Trend Alert -Laser Cut Outs

It feels we are not to wear a white dress! Ha! And as much as I’d like to wear white dresses forever, I think it’s time to switch it up a little bit. I love this navy dress I’m wearing in this look. The laser cut outs in the fabric is super on trend right now and make the dress extra special.

You’re going to pay a little bit more for detail like this in a dress. But the good news is because the detailing is so special, you really don’t need much for accessories. I styled a look with a simple black pump and natural make up. I could’ve gone super simple on the earrings too. But last minute I decided to have a little fun with the look and added a little bit of a statement earring. I love these earrings so much! You can see me wearing them here and here too.

This dress is also flattering on must body type because of the shape. When I’m feeling a bit bloated it’s my go-to dress for special occasions. It would actually be a really nice dress to wear to someones wedding.

Oh, and some of you were asking me about the color nail polish I had at my wedding, THIS COLOR is what I’m wearing in this pic and what I wore at my wedding!



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13 thoughts on “Trend Alert -Laser Cut Outs

  1. Hi Ali! How do you breastfeed in this? I’m a new mom about to return to work ? and I’m still nursing. I keep wondering how to dress normally and still be able to pump throughout the day. Any tips?

    1. Have you heard of the two-shirt trick? You can wear any normal shirt as long as you wear a tank underneath. Pull the top one up and the tank underneath down.

      Wearing dresses is pretty much impossible though, unless they have low necklines that can be stretched.

      Another tip: I just learned Nordstrom will convert any bra you buy there into a nursing bra for free!

      1. Awesome – I’ll have to try that! I’m thinking skirts and tops will have to take the place of dresses…

  2. Hi Ali, what size of this dress did you get? Does it run true too size? Thank you? You look lovely ?

    1. That is so mean and rude. Do you know you can erase the smile on her face by saying that? What is the point of doing that?

      I am sorry, Ali, if you see her comment. Do no take it personally. She may be dealing with lack of love in her life.

    2. I’m so confused by your comment. Her legs look great! Most women would kill for her legs. You’ve got some issues to address.

  3. Hi Ali – I ordered this dress twice now but both time the lace on the sleeves have been torn. Did you have this issue? Any tricks?


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