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Today on the blog I’m talking acne! In so many pictures of myself over the years I’m posing just like in the picture below. With my hand over my chin because I’m embarrassed about the breakouts I get on my chin. In fact, I’m currently searching for a photo of me and Kevin in the hospital room before I gave birth to Molly (once I find it I’ll add it to this post). In the picture, I was standing there in the hospital room, my water had broke so I was leaking everywhere, and all I could think about was the zits on my chin in the photo we were taking! How sad is that? But the truth is acne really affects not only my self esteem, but I know many others out there as well. I sometimes will enviously watch other people’s Instagram stories and look at their skin and think how beautiful it looks when they’re not wearing make up. And don’t get me wrong, I have my good days where I don’t need to wear a ton of make up on my chin either. But for the most part, I always have to wear something on it. Not only because I break out often. But also because I now have red acne scars on my chin.


The best my skin has never looked was when I was pregnant. I don’t think I got one pimple the entire time and my skin was totally glowing! I always thought that whole pregnancy glow thing was BS until I actually experienced it for myself! And my skin has actually been OK the last year since I’ve been breastfeeding Molly and I think all those hormones in me have helped my skin. However, we just started weaning her on breastfeeding a few weeks ago. Ever since then, I feel like my chin has gotten so bad! I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when I completely stop breast-feeding.

So anyway, I’m writing this blog post for two reasons. One is because I want to be open about my struggles with chin acne in hopes that this helps other people out there who have self-esteem issues with acne know they’re not alone! And two, I really want to get some of your advice! Any products you guys use that you absolutely love? Either prescription or over-the-counter? And I’m also open to procedures? Is there a certain laser procedure you’ve gotten done that has really helped you with acne scarring? I don’t think I’m eligible to do any laser procedures until I’m done breast-feeding (I decided I’m not quite done yet). I talked to a dermatologist about it once at an event I was attending and she said that because my hormones are crazy while breastfeeding, the laser could have an effect on the pigment of my skin. It’s not that it’s bad for the breastfeeding baby. It’s more bad for the skin of the mother.

Any help you guys can give me in the comments below would be so appreciated! And hopefully others reading this will feel helped by all the info you guys provide too!

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  1. Hi!! I love that your so open with us all! First.. how did the weaning go?! And second, the only thing that saves my adult acne is unblemish by rodan + fields. I stick to it religiously!

    1. Oh. Listen up. 😊 My teenager and I love Aveeno cleansing pads. They have a scrubby texture on one side and a soft texture on the other. You don’t rinse after using the pad. You can get a big ol jar for about $9 at your pharmacy. After breadt feeding is done, a visit to a dermatologist is a great investment and the laser — maybe red laser?? LoL not quite sure but the laser gives you skin that is so beautiful and clear. Although your mileage may vary. Good luck. I struggled in my 30’s with acne and it was maddening. It gets better by your mid to late 30’s!! πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

      1. I swear by the aveeno pads too!!! I have generally clear soon but,since I went off bc I have been breaking out like crazy. Those were the only thing that worked for me. And I moisturize with coconut oil… That alone has done wonders for my skin!!!

    2. Change your linens (pillowcases) often. As we sleep oil and bacteria get on them and even tho we go to bed the next night w clean skin, we lie our skin on dirty linen. Also, no touchy your chin with your fingers, oil and bacteria again. I’ve found Murad has a blemish cream that clears them up fast

    3. My worst years were my early 30’s. It was never an issue as a teenager or during pregnancy/nursing etc. Once 30 rolled around it was always around my chin. I’ve tried a lot of fancy stuff and it was recommended to my by a friend of a friend who is a Derm. PA to just use the good ole Cerve cleanser. So far it’s been great for my skin. Will be 35 in two weeks so maybe I’ve grown out of it too! πŸ€”πŸ˜‰ good luck!!

    4. I love how “real” you are Ali. It is so refreshing in a world where most people you meet day to day are so fake and trying to impress everyone around them. You on the other hand make it okay to be imperfect.

      I work with Rodan and Fields and like everyone else has said unblemish by R+F is amazing and has awesome results. I would love to partner with you if you are willing to take a chance on me as your consultant. I am trying to promote that it’s not about having perfect skin but helping people comfortable and confident in their own skin.

        1. Hey breanna! My names keana I’m 22 years old and have been really intrigued by the Rodan and field brands, for years now I haven’t found that β€œit” regiment for my skin and Rodan and fields has really peeled my interest. Would you mind helping me out with more information on it? My number is+18087994768 if you don’t mind. Thankyou!

    5. Acne is related to your body. No doubt that it will be affected by pregnancy and postpartum as well.
      Rather than treating the symptom I’d treat the root cause.
      Have your Dr run a full panel of blood work and make sure that’s all in the most optimal ranges.
      A naturopathic doctor can work with you and treat root cause.
      As for scars investigate MEDICAL grade light therapy as it will help your body to make new cells and heal scars with zero risk of skin pigmentation issues.
      Make sure you’re taking a great probiotic as a starting point πŸ™‚

      1. I second this! I have struggled with bad hormonal cystic acne due to PCOS and have finally seen a drastic improvement once I changed my diet (gluten/dairy/soy free), started taking supplements, doing the Sunlighten sauna, exercising, and following my esthetician’s skincare recommendations. I use Image Skincare products based in south Florida. You can find them at I really think it’s best to have blood work done and make sure everything is balanced hormonally and then work with a naturopath and esthetician to fix any underlying and surface level issues. Good luck!

    6. Currently the #1 premium acne regimen in North America, the Unblemish regimen from Rodan and Fields is second to none! For active, hormonal, or environmental acne our products use a Multi-Med Therapy approach to get your skin looking totally flawless! Pair it with our Active Hydration Serum (locks moisture into the skin) and say HELLO to your best skin!

      Become a Preferred Customer and save 10% and get free shipping!

      Shop here! πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

      1. Thank you for sharing! I’ m from Paris and I had a year of really bad acnΓ© last year (36 years old!). The dermatologist told me I may have to live with it forever! It was horrible. I felt shallow but the zits were alla I could think of. And a year later, all was gone. It’s been a year that I am acne free (except from one or two before my period). Here’s what I did :
        – sugar free (I read a great book about the horror of sugar) for four months, now I eat a little sometimes but not as often as before
        – rarely dairy (I’m sick when I eat it but it’s bad for so many things too)
        – no gluten (I’m sik when I eat it too)
        – a cream with essential oils named Viralgil

        And I eat organic and homemade meal since a long time.

        I hope I helped.

        Kisses to you and your sweet family of two and four legs from Paris.

        Ps : sorry if I made mistakes, I’m french.

    7. Same here!!! Struggled with all over facial acne for 15 years and since using Unblemish, no more acne or breakouts. It’s amazing!!!! Luv Rodan&Fields!!

  2. You have to try Rodan and Fields Unblemish from the doctors who created Proactic. It’s the #1 Acne brand in the U.S. I am happy to help!! This is the ONLY thing that has works for my skin. I’m just a stay at home mama of 3 who shares these products with friends and family because they work and have changed my life πŸ™‚

        1. I also 100% recommned Rodan + Fields Unemish line. Hands down. Plus you have 60 days to return if it doesn’t work – but I know it will! Plus, as you get older and start to see those “fine lines” 😜 You can graduate into their line that takes care of those. It’s simple bc the steps are already figured out for you, so you aren’t trying to figure out which product to apply in a specific order. It’s great for a busy mom!

  3. Yes! I have the best product for you (and products for Molly too)! Beautycounter charcoal bar, and also charcoal mask, are game changers for acne. Charcoal is a detoxing ingredient and pulls out toxins. Also the best part about the products from Beautycounter is that they are nontoxic, clean harsh chemicals, safe for the entire family, safe during pregnancy and nursing. I would love to send you some samples if you’d like. I’ll also include some products for Molly..these are my favorite products to use on my baby girl and I feel confident knowing I’m not using any harsh chemicals on her. Let me know!

  4. Hi Ali! I’ve struggled with acne on my chin as well. I use Arbonne products that have helped tremendously. They are chemical free, sulfate free, and abide by the high European standards for cosmetics. Haven’t had a breakout since I started using the products four months ago πŸ™‚ I’m a consultant, so let me know if you have further questions! Love reading your blog πŸ™‚

    1. Love Arbonne, too….Don’t forget the GENIUS Wand. This wand works the product into the skin better. This wand uses safe Ultrasound waves and very mild heat. Wish we could send pictures to show you from here. IT will help both acne and wrinkles
      BE GONE πŸ™‚

  5. I struggled with acne since I was in grade schools. I saw many dermatologists. In college I found ProActiv. It totally did the job for me at that time. Around the time I had kids though I started getting cystic acne. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either. I tried every over the counter imaginable. Around that same time I found a product called ProBio5 that Plexus Worldwide sells. It was life changing to me. It completely cleared up my face. I truly believe that good gut health is the key to many things and one of those is a clear face! They have a 60 day month back promise so it’s definitely worth trying. It’s safe for breastfeeding as well. Hope you find some relief!!

