Our Wedding Video

I kept going back-and-forth on whether not I was going to share this video with you guys. But after a lot of thought, I realized that I just had to share it! All of you have been such a big part of my life ever since I made the life changing decision to start my journey to find love as the Bachelorette almost 8 years ago. So I find it only fair that given all your love and support, I share my love story with all of you!

Every time I watch this video I cry! It was just the most incredible day I could’ve possibly imagined. Juicebox Media made this video and I truly feel they couldn’t have done a more perfect job of capturing the day for us. It’s like a little mini movie of our love story. Thank you Juicebox Media and thank you Be Inspired for this magical day. Looking back on at all, it feels like a perfect dream.



Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
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    1. Hi Ali!
      My mom and I have followed your journey since The Bachelorette and we were SO HAPPY you shared your wedding video! You and Kevin fit each other so perfectly , and with Owen and Mollie, you guys are complete! Thank you for sharing the video, it was done so well, and I am sure everyone that watches will have tears in their eyes as they see again, your love for each other. Thank you for giving us all the chance to be there with you!

    2. Beautiful! You two are so precious! Congrats and thank you for the reminder to all of us to remember our vows/promises!

    3. Ohhh Ali I’ve been following you since the batchlorette and I’m so happy that you found the perfect husband, your wedding was beautiful and perfect. I enjoyed watching your video. Your bright personality lights up the room. You can see that you had so much fun at your wedding. Wishing you and your hunny a lifetime of love and happiness.
      You beautiful inside and out

    4. So beautiful! There’s nothing more touching to the heart than watching “true love”!!❤❤ I totally had to grab my Puffs!😭💛💛

  1. Love love love this! So glad you shared it! Oh and yes, I cried! Ali I have watched you from your journey as the bachelorette and follow your blog post daily! You have given me so much inspiration on fashion and design, I literally check every day to see the blog! Molly is the cutest baby on the planet!
    You deserve the best and you found the best happily ever after! So, so happy for you and Kevin! Happiness and joy always! Hugs to you and your family!

    1. Yes. Thank you so much for sharing. I absolutely loved it. I cried and I laughed. It was beautiful!!

    2. It means SO much to me that you come to my blog daily! I work SOOO hard on it and this means EVERYTHING to me!

  2. The best wedding video ever! So special for you to have all those sweet memories captured! Congrats to the both of you!

  3. Yes I cried, yes I laughed. But most of all I saw the true love you two have for one another. I will watch it over and over again…it’s THAT good. God Bless your little family. ??????❤️❤️❤️?

  4. Love love love everything about this ♡ Thank you Ali, (and Kevin) for sharing your intimate and special moments with us! It is so great to see your love for each other and it is so beautiful to watch as an outsider. Keep doing what y’all are doing! you are an inspiration to many ♡

  5. Every girl dreams of that kind of love. You give all of us single girls hope. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing tears that those guys do exist.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding video. It was beautiful and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

  7. I’m so, so happy you decided to share this with us! There is no doubt that I cried, but they were tears of joy and happiness! It is so wonderful to see two people who are so in love and who respect one another and are true partners and your wedding was a reflection of that. Everything looked amazing and it’s wonderful you’ll have those memories to always cherish!

  8. Sooo beautiful this had me in tears. I’ve been following you since the bachelor and it’s great to see that you found the love you deserve 🙂 happy 3 months!

  9. Ali – Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with us. I don’t personally know either you, but the way you two love each other is very evident. You can see the special bond between you, in the way you two look at each other, interact with each other, and care for each other. I have always been a fan of yours and wished you’d find true love… The kind of love that touches your soul and flows through your veins. I wish you and Kevin (and your sweet little girl) a life filled with love, smiles, happiness, and many memory making moments.

    PS. My favorite moment of the video was when he saw you begin down the aisle…. He had such a beautiful reaction. You could see the pure love (and tears) in his eyes and then seeing your reaction to him and his reaction was just heart touching. It is so very clear how you feel about this man.

    Truly happy for you!!

  10. I am so in love with your love story. This video is complete perfection! Following your journey from a bachelorette to a momma and then a bride, has been such a blessing — I’m so happy you and Kevin found each other! You two are beyond perfection for each other and Molly is one lucky lady to have such great parents! ❤️

  11. Thanks for sharing Ali! I thought it was so sweet! But I was busting a gut laughing when you were dragging Kevin on the dance floor? And Kevins realistic portion of his promises “lets not get crazy!” Those moments showed me even though we are strangers how truly you guys love each other!

