The Bachelor – Who Will get the Final Rose?

I’m so excited for the Bachelor finale tonight! Who do you think is going to get Nick’s final rose? I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you! But I have to say, that as excited as I am, I’m a little bummed because that means that this is the last Bachelor Monday for quite some time -I think until the Bachelorette. From what I remember, Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t come back until after the Bachelorette. So, as excited as I am, I’m also a bit bummed already. Ha! That’s when you know you’re a real fan of the show.
Anyway, I want to share with you guys who I think Nick is going to end up with and address spoilers. So if you don’t want to know who I think he ends up with AND if you don’t already know the spoilers then stop reading now! I’m even going to insert a photo here so you can stop reading if you want to.

I think he ends up with Vanessa! Obviously I know tons of people say the spoilers say she’s the one. I personally don’t read the spoilers, but every season so many people tweet them to me that I can’t help but see them. It’s such a bummer because I really try to avoid them because I feel like I have an inside view of everything and I usually have a pretty good guess without knowing the spoilers. That’s the fun of it for me. Taking what I know from behind the scenes of the show and using it to guess the final one!

Anyway, I have a random theory as to why I believe it’s Vanessa. I follow Nick on Instagram, and I’ve noticed that he has posted more photos of him and Vanessa then he has of him and Raven. OK, not A LOT more. Only one more. But that says enough for me! He’s posted 3 pictures of him and Raven and 4 pictures of him and Vanessa. At first I thought he only posted a picture of him kissing Vanessa. But after further investigation, I realize that he actually posted a picture of him kissing Raven as well – it’s just a dark photo and they’re more in the background. I don’t know how I would feel about it if I were Nick’s fiancé and he posted photos of him kissing other women to his Instagram. I’m sure he’s encouraged to post photos with him and all the women so he doesn’t give anything away, but as his fiancée I would’ve personally asked him to avoid any kissing photos altogether. So I feel like no matter who he is with, one of them got pissed at some point when he posted to Instagram! Ha! Do you agree? Would you be upset by that?

In the end, I really just want Nick to find love and be happy so I’d be totally psyched if he ends up with either one of these women! They are both incredible girls! And I also secretly hope that whoever gets his final rose moves to LA to live with him just because I live in the Los Angeles area and I adore these girls and would love to hang with them. Plus I text with Vanessa every once in a while and she’s already offered to babysit Molly. So for selfish reasons, I really hope she moves here! Ha! Kidding but not really kidding.

I can’t wait for the finale tonight! I will be watching alongside all of you! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I’ll be posting Instagram stories and tweeting live throughout the entire episode East Coast time!

Who do you think will get Nick’s final rose? Tell me in the comments below!

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65 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Who Will get the Final Rose?

  1. I agree. I think he loves the way Vanessa challenges him and has high expectations of him. Also, for some reason I got the vibe from his post today that it was Vanessa

  2. Yep…Vanessa. He has said several times on the show that he is attracted to women with strong personalities. With what has been aired…Vanessa seems to fit that bill. I adore Brooke and would love to see her find love too. Maybe in Paradise? ?

  3. Well I am from Arkansas so I hope it’s Raven that gets the final rose.
    Either way, I just hope it works for Nick and he finally finds true love. Some people are skeptical because of the fact that he is participating on Dancing with the Stars. They feel he would be spending time with his fiancé instead of putting so much energy in DWTS.
    Again, I just want him to find someone to spend his life with that makes him happy. I have never missed an episode of Bachelor and Bachelotte so I’ve been rooting for him for a long time.
    Glad you found your true love also. ?

    1. Some say that but I also think of both mutually agree that he should it’s worth it. He makes a great deal of money doing these things and that may help them in the long run. Moving countries, starting new jobs, buying a house I think it’s good. She seemed to be on board with the dancing by the way she was smiling and smirking at him.

      I hope that he and Vanessa make it. I think they look great and I think if they’re making the steps forward it’ll go good. The ones that don’t make the steps to move forward tend to go down in flames fast.

  4. I think he has a better connection with Vanessa but I don’t want them together because I don’t see Nick moving to Canada and I think it would break Vanessa’s heart to leave…

  5. I also have read the spoilers so know who wins. It breaks my heart to know that Vanessa’s “school kids” will be without her soon. She loves them so, you can tell when she had her hometown. I only hope that Nick is sincere about finding his love and that moving to LA is not a loss. I know we never know what the future holds but I truly hope he isn’t stringing her along just because he feels he has to. Good luck to them and I know we are losing another great Cdn gal 🙂

  6. Not sure at this point! I think if he chooses Vanessa she will not want to leave Canada and I know Nick will not move there. He;s an American. 😉 He even said so! And Raven, I know for a fact, Northern boys LOVE Southern girls!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  7. I love your reasoning! I look for things like that. I knew Trista was picking Ryan because she slept with the whale stuffed animal that he got her the night before the final decision. Yes, that is how long I have been watching :). I think your choice is correct. She challenges him.

  8. As a former Montrealer now living in Bradford, Ontario, Canada…..I hope & believe its Vanessa! I’ve had my bets on her from the beginning.

