The Men Tell All – And I Don’t Listen. HA!

I almost didn’t write this blog this morning. In fact, I’m a little bit nervous to share any opinion I have in the show last night because I wasn’t really watching it that closely to be honest with you! So I might’ve read something on the show completely wrong because I wasn’t paying enough attention! I feel like a bad student in class that was reading notes from my bestie rather than listening to the teacher. Do they even pass notes in school anymore? Or is everyone texting each other now instead? Ha! I feel old now.

So anyway, there’s a good chance many of you could disagree with things I say in today’s blog post because quite frankly, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the episode last night! I just had a ton of work to do on my computer and after a long workday, so I had to multitask while watching the show. #MomLife

Now grab your coffee and let’s discuss last night episode…


I don’t really want to spend too much time talking about the drama between the guys and instead talk about my favorite memorable moments. But I will just say real quick that I feel like every men tell all or women tell all episode is just an opportunity for the cast to get together and argue. I always have a weird icky feeling when watching these episodes. I just don’t care for them. I also always think it’s peoples opportunity to fight for air time after they’ve realized the attention they are getting from being on the show. I don’t know if that makes sense. Hopefully I’m explaining myself well.

Now let’s talk about Dean! I loved when Chris Harrison called Dean up to the stage. He is so well spoken and seems so sincere and sweet! And as a good son should, he even defended his father after his he wasn’t the nicest to Dean on the show. That to me just shows the type of person that Dean is. Anyone else really hope he doesn’t find someone on Paradise so he can be the next Bachelor?! I really want it to be him or Peter. Who would you guys want to see is the next Bachelor?

McKenzie is probably my favorite person (besides Chris Harrison of course) of everyone on the show last night! Although I will say that I’m not sure I believe that it was a surprise that Kenny’s daughter was flown out to be on the show. Wouldn’t he know that his daughter was getting on an airplane to fly to Los Angeles? Unless he lives in Southern California and honestly, I don’t know where he lives so he could live in Southern California. Regardless, I loved that the show surprised them with a trip to Disneyland! With all the drama between the guys on the show last night, I loved seeing this sweet and happy moment for this young girl!

Well, that’s all I’ve got! Sorry this blog is so short. But I am just over the drama with these guys and I refuse to give Lee any more attention on my blog (that’s why I’m not addressing it).

But I LUV you guys and appreciate you reading my blog. Let me know if you thought their were any other memorable moments that I missed! I’m sure I missed a ton!

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83 thoughts on “The Men Tell All – And I Don’t Listen. HA!

      1. I was reading somewhere that he doesn’t want it because he thinks he has so much more growing up to do and he isn’t ready for the responsibility of being the lead on a show. I love his sincerity. He wants Peter to be the next Bachelor. Can we have more Deans in the world?!❀️

  1. Hi Ali! I totally think they were setting Kenny up last night as a possible bachelor! He got so much air time and everyone defended him shining him in a super positive light. Then his daughter coming out and seeing him as a sweet father….I don’t know…it felt like he was getting a lot of positivity and love (well deserved I think because I just love him and have from the beginning) and I wonder if he may be in the running as the next Bachelor! I think he would be a great one to watch!

      1. I think this may be a possibility. I also feel that he would have went farther if it wasn’t for the Lee drama.

  2. They don’t write notes in high school
    anymore according to my high school aged neighbor. It completely broke my heart to find this out.

  3. I always hate these episodes too- except for the bloopers, but I felt like the bloopers weren’t even that good this time. The Lee thing was annoying and I still don’t like him- this stupid “redemption” story line was ridiculous πŸ™‚

    Love your blog though- big fan since you were on the Bachelor! And I love your fashion-I tried to take some style points while I was pregnant, but I ended up living in leggings most of the time πŸ™‚


  4. Ali,
    Do you still think Peter is the last man standing? I’ve read some stuff that suggests otherwise. Curious about what you think? I’m not a big fan of Bryan, so i hope it’s Peter!

      1. Ali, the show makes us think Bryan will be the last man standing. Rachel even calls Bryan “babe,” and Rachel has Bryan meet her very special friends at home town. If Rachel is engaged to Bryan, I’d say this show was rather predictable which is a shame. Rachel even commented that she realizes some of us won’t agree with her decision. I think all of us love Peter for his transparency! I personally didn’t care for how smug Bryan came across with the guys. Maybe Rachel is into “bad boys?” Peter and Bryan are such contrasts in my opinion. I’d love to see Peter find his soul mate for sure if it isn’t Rachel.

