The Bachelorette – Bye Bye Lee!

Good morning Luvs! Grab a cup of coffee and a comfy seat because I have A LOT to say about last night’s episode of the Bachelorette!

First, thank goodness Lee is gone!!! I knew Rachael was going to send him home on this 1-on-1 date and I’m so glad she didn’t disappoint! I love that after she told Lee she was sending him home, and he started saying Kenny threatened him again, Rachel just completely shut him down and didn’t listen to a second more of it. She did it in such a classy, boss-babe way! I just love her!


But why the heck did Kenny go back out to talk to Lee?!?! It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It seems so obvious to me that Kenny was thriving on the drama at that point. And I think it seemed pretty obvious to Rachel too. I was honestly a bit surprised when she gave him the rose in the end. But I will say this, Kenny’s one HUGELY redeeming quality is seeing his relationship with his daughter. Their FaceTime calls make me choke up! So sweet!

And Rachel’s goodbye with Kenny was one of the most interesting goodbyes I’ve ever seen on the show. They even kissed goodbye! Has that ever happened in the history of the show? I feel like the goodbyes are always very sad or negative, whereas this one was full of love. I honestly really enjoyed it. And when Kenny said, “If Mackenzie grows up to be like Rachel. Then I know I did my job” – I broke down in tears. Just because I totally relate to what he was saying. I would be so proud of my daughter Molly grew up to be a strong, caring and smart woman like Rachel. I don’t know, that line just really tugged at my mom heartstrings. So in the end, Kenny won me over. I just think Lee brought out the absolute worst in him.

I am actually really surprised it’s taken this long for Eric to get a 1-on-1 date. Despite him getting overly emotional in the past, I really do like him. And let me clarify about what I meant in yesterday’s blog when I said I didn’t think he would get the Bachelor gig because he’s too emotional. I feel the need to clarify because someone tweeted me about this and called me out for “sobbing” on the Bachelor and then becoming the Bachelortte. Here’s the thing, I don’t think being emotional is a BAD thing on the show. Heck, I was SOOO emotional as the Bachelorette. And the producers want an emotional lead (they love a good man cry!). But there is a big difference between being emotional/crying and letting your emotions get the best of you and work you up. Does that make more sense?

And look, I let my emotions get the best of me on the Bachelor too! I was 24 and learning. So it’s possible they will still consider Eric for the gig. Regardless, I have no ill will toward Eric. I actually like him a lot!  I would LOVE to see him as the Bachelor. And I have to say that I still think Rachel and Eric are stinking adorable together! I love Eric when he’s happy Eric. Just not a huge fan of jealous Eric. I just think that the setting of the show isn’t the best for him because he doesn’t do well with jealousy. And competing with the other guys brings out the jealous side of him. Can’t say I blame him though.

And Will really disappointed me last night. I dunno. I like him and have been his fan all season, but man it was a huge mistake for him to tell Rachel that he’s mostly dated white girls. Based on how she couldn’t string two sentences together after that, you could tell that it really upset her. It’s almost like he flat out told her that she’s not his type. And even though I really like Will, it was super obvious, as Rachael pointed out, that there wasn’t any chemistry there. What do you guys think of Will after last night? Was he wrong to tell Rachel he mostly dates white girls? Or was he just being honest? I guess I just think it was unnecessary in that moment. But I’ll say this. Will would make a great Bachelor. He’s handsome, articulate, smart, and seems to have a very good head on his shoulders. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below!

And I’m not trying to be mean but I’m really shocked that Adam and Matt are still around. I mean, do you guys even know who I’m talking about when I say those two names? We’ve barely seen any of them this season. And neither of them have had one-on-one dates. I just feel like we don’t know them at all. And we definitely don’t see anything between them and Rachel because we haven’t really seen them with her. They will definitely be the next two to go home.

So given that I think they are the next two to go, I think the top four are going to be Bryan, Peter, Eric and Dean. What do you guys think? Let’s discuss in the comment below!

So we will see how next week’s episode goes, but I’m most excited for hometowns at this point! Until next time…

Some details on Rachel’s looks from this week. Thank you to her stylist Cary Fetman for posting her looks on Instagram each week!







