Grey and White

A little grey and white today…

I am so excited to share this grey top with you guys today. It’s one of my absolute FAVORITES!!! I own it in both blush and grey. This one one of those items that I actually bought in the store. I usually do all my shopping online, but I never would have thought to buy this shirt based on how it looks in the online picture of the model wearing it. But when I saw it in the store, I knew I had to have it. The bunching in the front is so flattering and it’s perfect to wearing with you want a shirt long enough to cover your bottom 😉 Sometimes I will tie my shirts to have this bunching effect in the front, but then they are no longer long enough to cover my butt, but this shirt solves that problem for me! I honestly don’t even know how to describe how much I love this shirt, so I’ll say this. If you get it, PLEASE come back to this post and tell me what you think! It’s slightly more expensive then I would normally pay for a top, but it’s WORTH IT! Trust me 🙂 And at $55 it’s not crazy or anything. Oh and sized down one size in this top. I’m normally a medium and I got a small.

I am wearing it with my Parker Smith white jeans. I’ve written about these jeans before HERE. If you are going to get white jeans THESE JEANS are my favorite so far. Super flattering and so well made. They are normally $163 (cause well, they are great quality) but they are on sale right now for $57.99!!!! To get them at this price is insane. Hope you guys love them.

I added my turquoise necklace to give the look a pop of color. You might notice that one of the strands of beads is missing in my necklace, I have Molly is thank for that one. Any other moms out there have babes that LOVE to pull on there necklaces? Molly is getting STRONG and has broken more necklaces than I can count. But the great thing about this necklace, it that there are multiple layers so even if one breaks, I still have a bunch of others and can still wear it. Ha!

Read about the heels I am wearing HERE. They are the BEST and so comfortable. I love a good heels that is low enough to be comfortable and not make me too tall), but DOESN’T look like a kitten heel. This heel is it!

Hope you guys enjoy my look! I’m excited because I am off to NYC with my little family tomorrow. Stay tuned for my looks for the press day I am doing there!






8 Thoughts

8 thoughts on “Grey and White

  1. Your hair looks great down! As a new mom, I totally understand why you always wear it up though. How do you pull it up? It always looks so great! I never feel like mine lays right when I pull it up.

  2. So cute!! Nordstrom should give you commission! You probably give them so much business. I swear everything you post from there I buy!! ?

  3. I ordered the shirt and I must say…wonderful!!! I’m getting the pink too because it’s so flattering! Not a bad price either!

  4. Damn. I commented how much I love it I ended up buying both colors. However that shirt makes me look thin in pictures because the way the V forms. It’s amazing?!!!!

    I want to post pics….i’m talking pics two weeks ago compared to today

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