Party Outfit! Bachelorette Party Outfit! Sex in the City Outfit!

I am so excited to share this outfit with you guys today! When I got together with my friend Ashley the other day to take these photos, we had so much fun photographing it that we took dozens of them! Hence the reason why there are so many photos in this post. But it’s just one of those outfits that you can’t help but have fun in! I feel like it’s perfect as a party outfit or even more specifically a bachelorette party outfit! I feel very Carrie Bradshaw-ish while wearing it! Which is why I thought it would be appropriate for me to post this today, since I’m currently on my way to NYC!


And get this, this outfit is super affordable! If you get both the top and the skirt they will be under $50 each when you use the code JUL10. They’re both from Chicwish! One of my favorite stores! Mostly because they have super cute stuff but also because it’s all very reasonably priced! How cute would this look be for your Bachelorette party?!?!

This fabulous party outfit really centers around this skirt!!! I was nervous when I ordered it because I didn’t know how it would look. I’ve gotten tulle skirts like this in the past and they were just way too much material. But this skirt was PERFECT! I couldn’t believe how flattering it is and it’s way more interesting than just a plain tulle skirt where the tulle is all one length. I really couldn’t love this skirt more!

The skirt is definitely a special occasion skirt/party outfit, but the white crop top can be paired with so many things! And look, I have a few different white crop tops but what makes this one super special is the bow you tie in the back. It gives it a very romantic feel. I plan to wear it often with high waisted pants and other high waisted skirts I have. And it’s only $35. Even less when you use the discount code above. I’m wearing a M-L in the skirt and a Medium in the top.

Details on the rest of my outfit are below the pictures.

And while you’re here, check out some of my other favorites from Chicwish below 😘

P.S. I left Molly today for the first time EVER overnight! Wish me luck! I’m freaking out and thinking I will have a VERY hard time sleeping tonight. I miss her already and I haven’t walked out the door yet πŸ™





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105 thoughts on “Party Outfit! Bachelorette Party Outfit! Sex in the City Outfit!

  1. Honestly, stop making such a big thing out of leaving your daughter for the first time. Everyone goes through this and we all survived. Yes, it’s a first, and it will feel odd, but you’ll be fine. Don’t make more out of it than you need to. Your daughter needs to sense your security, not insecurity.

      1. I’m not normally one to comment on other’s posts, but I find both of these comments extremely insensitive and upsetting. Ali’s blog is a safe space for her to talk about what is going on in her life. Yes, while some of us have experienced leaving our babies sooner than Ali has, that doesn’t make it any easier. Let’s try to be supportive of each other instead of making each other feel worse than we already do!

        Ali — Molly is SO loved and will do great with Kevin and his momma! However, I’m sure that won’t take away from her missing you! It’s okay to feel sad but also remember that it’s okay to have fun! Safe travels!!

        1. Well said Gina! People who visit this site with their negativity should be banned. This is Ali’s space to share whatever parts of her life that she chooses to.

          Ali I hope you don’t waste any of your sweet energy addressing the negative nellies on this post. You seem at have more supporters than haters here and the haters should just be ignored….and deleted.

          Enjoy your trip and look forward to the loving homecoming hugs and kisses that await you. β™₯️

        2. Wow, I echo everything said here!!! Ali is so open with us and shares all her experiences as a new mom, how dare you tell her to stop “making it a big deal”!!! Why do people follow bloggers only to write hurtful and insensitive comments. Blows my mind. Ali, you’re doing great, keep your chin up, daughter is exact same age as Molly (born July 7th!) and I haven’t left her overnight yet either! So I was really interested to see how if goes for you. Please don’t stop sharing with us because of a few rude people. 😘

        3. Absolutely! Ali.. I totally understand your feelings. My daughter was Molly’s age when I left her overnight for the first time and I felt exactly the way you do. As women and mom’s, we need to be supportive of each other and not be do judgemental😘✌

        4. Thank you!!! All these rude and insensitive people need to keep their negative comments to themselves. It is a very emotional time when you stop breast feeding so I can only imagine being so far away from my sons. Everyone deals with certain situations differently so have so respect. I love you and your family Ali. Been a fan of yours for many years. Hang in there. Molly is in good hands. Love and peace.

        5. you are SO right! as a new mom, i can’t even believe all of the hate and shaming that goes on. Our job is hard enough as it is, we don’t need to have to deal with all this BS scrutiny that we get for everything we do. BF for too little or too long, giving formula or not giving formula- whatever it may be is OUR choice to make as their mom. Ali, i’ve read your blog from the beginning and also loved you on the bachelor and bachelorette.. you’re the sweetest ever and you definitely don’t deserve this! Keep doing what you do and enjoy nyc- as hard as it is Molly will be fine and you’ll just be so happy to see her when you’re back home!


      2. I disagree and your approach comes across super harsh. She’s not freaking out TO Molly about leaving her for the first time. She’s venting in her own space. I was the same way when leaving my daughter for the first time. It’s a BIG deal for a mom, especially a first time mom. Honestly, maybe direct some of that energy into re-assuring her it’s going to be ok rather than telling her to “stop making such a big deal out of it.”

