The Bachelorette – Lee’s True Colors

Man, last night’s Bachelorette was a whole lot of DRAMA! I am going to get into all of that and tell you what I think about Lee, but first, let’s talk about some of the other guys that weren’t part of the drama!

Let’s start with Bryan. Rachel called him out for being too charming. I believe she said he was “too good to be true.” But I don’t necessarily agree with her. His lines are coming off as sly and player-ish. Is player-ish a word? Probably not, but you get what I’m trying to say. I’m not saying I don’t like Bryan, because I honestly do like him, but sometimes he just acts like he’s trying way too hard to be Prince Charming and it comes off as deceitful. Do you agree? Tell me in the comments. I’m curious if anyone else is reading him that way.

Dean, however, is a sweetheart. It broke my heart hearing him tell the story about losing his mom. He just seems like an all around good guy. Do I think the age different is going to be a deal breaker for Rachel? No. If she REALLY falls for him it won’t matter. But that is yet to be seen.

And how about that Group Date ?! A spelling bee in front of a bunch of people is my worst nightmare! Especially in front of the millions of people watching at home! I am so bad at spelling it’s embarrassing. Put it this way when I took the GRE for grad school I scored in the top 10% for math but the bottom 30% for verbal. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this but I’m actually dyslexic and spelling is really hard for me (so I always try to apologize for mistakes in my blog! Sorry! I’m doing my best! Plus I write them SUPER fast! To say I’m busy these days is the understatement of the year). So I really respect the guys for doing this and I totally don’t judge any of them for spelling anything wrong! OK maybe the way Eric spelled “facade” was a bit comical. But I feel for him! And I feel like it’s totally unfair that Josiah got “stunning” as his word. That was ridiculously easier than any of the other words that the guys got! I also think “polyamorous” was pretty easy too.

Anyway, Iggy is not a favorite of mine. He seems to always have an issue with somebody. I don’t think he’s a bad guy I just think he got way too caught up in all of this.

BTW…this is what I WISH Rachel did with Lee’s rose! So let’s talk about Lee.


But first, quick thought on my outfit above! Sorry, I just HAD to! My slip dress is so cute and under $50! And my heels (The ones I wish Rachel kicked Lee in the butt with!) are Sole Society and a FAVE of mine! They are honestly one of my favorite pairs of heels EVER! And super comfy! You can see me wearing them at the end of this post with a different outfit too!

On to Lee. Ugh. He’s the worst. First when Dean said “I just think Lee is kind of a…bitch?” at the beginning of the episode, I just about peed my pants laughing! And became a huge fan of his right off the bat. And I’m glad Dean called Lee out on not accepting people from other cultural backgrounds. I don’t know if you guys saw any, but there were articles out a few weeks ago about some pretty racist tweets that Lee had tweeted. I’m not gonna get into that but it’s pretty disgusting.

Before I get more into Lee and how disappointing he is, let’s talk about our girl Rachel. I found it extremely brave that she let her walls down and opened up a little bit about the pressures she’s feeling by being the first black Bachelorette. Since she’s such a strong woman, she’s always been extremely positive about the situation. But I found myself tearing up watching her break down because I can’t imagine the amount of pressure she feels. The only thing I can relate to is the pressure one faces when being the Bachelorette. Adding a whole other layer of race is something I could never possibly understand. But I hope Rachael opens up more and more as the season goes on so we can only begin to try to understand. But before I move on, I want to say that I wonder if something bigger happened behind the scenes that we didn’t see. Or if Rachel broke down because she’s just feeling pressure in general. Something must’ve triggered it and it couldn’t have been the guys fighting, right? Or am I wrong? I dunno, but why would the guys fighting reflect poorly on the decisions she makes? I’m guessing it’s because she chose to give Lee a rose in the end. Maybe she knows that people are going to be upset with that? But good for her for not caring about what other people think. That said, I think she’ll eventually see through Lee and send him home. Hopefully sooner than later.

