Flowy Tunic – Maternity Option that’s Non-Maternity! So Baby #2?

Ahhhhhh I am so in love with today’s blog post! Not only because this tunic is just so gorgeous! But also because wearing it makes me think about how it would be the absolutely perfect maternity outfit! And the reason that makes me happy is because we really want to have another baby! No, I’m not pregnant. But I think we’re going to start trying for another one soon!

And while I certainly didn’t love being pregnant the first time around, the end result (a.k.a. Molly) is the best thing ever! And quite frankly, I loved dressing my baby bump when I was pregnant! Honestly, the fashion was my absolute favorite part of being pregnant! Ha! And if you guys followed me back then, you know that I was all about buying non-maternity pieces to wear when I was pregnant so I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes that I would never wear again or only wear one other time, which is when we end up getting pregnant with a second baby.


Today’s look is non-maternity. I mean, I’m obviously rocking it now and I am not pregnant. Although if I was pregnant, this would be the perfect outfit to wear to hide a baby bump until you’re ready to announce! If you’re on the shorter side, you don’t have to wear anything underneath it and it’s an adorable dress. If you’re on the taller side like me (I’m 5’7″), I just wore a black slip dress underneath to give it a little length. Just make sure the slip dress you wear has thin straps so it doesn’t take away from the beautiful top of the tunic. Because the very first layer of the tunic is sheer – which gives it a gorgeous neckline. And since this is a tunic, it can also be worn as a top with the black leggings and killer pumps! I love a good versatile piece of clothing. I’m wearing a medium And I usually wear a medium in Chicwish. However, always  look at the sizing chart. Oh and btw, the heels I’m wearing with this look are SOOO comfortable. Even for a pregnant woman!

It’s from Chicwish which is a brand that I love not only for their gorgeous feminine clothing but also because their clothing is really affordable! This tunic is $50 and worth every penny because it’s really a dress and top all in one! You can wear it if you’re pregnant and you can wear it if you’re not pregnant. It’s just one of those extremely versatile pieces. And it’s a statement piece! I feel like when I wear this tunic it’s a conversation starter and people are just dying to know where I got it.

Some of my other faves from Chicwish

Anyway, this look just really got me thinking about pregnancy and having another baby. But, I have to say that I’m just so exhausted with Molly all the time that the idea of having another one also freaks me out! I don’t nearly feel ready to have another right now but after being pregnant for 9 months will I then feel ready? We also want Molly’s sibling to be close in age to her. Ideally 2 to 2.5 years apart. To all the mothers of two or more kids out there, when did you know you were ready? I mean, do you ever really feel completely ready for more? I’d love to hear stories from other parents out there! Let’s discuss in the comment below!








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  1. Hi Molly!
    I love your site and I love your dress! How are the sizing at Chicwish? I have 2 girls – 7 yo and 3.5 yo. They are 3.5 years apart. I got pregnant really easily with the first one. We started trying when the oldest was 2 but I ended up having 2 miscarriages before finally getting pregnant with the second one. I definitely recommend trying now if you’re ready. Having two is definitely double the work but it’s so worth it! My girls are definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.

    1. I am usually a medium in Chicwish.

      And thank you for the advice. That’s my feeling. If we don’t start trying now it could take a long time and we could miss our “golden window”. And I’m very sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I can’t imagine. But thankfully you eventually got your 2nd little angel!!!

      1. Such a cute outfit! I was wondering Ali, are you still breastfeeding? My baby is the same age as Molly and we want baby #2 soon also, and I worry that breastfeeding has sort of out my cycle/ovulation on hiatus. Have your cycles returned to normal? I hope it doesn’t take too long for things to get back to normal so we can try again!

        1. I am still breastfeeding but plan to stop soon. My cycles are a little off (Sometimes 45 days. But sometimes 30 days). But since I’m stopping soon, I’m hoping I go back to normal.

          1. Just because your cycles are off doesn’t mean you are not ovulating! Definitely don’t let breastfeeding stop you from trying!

          2. I got pregnant while breastfeeding and my first two are 16 months apart. I did not have a period between the two of them, in fact that is what sent me to the doctors only to find out I was pregnant. And she was nursing a lot too, but that didn’t prevent the pregnancy from happening! I loved having them close, and honestly for me, two wasn’t that much different. I was tired, yes, but I was tired with one, also.

        2. I breastfed for an entire year and got pregnat with my second while still breastfeeding and only had my period twice before then. So don’t let that discourage you if you haven’t gotten your period or not. You don’t need a period to get pregnant, my friend learned that first hand. ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck!

      2. Ali please have blood work done to make sure you aren’t iron deficiency or maybe thyroid problems. Are you taking good vitamins for women each day. We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our families.

    2. It’s really not that hard having more than one kid. You are the parent, you set the routine,,,,if it’s chaos yes it will be overwhelming. My 2nd was born 3 months before my 1st turned 2,,,,they were opposites,,,,never were close,,,,still arent. Age 32 (in july)and 30 now,,,my 3rd was born when my oldest was 5 1/2 years old and they have always been close and gotten along well. So dont always think they will be best friends,,,,thats not always the case. My 1st was a boy the other 2 girls.

    3. Such an awesome outfit. I usually end up buying most of the clothes you post :). I have two boys (4 & 1) and I love the 3 year age gap. I wanted them to be a few years apart bc I wanted my older one to be in school part time so I could spend some time alone with the baby. My older son got time with me every single day for 3 years and so it was important for me to allow my second baby to have that 1 on 1 time with me too since I am a stay at home mom. But, 3 years is also great bc my older one completely understood the idea of a new baby and was just so so helpful and sweet. Now that my little guy is moving and developing more of a personality, they play so well together. I think there is no negative to any age gap, as long as you think it’s right for you. My sister and I are 4 years apart and I love our relationship.

  2. Ali!

    When I was pregnant, my husband and I were so set on only having one baby but now that our little girl is here (she’s 4 months on Saturday! eek!), we feel like we’ll definitely want one more. But while discussing when we would want to try again, I couldn’t help but kind of feel selfish by saying we should wait 4 years. I’ve only been nursing my daughter for 4 short months, but I am counting down the days until I can be done. I know some women totally enjoy it, but I can’t wait to not be tied to my pump and to have my body back to myself! At least for a little while before we try for another — does that make me totally awful? Did you feel that way with Molly? I am probably the only one that feels this way! I love this post because I can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts and comments on it. I also can’t wait for you and Kevin to have another baby because that means more baby clothes on your blog page for me to buy! So excited for you!

    1. You’re not NOT the only one! Breastfeeding is hard work and it’s SO awesome that you have made it this far! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

      1. I hated breast feeding,,,just didn’t like the feeling. And boy once that first tooth comes in,,,,um DONE!!! NO WAY would I want a child with teeth eating from my boob. OUCH,,,

    2. It gets easier too!! I planned to stop breast feeding at 6 months, but at that point (since they start eating regular food too) it got sooo much easier! So I actually continued for the full year (I’m down to one feed per day and will be weaning off that I’m the next week or so). It’s hard work though. I felt the same way !

    3. Gin! Congrats on nursing for 4 months. I feel like nobody talks about how exhausting, time, consuming & hard nursing can be. I have two children. My son just turned 3 last month and my daughter is 8 months. I didn’t nurse my son at all & wanted to experience it with my daughter. 4 months into it, I was so tired that I introduced the bottle and formula to my daughter. I did both formula and the boob for about 6 and a half months & she was fine taking either. One day I sat down to nurse my daughter and she just spit my boob out. She didn’t want it anymore. I enjoyed the experience but it’s so nice to NOT nurse and I really don’t miss. I say all of this to say. Don’t feel guilty whatever your decision. Nursing for any length of time is something to be proud of. You’ve given your daughter a great start. ๐Ÿ˜Š My son has turned out fine with formula. No allergies or health issues. Whatever you decide try and be at peace with your decision & trust that you are doing the best thing for your child by loving them

    4. I felt the same! My daughter was unable to latch so I was stuck to the pump for 4 LONG months and have been so happy to be done with it. Really hoping our next baby latches because I’m not sure I can do it again!

  3. Hey Ali! I just had my second baby, and she was born two weeks before my first daughter turns 2! We knew we wanted our children close together too, and frankly, didn’t want to risk it taking a long time to get pregnant so we just never prevented a second pregnancy after our first. I also didn’t get my cycle back until my first daughter turned a year old (on vacation in Alaska of all places!๐Ÿ˜ญ) and then it only took a couple more months to get pregnant again! I just want to encourage you to follow your heart and desires and go for it! By the time baby #2 is born, you’ll totally feel ready and you will adjust as life goes on. And Molly will never know any different.

    Fun fact, my first daughter was also born on July 6th! So she’ll be 2 next week!

    Blessings and good luck to you! Love the outfit, too!


    1. Happy almost birthday to your daughter!!!!

      And that’s my feeling. What if we wait until we feel more ready and then it takes a long time to get pregnant? And I do have 9/10 months to mentally prepare once it happens ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Totally! Isn’t that a beautiful thing about pregnancy?! I totally didn’t feel ready last October when I found out but now that she’s here I couldn’t imagine life without my two girlies. I just know it’ll be the same for you!

      2. Bite the bullet and just do it. Try not to stress about being tired because your going to be tired anyway. I have an almost 2 1/2 yr old and a 6 week old baby!!!! Yep that’s right I decided I might as well, plus I’m 38 and waiting longer wasn’t going to get easier for me.
        The second one has already been a completely different experience, I knew what to expect with feedings and he actually sleeps sooooo much better than my first, I’ve been averaging 6 hrs of sleep a night. You really do end up worrying less and it’s easier to just go with the flow because you’ve been there already.
        I do have to say the 2 1/2 yr old is tougher than the newborn!! Lol, I’ve put him in preschool a few days a week and that’s been so helpful.
        Just do it!!!

  4. My husband and I are also thinking about baby #2. Our daughter just turned one last month and we want them close in age. However, I too freak out! I just remember my daughter being attached to me nursing in those beginning months and I worry about our daughter not getting enough attention and she’s going to want to be out doing fun things! Not watching me nurse baby brother/sister all the time. We also have the perfect nap/bedtime routine established and selfishly I don’t want that ruined yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know when we do get pregnant, we will feel so blessed and won’t be able to imagine life any other way!

    1. I totally feel you! I feel like things JUST started feeling a tiny bit easier with Molly now that she can crawl/walk and get around on her own (in a baby safe area). But I look at it this way. I few REALLY tough (but great!) years and then it will be easier ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. I’m 28, almost 29, and even though I’m years away from getting pregnant, it’s something I want to do but I’m also already nervous about it! I like following you Ali because you are a working lady with a baby and you inspire me. You look tired but you are so strong! Any advice for someone worrying years in advance about having a baby lol. I have a boyfriend who will likely turn into a fiance soon so it’s on the horizon.