  6. Hi Ali! I’ve always struggled with acne the same way. Hormonal acne before pregnancy, perfect skin during pregnancy, and when I stopped breastfeeding it was the worst ever! I promise it gets better. Your hormones are just all over the place now and I found that after about 3 months my skin got so much better. I also started using Rhodes and Fields (I promise this is not me trying to sell it because I don’t sell it, I just buy it! ) but after about a month of using the regimen I noticed a huge change in my skin…Just an idea!

  7. Hi Ali! I’m right there with you. My best skin ever was while pregnant and I’m running into the same issues while weaning my 11 month old. Only on my chin too. So bizarre. I have found that increasing my water intake, like A TON, helped them heal faster but not necessarily prevent. The only thing that works for me is the Unblemish wash by Rodan + Fields. Honestly a game changer. My trick is to use as a mask (leave on for 5-10 minutes) every other morning. And it makes my skin feel genuinely clean! Good luck!

  8. Oh my gosh do I feel you on this topic! My daughter is around Molly’s age and I also experienced a similar acne story with it clearing during pregnancy and breasfeeding. I don’t think I have the magical answer, but ‘less is more’ seems to be working for me recently. But the whole reason I wanted to comment here is to let you know mine also got way worse when I stopped nursing. It seemed to last for a month or two after stopping and then once my cycle became regular again I started to clear up. Hold in there! And know you’re not alone, and we are our worst enemies. You are beautiful with or without the spots! If only I too could take that advice πŸ™ˆ Easier to say when you’re going through a clear period.

  9. My breakouts are ALWAYS on my chin! My skin was always perfect during my pregnancies too and then my acne would always come back. It made me so self conscious whenever I would have to take pictures or go out. I thought I had tried everything and then I was told about Beautycounter which offers safer skin care products. The charcoal bar and Balancing face oil have been a lifesaver! I use the charcoal bar as my cleanser morning and night and the oil as my moisturizer. You can check it out here if interested

  10. I use to get really bad acne on my chin and forehead and figured out it was from sun exposure and bad sunscreen. In the last year I’ve started using Elta MD sunscreen and it’s really helped clear up my skin. You can get large packs on amazon and they have really good face washes. It’s not that expensive too

  11. SkinActives Acne Control Cream at night completely changed my skin. I was always very acne prone and suffered from frequent breakouts. My skin is really sensitive and would always dry out with most products. Now, my skin is hydrated and has been clear for years. If I do break out, it’s gone so much faster than it used to (usually within a day). I can’t say enough good things about this product. They are all natural and just so good for your skin too.

  12. Okay, I’m 37 and have acne. Like you, my skin was perfection when I was pregnant!! Then afterwards, and since (My son is 3 now) it has been awful. I was recently crying cause my face is worse than my teenage step daughter. I just this week started using doterra acne kit, and what a difference in a few days!! I have tried just about everything.. And all traditional treatments have been too harsh for my skin and would make it worse! Also, I had BBL laser last year and it made a huge improvement on previous acne scaring, but prepare yourself- it doesn’t feel the greatest and you won’t want to leave the house for a good week!

  13. Hi Ali!

    I stick with topical prescription medication for my face. I’m a pharmacist in Nova Scotia, Canada and we’re able to prescribe for acne so I stick with what I know! I’m currently breastfeeding and am careful about what products I use.

    I hope you’re planning on blogging about how things went when you got back home with Molly! I’ve left my 5 month old daughter 3 times overnight and I get so excited to see her the next day!! How did Kevin do?

    Hope to hear all about it and the weaning.

    -Ashley M

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I am in Canada as well, can you suggest any prescription medication that work for cystic chin hormonal acne?

      Kim M

  14. Actually, I also use EltaMD UV Clear sunscreen in the morning too. That also has helped to completely change my skin I think. So I agree with that one! You can get it on Amazon now and it’s a great sunscreen for the face plus it keeps your skin clear. Works great!

  15. I had horrible acne as a teenager and still get some break outs at 35. THIRTY FIVE! I never thought I’d still be dealing with zits at this age. Like you my skin was at its best while pregnant and nursing. I weaned my son at the end of January and my skin went wonky. I actually just saw my dermatologist and she told me that after you wean it can take awhile for your hormones to be normal again and advised me, even 6 months after stopping, to give it another couple of months before talking to her about topical treatments.

    Here are the cheap and easy things I have found that help my skin:
    1. Not to pick at it (I fail at this all the time).
    2. Keep it moisturized, which seems counter intuitive but it helps immensely. I don’t use anything fancy, just neutrogena.
    3. Do not wash your face a lot – I wash it at night and just rinse it in the shower in the morning.
    4. The Bobbi Brown blemish stick – I swear by this. It covers up everything. So, even when I do have some break outs I put this sucker on and I immediately have more confidence.

    Thank you for being honest about this, because I think it is someone so many women struggle with and it helps to see that someone in the public eye struggles too!

  16. Hi Ali! I’m 36 yrs old and have had adult acne on my chin my entire adult life! The only thing that seems to help is regularly every 6-8 weeks getting glycolic acid peels. This also helps with the scaring from previous breakouts. My skin was also at its best when I was pregnant with my daughter (her and Molly are the same age). The dermatologist says my acne is hormonal and my skin just doesn’t shed like it’s supposed to and therefor I get clogged and breakout. The peels help my skin do the shedding it needs. Best of luck!! Thanks for always being so honest in all your posts.

  17. Love how open and honest you are!!people are attracted. To that. I’m super into pure clean products have used everything under the sun and nothing helped

    So first i would recommend cut out dairy and sugar(both inflammatory) and get on a good probiotic (gut health shows on outside) then I use young Living purification essential oil if I get a breakout(if I eat dairy) then use arbonne new formulated re9 skincare line. Its anti aging but balances your skin back to 5.5 pH (when it’s it’s optimal and glowing) hence why I have had 3 zits in 2 years.i use vegan pure botanically based makeup also so ur targeting acne from inside outπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Would love to send you some stuff free❀️I’m the owner of sugarandspicebabies the crops and eyelet pinafore baby girl dresses. Hope I can help you so you never need to struggle again!! Need ur address also

    1. Whole-heartedly agree about examining diet with skin issues as I recently cut out all animal products. Also yes to pillow case changes and also to not washing face too much. I still get break outs on the side of my nose and chin however and tend to use tea tree oil to dry them on the spot and just bought the Aveeno pads to try since they came recommended here on the blog! And I skip anything deemed “prescription strength” because when I get that dry and peely I pick.

  18. I used to always get zits on my chin! They are hormonal and awful but the product I swear by is Peter Thomas Roth Gylcolic Acid 10% moisturizer! that paired PTR max complextion correction pads work wonders for my skin!! Also Glam Glow super mud clearing treatment is awesome for spot treatment! You can find them both at Sephora! πŸ™‚ ps Molly is seriously one of the cutest babies ever! Love following you guys on Insta stories! Xo

    1. I have the same issue! Chin acne (I affectionately call it Chacne!) only and the rest of my skin is perfect! Definitely hormonal! I second Peter Thomas Roth products. I also think ‘clear days ahead’ cleansing pads by Philosophy and Clearogen acne lotion works well…..both from Sephora!

  19. I started struggling with acne breakouts on my chin in my 30’s. It’s hormonal and sometime difficult to treat. But after many different dermatologists visits and trying many creams and gels that were too harsh for my sensitive skin, I finally found a wonderful Dermatologist who found the perfect treatment for me. She treats my skin with lactose acid peel facials every 7 weeks and it works! Also, I love the Tea Tree skin care line from The Body Shop, perfect for oily skin. πŸ™‚

  20. Love your honestly and rawness! You definitely should give the #1 skincare company in North America, Rodan + Fields, Unblemish a try and once you’ve gotten your skin clear you can use the Redefine AMP MD system to help with any scarring as well as just overall preventative maintainance for fine lines and wrinkles! I swear by these products. They’ve saved my skin! I would love to help you in the process of getting your best skin EVER! (Even better than the pregnancy skin πŸ˜‰)

  21. I have struggled with adult acne for years on my chin. The bad cystic kind that hurt and leave those bad scars. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is Unblemish from Rodan and Fields. It took about 4-6 weeks to see super impressive results. In fact, I can tell if I get lazy with it and skip a night or step or two bc I’ll start to break out again. As for the scars, laser treatments work awesome!

  22. Story of my life! I can predict the exact spot I’ll get a zit on my chin. I second the less is more comment. I use tru self organics, the face wash and moisturizer. When I see a zit, I use a burt’s bees topical for a few days and then I put neosporin on it (helps with the redness/scarring!). I’ve found the key is to not use anything that will dry the skin out because the redness gets worse, so moisturize a lot! Also don’t pick or pop them… Check ingredients on any product before you invest in them, those that include retinol or retinoids are not suggested while breastfeeding or pregnancy!

  23. I have found that the Tea Tree nighttime blemish cream from The Body Shop really works for me. I use a little dab on the sore pimples that I can feel coming and in a day or two they are already fading. I use to use it nightly even without breakouts and it worked in helping prevent them, but now use it just when needed. The Body Shop also has many other products in this Tea Tree line including a face mask that seems to also really help with flare ups.

