The Bachelorette – What’s Up with Eric?

I have sooo many questions and concerns about Eric after last night episode, but before I dive into all of that, let’s talk about the rest of the episode.

First off, Rachel continues to impress me. Last week I was so sure thee was NO Way she was letting Demario back in the house. But when she started talking to him, I started to get the feeling that maybe she was going to give them another chance. But lo and behold our girl Rachel laid down the gauntlet! I love what she said about how she needed a man (not a boy) that when confronted with something, that man takes ownership for what he did. I’m so glad that she said that and I hope that she taught a valuable lesson to many young men and women watching who give the partners in their lives too many second chances when they continually don’t own up to things they’ve done.

Ok moving on to Whaboom. When Lucas told the story about Blake eating a banana over him while he sleeps I was DYING!!! And then wean Blake explained it wasn’t him because he doesn’t eat carbs I just about peed my pants. I seriously could watch that whole thing between Blake and Lucas over and over! I was laughing SO hard!

I loved the Ellen date. But I thought it was so not cool how Bryan called Rachel’s kiss with the other guys sloppy seconds. That refers to Rachel’s mouth as sloppy after kissing someone else. I just would’ve been really offended if someone said that about me. But that said, he was on a national TV show and he was probably really nervous and just trying to be funny. And based on what I’ve seen from the two of them together it’s pretty obvious that Rachael is really sexually attracted to him. I’m not so sure they’re connecting on an emotional level so far, but we shall see.

The horse date was…odd. I think it’s pretty obvious that Rachael gave that date to a guy she wasn’t super into. Since it involved little to no contact for the majority of the date. And I was actually kind of surprised that she gave Anthony a rose at the end of the date. But I don’t necessarily think she wanted to to be honest. But here’s the thing, she just sent home Fred in the middle of her last group date. It would’ve been too much for her to send home Anthony on this one on one and then also do a rose ceremony. Would it have been possible? Well sure. But the juicy episodes where multiple people are sent home on dates and not at the Rose ceremony are saved for special occasions (meaning she has to keep some people along the way). And even though Rachel is definitely paving her own path, she can’t necessarily sent home every guy every time she wants to. If I had sent home guys on my season when I knew I wasn’t going to end up with them, I would have sent home 23 guys the first night. And that’s the truth. So I’m glad Anthony got a rose last night, because he seems like a nice guy. But he’s definitely not going to end up with Rachel on the end.

I’ve said since the first episode that I thought Rachel would end up with Eric at the end. But now I’m really not sure. I was so shocked and cut off guard by how emotional he was getting over everything in last night’s episode. And I’m not using the word emotional in a good way. He was overly emotional and frantic at points. His emotion seemed to come from a place of anger and I think that’s what started turning me off to him. I actually found a very interesting though how he said that he thought Rachel was playing a game. I know many of you are probably pissed at him for saying that but I wasn’t at all. Like I just explained above, some of this is a game. Not a nasty or manipulative sort of way. But you have to juggle so many peoples feelings and emotions and give roses at certain times so that people’s feelings aren’t hurt and so that there’s actually a show to be had. Maybe game was the wrong word for him to use. But I think he’s smart enough to realize that there’s no way that Rachel actually sees herself with all the guys she still giving roses too. Put it this way, if I put you in a room with 20 potential partners and then had you hang out with them for a couple days, wouldn’t you be able to narrow those people down to at least five within a couple of days? So I think Eric just has questions about all of that. I know I know, he signed up for a show where only a few people go home each week and he should’ve realized beforehand what he was getting himself into. But believe me when I tell you it is absolutely impossible to prepare yourself in this situation. but all that said, I’m just really disappointed in how Eric handled himself in last nights episode. I no longer have high hopes for him and Rachel ending up together. Which totally bums me out because I pride myself on being right from the very beginning of the season. Btw, I was such a fan of Eric up until last night episode as you can see me talking about HERE. And I’m not writing him off yet, but I was bummed out by the way he way acting.

What did you guys think about how Eric acted last night? Are you still a fan of his? Do you think he will end up with Rachel. Let’s discuss in the comments below!

And before I leave you here is a little fashion round-up of my favorite looks on Ali Luvs this week.








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72 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – What’s Up with Eric?