        1. Wow people really think their negative opinion matters. I don’t think she requested any opinions about her feelings. People need to stay in their lane. You are allow to feel however you want. That is your daughter Ali don’t allow people to think it’s ok for them to be nasty and they can comment on things they have nothing to do with. I see how close you are to molly you are allowed to do that.

        2. Perhaps I could have reworded? But not sure how to get across my opinion without it sounding harsh. I’ve been in Ali’s shoes. I left my first (I have 3) when he was 4.5 months for one night because of bridesmaid duties and a bachelorette party for my sis in law (to be, at the time). I teared up when I drove away, but I wasn’t posting long winded blogs, insta stories, etc leading up to it, about how hard and awful and sad and emotional it was going to be. I didn’t think that would be helpful. In one breath I said to my husband this is hard and I’m going to really miss him, but, he’ll be fine and I’m going to have fun! And I did! (As much fun as you can have pumping every 4 hours in a hotel bathroom lol) I didn’t mean to be harsh, I just think that parents don’t realize that sometimes our emotions and feelings about a certain milestone can actually rub off on our children. (Starting school for example, or even just leaving them with a babysitter.) If you make it fun and exciting and new, instead of sad and hard and all about missing them, the outcome will probably be more positive.

          1. I agree with you. But if you’ve watched Ali since the Bachelor, you will know that she is an overly dramatic chic. Just sayin.

          2. I don’t think your comment was harsh. It was your opinion and how you handled it when you went through it. When you ask for people’s opinion (as Ali did) you have to accept that not everyone is going to feel the same way you do. How can a blog be successful (or interesting) if everyone is saying the same thing?

          3. Everyone deals with certain situations differently. Some women are more emotional than others. No need to put others down because they did not react the same way you did. Ali is Ali and you are you. Be kind. There’s already too much hate in this world. Ali has a good heart so if you’re here to hate then leave.

          4. I’m not a mom. Have no idea what that feeling is when you leave your kid for the first time but I’ve seen other moms in my life do it. Some don’t struggle with it but others do. And how we struggle is very different person to person. She posts about the joys and struggles of parenthood, this being a struggle. Criticizing her for having feelings about her leaving her kid and stopping breast feeding because you feel they are overly dramatic is unnecessary. She has a right to those feelings and a right to post them about them because she has created this supportive community on her blog and social media. Kindness, empathy, and compassion will move this world forward.

        1. If you feel that way, why do you read her blog or involve yourself in her life? Most people wouldn’t take the time to take interest in someone if they thought they were an “#attentionseeker”…just sayin. Kinda weird, maybe even creepy.

          1. Yup! Creepy and unhappy with their own lives. Jealous too. I feel sorry for those sad, sad girls….

        2. She’s a blogger with over 600k followers on IG and she was a Bachelorette, her JOB is to get attention and likes!! What is wrong with that?? #jealous is more accurate.

    1. It’s her first time leaving her daughter overnight leave her alone. You don’t have to share your negative comments. I’m only 18 so I don’t have any kids, but I can’t imagine having to leave a child for the first time. If you think she is over dramatic then don’t read her blog or don’t follow her. You have the choice, but don’t comment rude things calling her names on her blog. That’s just my opinion. Things like that can really hurt someone. Just because she is well known from being on tv doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings or emotions.

      1. OMG you are so much more mature at 18 than many more of the 30,40,etc people on this page. Kudos to you and your parents for raising you right. (Sorry if that was random but you don’t see a whole lot of 18 yr olds sticking up for people online anymore lol).

    2. You don’t get to tell her how she should feel about this. I’m sure you had your bad times as a mother and things that other moms felt were no big deal. Nothing is worse or more inappropriate than a mother judging another mom for being sad to leave her child for the first time or other parenting matters. Think about what your intentions are before bashing other people. Also, I don’t see how one little PS: is considered making a big deal.

    3. Stop following her then. Her posts about leaving her daughter and ending her breastfeeding journey were so relatable to me and helped me out of a dark place. As a mother yourself, you should work to uplift other moms as a strong community. It truly takes a village. We all go through our own battles in motherhood and not everyone understands unless they are in that same position. Stopping breastfeeding is not only emotional letting go a chapter of life that signifies your baby growing older but hormonaly throws your body out of whack- indescribably. Please think about that before you type something. I’m sure Ali feels crazy enough. I know I did and no one else understood.

    4. Ewww – Where is the dislike button? There are thousands of other blogs to read and ppl to follow if this one isn’t your cup of tea. Just sayin’.

      Ali – I cry when I leave my dog for vacation. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. You’ve got this girl!!!

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits EVER!!! I wouldn’t think that skirt would look so great, but it totally works.

  3. That skirt/shirt combo is great! Good luck tonight, you’ll make it through and it will be a distance memory very soon!!!