Anyway back to Lee, I find it absolutely infuriating how he smiles at people when they are upset with him. That’s so disrespectful. It shows that he has absolutely no respect for other people’s feelings. Even if Eric and Kenny were getting emotional and starting to raise their voices, he still shouldn’t have to tried to egg on the situation by smirking at them. I would’ve lost my shit if I was Kenny or Eric. Not that I’m condoning the way they handled the situation. I just think Lee was doing his absolute best to add fuel to the fire, rather than trying to resolve the situation.


And I know that next week we see a big battle between Kenny and Lee. We also see Kenny with a cut on his eye. I’m having a hard time believing that the cut on his eye is going to be in next week’s episode though. Here’s my prediction… I don’t think the producers will let it get to the point where Kenny and Lee physically fight. But then again, if one of them snaps, no producer can move quick enough to prevent a punch to the face. But still, I have a feeling that Lee is going to go home next week on that 2-on-1 date and then the footage we’re seeing of Kenny’s eye is probably from the following weeks episode when he goes on a wrestling group date or some physical date where someone ALWAYS gets hurt. That’s just my prediction. I could be totally wrong. But man are those Bachelor/ette editors good at getting us pumped for the following week’s episode!

Let me know what you guys think about the blog today. Do you agree with my thoughts on Lee? What about the other guys? Let’s discuss in the comments below! I’m traveling from LA to NYC today but I’m hoping I’ll have Wi-Fi on the plane so I can respond to your comments and be involved in the discussion!

And before you go make sure to check out my favorite looks from this week on Ali Luvs below!



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93 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Lee’s True Colors

  1. I totally agree with all of your Bachelorette comments Ali! It’s like we were watching it together lol Josiah got way too easy of a word to win, Lee IS the B word, Iggy tattles too much, and I have to ask… do the producers make the bachelorette give the jerks the rose for the sake of a story line? Why else would Rachel give Lee that rose? Then after all of that fighting at the mansion, they put them on a small cruise boat out in the ocean, fueled with alcohol?

    I love the Myley dress but I thought you had a stewardess cap on your head in that picture (you’re just standing under a post). lol

    1. I thought the same thing…the post looks like a cute hat! ???
      She is so cute so it didn’t matter! Spot on with regards to the show.

    2. I was going to ask the same thing, do the producers pressure the lead to keep the dramatic/ratings-worthy contestants?? It really seems that way. She and Lee have zero chemistry. To me it seems like Rachel’s emotional moment with a producer was her being upset that she was being forced to keep people like Lee around!!

    3. The look on her face when she says Lee’s name really said it all… she must have been STRONGLY encouraged to keep him on. She did not look happy to say his name.

      1. I agree that it really looks like she was STRONGLY “encouraged” to keep Lee. And when she said goodbye to Diggy, she nuzzled in his neck and started to tear. It seemed she didn’t like her own decisions.

  2. I completely agree with your reading of Bryan. I was actually surprised at all of the tweets focused on Bryan last night. I was way more focused on Dean. He is such a down to earth guy. I can totally see him making it to final 4 at least! I think Iggy is so caught up in the drama that he has forgotten why he is even there. On a side not I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed so much man drama in a season as we have this one.

    1. Yeah there is a lot of drama between the guys this season for sure. I feel like it’s hurting that season this time around rather than helping. But I just adore Rachel

      1. I think she was crying because the producers were probably pressuring/”encouraging” her to keep him around, and she didn’t really want to for fear of coming off badly. I didn’t get the vibe that she wanted to keep him around or felt good about it, if I’m being honest.

          1. Lee made a comment last night about he just “wants to win”. This isn’t a competition!!! Sleezeball meter is on high alert!

      2. Ali I totally agree. The show isnt focused on Rachel at all. We dont get to see her talks with the guys at rose ceremony, they are only focused on the guys. I hope this changes because they are doing a disservice to Rachel. The show is about her journey not the journey of the men.

