The Bachelorette – The Final Four

Hi guys! Today’s blog post is a two for one! It’s my Bachelorette recap and a fashion post! Why? Well because I got a bunch of DM’s asking me about the dress I wore yesterday (from my Insta Stories). So since I don’t have a ton of time today to write two posts, I thought I would combine them! My two favorite things! Reality TV and fashion!

First, let’s talk about Rachel’s date with Bryan. I was SO not into it. It’s just not reality. In real life they’re not gonna be driving around in a Bentley and buying expensive watches. I just didn’t really see how this date set them up for success as a couple. And this is nothing against Rachael, but let’s face it, she didn’t buy him that watch. The show either bought it or the store gifted it for free in exchange for the press of being on the show. Rachel is just playing along and fully embracing all these amazing dates that the show has set up for her – as she should. But I just wasn’t a fan of this one. And I don’t know, but something about them just seems off to me. Like their conversations don’t seem real. Kind of how Rachel keeps saying that Bryan doesn’t seem real or that he seems too good to be true. I more just look at the relationship and think it seems too good to be true because it isn’t real! It’s like they’re both acting or something. Well not so much Rachel. I think she is just smitten with him, therefore maybe not fully opening up. I just have a hard time believing him. But I’ll say this, there’s no way we can know exactly how they’re connecting on an emotional level just from watching them on TV. Only they know how they feel about each other. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that maybe they really are falling in love with each other. And I want to say this, I certainly don’t think Bryan is a bad guy, I just don’t think they are really falling in love.


Quick outfit details before I get to Dean! (I heart Dean!) This dress I’m wearing is oh so cute and is only $55! It’s on the shorter side so if you’re around my height 5’7″ then you might wanna wearing something underneath (I’m wearing a small FYI so maybe a medium would have been longer). Or wear it as a cover-up. If you are 5’6″ or shorter then it’s the perfect length for you! But’s it’s so cute and a perfect dress to transition to Fall with so you’ll get lots of good use out of it. I mean, how cute would it be with over-the-knee boots for Fall?!

UPDATE: The dress is also part of Prime day on Amazon HERE. Select your size and 30% off shows up in checkout!!!

All my accessories (except my bracelets) are from Sole Society! I’ve had this hat for awhile now. You can see me wearing it with other looks here and here. My booties are so great for summer but also could be transitioned into fall so they’re a great piece that will last you across seasons. And they’re super comfortable. And I love this white and black crossbody. There are really small black dots all over the white bag so he gives it a textured look that I really love. It’s kind of a subtle way to mix prints against my floral dress.

One of my favorite pieces that I’m wearing are my earrings! They are such a statement, but also go with so many things. Every time I wear these earrings people asked me where I got them. Now onto another one of my favorite things…Dean!

Dean is the sweetest! I am sooo pulling for him to be the next Bachelor. I heard he is on Paradise this season (could just be a rumor), but so was Nick and he became the next Bachelor. So if Dean doesn’t find someone on Paradise, then he is my pick! I think he would be great even though he is young. That said, I don’t really think he and Rachael are connecting on an emotional level. So I don’t think they’ll end up together (plus the whole Paradise rumor thing). But man did I tear up listening to him talk about his family! I just wanted to jump through my TV screen and give him a huge hug! Feels like a little brother to me or something. He may not have much love in his family and he deserves love! And if it’s not with Rachel, I really hope he gets the chance to find it as the next Bachelor!

One more quick note about the next Bachelor. I don’t think it’s going to be Peter because I believe that Peter and Rachel end up together at the end of this. If they don’t, then Peter is 100% the next Bachelor and I think that would be amazing! But given that I think he and Rachel and up together, and if Dean ends up with somebody in Paradise, who does that leave us with? Bryan, which I don’t think would fly with fans. Eric maybe? I’m not sure, even though Eric is older than Dean, he doesn’t really seem emotionally ready to me to get married right now. But I could be wrong. Producers know him better than any of us so they will make that call when deciding to cast him or not. But my gut tells me that he wouldn’t be their first choice. And I really just don’t think there are any other guys from this season that stood out as Bachelor material (or lasted long enough to be considered).

Given that, I have a strong feeling ABC could choose a Bachelor from a past season. I know they would absolutely love to have Ben Higgins as the Bachelor again. And I honestly adore him! Ben is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met! But having said that, I think it’s a little bit too soon for him to be the Bachelor again after ending his engagement just a few short weeks ago. That really wouldn’t be fair to Lauren. And I don’t think Ben would do that to her. So I don’t know who it’s going to be! But I’m pretty excited to find out. If Rachel ends up with Peter and Dean ends up with somebody on Bachelor in Paradise, then I (for the first time ever) feel like there isn’t an obvious choice. So it will be exciting to find out who ABC chooses!

