Bridal Dress Inspiration for under $100

OK guys, as I sit here and write today’s blog post it’s about midnight and I’m sitting in my hotel room in NYC. I should’ve gone to bed hours ago. Especially since I have a 4:45 AM call time. So even if I fall asleep this exact moment I’m only going to get a few hours of sleep. I guess I’m just super anxious about this being my first night away from Molly and The time change isn’t helping me. It’s only 9 PM in Los Angeles.

Anyway, since I can’t sleep I thought I would write a blog post around this super cute white lace dress I found. I got it for my blog because I just thought it was so darling and would be absolutely perfect for any budget friendly brides out there who need a cute white dress to wear to their bridal shower, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner. What I found most impressive about this dress was that it has so much intricate lace detail on the top for under $100! You really can’t find dresses with this kind of detail at that price point. Plus since it’s a A-line skirt it’s very flattering for pear-shaped body types like me. I’m wearing a medium FYI.

My earrings make this look even more fun! I figured adding some blush to my all white look gave it a little something extra.

I especially thought this blog post with appropriate since my last blog post was about a look that would be great for a Bachelorette party. So if you referred a friend to that blog post or if you found that helpful because YOU’RE a bride with a Bachelorette party coming up, I thought this one would be equally as helpful! So feel free to tag your friends in my Instagram post of this look that might be getting married soon or just got engaged!

Anyway, I guess I should go to bed. If you’re reading this it’s already the next morning since I’m going to wait to post this until I wake up. So hopefully I got some sleep tonight! Ha! Thank you guys so much for all your love and support yesterday on my blog. Your words of encouragement really helped me. Luv you guys!


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18 thoughts on “Bridal Dress Inspiration for under $100

  1. So cute!! You are such a sweet mama, worrying about your sweet Molly. She will be okay without you–and will be extra excited to see you when you get back!

  2. Adorable dress Ali! I hope you got some sleep. Hang in there…you are a great momma and Molly will be grinning from ear to ear when she sees you again.

  3. It makes me sad that people are giving you grief for leaving your sweet girl for the first time. I have 2 girls (ages 1 and 2), and work full-time as a lawyer at busy law firm. Even though life is crazy when I’m not traveling for work- I still feel sad/guilty when I have to leave them overnight. That’s a normal feeling, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it! It does get a little easier to leave them, but feeling a little sad about it is natural! Hugs to you. XOXO.

  4. Hi Ali – I had commented previously on Molly’s birthday party post hoping to know where you got the rocking horse you had pictured. I have googled and searched all over to find that, but I have had no luck. Could you please tell me where you got that? My daughter is turning 1 in 2 months and I would love to get that for her.


  5. Ali, I don’t know if you’re just trying to get more attention or if you seriously care that much what a few random strangers think of you, but either way, it doesn’t make sense to whine about a tiny bit of criticism. To be 100% honest, if you can’t take a few critical comments, then maybe you shouldn’t have made yourself a public figure. If you don’t learn to sweat the small stuff, then you’re probably not suited to be in the public light, let alone to be writing a blog.

    There were hardly any negative comments (definitely less than 5 total!) meanwhile there were HUNDREDS of positive, supportive comments on your blog in the past couple days, including tons of women empathizing with you and defending you. That’s nothing to complain about.

    Not that it’s right, but most days that they leave home, it’s pretty common for mothers to get “mommy-shamed” by someone or another. I highly doubt everybody else goes running to their Facebook to complain how “bummed out” they are as soon as someone doesn’t agree with them. As a mother in the public eye, especially a blogger, no one should expect to avoid scrutiny and criticism.

    My advice is to IGNORE any negativity because it’s going to happen, whether you like it or not. You’re in the real world, and it’s not all puppies and rainbows. So, if you can’t handle it, stop writing a blog and working in TV. Or better yet, learn to take criticism like an adult.

    1. Wow, what a rude comment! Ali has taken PLENTY of criticism over the years and has rarely ever complained about it. This was a topic near and dear to her heart and it’s understandable she would take it a little harder than the day to day crap all women get- and especially women in the limelight.
      Adults don’t feel the need to slam other people they don’t know and aren’t impacted by in a public forum for no reason.

    2. I don’t think she really cared about like 3 comments on her blog from complete strangers. It was obviously a ploy for more attention or publicity.

      Typical attention seeking behavior, like our current president acts on his Twitter feed.

  6. You are not alone! I had to go away for 5 nights on a business trip when my daughter was 4 months old. I almost quit my job to get out of going as i was so anxious about it. I remember counting the days I would be gone, and comparing them to how many days since she was born (your mind can do crazy things when you are upset haha) and thinking- how will I be away for this portion of her life already?

    Luckily, I had a coworker who understood, and she did her best to distract me. She understood when I cried. The last day was a free day, so I ended up changing my flight home to get back the night early. Knowing I had one less night away changed my whole outlook and I began to have fun with my colleagues.

    My daughter is a year and a half now…. I think I would enjoy a weekend away now 🙂

    You can get through it and just look forward to being able to hold her soon!!

  7. Hello! I have my rehearsal dinner in 2.5 weeks and I LOVE this dress, unfortunately it is out. Do you know anywhere else that has it? Nothing like last minute planning! Thanks for your style inspiration!

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