  24. I had the same experience. With one of my pregnancies my skin got better and with the other it got worse. I tried every topical cleanser/cream people recommended and nothing worked (including Arbonne and R&F). Finally when I was done having kids (because you can’t get pregnant while taking it) I went on tetracycline (an antibiotic) for 3 months. I’ve done this in the past as well and it worked until I went off and then it came back. This time was different though. My dermatologist got me on a topical regime as well and I’ve been off the antibiotic for 2 years now and my skin is still clear! I am using the skin ceuticals line called age + blemish. I use the cleanser, toner and serum. In the morning I use a RX cream called aczone gel and at night a RX cream called Tactupump. This compliments the skin ceutical system nicely. I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist. I know how acne and scarring can effect your self esteem, and aside from that it hurts! Best of luck. My clear skin has made all the difference in me!!!

  25. I have been struggling with cystic acne The past few weeks that came out of nowhere! I am trying to stay away from chemicals as much as possible so I made a cleanser from a recipe I got on Dr. I’m also using apple cider vinegar as a toner as well as trying some essential oils as spot treatments. I have also cut out dairy sugar and gluten and am eating raw sauerkraut every single day. After a week of doing this I am noticing a difference already. Let us know if anyone’s suggestions work for you and thanks for sharing!

  26. Rodan+Fields Unblemish has helped me a lot through the same transition. I too had the wonderful pregnancy glow and great skin then lost all of that when I stopped bf my son around 9 months. R+F products take time but are totally worth the investment and results. I have also been incorporating the reverse regime in now for scarring and melasma-which I was also left with after pregnancy. I can’t say I’m always 100% blemish free, but I can say my results- and many friends-are great with these products!

  27. Hi Ali!

    I have had major acne issues for as long as I can remember. A few months ago I started using Young Living Essential Oils and it’s cleared up to the point where I don’t wear makeup often. I tried SO many products on the market and nothing helped that much. I now make my own face serum and toner which has been huge. I was shocked how much better my skin was! If you have any questions don’t hesitate πŸ™‚

  28. I always struggled with acne until I was pregnant and then my skin was perfect! It went back to being awful again right after I had her. I realised I had stopped taking prenatals and vitamin d because I was so tired. I started taking them again and my skin is soooo much better.

  29. I agree Rodan and Fields changed my skin dramatically. I too always got it on my chin, since using I very rarely get any breakout and if I do you barely see it. Check it out! I use unblemish and soothe amazing product!

  30. I’m a licensed aesthetician & work for a company called Green Envee. Hormonal acne is always so hard to fix! I dealt with it after my baby as well!
    I know I’m partial to products from Green Envee because I work for them ,but they WORK!! & they are natural , do you feel safe putting them on your skin!
    The D10 blemish serum & vitamin c serum would help with acne & pigmentation !!
    I also started taking fish oil supplements from Hum nutrition & it’s been a godsendπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
    Their supplements are amazing !!!

  31. Hi Ali,

    The products I’m recommending has helped my boyfriend a lot. They are all organic and natural products that made a huge difference not sure if that plays a part. I copied the link below for you to do some homework before you start putting stuff in your face. Hope one of the products can help you and make you feel more confident with your skin :).

  32. Hello!! So I read your blog but I’ve never commented! This is close to my heart though as I’m an esthetician and just had a baby myself. I use Emme Diane and it’s a product designed by an esthetician and it’s amazing!!!! I rarely break out now!!! And it’s so affordable! She’s amazing. No pore cloggers and no acne triggers. Check it out!

  33. The best of all times and all ages is PROACTIV. They have a great program. Give it a try and you won’t use anything else ever again.

  34. Hi Ali!
    I’m 25 and started getting horrible cystic acne when I switched birth control methods over a year ago. Since mine is hormonal, the only treatments that have worked for me are prescription tretinoin cream and prescription spironolactone pills to help balance out my hormones.

    After using them together with a multi step, gentle Korean skincare routine my skin is completely clear!! If over the counter methods don’t work for you, I would 1000% recommend trying these prescriptions once you’re done breastfeeding! They truly changed my skin πŸ™‚

    1. I would agree with this regimen! I finally had the courage to visit a dermatologist at the age of 37. She knew right away the patterns of where my acne would occur was all hormonal, and said that it’s very common amoung mom’s who’ve had babies. Spironolactone and Retin A topical did the trick, and the Retin A helps for fine lines and wrinkles too! Bonus!

      1. I know I’m late to this post, but I completely concur with this advice! I’ve struggled with adult hormonal (only on my chin) cystic acne for years, tried every single thing (Rodan and Fields, Proactiv, Dermologica etc) and finally got a prescription for tretinoin from my dermatologist. In 6 weeks, it’s cleared up EVERY active breakout, and has gone to work on my red scars. Using that every night, followed by moisturizer and (no kidding) vaseline to lock it all in, plus Glossier’s Vitamin C serum under Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel in the morning has sincerely changed my skin. I went from being a girl who loaded up on BB cream, concealer, and powder every day to a makeup free life.

  35. I messaged you on instagram about my story but I know your struggle. I have been dealing with acne for many years and tried rodan and fields as a last resort. It has been amazing for me, I sent you my before and after so you can see the real results! Message me with any questions you have I would love to be able to help you out!

  36. Hi Ali! Surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but I have found Kate Somerville’s Acne line of products to be really beneficial for my skin. I am 32 and still have regular breakouts and sometimes cystic acne. I use her EradiKate sulfur-based cleanser every night and swear by her EradiKate spot treatment also. I’m in the process of switching over to her moisturizers and toners as well, but have been using those two products for a while now and have definitely seen improvement in the amount and duration of my breakouts.

  37. Hey Ali!

    I don’t have any tips for you on products to help decrease acne, but have you ever looked into food as a possible cause for your breakouts? I know chin acne is typically related to hormones, but sometimes certain foods can make that worse. I used to have terrible acne around my chin and mouth but I stopped eating gluten and my face has seriously never looked better. I sometimes look in the mirror and am like wow… my skin looks so good! Haha. And my skin care routine only contains a gentle face wash, a rose toner and moisturizer. I know others say eliminating dairy helped them. Anyway just thought I’d share in case it helped!

    Ps. Did you do a bachelor post this week? πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Ali!

    I admire the honesty and candidness of this post! It’s refreshing to hear from a role model such as yourself.

    I too struggle with hormonal acne on my chin and jawline. It seems I’ve tried everything. I feel like whenever I try acne products they irritate my skin or make my acne worse.

    I’ve been more conscious about the products I put on my skin lately, and recently purchased the Timeless Acne Cleanser, Timeless Toner for Troubled Skin, and Timeless Acne Lotion from Timeless Organics. I have been loving it all. I have not had to wear any face makeup for about two weeks now, which is unlike me! Even when going to visit my boyfriend and on vacation with him I felt confident in my skin without makeup, and I really think the Timeless products are clearing me up!

    I have also been drinking fresh mint infused water because I’ve heard it helps treat hormonal, cystic acne from within.

    Hope this helps!


  39. I definitely feel you on the hormonal chin acne! I used accurate as a teen and it went away for a while! I had amazing skin while pregnant, but I’m in the same boat now starting to wean a 12 month old, and it’s triggered more breakouts! πŸ˜” I can’t wait til I’m done and can use a retinol at night!! But for now I use a vitamin c to help with the pigmentation and scarring. And a glycolic acid at night. The first aid beauty glycolic pads are AMAZING!!! Check out Caroline Hirons blog and on Instagram! She has given me so much knowledge about skincare!! Good luck!! And know that you are beautiful no matter what!!!

  40. Hi Ali!
    I just started using Modere. It’s only been about 8 days but I have noticed the difference. I suffer from chin acne too and like you I sometimes cover my chin when taking photos. I hate having my photo taken because of my acne. πŸ™ Modere’s motto is Live Clean and that seemed to resonate with me because am trying to live a healthier lifestyle all around. So I took the plunge and am giving it a try. πŸ™‚
    Here is there website if you are interested in checking them out:

  41. 2 products I use (not while pregnant or breastfeeding, but I did before and will again after I’ve weaned my babe too!)
    #1- Bactrim. It’s a prescription called Sulfamethoxazole. Your doc will probably only recommend you take it for a couple weeks, but I have taken it continually for years, under doctor’s care, and just have blood drawn once in a while to test my levels. As long as you’re healthy, it’s a great antibiotic to take. It TOTALLY wiped out my cystic chin acne and helped heal the scars. So amazing!
    #2- Lytera by Skinmedica. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist for scaring and melasma (pregnancy mask). It really helped brighten my skin and even it out. I get it in because they tend to have it for 30% off if you sign up for emails.

    Good luck and hope this helps!

  42. Hi Ali! I’ve been to so many doctors and have tried most of the products others have commented so far and nothing worked for me until I tried Dermologica products. They have ones made specifically for breakouts and acne, specifically adult hormonal acne. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! Very few breakouts (only during my period) and my skin looks so soft and supple!

    There’s no one product that will work for everyone but I hope you can find one that works for you. I’ve dealt with breakouts my entire life and I know just how embarrassing and depressing it can be to constantly be at war with your skin. There were even days (and sometimes still are) when I wouldn’t leave the house due to acne.