        Regardless, if Rachel chooses Bryan that is her choice and her business. At the end of the day her decision will not impact the viewers. If her fiance is Bryan, I certainly hope nothing but the best for Rachel.

  5. Yeah the lee drama was irritating 😠 it took up almost half the episode too! to me that was frustrating and I honestly just tuned it out. I agree with one of your commenters, and think they hyped up Kenny a lot and think he could be a possible bachelor candidate! I mean they had their first African-American bachelorette?? All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be disappointed if Kenny was the next bachelor! With that being said I feel like all the BIP girls have their eyes on dean and think he will find love there, unless he ends up like Jared (poor guy πŸ‘ˆπŸ» I really like him too) Love reading your bachelorette/bachelor blog posts though, you always say exactly what I’m thinking πŸ’­!

  6. Sooooooo happy you did not even mention him!!!!!!!!!

    I loved that they showed a clip from your men tell all πŸ˜€ Totally agree with you about the men tell all!

  7. I am also a huge Dean fan and secretly (maybe not so secretly) hoping he doesn’t find someone in Paradise so he can be our new Bachelor! Although, I did think about the possibility of Kenny being the new Bachelor.. We’ll see!

  8. I don’t know….not really a fan of Dean. He’s cute in a boyish way but I think he’s too young to be the bachelor and it shows. I wouldn’t take him seriously. I think he has a lot of issues with his family drama that he needs to work through before he would be marriage potential. Not that everyone that goes on the show to be the bachelor is there for marriage 😜
    They could cut men tell all and I would be fine with that. You’re right…those guys are there to get more air time!

  9. Aww man went to look at the dress and it’s sold out already πŸ™ Guess I missed out on this great deal!

  10. I was most impressed with Rachel’s comments and responses to every guy! Her responses to DeMario and Lee were awesome and the kind words she said about and to Adam, Matt and Kenny revealed what a lovely person she is. I think Dean took the high road. I don’t think he bought her response to him regarding why she shared she was falling in love with him, but he knew there was no point in persisting. Dean is a wonderful young man, but I think his family is too complicated with too much unresolved grief to have him be the bachelor. I like Kenny but I don’t want him to be the bachelor, either. Reflecting back on all of the bachelor, bachelorette and bachelor in Paradise contestants who had children, there is so much time and focus on their children and the complications of bringing this “stranger” into their lives. It is a MUST, I understand, being a parent myself, but I do not think it is fair to the children or their other parent to have their lives shared on such a public stage. I hope Rachel chooses Peter, but I’m thinking her fiancΓ© is Bryan. I do not see her being happy with him long-term, unless there is waaaay more to him than we’ve witnessed.

  11. Thank goodness it’s not just me. I’m with you 100%. I’m so not a MTA/WTA fan! Instead of dishing the behind the scenes “tell all” of the season, it has evolved to a last minute claim to fame at whatever cost. Whether it be positive or negative limelight, all anyone cares about is airtime. Enough of that, bring on the finale!!!

  12. I tuned the beginning out. Got a little human inside of me that is close to D-day and he was distracting me a bit. πŸ™‚
    Anywho – what I liked about the episode:
    1) Rachel’s maturity and well-spokenness when addressing the men.
    2) Dean’s honesty and sincerity. We don’t get to see everything that goes on on the show (obviously) so the fact that he backed Kenny says a lot about Lee.
    3) How mature the men were when addressing the Kenny/Lee situation. How awesome was it that the African American men SINCERELY offered to help Lee along his journey of self-reflection and learning.
    4) The “most memorable” ‘Tell All’ moments. So cool to see a bunch of our beloved Bachelors and Bachelorettes!
    5) Listening to Anthony speak. I love his eloquence and words he speaks with. It’s almost mesmerizing.
    In other details, I’m thinking she ends up with Bryan. I think she is just too focused on a proposal to trust that Peter may get there some day. Eric – no chemistry.
    Next Bachelor? Dean would be great, but like someone else said, he feels he needs to work on himself first (how fantastically self-aware is that??? Quite frankly, I feel like that makes him more mature than a lot of the Bachelors that have been on the show). I doubt anyone will find LOVE on BIP because I heard it is going to be cut extremely short due to the delay in filming – something insane like it will only be 10 days. I hope not. Peter I think would be a good choice too. But now, I’m thinking they actually might be building Kenny up! Don’t they usually announce the next one on After the Final Rose? So we might know very soon!!

    1. Love your post, Beth! You and I agree on almost everything! I did love that all of the African American men had the chance to express their feelings re Lee’s behavior and Anthony, my oh my is he ever eloquent!

