Birthday Cake Cocktail! Introducing Ali Luvs Happy Hour!

In honor of it being Molly’s birthday month, I decided to share my birthday cake boozy milkshake recipe! And yes, it is 100% appropriate that I’m celebrating the first year of her life with a cocktail. Ha! This mama deserves a drink or two! I love having this cocktail/milkshake when I have girlfriends over for a fun girls night or when I’m just wanting to indulge in a sweet treat! A boozy sweet treat that is!

In fact, I’m starting a new series on my blog called Ali Luvs Happy Hour! The reason it’s happy hour, is because Kevin and I can never make it out past happy hour these days! Happy hour is our favorite time to take Molly out to local restaurants/pubs and enjoy a drink and appetizers! (Responsibly of course. If I’m having a drink Kevin is the DD and vice versa.) We can’t do that during dinner time because Molly needs to be in bed by then. So happy hour is this magical time for us where we get to go out with our little girl and feel like are still living our lives the way we used to do even though we are parents now. So given that we love happy hour so much, when I was brainstorming blog ideas, happy hour just seems like a perfect fit for me! Oh and I took these pic a month ago FYI (hence the longer hair). It’s just taken me a minute to write this up and perfect my recipe!

Also, given that the Bachelorette airs tonight, this would be such a fun cocktail to whip up if your having a Bachelorette viewing party! Your girlfriends will have so much fun watching the show and indulging in this super girly drink!

Here is the recipe for my birthday cake boozy milkshake:

  • 1 ounce whipped vodka or cake vodka
  • 1 ounce Irish cream
  • 3 scoops of ice cream Milk to thin – about 1/4 cup
  • Honey and sprinkles for rim
  • Whip cream and sprinkle to top!

Begin with two plates. One for the sprinkles and one of the honey. Rim the edge of the glass you are using with honey by dipping it into the honey on the plate and them put glass rim in the sprinkles. Set the glass aside while you make the drink!

Add ice cream, Irish cream, cake/whipped vodka to a bowl or separate glass and use a spoon to stir up (I don’t use a blender because I can’t control consistency as well) Add milk to thin out the ice cream so it’s more of a drink. About 1/4 cup of milk, but use as much or as little as you’d like to get your desired consistency.

Pour into the sprinkle rimmed glass and top with whip cream and sprinkles. Enjoy!

Hope you guys love this super fun drink!




16 Thoughts

16 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Cocktail! Introducing Ali Luvs Happy Hour!

  1. Yummm! Looks and sounds delicious! Can’t wait for more “happy hour” blogs! Such a great idea for something new. Cheers, Ali!

  2. Saw your instagram story about TV! So my son is a few weeks younger than Molly and he LOVES TV. Which actually bummed me out! That said, I also LOVE TV, so I don’t know maybe he gets it from me!?! He loves all things with a screen, phones, TV, computers, etc. We have always tried to never let him watch it, probably for the same reasons you guys avoided it with Molly, but things like changing his clothes and diaper got SO hard bc he was like a crazy jumping baby, so I was desperate and turned on the TV and he becomes so enthralled with it that he sits still long enough for me to actually change him! But I always wondered what age it’s ok for them to start watching TV and movies etc.??? I put Moana on the other day and he was obsessed, by I think like TOO obsessed. I think it’s a good sign that Molly wasn’t that into it! I wish my kiddo was less into it! Xoxo love love love!

  3. I saw your Instagram story about tv. I see no issue with watching tv at 1. Only way I can cook dinner sometimes is putting on a show for my 4 yr old and 1 yr old (he turned 1 2 weeks before Molly!). Everybody has different opinions but you do what works for you! My guys like baby Einstein and you can get some on Amazon video. Or Daniel tiger. I try to put on something that teaches something so I feel better about them zoning out and watching. Good luck!!

  4. I remember when we had Kaiser insurance they would always say wait until they are at least 2 years old . My kids are much older now and we limited TV a lot . I think that if you completely restrict it that it could back fire and they wanting it more . Anyhow it’s your decision and it will work out .