Back to the date. Rachel’s date with Peter was perfect. Their time together always is. And I just LOVE him!!! He and Rachel connect on all levels that I haven’t seen with any of her other relationships. Everything about their conversations are raw and real and not forced in any way. It really feels like they are going to end up together.

We said goodbye to Kenny and Matt. Anyone else super confused why Adam thought his relationship was stronger with her than anybody else in the house? Obviously it wasn’t because he went home, but what did we not see between the two of them? I’m so curious as to what their interactions that didn’t air were like.

Rachel had a very loving goodbye once again this season with Matt! I remember being very impressed with her goodbye with Kenny and now I feel the same about her goodbye with Matt. She even kissed him goodbye! That means she kissed two guys goodbye in one season! Has that ever happened before? I think it says a ton about how much the guys respect her and her decisions.

Ok guys. That was kind of a long blog. Lots to discuss. Do you guys buy what Bryan is saying? Who do you think will be the next Bachelor (assuming she ends up with Peter)? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Oh and more outfit pics below, duh πŸ˜‰









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151 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – The Final Four

  1. I want her to end up with Peter but my gut says she is gonna pick Bryan. I hope your right with him being a shooo in for next Bach then if I’m right. If I’m wrong and he is her man then I will be ecstatic to be wrong lol

      1. I feel like she is falling in lust with Bryan. And for some reason I feel like it’s a mix between Josh Murray and Roberto situation. He disabled his tagged pictures and was on a reality tv show called “The player” and called her sloppy seconds. Not a Bryan fan. I like her and peter together and I truly think it would last.

        1. Their convos have no depth considering she wants someone to have intellectual conversations with and he is just way too smooth. I can’t deal.

      1. I think Dean has some deep under lying demons that he is fighting which breaks my heart. Hope he is getting some therapy 😞

          1. I heard he ends up with a nice girl from a past season but I can’t remember who…It was on a tv guide thing I read.

      2. What about Josh? I know…I know … all the contraversy behind him, but it would be entertaining for sure. And he’s easy in the eyes.

      3. I have always thought Rachel and Peter are a great match. Could it be the show is leading us to think Rachel will choose Bryan when Rachel actually chooses Peter? I recall a day of the final rose Rachel said, “I know who I am in love with. I just hope he proposes.” Sounds like Peter to me. Plus Rachel and Peter had a steamy connection in a hot tub for quite a while. They were together for a couple of hours and it wasn’t a date.

      4. I don’t know I feel Peter isn’t 100 percent there. I could be wrong. The conversation they had was very honest and I loved that about it. The most real authentic bachelorette to this day is you. I love to see your happiness. Kevin is so cute with you and Molly, well Molly is everything!!! ❀️

        1. I agree, Peter’s body language tells me he is not totally into her, at least not crazy interested.

  2. I totally agree on you with your thoughts on the next Bachelor! I mean, if she stays with Peter, then Dean is the one! And I really want her to stay with Peter…

    Having said this… how many times has Rachel “moved the relationship to another level”! OMG if I have to hear that expression once again… Ha!

  3. Ali I love your outfits. They are just adorable.

    Matt & Adam are stand up guys. Neither one of them should have trouble finding love.

    As for Rachel and her final 4 – I liked Bryan up until last night. There was 2 much kissing on screen. Now I’m a big kisser myself, but this was over kill in my opinion.

    Peter, I love him just not sure he’s really ready to commit to Rachel. He would make an excellent Bachelor.

    Dean too young for Rachel, but he appears to be a great guy.

    Eric seems to be a great guy also, just not for Rachel. Surely he can find a woman that is willing to teach him how to love and receive it.

    On another note, the hometown previews looked interesting. I can’t wait to see them unfold.

  4. I have thought it was Peter from the beginning..They have so much chemistry. I have no clue who the next Bachelor should be. Maybe skip a season and have another season of Bachelorette! That would be wonderful!

  5. The dress really is adorable! And I choose Peter…I appreciate his honesty and so what if he wouldn’t be ready to propose at the end. That doesn’t mean he is not ready, it just means he is being realistic in this situation! I thought it was adorable how his hair was all icy on the date and I loved the end clip of them joking around on the dogsled…Can’t wait for more!

    1. Have you read about what Luke did to other women before he was suppose to become the bachelor last season? After all those allegations I don’t think they can choose him as the bachelor.

  6. I’m not sure I πŸ’― believe Bryan but he did say their relationship scared him because he had something very similar (hot -n- heavy) with someone else and that scared him because it didn’t last long. I did believe that… maybe he knows the physical attraction isn’t enough in the end. The preview for hometowns doesn’t look good for Bryan.

    I love Peter… I hope he is the next bachelor. As for Dean, I really like him too. But when she was trying to get serious with him he was still being really playful. He didn’t seem to get it until the night date that he really had to open up.

