Nordstrom Sale Jacket for $65

Hey guys! As many of you know, I spent most of my day yesterday shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The beginning of the sale is my absolute favorite time of year because all of the items are in stock! And let me tell you, the items go so fast! In fact, I bought something at the store earlier yesterday that is already out of stock online. So you have to move fast with the Nordstrom Sale! Which is why even though I had a photo shoot yesterday morning, I still spent the whole rest of my day shopping the Nordstrom Sale even though I was exhausted. Ha! Shopaholic problems.

Anyway, I talked about this faux leather jacket in my Instagram story yesterday but I wanted to post about it today because I just think it’s such a great find. It has really great structure and gorgeous hardware on it. And a price tag of only $65 you really can’t beat it! This will be a jacket that you wear every single night when you go out this summer and fall! FYI I sized down in this and got a small (I normally order mediums)



I wore my favorite basic white T-shirt underneath that’s under $20. If you haven’t gotten this tee yet, what are you waiting for?!?! It’s truly is the best piece of clothing you will ever buy! If any of you have purchased this t-shirt since I first wrote about it, or if you found it on your own, please tell me your thoughts in the comments below! I would be utterly shocked if anyone wasn’t completely obsessed with it like I am!

Details on my necklace, jeans, and sunglasses below the pics! Hope you guys are loving my finds from the Nordstrom Sale!





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38 thoughts on “Nordstrom Sale Jacket for $65

  1. love this jacket! What size are you wearing Ali? I’m between a 4 and 6 and i’m not sure if I should get a Small or Med. HELP!

  2. Ali this jacket is so cute! I’m always way too nervous to try and pull off a leather jacket – You do a great job of making it look cute and chic! 🙂

    Ps. hope you don’t find this annoying, but there is small typo in your bio section “Ali currently ‘his’ the digital talk show…”. 🙂


  3. I LOVE the basic t! I have it in white, purple and just ordered it in black! I could literally where it every day and be happy! Thanks for introducing me to it! I got a decent amount of Nordstrom shopping in online yesterday woohoo! Love this sale!

  4. i am a white tshirt addict. i have purchased sooooo many from different designers/stores and sadly couldn’t get on board with the madewell tee because it was too short for me. i couldn’t make up for length with a larger size because the larger the size, the boxier the tee. i’m 6 feet tall which is my issue. i have a long torso and would appreciate a tee coming down more than this does. leith and lush make some better tee options for anyone looking for more length. i’m sad because i wanted to like this tee after all of the raving about it! ;o)

    1. Ahhhh bummer! It’s long enough on me but I’m 5’7″. So that extra height means you need to find longer tees. Bummer!

    2. I’m 6′ tall too, Kristin! I ordered the Madewell tee on Ali’s suggestion and defintely still love it but I feel you on the length issue. I’m going to check out Leith and Lush like you said. Thanks for the tip 🙂 Shopping online can be tough for us tall girls!

  5. Ali, I LOVE the Madewell tee! I have about 8 of them! Madewell is one of my fav stores !! Love you and your blog! Longtime follower ❤ī¸

  6. I love this entire look even down to holding a baby lol. This is so my style from the jacket to the sunglasses!

  7. Ali! I got the same jacket yesterday, so cute and looks amazing on you!
    Also this is my first time commenting on your blog but I’ve been following you for a year now and I feel like I have so much in common with you. My daughter, Hoda was supposed to be born around the same time as Molly but she came 6 weeks early. Every milestone Molly went through at the time, my daughter was going through the same. I felt like I could relate to you on all mom related things as well as fashion. I absolutely adore you and wish you the best n life!

  8. Hi- I’m normally a size 2-4 in most tops or XS-
    What size should I order in the jacket?!
    You look awesome, by the way!!!!

  9. Those T-shirts are ahhhh-maxing! Since you have written about them I have it in six or seven colors… I’m obsessed! Also love that they are BF friendly with the slack v-neck!

  10. I was so excited to go pick up this jacket, but the arms were too long on me 😩 I’m 5’1 and tried the extra small and it was a no go. The sales lady said it would be hard to tailor because of the zippers on the sleeves ☚ī¸ So I had to walk away from the jacket I really liked.

  11. Hi :)!! I love your blog !! I know this is a long shot but I was hoping I could send you some free dresses for you to blog with! You do an amazing job and my little family business would be so grateful!

  12. Hi Ali!!

    Love this outfit! If I have broader shoulders would you think the MED or LRG in the jacket? Also, have you experienced doing returns online before when something does not fit?

    1. Hello! I just bought and came in mail today’s I got small and normally wear that size. A tad snug in shoulders for me … you may want to try the medium! However if you can deal with a little snug then stick with your medium. At this price they may go fast so order both up and return one.

  13. You’ve turned me into a Madewell tee convert, Ali! Love reading all your posts and especially appreciate that you are price conscious and re-wear favorite pieces.

    This jacket is adorable – I’ve been hunting for a good moto jacket. I’m curious – I know you wore a super cute black jacket from your Instagram story a couple weeks ago (Kevin’s b-day dinner, I believe). Where is that from?

    Thanks! And keep up the awesome blog!

  14. Hi Ali!

    Fellow Massachusetts girl here :). I noticed the t-shirt is dry clean only. Have you tried washing yours and did it survive, or do you spend the $ to dry clean? Thanks!

  15. Hi! I absolutely love reading your blog and reading all about what you have been up to since after your season of the Bachelorette!! I ordered this jacket and mine came just arrived today! I love it a lot, as it will be a fall staple for me. I do have a quick question about the fit – I am very similar to your size, I am 5’7 (I got a size small), does yours feel fitted in the arms? Just want to make sure the fit is alright and that’s how other’s are feeling that’s the way it fits! Thanks Ali!! 🙂

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