    Can’t wait to hear your comments about hometowns on the Bachelorette! Interesting stuff!! I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug Dean! He deserved a better explanation from Rachel!

  4. Ali. What size you wear when buying clothes?

    Molly is a little lucky lady to have you as her mom!!

  5. “Don’t waste another minute dealing with a toxic, negative, energy-draining person. Some people are wired for negativity. They love being argumentative, combative and abusive. Run for your life as quickly as possible”

    Honestly, the negative comments are making ME mad. No one deserves to be talked to the way some of these girls are talking to you. You are upset with leaving your daughter for the first time.. UNDERSTANDABLE. Hell, I’m upset for leaving my dog for long periods of time..

    Calling someone an attention seeker or over-dramatic on HER blog for saying how she’s feeling is so negative and disrespectful.

    Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Seriously, ya’ll negative nancys need to SCOOT.

    1. I love everything in your comment to Ali! I can’t stand computer trolls and unfortunately bloggers and IG and Facebook etc just breeds negative stuff that people wouldn’t ever say to anyone’s face.

      Ali- you keep doing you and don’t mind the haters. It’s tough leaving your child whether it be for work or overnight or whatever. I hated going back to work after both of my maternity leaves were over but I love my job and the couple hours apart from my kids means I’m so excited to see them when I pick them up! Leaving them does get easier bc even the best mom needs a re charge every now and then! Hope you have a good time in NYC πŸ™‚

      Ps I thought I was the only one who gets upset leaving my dog haha! My kids always want to take her with us on vacation bc she’s part of the family!

    2. Totally with you on the entire response but I laughed out loud on the dog part….that is me 100% too! πŸ™‚

  6. It truly astonishes me how unkind other moms can be towards each other. I know we don’t need a ton of people jumping to your defense and making it a bigger deal, but you are not overreacting! Due to our circumstances, I had to go back to work when my son was 4 months old. This wasn’t even an overnight trip and I BAWLED my eyes out on my way to work and broke down as soon as I got to my desk. That first week was rough! He’s a little over a year now, and while I don’t cry anymore, I still miss him like crazy!
    My husband and I are choosing to take a weekend away next month and I’m super excited, but it will be my first time leaving my little guy overnight. I imagine it will be pretty tough!
    This is YOUR blog and I appreciate you being real with us! Hope you had a great trip and I know Molly will be so excited to see you tomorrow!

    1. ^^THIS!! Kimmy, you rock! I feel the same exact way! I just started back to work on the 10th and my baby girl is 4.5 months old. To say I cried at my desk all day would be an understatement — I’m talking Kim K sobbing. lol I can definitely related! I felt the same way about leaving a comment for Ali – I didn’t want to blow up her feed and create unnecessary drama, but Ali’s our girl and she shares so much with us! The least we can do is defend her! LOVE your stance! PS. You will have a blast on your trip! Best wishes to you!!

      1. I only got to stay home with my little one for 6 weeks. I had planned on at least 8 weeks but due to my company and insurance lying to me about how much short term disability I would receive I could not afford to stay out of work any longer. It was so heartbreaking and difficult to leave her so soon. You guys are so lucky to have gotten 4 months with your little ones before going back to work. Luckily my sweet hubby stayed home with her for a couple weeks after I went back so that I wouldn’t have to deal with going back to work and starting her in daycare all at the same time but it was still so hard.

        Ali don’t listen to any of the rude comments! I didn’t leave my little one over night until she was almost 2 years old and I was a nervous wreck just like you! πŸ™‚

  7. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and you should NEVER let anyone tell you how to feel. Leaving your baby for the first time is scary as hell and I appreciate your honesty about it because I can sympathize 100% with how you’re feeling.
    Have fun in NY and ignore the haters ✌🏼

    1. Yes!!! We are all different and who is to judge! Just brush it off Ali! You are loved ! You are a wonderful mama! Habe a blast!

  8. Good luck with the first time away from Molly! I have a seven-month-old little boy and I haven’t left him yet overnight. I can only imagine it must be so hard. I miss my little guy when I’m away from him for even a short period of time. That is the funny thing about parenting – I can need a break so badly, but as soon as I get it, I just miss him! Stay strong mama! You’ve got this! It’ll be so nice when you two are reunited. Try to have a nice glass of wine and a couple of quiet minutes to yourself. Also, can you Skype or FaceTime with Molly? I’ve seen a couple of girlfriends do that with their kids when they’re away and it seems to make everyone involved happy. My husband has also done this when he needed to travel for work. He said it made his day when he was gone!

  9. Everyone
    Madewell is having a big sale on everything! That’s where Ali buys her t shirts. I now own every color t shirt they offer!

  10. Some of these comments make me sad. As a Mom we need to LIFT each other, not bash one another. This is her safe space, if you don’t like what she has to say then don’t read it. What she is feeling is real-let her fee it. Altought we all may raise our children differently, being a Mom is the hardest job their is and one thing we as women can all truly relate to. We need to inspire and incourage one another!

