Good Vibes for Rachel!!!

UPDATE: Adding an update to the beginning of this because some of you pointed out that Rachel’s is publicly saying she’s engaged and at this point it so obviously that it’s Bryan and Peter in the end, so why would the show let Rachel say PUBLICLY that she’s engaged unless they are trying to throw us off. (You guys are so smart!) Given that, I 100% think she ends up with Peter and the show is trying to set us up for a big surprise at the end when Peter takes the plunge and get down on one knee!!! Otherwise, it would be too obvious at this point that it’s Bryan and the show wouldn’t have let her say she’s engaged publicly.

Original post:

Man, last night’s episode was intense! I felt my heart breaking for Rachel at the end of the episode during her conversation with Peter. So I want to start this blog post off saying that I just want to send so many good vibes out there in the universe for Rachel right now. And to every person looking for love! One of my closest friends, Moses, is always saying that if you put out good vibes, good vibes come back to you. So let’s all send some good vibes out into the world today! (BTW, this Good Vibes sweatshirt is the comfiest thing I’ve EVER worn and it’s on sale for $37 as part of the Nordstrom Sale! And the fit is so good!!!!)

Let’s start with meeting Rachel’s family…

I love it when we see real life scenarios play out on the show. I’m not saying that the show isn’t real life. It is. But it’s also a tv show. Every season there’s a formula to how the show works. And I just find it really cool that because Rachel’s sister is eight months pregnant they had to move her “meet the family” episode up a week. I actually had to do something similar when my sister and I were both pregnant at the same time. She couldn’t travel after a certain point so I had to move my baby shower up a few weeks so she could travel from Massachusetts to California to attend it. Having family be a part of these major life moments is the most important thing. And Rachel has been very clear that family is important to her.

When Eric and Bryan were talking about Peter, it kind of bothered me when Bryan said it would be a shame if one of them went home over Peter who isn’t fully committed. First, I don’t necessarily agree that Peter isn’t committed. I think he’s just being realistic about what the situation is. But at the end of the day, Rachel shouldn’t send Peter home just because he’s not necessarily ready to propose. What matters is that they’re falling in love. No one should be sent home because they don’t feel ready to propose. That’s a huge deal! And at the end of the day, I would rather end up with somebody on the show, and not get engaged, if I really cared about them and they cared about me. That’s better than getting engaged to my second choice because my first choice didn’t want to propose on a TV show after 2.5 months. What do you guys think? Yeah yeah, I get that he signed up for this. But there’s nothing in the contract you sign saying you have to propose! And maybe he went on the show to find love but didn’t necessarily think it could work out. If you ask any past contestant, they will tell you that they didn’t think it would work out but they’re then surprised when they actually do fall in love. The only person that goes on the show thinking they will find love is the lead of the show. And that’s because they’ve already gone through it as a contestant and they realize that it can work! So I don’t blame Peter whatsoever for being hesitant. I think it’s real and refreshing to see. And I don’t think any of the guys should stay OVER him just because they are ready to propose and he is not.

Also, I just want to say that just because he’s not ready to propose at this moment, it doesn’t mean that when he went on the show he wasn’t ready for marriage. I think he 100% is ready for marriage. But again, like I said above, you don’t go on the show thinking it’s actually gonna work out.

Let’s talk abut Eric. I like Eric. I’ve liked him since the very beginning when they met on After the Final Rose. That said, I almost wished I could have fast forwarded his part of the show last night. Not because I think less of him than any of the other guys. Just because I see absolutely no chemistry between him and Rachel. It just seems obvious to me that they aren’t meant to be. I think we will go home next episode. Sorry I don’t have a ton to say about this.


All season long I’ve never once felt like Bryan was going to be the last one standing. I, like Rachel, kind of thought he was a “douche bag” at the beginning of the season. But, I will say that he totally grew on me when we saw him with his mother. I think Bryan is actually very genuine and sincere, but maybe what his genuine looks like isn’t what it looks like to us. Does that make sense? I just think Rachel is really smart and if he won her over then he won us over too! Because all that matters is what Rachel feel and that he is going to treat her right. I trust her judgement in that. I mean really, he went from Rachel thinking he was a douche bag, to her possibly wanting to get married to him! He’s got to have a lot of good in him right?!

And look, I’ve got to hand it to him for being so confident in his feelings for Rachel. He told Rachael’s mom that if she chooses him in the end, he will 100% propose to her. And while I by no means feel that it’s necessary for that to happen, he is the only guy at this point that is saying 100% he will propose. I do like the confidence he has in the relationship and that willingness to commit. I guess my question is… is this confidence in commitment new? Although, to be my own devils advocate, if you don’t find the right person then you’re not going to be ready to commit. Maybe it took him this long to meet the right person and that person is Rachel.


Spain Dates…

Even though I found Eric’s visit with her family to be a bit boring, I actually really enjoyed watching their day in Spain. We saw Eric open up more during this date than he has this entire season! And I have to say that when people say “I love you” for the first time on the show, I usually think it seems so forced and fake. But I really didn’t feel that way at all when Eric said it. I think he really is finding feelings of love maybe for the first time in his life! And I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Once again I found Peters honestly extremely refreshing during their day in Spain. One thing that I can never quite understand every season is how much pressure is put on a proposal in the end. Look, I don’t remember how my season was edited so maybe at some point something aired that made it seem like I was pushing for a proposal at the end. But I can say with 100% certainty that when we were filming my season and the producers would ask me about a proposal, I was always so adamant about the fact that it might not end in a proposal. And I was adamant about the fact that I didn’t want it to end in a proposal unless one of the guys truly wanted to propose to me! So I find it so strange that Rachael, a very independent and strong woman, is putting so much emphasis on a proposal at the end of the season. I think she might just be a little brainwashed at the moment by the process of the show. And I know brainwashed is a strong word to use. But essentially when you’re talking to people every single day and doing interviews every single day about how the show is supposed to end in a proposal, you start to believe that that’s the only good outcome. When really, if she walked away from this with someone she loves, that’s an incredible outcome! Whether there’s a proposal or not. That said, I’m sending Rachael so many good vibes right now! Good vibes that she finds exactly what she’s looking for. Well I guess my good vibes are kind of pointless at this point since we all know she’s engaged right now. She’s been very vocal about that ever since she started doing press at the beginning of the season. So is she engaged to Peter right now? Or is she engaged to Brian? I think Peter based on my update above!

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159 thoughts on “Good Vibes for Rachel!!!

  1. I loved your article and reading your point of view, but I find it ironic that you were able to call out Bryan for talking about Peter but didn’t do the same about what Peter said about Bryan.

    1. It’s not that he was talking about Peter, it’s what he SAID that I was commenting on. Not necessarily in a negative way. Of course people are going to talk about each other on this show. The producers constantly ask you your feelings on the other contestants.

      1. True, but we also now know that this show is highly edited and so it has been suggested that if the 2 or more people talking to each other are not all in the same camera shot while talking, chances are the conversation has been edited with different sound bytes to make the conversation more interesting. Just like Bryan stated in his Instagram post last night that when he excused himself from the dinner table, it was to go talk to Rachel’s dad, not because the line of questioning got too much as we were lead to believe.

