A Little Surprise for Kevin! Soon-To-Be First Father’s Day!

Kevin is the most amazing daddy. I couldn’t be more grateful to raise our daughter Molly with him and I truly hope he knows how much he is appreciated.  That’s said, this Father’s Day will be particularly special in our household this year because it is Kevin’s first Father’s Day! As many of you know, last month Kevin totally spoiled me for Mother’s Day. He gave me a whole Mother’s Day month! So of course, naturally, I had to try to one up him. Ha! So this month I’m hoping to surprise them in little ways throughout the month to let him know how much Molly and I appreciate him. Kevin is not only the most amazing husband, but he is truly the most selfless father and wonderful daddy to Molly.

So today when Kevin got home from work, I wanted him to be able to relax after a long week. I wanted his weekend to start off with a surprise and hopefully turn into a very relaxing weekend. So when he got home from work I had a package at the front door with a pair of track pants and a white t-shirt (His favorite types of lounging outfit). Kevin doesn’t really like flannel pajamas. He prefers track pants for hanging around the house. Plus these track pants were under $50 and you know I love a good bargain. With the clothes, was a note telling him to change into his comfies and head to the bedroom. And get your mind out of the gutter! Ha! What was waiting in the bedroom was a little Father’s Day box of goodies and breakfast/lunch in bed! I say breakfast/lunch because he got home at 10:30 AM from work because he co-hosts a very early morning radio show, but technically it’s his lunch since he’s already been out for 8 hours.

In his box full of goodies was a pair of sunglasses with a note telling him to wear them while he’s relaxing by the pool this weekend (because he NEVER gets to do this and I want him to take some time for himself). His favorite men’s face wash. A wallet from one of his favorite brands (it was only $20 by the way). Kevin and many guys love this thin type of wallet because it isn’t bulky in their back pocket. Such a great gift! A tie with a note saying that I would be taking him out to a nice dinner this weekend so I wanted to make sure he had something nice and new to wear. FYI this tie is 50% off right now!



I also gave him a comfy pair of slippers. With another note of course expressing how much I appreciate our days at home together. I told him how crazy it is how much our lives have changed. On the weekends we used to go out and explore the world and now our weekends consist of staying in PJs all day and playing with our daughter in the living room. So I wanted to make sure he had a comfy pair of slippers to wear on our weekends home together.

And last but not least a fit bit because Kevin is a health nut! Ever complain of not having enough time to work out? Well since Kevin is total rockstar dad and not wanting to go to the gym while Molly is awake. Kevin wakes up at 3 AM so he can go to the gym before his 4 AM call time at work. So I gave him the fit bit with a note saying how much I appreciate that he care so much about his family that he gets up that early to go to the gym so that he can spend time with us.

Anyway, I I wanted to share this with all of you for two reasons. First, because Kevin is such an incredible daddy that he deserves to be recognized for everything he’s done for our family. And secondly, I hope these gifts and my notes give you all some ideas for gifts this Father’s Day! I love the idea of not only giving the practical gifts that the dads in our lives can use, but also incorporating a note with each gift. Everything I got him was from Nordstrom so it was an easy one stop shop! I also love that he was TOTALLY surprised by these gifts because I did it before Father’s Day! But now I have set the bar high for actual Father’s day! Ha!

Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day to all the amazing daddy’s out there!




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22 thoughts on “A Little Surprise for Kevin! Soon-To-Be First Father’s Day!

  1. Darling pictures! I love the one with Kevin, Molly and Owen and your fun gifts! I hope you and Kevin enjoy a fabulous dinner out this weekend! Molly is sooo adorable! Your 3 dark brown-eyed loves are soooo dear in that pic!

  2. Ali, this is SO thoughtful and creative! Love it.

    P.S. Your fans (including me) are dying to know where your denim jacket and sunglasses are from that you were wearing in your Insta Stories last night. We’ve left you messages all over the place, but I’m sure you’re very busy! When you have a free moment, inquiring minds would love to know 🙂 XOXO

      1. Thanks for replying! Hmmm…yours looked more distressed than this and a bit darker? Were your sunglasses the cheapy $12 BP or different ones? 🙂

  3. I love your first Father’s Day post for Kevin, love following your fun and endearing lives together, AND I love the little “Kewpie doll” sprig of hair Kevin’s sporting in some of those photos! LOL. <3 Marlene

  4. So sweet of you to do this for your husband. He sure seems like a hands on type of daddy. Love the pictures of Molly and Kevin. My husband of almost 36 years is still the same loving and caring dad to our children, even though they are grown up and out of the house. Our children always come first and we are lucky to be so close to ours. We are so blessed to have husbands that are the best Dads. Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day to all the days out there.

  5. Great gifts! Your Super-woman! LOL
    Molly is so adorable, but I think Owenstole the show with his “where’s my gift”look!! ?
    You are an adorable family! Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    I have watched you since the first bachelorette appearance and you and Melissa have always been my favorites!! So glad to see you both happy (with all the bachelor/bachelorettefamily) !
    Take cabaret!God bless!

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love following your little fam and love listening to Kevin, Jill, and Valentine every morning. My boyfriend has that wallet too and loves it. I wish I could fit all of my stuff in such a compact space. Ha!

  7. I Ali I’m being follow you since bachelorette I very very love you the way you do things. ?????

  8. What a wondeful surprise! I notice a lot of what you purchase is from Nordstroms (which I love). Is this sponsored or an ad for Nordstrom? I really am genuinely curious, nothing wrong if it’s sponsored. Like I said Nordstrom is a favorite store of mine! Your family is beautiful and great start to Father’s Day!

  9. Ali your the sweetest! I love you guys! Your an amazing mom and wife! With all the events and hosting you have been doing how do you find time to do things like this?!! I wish I was as creative as you! The pictures are so cute!!

  10. Love love love your blog, Ali. I’m a new mama, our little Leonardo is just 23 days old! I’ve been following you since you were on the bachelor and I’ve been reading and treasuring all the baby related stuff you’ve posted since I got pregnant.
    I would love to see a post about breastfeeding friendly elegant wear, I have a wedding coming up next month and I’m very nervous about the whole thing, including what should I wear to make sure I can easily feed Leo on a hot July day?!

  11. Ali! My little one is mollys age just about! How is her sleep going? Do you still do 2 naps?? Mine is trying to drop her second nap and I cannot let her do that! Mama needs that second nap! Haha any advice?

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