’t pick Bryan just because he was ready and willing to propose to her at the end of all of this because sometimes it just seemed like that was what she wanted. I’m not trying to insinuate that she is shallow at all, but she seemed to talk a lot about how much she just wanted to be engaged. It seems she is happy with Bryan and I wish them all the happiness in the world! 🙂

    1. That is my concern as well. I hope they do work out but I wondered if Bryan also wouldn’t propose if then her choice would have been Peter.

      1. I thought the same. She made it very clear she wanted a proposal and focused on that more than expressing wanting a life with Bryan. She said she knew it was Bryan at the hometown dates but it’s hard to believe she wouldn’t have chosen Peter if he agreed to propose to her. Also just an observation, she seemed even more excited about the ring than the actual proposal.

        1. Yes she did. Jumping around and shouting give me the ring. I liked her very much until last night and the remarks she and Bryan have made in interviews. Zero class.

          1. Totally agree. She was a class act until last night. It was almost like she was putting on a show for everyone that would see it (Peter included) that she was ecstatically happy with her choice in the end. Why would she have fought so hard for that relationship with Peter if Bryan had been her first choice? Gut wrenchin to watch.

  3. Hi Ali!
    First of all, I just want to say that I love reading your blog each week! I totally agree that Peter shouldn’t be pressured into proposing, and I liked that he stayed true to himself and didn’t get wrapped up in the fantasy type aspects of the show.
    Second, I have some questions for you! Now that the show has finished, do you have any guesses as to who the next bachelor will be? And, will you be tuning into paradise?

    1. I think there is a VERY GOOD chance it will be Peter! But I haven’t watch ATFR yet! It was on way too late for me last night

      1. There really wasn’t an after the Final Rose show last night. The show was three hours long and was all stop and start interviews with the Men and Rachel and Chris.
        Peter would be boring at Bachelor – nice nice man – but boring. I think Eric would be much more entertaining to watch

      2. I personally think that Peter will deny the opportunity to be the Bachelor. He needs to run from the Bachelor franchise and find someone who respects his beliefs and ideas about marriage.

        1. I was hoping the next bachelor would be Peter! But it seemed like Rachel was intentionally or maybe unintentionally preventing that chance from happening by mentioning multiple times “I don’t think this world is for you” to Peter. I think that is a decision for him to make and not for Rachel to tell him what is or isn’t for him.

      3. Ali,
        Do you think the producers would see Peter as a risky choice for their bachelor pick? It wasn’t well received when Juan Pablo ended the season without proposing.

  4. I think Peter should have proposed, I think it all comes down to time being the main factor. I truly thought her and Peter were going to end up together! Peter wanted more time and didn’t want to commit to anything he wasn’t 100% sure about. You cannot fault him for that. I really hope things work out with Rachel and Bryan, they seem really happy so best of luck to them!!

  5. Preach! Oh my gosh, I could not agree more! Every tweet you tweeted last night I retweeted in like 2 seconds! So true! I’m still wondering why they didn’t announce the new bachelor! That’s always my favorite part of the finale. As for me, I’m hoping they bring back the guys from Jojo’s season — I would love to see James Taylor, Luke, or even Chase!

    1. Ashley I was on one of the news shows and said they aren’t announcing the new bachelor until after Paradise this year..?

  6. THANK YOU! I only watched the first hour last night but I got the end ruined during channel swapping so I know who won. So I may have more thoughts later but I have been waiting to vent about the whole Peter/proposal thing.

    Rachel said she didn’t want another five year relationship that didn’t lead to marriage. OK. That makes sense. What DOESN’T make sense is hijacking your next relationship, giving an ultimatum and essentially forcing the guy to propose in 2.5 MONTHS (and really you’ve only spent, what, an actual week together?!), when he knows full well that you are not exclusive and you are most likely going to sleep with someone else the next week!!! Not at all shaming the bachelorettes on having sex during the fantasy suites- they totally should, sex is an important part of a relationship. But how can a guy want to propose when he knows that?!! Peter is ready for marriage, he just wants to spend a few months actually dating Rachel in the real world, without knowing Bryan is around the corner. I really liked Rachel at the beginning of this, but by the end I just ended up yelling a lot at her. Rachel-
    “Why isn’t he ready yet?” Me- “BECAUSE HE IS A NORMAL PERSON!!!!”.

    Would she have picked him if he had proposed? If the answer is yes, then she picked the wrong guy.

    Rant over.

    1. Totally agree. He never said he wouldn’t ever propose. He wanted to see where things went and were after the show. This day and age…a proposal doesn’t mean a couple is going to get married. Like Ali said, most haven’t even gotten married off the show. I respected Peter for not wanting to propose just yet. I think it would be more meaningful not on the show.

      I think Rachel wanted Peter but picked Bryan because he was going to propose.

      I guess we will see if Rachel and Bryan actually get married…

  7. Hey Ali,
    I completely understand where you are coming from with the whole peter thing. The only thing that gets to me is how juan Pablo did the same thing and was persecuted and labeled the wort human being and American hatedddddd him. For simply not proposing. Don’t get me wrong, I know the guy did not have the best way with words but still. Everything is contradicting to me when it comes to viewers. Peter hands down lead Rachel on and only a fool won’t be able to see that. He used her to become the bachelor!!!!!! Hint how he started to say you made me believe in this process, etc, He wanted the bachelor gig more than he wanted to be with her. I just thing it’s sooooo fake How people are like Rachael is nuts for wanting an engagement because peter does not want a proposal. It truly became the peter show ! This is Rachel’s season and what he did to her was uncalled for.

    1. Thank you!!!!!! So totally annoying how everyone looooved peter…..ummm did you see the last few episodes of the show?! He’s a douchebag!!! I get you’re not ready to propose. That’s fine. But the last 2-3 episodes he totally switched gears from being completely into rachel, and then talking all this dumb nonsense of how he appreciates how open she is with him and how he has been trying to stay true to the process, blah blah blah. I miss sorry but you are NOT the bachelor right now…SHE is the bachelorette!!! And I loved how she called him out on ATFR….she knows he’s gunning for the bachelor spot and she doesn’t want him to have it. “I think it’s fine that you were honest and weren’t ready to propose, but I just think this show and this process is not for you. It would not give you enough time. You just need more time.” He would be the WORST bachelor!!! Snooze fest Chris soules all over again and he wouldn’t choose anyone at the end because it’s “too fast” for him. Yuck! Keep him out of the bachelor franchise!!!

      1. You are right she is the bachelorette! She should have let him go weeks ago because he has been saying he wasn’t ready for weeks! Since before his hometown date! She can’t now sit on her high horse and pretend he suddenly said this when he was in the top 2! He had been telling her but her ego demanded she get at least more than 1 proposal just in case……Come on! He’s not totally to blame she must at least own her part in it

        1. I agree! Rachel could have let him go a long time ago when he started expressing doubt but it was her choice to keep him.. and even choose him over Eric! She says she knew since hometowns it was Bryan but if that were honestly true she wouldn’t have kept wanting a proposal from Peter.

          It was interesting show the finale was formatted different this season. Did they do that because she couldn’t get two proposals?

        2. I Agree Gux!
          She Should Have Let Him Go Weeks Ago, She Was In Love With Him, That Is Why He Was Still There.
          I Can Certainly See Why, Peter Is Handsome……..

      2. I agree with everything you said Lindsey! I never thought Peter was into her at all, but he did enough to keep himself around. I think his whole plan was to get the Bachelor role. I think she realized this watching it back which is why she was so angry at him during their sit-down. I’d be irritated too. I also think she & Bryan had more of a love story that we never got to see. Producers loved the Peter’s never going to propose angle so they edited out the connection that Rachel and Bryan had. Bryan seems like a good guy to me – remember that Shawn was totally in love with Kaitlyn before he even came on the show and was so into her from night one. It happens.

    2. Totally agree with you! When he started in with he now believes in the process etc, my immediate thought was nice plug for being chosen as the next Bachelor. For me, I hope he isn’t as I wouldn’t watch. What I really wish is that they’d bring someone fresh and new rather than “recycle”.

      Thrilled for Rachel and Bryan and wish them all the best that life holds! ❤️❤️❤️

    3. I completely agree with you. Peter was playing mind games. He would say just enough to string her along with hopes of him being cast as the next bachelor. He was definitely not into Rachel. All season she was ALWAYS the one initiating anything physical with him and even after he would act confused as to what shes asking for. He started pulling away with just enough time to make it to hometowns and remain a fan favorite and possibly the next bachelor. I loved Bryan from the min he stepped out the limo. Im soooo happy she chose him because a woman should never have to chase a man down to commit to her to to love her.

      1. I disagree about Peter playing mind games. Quite the opposite. Took things slow and was into Rachel. But that is how most people in the real world are. Not rushing into an engagement after 3 dates, a lityle time here and there before the rose ceremony, hometown, her town, and an overnight. That’s why many of the couples never make it to marriage. It’s a fantasy on television, but in reality you really get to know the person. I agree with Peter about one engagement and one marriage.

    4. YES preach. I loved Peter all season up until the last two dates. It was clear he just wasn’t in it as much as Rachel was, and he shouldn’t have proposed to her if he didn’t feel it. But he didn’t say, “I’m just not that into you,” he said that a proposal is the same as marriage to him and it would hurt him too much to give that up if he wasn’t sure.

      If that is the case, he has no business being the Bachelor. He doesn’t get to use that reasoning instead of telling her the truth, then throw it back by saying he now trusts the process. Rachel kicked ass on AFTR. He doesn’t get it both ways and telling him that is not an attack.

      I wrote a long long post about it here:

      Team Rachel!!

      1. Leah, in your blog you said: “Rachel doesn’t care about the Neil Lane ring. She wants a partner who is all in. Peter isn’t all in.”

        Are you kidding?!? Rachel jumped up and down while screaming “Give it to me!” when Bryan took out the engagement ring. She definitely cares about–she was obsessed with–the ring. And Peter was completely in love with her. His feelings were just more recent. He was 100% open and honest with her throughout the entire process. It was up to Rachel to ask him to leave. She could have chosen to ask him to leave a long time ago. That was her own damn fault for stringing him along and putting them both through emotional trauma.

