The Bachelorette – Kenny Versus Lee

Every season there is always one major battle. Last season it was Corrine versus Taylor and this season it is Kenny versus Lee. I have a lot to say about all that, but first let’s talk about the guys who weren’t causing drama.

Let’s discuss Bryan again. In my blog last week, I talked about how I wasn’t sure if he was for real or not. Meaning I have a hard time figuring out if his smooth way of talking is legit or if he’s a player. However, after watching last night’s episode I feel like he must be legit. The reason I think that is not because his way of speaking got any less cheesy (sorry Bryan, but you’re a HUGE cheese ball – said with love) but based on the lovey-dovey music the editors played when he and Rachel were together, it makes me believe that they are grooming him to be the next Bachelor. They wouldn’t groom him to be the next Bachelor if he wasn’t sincere.

And let’s talk about the next Bachelor. In my mind there are 3 guys who are in the running at this point Bryan, Peter and Dean. I used to think Eric would be in the running, but he’s been a little bit overly emotional lately (not in a good way), which makes me feel like he won’t be chosen. Who do you guys think is going to be the next Bachelor? Who would you like to see as the next Bachelor?

What did you guys think of Jack? I think that he is such a sweet guy and I really do hope he finds a nice girl. But it was just so obvious from the get-go that he and Rachel were not a match. I knew from the first 30 seconds of their date that she wouldn’t be giving him a rose. I’m pretty sure many of you felt the same way.


There was some serious hotness going on during the group date. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t remember anything that happened on the group date other than Rachel’s super hot make out session with Peter in the hot tub! I mean, it is so obvious that he is in her top two at this point. Put it this way, she had a choice of who she got to take in that hot tub on the group date and she, without a doubt, chose her number one guy on the date. Producers plan these things in advance. You think that Peter just happened to have a swimsuit on underneath his pants? Ha! The producers had to make sure he had one so they could go in the hot tub!

OK, now that we have had our fun discussing the chemistry between Rachel and a couple of the guys, let’s move on to the DRAMA!!!!! Ugh. Let’s backtrack for a second to the group date that Lee and Kenny were both on at the beginning of the episode. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that they had two dates this episode, because there was a rose ceremony in the middle of the episode. So we got the date from last week and then the dates from this week. Anyway, I honestly think they’re both being pretty immature in this whole situation. Don’t give me wrong, if I had to choose a side, I would pick Kenny because Lee is just the worst. But I thought Kenny was pretty immature when he stood up on the date after Bryan got the group date rose and said “it’s very important not being a bitch ass dude.” I just found that to be extremely immature of him. With all that said, Lee might be the worst person on the history of the show.

Watching their 2-on-1 date gave me flashbacks of the 2-on-1 date during my season of The Bachelorette. Mainly because I also took a helicopter with the two guys and it was AWKWARD! But man Rachel’s date definitely takes the cake for being way more awkward! Ha! And kind of scary to be honest. There were some tense moments!

But on a serious note, I really found Kenny’s behavior to be extremely disturbing. I know he keeps saying he’s not an aggressive person. But he really seems to me like he could go off at any second. That said, Lee is the most aggravating person ever and I honestly think I’d lose it if I was ever in an argument with him. So I can’t really say that I blame Kenny for being on the verge of completely flipping out.

In the end, I think Kenny’s going to end up getting the rose on the 2-on-1 date and Lee will get sent home. Thankfully. The reason I think this will happen is because 1) I think Rachel is seeing through Lee. 2) I think the cut on Kenny’s eye we see in the teaser is from a future date (an accident during an athletic event or something) and not from an altercation between Lee and Kenny. I just really don’t think that the producers would let it get that out of control. But we shall see.

And we don’t have to wait long to see either! There’s another episode on tonight! I don’t know if I’m super pumped that there’s another episode on tonight or overwhelmed because I have so much to do to get ready for Molly’s first birthday party this weekend and so little time to do it! So I really can’t be spending two hours watching a television show and then another hour writing a blog for tomorrow. But I’ll figure out a way to fit it all in! Because that’s what parents do, find a way to get the impossible done in 24 hours. And I cannot NOT blog about it because I love connecting with you guys on here and debriefing on everything that happened in the episode the night before! So with that said, let me know what you thought of last night’s episode in the comments below!


