A Colorful $19 Dress!!!

Hi Luvs! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry on the delay in getting this dress posted to my blog! When I wore the other day and posted videos to my Instagram stories, I got more DM’s from all of you than I’ve EVER gotten about an outfit! So I think it’s safe to say do you guys luv this dress. Which is why am super excited to share it with all of you today!

First, I have to talk about how much this dress costs. It’s only $19!!! Can you believe that!? When I wore it on a TV show the other day, I had people coming up to me on set all day complementing it. And I have to say that they were all so shocked when I told them it was only $19. One person said to me “it looks so expensive on camera!” I had a huge smile my face every time I was able to tell someone that I spent under $20 on this incredible dress. I spend more on lunch on a daily basis then I spent on the stress. And yes, I spent too much on lunch. Ha!

I absolutely love the fit and the structure of the dress. I’m wearing a medium FYI (It’s true to size). The material is on the thin side, but I kind of actually love that because it’s hot in the summer and it kept me very cool on set the other day when it was a super hot day. If you decide to get it (and really how could you not at this price?!) here are a few of my other favorite looks from the same website. I always says that I can only suggest you get things I have reviewed!




I paired the dress with a simple but gorgeous stud earring that I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for under $25. And a fun pair of fuchsia heels!

Hope you guys love this look! Happy affordable shopping!










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81 thoughts on “A Colorful $19 Dress!!!

  1. Absolutely love love love this dress!! Was going to order it, but unfortunately I can’t as it won’t ship to Canada…😔

        1. I googled Shein Canada and when I clicked on the website, I changed the currency to Canadian and when I checked out, I was able to choose my province and postal code, etc. When I did it on the site originally, it was only giving me US options when checking out.

  2. Thank you soooo much!! I’ve been waiting on this allllll day!! I’m not sure whether to get a Medium or Large..would you be a US size 6? I’m between a 6&8 & don’t want it to be too small..thanks so much again for posting!!xx

  3. I just ordered it! Cannot wait to wear it my school’s open house. The kiddos will love the bright colors. Thanks again for sharing!

      1. Hey Ali…i ordered the dress and wanted to order the shoes too but they are sold out in my size. Do you have other similar options that you suggest?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! When I saw your story on Instagram I knew I’d love to wear this to my daughter’s ice cream themed 1st birthday party instead of what I picked out previously. Her party is on the 6th and people online seem to have had issues with shipping taking a long time. Was this the case for you?

    1. Shipping can take a while! I hope you can get it in time! If not, you can save it for a future fun party!

  5. Wondering what you wore under the dress. With it being thin, I’m worried my bra would be visible. Any issues for you?

  6. Yay, just ordered it! I am an art teacher, so I’m always looking for fun, colorful outfits to brighten my kiddos’ days! Although I will definitely save this for a non-painting day!! ❤️

  7. I couldn’t wait till you posted about this beautiful dress! I’m also a teacher and it’s the appropriate length. The color screams summer! I’m looking forward to wearing this! Thank you again for sharing.

  8. Ali,
    You are my fashion guru! You wear clothes so well that anything looks good on you ( a potato sack would look amazing on you!). I’m sure your closet is overflowing… and you probably don’t wear all of them…how about a suggestion to you sell some of your clothes and the proceeds can go to a charity (i.e. MAW or any other organization you are passionate about). Win-Win for everybody!

  9. I love that you always seem to find budget friendly clothes and share them with the rest of us! I also love how real you are in your Instagram story! It’s nice to see that lots of mommy’s are in the same boat as me!

  10. Love the dress!!
    Totally unrelated topic- I watch your IG stories and read your blog all the time, love it!!
    I am currently expecting a little one next month and just adding finishing touches to the nursery. I love that chair you have that says Molly on it– where did you get it???

    1. I don’t remember!!!! I had a designer decorate her nursery and she ordered it. I wish I knew. Sorry!

  11. I’m assuming you found this site to be reliable? I’ve never heard of it until now, and I love so many things on it. But the prices seem too good to be true! I want to buy so many things now!

    1. I ONLY recommend you buy things I recommend. That is why I linked a few of my favorite from the site above. I’ve had some “misses” on the site.

  12. Love this dress – and so many other things on the site!

    How do you feel about the longer term quality of the clothes? The prices are great but…almost too good to be true for great quality? What do you think?

    1. It’s obviously not going to be the same quality if you spend $100 or $200 on a dress, but I think this quality is really good for $19. But I ONLY speak for this dress and the other items (The jacket is GREAT!) I linked and wrote about above. Like I aid above, the material is thin, but the structure is good! Put it this way, the dress is good enough for me to wear on a national TV show because I did just that on Monday!

      1. I’ve heard terrible things about ordering on this website. Did you have any issues? Dress is too cute!😍

  13. Love this dress! I went on the site to order it along with a few other cute tops but every time I click on my shopping bag to checkout, it tells me my bag is empty. I tried it a few times. I registered and everything. Did this happen to you? Any advice??