          1. Rachel’s dad was there but since he is currently a Federal Judge he could not be shown on TV. Also why they rented the house that was shown and not Rachel’s real family home was for security reasons. Bryan states right on his last Instagram post that he got up from the dinner table to speak with her dad.

          2. I read that he was there but couldn’t be on cameras because of his job. So Bryan did get up and talk to him

        1. On the show Rachel stated that “unfortunately, none of the men will be able to meet my dad this week,” so that led me to believe he was not there. I assumed Bryan’s instagram comment about meeting him was sarcasm.

          1. Chris Harrison said Rachel’s dad was present and all the men met with him at the rented house.

    2. Unrelated, would you be so kind as to tell me where you found that pretty little rainbow dress you had on yesterday? Thank you! Carli

    3. Thank you for the article I like both I think peter will win but it’s hard when she has chemistry with both I wonder why they make us wait two weeks

      Ali is awesome an adorable baby

  2. I think you need to do a recap on the hometown dates. I’m dying to know what you thought of Rachel sending Dean home after such an emotional night. Especially since she told him she was falling in love with him. Doesn’t make sense.

    I agree with your thoughts on Peter. He shouldn’t propose unless he’s sure and he shouldn’t feel like he has to either. But I see where Rachel is coming from when she says she isn’t looking for a boyfriend after this. It seems like she is looking for someone who wants to marry her and soon. And she was very candid with Peter about that. I think Rachel has an easy decision – Bryan!

    1. I support her wanting to get married after all this! But I wouldn’t want to marry my second choice. Ya know? I want her to choose the guy she falls in love with! Not just the guy she knows is going to propose.

      1. This is 100% truth!!!!! Love it! She should be excited that peter wants to honor a proposal leading to marriage. She says to she wants to be married but she doesn’t think that a proposal necessarily means that you have to be planning a wedding. I totally agree with peter’s way of thinking on this!

      2. He should offer a promise ring instead of proposing at the end. I know it’s not a proposal like Rachel is looking for but they are still getting to know each other. I think this would be a great compromise because I really like them together and feel he is the best choice!

      3. I really enjoy your posts!!! Your daughter is so precious. Happy for you and your life. Enjoy it- life goes fast.

      4. Exactly! Why is Rachel in such a hurry to be engaged! Your blog was right on Ali! If Rachel really loves Peter then she should give him a chance- perhaps to propose later on. I think Peter is being the level headed one here!

      5. I totally agree with you, Ali. Rachel did comment that her fiance is very romantic. Makes me think she got engaged to Bryan as he’s all over her, and says the right things at the right time. However, I really do think Rachel’s first choice is Peter. I’d go for the man that I love, regardless of a proposal at the end. Bryan comes across too arrogant to me. Peter is the real deal. I married a man of integrity and Peter appears to be completely candid in this process.

        1. I can really see both points of view. Rachel is at the time and place in her life where she’s ready for a husband and children. And she said she’s dated guys who thought she was great, but didn’t want to take that next step with her, and she doesn’t want to keep making the same mistake of waiting on a guy to propose who never does. Yet, does it make sense to marry someone who was really your 2nd choice just because he was willing to propose? But then, people marry for all kinds of reasons – love is only one part of it. Sometimes timing is everything.

  3. Hi Ali,
    I’m so glad to hear you say that there’s too much pressure for a proposal at the end! I’ve never understood that need of past bachelor’s and bachelorettes! I think Peter’s view is most logical and I agree that I’d rather end up in love than having a proposal from a “second choice”.
    I also though Eric was awesome in Spain. I even feel like Rachel was falling more for him. I have thought all along that Eric was the only one to loosen Rachel up! She’s seemed to take this process way too seriously (which I’s a serious thing). I really wish she’d pick Eric but I know she isn’t going to!

    I love the sweatshirt and the jacket Ali!

    1. From the show’s point of view, a proposal is much more dramatic, romantic and memorable, and gives viewers something to keep watching and talking about after the season ends. If they just end up as boyfriend and girlfriend, that’s nice, but not as great a coup from the show’s standpoint.

  4. Hi Ali, I always love your point of view.

    I agree, Eric is a wonderful man, just not for Rachel. So there will be no engagement for them. That leaves Bryan and Peter.

    At the moment it appears Bryan is ready to propose and Peter is not. I thank Peter for being so honest. However, according to Rachel, she did not come on this show to find a boyfriend and she’s made it clear all season. On this show when there is a proposal it’s the same as continuing to date. After all they really don’t know each other. We all know only a few of the engaged couples have gotten married. I can’t see a long distance relationship without an engagement surviving. They all live in different states and I don’t believe Rachel will move just to continue to date.
    Can’t wait to see who chose Rachel.

    1. Phyllis Ward, I agree with you 100%. Rachel can’t really be expected to leave her home, job, family and friends to move to Wisconsin on the strength of just being boyfriend/girlfriend. Yet a long distance relationship without a really strong committment (like an engagement) would be difficult to manage. Especially at a time when both their stars are rising and they may get even busier after the show and barely have time to see each other if they’re not living in the same city/same house.

  5. I totally agree with almost everything you’ve said! I love Peter and it’s not bad for him to say he may not be ready for proposal after 2.5 months. Personally, I think Eric is immature and Rachael isn’t as lit up with him it’s more of a giggly relationship rather than looking to find your spouse. Bryan is charming, as I watched the last few shows I started disliking him more for some reason. I hope Rachael leaves with the right decision. I really do hope it’s Peter because he seems the most mature and he knows when he’s ready.

  6. Isn’t it true when they say, “A woman knows what she wants!”
    Majority of woman want to be engaged, get married & start a family. Rachel is one of them. Proud that she is relaying exactly what outcome from the show she wants. Peter views it different & hesitate to commit which Rachel sees negatively to me. Bryan will definitely commit, so thinking it’ll be him in the end of all this.
    Good Vibes to all!

    1. Jodi, Rachel’s mom said Rachel looked at her parents’ relationship and always said she wanted to be married and have kids.

  7. Thanks for your post! I always look forward to reading it after the episode. I agree-I like Eric, but I don’t see them ending up together at all. I also totally love that Peter is comfortable saying he’s only wanting to propose if he’s 100% sure-to me it almost makes me believe in his feelings for her more. And I love love love Rachel, but I think her definition of a proposal was one she probably would only use on this show-I’m goofing to venture a guess (as one who’s not been proposed to…or done the asking…) that most people who propose feel the way Peter described. Hopefully if it’s right, the two of them will figure out what works for them.

    Thanks again!