      1. My sister had a difficult time getting pregnant with baby #1 so very quickly after he was born she decided they should start trying for #2 assuming it would take at least as long. Not this time! She now has two boys who are 13 months apart (insert crazy faced emojis here). It was cah-RAZY for about two years (which looking ahead feels like forever, but looking back where did the time go?), but they’re through the weeds and have such a fun little family.

        When we had our first she said to me, “don’t start really trying unless you’re good with getting pregnant right now, because it just might happen”. She also told me to stop trying to plan my life, because rarely will life follow suit (a lesson I need to remind myself of everyday).

        Best of luck to your sweet family!

  5. Hey Ali, I have two boys they are exactly 2.5 years apart. To me it is perfect age gap because my oldest is so helpful and loves to help mommy take care of baby. I don’t think i would of minded them being 2 years apart either. It is still double the work but to watch them play with each other and take care of each other it’s amazing.

    1. My youngest also just turned 8 months and I already have baby fever for number three so not sure that will stop. Yikes not sure if we are ready for 3. So funny how when your pregnant you ready for baby then now i.moss being pregnant.

  6. Also, I JUST got my cycle back, so now that I know we can get pregnant, I have major baby fever. I’ve nursed my daughter for 13 months now (and still going). Good luck!

      1. I got mine back at 3 months and my first will be 2 next week and I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second! So don’t let nursing stop you. My OB said if we wanted to start trying while still nursing to give it a couple months and if it didn’t happen in a couple months that I should think about weaning, but we ended up being really lucky and getting pregnant right away. So you might have the same luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. We just had our 2nd daughter 2 weeks ago and our oldest will be 2 next week! Let me tell you- thank goodness for grandparents! I haven’t had a day by myself with the 2 girls just yet and let me tell you- I’m terrified! Only because I feel so torn when they are both needing something from me and I have to pick who to go to first. I have serious Mom guilt about not spending as much time with my oldest, but I know this will all get better with time. It will be so fun when they are older and so close in age, it’s just very demanding at this time and in this phase. Best of luck to you!

  8. Cute dress!! I think you never feel really ready, but if it’s what you want, you just need to go for it! We wanted ours the same distance apart, so started trying when my first turned 1. They are 20 months apart and already the best of friends. I panicked a little when I found out I was pregnant with #2 since I didn’t feel ready, but by the time 9 months passes, you definitely are! And Molly will be so different by then! Good luck!

  9. That is our million dollar question right now too! Ahh! I would love to hear what everyone has to say about this! We really want our kids close in age too. My oldest is 16 months so I feel like we need to decide on this soon!! I keep telling myself the same thing you are. We are pregnant for 9 months so maybe in 9 months we will be ready? Molly will be the cutest older sister โค๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Hi Ali!
    I just think you are the sweetest and love following you and your adorable family.
    My first two are just under 2.5 years apart which has been great. I think when you start to have that desire again, you are ready for another! To be honest, I don’t know if you ever feel “ready” to go through the exhaustion, etc again but you just do it and it becomes your new normal. You will be just fine if you are wanting another:). Good luck and have such a blast celebrating Molly’s first birthday! It’s more of a celebration for you- you survived the first year of motherhood (and fabulously I might add)!

  11. We always said we wanted 2…it took us 4 years(and 2 misscarriages)to get baby #1 So we decided to enjoy her first before trying again. We said the next pregnancy would the the last one regardless of outcome. Once our daughter was 2 months shy of 2 we started trying and got pregnant right away! Now our daughter is 2 weeks from being 3 and our son is 3 months old! There is no “right time” to try for number 2 or 3 or 4, it’s whenever you want to!

  12. I have a little boy who will be 2 in November and I am due with number 2 in December. At first I was thinking how my first was still my little baby. But he will grow so much by the time December comes and I know having them close with be worth it. He’s so excited for a baby! Good luck! ๐Ÿ’•

  13. I spent so much time while pregnant with number two worrying about if it was too soon and how we could love another as much as our first, but as soon as our second was born all those fears went out the window. Seeing our girls together is the best thing in the world-they are 27 months apart and adore each other. Now baby 3 is on the way, and this one will only be 19 months removed from #2. I’m a little scared about all three so young, but am so excited for them to grow up together, and while it might be crazy for a few years, we’ll get the diaper/breastfeeding stage over with and eventually I’ll get my body back for good!

  14. Hi Ali!

    I’m in the exact same boat as you! Our daughter is almost 9 months and I have no idea when the right time to have a second is. I don’t want to take away from our daughter by bringing a new baby into the mix too early and sharing her time with all the new experiences she’ll have, but also don’t want to wait too long before having another one. I constantly ask all my friends how they knew they were ready, and the resounding answer is usually, they weren’t! They knew they wanted to have a second and it just happened and they’ve all become pros with two or more kids. But still, I’m just not sure what the right answer is….

  15. It all depends on Molly’s demeanor! We have three children- 2 boys (ages 7.5 and almost 5) and 1 girl (9.5 months). The 2.5 year gap between the boys was perfect for us because our oldest is super calm and was such an easy baby! He didn’t even start crawling until close to a year old and didn’t start walking until 15 months!! So 2.5 years was perfect for us.

    We knew we wanted a third baby- but our second son was a handful- totally opposite of our firstborn. He was super active and curious and basically making me go gray every day!! I couldn’t have imagined having a newborn when he was 2-2.5!!!

    We had our third when the boys were 6.5 and almost 4. That was the PERFECT age gap for US at that time! My oldest adores her and helps a lot and takes pride in making her “happy” and my 4 year old is self-sufficient for the most part and still wants to hold her and help me with her, and I don’t need to worry about him dangling off a chandelier or climbing onto furniture like I did when he was 2!

    So I think it depends a lot on Molly’s demeanor and how demanding of a baby she is. If she’s easy like our first was, I say GO FOR IT NOW!!

  16. Love this tunic!! My husband and I didn’t even want to discuss another pregnancy the entire first year with our son. Once he turned one we started discussing that anytime now would be fine but we didn’t actively start trying for a few more months. We got pregnant when my first son was 19-20 months putting the boys 2 years and 4 months apart and it’s the perfect age gap!! We got son 1 potty trained before and love that he was more vocal at that point too. He also was in a huge helper phase at that age that allowed him to feel included when we brought his brother home. We love that we had over 2 years with just our first, but that they are close enough to be buddies. They can really play together now and it’s great seeing their bond so close. I couldn’t have picked a better age gap for our family. Now son #2 is 18 months and it has me thinking about #3 (who will complete our family) bc I want about the same age gap. Baby dust for #2 sent your way! Xoxo

  17. My little guy is turning 11 months soon and we will be trying for baby #2 after Christmas. We would have started a bit before but we are visiting my brother in Calgary over Christmas and going on a snowboard trip – and since I missed two season of riding due to pregnancy and then back issues after pregnancy – this Mama wants to fly down a mountain at high speeds before getting pregnant again!

  18. Start trying now:) I waited to try for #2 when my daughter was 2. I got pregnant so quickly with my first I figured it would be the same for #2. After dealing with fertility dr., miscarriages we finally decided we were one and done. Luckily my husband and I both have large families so our daughter has plenty of cousins but I wish looking back that we would have tried sooner. But I guess God had a different plan for us:)

  19. I was so off and on about when I was ready for #2. We started trying when our first was about 9 months old and it took us 10 months to get pregnant (they are about 2 years + 2 months apart). I freaked out the entire time I was pregnant because I wasn’t sure I was ready or could love another the same way I did my first. It’s been the BEST having two and their age difference is great. All that to say, I never knew if I was really ready but we knew we wanted another baby so we just went for it and I’m so happy I didn’t let my fears get in the way.

    1. Were you freaking out when it took 10 months? I know it can take a long time and I am the type of person that will freak if it doesn’t happen within a few months. I’m SO nervous about that. Because I know stressing makes it worse!

      1. It took us 16 months for our baby. You were very lucky you got pregnant with Molly so quickly ! Don’t stress!

      2. My son is 12 months old and we’ve been trying since he was 8 months old. I weaned at 11 months thinking that it may help ovulation but still nothing. (I am almost 39 so may see a fertility doctor soon) Trying not to stress and my sweet angel does help me enjoy the moment but inside, I am wondering what is happening. So my advice: start trying!!! I hope it happens fast for your sweet family!

      3. It took my husband and I two years (multiple rounds of IVF and multiple failures) so I probably know too much about fertility now! I’m happy to report stress does not stop you from getting pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the biggest urban myth out there!! I was probably the most stressed after our last IVF round that has resulted me being pregnant with twins!

      4. We actually ended up doing a round of Clomid and Provera and I got pregnant that month. I’d breastfed my first until he was about 15 months old but I’d gotten my period back around 9 months pp so I knew that could have been preventing me from getting pregnant at first. After some blood work, my levels didn’t indicate that I was ovulating so to get me on track my doctor put me on the meds and luckily I only had to do one round. It was definitely hard not being able to get pregnant quickly (it took us a long time for #1 as well) but now I’m so much more aware of my body and my fertility.

  20. After our first was born, we said we would wait until he was two to even discuss having a second, because we just knew we needed time in between for work and child care reasons.
    When he turned two we looked at each other and said nope! Lol we were in total agreement it wasn’t the right time yet. I still felt like my two year old needed, and deserved, my full attention. I do realize some people are on a timeline because of other factors (age being one), but we weren’t.
    So when he was about to turn 3 in April of 2015, we decided it was time. And we were extremely blessed to get pregnant very quickly and our second son was born that same year, end of December! (So calendar wise, they are 3 years apart, but closer to 4 in age).

    I personally love this age gap. There’s no perfect answer to this question for you, it’s very personal. I loved giving my full attention to my first for almost 4 years, and then I’ve got time home now with my now 18 month old (I’m blessed to only work part time), while my older is in school full days.
    I’m not sure if we will have another one yet. We haven’t ruled it out, but if we did we would probably wait until our youngest is 2.5/3 years old. For my mental health too! Have an older child who is toilet trained, can feed themselves, can communicate their needs and feelings was SO helpful when we had a newborn at home to care for.
    That being said, we would welcome a baby anytime if things were to just happen by accident lol I believe all “accidents” are not that at all, but entirely meant to be!

  21. Ali,

    I say if you and Kevin are ready for a second child sibling for Molly and are in a good spot then I would go for it. Did you say you would like to have them close in age it would be prefect. The outfit is amazing. Good luck and can’t wait to see what happens love you and your bio.

