Molly’s Wave and Other Milestones

Molly has mastered her wave recently and it’s sooooo cute!

She has the cutest little pageant wave. I will have to record her doing it to show to you guys. And now all she wants to do is wave at people all day long! If you say “Hi” to her, she’ll wave back. She also learned to clap this month! Kevin and I had been trying to teach her and she wasn’t getting it, then one morning she woke up clapping. I was sleeping in bed with her (I usually bring her in bed with me around 5am when she wakes up to nurse and we fall asleep together for maybe an hour after that) and when I opened my eyes she was laying in bed clapping. It was so cool! It’s crazy how the littlest things are so exciting when you have a baby.

She isn’t crawling yet, but I hope she does soon! She’ll be 9 month on April 6th. Everyone keeps saying that we will miss the days when she couldn’t crawl once she can crawl, but I really don’t think we will feel that way. That’s because she’s a VERY active baby and never likes to sit still. So I think she’ll be a much happier baby once she can move around freely. Right now she just gets all upset when she can’t get to something so I feel like I’m constantly picking her up. We shall see! I can’t wait to see what milestones are next!

Quick outfit details for those who want to know! This is a t-shirt I’ve written about again and again! And Molly’s little bunny dress is perfect for Easter! Outfit details below pic!









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25 thoughts on “Molly’s Wave and Other Milestones

  1. My little guy is the same way – he always wants to be moving and on the go but can’t yet (7.5 months). I think he will be much happier when he can crawl! Molly is a cutie❤

  2. What size is your tee Ali? They have XXS on the site which makes me think it runs large…. thanks! Luv your blog and fashion inspiration as always.

  3. My little girl is the same way with this crawling ordeal, shell be 8 months on April 10th. I too feel like I’m always picking her up!! Love reading about mollys milestones!!

        1. Do it now ladies! Looking back I wish I had done it when my daughter was a baby. If you wait they will be too scared to do it. Then when they are ready they are probably playing sports (soccer)… then they must take out earrings for games. Here’s where it went bad for me. We’d forget to put back in or my daughter didn’t want them back in….and then the hole would close (even after months of having them in). Anyway, my daughter just turned 11 and we are on round 3 or repiercing her ears. Wish me luck.

          1. Belinda, I agree! My four year old wanted hers done….got one done and then wouldn’t get the other done. It took me bribing her with a whole bunch of stuff at the Mall before she would go back into the store for the second. I told her she couldn’t walk around with one ear pierced. With my next girl, I got hers done with she was a baby. We never had to take out for sports…just had to wear small studs. Several of my granddaughters had them done before a year old. MUCH easier!

        2. I just got my lil ones done!!! She screamed like she did when she gets her shots and then was absolutely fine… hasn’t even touched them and it’s been 3 weeks!!!

  4. I saw her wave on Kevin’s IG and it was ADORABLE! I couldn’t believe how well she did it. Such a smart cutie you have!

    Seriously all babies develop so differently and it’s wild. My little girl is almost 11 months and just now started waving… but clapped around 6 months and crawled at 7. I think she’ll be walking within the month for her 1st birthday!

  5. My little girl will be 10 months on March 28, and she started to crawl at the end of January- trust me once they can crawl it is a whole new ball game! Although it’s nice that you don’t have to worry about picking them up, you now are constantly running after them so they don’t get into anything. Changes things quite a bit! Baby proof while you can now! I’m sure she will get it soon! Such a sweet girl!

  6. Molly is adorable! My little girl, who is now 18 months old, started walking at 9 months! She started crawling and then all of a sudden 2 weeks later started walking and ditched the crawl! She was also very active and hated sitting still so maybe that will happen with Molly too ?

  7. Oh the waving days!! So so cute! My daughter started crawling right around 9 months and it’s an amazing thing to watch them master coordinating their arms and legs and little body.

    Now that she can clap, you can teach her a few signs (sign language). We did it with my son (we taught him to sign more, all done, and milk) and it was amazing to see him start using the signs to truly communicate way before he could talk.

    1. My husband and I both do sign language. It’s amazing for babies and cuts down on everyone’s frustrations.

      Netflix – baby signing times it’s like Sesame Street but learning A S L is mixed in

  8. My Brayley and Molly are 6 days apart! Brayley was the same way about crawling, really wasn’t all that interested because she’d rather stand up and walk lol I got her a walker and she’s taken off now she crawls, walks in the walker, and stands up on her own! It’s all happening way too fast!!! Molly is so beautiful!

  9. Hi Ali! Thank you for the update on Molly, I have a 6 month old baby girl so it’s nice to read up on where Molly is and to relate with you. I wanted to ask you a question about how you feed her. If I’m not mistaken, you went with baby led weaning? I’m wanting to start that, but I wanted to ask if there’s a book you read or if you have any tips on what food to start with or how consistent to be? My daughter was just never really interested in puréed foods, she did like the cereal though so I had read up on the benefits of baby led weaning. I’ve done avocado and banana so far, but not three times a day, do you do it for every meal? Thank you!

  10. Hi Ali,

    Just curious. The photos you put on here are always such great quality. Do you have your own DSLR and do you take all these photos yourself or do you have someone taking them for you? I love your blog and just enjoy reading about your life.

  11. I’ve read that 9-10 months is the new “normal” for crawling since we don’t have babies sleep on their tummy’s anymore. My little guy started crawling mid-9 months and boy did he take his time preparing for it, so I thought he’d walk later. Nope, right before his first bday he went from barely standing to running! W how long he prepared for crawling I couldn’t believe how quickly he jumped into walking and running 🙂 enjoy every moment it all goes too fast!!!

  12. Hi Ali! My daughter was a later crawler and a late walker (she just took her first steps yesterday!). People kept telling me I was “lucky” and that it would be so annoying when she learned (because I would need to run after her). Not the case. I was thrilled both times. Luckily I got them both on video and rewatched the videos about a million times at work and showed them to anyone who would look. I am a proud mommy. Like you said, the smallest things are amazing when you have a baby. Stay positive, you are doing an awesome job.

  13. Hi Ali! Our daughters are 2 days apart 🙂 Camden loves to wave too, and she is an active baby just like Molly, so I totally agree with you that she will be much happier when she learns to crawl. I love looking at all your pics and reading the blog, and it’s so fun to see that our daughters are the same age. How’s Molly’s sleep going now?

  14. Hi Ali! I saw your Insta Video that you are sleep training and I was hoping you would do a blog on it?! I have an almost 9 month old and I’m curious what other mom’s successes have been. Hoping to sleep again…one day! 🙂

  15. I love these Maxwell Tee’s you wear! I’m going to buy a bunch but not sure if I should go with my regular size or up a size? What do you do?

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