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77 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Bye Bye Lee!

  1. I really appreciate Matt for the caring person he is. I don’t see much chemistry between he and Rachel but he told her Kenny was okay physically, but not emotionally, knowing she’d go to him to see if she could help. I think that showed Matt’s character, especially in light of how many guys go to her to show others in a bad light. He really impressed me.
    I agree with you in that I think it was a mistake for Will to say he mostly dated white girls. You could see it on her face that she didn’t know how to process that. However, I did like that, after he said he is very physical, he commented that maybe he ought not to be so much that way going forward because he was trying to grow in other ways. These two just didn’t have the “it factor”. In fact, I see the “it factor” with her and Bryan and her and Peter and sometimes her and Eric. Josiah seems to keep “trying his hardest” to create the “it factor” but it can’t be created. It’s present or it isn’t.

    1. I don’t think that Will admitting that he primarily has dated white girls was a mistake, especially after hearing his explanation and the fact that Rachel asked him about his type and he was only being honest. But I think after a day of not being intimate with Rachel and showing little to no affection is what made it seem bad. Because then it seems like he isn’t into or even open about dating within his race and that probably is something Rachel was thinking about and made her struggle to get the right words out in that moment.

  2. Hi Ali! I definitely agree with your top four and the fact that Matt & Adam are still around, I thought one of them was for sure going home over Alex. The date with Will as just weird, he was clearly not that into Rachel, which is fine but I don’t think he should have told her he “mostly dates whites girls” in my opinion he flat out told her “you’re not my type” he lost me at that point.
    Looking forward to how this all unfolds and still hoping for Dean as the next Bachelor!

  3. Kenny’s goodbye was very emotional and so heartfelt! Especially it being a mutual decision between the two of them. It was extremely nice and so sweet when he said those words about Mackenzie growing up like Rachel! Wow!

  4. Kenny and Rachel’s gooodbye conversation was one of the most respectful and sweetest of the whole show for me so far. Love how they understood and cared for one another. So happy Lee is gone. Hope if he watches it back that he can become more self aware and compassionate as a human being. And I’m rooting for Peter. They just make my heart melt. I also like all the guys left, just feel she is most herself and comfortable with Peter. ♡♡♡♡

  5. I was soooo disappointed that Alex went home last night!! He’s super goofy, but I think he had such a great heart and I felt like he didn’t get a chance to show that too much. What I love about Rachel is that she calls it out like she sees it right then and there. And you can read her very well. Like when she was on that date with Will, after he made that comment (which I really think he was just being honest), she was offended and checked out. I think I would have been too, it would have made me feel insecure, but I don’t think he meant it that way. I was sad he didn’t make more of an effort to clarify and redeem himself – which makes me think maybe he wasn’t that into her after all. I think he would make an EXCELLENT bachelor, like you said. I agree with you on the top 4. Personally, I’m rooting for Peter. I think her relationship with Bryan is very physical and I’d be nervous to see what happens when that initial attraction/passion wears off. Peter seems to have a better hold of himself, even though you can tell he’s very physically attracted to her, their interactions aren’t purely physical, if that makes sense. Anyway… those are my thoughts! Can’t wait to see what happens!

    1. Agree with Bryan vs Peter. I’ve never heard any good conversation with Bryan- just how he’s too good to be true and how it is a fairy tale. Yeah no. Peter is so down to earth and they seem to be the best together!

  6. I definitely agree with Matt and Adam- I didn’t even know their names! So I can see them going home next week, too. I loved the date with Eric- so fun!
    As for Will, I think he was just being honest, but you could tell there was no chemistry before hand.
    I’m really pulling for Dean to be the next Bachelor. I really like him! I know he’s young, but given what he’s been through, he seems mature enough. Not to mention his smile 😍 Haha!

  7. My favorite is Dean but necessarily for Rachel. My favorite for Rachel is Peter. I loved how she said he sees her like no one else. I thought it was interesting when she told him she was licensed to practice in Wisconsin. I just hope she finds the love of her life and not left heartbroken 3 months later.