  8. oh my gosh that last Nite was gut wrenching ha I didn’t want it to end im only hoping that she ends up with peter he is so geniue I don’t know about bryan he has grown on me but there s somwthing that is not hitting but fingers crossed for peter in the end

  9. OH my goodness. I had my own little talk show on my way into work analyzing last night’s episode. I love how Rachel’s mom appreciated Peter’s honesty. I think she’s rather relieved that ONE of the remaining bachelors shows a little “realism” in his expectations for a real relationship and not just getting to the proposal. That being said, I agree with you about Peter. I have major respect for him being honest AND REAL about his feelings and the situation. I actually think Rachel is so focused on the whole “I don’t want a boyfriend, I want a husband” aspect, that someone simply saying, “I’m not sure I’m going to propose” is enough for her to say she might be saying goodbye to him! I hope, like you, if she truly loves Peter above Bryan and Eric, she will “compromise” on needing a proposal at the end and appreciate what she does love about him and allow a proposal to more “naturally” happen. Like you said, Rachel is smart, and I think deep down, she would rather wait on her “Number 1” rather than settle for “Number 2” just because he will definitely propose to her.

    Okay so I also agree with you on Eric. He has grown on me but I just don’t see the chemistry between them like I do with her and Peter and her and Bryan. I don’t see him as one of the final two unless Rachel lets her expectations get the best of her and she sends Peter home purely because he won’t propose to her at the end.

    And WOW – how about Bryan’s meeting with the fam? He definitely got the hot seat on this one. It was very telling to watch Rachel come to his defense. While uncomfortable to watch for a bit, I’m glad at the end Bryan got her mother’s blessing (I really liked how she worded it! – how he has their blessing to grow their love – something like that). I also like how he got to meet her friends before anyone else – also could be quite telling as to which guy is the front-runner in Rachel’s eyes.

    Overall, even though I think she picks Bryan, Peter totally moved up into number 1 for me when I saw the way he handled himself on last night’s episode. I LOVE his honesty and how he is not just telling her what he thinks she wants to hear. I think he is super mature and I hope Rachel can put her expectations aside and see why that is such a valuable trait to have in a partner (IMO), if HE is HER number 1. πŸ™‚

    1. OH and I forgot to mention – maybe Rachel is feeling a little rush to the altar because she is seeing her sister expanding her family and that has to have some influence, even if it is only a little.

      1. Beth, I totally agree. If Rachel has always wanted a husband and children like her mom said, it has got to make her a little anxious to watch her sister already married and on her 2nd child, while Rachel hasn’t even found Mr. Right yet!

  10. Ali I completely agree! I wish Rachel could see that just because Peter might not propose doesn’t mean that he isn’t the one for her! I still think he is her best option even after the drama last night.

      1. Is Eric that far off the picture to you?? I think she actually might knock Bryan off because of the mom.😧 She was intense and also he stuttered his answer way to much on the “wife or mom” question😐 I hope it’s Peter and Eric in the end!

        OH!!! On another note!!! I caught up on 2 episodes in one day.. and had Raven on Snap Chat and saw Dean in a party with her (which ruined the episode for me because that obviously means he was out) UGH! THE PRODUCERS NEED TO ADD A CLAUSE THAT MAKES THE LAST 5 NOT MAKE A PUBLIC APPEARANCE UNTIL The men tell all show.πŸ˜’ The production ruined the show for the fans with their timings of BIP and air times sooo many times.😞

  11. She ends up with Bryan guarantees, can’t beat that chemistry!
    And there is a photo going around of Peters year book photo and quote and it says his goal/future plan is to be The Bachelor… so there’s that!

    1. That’s pretty funny actually. I’m sure it was a joke. And I think it’s a funny yearbook quote/joke!

  12. Hi Ali,

    Love that “Good Vibes” sweatshirt. ANYWAYS……. my feeling is that Rachel is 32 and wants 4 kids. My hunch (not sure) is that she has been in relationships before that she wanted to lead to marriage and they just didn’t. And where she’s been the one trying to lead the relationship, because the man lacked confidence.

    From that perspective, she is strong and independent, but she doesn’t want to start dating someone who isn’t ready to get married. Like she said, she could do that on her own. She got on this show (for many opportunities, I’m sure), but also for the crazy hope that she’d be able to pick a guy who is ready right now for marriage and kids.

    I understand it. I don’t think it has to be her being brainwashed. It may have been a motivator for her trying this very unique way to find love. MAYBE. All this is speculation. If she is truly falling in love with two men, then I could see readiness to commit being something important to her. I get the feeling that she’s tired of waiting and just wants to start the next part of her life. Even if it’s risky!

    1. I totally hear you but you DO NOT REALLY get to know someone on this show. Trust me! You essentially get engaged to a stranger in the end. Every person who has ever been on the show will tell you the same thing. I DO think Peter is ready to get married. He just wants to be sure. Would you be sure if you were Peter after hearing Bryan talking about how strong their relationship is? I know I wouldn’t!

      1. I agree, Ali. My opinion is that Bryan has been trying to make the other guys insecure. I don’t care for people like that.

        1. Abby, it is a competition after all. Each man has to lead with his best, and one of Bryan’s assets is his confidence. I can’t fault him if other men are intimidated by his confidence. Plus Bryan is quite a bit older than most of the other men, so he has had more time to develop that confidence. I do have to say that Bryan has grown on me since the first shows, but I am still hoping that Rachel and Peter choose each other in the end. But I just want Rachel to be happy – I think she is a wonderful person, woman, attorney, role model and Bachelorette.

      2. Oh, yah. I think Peter is being really level headed, especially against enormous pressure. In real life, my philosophy is that you need to wait at least a year, until that infatuation wears off. That caution is only heightened in this kind of environment. The purpose of my comment was mainly in response to Rachel not wanting to choose someone who won’t propose. I do think she can feel that way by her own volition. I really hope she is lucky in love, though, and that her risk pays off. ::::::fingers crossed:::::::

  13. Rachel is in love with Peter, but will pick Bryan because he is ready to propose. I’m sorry, Bryan is too slick for my taste. He doesn’t really have much depth, and what might appear to be genuine to some, seems a little too rehearsed for me. Peter, on the other hand, is falling in love with Rachel, but won’t propose until he is ready to marry her. Why is that so hard for her to accept? I almost feel that a proposal is more important to her than finding THE ONE, the love of her life. You see how genuine Peter is….what if in a month he is ready to propose? I kind of understand where he is coming from….”how can I propose to this woman when she is still dating two other men?” When you propose to someone, YOU should be the ONLY man in her life. If my heart was with Peter, I’d take the risk and continue to build on what we have so far. The finale will be interesting to see, for sure. Team Peter all the way!!

      1. I really believe that Rachel’s heart is with Peter which is why she was so upset with his view on marriage,..but she should realize that if he wants to marry her, he will want her for life!
        On the other hand, I would LOVE to see Peter as the next Bachelor! he is so handsome and I could listen to that voice all day πŸ˜‰

      2. One thing that stood out to me, was how defensive Rachel got with her family, when they were questioning Bryan. Did you notice that? ! OK… So my friend is constantly scouring the internet for spoilers. She has ALWAYS found the info and ends up being right ALL the time. She just can’t hold it in, and loves to spoil it for my friends and I. πŸ˜‚ So according to her, RACHEL IS ENGAGED TO BRYAN!! I personally think Rachel is in love with Peter, and will be settling for Bryan and the big proposal! Good news though, that leaves it open for Peter to be the next Bachelor!❀️

      3. I really love your post Ali! I am also wondering (and hoping) the production team is throwing us off track and Peter will be the surprise ending and propose.