        Peter and Rachel were so clearly meant to be together. You can tell they are in love from their last few conversations, their emotional goodbye, and the obvious tension in their interview. If Rachel wasn’t so stubborn and obsessed with a meaningless TV engagement, she would be the person she belongs with and probably would get engaged to Peter in a much more meaningful way in another year or two.

        I used to like Rachel, but now I see that a dumb TV proposal means more to her than a real relationship. She also really was rude to Peter in the interview at some points. He said he was still in love with her, and she brags about how she’s living her best life and makes him feel bad about his comment, even after his apology. Peter only made that comment because he loved her and wanted to be with her, he apologized twice for saying it, and she’s a bitch about it.

        And you think Peter wants to be the bachelor?!? Hell no! I very highly doubt he would even consider such a thing. After Peter just got his heart broken, I really don’t think he would do this again. He is an intelligent guy, who actually cares about marrying the right person, unlike Rachel, and I don’t believe he would go on TV when he knows he won’t be ready to propose about 2.5 months. And how can you blame Peter for going on the show in the first place because he wasn’t ready to propose at the end? I don’t think he had a secret crystal ball that would tell him his feelings in the future.

        1. We’ll obviously have to agree to disagree. I really do not think Peter was in love with her, and I really do think he was (and is) courting the idea of being Bachelor. We’ll have to see on that point, but I would not be surprised if this all plays into Peter’s story arc as the next Bachelor. And if that happens, I have a feeling he will find a way to get past this proposal hump.

          I also don’t think Rachel and Peter were meant to be. I don’t deny there were real feelings, but those two are way too similar and stubborn to make it work. But thank you for reading and commenting! It’s interesting to see how differently people feel about what went down last night.

  8. I found it interesting that she said to Peter on the couch, “I just don’t think this setting is right for you.” He’s obviously a front-runner for the next Bachelor; do you think she was putting that out there for a reason?

    1. Oh 100% she was trying to sabatoge his chances for f being the next bachelor. She was a bit narcissistic. If he couldn’t get to that place with her he must not be able to get to that place with anyone….

    2. If Peter was genuine, then I agree that this process isn’t for him.

      On the other hand, maybe he wasn’t able to get to that place with her because she wasn’t “the one”.

      Time will tell…

    3. I really liked Rachel until this last episode. She seemed very calculated in how she worded what she was saying. She told Peter “this world isn’t for you” several times. I think that decision would be for Peter to make and not for Rachel to tell him what is and what isn’t for him. I think she said that to try to manipulate the bachelor/bachelorette audience to view him a certain way.

  9. It is normal for people to not be ready to propose when someone is dating multiply guys or girls. However, this show’s format is not normal. It’s OK if Peter wasn’t ready to propose to RACHEL. It’s called, he’s just not that into you. Perhaps he will come back as the Bachelor and find the love of his life. I hope Rachel and Bryan can develop love and peace. They must stay OFF social media because people are really nasty out there.

  10. I really don’t understand why Rachel was pressuring Peter so much and wanted that proposal from him when she stated she knew Bryan was the one when she was with her family, weeks earlier. I really like Peter, if he is the next Bachelor I think he will get a lot of backlash if he proposes and I think Rachel was pretty adamant that this process isn’t for him, so who do you think is the next bachelor? Maybe Dean!?

    1. I completely agree! If she claims to know it was Bryan since hometowns why did she want a proposal from Peter so bad? Either she lied and didn’t know it was Bryan since then. Or she just wanted a proposal from a guy just to make herself look more desirable even though she supposedly knew it was already Bryan. Either way, I can’t have respect for someone so inconsiderate like that either to Peter or to the viewing audience.

  11. I am literally so sad. While they were showing the hotel scene with Peter and her saying good bye to each other, I didn’t believe that that was their final goodbye. I didn’t even believe it when he came out on stage at AFR. I thought it was a joke and the show was trying to trick us. Obviously, I’m not Rachel so I don’t know exactly how she was feeling, but it really seemed like she didn’t want to let Peter go! They showed a lot of their date and it took away from her proposal with Bryan a little bit. I was hoping they were going to announce Peter as the next bachelor, although I’m not sure if this is for him (like Rachel said last night). I’m so sad that the season is over 🙁

    1. I thought the same thing. I was like this isn’t over and Peter will propose. I think if Peter had said earlier in the season that a proposal was possible I think it would have been him in the end. She wanted a proposal so she went with Bryan. Maybe this will play out like Jason’s season and in a few months she will realize Peter was the “the one”.

    2. Totally agree! The painful hard to watch goodbye between Peter and Rachel definitely stole the show from the proposal. I wish all of them the best – except maybe ABC for showing it that way😐

    3. I was thinking the same thing… They spent SO much time on Peter and Rachel, I thought there is NO way that Bryan is the winner. They are pulling our chain. The whole ending was so anti-climactic!

  12. Rachael got exactly what she intended to Get! the ring!

    I think Peter did exactly the right thing. She couldn’t reciprocate in telling him he was the one. The depth of this whole conversation between the two should not have precluded her from answering his question.

  13. I can’t believe you didn’t address the weird After the Final Rose (or rather, During The Final Rose) format! What did you think about that? I personally was not a fan because it killed all the suspense! Even if we saw Peter leave…there was still a very small chance maybe he was about to come back in a surprise twist! But of course we knew going into it that she was engaged, and then they brought Peter out right after that scene… it just built up no suspense for the actual proposal and the final rose, which bummed me out, because getting to the final rose is the pinnacle of this show! And by the time we got there we all knew what was going to happen because we knew she was engaged and because they brought out Peter we knew he wasn’t going to surprise us and show up. But I’d love to hear what you think about that format!

      1. I agree too – didn’t like the format at all and it really took away from the proposal ….made me wonder what their aim was other than trying to change things up.

        Also surprised they didn’t have JoJo and Jordan there or mention Carly and Evan expecting a baby.

        I like change however this format just didn’t work for me.

    1. I totally didn’t like that format either. They should have just kept playing the episode and not brought him out. I thought they spent WAY too much time talking with Peter. And I’m sorry, but the way she was looking at Peter as he was talking, their was some crazy longing in her eyes! While the episode was airing, I literally kept thinking, maybe he’ll come back for her, or there will be some twist. I was hoping for that because I was rooting for Peter over Bryan. But it just felt like such a downer episode once they brought Peter out. So awkward to talk about all that when we don’t even know the outcome yet. Did anyone else feel like she was acting differently after Bryan came out too? I don’t know, I just sensed something different. And when he was actually proposing on the episode, her face made it seem like she was going to say no or something. It just felt weird. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her all season and I think she was the real-ist bachelorette we’ve seen, but that proposal day and last night, she seemed different. Like, not as true to herself or something. I also wondered why she wanted Peter to propose so much. It seemed like she talked with him about that way more than Bryan ever. It’s like she WANTED him to propose more than Bryan or something. I seriously wonder if she would have accepted a proposal from Peter if he would have been more into it. And that gets scary cause she turned around the next day and accepted Bryans proposal. I guess she only knows what she ultimately wanted in her heart, but if she was more into bryan,and knew he was the one way back at her hometown, why pressure Peter so much?

    2. I feel the proposal part of the show wasn’t special and seemed rushed. They built it up until they brought Peter out. I was hoping after Peter came out that maybe he was still there and he did propose or she decided to see what happened after the show with him.

    3. I didn’t watch it live. I watched a link that the producers sent me so I could watch early with east coast (I’m on west coast). So I didn’t even know that was the format. I am watching my DVR’d version right now and I am just seeing the new format.

  14. The timing of her break-up with Peter was the night before the final rose so why did she push the conversation so hard if she knew she was choosing Bryan?!

    1. Exactly! If he always “knew it was him” I don’t understand why she would push him so hard on it. Maybe she was “still deciding” but she also said how she couldn’t imagine her life without Bryan at the proposal. So I have no idea why she pushed THAT hard, unless she really wanted to be with Peter.

      1. That didn’t make sense. I liked her a lot because I thought she was real and honest. Last night she did not come across as genuine at all. I was disappointed in that.

  15. I love reading your analysis of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. You are always so respectful of all the participants and I really respect that. It’s so hard for me to read all the bashing that goes on on social media because they are real people with real feelings. I agree with you with Peter. I don’t think he was ready to propose to her, but it might be different for him on his own season if he found the right one. I also think it’s possible he was holding back because I think all the guys knew Bryan was going to be her pick from very early on. I wish the best for all of them!

    1. I agree. I don’t think it is Rachel’s place to tell Peter “this world is not for you”. I think he just didn’t think she was the one for him. Just because he couldn’t get there with her within that timeframe doesn’t mean he can’t get there with the right person. Maybe she just couldnt admit or see that she wasn’t for him but someone else could be in that scenario

  16. Pleaseeeee make another blog post about ATFR! I want to hear your thoughts about the conversation between Rachel and Peter, especially from a former. bachelotette point of view. I feel like she was ruining his chance of being the next bachelor only because he wouldn’t propose to her!

  17. HI Ali,

    I’m curious on your thoughts of their interaction on the live taping last night. I thought she was demeaning and rude to Peter last night. I understand how he felt attacked with her eye rolling. What are your thoughts?

    1. I totally agree! The way she acted last night and how she acted at Bryan’s proposal really turned me off of her and I loved her going into last night – I thought she was very down to earth! But between how she spoke to Peter last night and then seemed more concerned with the ring than the actual proposal, even yelling ‘Gimme gimme gimme!’, it just totally rubbed me the wrong way.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Very disappointing because I really liked at the beginning too. But seeing her “live”/ unedited really showed me a side I didn’t see in the edited episodes.

    2. I agree! One, Peter quickly apologized during ATFR before what he said in the heat of the moment of the breakup (and while hurting) became an issue and Rachel was so cruel to him. I really liked Rachel until that moment. Two, I understand why he felt attacked and she pushed back so hard saying it was a strong word questioning why he chose that. He said he couldn’t articulate. Who could on national television!! And it seemed he didn’t want to say anything bad about her. Three, it was obvious he had so much more to say. I wish they could have gotten closure away from the cameras.
      In the end, I was hoping for Eric but thinking it would be Peter all along. She pushed so hard for him to love her while Bryan was trying to convince her to love him. I’m always the hopeful romantic hoping couples get married in the end, but this time I just don’t. Bryan felt very runner up to me. And to America, it would seem.

