Pops of Color!

I truly love this maxi dress. I have it in multiple colors. See me wearing it HERE as a maternity dress in another pattern. This print would be PERFECT for vacation!!! Sigh – I would so love to go on a vacation! Some day…

I’m wearing a medium (originally got it in medium when I was pregnant, but I think I could have sized down to a small). Just wanted to share it with you guys!!! Complete outfit details are below the first pic!

Also SOOOO many of you messaged me asking bout the top I wore yesterday. So I linked it at the very end of this blog post 😉 I LOVE the slouchy fit of it and the sleeves are GORGE!


Apologies for the weird small picture below.

1. HAT | 2. SHIRT | 3. PURSE


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13 thoughts on “Pops of Color!

      1. My daughter turns one year on the 21st so I’ve been following along since your pregnancy. I’m starting to wean, kinda. I would love a post about that! I’m so torn about wanting my body back at my own and not wanting my baby to need me less!… Trying to cut out some daytime feeds. Are you replacing them with milk in a bottle or just a sippy cup with meals?

        1. We give her cashew milk 3 times a day and I nurse her once in the morning (Two weeks ago I was still nursing 4 times a day – every time she woke up. So morning, after 1st nap, after 2nd nap and before bed. Solids always one hour after nursing). She really took lead on this. She just started refusing to nurse during the day and at night. I do a more in depth blog post about it soon!

          1. Thanks for sharing! So nice that she’s leading the process as you know you’re doing what’s right for her! Sounds like you give it to her more like a bottle? We’re giving her Ripple milk (plant based) as she’s allergic to milk, but I’m just doing it in a sippy during meals (still nursing when she wakes up too) and wondering if I should be treating it like a bottle. I’ve tried to read up on this, but no one gives concrete advice! Molly’s party was adorable and I can totally relate to your breakdown. I’m looking forward to my daughter’s party next week and I’m sure I’ll be fine for that, but afterwards it’ll probably hit me hard!

  1. Hey Ali – did you size down in that top? I normally wear mediums and size 6 like you – but wondering if you sized down since it’s a looser fit?

  2. Hey there. I saw you asking about TV in your Instagram story. I always believe you need to do what’s right for you. You’re going to get a lot of people telling you not to, but it’s all about what you want. We started around that age, but we started with the baby channel. It’s all super educational, lots of colors and numbers and letters and words. The programs are short, usually just a couple minutes a piece to keep them interested, we loved it. We still don’t let our 3 year old watch Nickelodeon, I don’t think it’s educational enough, but that’s only my opinion, I still try to stick with the shows that teach more than just a cartoon.

  3. Hi Ali!

    How tall are you? I’m only 5’3 and have trouble finding a maxi that I can just wear sandals with! Do you wear heels or flats with this maxi?

  4. Hi Ali,
    My daughter, Lily, and your Molly share the same birthday! I’ve been following along with your year and have gone through a lot of the same things you have. I saw that you were going to let Molly watch some tv. We have started letting her watch a program on Netflix called Little Baby Bum. That’s the only thing that we’ve let her watch. It’s not really a show, but nursery rhymes one after the other. It’s teaching her shapes and numbers, too! It’s been a lifesaver some mornings lately, when I’ve HAD to get something done. Check it out! Super cheesy, but my little one adores it!

  5. Hi Ali! Where can I shop your previous posted looks? Looking for a flowy dress with sleeves for some family photos. My son will be 1 on Aug 3rd and I’ve been following your fam!

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