  11. I love following you. I am disheartened by the unkindness we face as moms, especially when it comes from other moms. I love reading everything you write, I love your honesty, and I love that you put it out there because some moms DON’T talk about how they are feeling in fear of getting jumped all over by negativity, so reading stories like yours help those of us that are also struggling with certain events in our lives. Your family is beautiful, it is obvious that sweet baby girl is so loved. I wish you the best on your trip and LOVE that skirt! ❀

  12. Wow wow wow! Very surprised that so many women are being this girl down. I totally agree it’s hard to stop Breast feeding and be away from your child. Girl you can do this, think about reuniting with you baby girl after your work and travel! Keep your eye on the prize- Miss Molly!

  13. You are an adorable Mom Ali who should be able to safely express your happy, sad, nervous feelings on your blog — just block the negative Nellys– figuratively & literally ❀️ Safe travels— just think your hubby is creating wonderful daddy daughter memories

  14. Ali,

    I have followed you since you were on the Bachelor years ago. I love reading your blog posts, especially about your journey as a mom. Obviously I don’t know you, but I love your openness and honesty. You seem so down-to-earth and REAL.

    Personally I don’t have any children, but I can’t imagine how hard it would be leaving my baby for the first time. You have shared your story for support from other moms–don’t give in to the negativity that just a few have shown.

    You are an amazing mom and it shows by how much you care for Molly. You got this mama!!

  15. Wow…I cannot believe how unnecessarily cruel some WOMEN are. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it- and they are mothers, too!! You have every right to feel upset over leaving your daughter for the first time. No one should pass any judgment on you or your feelings. I’m a FTM and I get teary almost every single day when I leave my 5 MO old daughter to go to work. Something else that is baffling to me about these women leaving you cruel comments is this: why are they reading your blog if they seem to be so bothered by you? I’m so sick of women cutting other women down and being so judgmental. You’ve expressed a vulnerability about leaving your daughter overnight for the first time on your own personal blog space- if people can’t be supportive of that, then they shouldn’t say anything at all.

  16. Hi Ali!
    This is my first time commenting on your blog, which i have followed for a VERY long time (and I LOVE your blog!).

    I see that leaving your sweet girl for the first night away is super hard. It was for me, too! My son was over a year old the first time I stayed away over night. I was very upset and worried and sad. You asked for advice and here is mine:

    Text a few times to see how she is doing. Check in on her, but not too frequently. Try to stay in the present moment and enjoy where you are. I think it is great bonding time for her with just her dad and grandma. This is way harder for you than for her. And i totally get how hard it is for you! Now that my son is 7 years old my husband and I do short one night get-aways more frequently, because our relationship is super important. But also, it is so fun for him to stay the night with his grandma. Also, look for a present to bring home to her. That is a fun way to think of her on your trip.

    You got this Mama!!! It will be hard, but you got this! Keep something tiny of hers with you to touch as a good luck item when you hit a hard spot of missing her. Let us know how it goes.

    And i cannot wait to hear your thoughts on last night’s bachelor. I especially want to hear what you think of how her goodbye with Dean went. I was shocked that she sobbed so hard saying goodbye to Matt (???) but barely shed a tear over Dean after telling him she was falling in love with him, and after experiencing such an emotional hometown with him. I was really disappointed in the interaction.

  17. First of all I love this outfit! I love the variety that your blog has!
    I just want to say that, like many others, I am very saddened by the comments that have been made about leaving your daughter for the first time. As moms it is important that we have support and support one another. It doesn’t matter what it is for either, small or big. I have many times freaked out about something with my 13 month old son that is way less than leaving him overnight for the first time. Being gone overnight is a big deal as is stopping breastfeeding. I went through the same thing and it definitely is hard. Way harder than I thought it would be and I shed many tears!
    Everyone can have their opinions and say what they want, but just know that you are an amazing mom who is doing a great job. You know what’s best more than anyone. Try and enjoy your trip to NYC and before you know it you will be back home in your usual routine again!
    Thanks for being so open and real with us beacaue it really makes you so relatable and makes people like me feel like we are not alone as moms!

  18. Just think about how amazing your reunion with Miss Molly is going to be! Maybe ask your MIL or Kevin to film Molly seeing you for the first time back! Then when she’s an angsty teenager you can play it for her like “see? You used to love it when I would get home!”

  19. Hey there! No one in this world can tell you how to be a mom, we are all different, our kids are different and situations are different. Some people have a hard time with separation and that is totally fine. I’m active duty with 4 kids and have left all my kids for months at time. There was nights I cried myself to sleep and days I was worried about them missing me or forgetting me. That doesn’t make me irrational that’s just the way I AM. We are all different! I think it says a lot that you are super freaked out about leaving her even if it is for a short period so do you and don’t let anyone change the way you feel or act.