    Anyway! Good luck! πŸ™‚

    Oh! And I forgot, for big pimples before bed I will apply Mario Badescu drying lotion and it works wonders!

  43. I had terrible breakouts due to hormones and I tried so many things…I finally started using Rodan and Fields Unblemish regimine for a month, then switched to Reverse and Redefine regimines and I haven’t had a breakout in almost a year. Good luck.

  44. I was having a terrible time with acne on my chin too. I’m 48 and was thinking I’m just too damn old for acne. So I went to see a dermatologist and she put me on an antibiotic, doxycycline hyclate. It seemed to help for awhile but I was still getting zits on my chin. One day while perusing Instagram, I saw an advertisement for Tatcha cleansing oil. I bought it and have been using it ever since, along with the rice enzyme. Game changer for me. This is the clearest my skin has ever been!!!

  45. Hi! I just finished my first year of college and my face had never looked WORSE! I would call my mom everyday and cry about it because I was SO embarrassed! I had been under the care of a dermatologist so I didn’t understand why NOTHING was working! I switched dermatologist and now I am on a sulfa clense, adapalene gel 0.5 ( you can get this over the counter now!!) and a liquid clindamycin cream! My face has never looked better!!

  46. Wow there’s a lot of people trying to sell you their products! I’ll just tell you what worked for me- getting a prescription from a dermatologist! I wish I had done it sooner because you just can’t get the same effectiveness with over the counter stuff. I use a combination of prescription strength clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide and occasionally throw a retin-A in there, too. But a dermatologist would be able to give you a more personalized recommendation. At first I had to apply it every day, twice a day, but 5 years later I only need it like once a week or when I notice my skin starting to break out. I used to cancel plans with friends when I had breakouts, and even stay home from work on the worst days! But now I’m comfortable even going makeup free!

  47. I get acne on my chin as well and started using tea tree essential oil from Young Living and have noticed it has cleared up and has not over dried my skin πŸ™‚

  48. Same.Exact.Boat. I’m a few months out from weaning and just saw my derm. I did one month of an oral antibiotic, changed my face wash to CereVe, and at night I clean my face with prescription Erythromycin wipes and apply Retin-A topically. It’s been 4 weeks and my skin is clear. Only con is when you get pregnant again you have to stop the Retin A. It’s great for anti-aging as well!

    I had used R&F for several months and initially broke out pretty bad, then skin improved some. I personally couldn’t tolerate the sulfur smell of the face wash.

    I plan to get IPL laser treatment when I’m past babies/nursing. I’ve heard great things.

  49. Thank you for sharing this…I still struggle with acne. Some days I’m embarrassed to leave the house. You’re gorgeous regardless! You are definitely an inspiration to me how you juggle being a wife, amazing mommy and working woman! You go girl!!

    1. Visit my website:

      Unblemish will do amazing things if you have acne. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee if unhappy.

      Rodan and Fiekds is #1 in the country for eliminating acne.

  50. I’m so sorry about your struggle here. I had the same issue and then found out I was allergic to dairy. I cut dairy out and haven’t had a single zit since. The hormones that come in dairy were not doing my skin any favors and now I don’t have to worry about it. I get my calcium from plenty of leafy greens and I use milk alternatives when needed, like Lamont or coconut milk!

  51. I can totally relate to how acne makes you feel. I was the opposite of you. I had pretty decent skin before I got pregnant last August. I used to work for a dermatologist and my skin has never looked so great! Ever since I got pregnant and delivered and have been breastfeeding, my skin has continued to break out. Benzamycin was the only thing my OB said I could use while breastfeeding, but when I’m not pregnant/nursing I love chemical peels. I felt like after a couple doctor grade chemical peels that it took years of scars away and I always felt beautiful without makeup. Good luck! Acne sucks. Also, we named our baby girl Molly. She’s 8 weeks old today!

  52. I have the same problem areas and I’ve tried everything – prescription retinoids work great but not if you plan on becoming pregnant/breastfeeding again. Since this is me as well and I try to use natural; I swear by apple cider vinegar before bed at night and using the Beautycounter charcoal bar as a cleanser!

  53. Hello, I sell Rodan and Fields, #1 skincare in the nation! I’m so proud! Lol

    If you have active acne then Unblemish would work for you. This product has helped thousands of ppl with acne.

    If you want to help with acne scarring then using the AMP MD System (Roller) which would help to rebuild the collagen and help with scarring.

    Look these up on Pinterest. Type: Unblemish or AMP MD System. You can see all the before and after pics. And if you want to help a fellow mama out and purchase thru me you can visit my website:

    You don’t have to settle with your skin. R&F is amazing! Check it out.

  54. Hi Ali! I have chin acne and scarring too with some around my nose. I’m constantly envious of those who can just go without make up. Even when I do wear make up it comes off mid through the day- despite using primers and good foundation. My skin can get very oily and it’s frustrating. I’ve tried every thing. The only thing that has helped me with breakouts is adjusting my birth control pill and doxcycline which is an anti biotic. My dermatologist guy is trying to wean me off that cause it’s not healthy to take an antibiotic for too long. I’m going to be scouring the comments looking for solutions too!! Differin used to be a prescription but now it’s OTC and you can get it at the local drug store. I think it’s starting to help me but my doc said it takes a while.

    1. I am 48 yrs old and I still struggle with acne. After years of seeing a dermatologist, they finally put me on a round of Accutane. It worked wonders for me. After I finished the found I started getting small pimples and some crow feet (aging). The dermatologist put me on Differin. At the time, it was prescription, but not you can buy it over the counter. It’s worth it! You can buy it on Amazon for $23 For times when I need make up, I use Estee Lauder Double Wear. I would try the Differin first, and then schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. I hope this advice helps.

  55. Hi Ali!
    I hear you on the acne struggle! Over hundreds of dollars spent on products and derm appts I finally found Rodan and Fields UnBlemish to work the best! Because of the love for the product I actually am now a consultant to help with some income for my children childcare. We also have products in our redefine that have helped other with acne scarring. 60 day $ back guarantee and the #1 skin care company currently. Take a look….😊

  56. Ali!!! I love reading your blog!! This post touches my heart so much! I am currently a consultant for Rodan+Fields and would LOVE to talk to you sometime about the options we have for you!! I have seen people have incredible results and literally seen this company and these products change their life!! If you want to email me or want any more information I would love to help you be able to change this and love the skin you’re in better than you do now but also be able to love your skin foundation free!!! I have before and afters I can show you and I have all the information that you’d need! Feel free to reach out, I’d love to help you on this journey!!

  57. Roden and fields unblemish. So worth it. Prescription stuff causes people lots of dryness and other not so friendly side effects. I have sensitive skin so I used unblemish but not exactly how they said to. The person I buy from helped me with my daily routine and the stuff works!!

  58. ZO products by Dr. Obagi are by far the best! They are pricey and only sold at Dermatology offices, but totally worth it.

  59. Hi Ally! I have a very simple solution, which most people won’t believe. But it has worked for me and a few other friends who were very skeptical at first. But we’re willing to try, once they saw my results. RAW ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
    “with the mother” ( ha ha. It’s true. Says it on the bottle ) BRAGGS is the best. First, start consuming a tablespoon or two daily. It’s quite strong, but I mix it with 8-12 ounces of water and pretty much chug it. AND, take sanitary cotton balls and blot the cider vinegar straight on your acne. The smell will disappate. A quart shouldn’t cost more than 7 or 8 $. I know there are many other expensive solutions out there, but this is the natural way. The cider vinegar also stopped all my leg cramps at night and it actually detoxifies the liver and kidneys! AND it’s a natural,probiotic, that has also cleared up my heartburn and my sinuses have never been clearer. I’ve been using it for 8 months, and I swear, it has changed my well being, IMMENSELY. Good luck! Hope you give it a try. Give it a week or two. You’ll be happy 😍

    1. Lots of great ideas.
      I’m going to try your organic apple cider vinegar ‘recipe’.
      Sounds like a winner for many ailments.
      Thanks, Jeanne 😊

      Wishing Ali Good luck, too.

      1. Always try natural remedies first. Give it time, it will help many things. I’m still using it and on occasion I’ll double up the dose if I’ve been eating or drinking too much. It’s amazing! Oh, in the winter i add raw honey and cinnamon and drink it like tea! Tastes like apple pie. And the raw honey is another good thing! Good luck!πŸ€

  60. Okay–I am a consultant for Rodan & Fields, so I know right off the bat that may make me sound like I’m selling something, but hear me out. I know others have already posted about this, but this will just help to reinforce the amazingness!!

    I was the opposite through my pregnancy. I usually never had zits, but had HORRIBLE pregnancy acne. After having my baby boy, there were just so many things that I couldn’t control and I was so frustrated with my body. I decided to try to fix something that I could maybe control–my acne. My sister-in-law is an R&F consultant, so I finally splurged and bought the Unblemish Regimen. 30 days in, and the difference was AMAZING! I stopped using it after 60 days thinking I had “solved” the problem. My acne came back. I thought maybe my hormones were just all over the place and once I stopped nursing, my acne would clear. It didn’t! So this time when I decided to go back on the regimen, I decided to become a consultant because I knew what the products had done for me the first time and would do for me again. I wanted to be a part of bringing that confidence back to others like me. It seriously works–I have my own before and after photos as proof!! And the company offers 60 days to get your money back.