      1. I agree. It almost seemed like Bryan was using the “I will propose to you and he won’t” as his angle to get her to choose him versus just wanting him to choose her because she loved him more.

  18. I loved her all season but did not love how she acted with peter last night. How could he feel 100% certain about proposing knowing she was equally likely to say yes to someone else? He needed to know he was the ONE to fully let himself fall, I wouldn’t want to be one of two options either. That’s not true love, it’s placing the priority for a proposal over picking the right partner. He was a gentleman and did not call her out on that but I did not like how she spoke to him. Just because he wasn’t certain about her doesn’t mean he can’t be certain about someone else. I think Peter had good intuition that it just wasn’t fully right and I think he was smart for it. peter for Bachelor!!!

  19. Truthfully this finale for me was just as dramatic as your finale. I felt bad for Peter, but I did and still do see that Rachel has always been defensive of Bryan. I even called it in the Dallas visit, she was defensive of him because she loves him. They (her family) was over critical of him because they knew he was the one too. She also never affirmed her love for him (at least that we saw on camera) so maybe she was waiting to tell her how she felt when she gave him the last rose. Although maybe her heart was torn between the two it wasn’t torn evenly. She always leaned Bryan’s way, he was usually always given the rose first… and how many roses did he get from dates?! He was always safe… plus not to mention he is very similar looks wise to Nick. Tall, dark hair, dark eyes….nice looking.

    My personal thoughts!

    1. I thought it was interesting that she told Peter “I love you too” and kissed him passionately right before getting proposed to the next morning. If she knew it was Bryan and that she would be getting engaged the next morning I don’t see why she would have been said all of that to Peter. People accuse Peter of leading Rachel on but he had always been honest about where he stood. If anything, Rachel was leading Peter on if she honestly knew it was Bryan since hometowns but kept wanting a proposal from Peter, supposedly already knowing she would want Bryan.

  20. Loved this blog, Ali! Your 2nd interview w/Eric was so interesting and fun! He is quite a fine man! I love his positivity and continued growth path for himself. He will have a good and happy life. I don’t think he should be The Bachelor, though. He needs a bit more dating/relationship experience before the merciless public watches he very move he makes!
    I totally agree with your assessment of Peter and Rachel. He was not positive she was the one, and she had her lawyer hat on and was not going to show him her hand and say he was the one for her, considering how strongly she felt for Bryan, too, and wanted “the one” to be totally committed to her. She knew Bryan felt that way. I think she and Peter would not have been happy, long term. He is too in-the-box, serious and I’m thinking he may be too rigid and set in his ways. Rachel needs a guy who can cut loose and have BIG fun! I hope Bryan will make her happy. He has not been a fav of mine the entire season, but he has been for her. I hope they have waaay more that great chemistry. She said we didn’t get to hear all of the serious questions she asked her final few men–re health insurance, plans for the future, where they might live, etc., so I’m sure Bryan met her requirements.
    Peter was my favorite for her for most of the season, but all of their talks last night from the continuation of their Fantasy Suite day/night, their last date and very emotional parting showed me that he was not sure. Considering he really doesn’t like Bryan, he must have been even more unsure of a future with Rachel, especially when he pointedly asked her if she could tell him that he (Peter) was “the one” she saw in her future and she wouldn’t say. I do not think he will or should be The Bachelor.
    I loved hearing Molly babbling during your interview w/Eric!

    1. I disagree with many posters shaming of Rachel for her comments to Peter during The After segment. Peter’s senior high school yearbook shared that a goal he had for his future was to be The Bachelor someday. Silly, yes, but all of his comments last night about being on the show had made him a believer in the process and wanting to only propose once, etc. have convinced me that perhaps that was his goal all season and he played Rachel to get to the final 2 position, elevating his chances for being named the next bachelor.

      1. I disagree somewhat. I was actually fine with her saying the process wasn’t right for Peter but I did not like how she spoke to him the rest of the interview. He apologized for saying her life would be mediocre with someone else and she gave him a lot of sass instead of just accepting his proposal. I too felt she was attacking him and couldn’t quite articulate why either. It was just a feeling.
        I’ve noticed many of the bachelorettes acting differently around their runners up on ATFR. They go from “falling in love” with this person to treating them disrespectfully during the final interviews…. Andi with Nick, Kaitlyn with Nick, Rachel with Peter. It’s as if their fiancé turns them.

        1. Small difference: Sandi was rude with Nick because he announced on live TV that they had “made love” and she became defensive. Kaitlyn I felt was rude to Nick with NO cause – agreeing with you that she went from “falling in love” to being rude. That was clearly to save face and make her fiancé feel better about how she had slept with Nick as well.

        2. I totally agree..the only one that didn’t was Jojo …seems to be when the final two dislike each other whoever the bachelorette picks she treats runner up rudely (probably to make fiancé happy/feel like she truly picked them the whole time when that may or may not be the case.). But Andi and Kaitlin def did this…Josh and Nick and Shawn and Nick did NOT get along. Same with Rachel, Bryan and Peter did not get along. Sad she would treat him that way after all that regardless. Especially since he was so upfront about it for so long. On one of her interviews yesterday she called Peter manipulative which was so off base to me. He said how he felt and she could have sent him home earlier. And Bryan saying he was frustrated with how wishy washy Peter was to Rachel as if Rachel had no choice but to keep him there- it was all so crazy to me – they should be happy they are together and in love instead of bashing Peter.

      2. I totally disagree with you on that one. Peter was emotionally distraught. I doubt he wants to be The Bachelor.

  21. I believe the man for Rachel was Peter. It wasn’t fair of her to ask something of him that she herself could not answer. She compared a 5 year relationship to one that lasted a few months and was shared with multiple men. I think the fear of history repeating itself had her so set on wanting a proposal at the end that she was truly blinded by the man in front of her that she obviously loved and cared about (I believe more than Bryan) But she chose who she chose and I truly wish her all the happiness in the world.

    1. I agree. For a woman as smart as her, I would think she would be able to understand a previous 5 year relationship is not comparable to a couple month relationship. If someone is not ready for engagement after 5 years that is not the same thing as not being ready after a couple months.

  22. I totally agree with you, Ali. I think that Rachel was afraid to pick Peter because she didn’t want a repeat of her previous relationship. She wanted an engagement. It was clear from the way Peter and Rachel ended that there were feelings (not “in love”) there. I hope that things work out for Rachel and Bryan.

    I would really like to see Peter as the next Bachelor, but I wonder if he’ll be scared off by this experience that he won’t risk it again. I have loved Peter since day 1

  23. I wanted PETER so bad for Rachel, my. Question us why did he go on the show if he new all along he was not going to propose. I hated the format last night. I thought for sure there was going to be a twist and peter was the one in the end.

  24. I loved Rachel all season, but lost a lot of respect for her last night. I think the whole situation came off as she was just chasing after a ring and thought she was very rude to Peter on the after rose show like above posters have commented. Also curious about your thoughts on that! I would LOVE to see Peter as the next Bachelor!

  25. Oh Ali, I am so disappointed how Rachel handled her final decision! A time limit cannot be put on the definition of love. Although Peter wasn’t ready, I honestly do not think Rachel was ready either to accept Bryan’s proposal. All of the emotion was between Rachel & Peter. Bryan was just there and clearly no sparks were present between the two of them… I have a lot of respect for Rachel & hope she does not get hurt in this process. As always, thanks so much Ali for your time and honesty : ))!

  26. I have never had such a turn in emotions towards a lead in all the seasons I have watched. I loved Rachel through all of the seasons but after how she treated Peter on AFTR I really dislike her. She threw so much shade and acted very bitter and cold to him. It is all very fishy to me seeing as her new fiancé hates him. All of a sudden now she “saw other things wrong with the relationship” after saying all season the only issue was him not proposing. I thought it was very obnoxious to make the comment about this process not being for him, that’s for him to decide. It put it in everyone’s mind that he shouldn’t be the Bachelor and maybe she just wasn’t the right girl to get him to the point he needed to be at.

    I love Peter and hope he is the next bachelor. He is clearly the most real and honest about his feelings, his clarity and level headed-ness is very refreshing.

    Ali I love your blog and have really enjoyed following you since you’re season!!!!

    1. Agree. I really liked Rachel, but the farther along we got she just turned more shallow to me. During the men tell all, I thought there was some eye rolling and now she seems like a totally different person. I guess it would put me on edge too, to have to go out and defend your relationship and fiance when everyone things he’s a player. Well maybe some people have a point. I wish her the best, but I’m not expecting greatness.

      1. I agree, I did see some eye rolling on the Men Tell All also. When her old classmate Fred called her out she didn’t seem to care at all. I totally agreed with him. She wouldn’t ever let his past go.

      2. It was bad enough for her to have to sit out in front of a studio audience to watch the replay for the 1st time (because you never know what will get edited out). I can’t imagine having to rehash something that happened almost 3 months ago. In the meanwhile, she had already moved on with Bryan having their secret dates, etc you just want to get on with your life. So if she was salty, I understand. As a viewer, I was ready for Chris Harrison to move on, get to the proposal and unite the couple.

  27. In my opinion, if Peter would have agreed to the proposal, she would have chosen him. I think that Bryan was her 2nd choice. She wanted Peter. I honestly thought she was being rude to Peter when they saw each other. There was definitely underlying anger, but honestly, she can only be mad at herself. She sat and watched their breakup, knowing her fiance Bryan, was also seeing it for the first time. I feel like she felt she had to downplay her love and emotions for Peter. I really like Rachel, and I hope her relationship with Bryan is successful, but she even said it herself, through tears as Peter walked away, that she hoped she wasn’t making the wrong choice. I think she felt it had to end with a ring and was too focused on that. It just appears that in her eyes, the only happy ending, was a proposal. Peter was telling her he loved her, and he just needed more time. He was sincere. There is nothing wrong with that. That ring just seemed like it was more important. Peter even said he would propose if that would make her happy, yet she knew it would have been forced. He had true feelings. Maybe it is just me, but I’d rather walk away with a relationship with my first choice, than settle for my second because of a ring. Who knows, maybe after 5 months. 10 months, or even a year of dating in the real world, he would have felt ready for a proposal. I feel like it was a time factor. Real world couples usually see each other EXCLUSIVELY before a proposal. Peter knew she was dating, and making out (possibly sleeping with) other men. That is not the Real world!! The whole expectation of a proposal after 2.5 months is ridiculous. It actually made me sad to see Rachel throw a chance of love with Peter away, for a ring!!! OK… Stepping off my soap box now! ❤️

  28. Hi Ali!
    I absolutely think your adorable…I disagree with it being a mystery who Rachel would pick. So much as been leaked and the whole format of how the show was presented left no room for a big SURPRISE! I’m happy for Rachel and no I don’t think she dogged Peter. She’s a straight shooter and I love that. Peter is not ready for this show…no doubt he will find love on his own terms. Should he have just thrown caution to the wind…no. He spoke from his heart. That can never be wrong.
    Hugs, Karen ❤️

  29. Last night to me, was all about Peter and that breakup. I really like Rachel and hope everything works out for her. I couldn’t help but feel like the breakup with Peter was more raw, emotional, and real than the actual proposal. After all those tears and agony it was hard to jump right into a romantic proposal. I loved when Peter asked Rachel if she knew he was the one she wanted to be with. Had she said yes to that question I believe Peter would have taken a leap of faith and proposed.