  22. Hi!
    My first 2 are 16 months apart and a 3 years gap between last. For me it was easier with the 1st two. You are already in baby mode and house is already baby proof. With my last one, I felt my whole house was a choking hazard. Plus my other 2 were sleeping through night, so I was used to getting enough sleep. It was harder being sleep deprived the last time. It was hard work but fun. Now they are the best of friends.
    Best of luck and whatever you choose I’m sure you will be fine.

  23. Hi Ali!

    Being kinda Type A, I planned to have my second baby exactly three years after my first. (My siblings and I are all 2 years apart, and I think that’s too close. My hubby and his brother are 4 years apart, and I think that’s too far.)

    Right as we were set to start trying I developed a DVT blood clot, which eventually led to a surgery to have a rib removed so the clot could dissolve! That process took almost a year. We got pregnant easily once I was healthy again, but miscarried. I just delivered a healthy baby boy last month…..right before my son’s FOURTH birthday.

    So, I would say there’s no time like the present. You never know what the future holds. If it feels right, it probably is.

  24. I have three …. they are all two years apart. My oldest two are girls …. both September birthdays so literally exactly two years apart. My youngest is a boy with a March birthday, so he technically is 2.5 years from the middle. All two years apart in school though. I love that mine are two years apart and wouldn’t have wanted them any closer in age.

    1. I think 2 years is great too! That’s why I think we need to start trying now just in case is takes a few months!!! But it might not either! Ha!

  25. That top is adorable on you, pregnant or not! We got pregnant with our second baby when our first was only 6 months! It was a big breastfeeding whoops? At the time, I was terrified and honestly I felt bad for my first that she was going to have to split my attention at such a young age. I dwelled on “how could I possibly love two as much as I love this one?” Then our little Aubrey entered our lives and from the moment I held her I know it was meant to be and it was God’s plan. Our girls are now 4 and 5 and are the BEST of friends. I am so thankful they have each other and I love watching them grow together. We now also have a little guy, Walker, who is 10 months. My girls love watching your instastories and they call Molly Walker’s girlfriend! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

    I don’t know if you ever know when you are truely ready but if you are feeling the urge I say go for it and whatever is meant to be will be!

    1. Thanks! It’s not a maternity top/dress, but I just feel like it would be cute as one! But it’s totally fab not pregnant!

      And oh my gosh! I think it’s SOOOO cute that Walker is Molly’s girlfriend to them!!!!! Luv it!

  26. My kids are almost exactly 2 years apart (12 days between birthdays) – and it’s perfect. I am not sure you’ll ever feel ready, but it really is great to have close kiddos. And, I was nervous about having a newborn with a 2-year old but it was honestly great. I have such fond memories of those first few months – it was perfect. Now at 4 and 2 (almost 5 and 3) – they love playing with each other (even though my oldest is a girl and youngest is a boy!). GO FOR IT! ;)…

    1. Molly! Love your name ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I feel like it will be REALLY tough in the beginning if they are 2 years apart, but we will make it though it (if I get pregnant)! Do you remember feeling overwhelmed?

  27. My son and daughter are exact 2 years apart…. and when I say exactly I mean I almost had baby #2 On my baby #1 birthday! So their birthdays are one day apart! I did miscarriage in between conceiving baby #2 So it’s true that you really have no control of when you may conceive again . My second baby is 1 month younger than Molly, his birthday is in August and my first born (a daughter) will be 3. I love that they are soo close in age. In the beginning it was lure chaos and took awhile to get into routine…..and My second baby only just started to sleep through the night at 10 months so I was exhausted from that also but honestly….. I don’t think I was ever mental prepared….thats what makes being a mom so great…you just figure it out along the way!! And just remember that the hard stages do pass…good luck on your journey in motherhood!

    My struggle now is if I feel that I am done at two or if we eventually try for a third! I think 2 is a great number, 3 starts to make things a little more tricky eg. Bigger vehicle, trips, etc. Sighhhh… I’m worried if I stop at 2 then down the road I may regret it since I always thought I would have 3 but at this stage I love having the 2.

  28. I feel like I’m in the same boat as you! My little man is 8 months old and I always said I want them close in age and I’m starting to get the pregnancy itch again! I was very lucky and had a great pregnancy. Not one day of morning sickness so I really miss being pregnant. And for the same reason you’re saying, what if it takes a long time the next time around. I got pregnant very quickly the first time but that doesn’t mean that will happen again this time. Who knows. Hope to hear baby news from you soon!

  29. Hi Ali,

    My mother had me and my older brother one year apart which I understand now at an older age how difficult that can be. I can’t imagine what a challenge my mom faced with raising two babies, then toddlers, then teenagers.

    However, having a sibling close in age has been the greatest blessing of my life. My brother is my best friend and go to for anything and everything. We are always in the same life chapter whether it be about school or peer pressure or anything. This makes some of life’s toughest moments easier with him by my side. At the end of the day, I am grateful for my mom’s dedication throughout our young years because to me it was all worth it.

    Molly is a lucky girl to have amazing parents like you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Luck to you and Kevin!

  30. When you are ready to start trying again the trick for us was sex every other day! I had an app on my phone & it told me when I ovulated & that’s when we would try well it never worked for us.. we tried for 6 months and then the 7th month of trying we did every other day & it worked!
    Good Luck! & have fun! I’m being induced July 5th with baby #2! Close to Mollys Birthday!

  31. Love the tunic top it is beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ Would also make for a great post-maternity top!

    My kids are two years apart; my daughter is 4 and my son just turned 2. My husband and I always knew we wanted two kids but I wasn’t sure after having my daughter how soon I would be ready, especially after a difficult delivery, struggles with breastfeeding, sleeping etc. But by the time she turned one I knew I wanted another baby and figured why not just do it!!! and while yes it was exhausting being pregnant with a little one and dealing with a baby and a toddler at the same time, I wouldn’t change how we did things at all. i love that my kids are close in age and are slowly becoming the best of friends! ๐Ÿ’•

  32. Hi Ali! I love following your blog and IG posts and I love watch Molly grow up!! My daughter will be 1 year on August 7th, and my husband and I, too, are talking about baby #2! So exciting and scary! I loved being pregnant, and really miss the feeling of Daphne in my belly, moving all around… and I really want her to have a little brother or sister that can grow up with her and be super close! Timing is a big question for us though.. I don’t want to start too soon, and have my supply drop before I can get her weaned… but I also don’t want to wait too long since it took us a year to get pregnant with Daphne… so much to think about, but so so much to be excited for!
    I hope Molly has a great Birthday Party!!๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ

  33. After I had my first baby, I missed being pregnant so very much. I got pregnant with my second baby when my first was 6 months old. I know it sounds crazy, but the timing was perfect. They are best friends, exactly 15 months apart. And I feel like we went through all the phases at the same time, bottles, diapers, etc. Can’t wait to hear the exciting news that Molly is going to be a big sister!

  34. How EXCITING!!! Just thinking about being pregnant is fun! I had baby #2 six months ago and my first born is almost three… so they are about 2 years and three months apart. I can safely say I never felt ready lol I was so nervous and anxious the entire pregnancy… worried about how tired I already was and what if I can’t give enough attention to my first born when the new baby comes… all I can say is the moment they put that baby on ur chest ur worries and anxieties go away… it’s not a cake walk by any means but I absolutely love having two babies!! The way they love each other makes my heart melt everyday!

  35. We have 3 little ladies. The first two are 20 months apart and that was not ideal timing for us, even though she was planned. I honestly don’t feel like my body had adequate time to recover and I found myself feeling almost resentful of being pregnant again at times. My oldest also had an extremely hard time adjusting to not being the star of the show and it took almost a year for her to bond with her sister. We waited until our middle daughter was almost 2 to start trying for number 3 and found that was better spacing for us. There are so many contributing factors to how the transition goes, so you just have to go with your gut. You have a beautiful family. ๐Ÿ’•

  36. I felt the same way as you when my first turned one, I knew I wanted them 2 years apart. So, after we got through all the first year festivities, we decided when my little guy was 14 months to start “trying” again, as my husband said, that was the fun part. I was fortunate to conceive very easily so four days after my son’s second birthday, we welcomed his baby sister. I honestly cannot say how awesome the age gap is, we love it. They are best friends, they get along amazing and he has her back all the time. They are about to turn 12 and 10 and I wish the clock would stop for a bit! Honestly, though, we are having so much fun the older they get too!

  37. Hi Ali! I’ve enjoyed following your journey since the Bachelorette. Congrats on your marriage and beautiful baby girl! I’m currently 38 weeks with #2 (my son is turning 2 years old this weekend!). For us, baby #2 seemed possible around the 1 year mark…once life started getting back to “normal” so to speak. Once he weaned from the breast completely and slept consistently through the night (though we also did sleep training around 6.5 months so he had been sleeping pretty good for a while). But the combo of no more nursing and him sitting and eating table food with us, him walking and becoming slightly more independent and us being able to bank on a decent nights sleep was the ticket for us. Plus I’m 34 and we had to do fertility treatments for both kiddos so we didn’t want to “waste” any more time because we knew it could take a while (much to our surprise we got pregnant this time on the second round of treatments which was amazing). I’m typing this from the OB office and expecting another boy anytime now. I guess the best answer is that truly only you guys can decide and know when the time is right to add to your family. When that time comes, wishing you health and happiness for all.

  38. We started trying when my daughter was 7 months old and it took just about 6 months to get pregnant. I, of course, freaked out because we got pregnant the first month we tried with our daughter…i was discouraged after 5 months when I wasn’t pregnant yet and we stopped “really trying” and that is when it happened so our babies will be 20.5 months apart, which I think is just perfect. I’m still in the always feeling nauseous phase but on the rough days, I just try and think of that moment I will be able to hold this sweet baby growing inside of me!

  39. My boys are 17 months apart (now 6 & 7 1/2) and you can absolutely do this. I synched their naps when I could and it was busy but good busy!!! They are inseparable now and best friends.

  40. Go for it girl!! I have had four all within 3 1/2 years. It is insane, but so awesome having them so close. Also, I know several people who have waited and the second didn’t come as easily as the first, so there’s that. And no, I don’t think you are ever ready for anything in this parenting game. Just jump in and go for it!

  41. Mine are 21 months apart. Going from one to two is WAY better than going from zero to one. You’re already used to the lifestyle and you know what you’re getting into. Plus it’s so so seeet to see your sweet child love their sibling. I told my husband I wouldn’t even consider another baby until the youngest sleeps through the night consistently. You definitely only want to be worried about one kid not sleeping. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. We always knew we wanted our babies close in age so we started trying for #2 before our first was 1. They are 20 months apart and the best of friends (though they do get on each other’s nerves at times too). We just had our third 2 months ago and are already talking about #4 since we love the age gap between our first two. Our older boys are 5 and almost 4.