  20. People will say their opinions and it can be harsh . I hope Ali that you will continue to post . Just makes you second what you will post in the future .
    I follow a mom named Amanda Muse and she had a recent incident happen and she really is over talking about it online and it really has changed my opinion of her .
    It’s so easy to unfollow but it seems people really want their opinion heard .
    I look forward to all your posts .
    Take Care .

  21. Hi Ali, I really appreciate you expressing yourself about everything in life you are going through, dealing with, and enjoying. I love your blog and your fashion sense and your genuinely loving personality. Keep doing you! You are an exceptional mother and wife!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about last night’s hometowns. Dean’s emotions and his family dynamic were so good for Bachelor ratings but I don’t think it helped the family to reunite and the fact that Rachel sends Dean home at this point made it seem like cruel and unusual treatment, even though he wasn’t her guy. Have a great time in NY and I hope you hook up with the website you’re interested in. Molly is so precious and growing up too fast so missing her for even one hour can bring too much emotion to deal with. You have Kevin to help heal the long distance hurt by facetiming or whatever with Molly. Safe travels!!πŸ€—

  22. This negativity is super disappointing. It is 100% normal to feel sad at the thought of leaving your baber for the first time overnight – heck, at all! When my 2nd girl was 4 months old I had to have someone else put her to bed so I could go to a Beyonce concert, and I STILL cried in the cab. I mean, Beyonce did fix everything, but I was even surprised at myself of the level of emotion I felt over missing bedtime. These are all firsts and they are all so precious and deserve all the feels. πŸ™‚ Ali

    1. Lol, BeyoncΓ© can fix anything! You know what’s so sad is that if she had shown less emotion about leaving Molly, some trolls would have commented that she was a terrible mother for not being sad enough. You can’t win! Makes me happy to see how many of us are here to defend and encourage Ali, the way it should be!

  23. For all of you being so negative and talking about how Ali is just being over dramatic or seeking attention, maybe you should read the previous blog where she talks about her trip. She does actually acknowledge the fact that she’s freaking out and maybe overreacting but, HELLO!!! She’s a first time mom!!!! Don’t try to tell me none of you other moms didn’t freak out or overreact over things that turned out completely fine with your little one! Stop being so rude and try offering some helpful advice to get her through the first night away instead of just “get over it” like it’s no big deal.

    Ali, FaceTime is a beautiful thing! You may not be there physically to put Molly to bed but being able to see her as Kevin is putting her to bed may help ease your mind, and it may hopefully help you feel like you’re still getting to be “there” even if you aren’t physically there! You both may have a rough night, but she’ll never question how loved she is! The love you and Kevin have for her is very obvious to anyone that follows you! Hang in there Mama, it’s only 24 hours! Oh, and wine helps! Ha!

  24. I support all the positive comments here and rather not drag it out further and waste energy on negativity.
    I do want to say ‘Go Mama Go – you got this’
    As well as Go Kevin Go!’ (Super kudos for him for trying bedtime routine but babies KNOW when mama is near, my little one was the same way and you will be delightfully surprised how different she may act for him while you are away giving you ease of mind)
    PS: Lovin’ this outfit (and all the outfit blogs) Might have to go get me this skirt for an upcoming wedding. 😍

  25. I am never one to comment on blog posts – I am not a mother but hope to be one some day- it doesn’t matter if you are a mother, grandmother, fur baby mommy, etc- just be kind to one another! What may be hard to others might not be hard to you- but that’s okay! Our world needs more kindness – let’s empower other people, not bring them down! Prayers to you Ali, your baby girl will miss you but your sweetheart will be back laughing in your arms in no time! πŸ™‚

  26. Ali,
    I totally understand where you are coming from. My first trip away from my baby was hard and it was also 5 days away from my little and 5 days without nursing. I’m not going to lie, it was tough and it felt awful. My biggest suggestion is that if you are going to stop remember to bind them down. I didn’t and ended up with mastitis. I understand the emotional side of it too, when I stopped nursing it was horrible. I felt like maybe I was doing something wrong, like I was making the wrong choice for her. But all ended up okay… wishing you the best this week!!!!

  27. I love your honesty Ali. My 19th month old will be away from me for a whole weekend next week and I am kinda freaking out. It is so easy to feel that you are alone when it comes to motherhood, so it is nice to read your blog and know that someone relates.

    All the negitivity breaks my heart. Women should be supporting other women. Especially moms.

    Thank you for always sharing your heart with us.

  28. My daughter is almost 2 and I still don’t like leaving her, even for an hour or two. I haven’t left her overnight in over a year, when I had to for a wedding. I don’t think you’re overreacting, it’s natural to miss our babies!! I hope you have a safe trip!

  29. My advice is to focus on the best hug in the world you will receive upon your return! Molly will be so happy to see you and it will melt your heart. It will also help you should you need to make another solo trip.

  30. Not sure anybody would leave comments that about you being anxious leaving your child. I don’t care if it’s the eighth and ninth time of leaving her it’s OK if you miss her and you’re feeling a certain way about leaving her you have that right as a good parent! I tried stop breast-feeding my daughter at age one that didn’t work out so great she into the breast-feeding until she was two. That bond is special and she wasn’t ready to get off of it and so I let her go a lot longer than I thought it would. But I still know that I did the right thing as a parent and I don’t care how much flack I got for it. You do you!