        1. Hi I agree with that of the last few seasons, there seems to be more focus on the negative people. I am probably in the minority, but I want to see positive relationships develop, and not focus on slime balls like Lee. I am SO over these losers getting so much attention!
          Go Rachel… I trust you can see through a lot of this crap.

          1. I agree. It seems the producers have forgotten that women watch the show for the romance! Not the drama. If she picked her favorite on night 1 and the rest of the show was all about their falling in love, I would even prefer that!! Bring back the romance!! Maybe that’s why I like Bryan and don’t agree with your assessment of him, Ali? I just want a love story and he seems to offer it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Totally agree with everything you said… Bryan, I just can’t pinpoint his game plan. Lee… NEEDS to go. It’s so uncomfortable to watch. I’m all about Peter, love our Wisconsin boys!

  4. Could not agree more about Lee! I was so hoping that Will was going to call him out on associating aggression with Black men (saw that in one of the previews). He needs a serious wake up call and I think Rachel is going to see through him! I also totally LOVE Dean. He was so incredibly sweet and has become one of my favorites!! I texted my boyfriend, named Dan and said “I legitimately love Dean” and he responded with “Dan*” lol

  5. I agree with your take on Lee. His smirks are too much!!! How rude. I also really like Peter. I like that he’s not involved in any of the drama but unfortunately that also means less screen time for him. I think he seems super sweet and genuine not to mention very handsome!!! And he’s from Wisconsin! Gotta love midwestern boys ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love your blog!!!

  6. I agree with you Ali! Lee is a SNAKE! My favorites right now are Bryan and Peter. I see what you mean about Bryan being a little too charming. But their conversations and interactions seem so natural and easy. I think that says a lot. I like Rachel and Peter as well. They don’t see quite as far along as Rachel and Bryan, but they could get there! Love your blog and following your life with your beautiful little one!

  7. You made some great points about each guy! IF that is a cut on kennys eye bc of lee, i would hate to c
    Brian….lets talk about him.he is so goodlooking.can u imagine having a chiropractor for a husband?it might feel like vaca every day?i hope he IS genuine.
    I want a $$$ for everytime the guys said ,”disingenuous”,bc they say it a lot.?it was kind of comical.

    Love your dress w dots/circles but photo looks like you have a
    strange hat on.look at it again.?? i guess i c those things bc i take snapshots of the things i sew and sell.and etsy instills “no background noise”in professional pics.
    You’re still adorable as ever!Im
    being very genuine when i say
    that.??i could not help

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more on Lee! I seriously can’t stand him. He is so disrespectful and just plain rude. I love how Dean called him out! Just makes me love Dean even more. Now Kenny and Lee drama is just too much nonsense for this momma! Just seems soooo silly to me! Bryan on the other hand I just love to death. I feel like he is kind of shy in a way and is so charming. I also didn’t think too much into her comment. I just love them so much together.
    Now to all your outfits! I want to be you! I love them all! I can’t wait to see all of Mollys first birthday details!!

    1. I really love Bryan and Rachel together! She is just so giddy around him and he seems completely smitten. I see that shy side of him too, which I find really endearing along with that super charming side. I’m so excited to see them have a date together!

  9. I’m a married woman, but man, Dean had my heart last night! I couldn’t stop smiling during their date. He seems so genuine and real.

  10. I like Bryan but yes he is charming and those types usually turn me off. I like him and them together but I want to know more about his past. Why is he still single?

    I don’t know what people see in Peter but he and Bryan are my top 2 for Rachel.

    Dean is cute and sweet but too young.

  11. Hi Ali,
    I agree with you about Rachel’s breakdown. It didn’t make complete sense, so I’m guessing something else happened and the show elected not to show us. How could Rachel speak of the public talking about her when they were in tape mode? It’s clear she was expecting the public to see what happened. Anyway, there are a lot of guys I don’t see a connection with Rachel. Lee, Kenny, Josiah and Iggy have got to go. IMO it was a bad recruiting season. Maybe the show has run its course and the producers/recruiters are just looking for bodies. I still love my girl Rachel so I will continue to watch, but not sure I will remain faithful to this show in the future. They seem to show us MORE drama and less of the love story.

