Navy, Blush and White – Love this Color Combo!

Did you guys know May 15 is national chocolate chip cookie day?! Well I certainly did! Ha! Kevin, Molly and I were in Miami over the weekend and got back late last night. I have so many errands to do today so I’m running around town and couldn’t help myself when I saw a huge chocolate chip cookie in the window of a bakery. Worth ever calorie! Ok maybe I got two. Ha!

Anyway, wanted to share today’s outfit with you guys as always! My floral top is so cute. I actually have it in another color that you can see me wearing HERE. But I believe that color is sold out now. However, the one I’m wearing today is fully in stock in every size! And get this, it’s only $35! Such a good deal for such a pretty top. I’m wearing it with my Parker white skinny jeans. You guys have also seen me wear these jeans a ton. They just fit really well and I love them. Plus they’re under $100 right now which is a great deal for a quality pair of jeans. Normally there over $150.

My super cute feather navy block heels are from Sole Society as is my dusty rose cross body bag. I wrote about this bag before and how it’s magic! Read that HERE. I love the shoes because they’re more unique than the average heal but go with so many things because of the navy color. I get so many compliments on them when I wear them.

Finish today’s look off with navy tassel earrings to match my shoes and the hints of navy in my shirt and my mama bracelet and love bracelet. Oh and these CUTE $10 stackable rings!

And Molly’s cute distressed tee in the last pic is by my friends Haylie Duff’s company Little Moon Society! So proud of her! The clothes are just too cute!

Hope you all have a great day and are able to enjoy a delicious chocolate chip cookie today! Ha! Love you guys!











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32 thoughts on “Navy, Blush and White – Love this Color Combo!

  1. Ali I love these pictures, this top & whole outfit! You put outfits together so amazingly and I love everything! I think I need to get this top!
    I just love following along on your blog and watching your girl Molly grow into the most beautiful 1 year old (almost) thank you for sharing her with us!

    1. Thanks you for the nice words! I just love affordable fashion! It’s fun sharing all my finds with you guys!

  2. Welcome home! ?
    Cookie looks scrumpous.
    I would’ve got 2 also.
    Ps hope Kevin enjoys his new hybrid car. ?

  3. Love this outfit on you Ali!
    I’m writing from far far away, from a small beautiful country in the north, called The Faroe Island ? Funny how far spread the bachelor fans are! Anyways, say hi to your cute baby girl from me! She melts my heart everytime ❤

    1. Hi Vigdis! Wow so cool to hear from you! Thank you for coming to my blog! I will tell Molly you say hi when she wakes up 😉 She’s already in bed 🙂

  4. Looks like chocolate chip cookie dough is in order, thanks for letting me know!

    Also, I just had to say.. Molly is one of the sweetest babies ever. It’s obvious how loved she is and I enjoy seeing your Instagram posts!

    My sister in law has a small online children’s clothing shop (she designs all of the dresses) I seriously think Molly would look adorable in one of the dresses. I’m linking her shop here just in case (sorry to be one of those annoying people). Would love for you to check it out.

    Anyway, thanks for always posting such uplifting stuff. I look forward to it!

    1. Hi Liz! Thanks for commenting. I will definitely check out your sister-in-law’s site. Thank you for sharing! I LOVE getting new clothes for Molly 😉

  5. Love this outfit, will be purchasing that sweet summer shirt! Just another question, where is that necklace from, I’ve been on the hunt for a necklace like that, simple yet feminine! Thanks!!

  6. Do you typically wear a bralette under the tank? I already have it (great minds ;)), but I was considering returning it because it’s a little too revealing in the chest area!

    1. Yeah, I usually wear a bralette with it. But I have so many cute ones that are breastfeeding friendly so I wear them all the time anyway.

  7. Glad to see Molly is crawling. It is an important developmental skill. She will walk when she is ready which will be before you know it. So cute!

    1. OMG, watching her crawl today was the BEST EVER!!!!! She is already cruising a TON and can stand on her own for about 10 seconds. So I know she will be walking any day now!

      1. I know the feeling! My son will be 1 in 6 days (?) and refuses to crawl! I can see he has the strength to do it and gets around in other inventive ways, but crawling may just not be for him! So cute when they are first figuring something out though!

    1. Same question. I want to cut my hair like yours. Can you post a hair tutorial? What products and or sand/straightener/iron do you use?

      Love the blog!

    2. I use a curling iron (and leave ends out) sometimes and sometimes I use a flat iron. I have been meaning to get around to a tutorial video for MONTHS! I will try my best to gt that done soon! Sorry for delay!

  8. How do you manage to wear such cute outfits while also nursing? I find it hard to hide my nursing bras and don’t fit into any of my old ones that are cute! Also – dresses. How do you nurse without getting naked all day!

    1. I don’t wear nursing bras. I wear braelette’s and just pull them down. SOOOO much cuter and are fashionable with so may looks!

  9. Ali– I love your new hair cut! Can you please make a video or post on your blog how you are able to get such nice curls with your short hair?

  10. Ali!! I’m a brand new mom- my little one is only 2 weeks old and I loveeee your gorgeous style- do you have any recommendations for cute nursing tops?? Xoxo!! You are such an inspiration!!

  11. Hi, Ali!

    I’m curious about the kind of bra you’re wearing? I, too, am nursing my daughter and I haven’t worn anything other than frumpy nursing bras for 9 months (insert annoyed emoji face). Is it a strapless underwire? If so, have you experienced issues with clogged ducts (my biggest fear!!)? I miss wearing thin straps and strapless tops!

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