The Bachelorette Premiere and My Top 4 Picks!

Is it just me or was this season’s premier one of the best of The Bachelorette ever?! I don’t know if it’s Rachel, or the guys, or Chris Harrison. Ha! I think it’s safe to say it’s a combination of all three but this is gearing up to be one of the best seasons yet!

Every season I don’t spend a ton of time recapping the premier since it’s pretty much just one long “hi, nice to meet you!” Instead, I’ll talk about a few of my favorite moments and my top picks for Rachael.

In yesterday’s blog post, I picked out my top four guys for Rachel based on their pictures and bios alone. I chose Peter, Eric, Demario and Alex. After watching the premiere I have a few changes.

I’m still sticking with Peter and Eric. Eric because I LOVE that they hit it off dancing from the get go. And I always feel that they have kept the winner hidden the first episodes of many seasons in the past. And we barely saw any of Eric in this first episode. That’s why I think Rachel ends up with him in the end. So that’s my pic for Rachel’s final choice. Eric’s her man!

I’m taking Demario out because Whitney warned Rachel about him at the beginning of the episode. I feel like that scene is foreshadowing what’s to come.

And Alex is out for me just because he didn’t seem like her type.

In their places I’m adding Josiah (both attorneys!) and Bryan. I think it’s pretty obvious why I’m choosing Bryan. He got the 1st impression rose and that 1st kiss!!! (The 2nd kiss kind of grossed me out though. That close up shot was a little much.) Plus, he got a lot of airtime night one so he is either going to make it far in the season (but he won’t be final one because of what I said about Eric getting little airtime above) or he’ll be a villain this season. One or the other. But he and Rachel seem to have a great connection and he seems like a nice guy, so I’m going to guess he goes far.

Lucas/Waaboom is bat-shit crazy and I love him.  Of course she was going to keep him in the end! There’s no way that producers were letting that television gold go!

Anyways guys, thanks for reading my blog! I  just want to tell you guys that I feel your love and thank you for it. It means more than you know!

Before you go here are some outfit details on Rachel’s press looks from this week. Click on photos to shop the dresses:




51 Thoughts

51 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Premiere and My Top 4 Picks!

  1. Ali – is the first night an all night thing? the last couple seasons I noticed they started in the dark and when the first few leave its light out? just curious! I agree, I liked Eric, Josiah on the other hand. Not sold on him.

  2. My top four are Peter, Bryan, Eric and Jack! Do the producers influence the choices of the bachelorette at all? I know things happen behind the scenes that we don’t see, but she didn’t seem into Lucas at all. Is the bachelor/bachelorette forced to keep tv personalities?

  3. What do you think about Whaboom guy showing up in Carly’s direct messages hitting on her?? He also DM’d Ashley I, Jared H. & Ben H.

  4. My top picks are Brain Peter Kenny and Diggy. I think she will end up with Brain. I loved the peremire and so excited to see how it all goes down this season.

  5. Surprisingly, I like Kenny (daughter factor). I also like Josiah and Jack – I think they both matured a lot when they lost members of their families. I like Dean too. His voice is soothing. I’m torn on Bryan – something about him I don’t like….can’t put my finger on it. I’m going to have to pay more attention to Eric and Peter next week. I agree, Lucas is bat-!#$@ crazy and is only being kept around for entertainment. But anywho, I’m so freakin excited for this season and for Rachel! I think she conducted herself so well this first night. It’s going to be a great season!

    1. I agree Beth! I actually got to interview her today for Entertainment Tonight and she was so cool!!!!

  6. OMG I’ve never been so excited about a Bachelorette season before. I haven’t watched since Andi but I’m all in and loving it. Bryan and Peter are my picks. Bryan is hott.

  7. I love Kenny!!! I’m really rooting for him but I feel like they didn’t show a lot of him in the “recap of what’s to come” so maybe he’s out early.

    My husband and I always talk about how much the producers weigh in on the decision for ratings purposes- would love some insight into that! Do they force you to choose some of the guys bc they know people will stay tuned in? How much choice do you really have?? Dying to know!!!

  8. Lucas needs to go! Not funny. Rather insulting to the other men who were there for the right reasons.

  9. Just curious, what did you think of Josiah? I loved him when I watched his “bio” at the beginning of his episode. But as the episode progressed, my thoughts and opinions changed as he was interacting with the other guys.

    1. Totally felt the same way. And I was surprised he wasn’t in the previews for the rest of the season much so maybe he won’t last long.
      There was a LOT of Dean and Antony (I think it was him) in the promo so I think they will make it far

  10. Everything I’ve read is that Peter is the winner and Rachel has been saying in interviews that she is very engaged and happy. I love watching the interaction of the “winner” from the start. Here’s my question how does anyone remember all of the names that they choose to give roses to, especially since they just met them in the past 8-10 hours. I would completely forget have their names. is there a cheat sheet to help them?

    1. Kaitlyn was on a podcast/Instagram live show the other day and she said that you go back in a room and look at the photos and remember a few names at a time or so that you want to call. Or at least I think that’s what she said haha I wasn’t totally paying attention.

      I think you can watch the episode here if you’d like…

  11. Hi Ali! I love following you and your fashion blog! What blue floral dress were you wearing today doing a news recap about The Bachelorette show that aired last night? I’m looking for a cute dress for my friends’ beach wedding and for my honeymoon next month! Thanks so much!

  12. Ali, you never said why you picked Peter! Want to hear your thoughts. I agree about little air time and since Peter got totally robbed of it in the first episode, I think he’s gonna go far or even be the one! There is something so gentleman-like about him and he’s not in your face like most of the other guys. Needless to say, I’m rooting for Peter…(Bryan is my second pick, Eric third.)

  13. Ali…I just love your blog and the up and close peronalizing it by answering and commenting on what we say….is so much fun. You are such a wonderful Mom and blogger and staying in touch with us all these years. Hubby and I have followed all the shows for the last 11 years!!

  14. Ali I really like your top 4 picks! I definitely think you nailed it. I also liked Fred, but I’m not sure if we can trust him. I guess we’ll find out!

  15. I really liked Josiah at the beginning, but he started to irritate me as the night went on. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness and he started to toe the line. But if he reins it back in — I’m all for it.
    I am so with you on that kiss!!!! It did not look good. His mouth was open far too wide! Haha.
    And I am slightly irritated at the producers for keeping in Lucas. I get that some people find him entertaining but I found it more annoying than amusing…so I’m hoping he goes soon. Or mellows out.

    1. Agreed. I think the whole “keep the good TV thing” is kind of over. Like we all know it’s producer based, and we all know he’s turning up his crazy notch a ton to get airtime. Of course he wants to be the next Corrine…

      I agree with Josiah, he bothered me too as it went on.

  16. Ali I totally ? agree with everything you said in this blog post, on point girl. Watched the premiere and friggen loved it! ?? I’ve also really, really been enjoying following you on social media, I think you’re such a positive, bright, bubbly person! Your instagram stories especially;;always give me a good laugh. Luv ya! ???✌?

  17. My hubby and I both chose Peter as her final pick…. Something about the look they gave one another as he got out of the limo.

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