Boyfriend Flannel – And Bachelorette Monday!

Happy Monday guys! Molly had a pretty early wake up this morning so we started our day bright and early! I honestly don’t really mind when she wakes up early, it always give me a jump start on our day. Well, I should be careful what I say. Anything before 5:30 am is not welcomed. Ha! Anyway, we headed out this morning to buy some flowers because I wanted some fresh roses for the house. I mean, it is Bachelorette Monday! I know it seems silly, but I love having fresh roses in the house when the Bachelorette premieres. And you guys are gonna think this is even more ridiculous, but I go to a certain grocery store to buy flowers just because the grocery store is so pretty and I take photos there with my friend.

Since the show is premiering tonight, I thought it would be fun to try to guess the top 4 guys based on their pictures alone.  I realize this is a little superficial, but I’m not going on looks alone! I’m going on a feeling. That former Bachelorette intuition! Ha! I’ve never tried to predict based on their pictures before, but I think it will be fun to guess and see if I’m right at the end of the season. Share your picks in the comments below and then we can all come back to this post at the end of the season and see how me did! And here are my top 4 – Alex, Eric, Peter, and Demario! Tell me yours! And I am going to say right now that I think she ends up with Eric! I LOVED when they met on last seasons After the Final Rose. They had instant chemistry!

Ok I have to tell you about my look today (below I also tell you what we are doing today!), the base of today’s look is all white. I know I know, I’m crazy to wear all white with a 10-month-old. But I legit own four of these white tees, so when I wear them I just always pack a couple extra ones in my diaper bag to switch out just in case. The reason I have four of them is because I am absolutely obsessed with this T-shirt and they’re super affordable! Under $20! Are you guys sick of me talking about this t-shirt yet? Ha! Well, when you love something you gotta share it with all your friends! See me wearing it HERE and HERE.

If Molly spilled anything on my white jeans, I won’t be as lucky since I don’t have two pairs of these. Ha! But usually when I’m carrying her, I’m more likely to get stuff on my shirt than my pants. So I’m willing to take my chances today.

And to finish off the base of my look, I’m wearing my white chucks. I actually have two pairs of white Converse. One pair is a slip-on version and the other pair are the ones I’m wearing today which aren’t slip-ons. I like both of them. Obviously the ones I’m wearing today are the classic Chuck’s. But I’ve got to say that as a mom, I’m really digging the slip-ons because they’re so easy for me to put on while holding Molly.

OK, over the base of the look I’m wearing this peach colored boyfriend flannel. I love flannels in general since they’re so easy to throw over a good base to make an outfit look even cuter. But I especially love the color of this one. The light airy colors make it perfect for summer! In the fabric is really lightweight which is also great for summer but I honestly just really like the look of it. I feel like it looks like a really expensive flannel.

For accessories I’m wearing a thin rose gold filled hammered bar necklace and stackable triangle rings that I’m just obsessed with right now. I wear them pretty much every day because they go with everything. And my love ring. I feel like the love ring is also appropriate today since it’s Bachelorette premiere Monday!

So that’s my look today! We are actually taking Molly to a baby sensory class later so this outfit is perfect for me to go to that class, feel like a stylish mom, and still be very functional to move around and play with Molly in the class. The V-neck of the tee is also low enough and the shirt is stretchy enough that I can breast-feed her which is sometimes necessary during class if she gets overstimulated. I’ll be posting some Instagram stories of the class later today so make sure to check that out because the classes are so much fun!

And I’ll be watching the Bachelorette with all of you later tonight! I’m going to try to watch with the East Coast. Follow along with me on Twitter and on Instagram story. And make sure to come back here to Ali Luvs tomorrow to read my recap and thoughts on the premiere!











25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “Boyfriend Flannel – And Bachelorette Monday!

  1. Can I guess the “villain” for fun?? My hunch is Jack Stone. No idea why. So happy to watch tonight!

  2. I’m so excited for Bachelorette night! Got my wine ready! My friends and I always pick our top 3 within the first show and whoever wins or gets closest to the ends gets treated with a pedicure and lunch 🙂

    On the T shirt subject, do you like this one better than the Madewell T?

  3. Hi Ali!
    I just saw your insta story about the sensory class with Molly and how no other dads were there. I can totally relate. I work M-F and my husband is a stay at home dad to our kids. Whenever we’d go to baby stuff its always just moms and my husband Chris is the only dad! He gets pretty lonely having no other dads at these stuff that he can relate to. Hard enough being a care taker to little ones, but then to not have people to relate to when you take the kids out makes it so much harder. Thanks for mentioning it in your story! Hope things can change for our kids generation and moms and dad are equally likely to participate at home and for things for kids.

      1. I read the blog. She made it seem like she took the pictures today. How does the video make more sense?? The video is from May 15.

        1. I didn’t take picture today but I did get the flowers and I AM wearing this outfit today! Al of that is true! You can see from my insta stories!

  4. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I definitely agree with you about Eric! I really liked him from their first introduction! I think he’ll definitely be a front runner.

  5. Your spelling and grammatical errors drive me crazy!!! If this is your job, you should really take two minutes to reread your work before publishing. It’s just not professional to have so many mistakes.

    1. Sorry Renee. It’s been a really rough day today. And in general I write these things so fast because I am trying to do a million things at once. I will try my best to read through more carefully. I just edited this post.

      1. Ali! I love reading your blog & I’d rather you continue to write fast with errors than to not write as much or not at all because you don’t have time to check for grammatical errors. 🙂 I have a son just a couple weeks older than Molly and some of your posts have really helped me as a new mom myself! Thanks for spending the time to reach out to your fans. Xoxo

      2. Wow, some people can really be rude. I suppose it is because they can hide behind their computer??!! Here’s a thought, if you have an issue with Ali’s ‘errors’, don’t read her blog! smh

  6. I saw that same flannel shirt at Target in MI. Very similar colors. I believe it was $29.99. I am sorry if you are only promoting Norstrom. I did not know and I just walked.into this top without looking for it. You look great in everything!!

  7. Wish you had not apologized re saying Kevin was the only dad there. You didn’t say anything wrong. As women, we have to stop apologizing just to be pc. You have be who you are without worrying about every word and offending someone. You do than most people!

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