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83 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Kenny Versus Lee

  1. Bryan, Peter and Dean were my top 3 as well! I am thinking Peter or Dean for the next bachelor thought! Maybe leaning more toward Peter because he is getting more air time the last few episodes but we shall see. I am ready for Kenny and Lee to both be gone, they are more drama then Corinne and Taylor, I feel!

    1. Yes, Peter for next bachelor for sure (if she doesn’t choose him)!!
      How awkward was his return to the group date after the hot tub ??

    2. I think Josiah or Eric
      The first Black Bachelor
      Or Iggy, the first Asian
      It’s 2017 the show needs diversity!!!!

  2. Ali, I love you and agree with (almost) all your thoughts!

    I think that the hometowns are going to be Peter, Dean, Bryan, and Will. I have to say Will has been low-profile this whole season but he’s really impressed me and grown on me in this last one.

    Peter is the best next Bachelor material !!

    Bryan might be sincere but he creeps me out and I’m just done with watching his tongue go down her throat!

    I think Kenny is trying to keep it cool 95% of the time, and is aggravated 5% of the time and of course it’s the 5% that’s airing. I think he has a huge heart, and like you said, he’s constantly being pushed and on the verge of flipping out and we can’t blame him!

    1. I REALLY like Will too!!! If he makes it to the top 4 then I DEFINITELY think he has a chance to be the next Bachelor!

      1. Love Will!! But I still think he’s too young, like Dean for her. My bet is on Bryan or Peter! And whichever of those two aren’t her choice, is the next bachelor.

    2. I agree with everything you said!
      Bryan creeps me out too. I’m starting to think he is more sincere but unless they are cutting out a ton, all I see is kissing and cheesy lines, there is no discussion about the future, how they see themselves raising a family, etc. Her relationship with Peter seems much more realistic.
      I was disappointed Peter was sad about the group rose- he just had a really long time in a hot tub! That being said, I’ve never been in this situation and I would probably also be insecure the whole time.

      I like Kenny and feel he is getting screwed on the edit. It has to be so annoying though to try to talk to Rachel and hear Lee’s stories. Lee is pushing him so hard and he has to defend himself. If I were him, I would just point Rachel to the producers and the other guys since they will back up his story. Although, his laughing at the end of the date was bad- does he think Rachel wouldn’t hear that? Don’t freakin’ fight on dates! Wait until you’re in the house away from her!

      The date with Josh was so awkward- you could tell she didn’t want to kiss him.
      Also the time with Josiah- “ask me questions” …”you are so pretty”…please get rid of him soon.

      Peter for the win! Then Will or Dean.

  3. I like Bryan, but I honestly don’t know I could handle an entire season of intense/over the top making out with 25+ women. I think America is obsessed with Peter, so if he doesn’t get chosen he will be the next Bachelor, and if not him it will be Dean. We will see!

  4. I love Bryan!! I think that they generally have a connection and she is completely attracted to him! I think that yes Jack was a super nice guy just not her nice guy. I’m hoping Peter is the next bachelor I think she’ll end up choosing Bryan in the end.

  5. Ali,
    I think that Peter would be a fantastic next Bachelor!
    Also, call me crazy but I am rewatching your season of the Bachelorette on Amazon right now (LOL) and the drama between Lee and Kenny is totally reminding me of the drama between Jonathan (weatherman) and Craig (mean Craig).
    Can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

  6. What if she changed her mind who to take to the hot tub? Do they all pack a swimsuit for the cocktail party? And were they gone for 3 hours like the guy commented? Is that normal? I like your picks for bachelor, I feel like they’ll be in her top 4

    1. They might have told everyone to bring a swimsuit, but they had Peter’s handy! She wouldn’t change her mind. You KNOW who you’re most into as the Bachelorette and that is Peter for her! At least on the group date he was he #1 pick.

  7. Hi Ali! Random question, but where did you get Molly’s toy organizer? I just saw it in your Instagram post and it would be perfect for all of my daughter’s toys. You are a rock-star mom by the way! And our girls’ are 3 days apart in age 🙂

  8. Peter is my favorite but I can’t decide if I want him to win or be the next Bachelor!! If it’s possible, I think she shouldn’t give the rose to either of the guys on the 2 on 1! Kenny and Lee are both so immature and seem like such attention seekers. Not someone that really wants a serious, long term relationship. I find it interesting that both are in the entertainment industry and just so happen to be the two most dramatic ones! Maybe just looking for more air time?? I wouldn’t be upset to see them both leave. She has some other really great guys to focus on.