    And with Adam… I’m not sure why he thought his relationship was the strongest… she normally gives the first couple of roses to Bryan, Peter, and Dean. It’s been her pattern…

  7. I like Peter for Rachel. I hope Rachel has enjoyed this experience more than she lets on. She’s seemed so serious. I felt like the only time she let loose was her date with Eric. We know she loves to dance – we saw that when she was on the Bachelor last season. We haven’t seen her dance hardly at all! I agree that Luke should be the next bachelor!!!

  8. Cutest outfit ever!! And I think any of the top 4 would make a great bachelor! Especially Peter, assuming they don’t end up together (heart eye emoji, heart eye emoji).

  9. I LOVE Peter but I think she’ll end up with Bryan. He tells her everything she wants to hear. Peter isn’t all in yet and won’t drop the L-bomb which is totally reasonable in the circumstances but not what she wants. If she doesn’t pick Peter, I don’t see how they can’t make him the next Bachelor.

  10. I think Bryan is 37 and single because he won’t put any other woman above her mother. Which is super unhealthy and I’d run away too. It’s wonderful for your spouse to have a good relationship with his mom, of course! It’s so special… but when it’s unhealthy and you’re asking your partner to “meet your mom halfway” (whatever that means) and she leaves you, well then, it sounds likes an unhealthy family dinamic.

    1. Yes! This was so creepy and immature! You leave your father and mother and cleave to your spouse.

      There is nothing attractive about a momma’s boy!

    2. I thought this same thing. Here was a key ingredient into his family dynamic and I understand reverence for the Latin mother as an archetype, but it felt like defending one woman over the other. Not a great dynamic and indicative of potential family drama – maybe great for tv but not real life.

  11. I’m scared that Bryan is a lot like Josh. Charming and captivating, but isn’t in it for the long run. You’d think by now he’d be settled. Being 37 freaks me out for her. I hope she chooses Peter because it would show she can’t be played if that’s what Bryan is up to. Then Dean is for sure Bachelor unless we all love someone on Paradise (like we did with Nick) and producers switch it up. Always love reading this blog!

  12. If you are right Ali about the picks for Rachel, what about luc from jojo’s season for the bachelor!!

  13. Hi Ali I have a question for you!
    Not sure if you will know the answer but since you went through the process maybe you have an idea. Why do you think they gave two men (Adam and Matt) in the final six absolutely NO air time (until last night). I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen! I’ve also never seen TWO people in the final six receive not receive a one on one. Has this happened before in other seasons and I’m just forgetting? I just found both of these things to be very odd and a little frustrating because I would have liked to see even just a little more of these two.
    Thanks in advance and love you and your blog!

  14. I am totally rooting for Peter to win it all with Rachel, I just don’t buy what Bryan is selling at all. I think what she has with Peter is really genuine and could be everlasting. If she doesn’t choose him then I totally want to see him as the Bachelor. I wanted so much for them to just go straight to another episode and give us the hometown dates, but since they didn’t I can’t wait until next week.

  15. I think she will pick Peter! He is the real deal. He’s not afraid to look at the reality of the situation and how he’s feeling and he’s honest. I think that’s really what she’s looking for. While it’s nice to be hot and heavy with Bryan and his idealism, I truly believe she wants the day to day, in your face, good and bad kinda love.
    Also, Wells for bachelor πŸ˜‰

    1. As much as I loved Ben, he needs to find love on his own this time around. There are a few good ones from this season to choose from, or perhaps the producers can find a fresh face out there.

  16. There are a lot of good picks for Bachelor but I agree with none from this season (if she picks Peter). Ben is good but I found him a little boring to watch and I don’t really want to see another repeat Bachelor. I would for sure watch Luke (allegations or not) he was southern charm at its best (from a Canadian point of view). But why not start with someone fresh?? Someone that hasn’t been on a past season? Shake it up a bit..I’m sure they could find someone great that we would all fall in love with

  17. Hi Ali,

    So what are you wearing underneath? Shorts? I totally know what you mean and hate it when the “dress” that I buy is a taddddd bit too short to be wearing without anything else, but it totally photographs like a dress here so I’m curious if you’re just wearing super short shorts?

      1. Luke’s already in a relationship with a girl named Holly. Check his insta. And Holly’s as well. They posted a lot in their insta stories daily, e.g they have met both of the parents and seems serious and happy with their relationship

    1. I’ve never thought of who Dean reminds me of but once I read ur comment – he totally reminds me of Chris!! The smile for sure…

  18. You didn’t speak very much about Eric and his date with Rachel. While I don5t think they’ll end up together, I am curious as to why you said very little about the two together.

