Travel Outfit – Headed to Miami!

Hi guys! Me and the fam are headed to Miami this weekend! I am moderating a beauty panel for my friend’s company  tomorrow, which I’m pretty excited about! It should be really fun. Anyway, we snapped some pics in the airport and I’m just sitting on the plane with nothing to do (Kevin is being a rockstar dad and holding Molly – or trying to. She just wants to walk up and down the aisles!) So anyway, I thought I would tell you guys about my travel look today!

First I am in the comfiest jeans EVER! They basically feel like sweatpants since they are so stretchy and comfortable. They are by a company that I just discovered called Mott &Bow. And they aren’t too expensive, but aren’t super cheap either. To get this good of quality you have to pay a little. But they are totally reasonably priced at just over $100 for a nice pair of jeans. Get them an thank me later 😉

I’m wearing my favorite Madewell tee. If this is your first time to my blog then get excited because I’m am introducing to the best tee EVER! If you read my blog once in a while or every day then you certainly know about this tee and know I can’t stop raving about it. Especially since it’s under $20. I just luv a good deal. I also love the tee because the v-neck is stretchy enough that I can nurse Molly in it. Which is a must when traveling with my little one.

And how cute is this hat by Hat Attack? I just got it two days ago and I can’t stop wearing it. I’m super into wearing hats now that my hair short again. Oh and this hat is 45% off right now!

And this denim jacket by Sanctuary Clothing! I could not be more obsessed with it. I love that it has a baggy boyfriend style fit and the patches on it are so cool and unique. Every time I wear this jacket, people stop me and ask me where I got it. It’s a conversation starter for sure!

And finally I’m wearing my signature black chucks. I have to be comfortable and in sneakers when traveling. And of course I have socks on underneath. It drives me nuts when I go through security and see people walking through without socks on. So I always either wear socks to the airport or have them in my purse to put on when I go through security. Just a little tip for those of you who don’t travel very often! Don’t forget your socks! Especially if you are traveling somewhere warm (when you’re more likely to wear sandals to the airport).

And last but not least, can I take a minute to gush about my Henri Bendel carry on bag?! Ok ok, it’s totally a splurge item but I just love it! I can’t say I bought it myself as it was a gift, but wow, what a generous gift! I love it because it so sleek and stylish and easy to attach to my suitcase for when I’m making my way through the airport. I’m saving up and hoping to get the matching suitcase soon! I would feel like one stylish jet setter with this luggage set!

Anyway, I can’t wait to get to Miami! Kevin has never been and obviously neither has Molly. Ha! It will be nice to have a little mini family trip even though I am also working while there. I’ll keep you updated with my looks and our expereinces throughout the weekend!



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9 Thoughts

9 thoughts on “Travel Outfit – Headed to Miami!

  1. Hi Ali! Where does Molly sleep at night when you are traveling? Our little ones are only 2 days apart, so I love following your blog 🙂 Have fun this weekend!

  2. We have been sleeping training too and I have been feeling stuck in the house. I’m curious to hear how you have been doing about getting out of the house and keeping Molly on a schedule while on the go. Hope you have a great time on your trip !

  3. We just took a little baby moon to Miami before we welcome our second next month! It was so nice to travel to somewhere in the US that felt like a foreign country! Get to the beach if you
    can! Enjoy!

  4. Welcome to Florida!
    I live in Palm Beach County, one hour drive to Miami. It’s like summer now so prepare to get tanned. ?
    Enjoy your stay! ❤?

  5. Awww
    2 pretty gals with the sweetest smiles!
    I really like the denim jacket & your hat.
    Mollys shoes are super cute.
    Have a fun weekend &
    Way-to-go Mr. Rockstar Daddy.
    Happy Mothers Day, Ali.

  6. Ali,
    Please give us some of your tips for flying with Molly! I am flying with a 9 month old this summer and it is going to be awful!! How do you let her get her wiggles out when she has to stay in your seat?

  7. Your handbag is very stylish just like you. In any case, you don’t risk losing it since there is a guardian angel who protects it while taking advantage to make a coquettish pose ;-). It seems that Molly purposely made us envious.

  8. Welcome to Miami!!! If you need any advice on kid friendly places here (restaurants, children’s museums, beaches) , let me know!!

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