    I am curious to read or hear your thoughts about ATFR, still some very raw emotions there with both Rachel and Peter. Rachel made it very clear that she does not think that the Bachelor process is for him that he needs more time to figure things out. I can see where Rachel is coming from not wanting him to be the Bachelor. I am not sure how I feel about it. I agree with everything you said in your post and really do wish Rachel and Bryan the best. I also hope Peter finds what is he looking for whether that be on the show or off.

    1. Yes Ali, very interested to hear what your perspective is on what happened during the ATFR and how Rachel handled herself

  30. Hi Ali, I have a completely side note question. I notice in all your videos of Molly, she has something around her ankle. Is that an owlet? If so, how are you liking it? I am currently pregnant with my very first baby and I heard about something like that before.

    1. I believe it is an amber bracelet but for safety reasons sometimes around the ankle is best, I used one for my son when he started teething.

  31. I actually feel bad for Rachel and Bryan. The finale & love show focused so much on her and Peter. The editing really seemed to cheapen her time with Bryan at the end as well as their proposal.

  32. I was super impressed with Peter throughout this season. Sincere is the best word to describe this man. He should be proud of how he handled the situation, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. I was perfectly ok with how both Rachel and Peter handled the relationship and ending of it on the show. My disappointment came when Rachel addressed Peter after they met up again at the viewing. She basically kicked a horse when he was down. Her snark comments in regards to Peter’s apology was unnecessary. Peter felt that the best love would come from gim to her and that anything other than that would not be able to measure up. What is wrong with that? Rachel’s approach seemed defensive in a way as if she was trying to prove something.(I think she was still in love with him). I wish her and Bryan the best, but Peter deserves better.

  33. Absolutely agree with you!! I asummed she couldn’t tell Peter he was the “one” because the producers told her she couldn’t. Never crossed my mind she wasn’t 100% sure she wanted to marry him. 2 1/2 months?? Geez…that’s not enough time to say “forever” Didn’t know why I thought it was long…and while dating multiple people?!? As for Peter being the next Bachelor…I think Peter needs time to heal. He really seemed to love Rachel and last night, I think he still does. I do not feel like this dating senerio is a good fit for him and I believe once he is ready, he will find love on his own. Just my opinion❤️
    If only everyone can live “happily ever after”☺️

  34. Who says that there needs to be a proposal at the end? I remember Charlie deciding that he wanted to date the final 2 in the real world before choosing Sarah. And there have been people who’ve gotten engaged on this show who broke up before it even finished airing. There seems to be a double standard, bachelors can do whatever they want but bachelorettes must be proposed to. Never mind that Deanna now wishes that she hadn’t picked either Jesse or Jason.

    I think that Rachel was clearly projecting her past relationship issues on Peter. It was totally unfair of her to compare a 5 year relationship with one that was only 2.5 months ( or less), especially since they’d only had 2 dates before hometowns.

    I hope she’s happy with Bryan but I found her turnaround a bit abrupt and her ‘gimme me that ring’ a complete turn-off. She was definitely cold and rude to Peter at ATFR, especially when he tried to apologize for the mediocre comment. I’ve seen people giving him grief online for his comments about Bryan but they were tame compared to some of the things that Shawn said about Nick.

  35. I agree, but Rachel has gotten a lot of back lash for her decision. Peter was great and trust me I wanted her to pick him too, but I think Rachel struggled with the unknown with Peter. With Bryan she got confirmation constantly that he wanted forever with her…with Peter she had no idea what the future would hold. Peters parents got married quickly so if anyone should understand getting engaged after a short period of time it should be him. I know everyone’s journey to find love is different, but Rachel made it very clear that she wasn’t playing games and that she wanted an engagement at the end…not a BOYFRIEND. Peter clearly was not as in love with Rachel as she was with him or else there would be no hesitation. He said he was in love with her…but he wasn’t ready for marriage. If he really loved her he would have fought harder… clearly he was okay with losing her to Brian. #teamrachel

  36. I agree with you Ali that Peter absolutely should not have proposed. Man, what an intense conversation that was…amazing TV!!! What was hard for me was that it seemed like Rachel would have chosen Peter over Bryan if Peter would have been able to propose. So instead of picking the guy she really wanted, she went with the guy that would give her a proposal.

    I also didn’t like how she treated Peter on the live show. It seemed like she was still angry at him, and if she is totally happy in her choice, she should have no resentment.

    I hope it works out for her and Bryan and I would LOVE to see Peter as the next Bachelor if he believes the process can work for him a second time.

  37. I can’t help but think that if Peter was ready and willing to propose he would have been the chosen one. It was obvious she was in love with him given her distractions during her dates with Bryan and Eric. It is unfortunate the ring is what guided her heart and not true love. Peter is the winner of this Bachelorette Season.

  38. I forgot that Jen Scheft, on her season, didn’t want a proposal. She told Jerry she wanted to date in the real world and then broke up with him at ATFR.

  39. I have had nothing but respect for Rachel all season. Until last night. I felt she showed her true colors. You don’t kick someone when they are down. And Peter, Peter was down. All of the haters saying that he went on the show to be the next Bachelor, I just don’t buy it. He was nothing but completely upfront and honest with her the entire time about not wanting to propose. She could have cut him weeks ago! SHE chose to keep him around.
    He came out on that stage, devastated, broken, and shaking. I’m a pretty good bullshit reader and I don’t for one second think he was faking it.
    She spoke to him as if he had cheated on her or as if he had some side chick like Demario. I was cringing.
    And the way she kept repeating how “this process isn’t for you” in some sort of sideways attempt to shade him possibly becoming the Bachelor if they offered it to him! What, she can’t have him so no one should?
    And the bitchy comment when Peter wished her happiness and she turned her back towards him and said “I’m living my best life now”!!!!! Woah hostility!
    Peter deserves better.
    I don’t believe for one second that she would’ve turned down a proposal from Peter over Bryan, had he been ready. She was trying way too hard to force “happy couple” with Bryan during ATFR last night and it was painfully obvious.

    1. This!! 100%!! I hope Ali addresses this too. I lost all respect for Rachel during the after show. She was very hurtful to someone who was honest with her all season. SHE made the choice to keep him until the final 2. And all she seems interested is in The ring and fairytale. Marriage isn’t a fairytale.

    2. Yes!!! Agree completely! She was trying to manipulate the viewers to see Peter a certain way to prevent him from being the next bachelor. I’m sure she was thinking she would look bad if Peter couldn’t propose to her and found someone else he like doing more who he would propose to. Either that or she just couldn’t fathom that Peter could actually find someone better that could make that setting work for him.

  40. I think Peter was just being real and I totally respect him for not proposing if he wasn’t ready. I also think that Peter was her first choice and if she went with her heart he would have been the one. Now, I am sure she loves Bryan as well. He is mature and is great husband material. He knows what he wants and will treat her like a princess as well as an equal. I have no doubt he will make a great husband and father. Only Rachel knows how she feels and what is best for her and I wish her happiness in the future. Great season!

  41. You are so right I completely agree. I felt really bad for Peter because he was struggling with getting past his feelings and also trying to do what might make Rachel happy and not lose her. At the end of the day they weren’t meant to be and as hard as it was to probably go through they will see why it didn’t work out eventually. Bryan is a great guy and their chemistry was always strong I think the show just chose to make us think others were the “winners” the whole time. Either way they both didn’t lose. It must be tough to go through but I respect how they stayed true to their hearts. Wish them nothing but the best!

  42. In my opinion, Peter is the only sane one on this show. He’s not 100% positive he’s ready to marry someone after 4 dates? How dare he?! Rachel and Bryan are in lust, not love, and they’re never getting married. I hope they prove me wrong but I just don’t see it happening.

  43. I 100% agree with Peter with not wanting to propose. And I do think Rachel missed out on a great guy by letting a ring get in the way. With that said, I really do hope her and Bryan are happy together and that things work out. They seem like they are very much in love but my heart just breaks for Peter after seeing how was reacting in the “hot seat.”

  44. I also have to say about Eric- I wasn’t a fan of his at the beginning- he seemed a bit moody. But by the end, I really liked him a lot. He was sincere, mature, in tune with his emotions, and seemed to really care about Rachel. I hope he finds future happiness with someone.

    Lots of people say he is not emotionally ready to be the bachelor if picked. I would disagree- he did a lot of soul searching this season and it showed. I would just hate for him to be criticized on the national stage when he is just opening up to becoming a better version of himself.

  45. I was so torn with Peter and Rachel last night. I’m glad he stood his ground for what he wanted for himself, but Rachel knew what she wanted too. That was such a fundamental difference that they couldn’t agree on. I agree with Peter he shouldn’t have been forced to propose just to keep her, but I agree with Rachel that she was super upfront about knowing exactly what she wanted going in, and she made sure the guys knew it too. If it was really meant to be they could have figured out a solution and they would have been willing to compromise. I don’t know how I would feel about Peter being the next bachelor though. If he wasn’t ready to propose after such a short amount of time this time, what makes him think he would be ready to do that next time, and what girl is going to be ok with knowing that she won’t probably won’t be proposed to at the end. Although if it’s brought up I’m sure someone would be ok with it.

