Tee Fashion – The Best Tee Out There! (Under $20)

I hung out with my friend Ashley the other day because we want to experiment with some fun cocktail recipes that we will be bringing to you soon on AliLuvs.com soon! Anyway, when I was at her house  working on them I spilled syrup all over my outfit! So I had to borrow some of her clothes (I promise to get them back to  you soon Ash!). She let me borrow this super cute green top and distressed jeans. I was obsessed the second I put them on and immediately asked her where she got them and went online to buy them! Ha ha! BTW – Ashley is also an INCREDIBLE photographer and take s ton of my pics for me (including today’s blog pics). See more of her work on her Instagram.

This tee is by Madewell and one I’ve worn a bunch actually. But not in this color! I have it in white – see me wearing it HERE. But after wearing her green one, I realize that I wanted it and so many other colors! And it comes in a bunch of other colors so my day was made! This tea is under $20 in the perfect casualty to (style) with jeans. Some people think under $20 is a great price for this and others think around $20 is a lot for a T-shirt. I guess this is the difference – This isn’t an undershirt. Yes $20 for an undershirt would be a lot. This is a fashion T-shirt that is the top to any look you’re trying to complete. You can pair it with a skirt, with jeans, or with shorts. It goes with everything and gives your outfit a stylish yet casual look rather than just looking like you rolled out of bed. I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you this T-shirt is my favorite piece of clothing in my closet. Well not this green one because it’s not mine! Ha! But my white version of this top. And now that I’ve tried on the green one I’m up OBSESSED with it in every color.

The jeans also fit like a glove! My friend Ashley is tiny and cute that I never in a million years thought her jeans will fit me. So I was pleasantly surprised when they did! The fact that they are stretchy is why I think they fit me. But I absolutely loved it fit, they were so soft, and the cut outs at the knees give it that cool distressed look. And they’re on sale right now for under $50! Ignore the photo of the pink jeans below the first picture. They come in that light pink/salmon color and in the color I’m wearing but for some reason when I link them only that salmon color showing. But if you click here you can get the exact color I’m wearing.

This look was perfect with my old black converse and this super cute new bag I got from Sole Society. I love the color of this bag in the tassel detail. It’s perfect for spring! I plan on carrying it with a lot of my boho inspired looks the spring.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this spontaneous outfit post based on me spilling a bunch of stuff all over my outfit! Ha! But this outfit was just too cute when I tried it on so I had to share with all of you! And super affordable!





18 Thoughts

18 thoughts on “Tee Fashion – The Best Tee Out There! (Under $20)

  1. Hi Ali!

    Could you describe fit of the waist (high/mid/low) rise? Now that I have a 6 month old I am finding a mid to high rise jean to be more comfortable!



    1. Mid rise. And I totally feel yeah on not wanting to wear low rise anymore. Me neither!!! I find these VERY comfy as a new mom myself.

  2. Hi Ali, I’ve been searching on your blog for the hair straightner you use. I think you once posted about it either here or on instagram. Do you really like it? I’m in need of a new one. Thank you so much. p.s. Congrats on the wedding and Molly and Owen are so cute. 🙂

  3. Ali you look so good with your hair in a ponytail! It always looks great! Do you curl the front hair pieces with curling wand?

  4. Ali,

    You are the cutest in everything you wear. Obsessed with your look and everything you put on your blog. Can’t get enough of it. I wanted to ask if you ever need an assistant to help you out with your blog could I email my resume to you?

  5. Ali,

    Ever think of going on, “Home and Family” for fashion as a regular? I think you would be perfect!


  6. Ali, you mentioned you have this tee in white- is it see through? I’m on the hunt for the perfect white tee that doesn’t require a cami underneath. Help a girl out! Thanks!

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