  8. Love Love Rachel as the Bachelorette besides you Ali, you’re my all time fav. Anyway, like you I was sooooo happy to see that ignorant Lee go home, what a sarcastic disrespectful idiot. I don’t see him marrying anyone until he gets off his high horse and changes his attitude. So, I do like Kenny, he is very honest and speaks his mind. I loved his facetime with his daughter McKenzie, what a beautiful girl, and yes, he’s right if she grows up to be like Rachel, he certainly has done his job! I know, I’m a very proud Mom of a 21 yr. old daughter ! I was surprised about Will, there was just nothing, he’s a really nice guy, but like there was no connection at all. So she has 4 pretty good guys remaining, they are all there for Rachel and honestly want a future with her. Rachel is just an amazing woman, she doesn’t waste time and easily sees the true colors of these men and she doesn’t waste time keeping them around, especially with Lee. I’m certain that comes from her being an attorney, figuring out people. I hope that this ends beautifully for her, she deserves a lot of love and respect ! Can’t wait til next Monday

  9. The only thing I know about Adam is he is the one who brought the creepy doll. I know nothing about Matt. So Bryan, Peter, Dean, and Eric HAVE to be the top 4 (though who knows….anything could happen)

    I went back and checked out your blog from the first episode and saw your top 4 predictions…. 3/4 are still in! Glad Dean’s looking to be in top 4 though, even though he wasn’t on your list…Dean is my personal favorite! Maybe not for Rachel, but just my favorite in general.

    1. I didn’t even realized I have 3 out of 4 right! (If those guys end up being the top four!) Very cool! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  10. Can we talk about Lee’s exit line?: “That’s okay, sweetheart.” UGH. It just seemed so condescending and yucky.

    1. Kaley, You know Lee wasn’t there for Rachel. He lasted too long and caused all sorts of problems.

      Now to Will, I have no problem with him speaking the truth, and Rachel had no problems sending him home. They both won.

      Adam and Matt are place holders until the next episode.

      Josiah – no chemistry with Rachel. Josiah thought he was the smoothest thing since butter, but Rachel saw through his BS and called him out about not trying to get to know her.

      Anthony – no chemistry either since their 1-1 date. He was there as a place holder.

      Eric – Opened up to Rachel last night. According to him he’s never been in love before and has never been shown love. At 28 yrs old I don’t think Rachel is the one for him and not really next Bachelor material. She’s looking for a husband, not someone to date.

      That leaves Peter, Bryan and Dean. In my mind, Dean is too young for Rachel. But I’ll wait to see how things play out.

      1. Oh good!! I hope you’re right!! Peter is my number one pick! I do feel that Bryan is too cheesy and almost too good to be true, like he is trying to make up for something. It’s trying too hard, I also don’t find him attractive, but to each their own. I love Dean and hope he is the next bachelor!! Eric is too immature and insecure and I’m afraid it would be a lot of work for her and she would have to take the lead in the relationship. I love how peter always notices things that she does and notices what others don’t. They definitely have a deeper connection!

        1. Bryan does seem like he tries too hard and he’s always so close and in her face. I personally wouldn’t like that and see the constant kissing and being all over her as a red flag. Peter is my favorite for her!

      2. Bryan seems like the Robbie from Jojo’s season. And Peter seems like Jordan. I really hope she picks Peter 🙂

  11. I’m so glad Lee went home. With that being said I think Kenny made a good point. If she didn’t see things working out why put his daughter in the mix. If I wasn’t married and was dating I wouldn’t introduce the person I’m dating to my kids until I was sure it was serious and had the potential to go somewhere. I applaud him for that…

    As for the final men, I love love love Peter. He is so genuine… and not to mention dreamy! Those eyes! She seems to have a pretty deep connection with him. But I think she has a deep connection with Bryan as well. She has been the most physical with those two and the fact they they are usually the first picked really does say a lot about how much she values the time with them! As for Dean… OMG, I just love to see him smile…. talk about stud!