    I think if you and Kevin are talking about it you’re probably ready. Plus you have 9 months to prepare for the idea of two. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would start tying asap so you can have your perfect age gap in case it takes a few months.

  43. Honestly there’s no “perfect” time to try again because there are positives and negatives with each age group – if you have them close together you have 2 babies at once but they don’t know life without each other, they can have the same friends, share clothes, jealousy is more at bay as they don’t understand what’s really going on, and you get the baby phase out of the way after a few years.

    If you space it out more, the older child gets jealous easily, you can “forget” what it was like having a baby, the older child is aware of the changes in their environment BUT you have a helper and a doting big sis!

    If my 2nd pregnancy wasn’t a total surprise I really don’t know when we would have decided to try again. My girls are 21 months apart and while at times it’s been very trying, I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Molly will be a great big sis! Good luck!

  44. Super cute dress/tunic! I love how feminine it is ๐Ÿ™‚

    My daughter will be 17 months this weekend and we are trying for another so they’ll be somewhere between 2-3 years apart hopefully. I’m not young (almost 36) and it took us a year of trying plus a miscarriage before we had our first so I don’t want to wait any longer. Nothing is guaranteed. My SIL got pregnant with my nephew on the first try, waited 4 years to try for another and has not been able to get pregnant in the last 3 years of trying (they feel strongly about it happening naturally and not seeing a fertility specialist).

  45. My baby is now seven months old and I can say that I was ready for baby number 2 since she was four months old. Dr doesn’t allow me to get pregnant until my baby is two years old. I had a difficult pregnancy followed by a very early labour. I was 26 weeks pregnant with my baby when she decided to come to the world.
    anyway I had a really difficult C-section, it was an emergency C section and therefore my doctor doesn’t recommend me to get pregnant until two years after.
    having said all of this I think that you will never get 100% ready, you just have to go with the flow.

  46. My two oldest boys are 19 months apart, and my third son is 2 1/2 years younger than second son. It’s all been perfect. I’m so happy they aren’t further apart in age, because it’s so fun to watch them be close brothers!

  47. Hi Ali,
    Not sure you will every feel ready. You will probably stress through the pregnancy even tho u will be excited. That’s how I was. But our 2nd little man was born 3 yrs after our first. (He was born a week and 1/2 before Molly!) after the second arrives you won’t be able to imagine ever not having that sweet little person in your life! Now I want a 3rd and have to convince my husband (I need to try for a girl!). I love following along with your insta stories and watching Molly grow especially since she is so close in age to my second! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I have two daughters who are almost exactly 2 years apart. My husband was ready to try for Baby # 2 much sooner than I was. I was scared and felt like I wasn’t ready at all. I convinced myself that by the time baby arrived I would be ready. Of course we got pregnant our first try and then 9 month later came sweet baby Claire. I’m not going to lie, having a newborn and 2 year old is really really tough. Our older daughter Grace still needed so much of my help and attention, it was very hard to give both girls the attention they deserved. I think the only thing that kept me somewhat sane was accepting the help from our families who live very close to us. Claire just turned one and I FINALLY feel like we have got out of the fog we have been in. Dont get me wrong, we look at our girls and cannot imagine our lives without them, but it is tough (esp in the beginning). God has a plan for your family and His plan is always better than any plan we have for ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see what plan He has in store for you and Baby 2!!

  49. My advice is to wait a little longer for more of a 3 year or more age gap. Two toddlers at the same time completely rocked my world and is why it took us so long to try for #3. They are 11,9,2 now. But, of course everyone is different! Good Luck!

  50. I’ve hear 2 year age difference is the hardest, but I think that’s a pretty common gap. I think even waiting until they are 2.5 apart is slightly helpful since the older child will be more verbal and able to understand what’s going on more. My son is a week older than Molly. We plan to start trying around January.

  51. You look so Beautiful! I had my 1st 2 sons only 2 years apart, it was the best decision we made. We always said that we wanted them close . We also got pregnant only from 1 weekend with all 3, something I had no idea that would happen and I feel blessed for that. They grew up always having each other and it has been so much fun. Of course during these teen years they have become polar opposites, I know as they grow into adult hood they will bond even stronger, just as they were when small. I had my last son, when my oldest were 7&9 and it’s been a little challenging for the little one not having a play mate and just being that nuisance little brother, As now, the big brothers are teens.
    Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work! But boys are so active!!! I was a go go go mama. Still am actually, having 3 of them. LOL.But in the end I’m so greatful I had 2 close in age. I’m also greatful I won’t be an empty nester so soon in my years:) I had my last son at 40.
    Nothing is ever perfect before having a baby but those desires you are having, are just enough to start baby #2 . That’s all we had to start having our 2nd.
    Some moms are very infertile while breastfeeding , I however, was not. I BF my 1st until I was 3 months prego and he was 2. Had to stop, due to just pure exhaustion.
    Ali, go with your heart and it will be the best decision . You make gorgeous babies! I can’t wait to see #2!

  52. Hi Ali- I love reading your posts. Great fashion sense! My son was only 5 months old when I found out I was pregnant with our second. We didn’t plan for it to happen so soon, but it did and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We love having them so close in age, well, we will when they are a little older. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are busy beyond belief and some days I don’t even know up from down. I miscarried before my son was born so having him and then my daughter right after was such a great gift. I say go for it, you’re never truly ready for such an adventure!! My son Nolan is 25 months and my daughter Hope is going to be one on 7/7. Happy early 1st birthday to Molly!

  53. I wish I had started trying the moment I started wanting another! We got pregnant very quickly with my first daughter (after a miscarriage), then it took us 7 months to get pregnant again and then we lost that pregnancy at 17 weeks. Luckily I’m pregnant again (22 weeks) and should this all end well, my daughter will have a little sister and they will be 3.5 years apart (we were trying for 2). Nothing ever goes by the “plan”.

    Good luck!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss(es), Jennifer. How devastating! I also had an easy time with #1 and have been trying for #2 for six months. It sucks and I also wish I had started sooner. I’m so happy that it’s finally working out for you and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy over the next 18 or so weeks.

  54. When mine started walking I became exhausted chasing him around! I can’t imagine a newborn added to the mix. I would love a sibling for B, but it seems overwhelming! Good luck with whatever you decide!

  55. I have a 2 yr old & 3 month old. They are 2 years apart, almost to the day. I never was fully ready for another one but like you said I wanted my kids close together in age. Once we got pregnant with our second I was over the moon happy. Being pregnant while chasing around a toddler is a whole different story though. I was exhausted all the time. Who am I kidding, I still am ๐Ÿ™‚ but it’s all been worth it. And I love that my previous babes will grow up close together in age and always have a friend. Best of luck to you & Kevin! Molly will love having a sibling whenever you guys do decide to have another one ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am PRETTY nervous about being so exhausted while pregnant (I was SOOOOO tired the first time) and having Molly is chase around. I’m already exhausted with her while NOT being pregnant!

      1. Are you or (were you) anemic? This can lead to extreme fatigue, especially while pregnant. I ask because I can’t help noticing that you always look great, but often seem pale.

  56. When my first boy turned 1 I was ready but we wanted about 2 years apart so when he was 15 months old we got pregnant again and they are almost to the day 2 years apart (361 days apart) and another boy ๐Ÿ˜ŠNow my 2nd is 9 months and I would like to go one more time when he hits 12 months. I’m 34 and don’t want to be over 36 on our last. I will say if I was late 20’s, I would have given 2.5 years apart. It prob would have been easier but my toddler loves his baby brother and they are so cute together!

    1. Also secI bad time around I am way more chill and go with the flow. I’m happier this time around too. Pregnancy was harder on my body and way more exhausting chasing a 1yr old and I hated being pregnant but I’m still happy how My husband and I planned it.

  57. You are gorgeous! Absolutely love this tunic, thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I truly believe that the only people who will know when the time is right for another baby, is you and Kev! Follow your heart and ask God to orchestrate the best scenario for you and your family. ๐Ÿ’› He will plant the seed in your heart and show you whats best!! I have 6 children ranging between 16-4 and they are my greatest blessings, my pride and joy.

    Bless you guys… keep up the awesomeness that is ..Ali Luvs! I love following you!

  58. Hi!!

    I have three girls! They are 5, almost 4, and 8 months. My first two are 16 months apart and that was definitely the hardest transition, but they are now the best of friends!! It’s wonderful having kids close in age so I say go for it!!

    My transition from 2 to 3 was actually the easiest! But, my third little girl is a dream baby so I know that’s why haha!

    Best of luck to you!!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  59. Hi Ali! I love following you because we have girls the same age, well close. I have twin girls that turned 1 on May 17.

    Anyways, everyone always asks me if I love them both the same (yes, I really get this question … you wouldn’t believe the tings people say when they see the twins) … but OF COURSE I do. I k ow a lot of mom’s and dads struggle to wonder if they can love anything else quite like the love they have for their first baby… AND like other mammas will tell you, YOU CAN!!! My girls are fraternal, completely different looks, personalities, and they are both so amazing.

    Secondly, if we were going to have more kids, I would want them close in age too. I am 3 years apart from my closest sister, and I wish we would have been 2! 3 is good now that we are older, burn in our younger years I think 2 would have been perfect! Also, my sister in law had a boy and a girl 18 mo tha apart, and hey are BFFs, it is so sweet and cute that they have each other.

    It might be scary to think about, perhaps overwhelming and stressful, but you and Kevin will make it work!!!

  60. Hi Ali – I can only give you advice from a longggg time Mom – my daughters are 3 yrs. and 4 months apart and I absolutely would recommend that gap to anyone who wanted my humble opinion. Babies at a year are MUCH easier than toddlers at 2-3. I just felt that I wanted to give my first time with me and it really did make such a difference when reaching all of those special milestones (potty training etc. etc) I had severe morning sickness with my second and my daughter was old enough to understand Mommy was “sick” and it was much easier to reason with her. My daughters are 27 & 24 now and are best friends!

  61. Just close your eyes, don’t think about it and do it! The first two months after the baby come are hard but after you get your routine going and get them on the same nap schedule it’s worth every hard moment! I have a 3 and 1 year old boy and having them close and play together is the most amazing thing. Just always remember, every stage is just a phase and it will pass and you will look back and miss it no matter how hard it was. And honestly, it’s really not that hard. We are thinking about baby #3 if that tells ya anything lol

  62. Hi Ali! My son is going to turn two next week, and we’ve now been trying for baby #2 for six months (ugh!). We got lucky on the first try with my son, and I never thought it would take this long. We starting trying for #2 when my son was almost 18 months. Even at the time I wasn’t totally sure if I felt ready for another baby, but we knew we wanted to at least one more kid and to have them pretty close together, so I just figured that I’d have 9 months to get ready! I will say that as soon as we got that first negative pregnancy test, my husband and I were both devastated and knew immediately that we were really ready for another baby. In our case, I would say we definitely tried too hard to plan things out perfectly. It worked once, right? Why not again? Now I’m just praying that they’ll be less than three years apart (and that we can even have another baby!) and trying not to spend too much time wishing we’d started trying sooner.