  31. What were you wearing on the plane? Overalls? And by the way…you do you! If you are sad, be sad! I love how you never let anyone affect you. Us mamas have to stick together. Shame on anyone that thinks negative, that’s their issue! Have fun on your trip! Hugs!

  32. *sigh*
    being a new mom means a lot of emotional stuff to deal with as well as your body regulating your hormones. being nervous to leave your babe is totally understandable. my kids are much older (12 and 16) but the first time I left my baby girl was when she was 4 to have her little bro. it doesn’t get easier (I write this as they are in sleep away camp and I’m aching for them still). asking for advice means you need to wade through the good and the bad and find what feels right for you. the best advocate for you is you. the best advocate for your daughter is YOU (well her mama and daddy). best of luck to you Ali.

  33. I have been so greatfull that you share so much about motherhood and the struggles as well as the highest highs of being a mom. My daughter is 3 months younger than Molly and be there have been so many topics like breastfeeding, sleep training, and even forgetting pump parts that are so relatable and helpful. It’s like I get a little tiny glimpse into what is coming next for my daughter and I. We finally moved her to her own room and her crib over the weekend, and that has been tough emotionally for me and I can only imagine how hard it will be leaving her overnight and weaning her. So thank you for sharing. Please write a detailed blog post when you get home so I have something to read when I go through the same things in a few months!

  34. Ali,
    My daughter is 9months old and I have never left her overnight. It gives me major anxiety every time I think about planning a trip. While I think it is necessary to separate yourself for a night or two I think the emotion that you are having is completely normal! Ignore the negativity. You are an amazing mom and as a new mom myself I enjoy your blog and instastories reminding me I’m not the only super emotional mom!

  35. So I didn’t read all the above comments but could you do a post on weaning Molly? Are you having to pump and dump on vacation? Does she still have pumped bm or straight to sippy cup with cows milk? How will you keep from getting engorged?
    I love how real you keep things! Keep up the good work!

  36. I just watched your insta story and felt so bad that anyone would comment negatively. I actually cancelled my first trip planned because I wasn’t ready to leave my little lady. When I finally did for two nights, I cried leading up to the day and cried in the car for a while too. It is super hard. Don’t even ask how many times I called and FaceTimed. It is hard. And it is still hard when I leave her. I had a mini panic the first time I was a plan ride away from her. Don’t let the ride people bother you. But do try to enjoy some you time!!

  37. Ali, I totally understand how you’re feeling about leaving Molly overnight for the first time. It’s a BIG deal! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I don’t think it’s dramatic at all. Not everyone will agree on that, but that’s okay! We are all different. I’ve only left my daughter once overnight when she was 2 1/2. I was so anxious to get home to her. We have a 4 day trip coming up in a couple months and I have no clue how I’m going to get through it. Thank goodness we have FaceTime! Hope you can get through it okay and enjoy your trip! Just think about how happy you will be to hug and kiss her once your back home.

  38. In the spirit of motherhood, meet this mama where she is. We’ve all had hard times in this crazy journey called “parenting.” Leaving your baby for the first time and stopping breastfeeding is tough! It’s an emotional thing! Let her vent here. If you don’t relate, just move on and keep your insensitive comments to yourself. It’s not helpful or uplifting to be cruel.
    Ali, you’re not crazy. I’ve been there! Ignore the negative. Don’t even dignify those comments with a response. You’re a good mama and I stand behind you and support you. Feel vindicated in feeling what you’re feeling. I hope you sleep well tonight and feel great tomorrow. Much love to you!

  39. Just weaned my girl and it was brutal and I was fortunate to be at home with her. Hormones are real! I would be so the same as you. Strong mama!

  40. People are plum crazy! Many of us have been where you are today/tonight, and it WAS hard, even if the circumstances were great. Heck, my one and only kid/son is 9 years old, about to be in 4th grade, and he’s leaving me for a WHOLE WEEK on Monday to go to church camp. I’m already sad, but I wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else. Missing our kids doesn’t make us crazy, just moms.

  41. Ignore the rude people. It is perfectly normal to be upset about leaving Molly for the first time and to want to talk about your feelings on your blog. Throw in trying to stop breastfeeding and it’s an emotional roller coaster. That being said, Molly will do fine with her Daddy & Grandma. This will be harder on you than on her. On the up side, Molly will learn to let someone else put her to bed which is good for both of you. Don’t stress out on the breastfeeding thing, most kids wean themselves off as they eat more solid food and drink from a cup and because they’re so busy exploring, they don’t want to sit still. Sometimes it’s hard for us Moms to let go of our precious babies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get easier as they get older either. You’re a great Mom and Molly is a happy baby and that’s all that matters!