        Then I heard what Astrid said to the press..😒

  14. I agree with your perspective, but I totally want her to pick Bryan. That way Peter can be the next bachelor! πŸ˜€

  15. I agree with the Peter comments! Watching them together it has always felt like they are the most connected, and I’m SO worried she won’t choose him JUST because she doesn’t think he’ll propose and she “doesn’t want a boyfriend” coming out of this. What if Peter was the right one for her, but he didn’t want to propose RIGHT THEN so she chose someone else who was wrong for her?? Maybe Peter would be ready to propose a few months from now, when they’ve known each other a few months and got to date in the real world and exclusively. She’d still end up getting married way sooner if she did that than if she picks someone who is ready to propose and realizes he’s not right for her.

    I’m not saying that’s what happens. Maybe Bryan is right for her, and she’ll choose him, and everything will work out fine! I’m just so nervous for her because of that emphasis on the proposal and not the emphasis on who is the right fit. Eeeeek. But I wish her the best!

    1. Good point! He might be ready soon after the show! In the end, I know Rachel will make the right choice!

  16. I have watched the Bachelor/ette for a LONG time. I think there are only a few seasons I really didn’t pay much attention to. With that I have to say that I LOVE this season. I really feel like everyone is handling themselves SO well. Rachel has really set the stage for what she is looking for and I think a majority of the me. Is taking this so seriously! I love that it seems like each guy genuinely respects Rachel, even when they are being sent home.

    Just like grief, everybody handles love differently and I honestly feel like all three of her final men do actually LOVE her. And I think Rachel genuinely cares for all of her men. She just has a stronger connection with one them which we haven’t found out yet. I hope that the proposal peice doesn’t persuade her to go one way just because that’s what she is hoping for. I really hope she follows her heart and it all works out in the end. I honestly have respect for probably her last 6 men and i haven’t felt that way about any cast in quite some time. They rocked it this season!

  17. I really like Peter and I wish Rachel could understand his point of view but it seems they do not see eye to eye and Peter is not bending and Rachel doesn’t seem like the type to bend either. If she wants a proposal out of this adventure she will choose Brian. I agree, Eric will go home next.

  18. Yes! I 100% agree with you about Peter. I love how realistic he’s been this whole time about their relationship. I’m the same as you, I would much rather end up not engaged but still in a relationship with my top choice over being engaged to my second pick. I think an engagement later on to my first pick would mean more too…by taking time to actually date & really get to know each other in the real world, then when he proposes you know that he’s doing it because he really truly wants to spend his life with you, and it’s not because he’s on the show & feels pressured to get engaged before he’s truly ready. Make sense? Ha. And I’m sure Peter feels the pressure to agree to propose at the end of the show, but I like that he’s staying true to himself & not willing to just give in because that’s how everyone else thinks the show should go. I think his honesty & openness in all of this really shows the way he cares about Rachel & how he really wants to do this the right way to make sure it lasts forever. I think that’s how Rachel’s mom felt during her talk with him too…I think she could see how genuine he was & how he wants to take things a little slower to make sure that they are in this for the long run.

    As for Brian…I’m still not the biggest fan. And I think his relationship with his mom would get in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that he has such a close relationship with his mom, but I worry that it would end up coming before his relationship with Rachel. For example, my husband is super close with his mom & they have an excellent relationship. But there were multiple times after we first got married that he would always go to her about things first, or value her opinion over mine, or take her advice on something before even asking my thoughts. We’ve since gotten to a point where that doesn’t happen anymore, but I know it definitely hurt my feelings when that would happen & I could see that being an issue for Rachel as well.

  19. I totally agree with you!! I love Peter for thinking the way he does. I get she doesn’t just want a “boyfriend” but feel she is focusing too much on terminology (a proposal)
    rather than finding the one that will hopefully lead to that long term relationship (marriage).

  20. Well put! I think Peter is the one that will last with her. Eric…no way! Brian, I think there is something wrong with him, he seems to just say what people want to hear, he might propose, but it will not last.

    Also, can you put ideas on here for guys, you have great tastes, maybe some styles you like on men???

    1. Thanks for commenting Tony! I will work on some guy stuff. Gives me an excuse to dress my husband!!! Ha!

  21. Ali, I couldn’t agree more. I was literally saying all of this while watching last night. But I did just think of something…maybe she “leaked” the fact that she is engaged so early on to throw viewers off a bit at this point. Because if you believe Peter that he probably won’t propose, then you could assume that it’s Bryan in the end. But maybe it’s all part of the plan to throw us off and it’s really Peter in the end! That’s what I’m hoping for at least – his honesty and realistic view of the situation is so refreshing!

      1. Not gonna lie, freaking out a little that you replied to me! Such a fan, thanks for being so interactive with your readers!

  22. I am trying not to read too much into the editing, but I can’t help myself. I think it is clear they are setting up Peter’s Bachelor narrative. I mean, it is essentially Rachel’s – skeptic becomes the convert. There is absolutely no way anyone would buy Bryan as the Bachelor now, after his narrative has been All IN on Rachel since day 1. His turn at the Bachelor would ring even more insincere than his over-the-top proclamations of love do now. And Eric can’t carry a bachelor season, even though he seems like an awesome, genuine guy. Which means a whole season of hot Peter as The Bachelor – so we all win : )

  23. Thanks for another amazing blog! I totally agree about not understanding why the proposal is so important to Rachel. I feel like Peter is the most genuine and 100% open with how he really feels. Peter has been my #1 since he walked out of that limo. If Rachel doesn’t pick him I’d give him a rose ;-). I still do not care for Brian. How you felt about watching Eric last night is how I feel about Brian every week. I always want to fast forward. I don’t but I want too.

  24. Hi, Ali. I have loved you since your season and love reading your insights every week.

    I’m curious, do you think since Rachel is so outspoken about being engaged, and the editing seems to focus so much on Peter saying he won’t propose, that they’re setting us up for a “dramatic” moment when Peter gets down on one knee?

    On another note, I loved Eric on his hometown; it changed my mind about him. But now that you’re saying they don’t hve chemistry that’s all I can think about! I do wonder if he’s too immature/inexperienced for her. I wonder if it would be a relationship where Rachel would need to pull him along and tease everything out of him until they were on equal footing.

    1. I DEFINITELY think that could be the case! Otherwise it would be too obvious that it’s Bryan at this point!!!

      1. We’ll have to wait and see. Is it hard to watch as a viewer when you know so much about what goes on behind the scenes??

        Love your blog. Keep up the great work and keep those adorable photos of Miss Molly coming!

  25. Hi Ali love your blog, read it every week! and let me just say miss. molly is getting cuter by the day!! I was also a little bit thrown off watching the episode last night with Rachel insisting on a proposal especially because she has emphasized a lot this season about being such an independent woman, I was a little taken back by her interview and her reaction to Peter’s honest and realistic conversation with her. But hearing your thoughts about how the process is and getting wrapped up in the whole “end game” for the show made me understand her reaction a lot more.