  5. If you go by the experts, like American Academy of Pediatrics, they say no TV before 2 and even then no more than 2 hours a day. However, we let our son start watching TV around 1. At first he was only interested when there was a song on, otherwise he’d ignore it. Slowly, he started getting into the actual show. The only one he really liked consistently was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We don’t mind him watching that because it is educational. But, as always, do what makes you comfortable. There will ALWAYS be people who contradict your parenting style.

  6. The AAP says no tv before 2 but we put it on as needed for our 20 month old. For example, she just got back from a long road trip and she watched more Dora than I would like but it kept her happy. I would try to limit as much as possible since “they” say it really isn’t good for them. I also noticed that my daughter did not seem to enjoy it until a few months ago so I don’t think you missed a window for getting her interested. She may just need to be a little older to get was is going on. I think it is also recommended to watch with your child and explain what is going on which to me defeats the purpose because the only time I use it is when I’m trying to get stuff done or traveling lol

  7. What a cute blog idea! My husband and I enjoyed trying fun new cocktails for happy hour before we had our now 3 month old. Looking forward to more fun drink recipes to surprise hubby with after work!

  8. Curious what flavor ice cream you use? Didn’t see that specified but I’m guessing vanilla? Thanks Ali!

    Also, we let our child (who just turned two) watch tv… but limit it to less than an hour a day. And really I save it for when I need to start cooking dinner before my hubby gets home. We stick to Sesame Street and Little Einsteins. Educational and appropriate. Word of advice: choose shows that you yourself can tolerate so you don’t go crazy from the songs on them! Lol. Bottom line: you do you and don’t let what everyone else does effect your decisions for Molly ❤️

  9. Saw your TV question and thought I’d share. I almost never comment on blogs but Mom stuff is different. I have a 3 yr old and a 1 year old (7-2-16). Anyway, from experience with my 3 yr old we felt the same way- can you please watch some TV to give me a few minutes to do something!? I felt sort of guilty but talked with my girls friends about it and the those with older kids totally agreed it is such a game changer when they finally will watch something and it’s totally fine to do. The ones that worked for us were these 30-60min videos on YouTube by Little Baby bum. They are actually kinda creepy, but they are baby crack I swear. Just nursery rhymes, so good for development, launguage, etc. but seriously they are like emojis on steroids. Kids love it! 😂 The other one my kid loved was Mother Goose club and those are real people who sing nursery rhyme songs. Good quality too!

    I am about to introduce our 1 yr old to these baby crack videos, although I wonder how our 3 yr old will react! His favorite show is Go Diego Go, which is amazing bc there are 8 seasons free on Amazon Prime 😁 We let him watch about 2 shows a day- 50min total. Usually while I make dinner so that I can actually get dinner made without parenting my way threw it, and sometimes before nap time to let him settle down and chill out. Anyway, hope this helps you not feel guilty for wanting to have Molly watch TV and gives you a little insight into what works. I will say that it may take a few tries to get them to actually watch, but that’s why those YouTube videos are great bc they are so long and just song after song comes on. We do it on our smart tv so no device is necessary. Btw- I have not introduced devices to my 3 yr old yet 😳 Not looking forward to figuring that one out! Good luck!

  10. I love your blog, having two children one 6 and one 7 months old is a blessing at the same time there are times that I feel exhausted and reading your blog is my escape! I have developed postpartum anxiety after my second baby which is hard and when I read your blog about the last month of your pregnancy it was so relatable for me. I love your new series because it makes me hopeful that after the first year I will be back to my old self although I rarely drink! you just seen so much happier now that she has turned one and I remember from my first one that only the first year is hard and it gets easier.
    Keep posting, you are so real, relatable and the only blog I have the time and patience to read, I tell my husband all I read here every day and he is happy something is helping me!

  11. Love this post! My daughter was born the same day as Molly and she has just started watching tv. We tried to keep her from watching it before and never intentionally put on tv shows to grab her interest. I put on Sesame Street and she loves Elmo, especially the number of the day haha I feel guilty, but it is limited to half an hour a day if at all. I use it when I need to get supper ready or if I need to get ready and I put her in the playpen. She hated the playpen but we got a BabyBjorn travel crib for our trip to Florida and she loves it! She literally tries to climb up the outside of it to get in and hang out with her stuffed animals. The bottom is a mattress so it’s comfy if she falls over, and it’s a great place for her to practice her walking 🙂

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