Our Wedding Day – I’m Mrs. Manno!

I am officially Mrs. Manno!!!! I don’t even know where to start so I will start by saying that I have never been happier. Being Kevin’s wife is such a gift and an honor.

Some of you may have seen some of our wedding photos in Us Weekly recently. I have to mention Us Weekly quickly because they have been so incredible to us. Really. I know some people don’t give a lot of credit to weekly mags, but over the years we have developed such a great relationship with Us Weekly and the people there (thank you Peter and Brody!) and that’s why we decided to share our wedding photos with them! The issue with some exclusive pictures might still be on stands if  you wanna run out now and grab a copy!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Ok… let’s talk about this wedding! This perfect PERFECT day! We were SO nervous in the few weeks before the wedding because Los Angeles was getting record high amounts of rain. It felt like it rained for almost 2 months straight with a few sunny days sprinkled in. Luckily for us, our wedding day was just gorgeous! 70 and sunny! We got married at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palo Verdes. Is this place not stunning?!?! As many of you know, we originally had our hearts set on Mexico as a destination wedding, but then Zika got really serious and we didn’t feel comfortable asking our friends and family to travel there. So we then started our search for the perfect state side destination! And Terranea was it!!! It totally felt like we had a mini destination wedding. The resort is just gorgeous and the views cannot be beat! Plus we were so grateful that all our family and friends stayed at the resort with us. That was important because we wanted the wedding to be a 3-day celebration! Not just the day of the wedding. It was the prefect location.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

The landscape of Terranea is stunning, so stunning that I didn’t think it could be more beautiful. That’s until Kellye Kodak Clifford of Precious & Blooming flowers stepped in and took our ceremony site to a whole other level! She did all the flowers for the wedding and wow – just wow! When we first met with Kellye, we told her that we thought we wanted blushes and creams as our wedding colors. But as we began to discuss the flowers more and as she showed us photos, we realized that we wanted a more sophisticated style. We are so grateful she took the time to go over every little detail with us so that the flower colors were just perfect!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

And I cannot say anything more about the wedding until I thank Natasha and Laura from Gather Events. These two women are superstars!!! We absolutely would not have been able to do this without them! Wedding planning and wedding stress are NO JOKE! I had no idea how much went into planning a wedding. Laura and Natasha handled every little detail and all the logistics of the wedding, which gave us more time to handle personal aspects of the wedding like my dress, family stuff, our vows, etc. What I loved most about working with them is even when I was sure things were stressful on their end (especially the week before the wedding when things were changing LAST minute!) they never let on that they were stressed. I cannot even begin to explain how much that meant to us. Every time we talk to them they were thorough, prepared, and calming. And everything went so smoothly and perfectly on the big day with them coordinating everything from start to finish. If you need wedding planners, I could not recommend them more highly! You girls are the best!!!


Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Speaking of planning, four weeks before the wedding I decided I wanted a second dress! Ha! Anyone who has gotten married knows how crazy this is. I mean, I absolutely ADORE my ceremony dress by Alvina Valenta that I got at JLM Couture Bridal. The moment I walked into JLM I knew it was the place I was going to find my wedding dress. I had been to two other dress appointments prior to that and honestly felt disheartened. I remember saying to my best friend Stef, “maybe I just don’t like wedding dresses” since nothing I tried on was good enough in my mind. That is until I went to JLM Couture. I was obsessed with EVERY dress I tried on. I love them.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

I LOVE the white Kate Spade pumps I wore with the bow detail on the heel. For those of you who have been following me for a long time, you know I’ve always wanted to wear converse under my wedding dress and I ALMOST did! But decided not to because my dress just looked so much better with a little height. But I changed to flats AS SOON as the ceremony was over 🙂

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

My earrings and hair piece are by Maria Elena Headpieces. She custom made me my hair piece! And Molly’s flower headband is so beautiful! The woman who made it has a shop on esty. She’s saving the money she makes from the headbands to adopt a baby of her own! Please support her shop!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