    1. I think Lee is going home for sure. But I think Kenny is sticking around based on what I said above about the cut on his eye happening in a future episode.

  9. There is so much man drama this season that it is hard to watch! I think Bryan will be the one for her at the end and Peter will be the next Bachelor. Lee is just way too annoying and I hope she sees through him and keeps Kenny. Ready to watch tonight and see it all unfold!

    1. I agree with you. It’s not the best season because of the guys. But I LOVE Rachel and I think she’s one of the best Bachelorette’s EVER!

  10. I am secretly hoping that since both Kenny and Lee are drama, she will just send them both packing and not keep either one. There doesn’t appear to be a connection really to either one.

    With that said, I chose Bryan as the #1 pick right out of the limo and I was feeling Peter as a very close #2! Dean is gorgeous but young so he could potentially be the next Bachelor! Who knows, a curveball might be thrown. Not unheard of!

    1. I agree with you Corey D

      I hope we see that Rachel sent them BOTH home. At this point, they have both lied. Kenny failed to tell Rachel that he called Lee a bitch. Kenny WAS a likeable man until he was unable to rise above the drama. His relationship is with Kenny not Rachel. Can’t wait to watch tonight. If Kenny stays, he surely will be going home in the next episode.

      1. I think she SHOULD send both home. But I don’t think they get in a physical fight. So that cut on Kenny’s eye MUST happen in a future episode. So I think Kenny is staying!

  11. I think we should have a black bachelor! It’s time. Let’s continue with the racial diversity! Anthony is a solid choice. I was a fan of Josiah’s until he was over the top in their one on one time. Eric is also really cute.

    1. I think that would be great too! But Anthony just got sent home and it’s too early to be considered for the gig. But I think Will is a great choice!!! He is such a class act! In the end they are going to pick who the fans love the most!

  12. Lee is just so annoying and does he really think he can win Rachel’s heart if he never focuses on their relationship and only bashes Kenny? Kenny can’t focus on their relationship because of all the drama. I personally like Kenny and loved the FaceTime call with his daughter. She loves her Daddy and that speaks volumes. I’d like him to be the next Bachelor…..or Anthony.

    1. I agree! Lee never talks about his and Rachel’s relationship. I’m shocked she kept him at the last rose ceremony. They have NOTHING in common!

  13. I think Peter is getting the Bachelor edit! It reminds me of the edit Ben H and Luke got – they were all shown to just be perfect and were almost universally loved back then. I think Bryan is going to win. I haven’t seen Rachel look at anyone else the way she looks at Bryan.

  14. LOL, on night one I picked Kenny as my favorite! Now, I just don’t know. I have watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette from the beginning and I am having to force myself to sit and watch this season. The guys just don’t seem like good matches for Rachel’s maturity. Way too much drama for me. If I had to pick from this group for the next bachelor, I would say Dean. Bryan just doesn’t seem sincere to me, but again we are seeing what the producers want us to see. I agree with you Ali on your thoughts for this season. But I must add that I am just like enjoying this season so far. Especially not two nights in a row!
    It is hard to believe that Molly will be one really soon! She is just so darn cute.

  15. I agree, she needs to send both home, but must not because of what we see in the previews. Also, it’s so uncomfortable to watch when someone is gushing about the date, like Jack was, and it’s clear that she’s just not that into him. But, she is clearly very into Peter, and he’s equally into her. I thought it was so cute when he said he didn’t want to stop kissing her and she said, “Then don’t!” But then he made a comment about they still had a lot of things to talk about. They seem to really have a deep connection.

  16. Ali, I don’t think Anthony got sent home last night, did he? Love your blog! Especially the Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps. And Molly is a doll!!

  17. Team Dean for the next Bachelor!! I think Rachel will choose Peter in the end. I think she has too much doubt about Bryan and Dean is just a little too young for her. But he would make a great Bachelor!

  18. I really like Peter and Dean. Bryan not so much. I don’t trust him! I don’t know who she will end up with-I can’t see it yet. I really like Rachel and hope she finds her true love. I’m also so over Lee…yuk! I like Kenny though. He is being extremely challenged by knucklehead Lee!

  19. Kenny did get petty but he’s been very calm with Lee. He’s not going to end up with Rachel though. He’s a sweetheart but not the one for Rachel.

    Bryan is my #1 pick for Rachel from the minute he came out of the limo. Rachel is more giddy and vulnerable than we’ve seen her, with him. Peter, Dean and Will would be good picks for the Bachelor though.