  12. I like Kenny but was disappointed in how he talked to Lee last night. I know he was upset but I think he could’ve handled himself better especially knowing his daughter would see this some day. Way too much bad language. Also disappointed with her sending Will home. I think he was trying to be a gentleman and respect her and that’s probably why he wasn’t being overly physical and she got mad about it. It was their first date! I just don’t think she gave him a chance from what we saw and it made me mad that she gave that as the reason for sending him home. I do like Peter and Bryan but Bryan seems like he is trying to be the next bachelor. I don’t know why I just don’t think he seems as sincere. It feels staged with him as if he is trying to look good in front of the camera. He’s super good looking though;). Dean is sweet but I don’t see them ending up together. Still not counting Eric out. She seems to like him a lot and I liked him much more on their one on one. And it broke my heart to hear him talk about his upbringing. Everyone deserves love especially from their parents!

  13. Hi Ali! Love reading your blog and seeing the adorable pictures of Molly. I got married this past September so it’s been fun reading about you gearing up for your wedding! I really liked Will and actually have him in my final four fantasy team. Up until last week him and Rachel hadn’t had a lot of time together but I saw a lot of potential in him. I think the part that put the nail in the coffin wasn’t that he only dated white girls but because they didn’t have a lot of chemistry and he said he is usually a very passionate person. I feel bad for Will because I think he was just nervous in that setting. Who knows what could have been. Your right about Adam and Matt they are probably next to go since we really haven’t seen them interact with Rachel. I was really surprised when they stayed and Alex went home. I also had Alex in my final four! Not a good week for me haha. PS your wedding video was awesome! I am so glad we hired a videographer too!

  14. Totally agree with Matt and Adam to be honest I thought they would go last night. I still think Eric is not the one for her . I felt sorry for him and his relationship with his Mother but think it would be a relationship where she always has to reassure him and that would get old after awhile. Dean is younger and sometimes it shows but really sweet! It’s fun to evaluate all of it! In the end we all hope she finds true love ❤️

  15. Im so happy Lee is gone and it was sad to see Kenny go. Rachael date with Will just seem very awkward. I didnt see a connection and it was sad he was one on my top guys. When Adam and Matt was seen last night i was kindof wondering where they came from. Was so confused for a few. Eric, Peter and Dean are ny top three. Love Dean

    1. If Kenny had kept his cool better, I could DEF. see him being a contender for the next Bachelor, despite not being in the final four. But, unfortunately, he just couldn’t stay away from Lee’s bait (which I get, but also disqualifies him). He is VERY likeable though and I wish him great things in life.

  16. Hi – you always say who’s going to be left based on Reality Steve’s articles. Why don’t you just give him credit? You choose the same people every single season that he has already written about.

    1. Maybe there is no credit given because she doesn’t actually get her information from Reality Steve. I doubt she needs to read his articles to arrive at her own predictions.

    2. Ali has been writing her thoughts on the Bachelor/Bachelorette since she worked for E! and has always added her own thoughts and opinions on the show. It is obvious she genuinely watches the show and gives her honest gut feedback on what she is seeing. She doesn’t need Reality Steve! And I think this season- it is pretty unanimous who the front runners are, especially looking at these comments. No spoilers needed for Ali and her fans 😉

      1. She’s also remarked previously that Reality Steve was wrong on her season. I think that would make me doubt.

      2. Ali has a mind of her own and doesn’t need Steve. I just loved it when he got “skunked” on her season. My favorite Bachelorette of all!!!

  17. Pretty much agree with everything! Happy to have seen Lee go and even though Kenny’s relationship with his daughter is super duper sweet, I am glad his “poking the bear” tactics will no longer be seen. I think Will would make an excellent Bachelor and I was also disappointed to see how “crickets and tumbleweeds” their one-on-one was. Sad to see Anthony leave, but not sad to see Josiah head home – his ego was taking up too much room. Adam and Matt – yeah – interesting how they are still around. In that case, yes, I agree with your top 4!
    I don’t think there is going to be an episode next week unfortunately. I am playing the Bachelorette Fantasy League and it said that the next episode is July 10th! Maybe that’s why they doubled up this week?

