Prettiest Dress I’ve Ever Owned for Under $50

UPDATE: Bumping up this post from May to today since this dress is BACK IN STOCK! It’s one of my favorites EVER!!! And only $45! Read my review below:

Hi Luvs! I couldn’t be more excited about today’s post because this dress is just dreamy!!!! I was so excited to wear it and post about it for you guys, but about a week ago I checked Nordstrom’s website to see if it was still available and it wasn’t šŸ™ I was sooooo bummed! But I was online shopping today (surprise surprise) and there it was! Back in stock! I nearly screamed I was so excited! Isn’t it just gorgeous? Can you tell I love this dress by how many pictures I took in it? I just couldn’t get enough of it! This dress fits true to size, FYI. I’m wearing a medium šŸ™‚

And let me tell you guys about this purse I got from Sole Society! It’s magic I tell you! Ha! No really. When I bought it online it said it was “dusty rose” (a.k.a blush) and I really wanted a cute blush bag for summer so I got it. But when the purse arrived in the mail I thought it looked more neutral. Well as soon as I paired it with an outfit with pink/blush in it (like today’s dress) it instantly appeared blush! I LOVE that! And here’s why. A blush bag isn’t as versatile as a neutral bag, but it’s still really pretty! So when I carry this bag with an outfit that doesn’t have pink in it, it actually appears tan/neutral. But when I pair it with pink (tada!!!!), it’s all of a sudden blush. I swear it’s a magic purse. I’m obsessed. If you order it, you can get my bracelet from the same site. It’s simple and classic and goes with everything.

My heart necklace is under $10. Yup, under $10! And my earrings are from the same site for only $16. I don’t wear silver a lot, but I love silver with this dress. Finish the look off with a strappy nude pump! My heels are last season, but the ones I linked are the same look.

Luv you guys!!!! Have a great Thursday!









50 Thoughts

50 thoughts on “Prettiest Dress I’ve Ever Owned for Under $50

  1. If I had found that dress just on the Nordstrom site I would have clicked right by based on how the model is wearing it but on you it looks soooo cute! The way you’re wearing the waist is super flattering.

  2. Oh my goodness!! This dress, is THE dress I’ve been looking for, for my first wedding shower. Thanks for posting it!!

  3. I don’t know why I’ve never perused this blog before! Your stuff is so affordable, thank you for that!!

  4. I love this dress and ordered it this morning. Then I received an email from Nordstrom saying the order was cancelled and could not be fulfilled b/c it was not in fact available when I ordered. šŸ™

  5. I wear silver sometimes and I love your earrings! Of course I clicked on them and it’s JC Penny! They have a lot of good deals going on till May 14th. Thanks for the info Ali

  6. NOOOO I waited to get home to order this and its out of stock again. ITS SO PRETTY. I need it.

  7. It’s backordered again šŸ™ I ordered it anyways so hopefully it ships sooner rather than later! Love your blog, Ali!

  8. You are still my favorite bachelorette! I have to say that this was the worst season but I’ve watched, and I’ve been watching for many many years! It has less to do with Rachel, but I do have a complaint there too! She cancelled sooo many cocktail parties and whether it was for fill in or just bc the producers wanted…it was all about the men fighting….so unbelievable, I fast forwarded through all the bickering!
    The producers needs to mix it up…way to predictable….men or girls fighting, confrontation, someone gets hurt, the bully stays on, blaaa blaaa blaa!
    Sorry to say, if they keep to same ole same ole…I’m done

  9. “Who does not touch us does not make us blush. “.

    [Corneille, Horace]

    Ali, You are the woman who makes me most blush in the world.

  10. Not related to this post but have you found any swimsuits post baby that you love??? I have a 5.5month old and I am having a hard time finding a swimsuit for this post baby body!! Thank you!!!

  11. Beautiful dress! Are you planning on doing a post on your breastfeeding journey now that you are finished (or close to it)? I’m 4.5 months into my journey and so interested to hear about yours! It’s such a commitment and we’ve had some rocky roads, but I’m hanging in there.

  12. Have to ask because dress is so cute, but what type of bra did you wear with it? That would be my only hesitation.

  13. Ali!! This dress is so pretty! I was trying to look back to that cute pair of black overalls you talked about a while ago but I can’t find the post. Where are they from?? Thanks girlie!!

    1. If you search “overalls” in the search bar the post will pop up! But I believe they are sold out šŸ™

  14. I think that pink floral maxi dress from Express was the prettiest! (And I bought it, so I’m biased). And hey, weren’t you going to show us the pink floral shirt you got at Express, too?

  15. I bought this dress to wear to a quinseanera (sweet fifteenth) and I just love it. The print is beautiful and it flows so nicely.
    Thank you Ali

  16. Hi Ali. Thank you for sharing! I love this dresss! Also, Iā€™m wondering where your whore and pink floral dress that you wore in your mark and graham advertising is from?

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