    1. On that note ….. can we talk about BIP ????? On a separate post. News today is they are resuming filming.

  12. I felt really bad for the guy(can’t remember his name) Rachel was talking to while Lee and Kenny were fighting because she was so focused on the fight then the guy talking. Then she gave Lee the rose not that guy and I felt that Lee should have gone home not that guy. Even if that guy would have gotten sent home at the next rose ceremony he’s still better than Lee. I think that Lee is another Chad.

  13. Hi Ali,
    Love your style! Can you tell me if the heels from the first pic (with blue floral slip dress) are true to size. On the website there are only 4 reviews and they seem to run at least 1/2 size small. Thanks!

  14. The drama is so distracting, I agree it is taking away from the season. All the conversations are about other people and we barely see the connections she is making because of it. Dean’s date was a breath of fresh air!

  15. I whole heartedly agree with you on Bryan!! I have been saying the exact same things and my mom was refusing to see it! And I am from Miami, so I can tell you he is coming off as the quintessential slick Miami player. UGH! Thanks for not making me feel like I am taking crazy pills when it comes to Bryan and all his cringe worthy lines!

  16. I think the pressure Rachel is feeling is about who she is sending home racially speaking maybe? She kept saying she felt pressure because she’s the first bachelorette and people would judge her and then she would stop herself. She is making decisions on people based on them as a person not based on the color of their skin and maybe she is getting pressure based on that?

  17. Hi Ali
    I think it’s very humbling & most honorable of you to tell us you are dyslexic.
    You are doing a great job & are in the top 90% best for your blogging talent.
    And 99% for your fashion sense!
    Enjoy NYC & safe travels.
    Wishing Rachel the best.

  18. I agree with all of your thoughts about the guys except Bryan. I think he is genuinely into Rachel so he doesn’t come off as a player to me. But time will tell about that, I could be wrong. I hate the fact that we could be missing something noteworthy because of the edits. I love Rachel and am confident that she will do the right thing at the right time. At least that’s what she did with Blake and Whaboom. I didn’t want to see them continue on just for the drama between them. I hope she finds love on the show because that’s why we all watch. I loved your season Ali and Roberto was my choice for you the whole time. Sorry it didn’t have the fairytale happy ending but I have to say, I’m glad it didn’t just because you found Kevin and what an amazing relationship you two have. I loved your wedding video. Molly is the absolute cutest!! I have a great neice who is 6 months older and what a joy it is to watch them grow and learn. Love your blog! XO

  19. I was also thinking something else had to happen for Rachel to breakdown since she’s always so reselilant. Then we all have our breaking points, right? I can’t imagine the pressure is feels.
    Now onto the guys….Bryan is definitely trying too hard but I don’t think he’s a player. He is just really laying on the Latin lover philosophy. Haha! Dean, omg Dean!! He is a sweetheart, I love him. I hope he goes far, I think he does. Broke my heart listening to his story about his mom. Ugh! ? I just have no words for Lee. He doesn’t deserve any time or attention spent on him. He’s a disgusting person. I am also disgusted by casting for bringing him on the show. They knew about his tweets beforehand. It is shameful they chose to bring on this man for “drama”. I also believe producers made her keep him on for at least one more episode. I felt for Kenny in this scenario. I hope he comes out of this with his head held high.

  20. So I have to say I am SO over Lee and have a suspicion that the producers wanted him around for another episode. Look, Rachael is smart and a good judge of character. Idk it seems off to me she kept him.

    I also feel like there are SO many guys in the friend zone this season. Like Kenny or Josiah, for example. I can’t see her ever actually making out with them. Oh and definitely Izzy who, I agree, also needs to go. Drama king.

