Cute Dress to Wear to A Wedding or Brunch – Wedding Outfit

Hey guys! Definitely had to blog about today’s look because it’s not only a really cute dress, but it’s also under $50! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got a few summer weddings on my calendar this year so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect wedding outfit to wear. I love the flirty feminine feel of this dress and the colors are just gorgeous. I’m wearing a size medium and I normally wear a size medium. So I would say the dress is true to size.

I paired it with a pair of statement earrings statement earrings. The reason I love these earrings so much is that I feel like they go with so many looks and so many patterns. Normally statement earrings are SUCH a statement that you’re limited to the looks you can wear them with. But not these earrings, see me wearing them HERE and HERE. My “dusty rose” purse is when I’ve been carrying all spring long. It looks blush when I wear it with outfits that have blush in it but it looks neutral when I wear it with other outfits. I love that it’s so versatile!

Hope this wedding outfit idea inspires you guys for your looks this summer during wedding season!


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20 thoughts on “Cute Dress to Wear to A Wedding or Brunch – Wedding Outfit

  1. Ali
    I would love to know how you manage to stay so slim.What are some of your food choices? What about exercise? I am having trouble losing my winter weight and would appreciate any tips..Thank you

  2. This dress is gorgeous on you! Love that color blue on you (you look great in everything). Have you ever tried shopped at Francesca’s? Their dresses are super cute / affordable and I feel like matches your style.

    PS I’m obsessed with your insta stories about Molly 🙂 Congrats on the crawling!!

    1. We were SO happy that she started crawling! It’s so fun! And I will check out that store. Thanks for the tip!

  3. You wear so many outfits that I would’ve skipped over on the website, but they look so cute on you!! I look forward to your posts every week 🙂 Can’t wait to get this dress in the mail.

    1. I never trust a “store” model photo. And if I don’t like something when it comes, I just send it back! I am a sucker for free returns 😉

  4. Hey Ali! Quick question for you- I love the new ruffled trend, especially on this dress! However, I’m fairly large-chested with an otherwise petite frame, so I’m a little worried the ruffles with accentuate that a little more than I’d like. Any advice on how to handle the trend, and what you think about the dress on a body type like mine? Thanks!

    1. You’re right that adding ruffles to the top of a dress/outfit can accentuate your bust area and draw the eye there. But I actually think this dress might be perfect for you because the ruffle is long and might cover your bigger chest in a way that will feel flattering to you. Mayeb not though! I don’t know! If you get it, you tell me! And the dress is modest and covers “the girls” so I think it could look really nice on a busty gal like yourself!

  5. Your hair always looks so cute! I would love to hear some tips about products you use and how you do your hair everyday, especially in the summer months! 🙂

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