  19. Hi Ali,
    Does Dean kind of remind you of Chis Soules? I ❀️️ Him! Oh and btw Molly is the cutest baby on the planet! Love your Blog, I look and wait for Insta Stories every day and your blog!
    Hugs! πŸ’•

  20. I agree! I totally thought the date with Bryan was strange-kind of reminded me of Corrine’s date with Nick last year. I was watching their body language at the end of the date and it felt kind of forced-he was leaning super close and she was sitting back (not leaning in toward him). I just don’t see them together.

    I really like Peter and I think it’ll be him in the end…especially given the teaser of the end proposal. What she said seemed to relate to their conversation from their date.

    Dean for bachelor! I just love him and wanted to give him a hug after he finally opened up.

    Thanks as always for your thoughts!

  21. Hi Ali – I had to laugh when you said that you are on the shorter side being 5’7″. I am 5’2″ so that’s short!! πŸ˜‚ I love reading your blog by the way!

    1. I thought the same thing too but then I reread it. I think she meant that the dress was on the shorter side and since she is 5’7 then it was short on her being that height.

  22. I think we can all agree that it’s either Peter or Bryan that Rachel chooses. Something about Bryan seems disingenuous. Could he be hoping to become the next Bachelor, rather than the one she chooses?? Their date was just ok, and no question about it, they do have chemistry. However, I’m reminded that chemistry does not a relationship make,and I don’t think I’ve seen them have conversations of any depth, like she’s had with others. I love her with Peter. It’s been natural from the start, her dog loves him, and that’s always a good sign, and they have such great chemistry and good conversations in depth about life and love. If she loses her mind and doesn’t pick Peter, I totally want him for the next Bachelor. If she’s smart and picks Peter, then I’m with you, Ali, totally want to see Dean as Bachelor. Do not want Bryan as next Bachelor. There’s something about Dean, his eyes and smile, that just warms the heart. The previews of next week’s show look pretty interesting! Have a great week!

  23. I agree and think Peter would be an assume bachelor. I almost don’t want her to pick Peter so he can be the next Bachelor. I do also really like Dean, but if you said he is on Paradise then that will be allot of fun to watch also, he is a cutie and think many past women from the show would be luck to date him on paradise. I don’t know what I think about Bryan, I almost want her to pick him so she doens’ t pick Peter and he is the next Bachelor. Eric and her I think have a fun relationship also, but I don’t know if he tries to hard and she doesn’t see as in to him as Bryan and Peter. We’ll have to wait to see. Side Note, many they sure do mess with the show previews and make you think allot different then what actually happens on the show.

  24. I really wish ABC would pick someone new. I think it would stop people from coming on the show with the purpose of trying to be the next bachelor/bachelorette.

  25. I adore Peter and hope they end up together! I feel like they have the strongest connection. I really hope Dean ends up as the Bachelor! Watching him really tugged at my heart strings. When I met my husband, we had a very similar conversation. His mother passed away when he was 18 and his father has never been the same since. While I have a traditional family, he was so worried to introduce me to his family and wished I had known his family as it was years ago. I LOVE his father and brother but totally see where Dean is coming from and how hard it is for him, having seen my husband live it first hand. Great episode!

  26. I just ordered the dress – I love your style!

    I would LOVE to see Ben Higgins as the Bachelor again but I agree with you that he would not do that to Lauren. I can’t even think of anyone else I’d like to see as the Bachelor. Peter would be fine, but not too exciting.

  27. I think the final two will be Bryan and Peter. Rachel will pick Bryan and the producers probably already have their eye on grooming Peter to be the next bachelor. In all the blogs the girls love Peter. Since Dean was seen filming BIP in Mexico he probably won’t be the next bachelor. I don’t think Rachel and Bryan are right for each other, he’s the typical Miami rico suave, I only liked him the first episode then after that he comes off too strong and not real. Rachel is better suited for Peter I think she has self confidence around him and their interactions are too cute. With all that said I wish Rachel all the luck she’s a great girl and deserves to find love no matter who she chooses. I hope I’m wrong and she chooses Peter.

      1. Bryan was starred on Miami UPN’s 2004 show The Player, in which 13 men with a lot of product in their hair competed in various player “tests” to earn a date with a Miami model named Dawn. So this is not a “new” experience for him.

  28. I totally agree with how you feel about Bryan!! I kinda think he’s being fake, but I don’t know that’s just my opinion you can’t tell it all from TV! I do think though that Rachel will end up with Peter and Dean will be the next Bachelor if he’s not on Paradise!

    Love reading your blogs Ali!

    1. A lot of people are saying she ends up with Bryan. I never thought that for a second! But maybe you guys are right!!! They are hot and heavy!

      1. I really hope she doesn’t end up with Bryan. There’s something off there. And he made the last woman he really fell for face off with his mother? That story seemed …..wrong on so many levels. Please let it be Peter!
        And you are awesome with a beautiful daughter!

      2. I love Peter. Their relationship seems authentic and he’s real with her. He’s not telling her what she wants to hear. I hope she ends up with him.