So even though I found my dream dress, I decided I wanted a second because I wanted have more freedom to move and dance at the reception and my ceremony dress was very fitted and wouldn’t allow me to “break it down.” Ha! So that’s when I reached out to Val Stefani! I was able to meet with her and her business partner and they were just the sweetest!!! They rush made me this custom gown and I couldn’t be more appreciative for what they did so last minute! I wanted the dress to be fun yet simple and they delivered! Two weeks before my wedding, I was in Mon Amie bridal salon getting it altered and fitted to my body. Thank you Mon Amie for helping make the second dress a reality!!!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

My bridesmaids wore dresses by Jenny Yoo. I just loved how they turned out! I knew I wanted them to both wear different dresses that were different colors but I really didn’t know how it would all turn out. I thought they couldn’t have looked more beautiful! And I couldn’t have been more proud to have them by my side as I married the love of my life! Raya is my sister and has been there with me since the beginning. And Stef is my absolute best friend. I love her like she’s my sister. I would do anything for her.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

And when I was getting ready with my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and future sister-in-law we all wore robes from Pretty Plum Sugar! So pretty!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

How cute is little Molly being pulled in this wagon by my 4 year old niece Lennon? When I was waiting to walk down the aisle, holding onto my father’s arm, I saw Molly and Lennon start to go down the aisle and I just lost it. It was a proud mom moment for me. We were going to put her in this little white dress for the ceremony but last minute I changed my mind and just thought she looked so darling in her little white kickee pants onesie with this flower headband. Plus I wanted Molly to be as comfortable as possible in the wagon since I knew Lennon was nervous about pulling it. But Lennon did such a fantastic job! I am so proud of her. Lennon’s dress is Jenny Yoo, BTW! And a huge thank you to my dear friend Lisa (who hates being the center of attention) who jumped into save the day by helping walk Lennon and Molly down the isle! I bring up that she hates being the center of attention to point out how selfless she was in being so willing to do this for us. She never hesitated when we asked! That is a true friend!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Owen was a part of he ceremony too! Kevin’s mom and dad walked Owen down the aisle 🙂 We couldn’t get married without having him there. He’s our first baby! And his little “Best Dog” bandana is so precious!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Ok, more wedding details!!! The furniture rentals by Found Rentals were oh so pretty. I want all their stuff to decorate our house! It was important to me to have some lounge areas at the wedding especially since one of our friends was 33 weeks pregnant with TWINS! She needed a comfy place to put her feet up! What a trooper by the way for coming to the wedding when she could have gone into labor at ANY moment! Twins tend to come very early! And how gorgeous were the benches from Found Rentals at the ceremony site?! (1st picture above) We also rented the bar (below) from them and served drinks with “Manno and Wifeo” stir sticks and A+K napkins by For Your Party. Open bar of course 😉

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

When our wedding planners told me about these beautiful wooden seating charts with calligraphy by Red Letter Day, I had no idea they would turn out so incredible. This display was like 6 feet tall!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

The table settings were simple, elegant, and beautiful! We got the chargers, rose gold silverware (to die for!) and water goblets from Soiree 8, the classic linens are by Modmix,  the menus matched our invitations – we got both on Minted!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

When Kevin and I went cake tasting at Beverly’s Bakery we couldn’t decide on just one cake – so we got three! How perfect is her work? She also did the cake for my baby shower – the most beautiful naked cake I’ve ever seen!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

We also wanted something unique for another dessert option at the wedding so we got a s’mores cart! I actually saw this cart by Mallow Mallow at an event and thought they were SO yummy so we got it for our wedding! Although I will say that I am super bummed that I never got to have one at the wedding! Ha! I was so busy dancing the night away that I never ate one.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