  1. I apologize if someone has already asked this but I have wondered, do the producers tell you the names during the rose ceremony through an earpiece? I would think it would be super hard to remember all of those names!

    1. This is a great question! I wonder this all the time! How the heck do they remember them all…especially on the first night lol

      1. is there a way i can be tagged when this question is answered? or ali, can you let us know on ur insta stories? ive wondered this question ssooooo many times!

          1. I thought i read somewhere that there are little pieces of paper on the roses that day the names!

    2. Sean Lowe explained how it works in one of his blogs. He says that only 3 names are called at a time which is a big reason why rose ceremonies take so long. (Another reason is because the cameras have to reposition for each suitor being called.)

  2. Dean wasn’t Whaboom’s nemesis…it was Blake I think? I love Dean and it seems Rachel is really into him too!

  3. I believe you meant Blake…not Dean. Blake and Lucas were the kids fighting and got sent home 🙂

  4. It was Blake, not Dean, who was sent home by the way. And I was so glad to see him go! I’m not a fan of Eric at all. I found him to be immature and not nearly on the same intellectual playing ground as Rachel. She should send him home next week, too. Right now Peter is still my top choice but I also like Will.!

  5. I agree Ali, Eric did not handle himself in a mature manner last night. I think he goes far just because (as you said) can’t send everyone home at the same time but NOT to the finale.

    I’m so happy Lucas and Blake are gone. Thank you Rachel for NOT holding on to these two since neither one of them were obviously there for the right reasons. They can both take their show to Paradise.

    About DeMario, I have no idea why he thought Rachel would take him back. We were only in week 3 with a ton of men remaining. Besides, she had already been warned and haven’t formed a relationship with him. Good luck in Paradise where liars, cheaters, etc are welcomed.

  6. Ali you brought up a good point about Eric and the Bachelorette being a game. I agree with you but Eric has never had feelings for a woman before. He admitted this. So I think he’s also got a little emotional immaturity going on too because he’s in uncharted territory and is reacting rather dramatically.

  7. I think Eric is a hot mess. He seems to have anger issues. Maybe that’s why he’s still single lol My guess is she ends up with Peter, but I am hearing that the last man standing is Bryan.

  8. The only thing I didn’t like about her sending Fred home was that she grabbed the group date rose when she walked out with him…he was on a high after their kiss and seeing her take the rose I’m sure he was completely blindsided by going home. Even the other men thought he was getting it. I’m just not really sure what her motive was on that…

    1. I agree! I was surprised when she grabbed it, because you could tell she wasn’t feeling the kiss and couldn’t get over the whole childhood thing. That wasn’t cool, taking the rose to end up letting him go.

    2. I agree Carrie. I’m sure she didn’t mean to do that. But I’m sure he thought he was getting it. Poor guy.

      1. She meant to do that. She’s a smart woman. And it looked good for the viewers and for the other men to think that he was getting the rose. I think it was a smooth move. Rachel is a class act.

    3. I completely agree! I thought it was really insensitive of her to do that after he had opened up to her and thought it went well. I thought he handled it well.

      1. Insensitive? In fact, I think she was incredibly thoughtful. However, when she makes up her mind about doing something it’s already done. She’s not here to play. I respect that!

  9. Hi Ali! (Love you!) Eric was my pick too! So then who is your new number one pick? Dean? Peter? Josiah? I’m so torn!

  10. Eric seems emotionally immature but there may be hope if he can control his temper. The guy from Nashville is really nasty and mean. I don’t trust him! I hope he goes home soon!

  11. I really liked Eric before last night’s episode. He seemed playful, and fairly confident in himself. Now I think he is no where close to being emotionally capable of a relationship with a smart, confident, beautiful, experienced woman like Rachel. I had no idea he was so inexperienced until last night. I don’t think he is on her intellectual level, either, but it’s difficult to know that for certain with as little as we’ve seen of him.
    At this point, I’m kind of disappointed to read someone’s comment that Bryan is “the one.” I like him, but I like several others more. She’s such a great lady that I’m confident she’ll pick the best guy for her and all of the press on her now indicates that she is over-the-moon in love with her guy.

    1. So he’s no longer any of these things because he expressed himself that made you feel uncomfortable?
      Geez….go back and look at the episode and challenge your views.