  9. I think he’s going to pull a Mesnick! He’ll choose Vanessa, then after a few weeks, realize he’s missing Raven!?IDK, but he’s definitely confused ??‍♂️

  10. OMG, you just gave it away. Lol. You said you text Vanessa and she offered to baby sit. Vanessa obviously knows who he picks. She lives in Canada so if she’s offering to baby sit, that means she lives here already. Ok, well I personally thought it’d be Raven cuz Vanessa is too good for him. Lol. Oh well.

    1. She offered to babysit if she’s ever in LA. She’s never told me anything! And I would never ask her to tell me.

  11. I, too, think it will be Vanessa. Both girls, however, are great! Raven is so fun! Vanessa seems to, however, have a harder outside shell, a little harder to get to know and little more difficult to get to know. Raven just puts herself out there and they would have so much fun together. I don’t care who he chooses … they are both great! But I feel he goes with Vanessa.

  12. I also agree that it’s Vanessa. I follow both the girls on Instagram and from previous seasons I have noticed that the girl that doesn’t win is far more active on Social Media that the one who wins. Raven is far more active on Instagram than what Vanessa is. Almost like Vanessa is trying not to give anything away.

    I think that there is a lot more to be upset about as his Fiancée than just him posting pictures kissing other woman haha.

    1. I hear ya, but the show (and dating all the other women) happened BEFORE the were engaged and the social pics happened AFTER.

      And I agree with you on the being active on Insta thing! Good observation!

  13. I’ve felt like it’s been Vanessa ever since he was tearing up on one of their first dates. I don’t even remember what the conversation was about, but it was just something that couldn’t be “produced.” Just raw emotions that showed how much he already cared about her way beyond a show. I have a serious girl crush on Raven, but just don’t think she’ll end up with Nick. Either way, hope they all find happiness one way or another! 🙂

  14. I don’t feel like Vanessa will move to be with him…we shall see. Obviously they need to talk about that before the final rose. If it is her… I hope she will give it a shot & actually commit to him …moving away from Canada to LA!!! ❤️ I like Vanessa but feel Raven is more willing to commit .

  15. I totally thought the same thing with the kissing picture of him and Raven! I was like dayummm- fight tonight with nick and Vanessa! Sucks he “has” to do that.

    I wish I could watch the show with you. I bet it’s so fun! Because just as a long time viewer I think I have picked up on a lot too!

  16. I think it should have been Corrine. I don’t think either of the girls he has left are the right ones for him, but we will see if it lasts…

  17. It should have been Corrine neither one of these girls are right for him. Vanessa definitely is not all she does is whine and cry

  18. I’m torn because I think both girls are great! Raven really won me over in the last two episodes, but I have been a fan of Vanessa’s from the beginning. Both girls are well suited to him, and I hope whoever it is, they are happy and stay together!

  19. I’m just curious as to what this “historic” ATFR is. Reality Steve wouldn’t say what (surprisingly!), but said he felt like it was more for the audience than the people involved, which I found interesting.

  20. I don’t think he gets either and my only reason for saying that is that the guest list for all the shows the Bachelor/Bachelorette do after the show ends (Kimmel, GMA, etc) are only mentioning Nick when they usually include “and the winner”. Could it be that Andi returns on ATFR???

  21. I think it’s Vanessa but I don’t really feel Nick is as invested in either one as he has been in the past.

  22. I just don’t think love is in the cards for Nick on the show, I think he picks Vanessa but it doesn’t last. Still secretly wish he would hook up with Andi ❤️

  23. I’m glad you mentioned the instagram posts. i also follow Nick and some of the girls including Raven who i LOVE. i think he ends up with Vanessa as well, however i just love Raven. and i noticed her and the other girls post date photos throughout the season as well. i can understand why Nick, being the bachelor might be “encouraged” by producers to post photos to throw us off and not give anything away. however i’m wondering if you have any insight on the girls perspective this season (or previous). are they also “encouraged” to do so? that would be so hard to do as one of the top few women and not being the one that gets chosen at the end.

  24. I like both of the ladies. However, I too think he will pick Vanessa. She was my choice for him when she stepped out of the limo. I think Raven would be a hoot on BIP. She’s a firecracker!!

  25. I was hoping for Raven because Vanessa lives to far. She loves her students & Nick is all about his family.
    Also why have sex with Raven then pick Vanessa? She was practically a virgin. Poor girl?
    I really hate when they do that!!??

  26. I think Raven will be chosen because they appear to have a better chemistry and she would be able to pick up and relocated to LA considering she owns a fashion business opposed to Vanessa who lives in Canada. I think Nick and vanessa would butt heads because they’re too similar and I doubt Nick is willing to give up his lifestyle and move to Canada.