    With all that being said I do think I see her ending up with Bryan but i’m not entirely sure it would last. His relationship with his mom, although strong and important for him I do see becoming an issue. Rachel and his mom seem to be two strong independent women and to have them both sit at the most important in your life would take a lot of juggling and balancing for Bryan and i’m not sure from what i’ve seen on the show if he is capable of that, or even capable of putting Rachel over his mom if it ever comes to it.

    Really hoping peter becomes the next bachelor! If he isn’t I think it would be great to give another guy a chance from a previous season… perhaps Chase? or Cupcake? I have been loving their interviews on former bachelor/bachelorette podcasts recently!

  26. To me, it was way more authentic and genuine of Peter to say he wasn’t ready to propose in the end than Bryan saying he felt like she was his girlfriend from day 1. I loved her sister’s reaction when Bryan said he loved her family and replied that he had only known them for an hour! Those are not sincere feelings! I really hope she is able to work it out with Peter and realize that Bryan says what he thinks others want to hear.

  27. I πŸ’―% agree with you on what you are saying about everything. Although I feel her match is Peter, my gut is telling me she picks Brian. One of my friends last week took a picture with Rachael in Miami. We shall see… πŸ™‚

  28. I really don’t trust Brian but unfortunately I think Rachel chooses him. I hope I am wrong about him! I love Peter and how honest he is about not being able to propose yet. And I agree with you I think Rachel is caught up in the show/”brainwashed” and that’s why she’s putting such an emphasis on a proposal. I really don’t think Peter is going to change his mind which is why I think she’ll end up with Brian:

    I love reading your blogs! You are always so kind and honest at the same time. Thank you for entertaining me each week! πŸ™‚

  29. I agree with you conpletely re Eric, think he’s awesome, but they have zero chemistry. I almost feel like she tells him what to say and do and is like his teacher if that makes sense?!!
    Im with a few people above that feel that the show is being edited to make it seem like Peter is leaving and isn’t the ‘one’ … think he’s gonna be the last man standing.
    Lastly, love your looks and find it so annoying that in 2017 I can’t just buy these items and have them shipped to Canada without ridiculous shipping and duty costs- boo.

  30. Patiently waiting to catch up tonight so I skipped all the Bachelorette talk, BUT I’ve been refreshing this page in hopes of finding dress details from your multi-colored SO FUN dress on Instagram yesterday. Did I miss it!??

  31. OK so here is my big thought right now. I was discussing this with my best friend last night. First off, I 100% agree with you on everything you said about Peter, and Rachel putting too much pressure on a proposal. So what I’m wondering is if Peter doesn’t end up with her, do really think they would make him bachelor, when he’s not interested in proposing at the end? On the other hand, if he does end up with Rachel, I don’t think they would choose Bryan. I know this show isn’t even over yet, and I’m already thinking about the bachelor, but this is very interesting to me. I don’t see them choosing any of the last 3 guys. Maybe Dean if he doesn’t find love in paradise? I was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Since you have been on the show I’m sure you have a more clear idea of what they are looking for. Loved your blog! Really hope Peter sticks to his guns, unless he does change his mind. We know Rachel is engaged so she didn’t compromise.

  32. Hi Ali,
    I read your blog and agree with you on most of the things you said! I do agree with you that Eric is not the one for Rachel as I don’t see the chemistry either unlike Bryan and Peter where it is very obvious. One thing I’m confused on is why at the end of your blog you said will Rachel get engaged to Peter or will it be Bryan? Why didn’t you say Eric? Did you just do that because you don’t think Rachel and Eric will get engaged or do you know something we don’t?
    Thank you

  33. I agree that Bryan and Peter are the two in the end for sure, but I think she chooses Bryan. I think they want us to think they are throwing us off. It reminds me of the Friends quote, “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” We will know in a couple weeks!

  34. Hi Ali first I wanted to say I really missed your blog last week for the bachelorette I really enjoy reading your feedback. I’m really mixed about the viewpoint of the whole proposal option. I totally understand your viewpoint on this but on the flipside I totally hear what Miss Rachel is saying also. She clearly stated that she didn’t need to come on the show to find a boyfriend and sacrifices are made in order to be on the show so honestly it doesn’t make sense to say its not necessary to have a proposal at the end? I feel that kinda defeats the whole purpose of going on the show. Rachel is a one very smart young lady and I really don’t feel she entered in the show to just find a boyfriend, she wants more than that. I also take into consideration that everyone has their own opinion of how things should go and shouldn’t but Rachel knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t want which in this case (isn’t a boyfriend). In this case and every case for that matter the Bachelorette/Bachelor can choose if their set on getting a proposal or not, and I feel Rachel clearly stated what she expected. At any rate Rachel has found her future husband and is happy so she got exactly what she is looking for and I’m very happy for her!!!

  35. I definitely agree with you! I think the show is setting us up to believe that she picks Bryan in the end, so that we can all be surprised when she picks Peter. They seem to set us up for a surprise every season, like with the Bachelor, Vanessa kept saying that she wasn’t sure that she would say yes if Nick proposed.

  36. Well, funny, I’m really in the minority because last night, I totally switched to Eric as my strong fav. I see him as the most sincere and I see ALOT of chemistry between them. Just my little opinion! I think Bryan is way too slick and even HE says he wants to ‘charm’ people which shows to me that he says just what people want to hear. I also agree that the mother is a huge red flag. I like Peter fine, I hope she steers clear of the ‘charmer’, but then I fear that he will be the next bachelor, and I don’t think he’s the right fit for that. Question: why couldn’t Rachel’s dad talk to any of the guys last night?

    1. Jackie, according to Bryan, the guys did talk/meet Rachel’s dad. Just not on camera. He is a federal judge and can’t be seen on this show. Nick also had a convo with her dad. It’s a shame the show is so busy editing that they fail to mention this important information.

    2. Rachel’s Dad is a judge, and appearing on the show wouldn’t be the best move for his career and profile in the community (I think Rachel did an interview about it after she was announced as Bachelorette). He also didn’t appear on-screen when Nick met Rachel’s family on The Bachelor, but Nick met with him off-camera.

    3. I agree with you Jackie – I think Eric is the best for her. He is certainly the most genuine and it’s been fun to watch him fall in love for the first time. The only thing that bothers me is the way he talks. He’s not as polished as the other two, but I think he and Rachel have great chemistry so I’m confused by comments that state otherwise. They are so cute together – she really wanted him to express his feelings and she seems to always want to touch him or have him touch her. Peter seems disinterested sometimes. Did you see the look on his face when she was crying? He didn’t really try to comfort her and he was very stern in his position about engagement meaning marriage. He flat out told her family that he wasn’t there yet. Bryan has bothered me from the beginning. I found him to be one of the most attractive, but the way he practically ate her face when he would kiss her drove me crazy. I think he’s still a d-bag too. I could be wrong about Eric but I really think he’s the one for her.

      1. Debbie, yes, it bothers me the way he talks, too. It’s a very obvious difference between them. I see him as the most sincere, and I just see Bryan as a player who says what you want him to say or what he thinks others want to hear. I’m neutral about Peter, and if it isn’t Eric, I hope it is Peter.