  12. This is beyond beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. Your love is amazing to see, it shines out of you both

  13. First i have to say, amazing movie, great songs, great cutting, great people, great location…. – just loved it! Yes it made me cry too, cause it looks like or underlined that your really hit the jackpot with Kevin, you all were just beaming! But mostly it made me smile, to see that you are so happy and that you just had with all your family and friends a perfect day!!! I wish you all the best for the future as a family, keep all this things you promised to each other on this day in mind, if the sky gets cloudy and THANK YOU for sharing this really privat day with all of us! Much appreciated!! Lots of Love from Germany to you, Kevin, Molly and Owen!

  14. It is such an odd thing to be SO happy for complete strangers, but this video just brought me so much joy!! Your love for each other is so obvious. It’s been so fun “following” your journey these past few years. (Haha.. only a Bachelor fan would say a sentence like that) I wish you and your family all the best! Also- I can’t stop ordering C Shoppe headbands for my daughter thanks to you 😉 😉


  15. I simply can’t express how much I love this video – thank you for sharing it with us!

  16. Dear Ali,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Wedding video & story with all of us!
    It brought tears to my eyes as well. I’m one of those who have followed your journey since Day 1 of the Bachelorette & am so happy you found your happily ever after. Your story is so inspiring to anyone looking for love. I’m engaged to a a rare great guy as well after a long journey of looking for love. I hope our Wedding & video comes close to being as special as yours. Juicebox did a great job of capturing your magical day!
    Happy 3 months & cheers to a lifetime of happiness!?

  17. Ali,
    You wedding was beautiful! Watching your video made me cry, but I am so happy to see you and Kevin together! You kevin and Molly are a crazy beautiful family and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. So very glad that you shared your wedding video with us all. It was absolutely beautiful 🙂 Im so happy for Kevin and yourself on your special day. Molly is very lucky to have such loving and beautiful parents.
    Happy 3 month Anniversary and best wishes for many many more to come.

  19. Thank you so much Ali for sharing this with us. First you look absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. And Kevin is so handsome. You made such a precious baby. It has been ten years since we met you through a silly show and have watched your journey to find your true love. I wish you always feel this deep love and happiness. It will be fun to watch the next ten years as you live life as Ali Manno. God bless.

  20. Ahh this was so perfect! I totally cried. And laughed so hard at “I promise to always make you heart shaped pancakes… on special occasions, let’s not get crazy” Haha!! You guys are so great, congratulations!!

  21. Thank you for sharing your wedding video. It Looks like it was the best day, and what a lovely video to remember it! Your love for each other is beautiful to see, and I am so happy for you. Molly looked so cute in the wagon!
    I have been a fan (from Canada) since you were on the Bachelor and really enjoy reading your blog.

  22. Ali you are just the sweetest! I have been following you since the very beginning. Thank you for sharing your most personal moments with us…this was beautiful. I can see what a wonderful Mom & Wife you are…luv from Ontario, Canada 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing his Ali. Me and my best friend have loved you since we first met you on the bachelor. We rooted for since day 1. We have loved watching your love ?story unfold with Kevin, and little Molly and Owen. We have never met, but you feel more like family than some of my actual family. I’m so happy you found each other Ali. Love like this is worth fighting for each day. Thanks again for lettting us be part of it.

  24. I’ve read your blog like it’s my job for years and this is by far the most incredible post you’ve had and I’m thrilled you decided to share it with us all.

    Congratulations Ali and Kevin! Millions of people wish you both all the happiness in the world!

  25. I too have watched your journey from the beginning and couldn’t be happier that you found Kevin, your true love. Thank you for sharing this very personal day with your fans. Your wedding was beautiful.
    Your Instagram posts and blogs always bring a smile to my face. And Molly…your gift from god Is so beautiful and sweet. I love her smile and giggles. I cried happy tears when she started walking. Thank you again Ali, Kevin and Molly for allowing us to be a part of your journey.
    Trish- a Massachusetts fan

  26. Your love story is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! My wedding is in 83 days and I can’t wait!!

  27. I’m so glad you shared! It’s so beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes! You, Kevin and Molly make a beautiful family! You have always been a favorite bachelorette of mine! Congratulations on finding a keeper !!

