Bachelorette Finale Tonight! But First, Eric Tells All!!!

Happy Bachelorette finale day! I can’t believe the season is coming to an end. I kind of feel like it just started! But I’m excited to watch the show with everybody tonight and find out who Rachel is engaged to! You guys know that at the beginning of the season, I was so certain she was going to end up with Eric. They had instant chemistry when they first met that couldn’t be denied. But,Eric told me in this interview that After The Final Rose wasn’t the first time they met!!!! Crazy right!? Watch to find out when and where they REALLY met! He also told me some very interesting information about Bryan and Peter’s relationship and what they think of each other. This interview is too good not to watch!!

Also, I want to say that I was really impressed with Eric! Kevin, Molly and I met up with him and his friend Mike and they couldn’t have been nicer. As for whether not he’s engaged to Rachel, I was so sure that he wasn’t when I started this interview. But after, I’m not so sure anymore. They could be together! He had the absolute sweetest things to say about her and it got me thinking “would I say this about someone who dumped me a national television after I told them I love them?” Ha! So in my opinion, they are either together or Eric is just one of the nicest guys out there! We will find out tonight!

You guys can follow Eric on Instagram HERE! And part TWO of this interview will be up on Ali Luvs tomorrow!!! You don’t wanna miss it so come on back!

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55 thoughts on “Bachelorette Finale Tonight! But First, Eric Tells All!!!

  1. Do you get the impression that Peter went on the show to be the next bachelor? It seems like he was so into Rachel but then pulled back enough to make her not pick him in the end so he could be the next bachelor. Even so, I would still watch his season because I think he is very well spoken and he is good looking.

    1. I am wondering this as well. Kaitlyn Bristowe said on her podcast she thinks he went on solely to be the bachelor and every move he made was calculated. I hope that’s not true because I really like him!

      1. That could be said about Rachel as well with Nick. (Seems they had promised her the lead gig and she faked it enough to get F3).

    2. I really never thought their chemistry was great, even from the beginning. He would always have his hand in pocket or by his side when kissing her, instead of holding her in some way. I always got the impression that she was WAY into him and not vice versa. IDK. Just my view point. I would watch his season as I think he seems to be there for the “right reasons” HA!

    3. I’m happy bryan won I was bryan fan fm
      The start I like petter he seems real but idk who’s they next bachelor maybe Eric or petter for bachelor. But I’m
      Happy she found love be is mature An loves her truely

    4. I like Peter but I don’t think he should be the next Bachelor. If his whole ‘I can’t get engaged after 2.5 months’ is true, he shouldn’t become the Bachelor if the whole premise as the lead is to find your wife and get engaged. I admit, I wouldn’t mind watching his fine self every week and I like that he kept it real, but I just think it’d be hypocritical of him if he went on as The Bachelor and proposed this time.

      1. Well, she’s talking about the Bachelorette all season and claims to be a blogger and that’s how RACHEL spells her name.

    1. You do realize that there is more than one way to spell Rachel, right? I get that this one isn’t spelled differently, but no need to be rude. For all we know, Ali has a friend who spells it differently and she is so used to spelling it that way that it was just a mistake. Back off.

    2. Seriously, go play somewhere else, Clarissa! Who the hell hired you as the spelling police? She’s typing things and mistakes can happen. Sometimes you get the autocorrect to finish the word you are typing and you don’t look twice at it to make sure. Of all the things Ali said, you come up with crap like this? Enough picking on stupid things. And this goes to EVERYONE that says anything negative to or about, Ali! Love the girl!

    3. Actually that’s pretty rude to write. Although the bachelorette does spell it Rachel,,,I have friends that spell it Rachael too. Just like I have many Amy friend and one Is spelled Amy, one Aimee, and the other Aimie .
      Many different spellings of many names. Cut Ali some slack ! Ali you are the cutest and most down to earth to ever be on that show !

      1. I use talk to text to write my blogs so they are more me just talking πŸ™‚ So my phone spells it that way! Ha!

    4. She talk texts her blog posts so that is why it might be spelled different ways. 😊 Ali you are amazing!!

  2. I really like going into the finale not knowing who the next bachelor is, unlike last season when Rachel was still in the top 3 and knew she was the next bachelorette. It really could be any 3 of them!