  14. When you posted that it was only $19 I just KNEW you were going to say it was shein. I recently discovered their stuff and am going insane on their website. Love their stuff!

    1. Only order what I recommend! And be prepared for slow shipping. But I highly recommend the items I post about here.

  15. I just ordered the earrings! They are so cute and the perfect stud. You can not beat the price…this Nordstrom sale is killing me!

  16. This is probably the most fun dress I have ever seen. If I was a lot younger, I’d own this one! Very very cute on Ali!

  17. Soooo happy to know that you shop at SheIn! I’ve been eyeing some items on that site, but didn’t know if it was completely legit or not. I thought the prices were too good to be true! Thanks for clearing that up for me! xoxo

    1. I can’t vouch for anything but the items I order and post about here. Some things I’ve ordered haven’t been great so be careful!

    1. I don’t know. I have never returned anything. But I have gotten a few things I didn’t like. I just donated them since the price was so affordable.

    2. You can return within 21 days. And when you return, they give you store credit and it’s up to you to go on the site and transfer the money back into your bank account- or however you originally paid for it. I’ve returned a ton of stuff with no issues whatsoever. I always just end up using the store credit cuz their stuff is SO inexpensive. They also have a good points system.

  18. Snagged the dress this morning! Thanks so much for sharing!
    You may get this question a lot, but what makeup products do you use in the majority of your posts? Foundation, blush, and lipstick specifically! Always so pretty!

  19. Oh Ali — knowing about this site will def be a blessing and a curse! Ordered the dress… and another… and a jumpsuit! Curses… and HOORAY!

  20. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for sharing such a fun dress! I def want to order it but idk if I should get a small or medium. I’m either a 4/6 in US size. Since you got the dress in a medium, how stretchy is it? Figure I should share my happy news with you (since I’ve been following you since you were on Jake’s season, I feel like we’re friends lol). I’m gonna be a mommy come this January & I’m having a girl (just like you!)! It’s been a long journey for me being that I got preggo through IVF but was lucky enough to be successful on my 1st try. Anyway, this post is way too long lol so I’m gonna sign off. But one last question, what size did you get in the black faux jacket on Shein? I’m eyeing that jacket 😂

  21. Just ordered!!! Along with pretty much everything you’ve posted about during the N Sale!! I love you but checking your blog has been a bad influence the last two weeks! Luckily I don’t feel guilty about this purchase. Ha!!

  22. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your dimensions? You look like a small so I was surprised that you ordered a medium. My chest is 33 inches, my waist is 28 inches, and my hips are 36 inches. I was going to get a small but if you are close to my dimensions I’ll go w medium because it looks perfect on you.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Leah but I ended up getting a small. I’m a 32 bust, 27 waist. (Not sure hips but prob around 36 as well). I can let you know when i get mine in how it fits

  23. I’m loving the Nsale! Everyday I check to see if anything new has been added..I’m going to go broke! lol Cheryl

  24. I ordered the dress yesterday so should get within the week. I plan to wear to a wedding rehersal as well as my trip to jamaica layer this year! Thanks Ali for the awesome find and deal!

  25. I usually wear a 12-14 dress…wide hips…any suggestions on size? Large or x-large? It’s so cute and sooo me! I love color and I teach kindergarteners so I know they will go crazy for the colors! Love every thing that you post! Can’t wait to hear back from you!

  26. Just ordered it! Free shipping plus a 10% off discount provided to first-time buyers — can’t beat that! Thanks for the tip. This dress is so fun and cheery — suits your bright personality well.

    My young daughters have cute little frocks in solid mint green and yellow, respectively. I’m going to wear this with those dresses and we’ll do a little Mommy-Daughter photo shoot in your honor — complete with sprinkle-covered ice cream cones! They LOVE sprinkles!

  27. Terrible customer support on their site. I paid for expedited shipping and 12 days later still no sign of anything I ordered and they’re not responding to emails. I would steer clear of this site unless you don’t mind waiting weeks to get your clothes.

    1. I ordered the dress two weeks ago, and just got a notification today that the dress is now out of stock and I’m getting a refund. I’m pretty disappointed on how this was handled. I was expecting a shipping notification any day now and was planning on wearing it to a wedding soon, and now have to find something else with very limited time.

  28. Ali!
    I ordered this dress the day you posted it and I still haven’t received it. Did it take a long time when you ordered it? Its been over 3 weeks now. :/

  29. Welp… I’m pretty bummed. I LOVED this, bought it the day you posted, it didn’t arrive until the first week of September. I wanted to wear it to the Museum of Icecream but when it finally arrived it appeared that the size chart not exactly accurate (especially in the bust). Bummed for sure, but just a word to everyone else be careful with sizing/timeline of when you need it!

  30. Ali! I totally just sent the link to this dress to my mom when she asked what I wanted for Christmas! I already can’t wait to wear it come spring!

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