    Good luck to you! I hope you find the clarity you’re looking for–but you already know you want another kid, so I’m sure whenever it happens will be a blessing complete with whole new mix of excitement and nerves.

  63. Hi Ali!
    My son is a little younger than Molly – he will be one on August 17th. We knew we wanted a second child almost immediately after having our son. I must say, that I had an extremely easy pregnancy and loved being pregnant. I also have exclusively breastfed my son, just like you have with Molly. After the first few months of learning etc, I find breastfeeding extremely easy and convenient. And now that my supply has decreased I still have a large stock in our deep freezer to compensate. Our son is overall an easy baby, but we have struggled with some of the same sleeping problems as you have with Molly. I do think that it is way harder to get a breastfed baby to sleep through the night. Its also so much easier to go in and feed them for a few minutes than listen to them cry. With that said – We sleep trained our son around the same time you sleep trained Molly. I actually used a lot of the same tips that you gave on your blog post! And almost like magic – it worked! he went from waking up 4+ times a night, to sleeping completely through up to 12 hours. So at about 9 months old, we decided to start trying for #2, and let me say by “trying” we didn’t have to try very hard! I am about 8 weeks pregnant now with our second. We are very very fortunate, and still waiting to announce it to family and friends as it is early. But let me say, being pregnant and having a “toddler” is extremely tiring. So far this pregnancy is not as easy as the first – I am nauseous ALL THE TIME. and sleep – well i sleep pretty much anytime my son sleeps. BTW he has been waking up once a night again for about the past two weeks ๐Ÿ™
    My babies will be about 17 months apart – I am already terrified of having 2 under 2, but also happy that they will be so close in age and I know we will figure it out! I will say that part of me feels guilty of stripping my son away from being an only child for such a short time. But hey he will deal! xoxo

  64. For us, it took us two years to get pregnant with my oldest. After he was conceived, I told my husband I wasn’t going back on birth control again until were decided we were done having kids. He was fine with that because of how long it took us to become pregnant and how depressed I became because I thought I’d never get to be a mom. We conceived our daughter when my son was only 9 months old. I was shocked and so not ready for a second but by the time she came I was excited and ready for her. It is kinda crazy around here but they are the best of friends. Our daughter will be one July 28 and I have baby fever bad. I know if we get pregnant this will be our last kid so I think I am just anxious to complete our family.

  65. Hi Ali,

    I never got to the point where I was actually ready and wanted to be pregnant again. But like you, I wanted them to be close in age. I can tell you that the second time around was so much easier as far as the actual baby goes, but managing two kids was like going from one kid to twenty!!! It is a lot of work, but time flies, and my littlest ones are almost 4 and 2 and we have adjusted and it still gets crazy, but at least we are not outnumbered!!!
    Can’t wait for Molly to be a big sis!! Good luck! It’s so worth it and tons of fun!

  66. I ADORE today’s look! I’ve kinda been waiting to hear any day lately that you and Kevin are expecting baby #2. ๐Ÿ™‚ So….. today’s blog was so wonderful to hear.

    This may have been asked before—-but your photos are fabulous on your blog. Who does your photography?

  67. My baby girl is just about 6 months and I’ve had baby fever for a couple months already! ๐Ÿ˜Š We may start trying soon for #2, since we want them close together. I’m positive it won’t be easy to have two littles so close in age, but I think it’ll be easier down the road. And supposedly the jealousy is way less when they are close in age. They will be best friends (or enemies? Haha) for life!

  68. Hi Ali! I love reading your mommy posts. I’m not a mom yet but my husband and I are starting to talk about it. I swear I’ve been ready since the day I was born LOL! I feel like my whole purpose in life is to just be a mom but my hubby just isn’t quite there yet. Patience isn’t my strong suit but I love reading about your beautiful family and absorb all of your tips for when my turn comes ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  69. Aww that is so exciting! My little guy, Jack, shares a birthday with Molly! Can you believe it’s already been a YEAR? I can’t! (We are doing his party on July 29… by then he will basically be an adult haha). My husband is so ready for baby #2 but I’m not quite there yet. I think we will wait until the end of the year to start trying again. I just can’t imagine loving another baby as much as I do Jack, but I’m sure I will!

    Where was that fun mommy group you took Molly to? We live in LA also and I’m always looking for new places!

  70. I knew I was ready when I found out I was pregnant lol! My son is 10 months and we’re expecting #2 in February 2018 – it was a complete surprise! We planned to have our son and tried and tried for 11 months and as much as I thought I was ready for him, I realized you can’t really plan or know what to expect. I love that this baby was a surprise so I say go for it!

    1. Love this post! Our daughter is 15 Months old and we are itching to have another. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband is retiring from the military this month and we are moving back to my home state of California(currently in NC) so after we get settled in our new home in California we plan on starting to try. For a while there I thought I was happy and content with just her but I want her to grow up with a sibling like my husband and I both did. I hope the next is an amazing sleeper like she is though haha. Been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old when we were able to stop waking her up to feed her. Like you, I loved being pregnant! I had an amazing pregnancy and I would love to go through it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Hi Ali!

    My son turned 2 in April and I’m due with my 2nd son on August 27th. We also wanted our children close in age. It did take me a little longer to get pregnant the 2nd time, so I’m glad we started trying when we did! My fear was waiting until I really felt “ready” (is there such a thing?) then not being able to get pregnant. I saw my sister suffer miscarriages also, I didn’t want to delay anything. If you’re even remotely thinking of having another one, I think you are ready. It always works out, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck to you!

  72. Ali-

    I have loved you since first watching you on bachelor/bachelorette. Molly is absolutely adorable and you are beyond blessed. I am a mother of two, Audrey (5) and Colvin (18 months). They are 3 1/2 years apart and plenty close enough for me to handle as a full time working mom! As far as knowing when you are “ready,” you never will be! I knew for myself, that I didn’t want two children in diapers at the same time. So to that I say, when you and your husband are both on the same page, go for it! You never know how long it will take, because every pregnancy is a miracle. I will tell you that you think you can’t possibly love another child the same, but they each have their own space in your heart….it’s incredible. Many blessings to you as you gear up for this future adventure when you are “ready!” hugs, juls

    1. not sure how I missed a “t” on the end of my name! I have been married almost 10 years so you would think it wouldn’t happen!

  73. My LO is 13-months old and we are going to try after my cycle in August and if it goes according to plan they’ll be 2 years apart. We want them close together.

    It’s hard because I barely manage with one right now. I’m tired. Plus, he’s in speech therapy and occupational therapy for his lack of gestures and lack of receptive language. If we face an autism diagnosis down the road I’d hate for that to put us off having another one because of that. He’s still young and developing and I think a close sibling will be good for him. I just wonder how I’ll go to the grocery store with 2 because I just got comfortable in the last couple of months with one ๐Ÿ˜‚

  74. Hi Ali,
    I have three daughters, the two older girls are 15 months apart and that was not planned. That was a challenge and I don’t know how I got through it. I would have one on my hip and then feed the other one in the bouncer. My last two girls are three years apart. They are all best friends and helped me with the baby. We want to try for baby #4 but honestly, you can never be prepared to have more kids, you just have to go with the flow. Good luck!

  75. My kids are 5, 4, 2.5, and I am 35 weeks pregnant w our last. I absolutely adore having kids close in age. They are the best of friends and honestly , I think once I’m out of the baby phase it would be REALLY hard to go back, lol.
    My husband and I didn’t overthink the timing, (and I know what a blessing it is to not have a hard time getting pregnant), we just knew we wanted more. Yes, there were times of being overwhelmed and exhausted, but you adapt and you grow and of course ask for help when you need :). I love that my kids are playmates and that they don’t remember life without each other. And honestly, my hardest transition by far was zero to one. My husband says kids are magic and he would have 6 if it were up to him lol! But I said if he could carry and birth 2 more, do it. I say go for it!!!

  76. Hi Ali!

    I read your site often but have never commented! I love your postings and sense of fashion!

    I just had my 2nd child 6 weeks ago, my eldest daughter is 2 years old and 1 month to be exact. I knew I always wanted more than one child and I knew that I wanted them to be 2 years apart so that made my decision of when to start trying easy. So if the age gap is important for you then you should start trying hehe. I won’t say that having two kids is a breeze but it is definitely easier in the sense that I know what I am doing with the second. I’m not worrying constantly and checking on him ALL the time… but having to juggle time between my daughter and the baby leaves no time for anything else. I’m sure you know what your body and mind is telling you and I’m sure another baby will be a great addition for you! Keep us posted with any news ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. Hi Ali!
    My kids are exactly 23 months apart and I love it. My son who is 8 months old was not planned, but things worked out perfect. They’re at the age where they can play together so you can have a little break lol. Dont get me wrong, the first 2 months were stressful for me because I have anxiety. Once I figured out how to handle both kids, it was better. My daughter is in her terrible twos and wants all the attention. So you’d have to figure out how to give both kids attention. I wish you the best of luck!

  78. Hi Ali! I wanted to start trying for my second when my daughter was around a year and half and than accidentally got pregnant when she was 13 months ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I was so nervous about having a baby so soon again but I just had my son a month ago and i feel like it was the best thing ever!! I’m so glad it happened sooner than later. My kids are 22 months apart so yes it’s hard having a baby and a not quite 2 year old but my daughter has been in love with her baby brother from day 1 and it’s the most amazing thing ever bc I know they will get to grow up so close. โค๏ธ Good luck with the trying!!

  79. Hi Ali, I’ve been a fan since your bachelorette days and love seeing you as a mom! I relate to a lot of your experiences as my daughter is just a couple months older than Molly.

    I am in the same boat in the sense that we’ve been trying for #2 since shortly before my daughter turned 1. I feel conflicted on whether we are ready but like you said – If it happens you have 9/10 months to prepare! And plus also ….another baby as sweet and adorable as Molly?! I think you and Kevin would do great with 2 and should absolutely go for it!

  80. Hi Ali!

    my kids are 8,5, and my youngest will be 10 months on Monday-and even though I wanted each one of them, I don’t think you’ll ever be “ready”. It was definitely easier going from one to two. But I had a lot of anxiety with my last one because there was definitely a length of time between them (almost 5 years) it was like starting all over again. You and Kevin seem like great parents and Molly looks so happy and loved. It’s scary but you two will be great no matter what!