  3. I’m so excited for tonight. I’m hoping it’s Peter. I think Bryan would be last choice. There’s something about him that is a little off putting. Can’t put my finger on it…. #teampeter

    1. He’s very cocky, a little too smooth for my liking. He reminds me of Jordan Rogers. Has an alterior motive for being on the show and its not to be with the bachelorette

  4. I actually have no clue who she is going to pick this time. I kind of like the myserty. It’s boring when it’s predictable. Though, I still curl my toes when they have to turn the other one down. It’s so sad and awkward haha.

  5. Thanks Ali for a wonderful interview with Eric. I look forward to the 2nd part and of course the finale blog.

  6. I would love to know what you and Eric are talking about. I love Bachlor/Bachlorette shows!!! The conversation between you and Eric seems interesting and I’m dying to know what’s the news. Unfortunately the captions doesn’t show and I’m deaf. Can anyone write transcript of what you two were talking about?

    1. I second this! Huge bummer – Ali, please put yourself in the shoes of a deaf person and try reading today’s blog. It’s a big letdown to get to the video and not be able to understand.

      1. Third this feedback from another deaf person. Unfortunately captions in Spanish don’t help most of the deaf community. There are more of us than you might imagine. We’re easy to overlook. Any opportunity to caption the videos would be greatly appreciated by deaf readers.

  7. Eric’s beard is making me think she picks him! So they could hide out easier and he wouldn’t be recognized as easily on their getaways while the show aired.

  8. This season went so fast! I’m so excited to see who she picks! Fingers crossed for Eric, this interview made me love him even more. Really hoping it isn’t Brian (Bryan?). I keep reading articles that it’s him since one of Rachel’s friends said they’re having a second engagement party in Miami, his hometown. If Eric doesn’t win maybe he’ll be the next Bachelor?

  9. I live overseas and buy the season on iTunes. Every season they post the finale two days later instead of the next day like the other episodes. Of course by then I’ve already found out who has been chosen. Does anybody know why iTunes puts out the finale later than the other episodes?

  10. That’s a great interview and I’m now an Eric fan. From the show I thought he was too immature for Rachel but definitely got a different perspective from this interview. I’m so excited for tonight’s finale. I also feel bad for the guy she sends home …but for the love of life, why do the Bachlorettes let they guy they are not choosing get down on their knee? Send them home before they are humiliated. Team ???

  11. I so wish that I lived in the same nation as you guys so that I could watch the Bachelorette live like all of you. But sadly I live in Sweden and have to settle for just reading about it here on your blog Ali and wait to watch it when it airs here in a few months. But thanks for always keeping me updated about the show, your blog makes me feel a bit more included, even tough I’m from Sweden. Looking forward to read about the finale. Fingers crossed for Rachels happy ending, no mather who she ends up with. ❀
    (Sorry about my bad english, it’s only my second language 😊😜)

    1. I agree & hope Rachel is happy!
      I’d love to switch nations with you for a season, Lina. 😊
      Your English is great.
      Eric is a sweetheart

  12. I’m not sure if it’s the beard (boy is looking fine with it) or your blog post, but after I read this I’m an Eric fan. Haven’t been all season, but now I feel like she might pick him too! Ughhh I can’t wait to find out!

  13. Such a fun interview! From your interview and other articles I’ve read about him, he is a much more accomplished man than we were presented through this season. I am soooo excited for tonight! Thank you, Ali❀️

  14. Watching you talk to Eric made him so much more likeable in my book. I hope he gets the love he deserves either with or without Rachel.

  15. I was pleasantly surprised with Eric during the course of this season! To watch the growth and outpouring of love coming from him was amazing to watch! To see him end up with Rachel would be the absolute cherry on top of a great season! I hope Reality Steve isn’t right with his prediction.