  21. I just finished the episode and immediately went to your blog! I agree 100% about Lee. He just likes to get a rise out of people, which is incredibly unflattering and disrespectful. I feel bad for Kenny. I hope that he takes the conversation he had with Rachel to heart and confronts Lee in a mature way. If he yells at Lee again, I could see Rachel sending them both home because she already said she does not want that drama. #KeepIt100

  22. Totally agree about Bryan. I like him but the one liners are making me gag.

    I was seriously crying when Dean was telling the story about his mom. It was so similar to what my husband went through with both of his parents at a young age and it breaks my heart. Even though he’s only 25, his life experience really makes him quite older (and probably more mature) then many of the other guys in the house (I’m looking at you Lee!)

  23. I totally agree that Lee needs to go.. as well as Iggy (they are the reason for all the drama and tension on the show & it’s really annoying to watch). I don’t know how Rachel doesn’t see through their crap l.. and u can see that she doesn’t have a romantic connection w either of them!

    I like Bryan, I think he is cute and sweet but somewhat shy, so his charm may come off a different way to ppl.. but he seems honest to me and they seem to have good chemistry (guess we’ll see). I actually don’t understand why Rachel questions his intentions but not Lee or Iggy’s? Lol

    I’m still not sure about Kenny…
    I dont see her with Eric (he is too insecure).
    I like Will (the guy she went horseback riding w through Beverley Hills) & see him in the top 4. He stays out of the drama and they seem to have good chemistry too.

    Peter is at the top for me. They seem to be on the same level & have something real and sweet going on.
    I like Dean a lot too, but I do think he is too young for her. Not necessarily age, but he acts younger or less experienced so I don’t see them having a long lasting relationship.

    I beleive the show does have an influence on who should stay or go to a point & they really need to get back to the positive things and the love story before they lose more viewers. All the reality shows have just become more fake and soap opera-ish it’s sad.

    Love the outfits Ali! The more casual one (white t-shirt, jeans & the jean jacket) is my fav! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rachel questions Bryan’s intentions but not Lee’s or Iggy’s because she knows she can’t see herself with either of them, so it’s not worth her time!

    2. I think it was Anthony she went horseback riding with not Will. I like Will but don’t think Anthony is a good match for Rachel.

    1. YES!!! I couldn’t figure out what it was that has been bothering me about him until I saw your comment. He’s almost too charming & that makes me wonder if that’s just his true self or if there’s another side to him we haven’t seen.

  24. 100% agree with your comments – love hearing your insight too!

    Also – you’re seriously the cutest and I am so happy for you and your little family! I love following along with all of Molly’s milestones as she is just a few months younger than my little one! She’s a doll – like her mama! ?

  25. Ali,

    I loved those outfits and enjoyed reading your blog, today. You are “spot on” about Lee. Hope you have safe travels to NYC.

  26. I could not agree more about Lee! I don’t like him or iggy… I like Kenny. I think he’s a good guy. I know he didn’t handle the situation with Lee very well but I still hope he makes it toward the end. I Love Dean! He seems so sweet and sincere… I totally balled like a baby when he was talking about his mom.

  27. I totally agree! I love Dean and how he opened up…he’s a keeper! I think the same thing about Kenny and Lee. Lee will probably (and should) go home next week, but I don’t think he hit Kenny. I think the producers did a great job of getting us excited for next weeks episode, but I agree, I think that clip is from something that happens later! Also, love the outfit & shoes!

  28. I love your blog! It is my favorite reading to do when I need a moment to myself at work. I’m such a fan of everything you stand for and I love how you share your personal life with us, the good and the bad. You’re so encouraging! I had a few questions though about the bachelorette. I have been a fan of the show for many many seasons and can’t help but wonder how things change as the seasons go on. How different is the Bachelorette now compared to your season? What are some things you wish would’ve been a part of your experience that you’ve noticed in current seasons? What are some similarities between this season and yours that stick out to you?

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! Blessings to you and your family!

  29. I think eric reacted the way someone with a temper would react to the situation but he was pushed to the wall. Im more into cool, reserved guys like peter though…the whole anger thing shows they might not be a good match.