  29. Jared for bachelor?! Haha kidding…kinda πŸ˜‰ I would love that.

    I’m definitely thinking Peter wins. I would absolutely love to see Dean as the next bachelor. Even though he is young, I think he is more mature because of everything he has been through in his life. So…Dean for bachelor!! Or maybe bring back Jake Pavelka? Ha! Kidding.

    PS…love your outfit! I am shopping for honeymoon clothes, and that seems perfect for Mexico πŸ™‚

    1. Jared ( and please please with out crazy Ashley). He is a great guy but he doesn’t have the sense to know that she has sabotaged any chance of happiness in his life.

  30. Am I the only one who is Team Eric?! He’s so cute and funny and Normal! He said “ready spaghetti” last week at the carnival! Why does nobody talk about him??

  31. I agree with everything in this post! I’m not a fan of Bryan at all. I think he is just trying to say all the right things & it seems fishy.

    I agree & HOPE she ends up with Peter! He has. Even my favorite from the beginning and I just love them together!!

    I think Dean will be the next Bachelor (if Peter and Rachel end up together). But I’ve also thought ABC would maybe not cast Dean due to his age. But like you said, if she ends up with someone other than Peter then Peter will definitely be the bachelor!

    I’m just ready to find out the winner!!

    1. I agree with you on all this! Peter is my number one from the beginning. So hoping they end up together, can’t wait to see!!

  32. I like Peter and Bryan since they got out of the limo but I think Bryan is her final one, they have the best chemistry, they can’t stop kissing each other and enjoy been together! Only time will tell if they last, hoping to see Rachel in Miami soon, will love Peter for the next Bachelor or someone new. I miss Ben season, I don’t think I will watch.

  33. I also love Peter and hope they end up together. As for Dean, if he isn’t on Paridise I’m hoping he gets cast as the Bachelor. That being said, if he is on Paridise, then I’d love it if Luke came back on to be the Bachelor. Such a sweet guy, both of them are! Either or, the next Bachelor will be amazing.

  34. I am rooting for Peter…even though I’d like him for myself. I like Bryan but don’t see him as being the next bachelor. I do agree something was totally off on that 1 on 1. I like dean but think is too immature and not sure if ready for marriage. I wish they would just make someone new the bachelor. If not from like older seasons when it was more about love and less drama. Even though there was drama I am also a huge Kenny fan and think he would be awesome

  35. I love Peter! I mean I love my husband and all, but There is something about Peter that I find so sexy πŸ™‚

    I think Bryan is fake…I don’t trust him. I love Dean but I don’t think they have the connection her and Peter have. As for Eric, it worries me that he has never been in love before. He seems caught up in it all.

    I can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise!

  36. I agree. I think She will end up with Peter. They have the most realistic relationship and I really do think that he is her “type”. Last night she expressed that she really really really liked him a lot..(Has she said that to any of the other guys?).

    I think Dean is very sweet, but I don’t think she will choose him. As for Bryan and Eric…I think they are there to keep the show interesting πŸ™‚

    Since the future bachelor pickings are not as obvious and exciting, I think they should do a reality show into the lives of the bachelor/bachelorettes that are now married… (YOU, Jillian, Sean, Jason, Desiree). Kinda like the happily ever after but of those of you who are actually married…I know I would enjoy it… LOL

  37. I totally think she ends up with Bryan and I really like him!!!! Peter is a close second and I think he would be a better long term choice but Bryan is soooo HOT! Haha! I would be happy with either of them as the next Bachelor:) I cant wait for BIP and I hope you are right and Dean is there!

  38. I really hope it’s Peter and not Bryan!

    Next bachelor:

    Peter if he doesn’t win and if not:

    Robbie Hayes or Luke Pell

  39. What do you think of Josh from Andi season being the next bachelor??? Serms he is getting a lot of attention lately.

  40. Hi Ali!

    Love your recaps, your point of view is really honest and interesting. And I also love your fashion and mom style! As a new mom, I’m always looking at your insta for inspiration ;))

    As for the bachelorette, as much as I would love her to pick Peter, I really feel like they are setting him up to be our next bachelor. You know the whole is or is he not there yet… getting us to see/feel that he is very serious and genuine, wouldn’t propose if he wasn’t ready etc etc and then somehow I have a feeling that at the end he will magically be ready and propose only to be heartbroken and thus, have all of America fall even more for him and root for him as our next bachelor. Kind of like what they did for Rachel, when they got her to open up and “fall” for Nick only to be sent home that same week.

    (Sometimes I even wonder if she was kept around for so long on Nick’s season only to be groomed as our next Bachelorette, because they could just not pass up the opportunity to have such an amazing accomplished etc etc (insert all of Rachel’s qualities) woman for their first black woman as a lead… )

    That being said, I agree with everything you said about Bryan. Something about their interaction feels off. I appreciate that he recognizes the “hot and heavy” nature of their relationship and thus seems to have a capacity to introspect at least a bit, I’m still left feeling wary and hope there is more than what we’re seeing.