People keep asking me what my favorite part of the day was. Obviously this is an impossible question! Everything was so perfect, but one thing that stood out to me as one of the absolute BEST parts of the wedding (besides marrying Kevin of course) was the band!!!! I’m not even kidding. The Golden Coast Allstars were just that – ALLSTARS! To be honest, I was hesitant about a band at first. I was so used to the original versions of all our favorite songs that I was worried that a band wouldn’t play them quite right. But the Golden Coast Allstars couldn’t have proved me more wrong! They were BETTER than the originals! All of our guests kept coming up to us on the dance floor and yelling “This band is incredible!!!” I felt like I was at a concert! I couldn’t recommend these guys more. Thank you a million times over to the owner Danny who spent a ton of time with us going over the playlist and making sure our ceremony music was just perfect! This band also did instrumental versions of Sweet Disposition, Ho Hey (as I walked down the aisle) and Geronimo (recessional) – all of which were perfect! Thank you Danny! You guys are the absolute best!!!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Are you guys loving all these photos as much as I am? Ok maybe I am loving them a little bit more since they are of my wedding day. Ha! But they are stunning right? That is thanks to Brandon Kidd Photography. Brandon and his wife Kristin are such a great team and documented all these amazing moments for us. Not only are they talented but they are just overall good people. Brandon goes above and beyond in his role as a Photographer. Multiple times leading up to the wedding and the morning of the wedding when I was feeling stressed (the morning of I was worried that I was taking too long to get ready because I had to keep stopping to care for Molly), Brandon totally put me at ease. Before the wedding day, he emailed us a couple times to assure us that everything was under control and he was going to do everything in his power to help us enjoy every minute of our day. He is a gem! He and his wife both are! Check out all their gorgeous work HERE.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Juicebox Media also helped document the day too!!! They made us the most incredible video that I will be posting soon in it’s own blog post!!!! I keep saying that I wish I could bottle up the feeling I had on my wedding day and experience it forever and I feel like Juicebox Media did that for us with the beautiful video they made us. So make sure to come back to my blog later this week for that!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

And I can’t forget the super fun photobooth with lighting that’s better than any snapchat filter! Ha! No really. It’s AMAZING! I will be having Project Photobooth at ALL my future events! Stayed tuned for another post with A TON of the photobooth pics! I can’t fit them all here or this blog post would be 100 pages long!

Photo by Project Photobooth

And I have to give a shout out to my glam team!!!! Emma Willis of Contour Fossa has done my makeup for a little while now and I just adore her! She is crazy talented!!!! Briana Cisneros not only colors my hair (she’s a color master!!!) but she also gave me this gorgeous up-do! 1011 makeup did all the hair for my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and my niece Lennon! Her little up-do was just too cute!

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

And last but certainly not least I have to thank Leila Lewis and Alex Meyers from Be Inspired.  Leila has been such a huge part of our lives throughout this entire wedding process. And she even swooped in and planned my magical baby shower right in the middle of all the wedding planning! Leila and Be Inspired, not only connected me to my wedding planners and vendors, but she helped us find our venue from the get go! She also attended the wedding as a guest because she has become such a huge part of our lives! We couldn’t imagine not sharing our big day with her. Leila, thank you. Thank you for answering countless emails at all hours of the day/night – some emails from a very stressed out bride-to-be (sorry about those btw – he he). Thank you for making our wedding day everything we could have wanted! You are the BEST! And we are forever grateful. Love you Leila!

To you Molly – not my daughter  my other Molly 😉 Thank you. For EVERYTHING!

Leila Lewis (and Husband) from Be Inspired PR

Now that I’ve given you all of the details, I want to try to put into words the emotion of the day. Although, I really feel like it’s impossible to explain the feelings surrounding our wedding day. I can say this, during our ceremony there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen! I think every single person came up to us after the ceremony and told us they cried. This is one of the few instances in life where you feel good about bringing 100 people to tears! Ha! Also in tears, Kevin and I. Neither of us could hold it together as we read our vows. We didn’t share our vows with each other before the ceremony. All we knew is that we were both going to end with the same line “I promise to never forget this moment.” And I promise I won’t forget.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

The day wasn’t just emotional, it was SO FUN!!! In fact, I was enjoying myself so much that I forget to wear my veil!!! And I forgot to wear the small bow that went with my second dress. Oops! Oh well!