    Read a little bit about it! The doctors behind R&F are the same ones behind Proactiv. They started R&F to tackle multiple skin issues people have (sensitivity, sun damage, acne, aging), but every product also works to fight the aging process.

    Good luck!! Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s important to take care of it! 😊

  61. Hi Ali!

    Love your blog. I, too, get breakouts on my chin. It’s hormonal. I have/had flare ups around my period, in my first trimester, and once I stopped nursing.

    Anyway, I am on the prescription Spironolactone. I have been for 10+ years and it’s prescribed by my dermatologist. It has worked great for me. That said, you must use birth control while taking it and you cannot use it if you plan to be/are pregnant.

    Egg white + honey mask also helped with the flare ups I had while pregnant.

    1. Note: I still occasionally get breakouts while on the medication. But they are very small (compared to the painful, cystic acne I once had).

  62. How has it been going not breast feeding anymore? I’m glad you ended up enjoying your time in New York!
    Unblemish from rodan+fields is AMAZING! My husband is in the navy and the ship is actually going to start referring the sailors to use it because it’s so amazing and actually works. R+f uses a multi med treatment in all their regimens. They were just named the number 1 premium skincare πŸŽ‰.
    I will send you a regimen if you let me know where I can send it too because that’s how much I would back up this product!

  63. Sweet sweet Ali! Rodan + Fields! Not only will it cure your acne, RID you from your scars but it will ALSO help you age backwards!

    I know because I’m a success story.

    Check me out LovelybyJess in FB or Insta

    Hun, You are positive, real and emit light! I truly enjoy your energy. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒYour skin should to rise to meet you, you’re in bloom! ❀️❀️

  64. I am 33 and have the exact same problem! I tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal and that it didn’t bother me, but, like you, I was so envious of those that could go makeup free! I was ready to plop down some big dollars to fix the problem because I was just so frustrated with being frustrated. Then I found coconut oil. I know it sounds crazy but it has been amazing for me. At first I started using it as my moisturizer and now I use it to remove my makeup too. My face has never been better! My pores are smaller, my skin tone is even – no more random dry spots with zits throughout. I still get a breakout here or there, but it pops easily and then just kinda disappears within minutes. Definitely not those huge red spots and scarring I used to get. I am sure it is not for everyone, but it was a great option for me that didn’t cost me a fortune. And it feels so healthy on my skin! Definitely worth a try

  65. Hi Ali,
    I used Accutane and it completely changed my life. It is a very intense prescription pill but it works. There are many precautions (you have to be on two types of birth control and take a pregnancy and blood test every month) but it only takes a few months and you have completely new skin for the rest of your life. It is SO worth it! Only certain doctors prescribe it but again, WORTH IT!

  66. I love Kate Somerville EradiKate acne treatment for spot treatment! And all Skinceuticals products πŸ™‚ Currently using their LHA cleansing gel and its amazing! Love their serums too.

  67. I swear by Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish stick. For $7.99, I feel it’s a wonder product. I put it on as soon as I feel a zit forming, and they really do go away more quickly. And I’ve used accutane (many years ago before kids) and birth control pills, and the blemish stick has been very helpful.

  68. If the acne on your chin is hard, cystic pimples, the chances of a topical face wash or cream helping reduce those is pretty slim. Cystic pimples are caused by hormone imbalances and usually need the help of a doctor. I’ve been on tons of medications and the one that works best with no side effects is Spironolactone. I worked my way up to 125mg slowly and it’s been successful so far! Only issue is you can’t take it if you’re not trying to have kids πŸ™‚

    For face wash regime, I recommend Exposed Skin Care. It’s only available online and has a 365-day money back guarantee!

    Love this post as I know exactly how you feel about being insecure and it sucks!

  69. I used to get horrible acne as well and then I started using Rodan and Fields Unblemish and it has been a life changing product for me. I no longer have to wear foundation to cover up zits, that is the first time since I was 15 that this has happened. I will never go back to anything else. Also, the Lash Boost is amazing and people think am wearing fake lashes all the time, BUT, it is my real lashes!! Amazing products!!!

  70. Hi Ali,

    I too have been dealing with adult acne on my chin. I never had acne as a teen so I thought I was in the clear. Boy was I wrong. After years of dealing with it I recently started using Young Living frankinsense and tea tree essential oil on my face and it seems to be helping not only getting rid of pimples quickly but also helps with acne scarring. I use frankinsense all over my face and the tea tree directly on the pimples. I was nervous at first at the thought of putting oil on my face but after hearing other people say how great their skin is I decided to try it out. So far I’m happy! I can completely relate to how you feel. It’s so embarrassing for me and I hope I have found a good remedy. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us.

  71. Hey! I’m sure you’ve been given tons and tons of skin care recommendations for the acne on your chin, but wanted to throw in my two cents. I live in the Bay Area, CA and using a local San Jose line and it’s AMAZING! I struggled for over a year, no matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away…they would keep popping up. One would go away and the next day another would pop up. I went for a facial once and they used the “Jan Marini” line. I absolutely loved how it made my face feel and took their recommendation to use the facial cleanser. It changed my life. Completely cleared up my chin acne and helped with my random breakouts as well. I now maybe get 1-2 a month. Cleanser is only like $40 – definitely worth it. I highly recommend trying it!

    I used the biogycolic facial cleanser

  72. Many have said it but Rodan & Fields is truly amazing. I had the exact same experience before pregnancy and after.
    And have so many acne scars on my chin.

    I’ve been doing unblemish to keep acne gone and reverse to get rid of scarring. It truly is amazing.

  73. Hi Ali!

    I learned recently when I was having sever chin acne that it’s due to hormones.. at least for the me. My
    Doctor recommended cutting carbs, sugar and dairy so when I did that for just a couple weeks I noticed a huge difference. Not only did my skin have no new acne it was less oily! Strict diets are so difficult but it was beyond worth it to see my skin react so positively.

  74. Hi Ali! I can definitely relate to having bad acne. It used to be my biggest insecurity. I tried going to facialists, dermatologists, proactiv, etc. But none of that worked! What did work for me- going on birth control, drinking lots of water every day, healthy diet, and using a cystic acne wash from walgreens! I can’t pronounce the name but it had doxyl at the end of the name and it was pretty intense. Now since my acne is no longer out of control, I currently use PCA Facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. I talked to so many makeup artists about products and it was through trial and error!

  75. First off, I’ve always thought you were incredibly beautiful and I’ve never noticed any acne on your skin!

    Second, I am currently due in 4 weeks and I have been having the WORST acne my entire pregnancy and it’s only gotten worse over the past month on my CHIN! I’ve always had a pretty clear complexion until now. I feel like a terrible person admitting that I have had the same thoughts as you for delivery photos! I should be worried about this miracle I’m bringing into the world, not my face. But, we’re all human.

    I will most definitely be following this blog for ideas on what to use to help. So far I’ve tried, Clinique products, essential oils, coconut oil, and just letting it be. Some days the spots are less red but some days (like today), makeup won’t even help to tone it down.

    I know we are our own worst critics, but I would look forward to reading everyone’s advice as well!

  76. Thank you for your honesty!

    Product life-changer: Mario Badescu drying lotion. It will shrink and eliminate a zit overnight!

    Life-style choices: probiotics, fish/omega 3 oil (the liquid version is easier to absorb. I like NutraSea) and staying away from dairy! I know that my skin breaks out frequently when I have too many dairy products in my life–especially those dreaded cystic zits. 2 months before my wedding, I was off dairy and had such luminous skin. Let’s just say, I went rogue after the wedding with cheese/yogurt and my skin was a mess! I really see a difference without it!

  77. I’m sure you are inundated with ideas by now, but here’s one more: Cut soy from your diet! I tried every other thing out there and none of it worked (including Rodan + Fields and Proactiv). I cut soy and switched to mild Asian beauty products (all things I bought on Amazon Prime) and my skin is waaaay better.

  78. I use Jan Marini line bioglycolic facial cleanser and it definitely changed my skin for the better. I’ve always had struggles and embarrassment in my teens and twenties and have tried everything before this, I won’t ever change now, I buy it in bulk!

  79. Ali,

    Thank you so much for your post! I also have experienced acne for years, and it is just horrible. Unlike you, my skin did NOT react well to pregnancy, and I just suffered through it. Then when I started breastfeeding, I was introduced to Rodan & Fields (Unblemish) – it’s one of the few products you can use while breastfeeding. My skin has never looked better. I was a HUGE skeptic of Rodan before I started (I only started because a very close friend swore by it), and now I’m a convert. Good luck!

  80. Hi Ali,

    First…LOVE the sunglasses you posted. Mine came in the mail today. Also, curious if you’ve switched to a convertible carseat for Molly? We are on the hunt. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, have you heard of Beautycounter products? They even have a safe baby line. Lots of safe products without harsh chemicals and toxins. They have great charcoal soap, face mask and a face oil to help with acne and rosacea. I swear by their products. Check them out.