  28. Oh my goodness that was absolutely gorgeous!! I was crying right from the beginning. So beautiful!! I love following you and your posts Ali! You inspire me!! You are a beautiful person inside and you. Please never stop sharing your life! I look forward to your Insta stories everyday!! Love seeing little Molly. My daughter Penelope was born about 2 weeks after Molly and I love seeing the differences with them! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with the world! You, Kevin, Molly, and Owne deserve all the happiness in the world!!

  29. Oh my goodness that was absolutely gorgeous!! I was crying right from the beginning. So beautiful!! I love following you and your posts Ali! You inspire me!! You are a beautiful person inside and out. Please never stop sharing your life! I look forward to your Insta stories everyday!! Love seeing little Molly. My daughter Penelope was born about 2 weeks after Molly and I love seeing the differences with them! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with the world! You, Kevin, Molly, and Owen deserve all the happiness in the world!!

  30. Loved it! Only thing I wish it had more of was sweet little Molly!

    Congrats on a beautiful family!

  31. Oh my goodness! The sweetest video ever! I religiously read your blog….love it! And thank you for sharing your life with us. You don’t have to share pics and stories of Molly and Kevin, but you do and that’s so selfless of you! Thank you so much…I pray you, Kevin, Molly and any future Mannos continue to be happy. You deserve it! Loved you on The Bachelor/Bachelorette and it’s so nice to see you get your happy ending!

  32. Have you ever watched a really, really good movie and during the movie you just keep wishing it would go on forever because you just don’t want it to end?!? That’s how I felt while watching your wedding video! Thank you for sharing your love story with us! Congratulations! 🙂

  33. Thank you Ali! I cried the entire time. From the time you were The Bachelorette I liked you. You were always so pleasant, kind, down to earth. I love your blog and find myself reading it all the time. I love seeing pictures, IG stories of Molly and Owen and your whole family. Thank you for letting us see something so personal. You guys really are the cutest and Molly is so lucky to have you guys as her parents!

  34. Beautiful video! I also cried looking at her … thank you for sharing these moments of happiness and love … you form a wonderful family all 3 and I wish you all the happiness of the world .. I follow you every day on Your blog and Instagram and it is always a real pleasure to see you and to read you … thank you et big kisses from Belgium!

  35. Dear Ali,
    My name is Lilah Hall. I’m sorry that I have to congratulate your three month wedding anniversary late, but I wanted to take the time to think about what to say.

    Ever since I first saw you on the bachelor, I found you to stand out with your beauty. I loved getting to know you more as you became the bachelorette. My first impression from getting to know you from the show was that I loved your bubbly personality. Your smile shines so brightly. I knew that you were someone that I could look up to in becoming a woman. Ever since then, you have never proved me wrong in choosing you to be one of the few celebrities I look up to.

    I have followed you for a very long time. Since you started your Instagram stories, I have felt honored that you let your followers get a look into your daily life. I always watch your stories last, because they make me feel so happy and always put a smile on my face. Needless to say, your stories and posts are my favorite ones to see. I love how funny you are, but also how real you are. The times that you showed your acne or times that you have felt sad helped me feel connected. That you’re not just some person who is arrogant and just wants people to follow their social media. You are so real and when you make mistakes, you own up to them and I can see your honesty and apologies as sincere and true. It really has been a joy to follow you.

    As for being a mother, it’s so touching that you still ask for advice from the “little” people. I learned this as a babysitter/nanny that the more that you talk with your infant, even knowing that they can’t reply, helps them develop language skills. I love the way that you are constantly talking to her in all your videos including her. I am really astonished at how intelligent she seems to be. I also love that you and Kevin never seem to fail to make your precious giggle and smile. Yes, while all babies can be fussy sometimes, I can definitely tell a difference when the sleep training kicked in. She looked so much more energized and happy. I also love that you love your first “child” as much as I love my puppy. My little dog is my son and we spoil him just as much as you spoil Owen. It’s nice to see that someone can geek out over their furchildren as much as you do with him.