  18. I don’t necessarily agree that Eric expressed his emotions “wrong ” or it has to be a certain way someone thinks is right. He was defending himself. Unless it’s (violent or harms someone else) he should be able to learn and grow just like any of us.. let me tell you first hand, someone who grows up without the affection and expressed love from their mother, it is very hard to process your emotions, it’s a learning curve and takes compassionate people to help you and allow you to be you. I suppose someone saying their way of expressing emotions is right and someone else’s is wrong, just seems wrong. Nick was given four tries to get it right and mature.. look what happened to him when others give you room to make mistakes and try again. Cheers ❤

  19. Seriously, Eric gets in my nerves. He always have to connect Rachel ‘s decisions to some sort of racial self pity. He really needs to check himself. My two favorites are Bryan and Dean. Such gentlemen !

  20. Well Dean is currently filming for Bachelor in Paradise right now, so we all know how that turns out now!

  21. I just wonder how much social pressure she feels to end up with a black man. When she sent two other black men home, I think Eric (but I could be wrong) commented and how they were specifically black men rather then just two more bite the dust. She is beautiful and should end up with whoever is right for her, and I just hope she is able to think through it without any social pressures. If you are right with the final four, it leave only Eric as the last black man…

  22. Thanks for the great Blog Ali!
    I kept saying at the rose ceremonies “goodbye person I don’t know the name of” (*cough* Adam and Matt) and then they stayed! I was surprised they stayed over Anthony- although it was really obvious from their date too that she had no chemistry with them. At least Josiah left- she’s going to be so happy she sent him home when she watches the show.

    I don’t know how to feel about Eric- I really like happy Eric. But lots of the time he just looks so sad. It is interesting to hear his conversations about race- how the black guys have gone home more and gotten less 1-on-1s. Interestingly, Rachel said she normally dates black guys. It seems like the black guys on the show have spent more time culturing a friendship first- which is awesome in the real world, but when you are competing with sloppy kiss Bryan the relationships just move too slowly. I hope Eric is better now that he has had a 1-on-1.

    And about Bryan- the episodes have gotten all confused in my head, but did he seriously say that he was falling in love with her before his 1-on-1? He’s probably only talked an hour with her by that point! He just moves way too quickly in my opinion.

  23. My top 4 are Bryan, Peter, Dean and Eric.

    As a black woman, because IR dating is such a touchy subject in our community, some black men go out of their way to not date black women, I’d want to know because there are social implications. I also feel like it would come out eventually and I don’t want to waste time. I liked Will but there was something off about him and this was it. He’s not used to courting black women. Not a problem if you’re not black but he is black. Eric’s reaction was my reaction. For all these reasons I don’t want Will as the next Bachelor. I wouldn’t want black women competing over him. I wouldn’t watch.

    Peter, Dean and maybe Kenny are my faves to be the next Bachelor.

    I like Eric but he’s incredibly high maintenance and insecure. I don’t think he’s the right one for Rachel.

    1. Samantha,
      You took the words right out of my mouth. As a Black Latina, I had a bad reaction to Will’s comment. He’s obviously entitled to like who he likes, but if he’s not attracted to Black women, he shouldn’t be wasting Rachel’s and our time by coming on this season’s bachelorette. I have always been attracted to and dated men on all races, so the diversity on this season has kept me tuning in week after week. I really like Kenny, but I’m glad he/Rachel mutually agreed this was not the right setting for him. He’s chasing waterfalls, when he needs to stick to local women in Vegas that he can date without being far from his daughter. Peter is my favorite. I do not tire of watching him and Rachel together. Bryan is hot, and if I was Rachel I would choose him. He may be a bit Rico suave, but I do think that he and Peter are the two men that are most into Rachel and as much as I like Peter, I think she has a higher chance for success with Bryan. He has dated black women before and it’s what he’s attracted to whereas for Peter it would be his first time…could be riskier. But either of the two would be a catch.