  42. I’m so sorry you have to leave Molly and to top your stopping breastfeeding! 😭 I had to stop breastfeeding my daughter @ 7 months cause I wasn’t producing enough and because of my work schedule it was too hard to pump and to keep up with her feedings! I saw your Instagram video and that’s too bad about the negative comments! Some people just don’t comprehend what it’s like or ever had to be in that situation! Hang in there momma! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  43. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this negativity. I find you so relatable especially since my son is only a week older than Molly and I also just stopped breastfeeding. Please keep sharing your motherhood journey. i hope you have s good trip. The anticipation of leaving is definitely the worst part.
    Also, you mentioned in your other post how it might seem weird to have your mother in law fly out to help and it’s not at all! I honestly got emotional when I read that because my parents and in laws live so close and I can’t imagine not having them a car ride away. You are so lucky that she’s willing to come help but I know how difficult it must be to not have them closer all the time. You are seriously rocking it as a mom. Keep it up!

  44. There are so many heart aches with children. This is the first of many and how awesome for Ali to have this blog and so many in the mommy community to support and encourage her. Little ones little headaches. Big ones big heartaches. Let’s support each other as women. What I would have given to have this kind of support when raising my four children without any parents or siblings in my life. Luv your openess Ali. Rock on momma!!!

  45. 1.) Boo on all the negatively. Your feelings are valid!

    2.) I JUST went through this about a month ago. I decided to volunteer for a week at a church camp and left my 15 month old baby who was still nursing. It was incredibly tough. I didn’t sleep the first few days and cried most of the 3 hour trip to camp. Breastfeeding is such a powerful thing and the bond is so intense. Keeping busy at camp helped and daily updates from my mom who was watching her also helped. In the end, my dear Lucy decided she still needs milk once or twice a day after I got home but it’s definitely different. Some days she just wants to put her hand down my shirt or lay her head on my boobs and it’s adorable. I feel for you and hang in there! You gave her such an amazing gift of nursing for as long as you did!

  46. I don’t normally ever post comments, but I have shared custody with my kids and it’s still hard for me every time they aren’t here or with me. There is something to be said about feeling like you can’t protect them when they aren’t with you. So I totally get it, plus ending breastfeeding is emotional on it’s on.
    I think you are an amazing momma and Ms Molly will be fine while you are gone, but I totally get the sad emotional part. Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever do but it is also the most rewarding.

  47. You are amazing! I enjoy watching your insta stories & your posts! My son is almost 2 and I haven’t left him overnight & hard on Momma’s! Hang in there & try to have fun! Also remember haters gonna hate just keep doing your thing πŸ’πŸΌ

  48. Leaving our babies is hard no matter what!! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for feeling that way! My daughter is almost one and I’ve only left her once for a two day trip and we are about to leave her for another two day trip. The first time was so strange and I slept horribly (even though I was secretly hoping I’d get a good night’s rest!) It just wasn’t the same and it was so so so hard! I’m hoping this second time I can actually enjoy myself and not worry! Try not to stress, enjoy your trip and she will be ok! I always have to remind myself that she’s going to be fine and the sweet reunion when you get home is the absolute best!!

  49. You look beautiful per usual. I’m a mom of three and you’re not being dramatic. I’ve never left my kids for the night except my oldest slept at his cousins once. Also, I was sad for months after breastfeeding was over. You’re a good mama.

  50. Never commented b4 but had to….Shake off the negativity, and focus on the tons of positive responses. I truly believe that people who take the time to write hurtful things to others are actually quite unhappy in their own lives so instead of taking it to heart, just feel sorry for them and hope that they can find joy someday! Love this outfit, have a ball in NYC πŸ™‚

  51. Hey girl hey! First of all- I think that your reaction to leaving Molly is a completely normal and healthy response to being away from your firstborn and only child! As someone who just quit her nanny job after 5 years with two sweet little ones, I am having such a hard time being away from the kids- and their not even mine! I think Molly is at an old enough age though now where one night isn’t going to be detrimental and you know she’s in good hands and hey duty calls ya know? It’s life! There are dads who have to be deployed when their babies aren’t even born yet, or nurses who work long hours! It’s 2017 and the working mom is great! But what is evident is that your career isn’t more important than your family! And your family knows that and that’s all that should matter! You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone on social media. I know you use your blog as a soundboard and it should be a safe place. A community for moms, girlfriends etc to encourage and give advice to one another! Unfortunately it won’t always be perfect or positive. Breaks my heart to see you affected by some ridiculous comments made by folks who don’t know you. Don’t fret about the few foolish comments left on this post. What I’ve noticed about you, kaitlyn and Jillian is that sometimes you seem to get more caught up sometimes in the bad, than the good comments and it only concerns me because I hate to see my fave 3 hurt when there are sooo many on here to support and show kindness to you for what you do and what you stand for. Imagine the kind of things said about Kylie Jenner or Taylor Swift, no matter what kind of role model you are, people will always shed some darkness on your light. I have no idea what that’s like and it definitely DOESNT make it ok! Just hope you can focus more on the goodness in the world! Because when you look around there’s a lot of it! And don’t stop being vulnerable or asking our opinions please! Sending you love comfort prayers and peace! Xo

