Denim that SLAYS!

Hey guys! Today on the blog it’s all about denim that SLAYS! Honestly, if there’s anything you absolutely 100% need to have in your closet it’s a pair of jeans that you absolutely love! They are the foundation to the majority of the looks in your closet and when you have a pair jeans that you feel good about, it just makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier!

So anyway, I realized that I haven’t done a post on my blog about my favorite affordable jeans! So I figured today was a great time to do that! Many of you know that I’m a huge fan of anything high-waisted. I love a good high-waisted pant, skirt, and especially a great pair of high-waisted denim jeans! But trust me when I tell you that all high-waisted denim is not the same! Look, could you spend over $250 on a pair of jeans and find a bunch of great pairs? Of course you could! But that’s a lot of money to spend on one piece of clothing. So today I’m sharing with you my favorite pair of jeans that are under $100. Heck right now they’re on sale for only $55! You really can’t beat that price for a good quality pair of jeans.


The jeans I’m writing about are by Express. They’re normally about $80. But right now they’re on sale for $55. They call them “jean leggings “on their site. But I think they’re more like a jean than a legging. They have some stretch but not a ton. And I actually really love that because it’s just enough stretch to make them comfortable, but not too much stretch that they seem inexpensive or too much like leggings. They’re just the perfect jean! They come in short, regular, and long. So they’re really great for everyone! I’m wearing a size 6 regular. I’m normally a size 28 in jeans. The regular went just to my ankle and I am 5’7″. In these pictures, I cuffed mine because I thought it looked cute with my flats. But if I hadn’t done the cuff they would have hit perfectly on my ankle. Also, if you decide to go into the store to try these on instead of purchasing them online, use the code 5724 and you can get $30 off your purchase of $75 or more! Seriously! Give that code to the person checking you out at the store and you’ll get $30 off $75+! Woohoo!!! So you can get them at 30% off online or go into the store and get $30 off $75+. You can’t go wrong!

Since I think these jeans totally SLAY, I figured why not where my “Eye Slay” flats! Are these not the cutest things ever?! And they are under $50! They’re just really fun to wear and this might sound bizarre, but I feel like I have more fun when I’m out wearing them! And since they’re such a cool statement shoe, I wanted to keep the rest of my look simple with a white tie-front button down shirt and a cute quilted cross body bag. The button down shirt is under $30 and the cute crossbody bag is under $40! I mean how ridiculously affordable is this look! Every single thing I’m wearing is under $60.

And the great thing about the basic pieces I’m wearing like the top, jeans and bag is that they can be worn with so many other looks because they’re just great basics to have! Hope you guys absolutely LUV this look!





23 Thoughts

23 thoughts on “Denim that SLAYS!

  1. Hey Ali – I’m wondering where you got your living room rug that I saw in your stories? I’m searching for a new rug for our living room and I’m having such a hard time finding one I like that is the right style and size. Loving the look of yours!

  2. Did I miss your bachelorette post or the post that you are not doing one on this week’s episode?? I keep checking because yours are the best!

    1. So sorry I didn’t do one this week because I was traveling and didn’t have time! I will do one next week! Than you for reading them!

  3. Hi Ali!

    I know you had mentioned you breastfeed Molly and I wanted share this website with you. It’s which is where you donate your breast milk to help other mommy and babies! I read up and it said that some babies can’t digest formula and need breast milk and the mother can’t feed them due to illness or other reasons. I thought this was amazing and I want to donate mine! Just thought I would share this with you in case you were interested 😃

      1. Ali, how did it go?? I just gave myself a deadline to finish breastfeeding by the end of August. Did you go slowly or cold turkey? Did you notice her asking for it or did she not seem to notice? Do you give her milk still or just water? Lots of questions. It’s a scary/sad thing to think about stopping! I’m kind of surprised about how hesitant I am to give it up.

  4. Hi Ali!

    I am really LOVING your blog. There are so many blogs with “affordable” pieces, but you’re one of the few bloggers who actually understand the concept of affordable, everyday chic clothing, and that’s what really draws me to your blog! Keep up with the awesome work!

    1. Thanks ladies!!!! I do my best to keep the majority of my look affordable! With a really great splurge item here and there 😉

  5. Cutest outfit! Just bought the top & pants for work – I hope they fit right! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Those jeans are so cute! As a plus sized girl I usually opt for the high waisted jeans anyway. Do you think those would be flattering on a curvy girl? I’ve never bought jeans at Express before.

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  7. Hey Ali,
    I am loving your blogs and you are, by far, my favorite bachelorette! If you like high waisted pants, have you checked out LuLaRoe Leggings? They are super comfortable, even in the Texas heat!! They have the cutest dresses called Amelia, that can be worn both forwards and backwards!! No, I am not a dealer, just an obsessed fan of the clothing line!

  8. Hi Ali!
    I just love this look and recently bought the white shirt. I was wondering if you wear a tank top underneath it as I noticed it’s very see through? Thanks!

  9. I love your blog and have followed you ever since you were on the Bachelorette. I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Sole Society. I absolutely love their purses and shoes. I’ve been looking for an affordable brand that makes quality clothing and accessories and I haven’t found one til now. Thank you!

  10. After reading your article i am going to purchase jeans and i am damn sure about this i grab a big discount. i am very thankful to you sharing this type of information.

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