  81. Hi Ali!

    We started trying when my daughter turned one and now our son and daughter are 21 months apart. I’m not going to lie it’s been exhausting. It was hard chasing her around so pregnant and it’s hard with two now. But our daughter LOVES her baby brother and it’s completely worth all the missed sleep. I love that they’ll grow up so close in age!

    Good luck in whatever you decide!

  82. Hi ali
    I felt like i was ready for baby number 2 when i lost some of the baby weight and when my son was 18 months old it felt easy and not challenging anymore lol.
    I am currently pregnant 8 weeks and my son is 23 months. ๐Ÿ˜€

  83. Hey Ali, I can’t tell you just how much I love following along on your blog, Instagram & other areas (especially when you are on ET) You are such a beautiful person and I love how real you are and your fashion! I think I’d buy every single thing you post if I could! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous girl and motherhood journey so openly and honestly! This blog of your us just the best! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  84. Thanks for sharing — love your posts, especially those about motherhood and molly! Our baby girl is 2.5 months old, and its nice to see someone who’s a little “ahead” in the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve also been thinking lately about when we would be ready for the next one. I really would want our kids to be close in age, and I am not at all worried about juggling things when #2 arrives (perhaps super naively – hah!). BUT I am very worried about being pregnant while taking care of our first. My pregnancy the first time around was horrible — I really couldn’t do anything at all between the intense vomiting/dehydration, excruciating back pain, early contractions and bed rest, etc. I just don’t know when I would feel up for that again, and even if I was, would feel so awful because I know it would take so much time away from my little girl. ๐Ÿ™

  85. My 2 girls are 19 months apart. I was breastfeeding and my cycle hadn’t returned yet when I got pregnant so #2 was a little surprise. I was nervous how big sister would react and if she would be jealous. It has been amazing though and big sister just adores little sister. I am so glad that we have our 2 girls close in age. I can’t wait till little one is able to play with big sister! It’s so fun dressing them in matching clothes and seeing them interact together. Sure some days are really hard but the love you have for them makes it so worth it. I always say if you’re thinking about it then just see what happens. Don’t necessarily try but don’t prevent either. God’s timing is always perfect!

  86. I am pregnant now with my 3rd. I have two boys just under 2 years apart. Our 3rd will also be just under 2 years apart. I think it is the perfect age gap! Molly will be independent enough where it won’t feel like you are taking care of two infants. She’ll be able to help out a bit (I always ask my oldest to grab me this or that). It was for sure scary in the beginning, because I started thinking well what if my oldest is in the highchair and he wants to get out, but I am nursing the baby?! Looking back it seems so silly now haha. You figure it out quickly. I literally felt like super mom when the baby was 4 months old and was ready for another that quick! My husband squashed that one pretty quick haha. My cycles were also a little off when we got pregnant because I was still nursing. It took a few months, but I was also tracking my cycles and knew when I was ovulating. Good luck in whatever you decide! The best feeling in the world is seeing your two babies interact and love each other. I think having them close in age gives them a great shot to be best friends for the rest of their lives.

  87. Cute tunic! Our little guy is 15 months and we are 13 weeks along with baby #2! I know so many friends who stress with the “trying” to conceive part and get all stressed out tracking any and everything! We did more of a “practice lots and see what happens!” Which was a lot less stressful! The tracking of everything stresses me out! My cycle was all out of whack ranging from 28-38ish days and I was still breastfeeding (still am, am I crazy…some days I think maybe ha!) and we got pregnant month two of trying! Not sure feeling ready ever happens so we are just going with it! We also wanted kids close in age! And I wanted to remember all the babies stuff…now, to prepare for the no sleep thing again…WOOF! Good luck mama! Molly is a doll and my little guy loves watching vids of her on instagram!

  88. With our first one we got pregnant super fast and without really trying. I didn’t really want two kids in diapers so we decided to try for #2 as soon as our daughter turned 2(thinking then she’d be almost 3 and hopefully close to potty trained) and then sure enough we got pregnant right away again. We unfortunately had a miscarriage at about 7 weeks and then I kind of freaked out when I didn’t get pregnant within the first month and then did the ovulation kits & basal thermometers and all that stuff. I went a little crazyโ˜บ๏ธ…. but we did get pregnant again shortly after and ours are 3 years apart. Just do what feels right to you guys and know we really aren’t in control!!

  89. I wanted my children close in age. So, I never really thought too much what it would be like to be pregnant again. My first one, I had no problem getting pregnant, but I had secondary infertility for number 2, 3 and 4. I found out it is quite commend. Mine was easily corrected with medication. I was so glad that I didn’t wait. I had 4 boys in 8.4 years. They are so close to each other and always had a playmate. Let’s face it – you will be tired for several years but it definitely gets better!!!

  90. Hi Ali!

    Your dress is adorable and yes perfect for a non maternity/maternity option! I have 3 girls that are two years apart… yes, 3! When we tried for our second we ended up with identical twins!! Their birthdays are 9 days apart. It’s fantastic. My twins just turned 2.5 and they all play so well together. Vacations are fantastic because we are able to plan age appropriate things. All 3 of them do gymnastics, dance and swimming and their classes are at the same times so I’m not running all over creation! When I got pregnant, I definitely wasn’t ready for a second. I don’t think you can ever be ready. I do have to say, adjusting to life with the twins was SO much easier than adjusting to being a first time mom. You’re already on the baby schedule. You know what to expect! You can do it!

  91. It is hard at the beginning, but totally worth it! My daughter was 1 when I got pregnant with my second. My girls are a little less than 2 1/2 years apart. It took seven months to get pregnant with baby number two. Looking back, it was pretty tough having a baby and a toddler, but it’s nice knowing what to expect with a baby second time around! Now my girls are 5 and 3 and it’s awesome!!!! I love that they are best friends and close enough in age that they like to do a lot of the same things.

    Best of luck expanding your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I think if you both know you want another child, it doesn’t really matter how far apart they are in age. What’s meant to be, will be. My hubs & I waited four years & our children are 5.5 years apart. There are pros & cons to every situation. Just remember, parents are the bosses of the family-don’t let the kids rule. There will be times they give up attention for one another & that is ok & heathy for them. Good luck!

  93. My husband and I decided we were ready for baby number 2 when my first was only 8 months old. We are soooo in love with him and felt like we have so much more love to give that we decided to start trying. We ended up conceiving again right away. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and the little guy is 14 months old tomorrow. So they will be 17 months apart, and it’ll be crazy, but the love and support my husband and I give to each other will absolutely help.

  94. Our girls are 3 and 1:2 years apart and for us this was perfect! This to me is why
    1) I LOVED being pregnant and the newborn period and breastfeeding! However they all turn into kids ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ. I just wanted a baby forever! However we knew 2 kids were going to be our max!
    2) the age gap let me enjoy our oldest for a full 3 and 1/2 years before our time was split!
    3) since the oldest was in preschool then the little one got some special 1:1 mommy time then!

    The little one, Grace, is now 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall! I am going to miss our 1:1 time!

    This being said…..I feel any age gap, any gender the second one is etc always just feels “right and perfect” to each one I think!!!

  95. My first two are 17 months apart (kind of a surprise!) and then my third is 23 months after that and our fourth, due in October, will be around 26 months after that.
    4 under 5!! We are crazy.
    If you want another I just say go for it! I

  96. Hi Ali

    My son will be 3 on Halloween and we started trying for baby #2 when he was 10 months old. Was successful right before his birthday and my daughter and Molly share a birthday! (So 20ish months between them). I can’t believe they will be 1 next week. Gah! But honestly … all the baby stuff is easy because you’ve done it before..you’re just more tired. What we find challenging is all the toddler stuff that’s new to us … potty training, discipline, talking back, toy hogging etc. He’s a very sweet boy and great big brother but parenting has challenges (as you are aware!). My advice would be to make sure you and your hubby spend some time really enjoying yourselves together for a few days before starting for #2 only because once you’re pregnant life changes again and it’s so easy to become complacent with your partner (guilty ๐Ÿ™). However I’d say if you want them close together, go for it! It’s amazing.

    Enjoy trying ๐Ÿ˜‰ and happy birthday molly!


  97. Ahhh I’m in the same place right now! Baby girl is almost 18 months and I’m feeling like in the next couple of months we might start trying. It scares me though because I was so sick with this pregnancy and I can’t imagine doing that and being a good mommy. I’m not getting any younger though and I want her to have a sibling. I have to keep reminding myself that the baby itself w ont be here for 9 more months. So hard to know what to do and then wonder if it will be easy or hard to get pregnant. I’m praying I’ll be prompted for the right time and it will go smoothly.

    Good luck making your decision. You made a beautiful baby last time so I’m sure this time will be the same!

  98. Our oldest turned 2 in February and our second daughter was born 3 weeks later in March. I may be in the minority, but I do not *love* the infant stage. I LOVE both of our daughters with all of my heart, but it’s just a tough stage of life. Especially breastfeeding! Our baby will be 4 months next week so it’s getting easier. But honestly watching our toddler love on the baby is the best thing ever. She does get jealous every now and then, but I’m sure that’s to be expected. I think it’s great to have them
    Close in age, even though it’s a tough adjustment. I know our baby will be running around with her sister in no time. Go for it!

  99. We have two little girls. The oldest is 2 and the youngest is 10 months. They are 18 months and 1 day apart. I got pregnant when our first one was 9 months. It was planned and it was the best thing we’ve ever done!!! We wanted ours close too. I actually think two is easier than 1. You are more busy, but I am a very schedule oriented person and I found it easier for me to get on a schedule and get going with two vs one. I obviously loved having one too. But 2 feels more like a family. As for the exhaustion, I have my girls on the same nap schedule so that helps a ton! My youngest takes two naps a day and my oldest takes her one nap a day during my youngest second nap! They are starting to play together really well too! We never knew 100% if we were ready but we knew we wanted two and we knew we wanted them close so we went for it! Haha You would absolutely love it! Good luck with whatever you decide! ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Your hair with those shoes and dress is absolutely perfect and adorable! My Husband and I have essentially been “trying” to have a baby since 2010. In the process of “trying” we are at total peace with having no kids. We may adopt but it may just be the two of us with our furry four legged children ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s interesting that in the entire time of “trying” I have never reaallllly felt ready to have a child LOL! At times I have taken this as a sign that we shouldn’t be trying or maybe that I didn’t really want kids. But, I have come to learn that those feelings are normal. It’s normal to feel worried, scared, not ready, and everything else in between. There will always be obstacles, trials, setbacks, growth, learning, and more- before kids and after kids, I have had to learn. I am in my 30’s and going back to school too. There are times where I’m like should a child come into this? But there are plenty of parents going to school with kiddos. It’s never too late to follow dreams, learn, and more! So, from a non-parent perspective…I think just follow yours and Kevin’s heart on baby #2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Hi! My girls are a little over 3 years apart. My older one is about to turn 4 and my younger one almost 9 months. I actually found the most challenging part to be the toddler, not the newborn! It was very hard for my older one to adjust to the baby because she was so used to having my attention 24/7 (when I’m not at work). Also my older one doesn’t nap anymore so I’m up with the baby at night and then get no breaks during the day. I’ve definitely had moments where I wish I had them closer together. Pros and cons but either way I think you will be tired no matter what! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!!!