Under the “emotion” section of this post, I have to talk about our officiant and dear friend Mith Niles. Mith has been a part of my life for 10 years now. He has seen me through good times and very dark times and has been by my side through some very tough breakups on my journey to find love. When Mith met Kevin – he knew I had found my partner in life. Mith and Lisa (his wife and my other dear friend!) are family to us. We love them unconditionally and we know they love us unconditionally right back. When we asked Mith to be our officiant we were so nervous because we didn’t want him to feel pressure to take on such an enormous responsibility. Being the amazing person that he is, he accepted our request with a heart full of love. And on our wedding day, he gave us the most beautiful ceremony we could have ever imagined. Thank you Mith! We are eternally grateful.

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

And to my husband Kevin! My husband! I love saying that! I love you. I am so grateful for this life you and I have built. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for being my partner, my equal. Thank you for being the most amazing daddy to Molly. I promise to love you always. I promise to work everyday at being the wife you deserve. Thank you Kevin Manno, my husband, for loving me unconditionally. Your love makes me better

I’ll leave you all with a few more photos to enjoy! Love you all! Thanks for supporting us and our marriage!


Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography


















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  64. Beautiful wedding Ali! My husband and I were staying at the resort when you got married. I didn’t know at the time but we saw your daughter in the wagon. We were going to wait to see the bride but I felt awkward just standing there. Found out after we went down to the restaurant it was you. So mad I didn’t wait to see the bride! Lol Love reading your blog and your outfits.

  65. Congratulations so beautiful. I just got married back on October 18,2015. I know how stressfull it can be. Enjoy the honey.

  66. Ali, I admired you from day one. I watched your journey unfold. Molly is such a beautiful little doll. Question when is baby # 2 ?

  67. I could not wait for you to add this post!! What a beautiful love story. May you be blessed with many years of happiness. I love reading your posts and seeing all your pics. ?

  68. What an amazing day , weddings are so beautiful but the after wedding blues was a real thing for me, hope you not having them . How did you guys meet have you mentioned it on your blog before ?

  69. Ali, so beautiful! Every detail! My daughter and I have followed you since the bachelor & we are so happy you found your forever. My daughter gets married this July in Savannah & I hope it turns out as beautiful as yours!! Wishing you much happiness! You looked stunning btw,

  70. Hey Ali…
    First would like to say CONGRATS to you both on your wedding…you both look fabulous… Everything is complete and I am soo happy for you… Ali…i have watched you since the batchelor and i am soooo happy you found your forever….you both look soo happy together…enjoy every moment…laugh much and just enjoy…you have a wonderful family both you and Kevin along with Molly and Owen…
    I love seeing all of your posts and cannot wait for more to come..
    Th pics are amazing!!!!! A Beautiful wedding for 2 beautiful ppl and a wonderful family
    Aprildawn xxoo

  71. I am in awe of everything you have achieved over the past 8 or so years since I watched your season of the Bachelorette. You have grown and learnt so much about yourself which makes you who you are today. Kevin is a very lucky man!! I am so happy for you all – your happiness is truly tangible throughout your posts. Your wedding – well a true testament of the people you are. Homely, elegant, warm and genuine – not over the top, ostentatious and in your face. You are going places Manno family – keep spreading the love. Its lovely and refreshing to see.

  72. Congrats Ali! What a beautiful wedding and you were a stunning bride! My hubs and I (Massachusetts natives) have watched the Bach for a few years now and you have always been our fave. So thrilled you’ve found your match and that you have a precious baby girl! We had a boy 1.5 years ago– isn’t it the best?! Exhausting but the best! Congrats! ??