    As I am married sort of recently as well, I can’t help, but feel with you the joy and blessing that our husbands have given us. I am even more overcome with joy that we both found men who respect us, take care of us, and support us unconditionally. I am so happy for the both of us. I love the humor you two have with each other and your relationship with Kevin definitely reminds me of my own relationship with my own husband. I wish us together that we go on more fun adventures with our families and make so many more unforgettable memories. Cheers to all of us!

    Lilah Hall

  36. Such a lovely & fun wedding day!
    I loved it when you & Kevin kissed one another’s wedding rings…that was so touching.
    Seeing the love you & Kevin have for each other makes me want to show my love more to my best friend, Trevor.
    P.s. You have a great sister, Ali

  37. Wow that was the sweetest thing ever!!!! Makes people that don’t have love yet feel hopeful and maybe some of us that are married but struggling a bit feel hopeful also. I loved it so much thank you so much for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Ali this was absolutely beautiful! What a stunning wedding! I’ve been following you since the bachelorette & I read your blog daily. Your such a beautiful person! I’m so happy for you , Kevin and Molly! To a life of happiness together!

  39. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video! Your wedding was so heartfelt and thoughtful and looked to be a bucketload of fun! I actually started watching the Bachelor shows on your season of the Bachelorette and was forever hooked! SO happy that you found your happily ever after with your soulmate and your precious girl.

  40. What a beautiful video of a wonderful wedding. Can I stop crying now? Congratulations Ali and Kevin ❤️ xx

  41. Absolutely beautiful! What an amazing day to celebrate a great love! Makes a girl want to believe in that happily ever after ❤️ Thanks for sharing!

  42. Thank you for sharing!! “You treat me perfectly” – what a lucky, blessed woman!!! So happy for you two xo

  43. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with all of us. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together❤️

  44. I just watched your wedding video , I cried… it was so beautiful and your wedding dresses were beautiful! The simplicity of your wedding was stunning. Your daughter molly is so adorable, I love your insta stories. How did you and Kevin meet, he is the bomb.com … he seems like he has a fun personality. I also enjoy your blog 🙂 take care
    Meredith Pappas

  45. I have been following you since you were on the bachelor. You are so stinking adorable:). As is your sweet little Molly ! I have been a silent fan but just had to say that your video is gorgeous and beautiful! Made me cry (while drinking my morning coffee here in Michigan) and laugh. You guys are the. I text. Wishing you guys s long and happy life together (and more beautiful little ones:))

  46. so so beautiful Ali!!! Been following your story since the bachelor. SO happy for you! You and Kevin are a perfect fit! I wish the best for your family 🙂 <3

  47. Definitely a tear jerker! Thank you for sharing! The day looked perfect and you looked stunning in your dresses, but the love the both of you share is stunning in itself. Wishing you a lifting full of love, laughter and adventure.

  48. My dear Ali, You are blessed. Not by beauty, fame, brilliance or even an awesome ability to pick out the perfect dress (although you have all of those things in abundance). You are blessed with love and knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Thank you for sharing your life, loves and fashion tips with the rest of the world. You are a light in what can be a very dark social media age. Your wedding was beautiful. So happy it turned out perfect for you.

  49. So wonderful to see you find your happily ever after. Glad you shared it with everybody, we have been rooting for you girl! Hope to one day find a sweet love like you and Kevin have! Beautiful family xo

  50. Beautiful video! Definitely shows what true love is all about. What a great memory to have for years to come. Thank you for sharing!

  51. Simply beautiful!! Made me tear up. You were just stunning and I am so happy you found Kevin. Like many of us, we’ve been watching your journey and am so happy you found your love. Congrats Ali, Kevin, Molly and Owen!

  52. Ali, I am a huge fan of you & the bachelor , of course ! Getting married in July and I have yet to find the perfect hair piece . The bridesmaids boquet and mine will have accents of babies breath . Your hair piece is exactly what I have been searching for … where can I find ?
    I loved watching your wedding video , cannot wait for our big day .
    Thanks so much

  53. This is so beautifully perfect in every way. It brought happy tears (sobbing), watching your beautiful day and seeing your happiness glow ❤

  54. Ali,

    I’ve been following you since the Bachelor as well and all I can say is you both found the real deal. You and Kevin are so perfect together! I love that he is sensitive, such a good daddy, and that he writes you love notes ? in the morning. All those little things are what keep the romance alive in relationships. I love watching your videos of Molly, and how you and Kevin are such amazing parents. Thank you for letting us share this special day with you. Continue making wonderful nemories with each other! ????