  46. Ali, do you think Eric would be ready for something as fast paced as the Bachelor with him in the driver’s seat? Or would he maybe be overwhelmed? He really seems to be such a good guy.

  47. Hi Ali! Love your blog and your POV, which I totally agree with. I think what was frustrating to me is that Rachel was concerned that by choosing Peter, there was no guarantee of it ever leaving the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, just like her past relationship. What I think she failed to see or understand is that a ring and a proposal is no guarantee, inside or outside of this process. What matters is following what’s in your heart and your gut. She said Peter was in her head during her date with Bryan. I disagree, he was in her heart. You have to trust in the love that you have and trust that the rest will sort itself out. That is what lasting love is.
    She is also back-peddling now, which I think is for the sake of her fiancé, by saying it wasn’t just the proposal but there were other deep seeded issues for her with Peter. I’d love for her to elaborate on what those were. We never saw any mention of concerns other than a proposal.

    1. Hi Tp I would like to respond to this statement you made.

      She is also back-peddling now, which I think is for the sake of her fiancé,

      Rachel said in Geneva there were other deep seeded issues with Peter. I re-watched episode 7 with Rachel & Peter’s date and he talked about breaking up with his last girlfriend because he couldn’t totally commit. This situation broke his heart and he was almost in tears as he told the story. He’s still in pain behind that particular relationship. To me this should have been an eye opener for her and if they were NOT on a TV show, she probably would have broke up with him then. Just my opinion.

      1. Thanks for the comment. While I heard what Peter said about his previous relationship, I took it to mean that he loved her and was comfortable with her, but didn’t think she was “the One” to spend the rest of his life with, which is why they broke up.
        I think we all have dated in our lives and had serious relationships that weren’t meant to be. That’s why it is so hard to find someone’s you connect with on another level. I’ve dated people whom I enjoyed being with but at the end of the day, couldn’t see forever with.
        The difference for Peter with Rachel is that he could see forever with her. He just felt that he couldn’t propose given the limited time they had gotten and his feelings were so new.
        I also see Rachel’s confusion and can understand her fear. I also think she was hurt that he couldn’t give her what she wanted. I wish he had.
        I just think you don’t find a deep connection and love like that every day. She seemed to really want Peter. That’s why I question if she truly followed her heart.

  48. I don’t have any opinions on this season as I didn’t watch. You and JoJo are still my favorite Bachelorettes of all time!

    I’m just here to say yellow is DEFINITELY your color 🙂 That’s all…

  49. Last night made me want Peter to be the bachelor so bad! I’ve never seen a more real and raw moment on the show. I completely agree with him that an engagement means you’re ready to marry someone, not just see how it goes. How can you fault him for only wanting to do it once? I know it’s awkward to be talking to an ex boyfriend while your fiancé is backstage, but I think she really downplayed how strongly she felt for him, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so hard for her to say goodbye. It literally broke my heart!

  50. I don’t normally comment here but I did have one thought last night. This reminded me a lot of Desiree’s season when she seemed so utterly in love with Brooks but Brooks just wasn’t ready to take that jump/fall in love with her, etc and then it seemed very jarring for her to turn around and accept Chris’ proposal. I was pretty skeptical of the whole thing and well look how that turned out. Sometimes I think relationships are more about timing than anything else – – two people have to be at the right place at the right time and I just don’t think Peter was there yet – – and I don’t think The Bachelor would get him there either. That is not to say he wouldn’t make a good Bachelor but it would be really strange to see him propose to someone if he was the Bachelor (and I think would show us he was not being genuine or sincere with Rachel) BUT he could still pull a Juan Pablo and commit to someone and make it work after the show and that would be fine and true to who he appears to be. Rachel is at a certain point in her life when she really wants that all in marriage and for that reason alone I think Bryan was the right pick for her and I hope they can make it for the long haul. Just something I was thinking about last night watching it.

    1. Totally agree on all your points! Sidenote: I had to giggle a bit at them mentioning Juan Pablo getting married…everyone in the audience was like, “do we clap for this?”…..

    2. I had the exact same thought about Desiree and Brooks! I too think Rachel made the best decision for her and although I was rooting for Peter, it seems like she is really happy.

  51. I thoroughly enjoyed the format of last night’s finale. I liked how they had Rachel on the live show to comment during breaks from the filmed episode. And huge props to both Eric and Peter for showing up on the live show – that’s putting yourself in a place of vulnerability and I have to respect both of them for that. But yes, liked the format better this way than having the two hour episode then the one-hour ‘after the final rose’.
    Anyway, Eric is totally a cool dude. His maturity following the break-up was stellar. I don’t see him as the next Bachelor but maybe in a few years?….
    Peter would not be a good Bachelor. While Rachel disappointed me in some of the ways she acted in the finale and the live show, she did hit the nail on the head with the whole “Peter’s Pace” point. The Bachelor/ette is not the place for Peter. If we’re going off of just what we’ve seen of him, she’s right, the pace of the show doesn’t suit for him finding what he is looking for. That being said, I am proud of him for not “sacrificing” for her and getting engaged just so he wouldn’t lose her. He will definitely find someone – someone who will respect his pace. I was disappointed in Rachel for being SO determined to get engaged at the end of the journey. I get that she has a past history with a similar scenario, but I hope that didn’t ruin what might have been it for her (Peter). That being said, I did like Bryan from the start and only Rachel and Bryan know the relationship they have so I hope it sticks!
    Overall, great season. I wish Rachel and Bryan luck in their journey!

  52. I actually haven’t loved Peter this season but after last night…my opinion changed. I think he would be a great bachelor. You can’t expect someone going on the show (that’s never experienced it) to know they are going to be able to propose in the end. That’s ridiculous! You have no idea where your heart will be at the end of the process. I don’t think he liked her as much as she liked him, but that doesn’t mean the show wouldn’t work for him with someone else. I thought she was rude to him at the after the final rose and I thought he handled himself very well under the circumstances. I also don’t think they questioned her enough about how much she pushed him and then turned right around and accepted a proposal from Bryan.

  53. Hey Ali,

    Love your blog and your take on Bachelor/Bachelorette. I really hope that Peter is not the next Bachelor, because it would go against everything he was fighting for in the end of the season. I really want to hope that there are still guys out there that take engagements very personally like him. I think we can all agree that there is very little chance of knowing someone at the end of this process, to actually get engaged. I know it has worked for some, but the majority it has not. I like many of the girls that commented here, thought her attraction to Peter was greater or she would have gotten rid of him sooner knowing he probably was not going to propose. Bryan is a great guy as well, just feel bad that the whole breakup with Peter seemed to take away from the purpose of the final rose.

  54. Jimmy Kimmel’s response could not have described my feelings on this better! I totally agree with what you said Ali. Even if you think you are in love with someone after 2.5 months that doesn’t mean you need to get engaged (I knew I wanted to marry my husband at that point, but didn’t tell him and certainly did not expect that). What is the rush? Marriage is a forever commitment. Give yourself time to actually get to know the guy! It’s completely ridiculous that you would expect someone to propose in that amount of time just because you’re on the bachelorette when in real life that would never be an expectation. I actually respected Peter more because he was able to make this distinction. I think Rachel made a huge mistake. Lastly, Rachel stated after the show that her and Bryan weren’t in a rush to get married. Why are you in a hurry to get engaged then? I question whether she just wanted a ring and if she was really sure she wanted to marry Bryan.

  55. Ali-
    I totally agree with you. If Peter wasn’t ready, he should not propose to her. They were in a bubble on the show. Get to know the person outside of the show and without the cameras. Yes being on these shows is romantic and you go on great dates. However you also don’t have pressures of work commitments and family/friends. Marriage is a sacred thing and not something to jump into lightly. In the show, he said he saw a future with her but wasn’t ready to propose. It actually made me mad that she was upset by this. I actually yelled at the tv that she should be happy that he wants to take his time. With that being said, you can see that she is happy with Bryan so congratulations to them.

  56. I finally got to finish watching it and I feel kike she contradicted herself and I feel confused. I know we will never know this answer BUT if Peter said he would be able to marry her and none of that second guessing stuff came about would she have chosen him? Because they clearly seemed to be in love/heartbroken.

    Anyways here is why I feel like she contradicted herself … she was all upset about Peter not wanting to get engaged (and I don’t blame him, I feel like you don’t really know anyone until you’ve actually dated) BUT isn’t that what her and Bryan doing-DATING? They don’t have a date set yet, they want to live a normal life, unknown where tgey will be living, blah blah blah. To me that is long distance dating, only difference is there is a ring on her finger that holds no promise or guarantee. The two of them committing themselves to each other is what will determine their future- not a ring. I feel like she ganged up on Peter for no reason, cause he clearly loved her. I can see why he feels attacked.

    I’m not being like this because I think she made the wrong choice. I’m not in her shoes, I wouldn’t know. But it just seems like all she wanted was a label, and I hope she really did find true love from this.

    1. She totally contradicted herself! It shows her saying she wants a man that knows exactly what he wants, but not long after there’s another scene/side commentary where she is saying she doesn’t know what to do and she’s confused… How can she be mad at Peter if she’s still confused herself?!

  57. I want to hear your thoughts on Rachel’s attitude towards Peter on ATFR…she seemed so cold to him and aggressive. That’s why I think he used the words “I feel attacked”, in which she proceeded to “attack” him about why he was feeling that way.

    And when he wished her the best in a very polite way, she replied with “Oh I’m living my best life”, with such a gloating tone.

    It was just such a weird contrast to see her devastated over losing him in the scene immediately before, and then in the live shot to see her with this attitude like he wronged her in some way…

      1. But if he did, then she allowed it. I still feel that if Rachel had doubts about Peter in Geneva than she should have let him go then. Particularly if he reminded her of a past relationship.

  58. Bryan has Find yourself a Jerome bag on sale on his insta link for $27, Find yourself a Jerome phone case, T shirt and cosmetic bag on his site already and a couple of coffee cups with Rachel sayings??? It wasn’t even 12 hours before he was selling mercy from the show. I’ve never see anyone do this and I know they do ads- but this just seems so tacky and cheesy – makes it look like he’s all about the fame to cash in!
    What’s your take on this Ali?
    Also- Bryan was wearing the matching watch with her, Peter knew Bryan was the front runner. Is it possible she was playing him to have two proposals and would have turned him down? If I was a guy and the other guy was wearing matching watch with her- I’m sure he didn’t think she wanted him but she wanted a second proposal?
    Her nasty circle snap showed a nasty side that can happen during a break up if a person is vengeful. I’ll bet he is thanking his lucky stars!

