My Hunt for the Best T-Shirts

You guys know I’m constantly on the hunt for great basics. Especially a GREAT t-shirt. Everyone who reads my blog regularly know I wear this Madewell tee (that’s under $20) ALL THE TIME! I have it in white, black, and navy blue. Oh and I’m sure I’ll get it in many more colors as some point. It’s just SUCH a great basic and I get so much use out of them. Plus I’ve found that I can pretty easily breastfeed while wearing them because of the v-neck. It involves a little stretching of the neck, but they bounce right back after a wash. Plus I’m just not willing to give up wearing t-shirts just because I’m still nursing. If you read about this tee on my blog in the past and ended up getting it, PLEASE tell me what you think in the comments below. I KNOW you guys must love it as much as me – and you can’t beat $20 for a quality basic like this! See me wearing this tee in white HERE.

I’m wearing white jeggings – that’s right jeans had a baby with leggings – and I love them (you’ve seem me wearnig them before here)! They are so comfy but don’t look like I’m wearing leggings. Plus with white jeans you really want the fit to be right in order for them to be as slimming as possible. I think these are a great choice to get that snug fit!

My cross body bag is a staple in my closet. See it with this look and this look too! And how fun are my floral shoes! They are SUCH mom shoes and I love them! He he. They are super comfortable slip ons so I can easily put them on when I’m running out the door.

And Molly’s onesie is by Primary. I love their stuff!





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24 thoughts on “My Hunt for the Best T-Shirts

  1. What size in the jeggings did you get? I know you’re normally a medium but the site says they run big? I’ve been looking for some white jeans!

  2. I love the look and feel of the made well tees but they all seem to be getting small holes in the front after only a couple of wears.

  3. Yes!! Madewell v-necks are the best! Thanks to your posts about your favorite white tee, I made the purchase and you are right, it’s not see through at all! I’ve even worn a black bra with it. I too am exclusively breastfeeding my little one and it is the perfect tee. Thank you!

  4. I love the madewell Tee! Last night I wore it to a concert (mom and dads night out!) with a pair of boyfriend jeans and my FAV anthro jacket. I bought the Tee immediately after reading your first post about it. My little one was born in late June so I was happy to find a good shirt!

  5. I wear these shirts all the time as well, and also noticed the small holes in them after just a few washes, but for the price and comfort I don’t get too mad about it ?

  6. Just bought the white Madewell tee from an earlier post and I am in love! I’ve been buying basic tees at Target for a long time but this one is so much better and not that much more expensive! Excited to buy some other colors for summer 🙂

  7. I have probably five of these tshirts and my mom started wearing them too a year or so ago. They are so nice looking and consistent with fun colors! I’ve been wearing them for years- I should probably branch out a bit!

  8. I bought 6 of the Madewell Tees after reading about them on your blog. Love them! I love how they can either be dressed up or down. Thank you for all your clothing inspiration!!

  9. I bought 5 of those whisper tees right when I found out I was pregnant two years ago and have worn them non-stop since. They definitely became part of my mom uniform. Most of them have holes in them now so they have been downgraded to PJs. This year I bought a bunch of the J. Crew vintage cotton t-shirts to replace them – I like that they don’t have a pocket though they have not arrived yet.

    My daughter has all the same onesies as Molly – primary and kickee pants. I love the padded makeshift helmets you have been putting on Molly -such a smart idea. My daughter got countless bruises on her poor noggin when she first started moving.

  10. Ali you MUST check out Carly Jean Los Angeles! While I love all of her clothes (seriously, they’re taking over my closet), she has the very best basics! Plus, everything is made here in LA. She even does pop-ups in Tarzana about once a month and has the most gorgeous home I have ever seen. I’ll link her website and you should totally follow her on Insta. A lot of her tops are nursing friendly too 🙂

  11. After reading your blog a year or two ago, I ordered two Madewell T-shirts. They fall on the body so nice I went back and ordered 3 more! The shirts get little holes around the pocket because my daughter pulls on them, but for $20…I just keep buying more!

    P.S. I’m 5’8″ and 140 pounds and wear a medium.
    Funfact: I’m now 7.5 months pregnant and it still fits perfectly!

  12. Try the SOL brand “Perfect Tee” from Kohls! I have tried so many tees and that one is far and away the best one I’ve tried, and if you wait for a sale they’re like $4 – I think they’re $10-$15 regular price?

  13. Madewell is great. Joah Brown also makes great basic tee’s. They are more on the pricey side but worth every penny!

  14. Hi Ali,

    Hope these shirts are as comfortable as you say because I ordered 2. I have a 4 month old that I exclusively breastfeed and was looking for comfortable shirts for the summer. I love all your advice and following you. I even bought the People because you are in it. Don’t know where to ask or even if you’ll see this but on your instagram story you are wearing the cutest pants. You are talking to Molly (so cute) and Owen and all you can see is your pants. They are fighting for your attention. Red is my favorite color and I loved the pants. Thanks for your help. Will continue to watch you where I can.

    Your fan
    Jennifer and LilliAnne(daughter)

  15. Madewell v-neck’s are the best! And they are always on sale, so you can get them for super cheap. I have them in so many different colors. I basically wear one every day. It is a perfect staple and super easy to dress up or down. Wilmington, DE

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