  73. First of all congratulations on your wedding, you look absolutely stunning and it shows because you look so happy. I’m so happy for you that you found the love of your life, and Molly looks beautiful. Congratulations I hope you have a happy life together forever.

  74. I’m a hopeless romantic and just love everything about your wedding, you looked absolutely stunning and both you and your hubby had beaming smiles! So Happy you got your fairytale “happy ever after”!

  75. Ali, the pictures are absolutely stunning! I was so excited to hear about this wedding, you have been my favorite for a long time now and I knew that when your day came, it was going to be perfect! I’m so glad you finally got the dream wedding you deserve! ❤

  76. I don’t ever write on celebrity Instagrams or blogs-because well, we don’t know each other! But, I’m so inclined to leave you a comment to say a. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and what seems to be a beautiful relationship –> marriage with Kevin. b. Your daughter Molly is beyond cute. My brother and sister-in-law gave birth to my niece Stella 9 months ago (Santa Monica residents), she’s about a month older than Molly. And, from time-to-time, I take screenshots of your cutie outfits on Molly from Insta and send them to my sister-in-law. Babies!!! Anyway, great blog post! Beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

  77. Beautiful wedding. Everything is perfect. Love all the pictures. Baby looked so cute in wagon. The last picture is my fav. Best of luck on your future together forever.

  78. I loved all of your wedding photos. Thank you and Kevin for sharing them with us. You make the perfect family. I loved the way Molly came in the wagon. Can’t wait to see the video. I have followed you, Ali since you were the bachelorette and Kevin from the Dance Mom Competition. I was so happy when I saw you two were a couple. Perfect match. Best wishes for a wonderful life together. ??????

  79. Your wedding was so beautiful. Congratulations to all four of you( Owen included) I’m happy to see you so happy.

  80. Wow! Beautiful photos and amazing day for both of you and Molly!

    May God continue to bless you throughout your married life. 🙂

  81. Didn’t want to get married in New England? Just kidding! It would be freezinggggg cold. Your location was beautiful your dress(es) were beautiful and I’m sure your wedding was spectacular. Wishing you, Kevin and Molly all the best in this new and exciting chapter in your lives!

  82. Omg I just cried, what gorgeous pictures, so happy for you guys, and you two are the best parents to Molly! Congratulations, may you have a very happy life time together. ❤

  83. Ali, I love reading this wedding post of yours. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. Congratulations to baby Molly and your beautiful family. Sending love all the way from sunny island Singapore. ❤️

  84. Stunning couple, and adorable baby girl! Congratulations to the three of you. I love your blog, and your genuine enthusiasm for life, which is very evident in your postings. To a lifetime of joy and happiness! Cheers!!!

  85. Ali, What amazing pictures. Everything looked so beautiful. Looks like you did n amazing job on your wedding details. And you looked amazingly happy. I wish you Kevin and your sweet angelk Molly the best of Love Life and Laughter always. So very happy that you found love. Not just love but the love of your life. God Bless you and your’s. I look forward to following your journey of happiness.

  86. Congratulations- all of the details were absolutely beautiful. I’m currently planning my own wedding, and will definitely use your flowers and place settings as a source of inspiration! I also love that you shared how difficult it was to find a dress- the first times I went I felt like maybe I just looked bad in wedding dresses! I’m also really tall and was considering flats, but maybe I’ll borrow your idea and change to be more comfortable for the reception. What resonated the most though was the way you described the emotion- I get teary just thinking about how I’ll be the day of. So glad it was everything you dreamt of!! Xx

  87. Ali, What a gorgeous wedding. What shines through in all these pictures is the love and happiness between you and Kevin. I really loved getting a peek inside your amazing day… and we all thank you for sharing them with us. Your dresses were gorgeous, the venue was just amazing and don’t get me started on how adorable Molly was. I wish you and your sweet family many, many years of happiness….and more cute babies! haha

  88. Dear Ali,
    Congratulations with your wedding.
    I live in the Netherlands and I’m reading you blog every time and I love how you share this wonderful day with us, thank you for that. You and Kevin look stunning on your weddingday.
    I wish you all the happiness in world with your loveones.
    Sincerely Henriette

  89. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!! Terranea is a beautiful place – I have been before, and now that I live in LA, need to go back ASAP!! I loved reading about your wedding day – I can feel all the emotions! Wishing you and Kevin a very happy life together. P.S. Molly is adorable!!