  24. It’s just me? or by this time, with only 7 guys left, we know the remaining guys pretty well, but Adam and Matt?!? Who the heck are those guys? Also, this is the first season I don’t see a lot of the guys interaction, usually is all about the guys or the girls on the house and this time it’s not, there were at list 15 guys who we didn’t even seem them talk once, every season there are guys or girls that never show anything, but this time around I feel there were more. During the ITM interviews there are not cleaver or funny remarks, NOTHING, maybe because most of the guys from this season are boring or blah! Just some thoughts, if anyone have noticed it too, pleaseee let me know. BTW, Peter for the win, I’m in love with him hahahaha 😍😍😍

    1. Cris M, No you don’t know Adam or Matt because the show gave us more Lee and Kenny drama. Now that we are down to 6 guys, will Adam Or Matt get a 1-1 date?

      Because of the show’s structure, these guys are still here as place holders. Surely they know their relationship with Rachel is too far behind, but on another note, they get a little more travel in.

  25. I was sooo disappointed that Will was clueless regarding how far into the season they are and how important it was for him to show he really liked her. In the “real” world, I think they would have continued to date. I think they share so many qualities and life experiences: same upbringing, higher education, brains, ability to articulate well, polite, good looking, etc. He handled his exit like the gentleman he is, but I think he was shocked, blind-sided and crushed to be sent home. He will be so mad at himself after he watches his date with her and realizes he did not read her obvious clues to try to get him to be more affectionate to see if they had a romantic connection. I enjoyed watching Rachel with Eric but I don’t think she would be happy with him long-term and I don’t think he would be a good bachelor, either. He has waaaay to much emotional growth to learn. It is not his fault, but to have never known or felt love yet, puts him at a disadvantage with a healthy,emotionally strong person like Rachel or 25 women vying for him. I think she would grow tired of having to constantly reassure him that he’s her guy and as others have said, his jealousy of other men would be a problem. Their date seemed like two good friends sharing a totally fun day together. Eric acted like it was the best day he’d EVER experienced and I’m guessing that is true. Dean is too young, but a sweety. Even though I read an article where a former girlfriend of Bryan’s said he is a totally nice guy and there for the right reasons, I just can’t get over how often Rachel is suspicious of him–too good to be true, fairy tale, etc. Peter is calm, smart, a gentleman, is sincerely–looks to be–into her and I think the guy she will choose in the end. Matt and Adam, as so many others have said, are nice-guy placeholders whom we’ve seen very little interaction with Rachel. Final four: Bryan, Dean, Eric and Peter. Final 2: Bryan and Peter with Peter being her guy and Bryan(37) or Dean(25) for the next bachelor.

  26. Hey Ali,

    Love the insight every week! Just two thoughts on a couple of your points:

    – Though this does not redeem his behavior in any way, I didnt see Kenny as thriving on the drama when he returned to confront Lee. I think, honestly, he may have simply let his temper get the better of him. As someone who can be a bit of a hothead (just ask my husband), I often can’t stop myself from expressing my anger if it is still boiling inside of me (a personal flaw that is under constant work). I don’t doubt Kenny that he does not behave this way in other relationships, but the nature of his confrontation with vile, little Lee, most likely pushed every button–and had been pushing every button for many days–which made it nearly impossible for him to hold it in. Especially, seemingly, when Lee got the last word by accusing Kenny of threatening him. I must say, had someone tried to throw me under the bus in that moment after riling me up for days and then acting so sickeningly self-righteous, it would be hard for me to bite my tongue (though I hope I would be able to do so with fewer four-letter words). Does NOT make it right or smart, but I get it.

    – I think Will was simply being honest, since Rachel asked him what kind of women he usually dated (or some iteration of that question). He could have answered any way–personality, values, etc…–but, he chose to interpret her question as one dealing with race (maybe there was more lead-in that was edited out). I think his mistake was, perhaps, in his own naivete: he miscalculated how this revelation would affect his date, who happened to be a black woman. Rachel saw this as the source of his lack of connection, which may or may not be true (Will could simply be the slow-burn type, or, he may also be more attracted to white women). Nonetheless, the lack of connection was what did them in, so, for that reason, I don’t see his answer as a fatal mistake, but rather evidence of his misreading of Rachel and their relationship.

    Super long-winded, sorry!

  27. Do they actually eat on the one-on-one dates? They left untouched meals on the table on both dates this week – Eric’s and Will’s. Don’t know why- it just bugged me and I need to know the behind the scenes info!