  52. Hi ali.. I love you and I watched your season of the bachelorette. I anticipate every week cos u give updates on the bachelorette. Imy actually waiting on that this week

  53. Wow!!! All these followers commenting on the negativity towards Ali, yet she never responds to anyone. If she considers herself a blogger, then let’s hear from you! Another point is: she (ali) constantly gripes and complains when it comes to raising her child, but I notice she’s ok when it’s about her; what she’s wearing, her hair, makeup, jewelry, etc. You would think she’s some kind of model or something! I say “grow up and be a mom”. Your bachelorette days are over!

    1. She actually responds a LOT! and this post has a ton of comments, she has other stuff in life, so commenting doesn’t need to be the number one thing!
      Leila – why are you even on here if you aren’t interested
      in Ali (“you know since she’s not a bachelorette anymore”) talking about her personal life is actually helpful to most people and most of us love how raw and real she is. You are so rude.

      Ali – you are doing great and I think you are a great mother, great model, and frankly your “bachelorette” days aren’t over – everyone still loves you! πŸ™‚ Keep doing you!

  54. Ali!!
    You’ll probably not get to this as there are so many comments but I just want to say keep doing you – you’re an AMAZING, dedicated & loving mum and no one should tell you otherwise or make you feel any less because you shared what you’re feeling!!! You are so brave and amazing to be so open and to share your life with us through your social media – you have a loving & loyal fan base that love all that you do!! Molly is so lucky to have you as her Mum and as a mother-to-be very soon, I think us mum should be supportive of each other so keep being the fabulous person, wife & mother that you are & keep sharing your wonderful life with us!!!
    Love from a very long time fan & fellow mummy tribe member, all the way from Melbourne, Australia – Chrissy!!! Xox

  55. Ali, I just want to say that I totally understand you. I have a 8 month old son, and I can’t stand the thought of leaving him over night. Before I became a mum I took myself thinking that other mums made such a big deal out of leaving there kids for a night, but I regret those thoughts now. I didn’t know anything at that time on how it feels to be a parent. This is my first ever blog-comment, but when I saw your Instagram story today, I got an urge to write a few words to you. People can be mean and rude, and I don’t see why they choose to use their time that way, but that’s up to them.
    I watched you when you were at bachelorette, but I have to admit I have not followed your blog or Instagram from that time. I started to read your posts when we were pregnant at the same time. I will just thank you for your honesty about your experience, and your thoughts and advice. It’s sometimes a little difficult to be a first time mum, and it helps to read about others in the same situation.
    You will probably not read this, but now I at least got it off my heart. Have a nice day!
    Love from Norway

  56. It’s super stressful leaving your baby for the first time!! I was a mess the first time too (and I was only a couple hours away). Your not over reacting…your a good mom for feeling that way! And while you’ll miss your baby it’s so nice to have some alone time! Also- congrats for making it breastfeeding for a year!! It’s hard and that’s a big accomplishment! Just FYI- when I completely weaned my kids I was an emotional mess. Like worse than baby blues cause I would cry and ton and got super irritable at everyone. Hormones I guess….just lasted a couple weeks tho!

  57. Wow I have never seen such an over-dramatic comment thread. She literally got one comment from someone who questioned how she felt (wasn’t even directly negative, honestly), and now there are 100 comments about “ignoring the negativity.” Everyone here seems really bored and in need of drama and/or projecting their own feelings about judgmental mothers onto this one random commenter.

    1. Totally agree with this sentiment!! Way too much drama and concern over a single comment. Probably because she complained about it online.

  58. I just read all of these comments now as I’ve been traveling overseas for over a month and fortunately not been on socials much. A good break! I’ve commented a few times on your site and feel compelled to again. Firstly, it’s so great that you and moms today can form online communities for support as you have. I lived overseas with my firstborn and that was sorely lacking for me and as a mother, which you will be the rest of your life, support is one of the most important things you will need. Secondly, putting yourself out there public figure or not, just always comes with the price of vulnerability. Don’t ever stop doing so just because of other people’s issues with their own emotional maturity. Thirdly, re advice: I was lucky with my first. I got to stay home with him or travel with him for a long while. My second child not so much. I returned to work in the travel business and I always shared this with my clients. In my own opinion it never gets easy to leave your child just like you will never ever stop worrying about them your whole life, probably, to me one of the most difficult things about mothering outside of the amount of work it is. Just know that when the door to that plane shuts – and you have the glass of wine in hand lol – the pain of it lessens. I believe it IS harder for us than them. And finally, you are not “overly” anything! You love your child beyond measure and my wish is that more children in the world could receive the level of total love and security that you and Kevin are bestowing on her that is creating the foundation for her own life. Just keep up your amazing work! And thanks for sharing it with us because it is positive and beautiful to witness.

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