  81. Hi, Ali – I hope you read these comments and know you are definitely not alone! It doesn’t seem fair that adult acne is a thing, but at least we all have it together!
    Arcona’s Raspberry Clarifying Bar has really helped me, as well as derma rolling — it’s been amazing for fading my scars!

  82. Hi Ali,

    First…LOVE the sunglasses you posted. Mine came in the mail today. Also, curious if you’ve switched to a convertible carseat for Molly? We are on the hunt. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, have you heard of Beautycounter products? They even have a safe baby line. Lots of safe products without harsh chemicals and toxins. They have great charcoal soap, face mask and a face oil to help with acne and rosacea. I swear by their products.

  83. After you’re finished with breastfeeding, salicylic or Jessner peels and retinol cream a few nights per week. I just turned forty and my skin has never looked better. Thankfully it is less oily now too after having two babies!

  84. Hi Ali,

    I have struggled with acne my entire life. I’m almost 29 and I still suffer pretty bad from it. It’s all over my cheeks and chin and I get big white heads and big painful red bumps. I was on Proactiv for about 10 years and it worked pretty good. I also saw a dermatologist and he put me on Tetracycline. My face had never looked better, but I was getting sick every single morning from it so once my prescription ended I never got it renewed. I’ve tried so many other products from Neutragena, to Vichy to Beauty Counter. During my pregnancy I didn’t have the glow at all!! That’s probably why my daughter is so adorable because she took every ounce of beauty from me. Now that she’s almost 1, I decided to give Proactiv a try again because it was the only thing that really made a difference. I have been using it again for about 3 weeks now and I am seeing a drastic change in my skin. It still has a long way to go to be clear again but I’m starting to feel less self conscious. I’ve always hated my skin but I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up, mainly because I have no idea how to apply make-up to make myself look amazing lol, but also because I never want to clog my pores and cake a bunch of foundation on my skin. Thanks for sharing, it defiantly helps to know there are other people out there, and especially celebrities or people in the spotlight that suffer from this stuff as well and can share their experience with it. Love you and your blog so much!!

  85. Acne is something that bothers so many and adult acne is no different. My son swears by ProActive. I personally like the acne line from SeneGence. No matter what, you are beautiful.

  86. I never had a zit in my life before I got pregnant, and then in my 4th month, I started getting terrible cystic acne on my chin, which was devastating and made me feel so ugly all the time, and I couldn’t do anything for it because I was preggo! After I had my daughter, I was on a roller coaster ride with my skin- getting worse then getting better, and never having one day without a zit. She is three now, and I feel like over the past year I have finally gotten my chin under control by doing the following things:
    1. Spironolactone- prescribed by my dermatologist. This helped so much with taming the cystic acne beast. I weaned myself off of it because we are thinking about having #2. Everything else I have done has helped keep me mostly blemish free since stopping the prescription med:
    2. Changing my diet- eliminating most carbs, which is so hard, but I know that if I eat pizza or have ice cream, like clockwork, three days later I have a cyst coming up.
    3. using the Drunk Elephant skin system- I use all of their products religiously, and it has totally helped with the tone of my skin. The redness from the scars is still there because I am so fair, but my skin is so much smoother and makeup really easily covers up those spots.
    4. using Osmia Organics spot treatment when I feel a zit coming on

    and then all the normal things like drinking lots of water and not touching my face. I have looked into lasers and peels and have decided to wait until after we are done having kids. Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you.

  87. Ali I have been using Roda. And Fields for about 9 months and love the results. I use reverse and can really see a difference. The products are well worth the money. Also Lash Boost is absolutely the best. I have tons of compliments on my lashes. If nothing else check it out.

  88. I have experimented with many of the Murad products and found the right combination to stick to that works for me from the Acne and Anti-Aging Acne lines. I’ve noticed in the past few years my face has gone from super oily to combination, but I definitely still struggle with hormonal acne around my jawline (I’m 28). They have mini kits at Ulta to try before committing to the full size products. Hope this helps! My skin has never looked better.

  89. Definitely try out Rodan + Fields Unblemish line, it is created by the doctors of ProActiv, but their product line Rodan + Fields treats the other 90% of skin concerns, like sensitivity, redness, dark spots, aging, and acne. The Unblemish regimen is sulfur based, and best for mature skin- as opposed to the alcohol based formula used in ProActiv. It works really well, I have seen amazing results, on acne and post-acne scarring. Worth a shot, especially with their no risk, 60 day, empty bottle money back guarantee. Happy to help if you are interested, would even offer free product because I know you would love it!

  90. Plexus Worldwide offers what you need to heal your acne from the inside out. It’s all about gut health and healing your body. I would highly recommend Triplex.

  91. Hi Alli
    I love your blog and your cute little family! I can not wait to see what you and Kevin will have next!
    I am a consultant for Rodan and Fields, a skincare line that was created by the same doctors that created Pro ACtive! I have been using the products for ever and love love love them and you will not be disappointed! You need to purchase from a consultant and I would love to be yours! Or shoot you some information about the products and the ingredient list!
    my website is you can look around or email me
    you wont be disappointed in these products!
    Hope you find a quick fix regimen or something your happy with from your comments!

  92. I love to use the Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel weekly for scars! In terms of lasers, Fraxel treatments really help with scarring. I also get Isolaz treatments every few weeks to get rid of any bacteria.

  93. So I have the same thing but I get cystic acne! I use RetinA and Epiduo cream. The RetinaA takes the scars away and Epiduo helps with the cysts. These are both prescriptions! They have helped so much! My before and after is insane. Don’t use the products together, alternate them nightly. I use a moisturizer in the morning VaniCream that doesn’t clog pores. πŸ™‚

  94. Clinique’s 3 step cleansing kit. Do it every night and NEVER sleep with makeup. Also, Nuetregena sunscreen in the AM helps. I heard from my Facialist too that not touching your face is key because the outside oils and dirt clogs everything up. Xo

  95. Instead of looking into treatments, let’s talk about the root of the problem so we can work on prevention and also aid in helping to understand your body a little better! First of all, hormones affect EVERYTHING in our bodies– our skin being one of them. Our skin breaking out is a message that our body is telling us. We just need to learn to uncover what that is, but it sounds like you already know. It’s largely due to the transition from breastfeeding to not. This is totally normal! One major hormone that plays a role in stimulating lactation is oxytocin.. the “bonding” hormone. There is likely a large shift in this hormone and many others as well. The “product” I am about to recommend you will change your life and any other woman reading this MUST get this as well. It is a book called “Woman Code” by Alisa Vitti. Ali…. This is the best advice anyone could possibly give you. I promise. Woman Code is all about syncing your food to what stage you are in your cycle, getting to the root of what your body is telling you, what it means, and optimizing the overall way your body functions in ALL aspects of your life. The author who wrote this book cured herself (and now many others) of PCOS– A syndrome deemed incurable to modern medicine and you are told you will be infertile. She is extremely educated and will layout meal plans to sync your cycle, and get your hormones in balance and teach you how to really *listen* to what your body is telling you and optimize your hormone balance.

    Best of luck, Ali!!!! I know you will LOVE this book. Every woman out there should read it!!!


  96. Thank you for being so real and opening up to your fans about relatable issues! I’ve also struggled with super stubborn chin acne my whole life and sometimes the rest of my face too. I tried so many products, even prescriptions from the dermatologist, but the ONLY thing that has worked for me is Unblemish from Rodan + Fields and I’m so happy I found it! Its seriously amazing and I feel confident makeup free for the first time in my life. I’d love to send you a regimen so you can see if it can do the same for you! Xoxo

  97. THANK YOU for being so open and honest about your insecurities! What a way to be a real life role model. If it means anything, I’ve always admired your skin and smile. My dermatologist did tell me to wash my face with sensitive plain face wash – no frills no mediciation in it – and then treat the acne separately with prescription creams and that’s worked for me. I’ve heard red/blue light for scarring but haven’t tried it. Keep up being a stellar role model – you’re a beautiful woman – inside and out!

  98. I use Unblemish by Rodan + Fields and love it. I also struggle with acne! I wish you the best and hope you can find something that will help.

  99. Hey Ali! I am an Esthethican and obviously I talk to people about skincare all day long! First- I am highly against Rodan and Fields- it has parabens and fragrances in it, both are very irritating to the skin. My clients that come in with raw, irritated, dry, dehydrated skin. It’s overpriced. One of the reasons I think it “works” for people or they think it does it bc it is the first routine they have ever had with skincare. One of the best treatments I have seen work are LED lights. We do LED lights in the spa but I also have had clients do at home LED treatments as well. Neutrogena has a new LED mask that you leave on for 10 min every day. My clients have seen HUGE results from even the Neutrogena mask. Picking a skincare line also depends if your acne is worse from your period or if it’s all month long. If it’s hormonal you can take a B6 vitamin the week before your period. Also popping a pimple before it is ready can also spread the infection under your skin. So understanding when to pop is important as well so it doesn’t scar. There is a proper way to pop and care for a pimple. They also have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatments out there that won’t leave you scarred. The key to acne is getting down the inflammation. There is an esthetician that I swear by her name is Renee Rouleau. She also has a blog. You can read her articles. She has 20 years experience and her advice is always on point. Check out the mask and check her out. Goo Luck and if you have further questions feel free to reach out!