  90. Congratulations! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your journey since the Bachelorette. You’re such an honest breath of fresh air. The love you have for your family is so palpable and refreshing. Thanks for letting us follow along! All the best.

  91. Beautiful recap of your wedding, Ali (my name too)! I am loving all the details you put into describing your day. I am actually getting married in November and noted ideas for my wedding!! <3 Congratulation to you both!!

  92. WOW! I am at a loss for words, everything looks so PERFECT and the whole entire wedding crew is sure grateful to have you as a bride. Leading up to the BIG DAY, you seemed totally calm. But I don’t know you personally but follow your blog for great ideas from fashion/food and fun stuff. You handled it with CLASS -unlike some of my friends LOL! It’s the Bride and Groom who make the party, who set the tone, create the mood, and etch the memories. That said, congratulations on orchestrating yet another great Post & Wedding.

    I have not been married but helped plan and it’s a lot of work to make someone else’s day perfect. , I can’t wait for mine… hopefully soon! Been with my guy for almost 4 years ….Fingers Crossed!!!

    Congrats and Cheers to the Manno Family

  93. Congratulations on your big day! Everything was beautiful! The most beautiful of all is the love than shines through your pictures! So happy for you, Kevin, Molly and Owen. What a beautiful family!

  94. Ali, I absolutely love keeping up with you. You were hands down the BEST bachelorette ever. I saw you in LA once at KOI restaurant and you were even more stunning in person. What an absolutely beautiful family you have. You couldn’t have looked more amazing at your wedding, just gorgeous. That Molly, I could just eat her up, she is beyond precious. I wish you, Kevin and Molly many wonderful years together.

  95. That last picture is AMAZING! Like seriously stunning. It’s just great. I hope you don’t mind, I took a screen shot of it, and I’m going to tell my photographer that I want one just like it when I get married, G-d willing.

  96. Congatulations!!!! So happy for you

    Absolutely loooooooove every detail
    Might steal your benches idea for my wedding next year (February 3, 2018)
    Never in a million years would I have thought about that simple but sophisticated style for a ceremony

  97. Congratulations Ali, your wedding looked perfect! I have a Mom related question–I have a six month old and am getting married in May so he’ll
    be 8 months at the time and was wondering if you’re still breastfeeding? I’m wondering because if so, I want to know how you did it on the day of! I can figure out feeding him while I get ready and/or pump but know I’m not sure how it will work during the reception. Plus, I’ll be wanting to drink ? He usually goes down for the night around 7ish and I put him down every night but I guess I’ll have to figure out a babysitter now that can do some practice bedtimes with us so I know he’s in good hands that night.

    1. Hi Amy-

      My company Black Tie Kids was the one who cared for Molly and all of the other littles at the wedding. We provide crafts, games, and activities on site in a separate area so the kids can have fun and the adults can adult!
      If you are interested, we would love to send you a quote.

      Thank you,

      Mollie Yarsike
      Founder | Black Tie Kids

  98. Hi Ali or should I say Mrs.Manno!!’

    First off CONGRATS to the newlyweds!! Welcome to the marriage club ???? I always knew you were going to be a beautiful bride but WOW you looked absolutet stunning!!!

    Now as far as your blog…..I LOVED every single word you wrote!! I have been looking forward to hearing/seeing/reading all about your special day???? And it brought up so many memories of my own wedding ( 2 years ago this May)!! At one point, during our reception, my husband and I stepped back and just looked around at all of the most important people in our lives in one room dancing their hearts out and celebrating us. Most incredible feeling ever– it still gives me gooseys 2 years later thinking about how incredible it all was!!! And that is really what it should feel like!!!! There is soooooooooooooooo much that goes into planning a wedding but in the end all the “blood/sweat/tears” the ups and the downs the stress ..is so worth it when it all comes together.