  30. Your clothes are great! You always look amazing. The Bachelorette…I am in agreement with most everyone that Lee is a snake and must go…soon! Dean is adorable, but a bit too young for her, I think. Saw a different side of Josiah. He’s pretty full of himself. Too bad; good looking, great bod, smart, with a good job. But Peter is my pick for Rachel. Rumor mills are saying it’s Dean she picks. We’ll have to see.

  31. Love your blog, Ali! I’m a horrible speller, too, so that spelling bee would have iced me! I hope Eric, Iggy, and Lee are sent home next Monday, and that we get to know Adam, Jack, Matt and Will. None of those last four have had any significant screen time with her, so I don’t feel comfortable making a judgment on them. There was a deleted scene on the abc website of Rachel with Adam and I did NOT like him. He came across as arogant to me. I like Anthony and Kenny, but I don’t see chemistry or life experience/expectations jelling with Rachel, long term. I think Bryan is a player and she gets that she’s been caught up by his antics and she doesn’t like feeling a bit out of control and questions how she has been drawn in by him. I was disappointed by Josiah’s boasting and championing, but he is still one of my favorites for being a good match for her. He may be too intense a person for her which would make for a way too hyped up, full-blown Type A mate. Rachel needs to be able to relax, have fun and a laid back home life, I think. Peter has a softness that I like for her, but he needs to share more about who he is. He seems too cautious around her, but I sure like that he’s not involved in the drama. I like Dean a lot but I do think his age and inexperience will not fly with her. Also, she is super close to her family and Dean said that after his mother died that both his sister and brother moved out and his dad became distant. If time has not healed his fractured family, Rachel will not be as interested in him, I don’t think. She really likes him, but if he needs a big sister or a mother figure, she doesn’t want that.

  32. I agree with you 100%! Even my husband who is “not” into the show, but was watching last night..:-) agrees with us! Can’t wait for next week!

  33. Hey Ali! I always read your blog but never comment but today I felt that I had to!
    Because first I ? agree with you on the Lee situation, he has this smug on his face that is so disrespectful in every way possible, he needs to go asap! I love Dean so much more for telling him off! “You know EXACTLY what I mean with that” Yes we do!
    Second, Bryan was in my favorites at the beginning but I don’t know, I have an hard time believing everything he says, he seems very player-ish (I say it’s a word! Haha) indeed and like he’s hiddin something…??โ€โ™€๏ธ
    Third and last, most days when I come back from work, I am (like most people) exhausted, with an headache and a bit moody but then I see your insta story or Kevin’s and seeing you guys with Molly is one of the highlight of my day! She is one lucky little girl to have awesome parents and the cutest poochie brother!
    So yea haha love your blog, keep writting it forever and ever! โค๏ธ Oh! And what are your thoughts about BIP not being cancelled?? It made me happy, I want Kristina to find love!
    Have a good day! ?

  34. Lee, Iggy, Kenny, and Eric all need to go. I think Rachel feels pressure to keep black guys around too. Brian could be a snake too plus he devours her mouth when he kisses. Dean too young. So, who is left???

  35. Lee is getting under my skin big time. Kenny is such a genuine and sweet guy, I was a little surprised to see those two on the 2-1. I liked how Kenny said, “I have one side of me I show unlike Lee”. Not sure about Josiah and haven’t been since day one. He’s been very arrogant and I’m not drawn to that. Love Dean so far.

  36. Totally agree with all of your comments about the guys except I think Dean will go far, but sent home because he doesn’t seem to quite have the mature depth (if that makes sense ha) that some of the other guys she really likes do. Wow that was a long sentence ha

  37. I think Lee is a jerk and the show is getting so predictable with the jerks always getting to stay longer than necessary, which makes me question who’s decision it really is.

    And for the record – men are so much more into drama than the women! I think it has to do with a little thing called PRIDE! Too much macho going on in one house! Uggg.

  38. Ali, do you still see Rachel ending up with Eric? I cannot. He seems too insecure and I’m not seeing him keeping up with her intellectually.