  102. Hi Ali, I’m a mum of 3 gorgeous boys from Sydney in Australia. We had our 2nd bub 2years and 3mths after our first. Our 3rd came 3.5yrs after number 2 (I wanted it closer but Mother Nature had other ideas) so we have a 5.5yr and 3.5yr gap. Which has actually worked out to be a great gap as my big boys are so patient with their little brother. Our boys are best buddies and my heart bursts with the love they have for each other, how they play games together and how they protect each other. They are now 8yrs, 6yrs and 3yrs and life is starting to feel a little less intense. Having a young family is demanding and full of sleepless nights but that truly doesn’t last a long time (even though it may not feel like it at the time!) and love is powerful and you just make it through. Best wishes to you and your gorgeous family with what the future holds!

  103. We have 2 girls and honestly started trying when we were ready for our oldest to have a playmate, they are almost 4 years apart. We went on family trips, outings, Disney world, lots of adventures with our first. Our second baby is 15 months and it’s much harder for us with 2 kids to do vacations, weekends away etc. we wanted to make sure our older daughter had plenty of time with just us before we made her a sister! I love our family of 4, but it’s definitely hard, at least for me!!!

  104. Hey Ali,

    My husband and I found out we were expecting while we were planning our wedding! So I was 5 months pregnant in my wedding dress. It wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it was going to be because a few weeks leading up to the big day I was so self conscious but everything turned out perfect. About a month or two after I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl I started a progesterone only birth control because I was nursing. After awhile I’d say around when my daughter was 7 or 8 months I started to think about the future and how if I’m on the birth control for too long or if we wait too long we might have a hard time or something might happen so I went off the birth control probably not the best idea, we definitely tried to be careful but as always miracles happen when you least expect it. I’m currently pregnant again and due in October! Honestly thinking about being ready or how will we handle things with two in a small apartment never crossed my mind, I kind of wished it did for so many reasons. Don’t get me wrong I feel truly blessed because for many people either it never happens or there are too many trials and tribulations but maybe God put those thoughts into my mind for a reason and who knows maybe it will happen when you least expect it or when you’re ready and you’re not even trying. Follow your heart. Love the outfit and God bless ๐Ÿ’œ

  105. Hey Ali,
    It’s so stressful thinking about when we want that 2nd baby isn’t it! My first took 2 yrs of trying with fertility meds and my 2nd took one unplanned birthday celebration try! There is no right or wrong answer only we can know. Toddlers are stressful and trying little beings they make newborns like a piece of cake. The older child no matter the age difference needs you more and places more demand on your time. Baby is feed sleep change repeat. Teeth don’t fully come in until 2yrs+ and teething st the end was more trying than the beginning. Those molars were the worst like a newborn all over again! My 1st was a colic preemie boy and I was afraid of having a fussy baby like him I didn’t think I could take another Ben. I got pregnant 3 mths before I was “ready” to start officially trying and though I was happy I struggled with anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I also struggled with gender issues. I wanted a girl so bad which I thankfully got. These feelings I experienced I never imagined in a million yrs that I could or that the 2nd pregnancy would be so mentally difficult. The hormones were very bad the 2nd pregnancy and it wasn’t enjoyable due to anxiety and it was a high risk pregnancy. My son is now 6 and my daughter 3! They’re 6 wks shy of 36 mths apart. I’m glad I had that extra time with my son because it was hard to enjoy him once his sister came due to an awful delivery epidural leak and 8 wk recovery. I learned so much being a mom of 2 and I wasn’t stressed or overwhelmed with the 2nd it just all came back and felt easy. Thankfully she was that dream eat and sleep baby or I really think I would have had a post partem with the demands of 2 children. Whatever you chose and decide good luck and safe pregnancy!!

  106. We have 3 kids: 6,4.5, and 2 years old. The 2 and a half year gap was perfect! I was less stressed and seemed to enjoy each child more with a little more gap. My first 2 were 21 months apart (got pregnant right after my sons 1st birthday). It just seemed harder with that close in age because between 18 months and 2.5 there is a crazy amount of learning, curiosity, and exploring. It’s more fun if you aren’t nursing a newborn during that stage!

  107. I really love your fashion style. You’re the cutest!!
    We started trying when my first was 12 months and i got pregnant right away so my boys are 21 months apart. It was perfect, however….hard. Busy and incredibly exhausting! Even though it was so hard i wouldn’t change a thing..they are now 16 and 14 and best BEST friends.. So my advice to you is GO FOR IT!!! Just do it…you wont be sorry!
    Shawna ๐ŸŒผ

  108. I feel the same way, that’s why I love following your blog! My LO is almost 1 and we aren’t quite ready to start trying yet, but discussing it and also thinking “what if it takes a while?!” All in God’s time! I’m still BF too, so my cycle is off, which could make it more difficult. Know it’ll be a tough, but exciting, few years. Excited for y’all and to continue to follow along the journey!

  109. I had 3 boys within 2 1/2 years! The oldest and middle are almost 18 months apart and the middle and youngest are 1 year and 1 day apart! Can you imagine having a second baby next week, the day after Molly turns 1?! You’ll never feel totally “ready” so you should just do it if you really have been thinking about…it’s obviously been weighing on your mind ๐Ÿ™‚ There are pros and cons to having them close together and further apart. We started trying when our oldest was 9 months thinking that it would take us at least 3 months to get pregnant. Nope! First try is all it took so you have to think about that too…Molly and baby could be 21 months apart if you start trying now.

  110. Aw bummer I think I missed the responding window! Hopefully you see this anyway! I got pregnant with baby 2 about a month after my first was 1! I had terrible postpartum depression /anxiety with my first and I didn’t think I could do it again….. But you fall in love so hard you just want more! Best decision ever! (1 to 2 was a breeze for me!!) and I think my daughter was young enough where she didn’t get too jealous of the other baby! It was an adjustment of course but I think it would’ve been worse if she could comprehend more! Also, I think it’s easier to get this lack of sleep/needy phase done at one time! I can’t imagine getting comfortable and then going back! Anyways baby 2 just turned 1 so he is so close to Molly! It’s been fun to follow you ๐Ÿ˜Š Now I have to keep working on the hubby for 3… If it were up to me I would have been pregnant months ago! Haha. Plus delivery of the second is wayyyy easier (at least that held true for me) Anyways Happy Birthday to sweet Molly! Have a fun party!

  111. I would strongly consider waiting longer. All of my friends who had less than a three year gap were absolutely miserable for the first two years. They dealt with sleep regression, eating regression, potty training regression, and tons of jealously. They essentially did nothing but hunker down and parent during that time. You only have your kids at home for 18 years, do you really want to “just get through” such a big chunk of it?

    Also, being close in age does not guarantee closeness in relationship. I am much closer to my 4-year-gap brother than I am to my 2-year-gap brother. The bigger gap was more of a cheerleader while the smaller gap was more of a competitor.

    Plus, your body has given so much to Molly the last two years. (The CDC released an interesting study in 2015 about pregnancy spacing and mother/baby health.) Give your body a chance to fully recover before doing it again.

  112. Hi Ali

    I just had my second baby 6 months ago. My oldest was 5.5 yrs old when she was born so we had a 5.5 yr gap. It has been a lot harder than I expected. I thought I had this huge gap so it would be easy right? My 5 year old would help and wasn’t as needy as a toddler etc so it should be easy. I’ll tell you, it’s been a tough transition. So my honest advice is it’s going to be a challenge no matter when you do it. If you want them to be close in age, go for it! Being pregnant a second time was hard when I already had a little kid to take care of. The first time around I could lay around when I was tired and sick etc. This time I had a kid who needed me so it was hard. I’m 6 months in to being a mom of two and I can tell you it’s worth it. I say don’t bother waiting for the right time because it’ll never come. Good luck!

  113. Hi
    Love the dress….wish it was available in South africa. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and the age gap will be just over 2 years. I was very nervous to have second one as I was shattered with first trimester with Baby #1 and I was extremely anxious on how I would deal with being so tired and a toddler. But it has been okay. You kinda just go with the flow. Your partner is amazing so I am sure you will handle it well. Good luck

  114. Hi Ali,

    I’m in a simalar boat. When my son was a year I couldn’t even imagine being prego again, I told my husband when he turns 2 we’ll try lol. He is so go go, and I was so tired. Now that he just turned 18m things are getting a better but temper tantrums are really hitting. I’m finally feeling more ready with the idea of a second. Just waiting till after summer, as we have a few weddings and events.

  115. My husband and I choose to have our children close together- my mentality was that since I was already in the “baby” stage I should stay until we were done having children ( diapers, high chairs, cribs, etc)! I didn’t want to pack up infant toys, clothes, diapers, etc for a couple years to bring them out again! We have 4 children. Between 1 and 2 there is 19 months, 20 months between 2 and 3 and 2 years between 3 and 4. I did have a miscarriage between every child as well- so in my ideal world I wanted them even closer!
    I know I wasn’t “ready” for the next baby until he/she was placed in my arms and the world felt right instantly. Definitely some chaotic times in our house, but wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Good luck! I love reading your blog- I look forward to it!

  116. Once you tap in to that “mama love” your heart just wants more! I wanted a second when my oldest (Piper,3) was 6 months but my husband needed more time. When she was 18m he came to me, with tears in his eyes, wanting another baby because his heart was just so full of love. One of the sweetest moments of our marriage. Anywho, we had Emma Wallace and she is now 10 months old. Girls are such a blessing. I love watching the 2 giggle over everything. Siblings, whether brother or sister are amazing. If you and your husband both are ready, go for it!

  117. Ali,
    Love your blog, and your insta feed!!!!

    I’m mama to 5, and we played around with the age spaces. My favorite was a 2&1/2 yr gap. You don’t have 2 babies at the same time, but they’re close enough in age to play together and be friends as they grow up.