    1. I saw the merch and it is gross- Dr. Abs? really?
      What does “Find yourself a Jerome” refer to? I don’t get that one.

  59. So am I the only one who thinks that Peter was kind of being manipulative at the end? I agree that he had feelings for her, but I think he knew he didn’t want to be with her – which is why he kept saying he couldn’t propose – but I feel like he kind of hung on the last couple weeks just so he could be in contention to be the next Bachelor. Rachel said many times that it wasn’t just about the “ring on her finger”, but either you can see a future with someone or you can’t and where Peter was confusing was he was saying that he could see a future but couldn’t see a proposal – and those two things kind of go hand-in-hand so I can totally see where Rachel was coming from. He was saying all the right things and then pulling back just before fully committing any time he talked with her. It just feels kind of fishy to me. I mean, he did put in his high school yearbook that he wanted to be the Bachelor one day! And no, I don’t think this was all an elaborate plot on his part but I do think he milked it at the end and at ATFR. Rachel even said in an interview today that she thought he was being manipulative at the end.

    1. I don’t take his high school yearbook thing seriously at all. If anything it just opened him up to considering the show. I mean, the vast majority of sane people would never ever consider going on the show at all. I think he really cared about her- he just didn’t see a proposal at the end of the show.

    2. Also, for everyone saying that she would’ve picked Peter if he hadn’t been indecisive and she just settled for Bryan – Rachel said in an interview today that Bryan was the only one that she told she was in love with him in their fantasy suite. She said she already knew she was gonna break up with Peter that night but because of the confusion and frustration of their conversation it was very emotional.

      1. I don’t buy it. Then the break up would have been a lot easier ad she could have controlled that if her mind was made up. But she didn’t want to let go of him. Those were feelings of love and being heartbroken, pure raw emotion.
        To be honest, her fiancé has to be put at ease and she needs to reassure him. I mean, it had to be tough for Bryan to watch.
        It was interesting to hear Eric’s POV in his post interviews.

    3. I think Peter was crystal clear on what he wanted and that he wanted a future with Rachel. If he milked it or faked those emotions, give the man an Oscar. I don’t think for one second it was an act. Eric talked to Peter afterwards and thinks he was still in love with her.

      1. I guess bottom line, I trust Rachel and don’t believe she would follow her heart all season just to settle at the end. I believe her when she says she knew it was gonna be Bryan back in Geneva. Regardless of what Eric or anyone else’s opinions are, only she knows. I just think it’s kinda crazy that everyone loved her and said she was this strong, smart woman all season but now everyone’s doubting her because they don’t agree with her decision. Like we know what’s best for her 🙄 Only she knows and I trust that she made the right decision and I’m so happy for them!

  60. This is reminiscent of Desiree’s season, Brooks was not into her as she was into him yet she is happily married to Chris. Be supportive of Rachel’s choice. And on the last day with Peter they basically had an argument where Peter admitted to saying nasty things to her out of emotion. It is what it is, if you are truly a fan of the show then just be happy for Rachel & Bryan and move on!

    1. The difference I see is that it seemed like Rachel was more in lust with Bryan than in love. Now, they edited the show to include only her makeout scenes with Bryan, compared to actual deep conversations with Peter. But remember that Bryan came on and stuck his tongue down her throat the first night and said he knew from day 1 that it was a fairytale- yeah that is not reality.

      Desiree did seem like she settled for Chris, but they always seemed like they had a good connection. Just my opinion.

      1. I disagree about Desiree settling for Chris. They are married and have a son. Chris won her heart over by his writings to her. They are both artistic. Desiree was warned about Brooks. I think Brooks was an infatuation. Even Desiree said to Chris at the proposal that what she was looking for was right in front of her all of the time. (Chris) They are one of my favorite couples!

  61. THANK YOU ALI! I feel like you’re one of the only Bachelor alumni speaking the truth (aka what all of America is thinking) about what happened last night.
    I do want to hear your feelings on Rachel’s snappy comments to Peter though. I was extremely disappointed because you could tell how fragile he was in that moment and she completely disregarded his feelings. It was like, I LOVED Rachel so much this season up until that moment. What happened?

  62. I agree 100%! I gained a ton of respect for Peter last night – a healthy approach to a non traditional way of dating someone. It’s basically a red flag to me that Bryan would propose to someone who has been dating other men their entire relationship.
    I love Eric, Peter, Kenny, and Dean and hope to see one do them as the next bachelor!

  63. Agreed! I watch with my mom and spouse every week, we called the final 2 about 3 weeks ago… we were pretty certain it was Bryan!!!! We are wishing them a success story too!

  64. Hey Ali, I love your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading your take on this season! I totally agree with you that nobody should feel like they HAVE TO propose at the end, just because that is how the show is set up. It’s refreshing to hear that perspective especially from someone who went through the process like you did!

    I actually wrote my own blog post about the finale, and I would love it if you would check it out! 🙂

  65. I agree with some of the comments above that she was rude to Peter last night and my perception was of someone who has been hurt and has unresolved feelings. I think too much emphasis is put on getting engaged and why most of these relationships fail within 6 months. I was surprised when he said he asked to talk with her later and she refused, had she agreed there might have been a different outcome. I am not sure that Bryan was her 2nd choice but as a fiance it would be difficult watching such a heart wrenching break up just hours before some accepted my proposal. Lauren said that was one of her biggest issue with Ben seeing him tell JoJo he loved her. Most people at the end speak very highly of the “runner up” and say the would make a great Bachelor/Bachelorette but Rachel made point twice saying maybe that format is not right for him. She might have sincere but it seemed cold/hateful to me.

  66. ok, I made my comments specifically about Rachel above but am interested in people’s thoughts about the format of her season which is really out of her hands. I hated they announced her as The Bachelorette before she was even sent home by Nick. I hated they brought 4 of the guys at Nick’s AFR, I hate she announced she was engaged half way through her season and really hated her narrative last night. I am ready to see some changes to the formatting. I would like to see less people. 30 guys really? That is way too many people to try to get to know at one time. There could be more one on one dates and smaller group dates so people really could get to know each other. I have been a loyal watcher for many years but am beginning to get disappointed with so much choreography and so much drama. I would love to see it really be about someone finding the love of their life rather than just getting engaged showing the Neil Lane ring and that usually has to be given back less than 6 months later. Ali what do they with the returned rings

    1. I agree with changing the format. Most people watch for a love story and it’s not realistic with the current format. More 1:1s, less contestants, or drop more faster. No 2:1s. I would love to see an overhaul.

  67. I think Rachel chose the best man for her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the man she truly loved. Peter was complicated and choosing him over Bryan would have been a high risk for her. Why? Because her goal was to be engaged and create a family soon, her goal was not be in a potential relationship to see if it would work out at the end. On the other hand, Bryan would have been an amazing catch for a bachelor, but he was the one that could offer her what she needed. Peter wasn’t ready to do that with her, and sure, he said that he would propose if that is what she wanted, but he is smart enough to know that she would not have forced him to propose. Honestly, there is a chance that Peter manipulated Rachel to the end to become the next bachelor. Nevertheless, he is a good looking and fun guy to watch on TV. I would love to see him as the new bachelor and see if he is able to propose to some one else. Rachel was just not the one for him. Hoping that Bryan and Rachel make it outside of the TV world! 🙂

  68. Rachel came off as cold last night with Peter. I believe her ego was bruised. Today she called Peter “manipulative.” And in the season finale she said, “I want someone who wants what I want.” She said this at least 3 times. She wanted a ring. I wasn’t real impressed with her last night. Maybe her and Bryan do fit after all. Hopeful for Peter to be the bachelor!

    1. Yeah- it wasn’t “I want to find the person I can spend my life with”, it was “I want to be engaged”. And she said that was her mission the whole time- I feel like we only started to see that side of her near the last few episodes. It’s not like the guys would really know when they signed up how serious she was about getting a ring.

  69. I AGREE with everything you said in this blog, Ali!!!

    After reading these comments something was confirmed for me. I thought I was imagining Rachel being a bit rude to Peter on the after show because I knew she really loved and cared about him. Seeing the comments on here about it makes me realize I wasn’t imagining it. I have noticed throughout the season that she got kind of feisty at times that were uncalled for, in my opinion. I think she is a great gal but if I were her friend I would tell her she was being a little too hard on Peter in the end. My heart broke in a million pieces for Peter. I don’t think she gave Peter a respectful mature/close to their relationship that she gave a few of the other guys and they gave to her. It was very uncomfortable to watch.

  70. you could not have said it any better Ali!! I do wish Rachel and Bryan all the best but as i said earlier this morning, Rachel and Peters chemistry was more authentic and genuine. I think what bothered (or confused) Rachel the most is that Peter did not want to propose but saw a future with her. Doesn’t mean that he WOULDN’T propose but i guess in her past relationship that was a red flag (totally understandable). In the many years of watching the bachelor and bachelorette seasons, we have seen bachelor (and bachelorette’s) break up and marry someone, find the person they are suppose to be with on the show and take that next time and we have also seen a bachelor choose someone then realize he made the wrong choice and win her back on AFTR (love that couple – FYI). I wonder if we will see a bachelor or bachelorette date when the show is over, then call off their relationship then re-date another person from the show (not sure if that made any sense)

  71. I feel like Rachel’s attitude toward Peter in ATFR and in interviews today is for Bryan’s benefit. I also think Peter said she would have a mediocre life without him because he was hurting and knew he was losing her. She has a short sighted view with the engagement being the most important part of the process. Personally, after watching the entire season, I didn’t feel invested enough to care who she chose.

    1. Totally agree that her treatment of Peter was totally for Bryan’s benefit. She mentioned on the show that she felt something was off back in Geneva, which was laughable because why keep him around so long? You could tell she really was in love with Peter – that’s why he was there right to (almost) the end, even though he told her multiple of times he wasn’t sure he could propose.