  39. I agree with about Lee, also don’t really like Iggy. So far I like Peter and Dean. Not much of a fan of Bryan.

  40. You are so right about Lee!! I think he is just there to be on TV, not to find love! I give Kenny serious props for keeping his cool when he tried to express frustration to Lee. I probably would have knocked that smirk right off his face. I think Lee and Iggy need to go, so all the drama will calm down.

    Oh ps… Dean **swoon** ?

  41. I made my prediction last night: she will end up falling in love with 2 men. One of those men will for sure be Dean. I mean he is the total package: good looking, genuine, smart, kind, AND the other girls (from last week’s episode) like him best for her.
    The other guy will be either Peter, Bryan (though I’m with you on him seeming disingenuous), or some other dark horse that will suddenly form a strong relationship with her.
    She will struggle to choose between the 2, and inevitably choose the older guy over Dean, simply justifying her impossible choice by saying that Dean is young and may not truly be ready for marriage/kids etc.
    Dean will be the next Bachelor, because, Duh!

    1. Damn it!!! I wanted to make the call of Dean being the next Batchelor. Hello!! So obvious. And with that said I WILL BE WATCHING !! He’s Yummy!

  42. Dean was a sweetheart. I really liked him a lot last night. I hadn’t really paid much attention to him. I’m really excited to see her date with Jack though. I hope it goes well. My top pick is Peter though. He just seems like a good guy. Reminds me a lot of Chris from Desiree’s season. Just a solid guy with a good heart.

  43. I used to work with Lee and he is just as awful of a person in real life as he is on the show! He has little man syndrome to the extreme.. (he’s about 5’8 if that) and walks around like he is the best thing on the planet. He has said several times that he thinks women should be housewives that cook and clean for their husband.. and he used to always post awful things online!! He is just not a good person at all. What’s even more frustrating is that he is thriving on the fact that everyone is talking about him..(bad press is better than no press) in his eyes.. He loves the attention and wants the fame!! I wish there was a way we could just ban him and everyone could prevent him from having any fame or success in this industry what’s so over.. Right now, he’s just being rewarded for being a terrible person!!

  44. Did anyone else hear Josiah say that Iggy takes drugs and shoots steroids into his testicles??? I am actually pretty shocked that was aired.

    1. Not really shocked. Have you seen how blown up he looks? And the size of his neck says a lot! I was only surprised that they didn’t edit it out!

  45. I think Bryan is super shady. He comes off as a player to me and I honestly feel like he’s only there to be the next Bachelor. I’ll tell you someone who would be a great Bachelor and that’s Dean. He’s such a sweetheart and I adore his story. If Rachel doesn’t choose him in the end I could see the producers picking him as the new Bachelor. As for Lee, I feel he is not representing my home town of Nashville well at all. He’s got to go next week! I cannot stand an instigator and that’s exactly what he is. Honestly, in the beginning of the season I felt they went ALL OUT for her selections of men but as the weeks have gone on there are a lot of shady guys there that I didn’t notice before. I think Josiah and Kenny are both kind of disingenuous sadly. I love Will (he’s a sleeper I think, quiet but I like him) and Peter. Peter is an old soul and so kind, love him!

  46. Hi, Ali I wrote a comment and I don’t see it post it. I am wonder why? Send me an email. Thank you.

  47. Can we please talk about Leeโ€™s hair? What is that? Anyway, Lee and Rachel have zero chemistry. I admired the men who were staying out of the petty drama, because I felt like Lee, Iggy, Eric, Kenny, etc. were acting like little boys squabbling. I wouldnโ€™t have been surprised if Rachel had come in and said that she was too frustrated with the drama, and was postponing the rose ceremony until she could clear her head. Thatโ€™s what I thought Chris Harrison was going to say. Someone needs to call these clowns on their embarrassing behaviour.

    1. I think Lee has “There’s Something About Mary” hair. Shrimp wanting to be a big fish. Surprised Rachel would bend to production.

  48. I totally agree with your observations about Bryan! something comes off super disingenuous with him and Lee needs to be kicked to the curb!