    1. I was using a ton of acne specific products and thought I was getting good results, but then an esthethican told me how dehydrated my skin actually was! Since I’ve now focused on gentle exfoliation, hydration to my skin and oil cleansing, my skin is so much better and doesn’t get nearly as oily OR as dry as it used to!

  100. Hey Ali,

    Thank-you so much for getting candid in your blog about acne. I have suffered with acne through out my teens and much of my 20s. I felt like I related to a lot of what you wrote in your article especially when you discussed your self-esteem issues with acne. I always look at people sometimes on their social media or people in society and think, β€œwow that woman’s skin looks flawless.” I remember as a teen spending hours in front of the mirror covering up every inch of my skin with make-up. Today my acne on my face has gotten better, my back has improved slightly but still something I struggle with. However, to this day I still feel compelled to cover my skin sometimes because I remember how I looked before. I have tried many skin ointments and creams through out the years because I am not one to take medication. I switched from drinking regular milk to goat’s milk and that has helped my skin. Additionally, I wash my face with soap from the Dead Sea called Dead Sea mud soap. Anything from the Dead Sea is an instant win for any skin ailments. Also, in the past I have used Murad’s acne complex and found it more beneficial then proactive which worked in the beginning for a few months and failed to work shortly after. Recently, I purchased two products to help fight acne, which you may also want to consider trying. The first is invisible blemish treatment by clean and clear. It goes on invisible and contains salicylic acid medication to help fight pimples. It helps to treat and prevent acne. The second you can use as part of your make-up regiment is by Clinique acne solutions. It is a clearing concealer that contains salicylic acid. It helps fight acne and covers your face. I highly recommend it, as it has been a true-life saver for me. I usually apply the concealer over my pimple and then apply my foundation. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  101. I love this topic on your blog today! i too have struggled with acne, especially as an adult. My hormones went crazy after I stopped taking birth control. Anyway, through a lot of years and a lot of money I have tried so many products and regimens. About 4 months ago I purchased Unblemish by Rodan + Fields! Best purchase I have ever made, and the only regimen that has made a successful impact on my skin. It is worth it for anyone struggling with adult acne. Hope that helps, and thank you for opening up about your struggle Ali!

  102. Hi Ali!

    I’ve been struggling with acne as of late and have sworn by the Glamglow Supermud Clearing treatment! It can be used as a spot treatment or as a mask that can be done 1-3 times a week and you can literally the difference overnight. All the friends i’ve recommended it to have loved it!

    I love you and your family and I love how open and honest you are about everything! Your blog and posts on social media brighten my day!

  103. Any acne on your chin or jawline is hormonal. Go see a dermatologist to get a prescription before trying anything over the counter.

  104. I have suffered from both cystic and regular acne on my chin since college (that’s almost 20 years ago), and the only thing that finally worked was a combination of Adapalene (also known as Differin) and Clindamycin. I get them both by prescription through my dermatologist, but I have heard that some forms of Differin are now over-the-counter. Using those two medications together has made an INCREDIBLE difference – not only with stopping the vast majority of the acne but with clearing up the scarring I had. They also had very few side effects. Just some flaky skin the first few months I started using them.

  105. Hi Ali,
    I didn’t really have “acne” until I got into my 20’s, before then I just had occasional breakouts from playing sports and stuff like that.
    Mine was my cheeks and chin, I have picture in my phone that I still look at and cringe, and then I thank my lucky stars it doesn’t look like that.
    The only thing that has helped me is I had to get a prescription from my derm… in on spiralactone, 2x a day. He also gave me retin A to do 3 times a week at night and clindamyacin to do in the morning. It has completely helped and now, if I even get 1 pimple it’s only around “that time of month”…. to help with the scars, I swear by Kiehl’s Cleary Corrective Dark Spot Serum.

    Mines just one of many options and it’s probably the harsher of some because of the prescription meds, but whatever works to have clear skin in my opinion ! Lol

    Hope you find something that helps YOU πŸ™‚

  106. Biggest recommendation & only thing that works for me is prescription! I use all natural Beautycounter skin care + prescription Clindamycin and Retin-A. I had the worst break outs of my life this winter but with these two products, my skin is perfect!

  107. Have to agree with the Rodan + Fields Unblemish! And the amp md roller is great for scars. I sent you a pm about it back in may :-).

  108. I swear by Proactiv’s mask. Instead of using it as a mask, use it as spot treatment and wear it overnight. In the morning, skin is sooooo much better!

  109. I used to have the worst acne and was even on accutane for it. The ONLY thing that has worked was the Rodan + Fields Unblemish regimen!

  110. Don’t know if you have already tried Korean Skincare Regimen.. At the beginning it feels like a lot of work since it includes 10 steps of cleaning, toning, moisturizing and all, but slowly you get used to it and won’t notice the extra work. It has made a huge difference in my skin. I was going through a lot of acne breakouts on my face while breastfeeding as well.. I have a daughter exaclty a month older than Molly!

    1. I love the Korean routine and so many Korean brand skin products. It can be tedious in the beginning, but helps treat your face in the now and ensure you’ll have beautiful skin the rest of your life!

  111. Hi Ali! I adore you, your family and your beautiful honesty πŸ™‚ You’re hearing from a girl who has struggled with a similar acne to yours – I would get it localized in certain areas and in waves between my teens and twenties. I am now 28 and I’ll preface by saying this – I am not a Rodan and Fields consultant (although I love my friend who is!), but I tried the dermatologist, Proactive, and what felt like every single face wash or kit you could possibly try, and none of them gave me lasting results. The Unblemish line by R&F was truly a life-changing product for me!! I have been using it for 2 years now. My skin looks so beautiful (I would never normally say that, but it’s true!) I am SO grateful for the confidence I finally feel! I have been able to scale back to only using the face wash and toner 4-5x/week for the past 10+ months and re-introduce more moisturizing products, and the combo has given me consistently radiant skin. I definitely still get a few pimples around my time of the month, but it is wonderful to know that they won’t last long. I hope that you try it and that it works for you as well as it did for me! So many blessings to you and your family!

  112. Products I love – The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask for when I have a break out, Pixi Glow Tonic Toner (Found at Target), Pixi Double Cleanse(found at target). I get it really bad on my chin and between my brows!

  113. I cut dairy out of my diet and stopped getting chin acne!! I still have a little dairy here and there but I literally stopped breaking out and it was always only on my chin. If I eat a little too much dairy, I break out within a couple days.

  114. I have the same feelings about acne too! I just started using unblemish through Rodan and Fields for acne and I also use a few of their soothe products for the redness. You can answer a few questions and they’ll give you a solution for your concerns. I’m on my 3rd week and already see an improvement but the other thing I did was go start going gluten free. Diet and hormones play a huge role in acne as well. So pay attention to when you break out maybe certain foods are triggers or make your worse. Or as your cycle changes through out the month your breakouts may be worse during different times. I’m still working on my acne! I hate it!

  115. I highly recommend Renee Rouleau’s skincare like which you can peruse at

    She has a great blog and social media presence which helped me to learn a lot.

    One of her best tips was to reduce or completely cut out dairy for cystic chin/jaw acne. (Something to do with the glands in that area that help us digest dairy….) It made all the difference in the world for me.

  116. I am 29 and I have struggled with hormonal acne on and off since I was 19. I usually get breakouts anytime there is a shift in hormones. I finally got it under control by the time I was 26. Then last year I got pregnant. I broke out so badly. It cleared up by the last trimester and came back after birth. I breastfed and the acne stayed around. I’m not breastfeeding anymore and I was hoping that my hormones would return to normal and my skin would clear, however that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been using Differin for a month and I am hoping to see some results. I’m also back on birth control but it is low hormones so it shouldn’t affect my acne.

    Acne is so frustrating and makes you feel awful. I appreciate your honesty about your issues. It makes me feel like I can connect with others who struggle with acne.

  117. I’ve struggled with chin acne since I was 12! I’ve used expensive face wash, creams, spot treatment, essential oil you can think of. Three months ago I stop using face wash and started using a microfiber face cloth that has micro silver particles in it (the brand I bought is Norwex, but I’m sure there are others). Just water and the face cloth (unless I have on a lot of makeup, then I use s makeup removing wipe first). Seriously, I think I’ve had 1 pimple since and it was like a small little whitehead, not my big cystic acne. No lie, my skin is beautiful. I was skeptical, I’ve tried everything, so I had my 12 year old daughter try it out too. She was having serious breakout issues due to puberty and stage makeup (she dances). Her skin looks amazing now! It is unbelievable!

  118. I just recently started using Renee Rouleau products. I love the toner- balancing skin tonic and the skin correcting serum. I am so deal with red marks and found she carries a product called Post-Breakout Fading Gel. Which I will be checking out.

  119. Spirinolactone!!! You break out on your chin bc your body is producing too many androgens. Your Derm can prescribe it. I’m 36 and have dealt with chin acne my whole life until I started taking it. I’m not sure if it’s safe for breastfeeding, but would be helpful after. It takes about a month and a half to work/get into your system. Life changer!