  55. This video is perfection, it gave me all the feels! Congratulations on all your happiness and thank you for giving us a peek into your special day! Btw I was digging all your dance moves!! 🙂

  56. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful video and beautiful day. I bawled and laughed while watching this, such a special video for the two of you.

  57. First off, how do you read through all of these comments since there are a boatload of them! I feel honored you shared this special day with everyone. The love you share with Kevin is something every woman deserves. I enjoy everything you share on your blog, Instagram and Instastories. I teared up watching this, and I’m very happy you found your happily ever after. ❤

  58. Ali, you and Kevin are the picture of true love, and an absolute inspiration. I couldn’t be happier for you! Congratulations from this fellow Berkshires girl! ?

  59. Omg sooo beautiful definitely made me cry, had me thinking of my wedding day.? Thank you for sharing!

  60. Absolutely beautiful! There is a song that plays during the video ” we got a good thing going”, do you know who sings that? I can’t find it anywhere.

  61. What a beautiful video! I follow you on IG and y’all are one of the cutest families I’ve ever seen! I think a love like that is hard to find! Congrats!

  62. Ali!!! I been such a HUGE fan of yours since you were on the Bachelor and Bachelorette!! I feel like we would be besties in real life if we ever met and this video of course made me cry. Congratulations!! From one newlywed couple to another I am so so beyond happy for you, Kevin and Molly!! 🙂

  63. Thanks to you and Kevin for sharing your light and love. The video was beautiful, honest, and a great reminder of the power of love above all else. Plus the fashion was on point 🙂

  64. Wow Ali you have one heck of a love story. I could feel how much the two of you love one another. What girl wouldn’t love to be loved like this? I mean I’m married. Have been for 10 years but I don’t think we are on this same level. Geez I feel like I just head an amazing romance novel! I’ve been a fan since bachelor/ette. I love your snaps and instas with Molly and Owen. Y’all make such a beautiful family. Congratulations. I wish you many years to come of love and laughter and more pretty babies ?

  65. Ps. Your wedding was so gorgeous! Both of your dresses were amazing. Your makeup and hair were stunning! I loved that you involved baby girl Molly and pup Owen. To be honest if I could envision the perfect wedding it would be yours. Everything about it was beautiful. Right down to the amazing video. Ty so much for sharing it with us fans

  66. Beautiful. Stunning. Heartfelt. Lovely. Amazing. I felt ALLLLL of the feels and was weeping. So happy for your well deserved happily ever after. You and Kevin are clearly so well suited for one another! Congratulations again & thanks for sharing. The world can always appreciate another example of true love! ❤ Molly and Owen totally rocked their aisle entrances

  67. Oh my gosh this was beautiful! Congratulations Ali! I’ve been following you since your days as the bachelorette and I am SO glad to see you have found the love you were looking for. ❤️❤️

  68. Ali,

    You were my favorite bachelorette. I was so sad to learn you had called off your engagement. But God had another plan in mind for you by the name of Kevin Manno!! You two seem perfect for one another. I couldn’t be more happier for you! Thanks for sharing your video. It’s just beautiful and emotional, and, yes, I cried. May you have a lifetime of life and happiness with your family!

  69. Thank you so much for sharing this. My husband and I were married 5-5-17 and I wish we had a video as beautiful as yours. I also wanted to thank you and Kevin both for sharing your daily Instagram photos and videos. It’s so much fun to watch you guys and see how Molly is changing and growing and learning from two wonderful parents! Congratulations and we all love you!! ❤️

  70. Hi Ali, I’m at work ugly crying over your wedding video, when you said you look over at Kevin when you’re on the couch and realize how lucky you are and how much you you love this life I lost it. It’s so true, i feel the same about my husband, and I don’t show him enough- everyday life gets in the way. My husband always says his favorite thing to do is whatever he’s doing with me, reminds me so much of what Kevin said to you. Thank you for this and sharing your love. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness ❤️

  71. That was such an amazing wedding video! It really made me feel the love between the two of you. I wish you both nothing but happiness and love!