      Way too much importance was placed on a ring than true feelings…

  72. Sadly I think Rachael allowed her need for a proposal to cloud her judgement on what was really in front of her…that at the end both her and Peter really wanted the same thing after this…to get to spend time away from the show to get to know each other in reality and taking things from there. Which she pretty much said to Chris when he asked her and Bryan about what next for them. She placed way too much importance on the ring and unfortunately a ring gives you no guarantees….

  73. Hi Ali,
    In an interview Rachel had said she knew she wanted it to be Bryan going into her final date with Peter. Why then do you think, would she express so much interest and emotion over wanting Peter to propose to her if she went into the date claiming to know she wanted to choose Bryan? She also stated in an interview she didn’t want two men at the end. She intended to send one home the night before. So in this case, why would she be wanting a proposal from Peter so much and having such a drawn out emotional conversation about wanting him to propose? I had liked Rachel throughout the season but some of the things she has been saying in her recent interviews just don’t seem to add up or come across as honest. Was hoping you might be able to share some insight on your thoughts about this. Thanks!

    1. I agree. She wanted a ring. Then knowing Bryan would give her one why make the goodbye to Peter so gut wrenching?

    2. Totally agree. I don’t at all see how people think Peter was leading her on. He said he was willing to propose to prove to her how he felt. Then he sobbed. That was real.

  74. I am finally watching. So annoyed Monday I didn’t even finish. Still probably won’t watch the proposal. My heart aches for Peter – she really chose a ring over a real relationship. So many of the bachelor couples have taken such long long times and still are not married but they are TOGETHER. What’s the rush. I hope she’s happy, but Insaw real love there. #teampeter

  75. Here’s my FINAL thoughts on this season. Rachel totally allowed herself to be played by Peter. I have re-watched episodes 7, 8, and 9 and it was clear as day Peter wasn’t ready to commit to Rachel. He wasn’t that into her. But I will give him credit him with an Oscar award for leading man. Peter should have gone home LONG time ago. This does not mean he isn’t ready for love/engagement, etc. especially if he is the lead.

    Now Rachel is out there sounding and looking crazy trying to clean her actions up to save her relationship with Bryan and Peter has the sympathy of Bachelor Nation. Good luck girl.

  76. I 100% agree with your comments on Peter. Just because he was not ready to propose to Rachel at the end of this does not mean he would not be ready with someone one else. I am totally Team Peter after this finale.

    1. And why if he is the bachelor does he have to propose at the end? Many others haven’t. Maybe he will get some more realistic choices if they know they are going on their to find a partner, not a fiance.

  77. Others have made similar comments but as I watched the second hour this morning I have to rant again about Rachel’s weird I must be engaged thing.

    She doesn’t understand that you can see a future with someone and not be ready to propose. I knew from our second date that I saw a future with my husband but I didn’t say I loved him right away and if he had proposed or even asked to live together 2 months in (of exclusive dating) I would have thought he was crazy. That doesn’t mean I didn’t picture being married to him in the future.

    Peter said he wasn’t at all scared of marriage- good sign. They discussed how their lives would be- where they would live, having dogs, etc. – good sign. She asked how would she know if he’s committed if he won’t propose. He broke and said he would sacrifice that decision of his in order for her to be happy. – great sign. She should have seen that as the commitment she wanted. He was willing to propose, even if he didn’t want to, in order to keep her. That’s love. The emotions I saw were real and now she’s trying to cover them up.

    Again, I wish her happiness with Bryan, but I’m afraid she chose the wrong guy for her in the long run because she was so desperate to tell people she was engaged. And now her and Bryan are going to “date” for awhile before planning anything. Wtf!?

  78. I have to say I find everyone’s feedback very interesting which leads me to expressing mine. I got the distinct feeling that Rachel isn’t over Peter from them live on the show. She acted combative towards him and as if she wanted to spite him. I really don’t like saying this but it does appear that she’s resentful towards him especially after reading the comment of how she feels that none of her bachelors should be the next bachelor, wow!!!! It reminds of a love/hate relationship. At any rate I wish Rachel & Bryan the best for their future together and if its meant to be it will be!

  79. I disagree that Peter didn’t love Rachel like she loved him. I think his feelings were the deepest of anyone. He even said that he was crying in the green room, and the fact that he tried reaching out to her after filming shows that he loved her and wanted to make amends.

    I was kind of annoyed by Rachel on the ATFR portion of the show. She seemed to come after Peter, getting sassy when she said she was living her best life. It was like she was rubbing it in his face when he was obviously still very emotional toward her. She also mentioned that her and Bryan weren’t thinking wedding and they just wanted to merge their lives. THATS EXACTLY WHAT PETER WANTED TO DO (minus a ring)

    It just made no sense to me. I don’t see Peter as the next bachelor simply because of the time restraints of the show. Sad 🙁 I liked him so much!

    1. I agree with you Emily. Peter may not become The Bachelor because he still has feelings for Rachel. I don’t know who these Rachel haters are? I certainly don’t hate Rachel or anyone else for that matter. I don’t care much for her lack of character at the end of all of this though. I just hope Rachel moves on with her life. And Rachel and Bryan get off the television since they are so in love.

  80. Gah, women turn on other women so easily! Peter is a player and a manipulator. This is no secret! He got “The Bachelor” edit by producers but I’m not fooled b/c I, like many other women, have dated “Peters” before. Their words and actions are incongruous; they string you along with “just enough” but they’re always out of reach and emotionally distant when it comes to real intimacy. Throughout the entire season, Peter was one step forward, two steps back with Rachel. Men like this ARE frustrating anf can be difficult to gain closure with b/c the relationship is built on their projection of fantasies rather than anything tangible, lasting, or real. It’s a hollow, shallow house of cards and Rachel’s anxiety about him was evident from the start. The proposal and the ring seem to be merely symbols of Peter’s manipulating wishy-washy non-committal treatment of RACHEL herself. This seems really obvious to me and all the Rachel hate from women is super sad. Peter is sorta a jerk; Bryan obviously had it in the bag anyway from day 1, and everyone falling for an obvious hatchet edit job of Peter are pawns of the producers looking to get everyone on board for their next Bachelor.

    1. Do you think all those tears from Rachel and Peter on the last night together were fake? I don’t think so! And Rachel pushing for a proposal when she allegedly had already made her mind up makes no sense.

      I’m sorry you have dated bad men. But you don’t really know Peter. I’m very discerning and he comes across as very genuine man. He reminds me of my husband. Loves dogs, his wife, our children, works hard, is logical and humble. My husband isn’t emotional like Peter though. Peter has very high standards and I respect him for that.

      Regardless, Rachel and Bryan are not a very popular couple. But it seems to me that the ones who are genuinely in love get out of the Hollywood lime light. We may see Ashley & J.P., Desiree & Chris, Sean & Catherine, etc. (Sorry for those I missed that are happily married!) on rare occasions. But they live more private lives.

      Only time will tell if Rachel and Bryan will make it. They need to get to know one another and live real life to see. I can certainly understand how couples get caught up in this fantasy show and believe they are in love. But a rare few make it to a life lasting marriage and family.

  81. I’d like to move on from the worst season of The Bachelorette I’ve ever watched and move on to see Peter Kraus as the next Bachelor! 🙂

    Ladies, Peter is going to be one great husband when he finds his soul mate!

      1. The show was the worst for me because it was predictable. I don’t care for Bryan very much, and even Eric, Dean, and Peter felt the same way. And I really liked Rachel until her true colors came out at the end. That 100,000 ring was a big deal for her. Also, the format was completely different and I just didn’t care for it. I’m skeptical that Bryan was Rachel’s second pick. Rachel has not been consistent in her interviews regarding Peter. And both Bryan and Rachel have taken cheap shots at Peter.

        1. To me it sounds like you didn’t like the show because of the final outcome based on your previous post. It’s easy to see you are team Peter. I am neither team Peter nor Bryan, I am team Rachel. Peter also has an ugly side if I may call it that, he wished her a mediocre life with Bryan to mess with her head. Manipulative!
          I also can’t wait to see Peter as the bachelor. What goes around comes around!

      1. Peter is not boring. He is close to his family, and friends. He loves dogs too! He works out and isn’t materialistic. Peter is honest and I like that. How so you know what Peter needs?

        1. Peter is humble and classy too. Peter apologized for what he said in his emotions. But that wasn’t good enough for Rachel. She had to lower herself and take a few shots at Peter. Peter remained composed in spite of Rachel’s cheap pock shots.

      2. I disagree. I find him extremely boring and fake. He just east playing a part to be bachelor. Yes I know he works out that’s all that was on Instagram him doing that or shirtless.

        1. If someone said that mediocre comment to me i would react just like Rachel did. That alone showed his true colors.

  82. Peter wasn’t into Rachel on a level where he wanted to marry her, so no proposal makes sense. I am so on board with Peter being the next Bachelor!! Rachel was super cool in many ways, yet it is possible her ego got in the way when she didn’t get what she wanted, which appears to be Peter. She seemed to need to be “right” with both Dean and Peter. Reminded me of an older episode with contestant, Andi Dorfman, where Juan Pablo just wasn’t digging Andi and Andi tried to turn the tables on him.

  83. I get what your saying. I don’t think she would of picked Peter even if he was ready. After the other night he is no longer genuine to me and do agree with Rachel that the show is not for him. I want Eric as the bachelor . Peter is kind of boring and I don’t think he really knows what he wants. He offered to propose anyways..even if he isn’t ready. I get that it’s a short time and unnatural but he did know what show he was on. If he was bachelor he would probably turn into a version of Juan Pablo. If not Eric for bachelor I would like Kenny.

  84. Have you seen Bryan’s recent instagram post. He says Rachel told him she was IN love with him during their overnight date. She then eliminates Eric.

    Goes on a date with Bryan everything seems great. Goes on a date with Peter (night before “proposal”) and has a very intense conversation. According to Bryans post she had already told him she was In love with him which makes me think two things…

    1. All the Peter drama was fake and she didn’t really feel what she was telling him and just wanted to make sure Peter eventually asked if they should break up. Which he did and she agreed.

    2. What she was feeling with Peter was real and because he didn’t want to propose she settled for second best. She ended up with the one that was willing to propose.