  20. Thank you for sharing when you find nursing friendly clothing. I’m a new mom and I’m having such a hard time finding fashionable, affordable clothing that is breastfeeding friendly. The dress you shared is a great find! Thank you.

  21. I hope both Kenny and Lee get sent home. Rachel doesn’t seem like the type to put up with drama-causing men. I’m glad Jack went home (I liked him, but I agree, their lack of chemistry was very uncomfortable to watch). I love how into her Bryan is. His body language at their one-on-one dinner was just screaming ‘I’m so into you’. Will and Anthony both totally impressed me this recent episode. They both speak so maturely and wisely. Totally shows the difference between them and Eric and Josiah (I hope I’m getting all the names and faces correct (I was rather distracted last night). I didn’t realize she was so into Peter but that hot-tub scene convinced me! Looking forward to seeing what happens tonight!

  22. I really like Bryan, Dean and Peter. But why is no one talking about Anthony?? They had a great one-on-one. Do you think she’s still into him?

  23. My two favorite guys these season are Peter and Bryan. Both are good looking and nice. I saw the chemistry between Bryan and Rachel since day one.

  24. I really wish I had places to go to wear these clothes! Absolutely adorable!

    Now that you say you think Kenny’s injury is from a future date, I am sad haha they both deserve to be eliminated!

  25. I think Peter is the one for Rachel. Love him. Agree about Brian and his over zealous kissing. Lol. Am I the only one who was sad that Iggy went home? I really really liked him but I know his getting involved in all the drama was his downfall. ?

    As for Lee—scumbag ?%. I didn’t like him at the beginning but when he flat out lied about Kenny pulling him out of the van that was it for me. LOSER!! Kenny has kept his cool much better than I would have.

    1. I agree! Lee even said “I want to win”. He’s NOT into Rachel. He wants tv time. Probably for his career.

  26. I wish Rachel had of gotten a better ‘batch’ of guys lol. I’m rooting for Dean as next Bachelor, he’s just so sweet! I can’t warm up to Peter for some reason.. I like Bryan but feel like he could blind side her once she’s really fallen for him.
    Even though I know Lee is leaving tonight I can’t handle watching that guy! Ugh, he makes my blood boil; I think Kenny has done a great job keeping it together having to deal with Lee, but I do agree he has been immature more than once about the situation.
    Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

  27. If it’s any of those top three you’ve pick for next seasons bachelor, then sign me up for next season….wonder if I could put in that app now!? Lol They are all fantastic!

  28. PETER IS BAE ?????? I want him to be her Prince Charming, I want them to have happily ever after. Peter is EVERYTHING ☺️☺️ Peter makes me blush!

    Lee is a psychotic racist… Even AFTER Will explained how Kenny felt about being called aggressive he continued to do so and even took it to another extent of lying. With the way our society is today I’m really pissed at how much Lee is dragging Kenny, it actually makes me sad. At the end of the day Kenny’s daughter may end up hearing how her dad is being portrayed.

    I’m happy iggy is gone because he was another one causing problems. The time he spent running his mouth and getting in people’s business he should have been building his own relationship.

    If Lee gets the rose tonight I can’t watch anymore until her leaves ??

    1. Thanks for calling Lee out as a racist. I was surprised that neither Ali nor any of the other commentors on here have pointed out this very obvious fact yet. Yes, Lee is annoying, yes, he is a scumbag–but he also is, as Will astutely points out, using coded language and blatant lies to both provoke Kenny into violence and to paint him as something he is not when talking to Rachel. It is gross and embarrassing that Lee was cast on the show in he first place, especially considering that Rachel is the first African-American lead this show has ever had. She is too WAY good for this disgusting manufactured drama, and I feel sick for her that she is watching the show now and seeing how producers set this scenario up. Hopefully she throws Lee into a Norwegian fjord tonight and we can all be free of this alternative facts piece of garbage snake!

      All that being said, I totally agree that Peter is bae, everything, etc. That hot tub scene ?? I’m married but wow! ??

      1. Meredith thanks for such an accurate post. Last night on twitter I saw numerous tweets of people complaining about this very same thing –

        It is gross and embarrassing that Lee was cast on the show in the first place, especially considering that Rachel is the first African -American lead.

        I think more AA are watching this season and there is no way they will return after Rachel and neither will I. I’ve watched the entire franchise and I’m done.