  13. I was thinking the same thing when I saw your insta story last night, not a fan of the tell all episodes. I do hope Dean is the next bachelor, but I’m really thinking Peter!

  14. I’ve just totally lost interest in the show this season. πŸ™ I feel since the rise of social media the guys/girls are just trying to find fame, stay on tv, gain instagram followers, date other ex contestants, etc. I don’t know. Maybe it was always that way but it just seems over the past 3-4 years it’s gotten worse.

    That being said I LOVE RACHEL and think she is so sincere and genuine. I hope she finds her happiness!

  15. I agree it seemed they were setting Kenny up to be the next Bachelor. Not sure they would do two African Americans back to back. Dean reminds me of a younger Chris Soles. I really feel they over did the whole Lee thing. They really gave it to him. Can’t wait for next week.

  16. The MTA is a waste of an episode. I don’t believe they were/are setting Kenny up for the next Bachelor. This was his reward for putting up with Lee and his crap and not laying hands on him. I saw a tweet last night that said ”Sorry we cast a racist on purpose! Enjoy a trip to Disney! I’m ready for this season to be over and Rachel can try and build a REAL relationship with her fiance.

  17. I may be in the minority but I enjoyed last night’s episode way more than I thought. I wasn’t even going to watch it- I hate reliving the old stupid fights (i.e., whaboom guy and blake). However, I thought the Lee/racism discussion was fascinating. Some people have mentioned that the men of color on the show should not have to spell out how Lee was racist- why is the burden on them? That is true, but I would like to say that conversations like this are very rare on primetime reality tv, and it may have taught viewers some things. I thought all the arguments against Lee were well stated and to the point. There was no real yelling back and forth- it was a discussion. Lee, on the other hand, I am confused about. I did not believe a word he said until maybe the very end when he admitted his statements were racist. There is a glimmer of hope (albeit a small one) that he may have learned something. Arguments against this are that he never apologized until last night and he has been two-faced. But I was expecting him to come on and antagonize the guys. He was quiet and listened to all their criticism.

    On to Dean- he is so nice. I did not appreciate how Rachel treated him. I thought it might be an unspoken rule not to have the Bachelor/Bachelorette say the word “love” prior to the end. I’m glad she wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, and perhaps “falling in love” is totally different than “I love you”, but just because it was true, doesn’t mean she had to say it to his face. If I were Dean, I would be completely confused as well.

    1. So well said- I especially agree that having a conversation about racism on this platform was especially important and hopefully educating to many.

  18. I am a fan of Rachel… but…. i am getting a bit irritated that she keeps saying she wants an engagement at the end. I sure do hope she picks the man she loves, not the man who will propose to her!

    1. Agree 100% Linda. She seems to be so focused on a proposal that she is willing to forgo the relationship that is the strongest. Sounds like she will pick the guy that will offer a ring. When her and Peter were discussing their views on what a proposal meant and he said it “means we are getting married and we just need to plan” and she said “oh no, it means lets continue pursuing this and see where it goes”, I was like aaaahhhh, where the heck did she get that?? I mean when someone proposes it usually means they have already figured out the “let’s continue this” thing and are ready to get married. I totally disagreed with her definition there and am a bit sad that the engagement is the only thing that seems to matter.

      1. Agree. I wonder if this was always her view point prior to getting on the show? Who legit thinks that getting engaged means just dating more and see where it goes? I get that she wants to be married and have a family, but she completely disregards Peter’s opinion, which is definitely the widely held view. Now, people can have longer engagements, but it is still a promise that you are going to get married. Peter wants to see if their lives are actually compatible outside of the show. Sheesh, makes sense to me.

  19. I thought Kenny’s little girl, Mackenzie was beautiful. I think she’d be a great Bachelorette in 10-15 years down the road. πŸ™‚ Good luck to Rachel. I am still pulling for Eric. Kenny would be an excellent Bachelor!

      1. I feel the same. Yet its hard to tell if that is his worst, like he never comes across that way or he controls the anger

        1. I think Kenny is meek and mild
          but wouldn’t let
          passive aggressive -sneaky-snake Lee bully him Or anyone else. Kenny is smart, a man of integrity, funny, respectful, very mature.
          Eric and others showed outbursts of anger and heated tempers, when Lee and Iggy were bad mouthing their character to Rachel. There’s a reason all his peers have a high regard & love for Kenny.

  20. I agree with Ali on the “Tell All” shows. I skim through most parts. My favorite part of the show is the bleepers! Ha!

