Office Chic and Everyday Look – Affordable Friday!

Hi Luvs! I had a few GREAT business meetings today and man am I feeling excited about some fun things to come! Feeling very optimistic about my future! Anyway, wanted to share my look with you guys because I think this is just such a cute work outfit idea for spring! I mean really you could wear this anywhere – to lunch, to a daytime event, to work, or just out and about doing your thang!Hey it’s Your Life, Your Dress Code!!!! Oh AND it’s Affordable Friday! And this look is TOTALLY affordable! Plus EVERYTHING I’m wearing is 40% off today and from Express!!! So it’s EXTRA affordable!

I just love Express because their clothes are so on trend and budget friendly of course. Plus they always have great sales like the one today! I mean EVERYTHING in the store is almost half off. That’s amazing!

My top is sooo pretty and can be worn 3 different ways. It’s on sale for $35 so that’s basically $12 per look! Ha! You can wear it like I am in these pictures with he ruffle sleeves below your arms. Or you can wear the ruffles on the outside of the arm and you can button up the ruffles. See more of what I mean by looking at the shirt on the website HERE.

The mid-rise pants I am wearing so sooooo comfortable! They are the perfect work pant and dress pant! I actually plan on wearing them when I co-hosting Home & and Family this Monday. And they are a STEAL at $35 while they are 40% off right now! Plus they are very flattering! I know you guys are going to love these.

And these shoes!!!! I mean, I can’t even tell you how many people asked me about them today. Even a GUY complimented my shoes! The are only $41 right now! I mean, it doesn’t get any better for a fabulous pair of heels like this!







8 Thoughts

8 thoughts on “Office Chic and Everyday Look – Affordable Friday!

  1. Love your style and all your outfit choices! You are STILL my favorite bachelorette!!
    AND…you can change your BIO chickie….your “fiance” is now your “husband”!
    Have a super Easter!
    Love seeing pics of your family and your sweet, sweet baby girl!!

  2. Love your style and your positive attitude! Will you being doing a sleep training blog post? I have an 8 month old and we’re going thru the sleep regression and will start sleep training in June!

  3. I see that the shoes only come in whole sizes and I’m usually a 6.5. Do you recommend sizing up or down?

    Love your style!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am a 6.5 too. I got a 7 and they work for me, but I think I totally could have gotten a 6. I would honestly probably size down!

  4. Love this outfit! I know you are paying for the sleep training service so you can’t really give away the info but could you share some time tips? We’ve been contemplating a sleep coach but they seem to be a lot of money.

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