  12. I’m just glad that I’ve been with my man for 12 years and married for almost 10 LOL. I couldn’t imagine going through this. Hope Rachel has found an amazing man to spend the rest of her life with and endure all the ups and downs of life, as well as the ups and downs of growing as a human being. When you find someone saying yes to you in all the stages and growths of life, that my friends is called unconditional love 🙂 It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but love is a choice, not always a feeling 🙂

  13. I love Peter. I hope she ends up with him. Eric is too immature for her. Bryan is my 2nd choice. The rest need to go.

  14. I love Dean!! I think they really know how to have fun together and his smile is so cute to me. I like Peter too but he seems to not be as adventurous and fun as Rachael. I think Bryan is cute and fun but his kissing is a little too much. LOL. And yeah I definitely do not see her with Eric. Even though it would be hard not to questions the process, those contestants rarely end up with the final rose.

  15. I love Will!!! He has been so sweet and hilarious since the beginning. I think they will hit it off when he gets a one on one!

  16. MY money is still on Peter for the final three. BTW, is Molly the happiest child or does she just smile when she sees the camera? SHe is always smiling and it’s so adorable!

  17. My spidey sense was tingling right from the start with Eric. Seeing him last night confirmed why I felt it. I don’t think he’s going home yet, but I don’t think she ends up with him.
    I am SO proud of Rachel for not accepting DeMario back AND for sending home both Lucas and Blake (definitely didn’t see either of them with her). OH, and while I felt bad for Fred going home as well (wow, it was quite an episode for dudes going home), it shows that she isn’t messing around and going to string someone along.
    I like Alex, Dean, Kenny, Jack, and Peter. She’s definitely narrowing it down to some good dudes. I love how the tickle monster guy makes her laugh, but I don’t think he’s going to last much longer unless he can make an emotional attachment to her.

  18. I’m with you about Eric! I predicted he’d be the one at the end of the show with Rachel, but last night really has me questioning that. I completely agree that I can appreciate where he’s coming from. But his hot-headedness was such a turn off! He really let his emotions get the best of him. I haven’t completely lost hope on him, but I’m a little worried for my bracket (he’s my winner, eeek!)

  19. Question about the maxi dress you have on in the first picture. Is it maternity friendly? I LOVE it, but currently in my third trimester.

  20. Its going to be Peter in the end. I think they had a really great date last week and got little air time this week, because producers are trying to play their connection down.

  21. I loved the fued with Blake and Whaboom too, laughing the whole time. I honestly think Eric does make a point about other guys spending their one in one time worrying about him rather than building their own relationship with Rachel, plus it never ends well when you do that. However I still think Eric is maybe getting worked up a little too much and should really work on his temper.

  22. Never liked Eric or seen him ending up with Rachel, glad his true colors are coming out and hope he leaves soon! Dean all the way! He’s quite and very much not involved in any boyish drama, I think he is adorable!

  23. My two favorite guys are Peter and Bryan the rest can go home and I think Rachel will agree with me. Eric is acting very weird to me and I don’t see any chemistry between them. I think Bryan was shock to see that Rachel kissed others guys that is why he call it “sloppy second” he was jealous and I can tell you he is there for the right reason, he is the oldest guy these season. Cheering for my Miami guy!!

  24. My vote for next Bachelor would be Peter. Agree with you on Eric. He started out one of my faves but he appears to be a hot head. Nobody wants to deal with that mess! I also didn’t get the 1:1 date with Anthony! There wasn’t even a lead into that with a date card! I really like Will too! Love you and your daughter is adorable!

    1. No, Lucas and Blake were funny and brought on the show strictly for entertainment. They were also both “in on” the joke. Corrine was manipulative and emotionally abusive and Taylor got sucked into it.

  25. Everyone kept talking about how Bryan reminded them of Josh Murray, so my view was off. He seems genuine to me, strong and confident. Not arrogant. I think his sloppy seconds comment was just nerves. I stay dumb stuff all the time when I’m nervous.

  26. Something about Eric is off, maybe just the circumstances. I get a feeling that Lee may have said more than we saw and it struck a nerve. Still the anger was a bit much

    Ali your baby girl is the cutest thing ever ?

