Nursing Hoodie – My Travel Must Have!

UPDATE: The exact nursing hoodie below is out of stock. But I found THIS NURSING HOODIE by the same brand fully in stock! I think mine is last season and this is their new one.

We are off to NYC today! Is it weird that we actually love traveling with Molly? She loves new surrounding and people. And on planes, she is just the center of attention! Not just because she get 100% of our attention, but usually has an audience on the plane! We actually just flew to San Francisco two days ago (yes, she is quite the jet setter this week!) and she was having a grand old time waving at every single person on the plane. At one point, she was sitting on my lap waving at the people behind us and I turned around to see about 10 people in the aisle waving back at her. It was the cutest thing EVER!!!!

Anyway, on that trip to San Francisco I wore this hoodie by Bun Maternity and I thought, I couldn’t fly without this thing I need to share it with my followers! Ha! So that’s what I am doing today! Before I had Molly, I ALWAYS wore a hoodie when I traveled. That’s because they are super comfy, easy to tie around my waist if I get hot while walking through airports, and something to keep me warm because the temperature on airplanes is so unpredictable. But now that I have Molly, a regular hoodie just won’t cut it because I have to nurse her while flying. Both so she can eat and so her ears pop when we take off and land. That’s why I was SO pumped when I found THIS hoodie. It’sĀ  a nursing hoodie! It’s super comfy and allows me to have easy access to feed molly on the plane. Also, like you can see in the pic below, when I nurse her it’s discrete. The fabric keeps me covered so I don’t feel like I’m giving the plane a little show. Ha! Oh and Molly LOVES to play with the strings of the hoodie (as you can see in the pics below) so it also keep her occupied on the flight.

I also love to travel wearing these jean leggings. They are only $31 and super comfy and stretchy! I have to be comfortable when I fly!

Oh and if you wear sandals when traveling don’t forget to pack socks in your purse/carry-on so you have socks to put on when you go through security. I always cringe when I see people walk barefoot through security. It’s so dirty!

Anyway, just wanted to share this post since we are off to NYC today and I am wearing this hoodie! If I remember, I’ll do an instagram story to show you guys more of it!

What do you have to have while traveling? What’s your go-to outfit? Share tips with me in the comments below!






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19 thoughts on “Nursing Hoodie – My Travel Must Have!

  1. I’ve been traveling with my 10 month old since she was 6 months and as the time progressed the more she wants to touch everything. So my must have for traveling with her is a pack of wipes to wipe everything down within her reach when we get to our seat. And my go to outfit is also a pair of comfy jean leggings, slip on sneakers, and a wrap sweater that I like to wrap around her when she is nursing and falls asleep šŸ™‚

  2. Hey! Love this suggestion for traveling! I am soon flying for the first time with our little one. I went to look at the hoodie and the website says it runs small- what would you suggest for sizing?

    1. I would say it’s fitted. Size up if you like sweatshirts baggy. But I like the fitted look of mine. I’m wearing a medium and usually wear a medium.

  3. I’ll have to remember this when we have our next kid! I live in San Fran and our family lives in Florida so my babe and I have been traveling by plane since she was 9 weeks old! I used to bring her boppy pillow so she had something to lay on. Everyone in the airport thought my hubs was carrying a HUGE neck pillow ?Haha!

  4. Love these photos of you and little miss Molly, she’s so cute, have fun in NYC, maybe swing up to Massachusetts, would love to meet you šŸ™‚

  5. So thankful for you inspiring us nursing Mommas! I have to fly to Denver in a few months with my 10 mo old for the first time. Nervous that I won’t have everything I need!

  6. Ali do you wear false lashes or have extensions?? Your lashes are amazing!!!!!!!!! Share Share share!!!

      1. You should look into Rodan and Fields Lash Boost….a product applied once nightly will give you longer darker lusher looking lashes. I’m a consultant and results are AMAZING just like extensions minus they are your own lashes ?

  7. I’m a first time mom to be and love your maternity fashion tips! This is probably a dumb question but do you wear a bra when you wear nursing clothes like these? If so, is there a nursing bra you would recommend? Also, would love another roundup of your baby product must-haves now that Molly is a little older! She is adorable!!

  8. Love the hoodie idea! Do you have any other suggestions for nursing tops in public? First time mom and having a hard time feeling comfortable nursing in front of people!

    Love your blog and Molly could not be any cuter šŸ™‚

  9. Love this hoodie! So do you just wear a nursing bra or cami underneath? Just thinking about what to wear if I get warm and need to wrap it around my waist but want to have a top underneath that is still easy access to nurse but still has enough coverage so my nips aren’t showing! ?

      1. Do you wear a nursing bra also? U said you wear a v neck Tshirt is that still easy to access ? I’m planning on traveling with my 6 month old next month

  10. Hi. I love your couch and home decor! Can you tell me where your couch, pillows and rug are from? I have a 1 year old and 3 year old and am looking for something modern and stylish that will hold up with kids : ) Love your blog!

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