    1. Yes, they always leave meals untouched, for some reason producers don’t want the cast to stuff their mouths while filming

  28. I am not a fan of Eric at all.. he keeps talking about race and its annoying! “two more black men sent home” I mean im sure thats why she sent them home. Ugh

    1. I’m not totally clear why it is unlikeable or even odd that Eric brings up race. Firstly, this is a show where producers constantly prod contestants to talk about things ad nauseum—particularly controversial or provocative things. In this season, where they have been pretty up front about the diversity (read: race) of its cast, I would expect that they would probe the contestants, particularly those of color, to talk about it at every turn. Secondly, Eric’s mentioning of the fact that four black men were eliminated on this episode or his reference to the number of black men who received 1-on-1s seems more of a personal question as to whether Rachel is as attracted to black men as she is to white men. Similar to Rachel’s concerns that Will is only attracted to white women, wouldn’t it be natural for Eric to wonder, given the fact that she seems partial to taking white men on 1-on-1s and keeping them around, if that is her type? Or, conversely, if he could possibly be her type?

      You can dislike Eric for whatever reason you want. But the fact that he simply brings up race, in a season that has continuously highlighted Rachel as, not only the first black Bachelorette, but the first black lead, seems a strange reason to dislike someone.

  29. Totally agree with your top 4. Right now Bryan is my favorite. I love Rachel. She is a straight shooter. I also agree about why are Matt and Adam still there? We hardly knew ye. Love Rachel’s outfits too. Will is very handsome and could very well be the next bachelor.

  30. I wonder if the producers had anything to do with Kenny going back to confront Lee (while she was in helicopter). The previews made it appear they got in a fist fight, so him going back was for us to say… ohhh, here comes the fight!!

  31. I have a question: In dealing with 2 guys arguing like Kenny and Lee, Rachel always acted like she had to decide who was more genuine. In a classic he-said-he-said, couldn’t she just ask the producers which guy is better?- They have the tapes! I know they wanted to milk the drama for all that it is worth, but having the racist Lee stay around so long on Rachel’s season seemed extra manipulative of them. Or Rachel could just take 2 min with Peter or Dean who seem really trustworthy and ask their opinion.

    1. The Bachelorette Treat Racism as Entertainment

      “The show has gone out of its way to exploit the “battle” between the two men with racial overtones. Lee, who is white, invented stories about Kenny, who is black, all of them amounting to an upshot with troubling historical precedent: Kenny, in Lee’s framing, was “aggressive.” Lee had lobbed similar accusations against Eric, another of the show’s black contestants. ‘Lee repeats the word aggressive as if it were a charm.’

      Tuesday night’s episode concluded with the dramas that typically define the show: about romance, about “connection,” about finding The One. There was no more mention of Kenny and Lee; the racial-tension plotline had, apparently, served its purpose. It had been exploited, then forgotten. By the producers, at any rate—but not, necessarily, by viewers.”

  32. Heres my lowdown.
    Josiah is well educated and nice looking.But when he would speak to her,he got all weird🙃

    Bryan oh my he is sooo hot! That guy is so easy on the eyes.have any of you “browsed” (sounds better than stalked that would b creepy.Lol)his IG account?He looks good in his scrubs😁 Just
    one fine dude. I dont think Rachel is into him.

    Peter is her can tell.but is it just physical attraction🤔

    Alex…i was sad to see him go.his smile is beautiful.

    Will.i kind of felt sorry for him. Not everyone wants a makeout session on the 1st date.maybe he was trying to be respectful.i know they dont have much time but,i think she put too much emphasis on that.i mean,come on that view was so pretty😄

    Adam.would have gone day 1 if it were me. That creepy doll would have been a no go.i have no problem w a grown man and his “doll”in a shadow box stored away for his child,but not on a dating show.should have kept Alex😉

    Bryan…hes s so goodlooking.oh yeah,already mentioned him.😂 glad he his gone.surely he doesnt act like that n real life?no wonder hes single.Dont make Tn look bad😬He’s a pile of💩

    Kenny got drug down by lee therefore,never could come back.i think his intensions were real.