  27. I totally loved Eric before last nights episode as well. I thought he could be one of the final guys. However, my view shifted of him. I’ve been seeing a lot of people on social media side with Eric because they don’t like Lee (there’s a lot of Twitter stuff that got dug up about him). I thought Lee was completely in line last night & didn’t see him as a bad guy at all. Disappointed that we’re seeing Eric’s insecurities.

  28. Wow, I NEVER liked Eric. And now I think I was right. To me, he’s always been blah. Now he’s a bit scary. Not that he didn’t have a point, but flying off the handle is a bad bad sign.

  29. Ali you are so right about Eric. He’s immature and Insecure. In psychological terms he has an “Anxious/Angry” attachment style. He’s like a puppy, he needs lots of validation and ‘barks’ when he feels misunderstood. I’m a psychologist and have a fun Love Style quiz on my website which explains more.

    1. Dr. Diane knows her stuff. Great resource for dating and amazing tips and understanding of yourself and dating.

  30. I kind of disagree with most of the comments on here. Did you see how much Lee was talking down to Eric? Lee is Eric’s peer and is not superior to him in any way. Yet the way he spoke to Eric like he was a child was just frustrating to watch. Eric is clearly struggling with being on the show. He seems stressed and overwhelmed. I think him questioning Rachel’s interest in him is clearly rooted in his own insecurities. Maybe that alone makes him a bad match for Rachel but I don’t think we’ve seen anything to indicate that he’s not “there for the right reasons.” Tbh, Raven sort of threw him under the bus. She asked Bryce who he thought was the least appropriate match for Rachel and he said Eric. That’s a far cry from saying that Eric isn’t there for the right reasons or has bad intentions. I think Iggy and Lee and even the producers are clearly antagonizing Eric. His anger “explosions” look like the type of outbursts you see from someone who is constantly being antagonized. I don’t think it helps that Eric’s not a great communicator. But as far as Rachel goes, I think Eric means well. I kind of feel bad for him.

    1. I completely agree with you Lucy. Actually, Lee should leave next week. I have bad vibes about that Lee fellow! I wished I could slap him when he kept talking down on Eric…. I still stand by Eric, he may not be the right match for Rachel but a good guy pushed to the edge.

    2. I agree with you Lucy. I definitely feel that Lee is antagonist towards everyone in his style of communication. With Eric I think he is provoking and intentionally wants to highlight his short comings. I think Eric can pull it together and end up top 5 or 4. But not meant for Rachael. My hope is that will grow and mature from this experience.

      1. Lucy you must read Reality Steve haha. I totally agree though. It makes me sad that so many commenters can’t see below the surface. Eric is young, inexperienced, and the show is HIGHLY produced. They played on his weakness and used an insecure bully (Lee) to make Eric look bad. Was Eric in the wrong, sure. But there’s clearly more to it then what were shown!

  31. What about Eric? Did he not have plenty of valid points?

    Here’s the thing about the situation with Eric. He had a moment of insecurity concerning whether Rachel had feelings for him or not considering they had —up until that point—no alone time and he shared that throughout the episode as he watched dates go along without him. Iggy inserted his opinion into a conversation that he was not part of and Eric was having none of it. Sometimes you just need to mid your own business. Furthermore, why do use your 1-on-1 time to talk about other dudes? Eric is my favorite thus far and he is handling things the way that he should because it’s how he feels and he is honest about how he feels with the dudes and with Rachel. Lee IS a snake and a racist one at that. I don’t hear anyone talking about his backstabbing behavior (he probably has a small penis).
    Like Eric said…..”keep my name out of your mouth and worry about yourself”.

    What is classy is that Rachel giving him the rose told them to “shut the F*%$ up!”

    1. I agree. Rachel should be more concerned that guys who didn’t get a date (Iggy) or didn’t get a rose (Lee) are using their limited time with her to talk about someone else. Eric may be insecure, but who wouldn’t be dating a girl you barely get a chance to interact with. He was genuine about his feelings and the other guys are turning it against him. Lee obviously has major issues, but I’m really surprised by Iggy who was concerned that he didn’t get a date with Rachel, then instead of trying to get to know Rachel better, uses his time to rat on Eric. Seriously?
      If Rachel wants to avoid drama, like she says, she should send home the gossips. But, clearly her goal is to increase the drama. Why else tell Eric who had mentioned him? What good could that possibly do? None, as we saw.