    I love Kenny (pretty sure the eye “cut” is ketchup, am I alone here? possible photoshoot??) and Dean is adorable but I don’t see him with Rachel really.

    Ali I would love to know your picks on the next Bachelor!

  49. These producers are getting waaaaay too predictable! Always the villain in the house (Lee), always the drunk (this time Lee as well), always some gets hurt, always the fighting and bickering (this time ramped up and I hate it! I fast forward through the fighting…cause really…who needs to listen to that!!
    The producers honestly needs some fresh ideas! And tell me, Ali, they have had to have asked her to keep Lee, because there is NO Way she would have done so on her own!!! Another thing Inhate about the producers & the show! So far this is the worst bachelorette yet…and trust me.’s not a race thing! I just hate that it’s so predictable

  50. Can we please move on to Rachel’s search for love? All this drama and “to be continued” episodes are annoying.

  51. I’m so annoyed by ALL THE “To be continued” episodes!!!!! Are you? Any thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise????

  52. First time on your blog since following you on Insta! Love! OK – Lee is a redneck and Iggy is Icky. That’s my thoughts – gap tooth guy is cute but yes, “Play-Ah” to the max!

  53. Ali, I totally agree with your thoughts on Bryan. I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels off- and the kissing!? I hate the way he kisses her!! I also feel we the viewers are getting more drama than romance. These guys are more into each other than Rachel. I love her, but I’m somewhat board with most of the episodes.

  54. I do not trust Bryan at all. He totally seems like a player and has not given any information about his life- just “you’re so beautiful, *sloppy kiss*”. I have not liked him since the first episode when he kissed her. Rachel seemed to like it, but I would not want to be kissed that early on and in such a fashion- you know NOTHING about each other. Now…random kisses can be hot, but if the whole point is to find a lasting relationship, how about not just jumping in like that.
    I had high hopes for Josiah in his first interview but he is so freakin’ arrogant and Monday’s episode was no exception.
    I love Peter and Dean so far. I want to see more of Will.
    Lee does not deserve any more fame by me posting about him.

  55. Ali,

    Like all the men who follow you, I burn for you. Your skill, your look associated with your sensual game with these roses have the same effect on me as that of adding oil on the fire …
    I like that.

  56. Hi Ali, I love reading your thoughts on the bachelorette!! You have such a nice website and a great style in clothing!!!
    I wanted to share a thought that I had about Dean. During this episode I really started to like him and my thought was that if it doesn’t works out with Rachel he will be such a great fit to Raven!!! They are so much alike! Hope they will have a chance to get to know each other ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I also agree on a lot of what you thought of the guys. Bryan does try too hard and it makes him look like a player. And those sloppy kisses are not playing well on TV. Yucky not sexy! Lee is disgusting at best but Kenny has a dark side I think too. Iggy is a 10 year old girl! Dean is sweet but way too young and also what about the super tight pants?? LOL Peter is just adorable and doesn’t have to try as hard. As for Rachel and that breakdown…My theory is that she is way more into the white guys and not really into any of the black guys (although some haven’t had much of a chance with her). I really believe she feels the pressure of being with the first black bachelorette to pick the first black final rose contestant and it doesn’t look like her heart is in that direction. I have a feeling that producers may have pointed that out to her and that is why she is so “worried” about how she will look and the pressure is coming from that. This was way more serious than keeping Lee on for sure. Curious if you think I might be right?

    1. I was thinking along those lines, also. If she chooses a black contestant, people might say she’s racist, but if she chooses a white man, the black viewers might be disappointed. I love her, though, and think she is showing a level of maturity, dignity, and class that not all contestants exhibit.

  58. I’m black myself and don’t find any of the black contestants attractive. I truly hope Rachel follows her heart. This is her life.

  59. Seeing Bryan is funny for me since I’ve been dating a Colombian guy for three years now. Very charming, smooth talker, super handsome and goes right in for that first kiss! I’m not one for stereotyping but I recognise my boyfriend so much in how Bryan acts it’s scary!

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