Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hi friends! With Mother’s Day coming up and it being my 1st Mother’s Day as a mommy to a human baby (still had my fur baby before Molly), I thought it would be a great time to do a Mother’s Day blog post with gift ideas! I realize Mother’s Day is still a few weeks away, but I like to get a head start on these things! Plus, I wanna really think about my gifts this year because I now understand more than ever how important it is to acknowledge our mamas on Mother’s Day. So this year, I will certainly be making a bigger deal out of it for my mom, my sister, and for me!!! I now understand just what it takes to be a mom and I will never take Mother’s Day for granted! Not that I did before, but I just couldn’t quite understand the work and sacrifice that it takes to be a mommy.

The first and most important way to appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day is to spend time with her!!! I unfortunately live 3,000 miles away from my mom and will actually be traveling for work on Mother’s Day so since I can’t be with her, I thought I would send her a little care package! I am not going to tell you exactly what I got her because she reads this blog and I don’t want to spoil it for her! But these are some of my favorite gift ideas and they are all from Nordstrom! Why? Well if you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I buy almost everything there. Ha! I love Nordstrom. They have the BEST stuff (so many great options for Mother’s Day) and they make online ordering so easy! Free shipping AND free returns! Plus they have great gift ideas in their Mother’s Day section of the site.

Oh and Mom, I know you’re reading this so you may or may not be getting some of the items in the picture below 😉 He he.

GREAT JAMMIES – If there is one thing I cherish way more now than I did before I was a mom it’s good sleep! Oh how I cherish good sleep. And having ultra-comfy jammies is soooooo nice! What I love about the jammies I’m wearing in this pic is that they are stretchy so it makes ordering for someone else a lot easier. Like if you know your mom is in-between sizes, you can order either size and it will probably work. But with the free returns, she can also EASILY return them for another size if needed. Plus the fit of these jammies is killer! I LOVE them. So yes, I bought them for myself. Gotta treat yourself for Mother’s Day too 😉

MOM MUG – Have I ever told you guys that Kevin and I collect coffee mugs? He actually gave me the one I’m using in the pic below. Well actually Molly gave it to me 😉 He he.

BATH SALTS – An hour to myself in a hot bath with bath salts? YES PLEASE!!! If the mom you are giving this to has kiddos, offer to watch the little ones for an hour so she can slip into the tub and let her daydream! Sounds like perfection to me. Sigh. What you could do is give the bath salts as a gift with a little “coupon” for babysitting so she can fully relax in a spa-like bath.

SLIPPERS – Slippers are another great gift! Slippers are one of those things that everyone loves to have but nobody tends to buy for themselves. Especially a quality pair. Any mom would LOVE this gift.

BLANKET – A cozy blanket or a nice throw is another one of those things that always look so nice in a home but no one thinks to buy for themselves. Also, when your mama is getting comfy on the couch they can snuggle up with this blanket and think of you! The exact blanket in my photo is from Nordstrom and I got it HERE, but it’s sold out! So I found a similar one HERE.

“I LOVE YOU MOM” ANYTHING – Sometimes the littlest saying can means the world! And I think that anything, whether it’s a mug or a pillow, that let’s your mom know how much you love her is a GREAT gift! This “I love you mom” pillow is just so cute, simple, and says so much!

Hope you guys like my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! Let me know what YOU would want this Mother’s Day. Maybe I’ll add it to my next gift guide (I’ll be doing another one closer to Mother’s Day and give you a shout-out of course!) Or I’ll just make Kevin read the comments section of this for ideas for me. He he!


This Mother’s Day post is Owen approved 😉






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22 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

  1. I have those same P.J.’s and they are the BEST! Right now I am drinking my coffee out of a “best mom ever” mug …my parents got it for me last mother’s day! It’s aspirational…I do my best 🙂

    Ali – I am so happy that you are getting some sleep and taking some time to yourself. I always feel guilty when I have a little bit of free time and I don’t spend it with my daughter – I think a lot of moms do. However, I really think a little bit of time to myself to do some of the things that used to be important to me help me be the best mom I can be! Now that Molly is getting 12 hours of sleep at night you can have some adult time and still get 8 hours of sleep! So great! Woohoo!

    1. The BEST pj’s ever! And I am sooo with you. It’s so important to take time for ourselves as hard as that can be sometimes.

  2. The one thing that would mean a lot for me is something homemade (cheesy i know) from the kids or if my husband would take the kids pictures – going out and actually taking new ones would put me over the moon and then giving them to me in a frame. It’s simple, inexpensive and really shows he cares.

  3. Ally, if you don’t mind me asking, as a breastfeeding mom I was always in my head about my supply. Do you mind if I ask how much you typically pump in a session? Thanks!

    1. My pumping has TOTALLY changed now that Molly is older. I use to pump between 5oz to 7oz for most feeds when she was younger. Now when I pump at night (since we give her frozen milk thawed in a bottle before bed) I barely get 2oz-3oz. But if I pump during the day I get closer to 4oz-5oz

  4. I’m actually hinting the hubby about a new tote bag! I’m thinking cream colored so it works for every outfit! Love your pics too!

  5. The Mug and the PJs are an absolute delight, if only Nordstorm delivered in India 🙁
    The blog was really sweet and a great perspective from the side of a mother and a daughter!

  6. Hi I was looking for last minute gift ideas, I really like your list. I feel like I always end up getting a spa card or flowers or making dinner.

    This year I did something different and went with a wine gift on Amazon. Thoughtful but will be used for a long time, good gift for guys to get their wives/monthers. Thought I would share this for those looking for last minute gifts, if you want to add it to your list of ideas!

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