    I was #teampeter btw

    Love your blog!! (It’s always a must read after show airs)

  85. I just read that post and that she gave him a shirt that said Dr. Ab and Big Rach. So basically she was the one stringing Peter along. Why even bother to go on that final date? She should have just told him that morning that it was over and spared us and them that heart-wrenching scene. Peter said in People that he was in love with Rachel but he just needed to be certain. Nothing wrong with that. I think she made the right choice with Bryan but it seems like she just needed to know that all 4 were in love with her and wanted to propose. Definitely an ego thing.

  86. I have noticed in interviews that Bryan is very subdued. All the questions asked are. about Peter and that has to be very upsetting. I was always team Peter and I get a bad feeling from Bryan. That he had a website selling cheesy clothes the minute he won just confirmed my feelings. After watching the good bye scene with Peter I am sure she picked Bryan only after she couldn’t get Peter. He was her number 2. But she wanted the proposal and the ring and she got it. But it’s Peter she still wants. Oh well. I give her and Bryan a few months.

  87. First of all I think the first one on one is a kiss of death in this franchise, especially if you have to wait all the way till the very last one on one of the season before hometowns to get another date. Peter got into his head a lot. With that said, Rachel made sure to bring Peter on every single group date and gave him lots of attention within those dates. I mean they spent 3 hrs in a hot tub DURING a group date. Then there was Geneva. The site point of their journey. Two major things happens which might have planted a seed of doubt towards each other. 1. Peter got super emotional talking about his break up with his last girlfriend. He had never put out that amount of emotion up until then. It definitely caught Rach off guard. 2. Prior to their date, Rach took Bryan on that luxury date and got matching watches. Whoaa! That shook Peter beyond a point of no return. 3. She wore the watch when she went to pick up Bryan in the guys’ suite. Peter picked up on that and was not amused to say the least. Maybe at that particular point Rach was feeling Bryan a little more since they had just recently been on date in Oslo. Yet between her hometown and overnight she was all Peter. I think she’s trying to protect her final choice from the truth in her recent interviews because truth be told she wanted Peter to propose and had he been willing she would’ve been engaged to Peter. That goodbye was a loaded goodbye. We had never seen that much raw emotion in this franchise. If she knew Peter wasn’t the one in Geneva, she would’ve let him go right then. I hope she has a happy and lasting relationship with Bryan.

  88. Did anyone notice that Peter didn’t go home immediately after Rachel left their big emotional scene? That’s why I thought there was still a chance that they would get together. Peter even said in the after show that he walked past Rachel’s eyelashes on his floor for two days.
    I didn’t like the way she acted during the proposal, where she jumped up and down, and yelled “gimmee the ring!” That was not elegant.
    As far as not wanting to be in a relationship for 5 years without a proposal, I get that, and I’m not a fan either. I know many couples where the guy is the one who wants to maintain the status quo, without getting married.
    To see the two relationships side by side, I thought there was no comparison. Rachel and Peter were steamy hot, and Bryan was just like a sloppy middle school kid wanting to kiss and slobber, but has no finesse or game.

    1. Teresa, Yes I heard Peter say he was there 2 more days. I immediately thought it was flight related. He also said he reached out to the producers wanting to talk to Rachel again and she turned it down. He hadn’t changed his mind, so I don’t blame her for not wanting to rehash more of the same. She had to go and get engaged and get her ring (LOL)

    2. The final 2 or 3 stay till filming has wrapped, so as to not spoil the ending. It’s been like that all along.

  89. Whoever equated Peter to Juan Pablo has no discernment what so ever. Even Rachel spoke highly of Peter’s character.

  90. I read this blog and appreciated your take on the bachelorette finale/Peter’s exit. Then, I read blogs on the same topic by Sharleen Joynt (former bachelor contestant) and Jillian Harris (former bachelorette) and I found their blogs more balanced than yours. They both have been on the bachelor/rette franchise shows just like you but their opinions are team Rachel, yours isn’t.

  91. I loved Rachel’s season and thought she handled herself with class, until the finale. I felt like she definitely attacked Peter and her salty comments were unnecessary and classless! She got what she wanted…a diamond and a proposal. From the right man? Not in my opinion but I wish them all the best. 🌹

    Love your blog, Ali!

  92. Hi Ali – this comment is so late but over here in sunny South Africa, we are behind on the series and I avoided your blog ( which I LOVE ) like the plague coz I wanted to see for myself what the outcome would be!
    My heart broke to Peter – I cried right along with him because I felt his heartache. I totally admire him for standing by for what he believed in, despite the pressure and the moment. He sacrificed – he did not settle for anyone’s timeline. Respect to you Peter – you will go far in life.
    I also feel desperately sorry for Kenny – he was well and truly robbed of his potential experience with Rachel thanks to that little twit Lee. Man, I have so much respect for Kenny too, because he could’ve knocked seven kinds of ?#$@ out of Lee ( wish he had!) but kept his cool, even though he raised his voice here and there which was perfectly warranted in my humble opinion. Kenny – hope you are chosen as the next bachelor. Your relationship with your own daughter is a true reflection of your character – big ups to you!! You are also going to go far in life.

    Thanks Ali – gosh I feel way better now!

  93. Don’t know if this message will be shared… so long…

    Peter should have not proposed if he does not feel it. And I am very glad he did not. But he could have handled better the situation.

    There is a difference between what we want the show to be about & what the show is about. There is a difference between a show, a reality show and reality.

    There is a difference between 1-what we would have chosen because of who we are, what we need and 2-what Rachel should choose based on her personality, what she thinks she needs. She picked exactly what she needed. When I heard her describing Bryan to her parents and almost got into argument with them, I could tell immediately the producers are not showing us some of her talks with Bryan either becoz we will predict the end or/and these scenes are less interesting for the viewers than the “romance scenes”.

    There is a difference between someone seeking on the show 1-love & 2-marriage and 3-both & 4.something else. Rachel has been enough clear so I can conclude she is seeking n°3. I don’t know about Peter.

    Saying “Peter deserves so much better than Rachel” does not take into account the context of the show and what each person is seeking and the right of each one to stick to what they want. Peter stick to what he wanted, so did Rachel. Great!

    Rachel and Peter would have both kept the respect I had for them if things did not end this way. The only person who lost my respect was Peter. It does not take away the fact that he is a hot/good guy and everything you want. But I just had to lower the respect I had for him. And if he chooses to be the next bachelor then it even confuses me more. Does he truly know himself? What exactly is he seeking and is he at the right place? When you are so “real”, is it not better to stick to reality?

    He could have been a “true gentleman” by leaving early like Brooks instead of pushing Rachel to do the “dirty job”. That’s what a man who has a deep respect for ladies and who is afraid of hurting does. The second thing disappointing is this: “Go and live a mediocre life…I WILL GIVE YOU AN AMAZING LIFE…If you change your mind you know where to find me”. Most people talk about “the mediocre thing” but there are 3 statements here that really tells a lot. People think Rachel was disrespectful when Peter apologized. I see no disrespect. The fact that she prefers Bryan, does not mean she has no feelings for Peter .When at the end of the journey you discover that part of him, it hurts. And her reaction is more acceptable than Peter’s words. You can take back your words but you can’t take back what it reveals about you. I don’t know if I will be able to give my finger to a man who tells me that. But that’s me!

    When you observe very well, it was clear she was more for Bryan based on how she described him and what she is looking for. But she was concerned “why is he so perfect”. The only scene that leads everyone to believe she was clearly more in love with Peter is the tearful goodbye. I think it is easy to be manipulated by the editing. This is a show after all!!!

    Here is my HYPOTHESIS of this tearful scene.
    -1. She loves more Bryan and feels like he is the best match but wonders why he is “perfect”. Her parents are more skeptical about Bryan.
    -2. She also loves Peter and her parents are ok with Peter.
    -3.She values her parent’s opinion. She is very pragmatic person who doesn’t make decisions only on emotions. Things get more stressful. Conclusion: She is wondering if she should not choose Peter.
    -4.She goes to talk with Peter. He gets emotional, unintentionally manipulating her, showing us a big side of him we did not know and the whole thing is a mess.
    -5.She says: “Good, I will go back to who I wanted in the first place. If he is “too good to be true”, the future shall tell.

    This is not someone picking between a man she loves and will not proprose and a man she does not love and will propose. Nope. I don’t think she is desperate of a ring.

    This is someone who put her job aside for a while to find love and engagement, was sent home, came back only to end up with 2 choices: 1. A man who loves her according to him, not ready yet to engage and should not , who she loves too, who her parents prefer 2. A man who loves her according to him, ready to engage, who she prefers, but her parents have doubt.
    So either she leaves with 1. Love & no one knows the future or —2. Love and engagement & no one knows the future.

    What many people don’t predict is: her goodbye with Bryan might have been worse than her goodbye with Peter. It might have been the “best” scene for producers in the history and some people might have even hated her more. Why? 1- Because she actually prefers Bryan 2-Bryan at one point forgot he could be sent home. Not sure, but Bryan has a personality of people who are completely into it until they realize it is over. If he was sent home, everybody might discover his “vulnerable side”. It might have ended in a more terrible tearful scene. In my opinion, Bryan wanted her so badly that he does not really mind be a “consolation prize” and that’s the type of man she needs anyway.

    She picks exactly who she loves, who she needs and the best match for her. I don’t hate Peter but I would have been better if he handled better the situation. I wish him the best. Even if it does not work out for Rachel and Bryan, Bryan was still the best match based on what she is looking for and needs: A mature man who knows exactly what she wants, loves her and is ready.

    Some people can get so much into the show they forgot it is not about us. Whoever she ended up picking, I would have been fine. 1-What we see is just a little part of what happened. 2-She is the one who spend time with them.3-She is the one who will suffer if she picks the wrong one. It is ok to have our opinion, but when people go so far as “hating” her becoz it did not go the way they want or they would have chosen, that’s crossing the lines. This is not “American got talent”, so she eliminates the first and at the end we vote for her. This is the bachelor.

    The new couple seems happy. They wanted love and engagement and they left with why they were there. They did not waste their time. In my opinion they love each other, built their relationship on good and mature communication-very important for marriage-are ready to start family so I think it will definitely last. But who I am to predict?

    Peter is hot, seems genuine and good guy who needs to work on some issues. Hopefully it works and he knows what he wants and the best place to find it. Other than that, I GENUINELY wish him to find love whether he is the bachelor or not.

    Thank you for letting me share this long message.I love the message of Leah left on her blog

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