      My predictions? Rachel will probably choose Bryan because she’s really into the romance. But she should at least try to get to know him before getting hot and heavy all the time.

  32. I am surprised everyone is talking about Eric’s anger instead of who or what instigated it! The culprit is that idiot Lee! Anyone could have been that upset given the circumstances especially if someone keeps talking down on you like an idiot, ofcourse your temper would skyrocket high! I was equally getting upset watching as Lee kept saying “wow” like a fool.

  33. This week was the first time I’ve loved Eric since ATFR. Eric is 100% straight forward. The only time he really went off was at the end of the episode and if you watch Lee raised his voice at Eric first. I’m just grateful that Eric brought, “keep my name out your mouth” into so many American homes.

  34. I may be the only one who thinks this but I partly agree about Eric. I think his temper gets the best of him BUT it’s hard not to be upset when the guys seem to be pin pointing at him. Bryce was pretty straightforward and that was that as far as a feud between them. But Lee kept poking at Eric and I think that it makes it hard for him not to get riled up. Same with Iggy. I’m not saying Eric is right but at the same time, I don’t see it as something the other guys should be stressing about per say right now. I agree with Eric too that if he fails with Rachel, it needs to be him that failed on his own not due to the mouth of others. And Lee just got cocky and rude. Especially saying he was glad to throw him under the bus.

  35. I completely agree with some of the other comments on here. While I never thought Eric would end up with Rachel, I’m shocked at how the show is portraying him as an irrational and angry man.. and I feel very uncomfortable with the ‘subtle’ racism in this.

    The producers / contestants (Lee & Iggy) seem to be pushing Eric into becoming slightly emotional and angry with some of the guys. I don’t even think his confrontations with the guys were out of the ordinary when you consider that he’s just been told, by the woman he’s interested in, that these guys have been talking crap about him. I also feel very uncomfortable with the racism of the whole situation as I wonder if the same thing would have been shown for a white guy! I was happy to see that the preview for next week’s episode at least shows some discussion about this issue, in the sense that Lee calls Eric ‘angry’ and he is asked whether he would think this of a white man acting in the same manner. But just talking about this doesn’t erase the fact that the producers are obviously playing the same game and very much aiming their show at a white audience.

    I hope Eric gets a chance to show who he is without having to justify anything! He has every right to be angry with the people who are bad mouthing him for not having been in love before!

    1. I definite see the racism here. Interesting that of the 3 “drama” situations so far (Demario, Blake/Lucas, Eric), two of them involve black men engaging in stereotypical behaviors: cheating and anger. And understanding that the show is highly produced and edited, it’s obvious this is what the producers want us to see. Just ask: Who found Demario’s girlfriend and brought her to the set so that she could confront him??

  36. Bryan confessed he feels guilty for saying it(even though I feel the coment wasnt directed towards Rachel but to tease Will), apparently he had a couple of shots before the camera wert rolling which explains why he was so restless. At the end he apologised, you hav to read the hashtags to see.

    Also Rachel said in her blog on how she had some deep conversations with Bryan. Including the part that wasnt shown which is him talking about his parents 35+ yrs marriage and how thats what he wants, at the after party from Ellen show.

  37. I’ve never seen Eric as making it very far. I don’t think they are a good match or have good chemistry and this episode just proved that. I’ve never cared for him.

  38. i was very disappointed with Eric he has anger issues beneath the surface that we haven’t or wont see Rachel needs to run BTW I have not found a nan yet that she ends up with yet

  39. I personally really feel for Eric. I’m always more drawn to an open, “feeling”- type person like him. And it’s obvious he doesn’t have the academic, intellectual gifts she has. So my take is, I appreciate Rachel’s “feeling” Eric thus far. It’s just not going to be his to win, when a couple (one?) more obvious and well-presenting–Peter–candidates are there. My hope is that Eric would go on to then meet a nice young woman, now that he’s opened up, as opposed to shutting back down completely. To me he’s been one of the (few)real and sincere candidates I’ve seen on the show.

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