  37. Just a quick comment about you’re “update” at the beginning of the post, Rachel did an interview early on and revealed she was engaged but then a few days later she said that apparently production wasn’t happy that she had given that away. So I don’t think production actually wanted her to reveal that and I don’t think it’s some elaborate plan to trick us. Anyway, just my opinion 😊
    That being said I really hope she picks Bryan! I’ve liked him all season and find it annoying that everyone is “hating” on him for being confident and too perfect. Like literally Bryan has done NOTHING wrong and yet the majority of the feedback I’m seeing is that people don’t like him and are calling him fake! How hurtful that must be to him if he is being genuine! Like what do u want from him? I’ve been pretty baffled by this and came to the conclusion during last nights episode that it must be because his confidence is right on the border of cocky. So that must be it I guess. I don’t know about you but I think confidence is the sexiest quality in a guy. (I felt the same way about Nick on Andi’s season btw) Guess I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t automatically think they’re a bad person.
    Anyway, sorry-rant over lol. Would love to hear your thoughts on this Ali! Love you!

    1. Brittany, I don’t think that’s correct. Rachel said on more than one talk show that she was engaged and said the producers were okay with her telling the audience that ahead of time because they realized it wouldn’t be possible for her to hide it. Although I think the producers’ let her tell she was engaged for other reasons too – like to throw us all off the scent of who she really chooses in the end.

  38. I was totally thinking that she announced that she was engaged in order to throw us off since Peter appears to have “commitment issues” (which are totally NOT commitment issues!) I’m glad you think so too! Thank you for writing this blog every week, I’ve been participating in the Fantasy League and was able to pick the top 4 correctly early on thanks to you! πŸ™‚

  39. I actually agree with you Ali!!! Very well verbalization of how I see this season and these guys. I have been leaning toaward it being Bryan for a couple weeks. Then it was kind of a tie between Peter and Bryan then I lean toward Peter lol. Eric grew on me at his hometown and who knows at this point maybe he’s the surprise fiancΓ© lol… it’s totally up in the air for me…

  40. Do you know who wins because at the end of your blog you said will it be Bryan? will it be Peter? As of last night Eric wasn’t eliminated so why would you leave him out?

    1. I don’t read his blog because I like to try to guess for myself! Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s not!

      1. I’ve always been so curious if current/past contestants read it! Did you read it during your season just to see if he was right about who you picked??

      2. Also, Reality Steve first predicted Peter would win, then he changed it to Bryan. So I’m not really sure RS has the scoop on this one!

  41. Hey Ali! I love reading your blog!

    Any idea on where I can find a top like Rachel wore when she introduced Eric to her family? It was a very flowy tank top. So cute!!

  42. I think she ends up with Bryan partly because she treated him to that watch and I don’t think we saw her treat the other guys to something like that..right??

    1. And then he is the only one to meet her friends. That seals the deal for me. Expensive date and meeting the friends… seems like she is saving up the best dates for Bryan.

  43. Okay I absolutely fell in love with Eric from the very beginning but I know he ain’t the one, maybe next Bachelor πŸ˜‰ and Peter my Peter love him. And love that he’s being honest that he might not propose necessarily, he shouldn’t propose just to do it, he should do it because he just knows. As for Bryan I just don’t know, don’t trust if he’s being genuine or not. And plus like u said it’s way to obvious to be him and Rachel at the end. So Peter it’s gonna be my Peter eeeeeee!!!!!!

  44. Hi Ali!

    Love the blog! Was hoping you’d tag the adorable candy stripped dress from yesterday. Will that be on the blog soon?!

    Thanks so much!!


  45. I’m with you. I think Peter is the one.

    Also, why are you wearing a sweatshirt in July?! You’re doing it wrong!

  46. The show does a really good job of setting us up although I still think Bryan may be the last one standing but to be honest I hope I’m wrong. I like the guy but I wasn’t a huge fan of his initial reaction when asked “If there’s a conflict with your mom and your wife who’s side do you choose?” He seemed hesitant. But then again..editing.

    Any way to track down the necklace Rachel was wearing on her home date with Bryan? I absolutely loved it!

  47. I can’t believe none of you guys think she will pick Eric! He seems the most real to me and I feel they have real chemistry. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

  48. I definitely think she’ll end up with Bryan in the end. The chemistry they have is undeniable. She is afraid to pick Peter because of commitment issues. Eric is not ready emotionally.
    Bryan all the Way!!!

  49. I love and 100% agree with your point about being “better than getting engaged to your second choice” but I must admit that it makes me think of Des and Chris. No disrespect to them because I love them as a couple now and they obviously “made it” and have a beautiful life together with their new baby boy, but do you see a similar comparison? I should state that I am fully rooting for Peter, but unfortunately think Bryan is going to “win.”

  50. I could not agree more on your thoughts on Peter! I love him! And I honestly think he is the best fit for her. I truly hope she follows her heart and isn’t so focused on being engaged, I worry she will pick the wrong person in the end to have that engagement. I also agree about Eric, as much as we seen more from him this last episode, I think he will become boring again. As for Bryan, I do not believe a thing that comes out of his mouth. He seems so un-genuine and fake that I just want to fast forward through his time with Rachel so I don’t have to watch more made up crap! Peter for the win! and if she does chose engagement vs possible true love, Peter for bachelor!
    Also, Can not wait to watch Dean’s journey in Paradise! He has been my favorite since day 1!

  51. Loved this blog, Ali! I agree with so much that you shared! I am a fan of Peter. I think he has so many wonderful qualities that align beautifully with Rachel. He is a great listener. He seems bright. He is confident, sincere, steady, kind, gentle and he has a subtle, fun-loving sense of humor. I really liked his family and the way he interacted with all of them, including his niece. I think his close family is the most similar to Rachel’s and I think they would adore her joining them. Bryan’s family just looks like no fun to me. His mother’s obsession with Bryan would get old and I sense that she is a super controlling lady who would throw a fit if Bryan and Rachel said they were spending Thanksgiving w/Rachel’s parents, etc. I have seen what havoc this type of a women causes to the lives of couples–the hectic running from his parents’ home to her parents’ home over holidays ’cause of insistent mothers, with no regard for the young couple’s schedule or lives. Rachel has been a wonderful mentor for helping Eric grow-up and experience emotions and good times he never knew existed. I agree w/another poster that this would be her life: supporting and encouraging inexperienced, emotional immature Eric to catch up to where she exists. He probably has fallen in love with the new feelings she has nurtured and she has fallen in love with watching him grow. That is not enough for forever, deep love, in my opinion.

  52. Ali!! You are my favorite bachelorette of all time!!!!

    We are 100% on the same page!!! PETER AND RACHEL ALL THE WAYYYY!!!!

    Thanks for always keeping it real. You make it really easy for people to admire and look up to you the way you lead your life just being you!!!

  53. Oh my gosh Ali – I really hope you are right. My gut is telling me she picks Bryan because he’s so confident about them. It seems like her and Peter have a deeper connection though.