  16. Hi Ali!I just got back from watching your Instagram story, hearing about your hip burcitis. I have also have severe hip burcitis and I went to physical therapy for 7 months and I saw no improvement with the pain (mine was sharp like yours) What has healed me is Pilates! I started going a month and a half ago about 2-3 times a week. It gives you a much deeper stretch than physical therapy could ever give you, and I have found that it has strengthened my hip without causing me even a little bit of pain. I’m practically healed, and I hardly ever feel even a little bit of pain in my hip anymore.

  17. I love reading your blog Ali πŸ’œ You are so down to earth. And I really hope she picks Peter 😍

  18. Ali, I know this is completely unrelated to the bachelor but I had bursitis in my shoulder. It would come and go for about 5 years, it was a really sharp pain every time I tried to lift my arm above a 45 degree angle.

    I had a cortisone injection into the bursa (the sac that surrounds the ligaments in the shoulder/hip, which is inflamed in this case) and it completely fixed it. Now, 6 years later, still no pain.

    Hope this helps!

  19. in the beginning my thoughts of Eric were always back and forth but seeing the way he composed himself when Rachel let him go I was very impressed. I thought that Peter and Rachels connection was more authentic and real but him not wanting to get down on a knee really hurt that relationship. BUT i have to say it was very shocking to hear that Peter did try to reach out to her and try to talk to Rachel and she refused. I did like Bryan as well but something just does not feel right about those two but then again who i am to know as i am not her and was not there. i mean she did say i love you too to Peter as she walked away from him (on their last date) in their heartfelt departure (she never really said goodbye). you could tell that she was struggling hard to not answer the question that Peter asked her. In her heart of hearts, you felt that she wanted peter. when Chris asked her how her family is with her choice, she did not really answer with a comfortable feeling (at least that is what i think)

  20. The whole season, I wanted it to be Peter, and some some sparks between them, but really, she seemed way more into him than he was into her. And I agree, he shouldn’t have to propose just for the sake of proposing, and I liked him more for being open throughout the entire thing! My main concern is that lenghty goodbye… wow!! It seemed that Rachel was trying to convince Peter to propose because she wanted him to, and she would’ve accepted.. I mean, why would you have such a drown out conversation about proposing if you were planning on dumping him the next day? That would be just mean! I kept hoping that we were being tricked and Peter would show up at the end, with a grand gesture or something… or they ended up together and he proposed at a later time, between the finale and when it aired. Haha! Anyway, I hope it works out between Rachel and Bryan though, I’m happy to be wrong when it comes to love! Lol

  21. First of all Ali, I luv this post, it is very very accurate! I’m glad peter stayed true to himself and stuck to his guns.

    Second off after watching the finale last night, I have to say I was highly disappointed in it! πŸ˜” I could tell she reallllyyyyyyyyy liked peter and I honestly think she was gonna pick him but then they had that conversation and it didn’t go well 😟 She left in tears was clearly upset he didn’t want to be with her, and the next day when the proposal was supposed to happen I really feel like she wasn’t there emotionally you could tell she was still down and I just felt like picking Bryan was a little forced and she kind of settled. I don’t want to bash on their relationship, if it’s genuine, shame shame on me.. but yeah I wanted it to be peter, I was really hoping he’d budge 😒πŸ₯€ sorry Rachel 😒

    And lastly, I hated that they had Rachel’s commentary throughout the finale (not that she didn’t do a good job with it) but I felt like it kinda spoiled it a little πŸ˜” Like her and peter get into this whole heated conversation and then cue Chris Harrison “let’s bring out peter!” and I’m thinking that’s it?! They broke up?! So now before the episode moves on we are gonna hear about their breakup and we know she picks Bryan?! Ughhh, don’t do that again ABC!

    One more thing, now that it’s over and seeing all the guys on the show, I’d love to see Eric as the next bachelor! I realllllllly ended up liking his character in the end of show, he just seems like such a nice, warm hearted guy! I’d definitely watch his season. As for Peter, if he was the next bachelor I just think that would make me mad lol because he didn’t want to purpose to Rachel after 2.5 months, then why would he be the bachelor and do the same thing all over again?! I’d think he was hypocritical if that ended up happening, I hope that doesn’t come off harsh, but amiright?!

    Anyways, thanks for your posts Ali, luv having some where I can go to dish the dirt on this show it’s just too good! Luv ya!

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