    2. The Bachelorette Treat Racism as Entertainment

      “The show has gone out of its way to exploit the “battle” between the two men with racial overtones. Lee, who is white, invented stories about Kenny, who is black, all of them amounting to an upshot with troubling historical precedent: Kenny, in Lee’s framing, was “aggressive.” Lee had lobbed similar accusations against Eric, another of the show’s black contestants. ‘Lee repeats the word aggressive as if it were a charm.’

      Tuesday night’s episode concluded with the dramas that typically define the show: about romance, about “connection,” about finding The One. There was no more mention of Kenny and Lee; the racial-tension plotline had, apparently, served its purpose. It had been exploited, then forgotten. By the producers, at any rate—but not, necessarily, by viewers.”

  29. I hope Dean or Peter for next Bachelor. I don’t think Rachel will pick Dean because of their age differences and that Dean may be too young to be the next Bachelor, so with that said I hope Peter gets picked for the Bachelor if he and Rachel don’t work out!

  30. Will and Peter are definitely my favorites!

    I think Lee could bring out the worst in anyone and that’s definitely his goal. I had to fast forward through some of the drama … it was giving me anxiety Lolol

    Always love your style Ali!

  31. I think her final four will be Peter, Bryan, Will and either Dean or Josiah, but probably Dean. Rachel is growing tired of Josiah putting too much time and energy into saying what he thinks she should notice about them and not really engaging in growing their relationship. He likes their match on paper, but he’s not really interacting with her to build trust, fun and chemistry, I don’t think. I hope Rachel chooses Peter in the end. He is kind, they have chemistry, he is not into drama and he knows that they still have much to learn about each other. Bryan is just toooo smooth. I realize all of their time together is edited, but based upon all that we’ve learned about Rachel, I don’t think she would let a guy share that he’d had a 4 yr. relationship that ended without her asking why it ended. All Bryan would have had to share with the TV audience is that he or she or they both decided they were not meant to be together long term. I don’t think the abc franchise will select a 37 yr. old to be the next bachelor. We need to get to know Will better. Dean is dear, but in the end, he’s too young for her. He could be the next bachelor, but we need more screen time with him for abc to gain the audience support necessary.

  32. I too think Bryan will be the next Bachelor! I’m totally over the Kenny and Lee situation excited for it to be over tonight? Love reading your blog and can’t wait to see Mollys party! Can’t believe she’ll be one!

  33. My take on Bryan yes he’s a great guy but I feel like rachel said 37 yrs old get job great everything something is not clicking and when he kisses her it makes me cringe it sounds like he’s sloshing thru mud ugh ha and Peter is one hot man lord have mercy

  34. I think both go home tonight, I do not think she will keep either of them. I also think the final four will be Eric, Dean, Peter and Bryan. I think Bryan has her heart already and Peter will probably be the next bachelor.

  35. I don’t think Kenny will last to much longer. The whole snake hand movement during the rose ceremony was completely immature. I want to say I can’t believe Rachel didn’t see that, but I don’t know what goes on during those nights, but I would be totally turned off if I saw that. I love Peter though! He isn’t letting himself get caught up in the drama in the house and it’s great to see

  36. It’s just really sad that so many people are like “uggggh both sides are equally awful” in this Lee or Kenny thing. I mean, let’s face it: Lee’s being pretty racist. It’s that covert racism that’s easy for us white folks to ignore because dealing with it would make us feel icky, but… it’s racism. Check how all the black dudes on the show respond to Lee. They know what’s up. Check how Dean reacts to him. Dean’s the only white guy who’s spoken up on camera about what Lee’s up to. Dean knows what’s up, too. So here’s Lee, being antagonistic and going after a really nice guy with trumped up lies about a “dark side” and being physically attacked (which we have not seen on camera, and if that had happened, does anyone really believe the producers would be sitting on such eye-grabbing footage? come on)… he’s working right out of the modern racist playbook, make the black guy out to be a thug by any means necessary. And so many people are falling for it, calling Kenny immature for having an emotional response to being baited by a racist whose sworn mission is to mess things up for everyone around him. Notice how the people Lee’s trying to mess with are all black… y’all think that’s coincidental? Especially in light of the things he’s tweeted in the past?

    1. Thank you for this articulate and necessary comment. I agree with you 1000%, particularly that any footage of Kenny *actually* being aggressive toward Lee would be played up for all sorts of ratings (hello CHAD). You are keeping it ? as my girl Rachel would say!

