One of My Favorites EVER! Under $50 – NSale

UPDATE: Adding to this post to show to the items in my insta story that I JUST bought. This is the flannel I was wearing for under $50. And here is the faux leather jacket for only $65! That’s a crazy good price for a jacket like this with such great hardware! Original post below:


Eeeppppp! I am so excited that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here! If you have a Nordstrom credit/debit card like I do, we are able to shop the sale today! If you don’t have a card, don’t worry too much. You’ll be able to shop the sale starting July 20.

First I want to say forgive me for these pictures. I ran out when I found out this shirt was going to be part of the sale, just so I could get this post up for you guys! Molly came too of course!


Anyway, I was so psyched this morning to see that one of my favorite shirt of all time that I was planning on blogging about anyway is part of the Nsale! And it’s under $50! I know I read about clothes a lot on here because let’s face it, I love clothes! But this is legitimately one of my favorite shirt I’ve ever owned in my entire life! (Don’t go off the model picture on Nordstrom, they don’t do the shirt justice AT ALL! Neither do my pics really! Check out my Insta Story is see the shirt better!)

I love that it’s appropriate for multiple occasions. It would be really cute as a work shirt. It’s got a sense of class but also a bit of sex appeal so if you’re trying to catch the eye of that cutie in your office! Ha! I also feel that it has a little bit of a high fashion look. But not the high fashion price tag! And I normally feel that high fashion clothes are not wearable for the average woman. But not the shirt! Unless you have a very large chest (button up shirts don’t work well in general for busty girls), I think the shirt would look good on most body types. And it’s breastfeeding friendly! Yay!

My pants are also GREAT for the office FYI.

Anyway guys ,I just about squealed for joy when I saw that the shirt is part of the sale! I promise you this will sell out super fast as many things to do with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Enjoy your Nsale shopping!




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23 thoughts on “One of My Favorites EVER! Under $50 – NSale

  1. This has nothing to do with anything you just wrote, but I saw the Fit Pregnancy cover yesterday. And my almost 1-year-old wants to know where you got Molly’s little dress! It’s the cutest thing EVER!

    1. I’m not sure where the dress is from. The stylist for the shoot brought it! It might say in the magazine!

  2. So cute Ali! What a great top and it’s fun but also looks professional which is not a combination that’s easy to find.

  3. Molly’s learning how to shop with a Mother who has a great flare for fashion who can always spot a bargain.
    Can’t wait to see what treasures you find.
    Have fun shopping girls!

    1. I just got home and found some GREAT stuff! But also tried on a lot of not so great stuff so I am going to a blog post about both so people don’t order weird fitting items!

      1. Can’t wait to read! Just made a stylist appointment at South Coast Plaza for Saturday. I haven’t bought any new clothes since my baby was born in December. Yikes! Mama is excited for some new outfits!

  4. Just looked at your IG story – obsessed with that Pajama style shirt!! Which size are you wearing? I want for it to fit like it does on you! Thanks 🙂

  5. Ali, I’m interested in purchasing a pair of Nordstrom Lingerie Lazy Morning pants. I remember you wearing a pair back when you were pregnant with Molly and thought they looked so comfy. In the one post you had promoting the Owlet Monitor, you also had on a grey robe with pink silky tie.. do you have any details on that?? I’d love to try and find that exact robe for the rest of my pregnancy and hospital stay!! Thanks so much.

  6. Hi Ali!

    Love your blog! Just curious where your sunglasses are from?! I’ve had the hardest time finding a pair I like and yours are super cute!!

  7. Hi! Where did you get the sunglassss you posted with this outfit on your Instagram stories today!? They are adorable!

  8. I need to know your makeup for the pajama top thing in your insta stories!!! It was so pretty and glowy

  9. Lol I was nervous when I saw this post because you mentioned flannel. I was like…”No, please don’t tell me we are talking about fall already…” haha But this color and look just screams breezy warm summer evening eating alfresco with my hubby. Love the inspiration.

  10. Hi Ali!

    I’m a Nordstrom employee in Dallas, and I’m not kidding someone came in just as we were closing tonight asking for some of the things you blogged about!! It was so much fun shopping with her all because of your blog suggestions!! How cool!!

  11. Ali you just convinced me to buy this shirt!!! The model wearing it doesn’t do it justice and I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t seen how freaking cute it looks on you!! also thanks for posting that you got a medium- Im about the same size and almost ordered small! 🙂

  12. Love the jacket! What kind of sunnies did you have on in your Insta story when you walked in the door from the Nsale? They had pink lenses and a rose gold frame (maybe?). They’re adorable!!

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