  72. Watched all 16 minutes & cried the whole way through (happy tears, of course)!! Better than any episode of the Bachelor & more romantic than any final rose! So happy you found your fairytale ending! Your wedding was beautiful but your family and the love between you is really what was I loved the most! Xoxo

  73. Ali! I have sooo much to say! The video was so incredible and thanks for sharing! I cried, I cried a lot! I have to say that your little family means so much to me because we had our little Lilly 2 weeks after Molly and I think of my daughter every time I see molly!! It’s like they are growing up together in a sense! Thank you for sharing so much of you and your family! You are so sweet and genuine and I love seeing you and your family!!
    A BIG fan!

  74. Absolutely breathtaking love you both share ❤️ And with your daughter ❤️

    Is there a way to know the music in the video? It was perfect.

    Thank you and congratulations!


  75. Ali, what a beautiful video of a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I have followed your love story from night one of Jake’s season of the The Bachelor and have been rooting for you to find your true love since. I’m SO happy you’ve found that love with Kevin! Finding your “soulmate” in this day and age is a rare thing (I know because I found mine 24 years ago). I wish you all the joy, love and blessings of happiness that my hubby and I have enjoyed and so much more! May God bless you both, and your precious Molly (and future children you may be blessed to add to your family.).

    Wishing you years of unending joy as Mrs Manno!

    ~ Sue~

  76. You are a timeless couple born to be one another’s one God Bless your happy ever after

  77. Thanks for sharing, Ali! It reminded me of my wedding last July and how precious that day is in my memories.

    BTW, your about me says your fiance is Kevin, but woohoo! he’s your husband now!

  78. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wedding video! I have admired you since your bachelor days and am so happy to see you found the love that you deserve! I love your blog so much and always try to steal your style! Thanks for bringing us along your journey with you!

  79. Wow. Incredible video, and incredible love story. Thank you so much for sharing- I’m one of those people who have been watching you from the beginning and I am so thrilled for you that you found your special someone! Enjoy every moment with precious little Molly- it goes by so quickly! ❤️

  80. Ali, thank you so much for sharing your wedding video. It made me tear up several different times, but especially when you told Kevin how lucky you are that he treats you so perfectly. I just recently came out of a 3 year relationship and although it is hard, your love story reminds me of the kind of love I deserve. I’m so happy you found the love of your life.

  81. Currently in tears, yalls story is just beautiful! And that sweet precious Molly!! ?? I have followed you for a very long time and you’ve always been one of my favorites, so happy I get to continue to follow you and your beautiful family!! ❤️

  82. Ali! ? Oh my gosh! Your vows (promises) made me gush and cry! So sweet. Kevin crying as he saw you come down the isle… love! Everything about your relationship is so special. You both deserve every piece. Very happy you two found each other and continue to learn and grow together, that’s the secret to happiness and longevity in a marriage. Never stop growing together for each other. Xoxo

  83. Ali –

    I’ve watched you since the early days on The Bachelorette.

    You’re personality is so infectious and kind.

    You finally found your happy ending (or beginning)! Beautiful wedding, beautiful family and wonderful life!

    Enjoy It! You deserve all your happiness!

    Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly and Owen!



  84. Dear Ali, What a gift to fans who adore you! Those precious moments of unconditional love between you, Kevin and your family and friends are so significant and momentous that they will bless you and all those who know you in ways you can’t even imagine for many, many years to come. Thanks for sharing the joy, the celebration, the fun, and the looooove. Wishing you and Kevin and Mollie all the best, Heidi

  85. Thanks Ali I’ve been such a fan from the beginning. You are such a class act! It’s so nice that you have found your Prince Charming!

  86. Ali! I sat in a warm bubble bath after putting my 3 boys to bed and cried my eyes out watching this! I have been a huge fan of yours for years. Thank you for sharing this! You are such a beautiful, real person who deserves the wonderful life you have been blessed with. ???

  87. Ali,
    Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful love & marriage should be. Cheers to love & happiness always, no matter what! ❤️❤️❤️
    P.S. The paragraphs under Ali Luvs below your pic can be changed to reflect Kevin as your husband rather than fiancé now, just sayin’ Love to you & your family

  88. Goodness! Sweet girl + sweet boy + sweetest baby + sweet puppy = heart puddle! What a delight!
    I actually started following Kevin first because I’m a Val listener. I thought he was the perfect voice for the morning show, & he made me a fan of Kevin & Ali! I didn’t watch the TV show, but Kevin talked about you so beautifully that I just had to start following you & reading your blog! Now I’m a faithful fan of all four of you ????
    All the best wishes & many prayers for this Manno crew!

