Head Turning Maxi Dress

UPDATE: I just found THIS TOP on sale for under $20 on the Express website!!! I am obsessed!!! Just bought it. I’ll post a pic of me wearing it at some point!

Hey guys! If you saw my posts on Instagram or Facebook and came here to learn more about this maxi dress, then I’m guessing you are as obsessed with it as I am! I mean really, this maxi dress could not be any more beautiful. One of my dear friends Ashley Burns who happens to be an incredible photographer took these pictures of me wearing it and she kept saying how she had to get one for herself because it was so gorgeous! And while I was wearing it, multiple people stopped me and asked me where it was from. It’s just one of those show-stopping dresses. The exact color and print I’m wearing is still available in two sizes! I’m wearing a small FYI. I normally wear mediums, but based on the online reviews, I sized down for this one. If I had a larger chest, I think the medium would fit me just fine. But because I have a smaller chest, the small fit me well. But I still think I could’ve done the medium. If your size in this exact cut and color isn’t available, don’t worry because the dress comes in two other colors/prints! I actually almost got the black-and-white floral one over this blush print because I think the black-and-white floral print it’s just so chic. Honestly, I might even have to get it as a second maxi dress because I love this one so much. Oh, and the white version of the dress is even more affordable than the print versions! You can get the white version HERE.

OK, I know I just raved about the dress but do I even dare say I’m even more obsessed with these heels! I know I know, you’re probably thinking what’s so great about a black pair of strappy heels. Well I’ve had the exact same style of these heels for years and let me tell you, they absolutely killed my feet! My friends always think it’s comical when I wear them because I walk like a crazy person because they are so uncomfortable and hard for me to walk in. But, black strappy heels is a style that every girl should have! They go with so many outfits. Pretty much every outfit! So they’re a must-have staple in any girls closet.

That said, even though I already had a pair like the heels like the ones I’m wearing today, when I read the description of these heels on Express’s website, I was super intrigued! Multiple reviews stated that the heels were super comfortable and a must have! After reading the reviews, I knew I had to get a pair to see for myself. Boy were the reviews so right! These black strappy heels are the most comfortable heels ever! I’m not even kidding you when I tell you I walked around the block of my neighborhood this morning to walk Owen wearing them. I never in a million years would’ve done that in heels before but I didn’t feel like taking them off when I got home from an errand and it was easier for me to just walk Owen with them on. Anyway, do yourself a favor and get the shoes! Your feet will thank you later! And they are only $59!!!! That’s SUCH a great price for great heels.

I finished off the look with a set of stackable rings that I just think are super unique but can also be worn with everything. And a long pair of metallic feather earrings that went with the dress perfectly. Right now the jewelry is buy one get one 50% off. And I’m so glad it was on sale, not only to get the good deal, but also because I probably wouldn’t have bought two things without the sale and I just love both pieces so much!

Oh and if you haven’t figured it out already this entire look is from Express! I’m obsessed with Express. And the great thing about everything I’m wearing being from Express is that you can get it all from one place and orders over $50 ship free!





27 Thoughts

27 thoughts on “Head Turning Maxi Dress

  1. I want to wear things with cut outs and deep v’s but- what do you do about the girls?! Are you braless? Do you wear those sticky things? I have a crop top I want to wear but it’s clearly meant to be worn without a bra or with those sticky things – but I just don’t know what’s “acceptable”

    1. I’m not wearing a bra with it. It’s more of a vacation dress. So you could wear a bathing suit underneath or if you want to wear it out around town with some sort of support, wear a bralette that is meant to be shown!

  2. Your friend Ashley is a great photographer ? who has a pretty, stylish model.
    Your shoes are a perfect match with the dress & it looks like you’re having a fun time wearing it.

  3. Love this look! I would love a blog post on how you style your hair, I have a similar cut and am so jealous of how you always have the perfect amount of wave. I always end up with more of a ringlet look.

  4. I’m going to order white for my wedding shower! What do you do to keep your blonde hair healthy and not brassy? Any products you recommend? πŸ™‚

  5. Ali– I love your new hair cut! Can you please make a video or post on your blog how you are able to get such nice curls with your short hair?

  6. This is such a cute dress! I just looked up the blush floral dress. Only size large is available now. ?
    However, for anyone interested in getting a discount for this size or any other Express item, I found a 15% off code. from retailmenot. Just add 5388 where it says promotional code.

  7. Great look on you, ideal for summer. I love the black and white one too. I’m only 5 foot 2 so maxi dresses don’t usually suit me which is a shame especially when they’re so pretty. Can I ask how tall you are as to gauge the length?

  8. Hey! I saw this dress on your Instagram story. Where is Molly’s purple one piece from?? I’m dying to get it.

  9. What is your go-to nude/pink/white shade of nail polish you are wearing in these photos and today on your Instagram live?!

  10. Ali your hair always looks phenomenal. How do you get it to curl like that and stay throughout the day??

  11. Ali I’m loving your hair and how it’s styled. Can you do a post on how you are styling it?

  12. Ali everything you wear is SO my style!! You put things together so beautifully and always look on point!!! I am a mama too and it can be hard to look nice some days but you always make it look effortless!! I always want to buy everything you wear! Are there any little tricks to getting ready super fast while leaving the house? Like cute staples to just throw on and go when you have a little toddler who is also always on the go? lol πŸ™‚

  13. That dress is perfect for the summer! I love it! I’m curious… are you still breast feeding? Looks like an easy dress to breast feed in. Oh and thank you so much for the sleep training tips! My little boy has been sleeping through the night for almost 4 weeks b/c I followed your tips and schedule. He’s 11 months! Thank you Thank you!

  14. Love reading your blog Ali! I’m totally going to order those shoes, question about sizing – how do they fit? I normally wear an 8.5 and am debating if I should order an 8 or a 9 (they don’t show half sizes available).

  15. I too luv Express, it’s one of my go-to stores! I immediately recognized your adorable maxi and am thinking about the white with black trim for an upcoming girls’ cruise (me and my long time inner circle of gf’s – our kids are all teens now so it’s much easier to get away ?). Additionally, if you’re a regular at Express, you can get rewards points that stack up (without getting their credit card) and monthly mailed coupons that always have $15 off $30, $30 off $100, and $75 off $200. And no, I don’t work there – just like their shiz! Thx for the heads up on the cute stuff chica!!

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