    I’ve always wondered- did you really think you were in love at the end? It seemed like Frank was actually who you connected with the most and after he left I felt so confused!! I’m so happy your path in life got even better (eventually) but also think it’s interesting that Kevin looks a little like Frank πŸ˜‰

  54. I feel like I read too much into the show and what the producers are trying to do. Last season, Vanessa had the same hesitations that Bryan has, and I feel like the producers show cased it extra to try and get the viewers to think that since Raven was actually ready, he was going to pick her. I think they are doing a similar thing here, but not 100% the same. I think she is going to choose Bryan, and I think they showcased Rachel’s mother going extra hard on him to get the viewers to think she might choose someone else, since we all know how important Rachel’s family is to her. I could TOTALLY be speculating and reading way too far into it, but that’s just my thought.

    With that said, though, I LOVE Peter and how real he is. I think he’s ready for a serious relationship that could lead towards marriage and I don’t blame him at all for not wanting to get down on one knee after 2 months of dating and sharing a woman. It shows he is REAL and HONEST.

    What do you think?!

    1. I meant to say that Vanessa had the same hesitations that PETER has this season, about wanting to maybe wait. My bad!

  55. Yeah, it’s Bryan. I don’t even have to read any spoilers. First impression rose, all those one-on-one dates in a row, matching watches, meeting of friends, defending him in interviews and to family, wanting to be engaged, and when Peter makes her cry on his overnight date, Bryan will swoon her and make her feel all better. It’s Bryan, and Peter will be the bachelor, although I hope he isn’t (and I’m a Peter fan) but he’s obviously not ready for commitment.

    1. I even think she’ll pull an “Ali” and tell Peter before the final rose that he’s not the one.

  56. Personally, I think Bryan is F1 and not by default. He’s the only one I’ve seen Rachel have a real connection with. Peter acts like he can barely stand to touch her–watch when she’s crying–he barely touches her shoulder while he’s leaning away from her with a totally emotionless look on his face. She might have developed stronger feelings for him if he’d given her more, but, IMO, he just wasn’t into her from the get-go. I think he would have left early if he hadn’t had his eye on being TB. Hopefully, he will not be TB!

  57. Ali, you keep switching the spelling of Rachel within your posts. She spells it Rachel, not Rachael. Just wanted to point it out since that’s my name too and I’m glad Bachelorette Rachel spells her name correctly!

  58. It’s so funny to me that we all watch the same show and we all see different things. Or….we see the same thing, but we interpret it all differently. That what makes it fun, to me, to talk to others about the show! Even my best friend and I disagree….I’m Team Eric, and she sees the chemistry only with Peter. May the best man win! Haha. I just don’t want Bryan to be the next Bachelor, he’s too fake for my tastes. I’ve been right sometimes on my picks, and wrong other times. We will never all agree…..but at least 1/3 of us will be happy! I will say, if it isn’t Eric, then I hope Ali is right!

  59. I haven’t read alllllll of the other posts but I reckon Bryan is creepy and totally putting it on for the cameras, whereas I loved peter from the minute got out of the limo! I think you’re right with them trying to set it up to look like peter isn’t the one, only to have a dramatic change of heart at the last minute πŸ˜„ I feel like Eric is gonna be heartbroken but he’s a lovely guy…maybe the next bachelor? πŸ’•
    Love this show – the new Australian bachelor season starts tonight here, you should try and see it if you can! He’s a beautiful guy, it should be good!!!

  60. Where is the black jumper/jumpsuit from that you wore to Molly’s mommy and me class? (You wore it with a black tshirt)

  61. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope it’s Peter too. I did “hear” that it was Brian though πŸ™
    BTW, I still think he is a douche bag πŸ™‚

  62. Peter is way more level headed, logical, smart, realistic than this show seems to allow. Anyone on this show who has feelings for the leading lady or man but wants to slow down on the proposal and/or is skeptical is always the one who is deemed “not serious” or “not ready” and it’s super disappointing. Take away this show and it ALL makes sense to slow down and enjoy the ride. Put people on the bachelor/ette and it’s “red flags”. I love this show but this is the one pet peeve of mine. So, with that said…I agree with you Ali on everything!!!

  63. Ali!!! I’ve been refreshing your page ALL day for details of the colorful dress you wore yesterday!! I LOVE it so much!! Please tell me where it’s from so I can buy for a wedding next week before everyone else does 😜😜 LOVE your blog!xx

  64. Man, I just read your entire blog saying “Yes! YES! Exactly!” (while my boyfriend rolls his eyes LOL) because I 100% agree with everything you said. I don’t feel it between her and Eric. She may choose Bryan but I just can’t buy everything he says.. I dunno. Something is off there for me. But Peter… love him. Love them together. And I definitely agree that a proposal or lack thereof shouldn’t be a factor in who you choose, Especially if you love the person. I actually respect him even more for being so honest and wanting to make sure it’s right before he gets down on one knee.
    As much as I’d like Rachel and Peter to end up together I also wouldn’t mind seeing him as the Bachelor! I wouldn’t complain seeing that face more often. πŸ˜‰

  65. My guess is if she ends up with Peter, he didn’t propose on the show, but did in the time after before the show aired, or something like that. Make sense? I do prefer Peter, as Rachel said “Peter For The Win!”

  66. I love Peter, and I have from the start. I also completely agree with his stance for proposal. Call me old fashioned, but I believe intentions for marriage with engagement only should happen when you know 100% you are ready to commit your life to another individual. He wasn’t saying he doesn’t have strong feelings and doesn’t hope to want to propose, I think what Peter said scared Rachel into thinking it wouldn’t work out even though she *probably* loves him. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds, and hope Rachel and her fiancΓ© are happy!

  67. Hi Ali!

    I really hope it’s Peter. He has been my top pick all season. Love his honesty, and totally respect where he’s coming from with it. Love him! #teampeter!

  68. Wasn’t it obvious that Jojo was going to choose Jordan? Figure it out. 😊 I love the chemistry they have and have a higher chance to a forever love. The experiences, lessons, mistakes we make when we are young helps us grow, teaches and shows us what’s best for us and fight for it. It comes with age and maturity. Never judge a book. Thanks Ali for the blog.

  69. Hi Ali!
    Love your blog and thoughts!
    I feel bad for Peter and Eric. Rachel walks in the room to get Bryan and they are both wearing their watches, which Peter notices. Then Rachel takes him to meet her friends before her family. I feel like he gets a lot of perks. I’m team Peter for sure! I think Bryan comes off as arrogant. Whatever Rachel decides, I hope she follows her heart and not who propose. Good vibes sent!

  70. I like Eric, I think he is a genuinely sweet guy. But there really isn’t very much chemistry between them, well maybe not as much as the other two contestants.

    The thing I find odd is that Eric, Dean, and Peter are the only ones who got that affirmation that her feelings were reciprocated. She hasn’t told Bryan she is falling in love with him too. But with saying that I think she does “love” him. Just seeing her reaction to how her family was treating him shows a lot. Maybe they were harder on him because they know where her true feelings lie. As for her interviews I think she mentions a lot how she is able to tell him the truth and work through things. When Bryan met her friends she flat out told them she thought he was a “douche bag” and he was taken back but laughed it off. I think that in the end if it were the other two they would take a lot more to heart. Peter’s dislike of Bryan I think has less to do with Bryan and more to do with the fact that he knows Racheal really likes Bryan. Peter kind of showed his jealously and I don’t think he would be able to look past some of the things that happened.