  37. Ugh… I agree, Lee is the absolute WORST!!! I think Kenny is “containing” himself well given what he has to deal with. I would have to leave lol
    I love Bryan and their connection.. which means they probably wont end up together bc that is what seems to happen on this show. Dean is a total Hottie! I see the connection with Peter as well but he isnt in MY top 5.

  38. I agree with most of these comments as far as Peter & Bryan being the front runners. I can also see Dean and Will rounding out the top 4. Dean is great, young, but seems very mature. Will is always giving advice to the other guys in the midst of the drama. He’s never in it and seems mature and ready for marriage. I’m ready to see Bryan & Rachel talk about their lives together instead of all the physical chemistry. You need that in a relationship, but from many seasons of watching both The Bachelor/Bachelorette, you need more than chemistry. The person who has the most physical chemistry usually end up being the runner up. I did like how Peter made the comment about not kissing anymore because they “have so much ground to cover”, even though that’s all they aired in the hot tub! Haha 🙂

    Love your blog Ali! Been a fan for years. Happy 1st birthday Molly!

  39. Ali, do you think that Rachel picks her one on ones based on the connection she already has with the men or picks them because she wants to see if a connection is there? I just find some men get so down when they don’t get a rose on a group date. If I were Rachel I would give the rose to someone who feels like they need that reassurance from me. (Peter doesn’t need a rose because he’s clearly safe) what do you think? Or rather how did you do it on your season?

  40. I’ve heard the producers pick who goes on which date, even the one on ones. They ask the lead to name their top 3 on the first/second night and go from there. Many times, the lead goes on a one on one and doesn’t really like the person. I don’t know who is Bachelor material from this group, except Peter. But I want Peter to win Rachel’s heart!

  41. I am madly in love with all items you wear while they are wedding your beautiful and fine shapes (from the shoes to the blue dress so girly and so sensual … I’m crazy of your look Ali!!!

  42. LOVE the shoes! They’re adorable. Who takes all your pictures for your blog? They’re great shots.

    Thanks for your input on behind-the-scenes stuff, like they all had their suits for the hot tub. I’m so glad Peter got to use his though, that was steamy!!

  43. I love Peter! He just seems real. Just down to earth good guy. Hot tub was big time too. They were feeling it. She has great chemistry with Bryan too. I really think Will is a great guy too. Interested to see how far he will go.

  44. I can not stand Lee!!! Like seriously I dislike him more than I disliked Corrine last season…and I really didn’t like her…Rachel should have sent him home last week of not even 2 weeks ago…or better yet night one. But I’m sure having Lee around causing drama is good for the show… I mean I do like Kenny but I never saw him making it very far (the ones with kids usually don’t). So time to send them both home!! I really like Bryan and Will…I hope one of those 2 win! Good luck fitting everything in!

  45. If Brian becomes the bachelor I probably wouldn’t watch because he makes me want to puke with all that cheesy crap. I would really love to see some one like Will be the bachelor but it probably won’t happen.

  46. If they want to continue with diversity/black bachelor, Anthony is the best pick. Otherwise Peter or Dean will do. Peter I think is not that into Rachel as much as Rachel is into Peter. Bryan is probably the winner and I think he seems to be getting the same edit as Shawn Booth. Rachel likes Erik and I can’t figure out why. Who the heck is Adam and Matt????

  47. Ugh, I cringe watching Bryan… I sincerely hope he is NOT the next Bachelor. Everytime I see his face it reminds of the Justin from your season. I don’t see sincerity in the way he talks and at 37 being single…something is off. This is why there should be a carfax manual for men like him where former lovers/ex girlfriends post reviews. He seems oddly fishy and I don’t find him one bit attractive. Peter and Will I love.

    1. Lol!!! As someone who just ended a 3 year relationship with a 37 year old man — Yep! There should totally be a carfax! hahaha

      1. Right? I mean…at that point its like do I take a chance and then go missing? That’s a 20/20 in the making. His facial expressions are just not matching his character. I’m pretty good at calling these things. Manfax?

  48. I’d love to see Dean as the next Bachelor, and I have to say how come Molly couldn’t get aniiii cuter xx

  49. I totally agree with your three picks for the next Bachelor, but I really have a feeling it might be Dean.

    I’m pulling for Rachel & Peter!

    I don’t know how I feel about Bryan too. He still makes me feel like it’s too good to be true. And he is way to aggressive with how he kisses… but hey, if Rachel likes him & those kisses, that’s all the matters!

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