    As much as I would LOVE for her to pick Peter, he is definately not as .. enthusiastic .. I guess is the correct word as you would think he would/should be. To a point where I question whether he is really into her..? It’s not about him saying that he has thought of leaving, I agree that that’s a totally healthy-normal possibility, but I feel like on the Ellen show he put up the “I Never” sign and signaled that he hadn’t imagined himself being intimate with her, a lot of the time she’s the one leaning in for a kiss rather than him, he’s still semms clearly upset over his Ex… I don’t know, part of me is afraid that much of her interest and our collective interest in Peter is his reluctance towards her/ hard-to-get attitude. So in that regard, I hope she doesn’t get caught up with someone who isn’t as head over heels for her as she is for him.

    So maybe, in a sense, Bryan is a better choice…in that what they have is more reciprocated… Is that crazy?

    If you have read this far and all of my ramblings.. I’m very impressed haha!

    Thanks again!

    1. Also… I would really like Eric as a bachelor… I think his “journey” on this show has really evolved into something beautiful and positive. But they don’t seem to be setting it up to he him unfortunately…

  41. Peter!!! All the feels! His story about ending his last relationship…oh man! I think it showed what a good guy he is and that he takes love seriously. Always been impressed with his honesty. I really hope he makes it to the end.

  42. She ends up with Bryan according to Reality Steve. He originally said Peter, then changed his story (due to a more informed source) to Bryan. I wish Peter, but watching him as the bachelor would be great😍

  43. I’m pulling for Peter! Bryan does seem very insincere and just says the perfect lines to get a positive reaction. I like that Peter is honest and, even though Rachel was taken back a little by his honesty, I think that’s healthy in a relationship! You should be able to be real with each other. The previews for next week broke my heart for Dean. I was wondering what he meant when he talked about his father, so I am interested in watching the episode. I was confused why she kissed Matt goodbye (two times?!) and I’m wondering where Adam got all his confidence from. But we didn’t see too much air time from Catherine and obviously her and Sean (& Samuel!) are doing well πŸ’• Rachel and Eric’s relationship also seems real to me. I don’t think they’ll end up together, but I love how open they are with each other. I love your bachelor recap and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  44. I want Dean and Raven to get together in Paradise! Even though she’s Rachel’s friend maybe a little awkward, but hey, I think they would be so cute together!

  45. I would really like Luke to get another shot at being the Bachelor since it was pulled from him last time. I think he would be great

  46. If Peter wins then I would love for Ben Z from Kaitlyn’s season to be the next Bachelor! I heard he’s on paradise, so maybe if he doesn’t find love fans will reconnect with him and remember how great he was on his season. He would make a great bachelor!

  47. Peter all the way oh my goodness not only handsome as hell ha but that voice and like you said they connect on so many levels and Bryan there is something about him to smooth of a character

  48. Hi Ali!

    So I always have to do some research on the bachelors. I mean come on some of them have a crazy past!

    Not sure if you’ve googled Bryan but he’s been on a reality dating show before in Miami. That’s not all, it was called “The player.” When someone is constantly saying it’s too good to be true than maybe it really is. I wish Rachel would just keep digging into him and not settle because they have chemistry and passion.

    I’m totally rooting for Peter, but my gut is telling me she chooses Bryan. Dean is the cutest guy ever but I think he needs a girl like him. Someone that appreciates his silliness and the way he makes light of every situation!

  49. I would LOVE for Peter to win, but I unfortunately think it will be Bryan (ugh)… I say this because I live in Madison, WI (where Peter resides) and he is getting ready to open a new gym to run his personal training and whatnot out of. I just feel like if he were to win he would be moving his business to wherever Rachel lives and not staying in WI. Who knows though?!

  50. Hey Ali,

    About last night…

    I adore Matt. πŸ™ (Gentleman to the end & agree, kissing two men saying goodbye is sad and sweet.)

    I would DEFINITELY date Peter!!! I think he is real. Raw, sensitive, real. And handsome, just saying. :)Doesn’t feed her lines.

    Bryan though… feeds her all the lines in the world! He’s just, I don’t know, he rubs me the wrong way! And the kissing… OVERLOAD & it makes me say, “Enough already!” I even want to fast forward. I’ve dated the Bryan’s many times and it is never a good thing.

    Rachel is a very intelligent woman and for her heart, I hope she chooses correct.

    And Dean… I feel the same Ali. (Little brother feelings) You just want to give him a hug!

    We shall see soon enough how it unfolds. Fingers crossed for Peter!