    I don’t know if you’re ever absolutely ready. I think with each positive pregnancy test my husband and I were like “well…damn. Here we go” ๐Ÿ˜„ Wouldn’t change a thing though. Our busy household is the best thing in the world.

    I wish you and your family all the best! ๐Ÿ’•

  118. My first is 20 months and I’m 7 months pregnant now. It took my husband and I 7 (frustrating) months for me to get pregnant with our first baby girl so I just assumed it’d take at least a few months to get pregnant with our 2nd. I got pregnant the first month we tried when #1 was 14 months…in our defense it was December and those holiday months are magic for us (we got pregnant with baby #1 in January) Haha! Lesson learned was you can’t really plan babies…they come when they want. Even though I knew I wanted to space my babies about 2 years apart I had mixed feelings when I first found out I was pregnant with baby #2. However so thankful for folks around me who told me the mixed feelings and twinges of guilt were totally normal. 7 months later I’m getting so EXCITED for another little and our first is becoming such a big girl that I think baby #2’s arrival just before baby #1 turns 2 will be perfect! It’s so different being pregnant with a toddler…you are somehow more tired but it doesn’t register as much because you are so BUSY. Haha. It’s made this pregnancy fly by…and me actually long for pregnancy to be a little longer. Crazy talk but I love being pregnant…part of the reason I want 3 or 4. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Best wishes to you guys, good luck, and baby dust! You’ll be ready by the time the your 2nd baby is born.

  119. My first two(girl then boy) were 21 mos apart. They are now 4.5 and 6.5 and best best best friends!! Having 2 in diapers was easy for us. Now, we just welcomed our 3rd and final 5 months ago and let me tell you- for me it’s been harder having the 2 older ones and an infant that it ever was with 2 under 2!! I felt like having 2 two and under was great bc they were sort of in the same stage as far as naps, etc. Now, I have an older one in school and more activities to get to and the poor baby just gets dragged along. All that to say- don’t let 2 so close together scare you! I have done both and I promise it’s not bad.

  120. Hi Ali,

    I say go for it! You never know how long it may take. My boys are almost exactly 2 years apart and even though it was a little tricky (I think at first my oldest wanted to send his brother back haha) for the first few months but we love it now! They’re 1 and 3 now and it’s so much fun now that they can actually play together.

    I don’t know if you’re ever actually ready but for me I felt overwhelmed until I held my second Liam and suddenly I felt like he was supposed to be here and everything would work out ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’ll be great no matter what!

  121. Hey Ali!
    I see this post is getting a lot of response but I had to jump on! My little man just turned one last week and we are in the same boat thinking about baby #2! On one hand, the thought of another is a little scary because my boy is all over the place. I adore him, but he is already so strong-willed! I was also very sick from week 11-37 of my pregnancy, so the thought of possibly another rough pregnancy PLUS a toddler definitely intimidates me. On the other hand, my brother and I are 18 months apart and we have grown up so close. I would love for my kids to have that.
    Another thought I have is what time of year I want to have the baby. Obviously we can only do so much planning, and don’t have ultimate control, but I had my son in the summer, which is what we wanted. The fall is so busy for us between mine and the hubs birthdays, our anniversary, then the holidays, that I like my baby being able to have his own time (even though his birthday will sometimes fall on Father’s Day). So while this isn’t really advice, more processing my thoughts alongside you, I say go for it! People have babies with even smaller age gaps and they all survive in the end. You’re a great mom and overflowing with love for Molly, another baby would be so blessed to have you and Kevin as parents!
    I love your blog and it has been so much fun (digitally) walking through these same seasons of life with you! Best of luck to you when you start trying ๐Ÿ™‚ Also – the background on one of your last blog posts looked super familiar, were you at Honu coffee recently? That’s one of my favorite local spots in my town!

  122. My girls are 2.5 years apart and it’s perfect. They’re starting to play really nice together now at 1 and 3.5. Plus the younger one is wearing the older ones clothes too! I felt so ready for a second and got pregnant as soon as we started trying. I then cried most of my pregnancy and worried about giving baby too much attention once she arrived and that my older would resent me for it. Once she arrived all worries went away. It wasn’t easy the first 3ish weeks but we adjusted well after that. My older LOVES her baby sister likes there’s no tomorrow.

  123. Hi Ali!

    I agree with a lot of your readers…
    And you are so YOUNG! Enjoy your baby, enjoy your career, 3 year age difference is the best! (Mine are 7 months and almost 3.5) By then your baby will be toilet trained, eating completely on her own…and aware of her baby sibling coming in to the picture!

    All the best!

  124. Hi Ali! I have 4 little ones and I say Go for it!!! You will definitely be exhausted. There’s no getting around that, but it is SO worth it. One of my favorite things is seeing the close bond and friendship between my children. As your kids get a little older, they will be best friends and play together! This is when you can start feeling a little less exhausted because you aren’t needed to entertain all the time!

  125. Yay for baby #2! I have two boys, 2.5 years apart and I love it! First of all, you’ll never feel “ready” – it’s always scary to bite the bullet and say “ok let’s try” bc you know there’s no turning back – but keep your mind focused on long term, creating a family and siblings for each other to grow up with. And just remember it’s a SEASON! We conceived baby #2 when my first born was 17 months old. Molly will start to get easier for you in different stages but really, having baby #2 was way easier for me bc I knew what to expect and I just felt like I could rock It! I didn’t struggle with PPD the second time around, I was way more laid back, and you already have a system/routine down. It definitely is more work at times but it’s scarier being pregnant anticipating it than what it really is like. Embrace the chaos at times, Know it’s a season and just soak up every ounce u get with Molly because then minute you have baby #2 , she will be such a big girl in your eyes. It’s truly wonderful. All the emotions and fears are normal – and you already are such a wonderful mama! ๐Ÿ™‚ so very happy for you to start this journey!

  126. We tried for 5 years. Then gave up and looked into adoption. After 5 years of being on the waiting list guess what? I got pregnant! I had sort of givin up on adoption too. It was a shock! A huge life change! We love him! He was colic and screamed for 6 months! Now he’s 18 months and active and sweet! Just starting to think about trying again! But scared it won’t happen again.

  127. My daughters are 2 years apart and are BEST FRIENDS!! Are you ever going to feel 100% ready for number 2? No! Will you feel exhausted most days? Yes!! But when they are older you won’t regret the newborn and infant days for a moment. You’re an amazing mommy. Best wishes in all decisions you make because they will be the right ones.

  128. This top is adorable!!

    I am totally with you – I have a 22 month year old (which somehow sounds better than almost 2 year old because I am not really ready to accept he’s so old haha) and I would LOVE a second but the thought of being pregnant and running after a toddler is a bit overwhelming. I am also still trying to wean so I worry about being able to get pregnant. But I keep telling myself that it will happen when it is supposed to happen! and no matter when it does, it will be the perfect separation between them!

  129. We started trying for baby #2 right after I was done breastfeeding and my son Braxton Sawyer turned 1! We wanted are kids close in age and we thought we would get pregnant right away because the first time around it only took 2 weeks, turned out taking us close to 8 months to get pregnant and I was a bit of a basket case all of your worst fears start running through your head and you really start to feel like something’s wrong with you!!! But it happened and my sons a very busy guy I loved being pregnant so that makes things easier but I did have quite a bit of things happening throughout both pregnancies that could have made me hate being pregnant but I always chose to look at all the good instead of the bad and it was the best experience for me!! Now my daughter Presley Grey just turned 1 today, time flies! There’s days I want to scream or cry haha but that will never change kids are a handful no matter how many you have take the good with the bad and move on! When we had our daughter my son regressed to no longer being potty trained her also got all his 2 year molars are started staying up for hours in the middle of the night hha they go through fazes but there constantly changes and it’s honestly not as hard or scary as you think it’s going to be! Start trying when your ready everything works out!

  130. Type A folks like myself LOVEE to plan, pregnancy and birth are last few remaining unknowns. I got pregnant immediately to my surprise but sadly ended in a miscarriage at 8 wks. Waiting for period to start again.

    Listen to your body, track your ovulation, (Clearblue digital are the best), have sex and it’s all going to be OK.

    I see a lot as a birth doula everyone asks when is the baby coming?!! LOL who knows, these questions of when and where in pregnancy are difficult as we live in a very planned society and culture but just have sex, take a deep breath, and everything will work out the was it’s suppose to. Would LOVE to see a post about doulas, and birth planning, TTC, miscarriages, and how your partner can support you through ups and downs of fertility.

  131. Hi Ali!

    โค Your blog! I have 2 kiddos that are 28 months apart. My son turned 3 last month and my daughter is almost 9 months. For our family, I feel like my kiddos have the perfect age gap. My son was more independent at that age and could clearly communicate what he wanted. He also started playing by himself too which was nice so I could tend to the baby more easily. It took us 3 months of trying to get pregnant with our baby girl. Oddly enough, I still have not gotten my period since having her but I have taken pregnancy tests and they’ve all been negative. ๐Ÿ˜Œ I may want one more child in the future but right now I am really busy with the two that we have. Whatever you and your hubby decide do what’s right for you guys! Exciting times! โค Jasmine

  132. I wanted my children close in age so we started trying at 16 months and got pregnant right away. We got a surprise with identical twins so they were born early. There is 14 months between my oldest and my twins which was what happened after a tough twin pregnancy. I’m thrilled with the age between my boys. They are now 14 years old and 15 years old. Cherish everyday with Molly as the time goes quickly. All of my boys are in high school and it seems it was just the other day we were celebrating their first birthdays. I think having them close is wonderful as they have a great relationship with each other. Mine have a different one being I have twins also. That bond is like no other.

  133. I know I am a bit “late to the party” in posting this, but you should go ahead and try for your next baby. Life is too short and unpredictable,there may never feel like a perfect time, until it happens and then that will feel perfect. And once you have your baby, you will remember what it is like to be so filled with love that it will trump any feels of exhaustion. Also, don’t freak out if it takes a little longer to become pregnant this time around, it is actually more common to take up to a year than it is to fall pregnant within a few months. So while that can feel scary and frustrating, it is completely normal, and just another way life can be SO unpredictable and impossible to control.

  134. Plan your family according to what you think is best for you. For me, I had my kids 3 years apart. I wanted to really enjoy the first one and have her out of diapers before the second one came along. She was a big help with her little brother and that worked out well for me. Don’t be in a hurry.

  135. A little late to the convo here…but I’m thinking that you just go for it now. If you wait til things are in a “great place” with Molly, you are then used to the new, easy, comfy routine and you might prolong #2 because you can’t imagine going back to the “tough first months/year”. Do it now while it is still fresh ๐Ÿ™‚ By now, happy birthday Molly! Best of luck to you and Kevin, can’t wait to hear about #2!

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