  120. cutting dairy…literally all of it including cheese has made my skin flawless. this was advice from a doctor that explained to me how bad dairy is for our skin.

  121. I know I’m not the first to post this but Rodan + Fields all the way. Nothing to lose and will combat all that you have talked about…acne, scaring, and aging when you are ready. Can’t say enough good things about this and it has a money back guarantee! I’d love to help you along your journey!

    I also wanted to tell you that I love following your family. My son was born on July 14 so I can totally relate where Molly is since they are the same age. Love your blog!

  122. BeautyCounter has changed my life! I use several facial products (day cream, night cream, facial cleanser) and my skin has never looked so good and felt so smooth. It’s amazing!!! And chemical free which is the best part!

  123. Ali,

    I had the same issue! I’ve tried everything, and my skincare routine was getting out of control.

    The only relief I had was cutting out all products all together, then slowly adding products back into my routine to see which one was the culprit to your breakouts. Try washing your face with warm water and soap only, and use a gentle moisturizer. I found that products with salicylic acid made my acne worse.

  124. I have struggled with Hormonal Acne for YEARS. Since getting off either control. The only times I haven’t broken out since was when I got pregnant with my two girls! So I was in the same boat!

    Topical just dry or my skin SO much to the point your makeup just looks terrible in a couple of hours.

    I just recently went and got a “high frequency facial treatment” NOW I SWAER BY THEM!

    I also just got an at home Kit to zap the zits I can feel starting at home. They are gone within a day. It’s amazing. I put lotion on right after and NO more acne topical. And my skin has never looked better (especially with make up) ha!

    And I get the large cystic zits that take a week or so to even begin to get smaller!!

    So research high frequency tools and get one for yourself!!

    1. If you don’t feel comfortable using a store Pugh high frequency facial Machine at home go to your favorite facial spa/esthetician! My esthetician told me to go out and buy one though so I could zap all my problem areas at home and use it DAILY to prevent any more break out. It’s one of those tools that makes you scream “WHY DID I KNOW ABOUT THIS YEARS AGO!!!” πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ

  125. Hi
    Love your blog and that your so open and real!!
    I am a 46 year old peri – menopausal woman. I have acne worse than when I was in my teenage years! Ugg. I have been detoxicing my body/skin and have been using Young Living essential oils now since 2014. I find the less products I use on my face under my non-toxic makeup the less acne I get! Acne is a result of something going on on the inside of us, nothing to do with chocolate! 😘

  126. Acne is the worst. I had clear skin until I got pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago and have had the ugly red scars since. During my last pregnancy I used cedaphil to clean my face, then a charcoal bar and use an exfoliating brush to rub it on-rinse than rub your face with Witches Hazel and use a good moisturizer after. Since doing this regimen I’ve noticed that my face doesn’t break out as often anymore.

    I use Manuka Honey on my scars and have noticed a slight change in them but its definitely not a fast process. You just slather it on your face and let it sit (though its super sticky). These are the safest during pregnancy/breast feeding so I haven’t tried anything else!

  127. I have never once noticed acne on your face and I watch your stories daily πŸ™‚ I recently set on a mission to get rid of my acne as I’m in my 30s and it just keeps getting worse as my life goes on.

    I completely switched my skin care routine and for the first 2 months it got a lot worse but doing much better now after persevering. I switched to oil cleansing (even tho I have oily/combo skin) which has helped my pore size and blackheads a ton. I like clinique take off the day balm when I’m wearing makeup or Belif Cleansing gel oil.

    For exfoliation I love the Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid. This will bring all the deep seated gunk to a head and you’ll get small little white head pimples that go away really fast. This took about 2 months for these to stop popping up, but my skin has never felt better and all the white/black heads are going away. Theres a 9% BHA spot treatment I use for stubborn spots too.

    I swear my the murad aha/bha cleanser followed by origins clear improvement charcoal mask 1-2 times a week. The origins 10 minute out of trouble mask works good for active breakouts.

    And for scarring, the Ordinary advanced retinoid 2% is incredible. If you start using BHA or retinoids be sure to wear sunscreen every day because they make your skin more sensitive to UV. I love the Clarins spf 50 broad spectrum.

    This has become my obsession the last 3-4 months, so let me know if you need more products or ideas.

  128. I just weaned my daughter too. I’ve struggled with acne since middle school and have tried so many different products. The only thing that has cleared up my acne and KEPT it clear has been Rodan + Fields Unblemish. It is the #1 premium acne brand for a reason and I can see from the comments that so many others would agree how awesome it is.

    If you want more info feel free to email me (

  129. I’m super cautious about what I put on my skin.. and my body for that matter. Have you had a recent facial? I know when I stopped BF my skin and hormones went a little wacky and I had the breakouts all over my chin and up area. I use Eminence products. They are natural and organic. . I just got a facial yesterday and was told how amazing my skin looks. Just a suggestion if you are looking for a great skin care line that isn’t harsh. πŸ˜‰

  130. Love this outfit and thank you for keeping it real! Re: chimples, they’ve been my struggle forever. Here’s what’s worked for me. I do not moisturize my chin AT ALL anymore. I use the Costco (or similar face wipes) daily to remove makeup, and sometimes after eating a greasy meal, a toner with witch hazel if I’m feeling a blemish coming on, but NO CREAM (only on my chin, I moisturize everywhere else). When I do get blemishes on my chin, I swear by Mario Bedescu (sp?) Buffering lotion because it gets under the skin and dries it out (if you get deep ones under the surface this works great). But if there was one thing that helped me, it was stopping putting lotions on my chin, even the gentlest ones.

  131. I never had acne until I had a baby. I became a distributor for It Works. Their products are so inexpensive and all natural. After using the cleaner and exfoliating peel, my face cleared up in 2 days and has been perfect ever sense. Check out my website, click shop, and click on skin.

  132. Girl….I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Looking at girls insta stories and staring at their perfect skin…I thought it was just me haha. I had HORRIBLE cystic acne due to pregnancy and the significant hormone shift. It got bad after I stopped nursing her also. SPIRLACTONE is what my Dermo put me on. It CHANGED my life!!!! It’s an oral medication and I swear by it.

    For the Acne scars, I use pure 15% vitamin C serum by Obaji. It decreases my scaring on my jawline significantly. Hope this helps you!!!!! 😘

  133. My chin is the only place I break out so I can’t totally relate. One thing that helped me was an pill form antibiotic from my dermatologist. Also, a RX called Epiduo helped as well.

  134. What everyone has said about Rodan + Fields is true! I was a skeptic before I struggled with hormonal acne after having my little girl Cambell. I caved and bought the regimen and I’ve been a believer ever since! The Unblemish regimen treats the whole acne cycle, not just surface acne. It changed my skin dramatically! So much so that I became a consultant! Like many people have offered, I’d love to help if you want to know more about the Unblemish regimen 😊 #yourenotalone #momacneisreal xoxo

  135. Hi Ali! Have you checked out acti-labs? Their skin care is amazing. The HD foundation even fights against breakouts. I’m bad about sleeping in my makeup (I know I shouldn’t) but I haven’t had it cause a breakout like with other brands. It’s almost more affordable than a lot of brands I’ve tried. I’ve loved the products so much I started working for them. I would recommend the CC face cream, Micellar lotion (I learned always use a lotion that’s a cleanser) and the HD foundation. Here is my site link

  136. To prevent acne I love my clarisonic MIA spin brush. I also use a sulfur based face wash prescribed to me by my dermatologist. Clindamycin acne medicine (also prescribed) works well. To reduce scarring, i have gone for facials where different acid masks were used. Peeling occurs and reveals newer skin with each treatment. Just don’t peel it, I have made that mistake before πŸ˜„. Good luck Ali, you are beautiful inside and out!

  137. Retin-A will help with breakouts.
    The Vi peel(precision plus) helps with mild scarring and the CO2 laser will eradicate severe scarring. Hope this helps. I love your blogs πŸ™‚

  138. Olive oil on your skin every other day. Don’t wash it off. Even if you have oily type skin it is still good for you. And then apple cider vinegar toner. Mix part ACV with 2 parts water. Natural stuff always helps my skin!

  139. Differin gel is now available over the counter! That’s the only thing other than eating a healthy diet that has helped get rid of my cystic chin acne. Good luck! I know the struggle is real!

  140. Hi Ali!

    I dont know you but i feel like i do. You are so relatable and i love that you share with your fans. I enjoy the insta- stories you share and enjoy seeing Molly … she’s growing so fast. I wanted to let you know that i also suffer from acne. I’ve dealt with this issue all my life ( n yes Ali even chin acne). I have been using Clinique Acne Products. It’s a 3 step treatment. The cost for all 3 items will probably be around $70 but they have for oily skin or dry skin. I hope this helps. Keep staying positive and being you.

  141. I’ve been using dermalmd scar serum on a scar on my chin and it’s definitely making a difference. I use it once a day, usually at night. I have pretty sensitive skin and this hasn’t caused any issues such as dry skin, rash, etc. Easy to apply and it doesn’t have an offensive order. So far I’m pleased with the results. One bottle has lasted me 7 months so a little goes a long way.

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