  51. okay i never needed a dress as much as i needed this one! thank you for the prime day deal πŸ’—
    i love peter! he’s my favorite. i hope they end up together
    i also love dean and think he would
    make a great bachelor!
    i have never liked bryan. he’s too smooth. it feels so fake.

  52. I might be alone on this, but I’m not reeeeally a fan of Bryan OR Peter. Bryan seems too smooth, and all it seems they do is make out and he swallows her face lol Peter I find a little boring. If he’s a good guy for her, that’s great, but I really hope he isn’t the next bachelor.
    I also don’t want to see Ben as the Bachelor again.. no repeats! Didn’t we learn that after Brad had two chances as the Bachelor?!
    My vote is for Luke Pell πŸ™‚

  53. Ok, first off, is your entire outfit from Nordstrom? I’m just curious because I work part-time at Nordstrom’s online fulfillment center.

    Second, I’m sooooo glad someone else feels there’s something a little off about Bryan. Everytime he talks, he sounds like he lives in a romance novel or something. I’m just like, dude, chill. I feel like he hasn’t truly opened up to her, but she is just smitten with him! I think there’s some sort of rose-colored glasses thing going on, and I’m afraid she’ll choose him because of that.

    I also really love Peter. He seems the most down-to-earth out of all of them and seems like he would be a responsible and caring husband. But the stuff he said about his ex this week was a little disconcerting. I think Rachel had a similar reaction.

    Dean is sweet, but he seems to lack the maturity that Rachel needs. When she was asking him to be open and talkative this week, he basically laughed her off. It just seemed really immature. However, I am so interested to see his “eccentric” father during hometowns! I’m also excited to see how he behaves around his family.

    And Eric…well, tbh, I feel like he lacks the refinement that Rachel seems to have. Rachel is classy and grown up. Eric seems nice, but he seems to need someone that has had a little more struggle in their life. Eric is just kinda “meh” to me. lol

    I would really love to see the next Bachelor be someone we’ve never seen or heard from before. I’m so tired of the franchise recycling people for the next season. I think it would be more interesting to see someone new. But it might be too risky for the franchise to use an unknown, because they won’t know how the audience will react to him.

  54. the chemistry with peter is off the charts, how about Matt or Will for next bachelor or Dean and I still like Luke. didnt hear much about matt but she obviously has high regards for him. I think there is always a couple of great guys that dont get a decent chance and you can only have so many as favs/stand outs and you cant possibly give a fair go to everyone. greetings from australia I love the show and ali you and jillian are 2 of my favs. and your dog owen is the cutest dog i have ever seen.

  55. I love the genuine, and real realationship Peter and Rachel share. There connection is amazing, I love watching there relationship grow. I am rooting that they get happy ever after.

    I like Bryan, but not for Rachel. It comes across as forced. He is very charming just not my pick for Rachel.

    Dean!! I am in love with Dean!! He is relatable, compassionate, and genuine. Plus his boyish grin and the intensity in his eyes. I am rooting he finds his lucky lady and finds a love that is never ending. Unfortunately I don’t see him with Rachel. <3

    That next bachelor, I am very unsure what direction ABC would take it. But maybe Kenny because he was a good guy who has daughter which would get viewers. But I personally would love to watch Chase for the bachelor. He is charming, sweet, and SEXY!! #Chaseforbachelor

  56. Someone may have asked this but there are too many comments to read!! Why do you think fans wouldn’t like Bryan as the Bachelor?? To me it seems like he’s the obvious choice. I think she’ll end up with him though!

  57. Reality Steve was saying it was Bryan but now says he was wrong. I hope she picks Peter, he seems more like husband/father material than Bryan. I actually would like to see Chase from JoJo’s season as the next Bachelor. I thought it is one thing to be on the the Bachelor/Bachelorette then become the Bachelor/Bachelorette but to be one and then be recycled is not good. This happened 2X, once with Emily Maynard and then again with Brad Womack and see that went.

  58. SAME about Dean – I cried! What a sweetheart. A little goofy, but you could tell he was just trying to deal with the weight of his anxiety. Broke my heart!! And also SAME about Bryan. I can’t understand why she is so taken with him because he does not seem like the most genuine guy. I think he’s just really smooth. Have they ever had a deep conversation? Always seems to be the same kind of conversation every time….
    And Eric… I really seem them as being more like great friends than having that “it” relationship.
    Love reading your thoughts on the season!

  59. Ali, I love reading your blog but I was surprised you listed the rumor you heard about Dean. As someone who likes to stay away from spoilers I thought your blog was safe to read.

  60. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the show but reading this I feel exactly the same way you. I always watch with my BFF and every week we say the same about Bryan, that he seems fake but he’s still really attractive and Rachel clearly likes him. In our minds he’s the final man standing, without a doubt. So much so we feel she’s going through the movements with half of the rest of them. But this week we liked Eric the most with her though we feel she won’t choose him.