    But I really do like Dean as he is a stand up guy. Sticking up for his dad makes me respect Dean even more. Maybe someday Dean will be ready to be The Bachelor unless he finds love elsewhere.

  21. I really like Rachel but agree with Stephanie about her comments about being engaged, when people become engaged it is because a man has proposed marriage not let’s see how this could work out. I liked how Peter said being engaged is like being married, he only wants to do it once with the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with. She seems too set on being engaged not looking for the right man to marry. I really like Peter but there is something about Bryan that doesn’t seem sincere. My favorite was Dean even though I knew he would not be the final choice and really am glad. I loved how he talked about how she was able to get him to open up and at least meet his dad half way and how he thought they could rebuild their relationship in the future. I think he would be great with Raven who already expressed interest when she went on the “girls” date with Rachel and the others from Nick’s season. When I saw him take Rachel 4 wheeling i immediately thought of Raven. With all this said i really did NOT like how they did Rachel’s season. I didn’t like how they announced her as the Bachelorette before Nick even sent her home, how she said she was engaged half way through her season. I love these posts after the fact so everyone can exchange ideas but I don’t like the “spoilers”. I warch BIP but really liked Bachelor Pad much better. At least there was something besides revolving door hook ups. Ali I love reading your blog on Tuesday because you have good insight since you have been through this before but also feel much of the romance has been replaced with drama

  22. I was hesitant to send this comment because it’s controversial, I feel, but here it goes…

    I think Lee and Kenny had a real man heart to heart towards the end of the show that I actually appreciated. They actually hugged and it seemed really sincere to me. It seemed like they “squashed” the issue between them.

    Rachel is great but I was disappointed when she came out and said she wanted to take Lee backstage and give him a lesson on Black History month…I was a little taken aback. It’s an important topic but it just seemed a little off base to me with the delivery. You can stand up for yourself and your beliefs but do it in a way that’s more kind. It just seemed really condescending to me. But, I could be wrong!

    If a man said that exact statement to a woman, no one would be clapping in the audience. But the whole audience exploded with applause when Rachel said that to Lee. I suppose I just expected her to acknowledge/appreciate that Lee had some awareness of his actions and a change of heart. Also, acknowledging that Lee and Kenny patched things up but instead the guys got some jabs thrown at them. We don’t need anymore jabs thrown this season= physically or verbally.

    I just feel like sometimes things are a double standard between men and women. For instance, Lee’s tweet about getting a dog over a woman is something some women would totally say about a man and she would be applauded! Women, all the time, say they don’t need a man but when a man says he doesn’t need a woman…he is deemed a bad guy! SOME women are always throwing shade at guys and belittling them and in our society it’s socially acceptable. A woman is strong and empowering if she looks down on a man. But it’s not okay for a man to look down on a woman. I think it should be socially unacceptable for neither a man or woman to belittle each other or look down on each other. Let’s lift and encourage our men up, as we would want our men to lift and encourage us up, as women!

    1. YASSSSS!! i am with you. I read that Rachel was actually very bitchy on the whole show but they edited it to make it look like she was kind. (not saying she’s not kind-I truly believe she is). But we ALL KNOW that the producers edit things to their liking. It was painfully obvious that Dean and Rachel’s conversation was cute short…their ending the conversation was so unnatural and almost didn’t make sense to me. I totally agree with you about the dog comment too. you hit the nail on the head.

      1. I agree with you. She deserves to be pissed off at Lee and the producers- rightly so. But she didn’t seem that sincere in her apologies- especially with Dean.

        1. Erin, I’m not sure we saw Rachel’s entire conversation with Dean. Another poster (Jennifer) stated it was short and didn’t make sense.

    2. If Rachel was bitchy at the MTA, in my opinion she had a right to be. She didn’t have any idea about what was happening behind the scenes. When things aired I’m sure she was in her feelings and so was I. The producers are starting to ruin the concept of the show by going out and selecting folks off of social media and any where else, but yet Lee’s tweets got past them. I don’t believe it. I’ve learned that Lee and DeMario were recruited, there could be more.

      I also think that Lee, Kenny and the guys made nice for TV. I don’t expect them ever to be friends. So I think Rachel is ready for the show to be over with.

      1. Phyllis ward-agreed, she did have a right to be bitchy! My point was mainly that (UGH) I wish they would stop with the HEAVY editing, like Bryan getting up to leave the table with her parents, only to learn that he was supposed to leave to meet the dad. I’m tired of the editing…even Rachel mentioned that we never saw any of her and Matt? (cannot remember…point made) relationship so ppl were wondering, who’s that? I wish we would have seen more “real” life. So IMO opinion, the producers are ruining the show in many ways, like you mentioned above.