    Previews have me🤔 how peter makes her cry. Or so he says.previews usually end up not what it looks like.

    Is it just me,but it drives me crazy when she picks up a rose on a 1 on 1 to then let them go home.Stop.That🙄 seems so cruel to get their hopes up.

    Eric.i was not a fan until his 1 on 1. But he lightened up and had fun.his story about not having a mom made me teary eyed.🤧😔

    I think rachel is adorable,beautiful and smart.she has some good men to choose from.

  33. Omg I just watched TMZ and they revealed two new rules about BIP- a 2 drink max per hour and contestants must get permission from producers before having sex so that both people can consent. Lastly- I’m so sad bc they showed photos of it shooting and ruined Bachelorette bc it showed one of her guys in the pics who i thought she might end up with!!! 😩

  34. Is it me or are the producers/editors doing an awful job with the show?? Soooo many “to be continued’s” , 4 guys gone in ONE episode, sometimes no rose ceremonies. They had the typical jerk in the show… too predictable.. I’m loosing interest!!!!

  35. Yes! Why in the world is the guy with the doll still there?! I’m sure producers “encourage” you to keep certain people around for good tv (right??), but he’s not even providing entertainment for viewers. I DO NOT want to see how that would go in a fantasy suite! 😂

  36. I agree with your top 4. She weeded those extras out pretty quickly. Top 2 I think will be Peter and Bryan. I think Dean would be a good bachelor! But I fear he would get a bunch of young bimbos! I’m getting annoyed how the guys on bachelorette all seem to be personal trainers and girls on bachelor are all hair dressers. (Nothing wrong with either or those jobs) but I feel like this season they gave Rachel men with a lot of careers! Which I love! I love Rachel and the bachelor franchise but the editing has gotten worse and worse over the years! It’s getting old. Real fans like to see the relationships build not the petty crap.

    1. I started watching the series for Ben’s season and the editing has gotten so much worse since then! I can only imagine how you long timers feel!!

  37. I really feel like Peter’s the one. They seem to have the best chemistry. I can barely remember who the others are! Now is my favorite part of the show when they get get down to the final four almost, and it becomes more real.

  38. As viewers, I think it’s hard to say if there has been chemistry between Rachel and Matt or Rachel and Adam. Producers may want us to think we have Rachel’s next move figured out and then next week air an one-on-one to change the game and keep us intrigued. However, I’m team Peter! 😊

    Can’t wait to see what you do for Molly’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!👶🎈

  39. Will would make a great bachelor. In Rachel’s blog she stated that Will was sick on the competition date. maybe he was under the weather for her date. She really did not give him a fair chance. She knows her final two and he was not one of them.

  40. Haha I totally understand why Kenny went back. Lee made up stories about him being violent with him and that is crossing the line. I am a very calm woman who can be very rational but I would lose my s*** if someone lied about my character like that and you bet I would make sure I had the last word. I think at that point, he wasn’t fighting with Lee about Rachael, he was standing up for his character and did not resort to violence.

  41. The Kenny and Rachel goodbye reminded me a bit of Corrine and Nick – I remember him kissing her forehead and saying he was really going to miss her. It had more sadness but still that mutual respect that they really like each other, just weren’t marriage material.

    Dean is great but too young for Rachel – he’s my vote for the next Bachelor. I think it’ll be Bryan and Peter in the final two. Also think a biracial couple would be great and open whatever doors Rachel hasn’t opened on her own for the culture of the series.

    Looking forward to hometowns!!

  42. For the next Bachelor, I don’t think it should be Eric. I agree, too emotional and I also think too immature. If she does not pick Peter, it should definitely be him.

  43. I honestly think Will was just being honest about only dating Caucasian women. Could he have picked a better time to say it? Sure. Rachel is always telling people she keeps it 100% real and so she shouldn’t expect anything different from the guys. I think she appreciates the honesty even if it’s hard to hear. None of us perfectly say the right thing at the right time. So, forgiveness is KEY in any relationship. Plus, when you are getting to know someone in this Bachelorette/Bachelor type setting…when is the best time to say/do anything? All you have is the date you have to lay everything out on the table…

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