    For all of us who have followed you since the beginning, seeing you finally get your happy ending with your very own Prince Charming is just amazing. You are such a genuinely beautiful kind hearted person and deserve so much happiness. You have such an amazing way with words. I mean your wedding write up makes me want to get married all over again lol
    You give hope to so many women out there not to give up on love and finding happiness. Molly is such a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful mother both inside and out. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous day with all of us! Congrats to you and your new Hubby I wish you both all the happiness in the world?❤️?

    ❌⭕️ Rachel Walker

    PS –totally unrelated but I have always wondered how you became such good friends with Kaley, Amy, Lacey etc !! You all look like you have the best times together and I saw they were all in attendance at your wedding.!

  99. Ah! ALI! Congratulations, girl! I’m SO happy for you & have been following your love story since the ol’ Bachelorette days. 😉
    Molly is the sweetest & it’s truly amazing how things work out for the better! Thanks for being an inspiration to me, always! You’re such a bundle of joy!!


  100. Congrats Ali to you and Kevin on your marriage. Welcome to the club of being married.You looked so beautiful in your wedding dress.Your wedding was so beautiful. Glad that you found the man of your dreams. I am SO happy for you. May your marriage with Kevin bring you lots of joy and happiness. Your little Molly was so cute in her little dress. Thanks for sharing some of you’re wedding pic with us.

  101. Hi Mrs. Manno! Beautiful blog! I laughed, I cried…I wish you and Kevin all the best! Stunning photos! And little Miss Molly…be still my ❤. Congratulations! ????

  102. What a beautiful day!!!!!! I love your dresses and Kevin’s bow tie! I’m going to steal a few ideas for my own wedding this summer!!

  103. This is so beautiful, I could not stop crying. Congratulations Ali, I think you are an amazing human being and will make an incredible wife. ???

  104. Such beautiful pictures! I am getting married in less than 2 months and you have some great ideas that I may have to incorporate into my wedding. 🙂

  105. Wow! You looked stunning. Beautiful venue for a beautiful couple. I was there for brunch on 3/5! How did I miss it? I would’ve totally geeked out.

  106. Beautiful wedding! Beautiful you! Beautiful family! I wish you three a beautiful life! Cherish each other. Congratulations!

  107. Ali, your wedding looked radiant beyond words! I’ve followed you for years and just love your taste! You’re a beautiful soul! Congrats to you and Kevin!

  108. Hey Ali! This is a little late, but I just had the time to read this blog now. Congratulations on your marriage! Your day looked perfect! Also, I am so happy for you and your family. You both look so beyond happy and I hope in your future there is unconditional happiness and love for all of you! xo

  109. I am just seeing your post now! I am a little late, but I did check out US Weekly! Ali, your wedding looked absolutely stunning! All the details are just beautiful! And Molly looked so adorable!! Wishing you 3 the very best!

  110. Yay! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such an important day with us. It is an honor. Wishing your family such happiness.

  111. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, I could look at a million more! You are so cute and genuine, I love your blog, the realness of it is a breath of fresh air! The photo with Owen might be my favorite…it’s great he could be a part of it.

  112. Congratulations Ali! Wishing you a lifetime of love & happiness with Kevin, Molly, Owen and future “little ones”! Thank you for sharing your special day! 🙂

  113. I absolutely love everything about your wedding, it seems like it was picture perfect. My daughter is a flower girl in my brother’s wedding and we just ordered a headband from theCshoppe on Etsy – I am so in love with them!!

  114. Hey Ali!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Everything was absolutely beautiful (I just bought the same drink stirrers for my upcoming wedding in October). What did you do for wedding favors? I am having the hardest time coming up with something!

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