        I agree with you about the producers missing the tweets?? YEAH RIGHT. they made for TV.

  23. When the show was over last night the feeling I had was that they were all such a great group of guys, who for the most part got along and genuinely liked each other. I don’t recall if I felt that way after any other tell all show. Especially after educating Lee, they all seemed bonded in a special way. At the very end of the show they we all laughing and hugging each other. I don’t know, it just gave me a good feeling.

    I don’t see what everyone sees in Dean. Not bachelor material. However, I remember thinking that Kenny would make a perfect
    Bachelor! He was one of my favorites from the beginning and I was sorry that he got so wrapped up in the Lee stuff, although I could hardly blame him. I was surprised that Rachel wasn’t a bit more sympathetic to the drama he was dragged into but instead admonished him that he couldn’t have ignored it more. Did she watch the same show as I did? Who would have been able to ignore the goading and such that Lee dished out! I was disappointed in her about that.
    I like Bryan and I hope she picks him. I’m hoping the fairy tale that it seems to be, turns out to be true in real life!

  24. Dean for next Bachelor!!! He is so sincere, well spoken & deserving of happiness.. not to mention, his smile and eyes just melt my heart!!! I think Peter would be sooo boring. Sadly, not a fan..

  25. Dean was spotted in Lake Tahoe with Ashley I and Luke. Not sure if they are together (I hope not). Maybe they hooked up on Bachelor in Paradise??

  26. Hi Ali! I’ve read really mixed reviews about SHEIN – where your blue wrap dress is from. Was your experience a good one? Quality, size, delivery, etc. Thanks!

  27. Isn’t Lee a singer/song writer? I couldn’t help wondering if his PR rep told him to apologize so it doesn’t ruin his career.

  28. Hated that ABC pulled stupid tweets from how long ago from Lee? Completely irrelevant. His one post was off color but not racist. It’s called a joke. His other ones I thought were funny. Like simmer it down people!! Of course they had to pull the whole race card with rachel being the first African American bachelorette which is stupid and you totally saw coming. I did love seeing the old men tell all scenes from prior years. That was so fun to see! Hoping Bryan wins this season! Not a fan of peter-he’s just ok.

  29. I didn’t like how immature the men where last night – yelling, cussing, high fiving Kenny – talk about bullies. They told lee he was a bully all season then did the same last night. Classless. I love what Fred said at the end of the night. I wish Rachael was called out on how cruel she was toward him when she sent him home the things she said to the camera about him being a little boy not a man and how awkward and weird he was. She is NOT a nice person. Looking forward to having a new lead.

    1. Poor Fred shouldn’t have come to the show. He already knew Rachel so why didn’t he reach out to her years ago? I believe they live in the same state. If she hadn’t been the Bachelorette, it’s possible he would had never seen her again.I think he’s upset because she gave him the boot SO early and he had no airtime. NO new IG followers for him.

  30. I’m 100% with you! It is a pathetic last ditch effort to secure more IG followers and possible advertising opportunities (hello fresh, sugar bear hair). I am so sick of these contestants doing nothing productive post filming. I mean, what I wouldn’t give to post random ads on IG and then get paid….. but still!!
    Can’t wait for the finale! I love Bryan!!

    1. I completely agree with you, Kathryn! What I wouldn’t give to wear a Big Mac onesie and promote McDonald’sπŸ‘πŸ»
      I love bryan too. I really hope they end up together. Of all the guys left, him and Rachel seem to be the best match and they def have the best/most chemistry. Poor Dean… my heart broke for him. Hopefully he’ll find love on BIP!!

      1. Dean’s home visit made me so uncomfortable. He needs to sort through his issues before he finds love. He’s too young to be the bachelor. Poor Dean.
        I feel like Bryan was scrutinized by the family because he is the one she wants to pick. He also had the opportunity to meet her friends. I think they are a great match.

        1. Hopefully Dean sorts out his family issues. I wonder if the show closed the gap and brought them together…
          Can’t wait for the finale!!

  31. I was the same! I didn’t watch very much but the bloopers gave me so much life! If I didn’t think I could love Dean anymore he proved me wrong! I was dying laughing at him putting his gum behind his ear and then him doing that giggle! 😍
    Anyways I’m so over the guys and all their drama this season but super excited for the finale!!

  32. Chris Harrison seems to be getting less airtime on the show and doesn’t seem to be as involved in the seasons these past couple of years. Why is that you think?

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