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I started writing this blog post to tell you guys about our day today and about mine and Molly’s looks today, but it just didn’t feel right to talk about our patriotic looks without first saying why we were wearing them. So let me start by saying Happy Memorial Day weekend! This weekend is about remembering those who have lost their lives serving our country and protecting our freedoms. For which, I could not be more grateful. We are so lucky to live in this country. I try to remind myself of that everyday even when things don’t feels so positive. One of my favorite quotes “The thing you take for granted, someone else is praying for” really helps me keep things in perspective.

All that said, I believe that many people use Memorial Day weekend as a time to celebrate life with their friends and family because of those who sacrificed their lives so we could live this life with the ones we love. So that’s what my little family and I are doing this weekend – enjoying life while remembering those who sacrificed theirs. So thank you to all veterans! To those we have lost and those who fight for us every single day.

We went to Pasadena for the day. We got lunch at one of our favorite spots and then just walked around the town. It’s such a pretty area. We are even considering moving there because we like it so much.

My summer dress is part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale and it’s 40% off right now. I really liked it for this weekend because it has red, white and blue in it without being obvious. (I normally wear a medium but got a small in this dress. But if you have bigger boobs I would say it’s true to size.)  And Molly’s little patriotic romper is just the cutest! I had two people ask me about it today because they wanted it for their kiddos for July 4th. In fact, both my dress and Molly’s romper would be great for Independence Day. And yes I can breastfeed Molly in this dress. But it’s not the easiest.

My stackable triangle rings are 50% off right now and so is almost EVERYTHING else on Express’s website. It’s such a crazy good sale. See two of my outfit from Express HERE and HERE that are both on sale.

If you search “sunnies” on my blog you will probably see me wearing these sunglasses in about 100+ looks. They are my absolute favorite and only $12!

The rest of my outfit deets are below.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend spending time with those you love the most.  Just take a moment to remember the ones we have lost fighting to allow us to live this beautiful life. Luv you guys!





9 Thoughts

9 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue – Mommy and Me

  1. 2 of the Cutest girls in Pasadena!
    What you said about Memorial day was true & very touching.
    Thank you to all the military men & women for giving us our freedom.

  2. Hi Ali! You and Molly are looking super cute in your red, white, and blue. How do you put up your hair now that it is shorter. Would love to know or see a pic of the back. Thanks! Love your tips

  3. I feel like I’m discovering these colors for the first time. I wonder how I could explain the course of these colors to a blind person …

  4. Hi Ali! I was hoping to find out which color your sunglasses are. I can’t tell if they are the “rose gold” or “gold/pink”. Thanks!

  5. I loved your message, too, Ali! Your appreciation for the life you’re leading is special and sincere. You and Molly look darling! I love Pasadena, too, although I grew up in Berkeley and Marin Co. and have lived in the Seattle area for 41 years after a year in Boston.

  6. You definitely SHOULD move to Pasadena! Love living here. South Pasadena is an amazing place to live. Small city and great schools!

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