Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Hey guys! Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have to say I’ve definitely spent way too much time thinking about Father’s Day gifts! Ha! I mean, it is a super important day every year, but it’s especially important in our household this year because it’s going to be Kevin’s first! And I guess I just want it to be perfect for him so I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to get him and what we’re gonna do. Since I spent so much time thinking about it, I thought why not share the things I came up with with all of you so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about it! And Kevin helped me put together this list. I’ve got to say that having a blog and using the excuse of “I need your help to pick out good Father’s Day gifts for a blog post I’m doing” was a really good way for him to indirectly show me what he secretly wanted. You’ll notice that a few of the things on my list he’s wearing in the pictures below. I went ahead and surprised him with them on different days over the past week. As you may have read in this blog post, we are celebrating Father’s Day all month!

So here are my favorite gift ideas:



  1. The DAD Mug – I love this as a gift idea for a first Father’s Day. And that’s because men who are experiencing their first Father’s Day aren’t used to the title of dad. So having this mug is something special that they wouldn’t have been able to use before.
  2. Duffle Bag – A good duffle bag is essential for any dad on the run. Kids come with a lot of stuff and having a good to-go bag is a must! I love that this one because it’s so affordable and also monogrammed! I’m always shocked when you can get something so affordable and still get the personalized touch like that. This bag is under $100.
  3. Nice Shirt -Like women, men can appreciate nice new clothing. And this is a nice piece of clothing that is also affordable! I knew the shirt was Kevin’s style and he confirmed it when he thought it was a good pick for my blog post. And it’s under $60.
  4. Sunglasses -And again like women, men are always losing their sunglasses! So you can never have enough. These ones are cool, on trend and under $100. Which is surprisingly hard to find for men’s sunglasses. At least for a good quality pair.
  5. Bucket List Book – If you buy a man a diary he might throw it away when you’re not looking. Ha! Not exactly the most manly thing in their eyes. But keeping a journal has been such an important part of my life that I think it would be really cool if it became a part of Kevin’s too. So instead of just giving him a blank notebook telling him to journal, I thought this bucket list book is a really cool idea. You write out what’s on your bucket list and then when you do those things, you write when you did it, where you did it and how you did it. And you get to check it off the list! Guys tend to be really goal focused. So I think this is a great gift for the “dad” in your life!
  6. Converse – Chucks for the win! You guys know I’m absolutely obsessed with converse and I secretly always wanted Kevin to start wearing them so I bought these in the hopes that he would love them and he does! Now he’s wearing them all the time and I have to say it’s pretty damn sexy!
  7. Wallet – I wrote about this wallet on the other Father’s Day post I did a few days ago when I surprised Kevin with an early Father’s Day gift basket. He loves this brand and I couldn’t turn down the wallet at only $20. Such a great, affordable gift. Plus he prefers how slim this is compared to the bulky wallets that fold in half.
  8. Swell Bottle – Kevin and I both have multiple Swell bottles and we can’t get enough of them! He already has two other bottles but we use them so often and are constantly washing them, so I got him a third just because they’re so great!
  9. A Nice Belt – Is it just me or do guys tend to buy cheap belts? I normally don’t splurge on too many items but I feel like every guy needs a good black belt. So this is a no-brainer in my mind.
  10. Bluetooth Earbuds – Kevin absolutely loves these and has been using them a ton since I gave him these a few days ago. After I gave them to him he couldn’t wait to go for a run to test them out and he loved them! These are a great gift for a guy who likes to work out or run. Or any tech savvy dad in your life.
  11. Monogrammed Cooler – And last but not least after all the hard work the dad’s in our lives do, they definitely want to enjoy a nice cold beverage at the end of the day. I thought this cooler was a great choice as a Father’s Day gift. Not only is it personalized which makes it seem like you’re putting a lot of thought into the gift, but it’s under $50! Getting something monogrammed and under $50 is such a steal, especially something as large as this.

Anyway guys, I hope you found this Father’s Day gift guide helpful! I think it’s so important that we spoil the Dad’s in our lives because I now, more than ever as a new mother, understand just what daddy’s sacrifice for all of us. So go ahead and spoil the Dad’s in your life this Father’s Day!

Oh and PS.. all of these gifts are from Nordstrom. I wanted to make it easy for you guys so you could find all the gifts in one spot instead of linking to a bunch of different stores that could have different shipping fees. But luckily Norstrom ships everything for free. Happy shopping!





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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide!

  1. Thanks for this post! Your blog is an interesting read, but I always wonder about what you consider to be “budget”? Men’s shirt for $60, sunglasses for $100–hardly a good deal/budget item for most…

    1. Men’s clothes are EXPENSIVE! More than women’s. I consider under $50 for women to be a good deal and under $100 for men. I am not looking for “cheap” items as they usually aren’t good quality if you go too inexpensive. But I realize that under $100 is affordable for everyone.

  2. I share your feelings on converse and have also bought my husband a pair. I live the duffle bag and sunglasses! Love this post!

  3. I got a gigantic bag of my hubby’s favourite candy from bulk barn and I made his father’s day gift with our baby girl. I cut out letters D-A-D and got her to hold each letter and I took 3 separate pictures with her wearing a big bow on her head and a cute little outfit and then I put in a triple frame.
    Cute. Cheap. And from the heart not so much the wallet as its his first father’s day but this mommas on mat leave ?
    Top it off with a father’s day brunch at a local spot and we’re golden ?

  4. Hey Ali so this is a weird question but i was. Wondering what do you guys do with all Molly’s baby clothes she had outgrew?
    Do you put it away for her keep it in the family or give it to charity?

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