  89. Beautiful wedding! Thank for sharing your day and journey with us! Loved you from the bachelor and bachelorette days. So so so happy for you and Kevin. Such a beautiful love story and family you have! Your wedding video made me tear up. I can feel the love you and Kevin have for each other ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Seriously beautiful! God bless you and your beautiful family…….you have all been truly blessed….Thanks so much for sharing…….Congratulations!!

  91. Thank you for sharing! You looked beautiful, the wedding was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop tearing from beginning to end. Congratulations!

  92. Ali & Kevin,
    This is the most real, emotional, and heartfelt wedding video. I can only imagine the pureness and joy felt on your special day because it shines through brightly in this video. Molly is the LUCKIEST little girl to have a daddy like you, Kevin, to watch love her and her mom. You two are one of the few people who have found true love and I wish you a lifetime full of adventure, happiness, and joy.
    Congratulations to two people I love, but do not know!

  93. Oh my goodness, Ali, this is gorgeous. I was crying my eyes out. I am so happy for you! It’s such a good reminder of what marriage is, and what it stands for; love and commitment! My favorite part was when you talked about how well he treats you. Every girl wants that and you are so lucky to have found it. Congratulations!

  94. Ali, that video was beautiful! You looked so beautiful and radiant :)Would you be willing to share where you got your hair piece?? It is stunning!

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing! <3

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    Thanks so much for sharing! What a special video! It is great to see you so happy, and it is obvious that Kevin adores you! I love your blog and posts on Instagram. I have found some great pieces because of you. I also love that you are so genuine and caring! Thanks for being you!

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    Thanks for always being a genuine source of beauty in an otherwise jaded world.
    Love me some AliLuvs!

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    I just love your life and how you share it with all of us. You truly are blessed in every way… wishing you all good things in your life… you are a beautiful, positive soul and a beautiful woman! Molly is the most adorable baby I have ever seen, and I can’t get enough of that little cherub face…. and we would all be so lucky to have a a Kevin in our lives. I love your love for each other. I watched your wedding video 3 times and it was so magical. Perfect in every way!

    Wishing you and your little family all the happiness in the world.

    Best always,
    Marcy in San Diego ( I met you at Wine & Wishes a couple of years ago)

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    Wow…What a beautiful wedding video. Thank you for sharing your special day; I’ve watched you since your Bachelor/Bachelorette days and I am so happy you found your price charming. You, Kevin and Molly are the perfect little family and I am so happy for you! Molly is the cutest little girl with an adorable personality. You give this single girl hope to find a man that will love me perfectly, as you found in Kevin.

    Thank you! Lots of love!!

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    1. Beautiful! I teared up! Such a gorgeous love story! I was curious about the songs as well. Did you ever find this? I am engaged and looking for first dance songs and they caught my ear on the video.

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    I also wonder about the music, in particular the song that goes “I can’t believe I get to spend my forever with you”. Is there any way for us to find out who sings it? I just want to play it for my hubby 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing your wedding video. I was wondering who is singing when you were dancing with your dad. I love the song, but I can’t find who is singing and what the name of the song is.
    Thanks Andrea

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    My choice for name Micah Manno

  126. What an absolutely magical wedding day you had. My husband and I will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary this month and seeing this reminded me of our own beautiful day. I too married the greatest man I have ever known. He is an amazing father to our children and still after all these years can make me laugh. Though not gonna lie, some days I take him for granted…. but tomorrow when he wakes up I am gonna tell him he is still and will always be the love of my life. Enjoy every moment for it is true…. time flies.

  127. You don’t know me but I need to say that I’m touched beyond words !!! Every girl dreams of this and you are so blessed and so humble with what you have been blessed with . Your a great inspiration ….God bless you and your family .

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    I have been owing you since the B… im so happy for you ! you deserve that and more congrats!!!!

    ps: what is the name of the song love it!!!

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    Regard Sandra D

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  143. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! You are one lucky lady, it looked flawless! My daughter is getting married at Terranea as well and we loved the setup of your benches overlooking the water for the ceremony instead of the chairs they offer at the venue. Can I ask where you got them? Who did you use as a wedding planner? This is our first wedding and a bit clueless…

    Thank you!


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