    Dean is my favorite participant ever. I think he’s too good for Paradise but I’ll be happy to see him on my TV for a little bit longer. I’d totally love to meet and date him!!

    Thanks for the blog! I love reading it! I have a young daughter too and I can relate to a lot of what you write about.

    1. Me too! But I dont think it will happen, there must be a reason they pulled him last minute last season.

  61. I think Peter is a breath of fresh air. Someone who is taking this so seriously and not rushing the words I love you. He is so mature and so very handsome. Bryan is such a phony. He has definitely watched prior seasons and repeats things he has heard before. The first time he kissed her he said muah like Josh. Then kissed loud like Josh. I was thinking oh no don’t. Anyone that thinks he is sincere is crazy. A guy who goes on another show called the player and is 37 and single is someone to stay away from. Im praying she uses her head and stays away from him. And he would be an awful bachelor.

  62. I think Peter and her end up together! Bryan will be in the top two, I think.

    Dean is young, but wasn’t Ben young too? I think Dean will be the next bachelor!!

  63. Wait…..Ben and Lauren broke up???? When did that happen? They were so cute together!

    I’m totally on board with Rachel and Bryan, but don’t think it will last… sad…I want to see a power couple.

  64. I’m not a huge fan of Dean’s.. he’s pretty but not much of a manly man.. I think she needs that. I’m rooting for Peter!!

  65. I’m avoiding spoilers at all cost and until now I was doing it perfectly…..then reading the comments here somebody posted it who she is picking according to Reality Steve…..ALI HATES SPOILERS!! And most of us too!! I’m sooo mad!! I hateeeee when people don’t consider other and ruins the experience for them!!
    In another note, I will love for Peter to be the next bachelor, in case he doesn’t end up with Rachel. If he does, I’ll loveee Wells to be the next bachelor, he is funny, cute and sincere. But I don’t think ABC would choose him. They may choose Dean if he doesn’t falls in love in BIP or maybe Robbie Hayes.
    Also, somebody totally new could be awesome or they might want to make ARIE LUYENDYK dream come true and make him the next bachelor hahahaha

  66. I get what you are saying about Bryan, from what I can remember from your season he kiiiinda reminds me of Roberto and I can see it not going well either.

    I also think Wells might be the next bachelor! Everyone loved him before and now that he is the bartender in paradise he may spark everyone’s interest again. Would be the perfect set-up, like with Nick.


  67. I’m totally Team Peter! Bryan always says the right thing. I just don’t know if he’s being sincere. Dean is super adorable too! I think Rachel has treated the guys she’s let go with a lot of respect though. I commend her for that!

    Off topic now, I’m so happy that you found your happily ever after! I’ve been a big fan of yours since the bachelor days. Kevin is awesome and Molly just looks like the happiest (and most adorable) babe!

    Xoxo Annie

  68. Peter has been my choice since they revealed the list of guys. I love Peter!! I feel like she isn’t going to pick him though (even though she should). I think she says yes to Bryan (crossing my fingers I’m wrong!!). I DO NOT want to see Bryan as the bachelor. Can not handle him sticking his tongue down everyone’s throats all season*MAJOR TMI**. I love sweet Dean, but I agree I don’t see the love connection there. He is so nice though.
    I’d like to see Chase from Jojo’s season as the next bachelor if Dean wasn’t selected. Chase has been one of my favs. I love Ben but agree that it would be too soon. Funny how so many of these guys seem to be from Colorado. *Something in the water* lol

    Btw Ali you’re the best. I love reading your blog and watching you IG stories. Molly is so sweet.

  69. Why not Matt for the next Bachelor? I think he seemed like a really nice, and genuine person.
    I’d love to see him be the next bachelor!

  70. I think Rachelle picks Bryan and Peter will be the next bachelor. Dean is to young and not ready.

  71. I agree with you! i think (or hope) that she ends up with Peter as their connection seems more authentic and genuine. my only fear based of their one on one date is that he still has his walls up and that if he’s not 100% sure this will work at the end of it that he will not get on one knee. BUT just watching their interaction is soo adorable and comes so natural. Rachel and Bryans date did seem a little unreal because as in the everyday life that would not be a practical thing to do …..maybe for an anniversary. Dean is such a sweetheart and hearing about this family made my heart melt. sorry but not sorry to say that i’m not a fan of Eric

  72. I’ve had the same exact opposite impressions. I think she’s most into and most connected to Bryan. I think their convo’s go deeper than the editing shows. She stopped saying he seems unreal weeks ago.
    Peter, on the other hand, seems to be holding back. It makes it seem as though he is not that into her. I’ve never thought their connection was as tight as hers with Bryan. I hope Peter is here for the right reasons.

  73. Ben? Again?! Nooooo!!! Bachelor/Bachelorette needs to embrace fresh and new as it is. Please don’t re-pick an old lead!!

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