    All I know is

  71. I think she has good chemistry with all 3 guys. I love how fun her relationship is with Eric—he has totally grown on me ever since their first one on one date in Copenhagen—he is hilarious and super sweet and funny. Don’t think he’s ready though. One thing that completely rubbed me the wrong way at hometowns was when Peters mom said she doesn’t see him being ready for marriage but sees him ready for kids and commitment…..ummm….I’m sorry—-I don’t wanna get knocked up and be in a “committed” relationship with someone without being married–no thank you. One thing with Bryan, is his Mom. That could be a problem In the future as she seemed suuuuper controlling and a terribly hard person to deal with. Your son is a grown man…get your life together–you’re not the only woman in his life. You can totally tell she was the problem with his past relationship. But he is my favorite and has been from the very first night. I think he’s super sweet and totally cares for rachel and it’s totally evident. And that he’s the complete front runner with him meeting her friends, and her family grilling him harder than the other guys because they can tell that he is the one rachel cares for the most. Bryan FTW!!!!! Eric as next bachelor.

  72. I totally think it will be Peter. He is the only one she has openly said “I’m falling in love with you, too”πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜

  73. I like Peter because he seems more level headed and I loved his interactions with his friends during his home date. A couple of things make me think she picks Bryan in the end. She wanted so badly for her family to like him and was defensive of him. The other was that she wore her matching watch to meet the family. I think that sends a message. Bryans mom would drive me nuts!

  74. I 100% agree that it is Peter and with your statement that they are trying to throw us off. Just said those exact words to my co worker the other day. Also I just hope it is Peter because Bryan seems sketchy. Time will tell!

  75. Hey Ali, I’m a week behind on my Bachelorette watching (shame, I know!), but did you blog about Hometowns? That’s the episode that I just watched last night and I’d love to get your take on it. Just not sure which blog post (date) you did that in. If it’s this one, I’ll feel dumb but I didn’t read through it because I don’t want to know what happened on this week’s episode.

    1. She didn’t do one on the hometowns because she was traveling and this latest one was just on the most recent episode.

      1. Thank you, Angela! Was so hoping to hear what she had to say about Dean’s family, his reaction, and also Bryan’s mom.

  76. Great blog as always! I absolutely agree with you in regards to Peter. I do think Rachel ends up with Peter because I cannot see ABC ruining their own show by giving Rachel permission to tell the media she’s engaged fully knowing that Bryan will propose and Peter is unsure (I think the final 2 are Peter and Bryan). The Bachelor/ette series go to great lengths to keep spoilers from being leaked.
    BUT with that being said, apparently Astrid missed that memo because she said she knew who Rachel picked and then in her interview on ET she drops a huge spoiler on who the winner is (28 min mark).

  77. Ok so wanted to know if I’m reading to much into the edits or not but did anyone notice that when Peter was doing his introduction in Spain and walking through the streets there was a little girl running behind him in a white dress and veil… looked an awful lot like a flower girl dress!!! And Peter said to her family that she looked like and angel in her silver gown the first night and in the preview for the finale she’s wearing a similar dress… I know I’m reading way to much into it but I think she ends up with Peter!

  78. “I would rather end up with somebody on the show, and not get engaged, if I really cared about them and they cared about me. That’s better than getting engaged to my second choice because my first choice didn’t want to propose on a TV show after 2.5 months”

    110% AGREE!!! I was thinking the same thing watching the episode

  79. THANK YOU! Finally someone is seeing it the way I am.
    100% i think we are being made to think that she will pick Bryan because Peter will not propose. But I think in the end he definitely will!
    They will cry it out and all will be okay!! Their crying moment reminds me of Vanessa and Nick last year, where everyone thought she wasnt going to accept his proposal… and even far back Kaitlyn and Shawn, when she told Shawn she had slept with Nick and he said he might leave.. they also cried it out… and it all worked out!

    I think there were many little signs during this first half of their one on one and family visit as to why I believe Peter is her fiance… my favourite was the wine cork, where Rachel wrote “to many firsts”… all season long we have been hearing this is a season of firsts.

    I can keep going on and on… I am a huge Bachelor Nation fan!
    Ali love following you on snap chat, Molly is adorable πŸ™‚
    I will now definitely become an avid reader of your blog!!

    Can’t wait for the finale…. ughhhh 2 more weeks!! πŸ™‚

  80. I kind of find it strange that you can’t see how overwhelming obvious Bryan is going to win just like it was so obvious Kaitlyn was going to pick Shawn,Jojo Jordan, it’s no different this season either with Rachel. The way that she looks at him,how she carries herself around him,how much of attention she gives him compare to the other guys in the house, and how protective she is to him it blows my mind how you can’t see she is picking him. And I do kind of find it a bit distasteful how you seem so anti Bryan on your blogs but I just hope that once Aug 7 comes around you don’t give them a hard time as a couple because everyone else will. Right now both of them are getting plenty of hatred on social media and being bullied with nasty words it’s ridiculous. I hope you do give them a bit of support just like Jojo did two days ago maybe because she also knows how it is to have such negativity come their way.

  81. I absolutely love Rachel’s personality! She really is an amazing lead on the show. BUT… I can’t understand why engagement is not a commitment to be married. To me, it’s the promise to be married and the planning stage leading up to a wedding. Peter has it right and he’s so down to earth and realistic. I wouldn’t budge on that either.
    That entire conversation to me seemed to be her escape or excuse to leave Peter and choose Bryan. I truly think her heart is with Bryan and her common sense is telling her that Peter is the better man, whether or not that’s true. I wish her well in her future!

  82. Hi Ali,
    Hmmm Peter reminds me a bit of Vanessa from Nick’s season….she targeted the “Love Bubble” with realistic skepticism. She wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. I think being reserved serves their future better than jumping into an engagement or marriage just because that is the end result everyone expects. I realize that Rachel didn’t go through all this for a “maybe”, but I agree with you, Ali, I would rather risk my future with someone whom I really cared for that had great potential given time, than someone I wasn’t as well suited for but was a better guarantee. I think one of the reasons Ben and Lauren didn’t work out is because Lauren had this expectation that she and Ben would immediately get married…and Ben wanted to wait and get to know her better so there were not doubts…turns out he was right…they really weren’t on the same page.

  83. I think Rachel chooses Bryan! On IG, Bryan made a comment about being loyal (something like that) to three people: “My woman, my family, and my barber.” I thought I was reading into it, but he said that with conviction like he currently does have a woman. Then, I saw the ET interview with Astrid, Rachel’s friend. She totally blew it. An engagement party in Miami screams Rachel chose Bryan. Even if it seems producers might be throwing us off, Peter and Rachel’s differing opinions about the proposal still hooks us in–especially after “To be continued…” which is what they aim to do.

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