  27. I have actually thought it was going to be Vanessa since day 1. She was my final rose pick in my Bachelor Fantasy League from the very beginning! I take my Bachelor/ette obsession very seriously! 😉
    I feel like these days, the producers cut out so many conversations, we really don’t get to see those heart to heart conversations as we did back in the earlier seasons.
    On last Monday’s episode, they aired Vanessa and Nick actually discussing their lives together after the show, whereas they did not even show any of those discussions between Raven and Nick.
    Vanessa definitely seemed like she was resistant to the idea of moving to the U.S., but in discussions with friends I said this.. Vanessa came on an American TV show to potentially fall in love with an American man. If moving to the U.S. was not something she would even consider doing, then she shouldn’t have come on the show.
    Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I wholeheartedly hope that Vanessa and Nick work out, as I do with practically every other seasons contestants!
    I love your blog Ali, and Molly is SUCH a doll! Keep doing amazing things!

  28. First off, love your blog Ali! ?

    I agree with you on Vanessa! I totally looked at his IG account today and did the same count. Lol (I think it’s 5 vs. 4 but same results…off by 1 photo).

    I was thinking he would move for her. ? Either way, I hope he’s happy.

  29. Love you Ali! You were one of my fav Bachelorettes! I agree with you I wouldn’t be happy if my fiancé was posting kissing pictures of an ex on social media. Not very classy in my opinion.

    I agree it will be Vanessa, however, I don’t believe it will last. I think Nick just wants to have fun and Vanessa is too much woman for him. I love them both and wish them nothing but the best so only time will tell.

  30. I also think its going to be Vanessa. They just have this connection that he and Raven dont. The show just seems to put the more dramatic side of their relationship together, but I really do think they’ll end up together!

  31. I think it will be Vanessa as well. I want Nick to find happiness and a long lasting loving relationship….. with that being said, my gut tells me that things won’t last if he does pick Vanessa. I just think that maybe she won’t be as willing to bend on things, like moving away. Eventually I think that he might get to a place that he feels like he has made many sacrifices to make her happy and she won’t. Just a feeling though. I like both girls though, I really fell in love with Raven. She has just enough crazy to go with her sweet southern belle attitude. I think he could have more fun and more of an equal partnership with Raven.

  32. Vanessa. I wish they didn’t have them in DWTS because that schedule is so hard for some new engaged couple to spend time together

  33. Yeah, I already unintentionally read a comment from someone on Youtube with a spoiler. Seems like even when I try to avoid it I see them anyway LOL. I totally think you are right about Vanessa. I’m so sad tonight is the last night! This class is my little sanctuary from a college class I am taking right now haha!

  34. I have thought it was Vanessa ever since their first one on one date. I will be shocked if he chooses Raven. I hope it is Vanessa and I think she may possibly already be pregnant. I hope they reside in LA and live happily ever after. ❤?❤

  35. I’m watching at the moment. I love Raven because it’s fun and less drama.

    I understand Vanessa’s crying because she is scared but she knew what she signed up for that there would be two women in the end. It’s just heavy to watch her crying all the time.

    Hope Nick finds love whoever he picks, I don’t care anymore. Lol

  36. I think it will be Vanessa!! But either one is a good choice. I think he had some great girls to pick from this season. Nick deserves to be happy.

  37. Wait.. What???
    Didn’t Vanessa see Raven’s coat hanging just before entering the proposal room?….
    That was kinda a big giveaway that Raven was there before her

  38. One of these days give us a post on your prior bachelorette experience and the insight to how it was for you! So fun to watch you raise a baby now!!!

  39. I have this hunch that it is neither one: Vanessa OR Raven. I think he hasn’t really found his true love. But who am I ? Just a mother, grandmother and great grandmother – HA ! It’s just a feeling I have that there won’t be a last Rose Ceremony. Hope however it works out that he will find this happiness that will last forever and always – mine did !

  40. I actually got the final three correct and this is a season where all three are wonderful women. I have been feeling it is Vanessa for quite a while, but whoever he picks tonight, is a good pick, just hope things work out for him finally. I missed Andi’s season while I was moving so my first exposure to him was with Kaitlyn and I had mixed feelings about him, but he won me over during Bachelor in Paradise and I would like for him to find a lasting love.

  41. Good wishes and happiness to you Ali…..Molly is so adorable ! I have 8 great grandchildren 1 yr. to 12 years (two little girls!) – they grow up so fast, enjoy each and every moment to the Max ! ! !

    1. I am truly glad that I was wrong and that Nick and Vanessa seem on track with each other and are glowing ! I would love to see Nick’s parents interviewed now – they seem like such wonderful people and so concerned about their son’s happiness…..I hope that they too, are overjoyed !

  42. I think Raven is a better match for Nick. I feel bad for Raven she’s such a wonderful person and she was so ready without any hesitations and there’s so much doubt with Vanessa. I’m not sure this is gonna work out for Vanessa and Nick, She expressed how doubtful she was about accepting his proposal and she expressed how they’ve had some very difficult days.

  43. Nick + Vanessa = Train Wreck …I am sorry to say. This won’t last. It seems so clear to me. Does anyone else see it? It will last only if Nick were to tell Vanessa that she can make all of the decisions and he’ll just go along with them. But who wants to live like that. He and Raven would have had a relaxed life. This is all such a shame. I hope I’m wrong, but Vanessa isn’t a warm, giving person. It’s all about her.

    1. When you grow up in a tight family, who are all involved in each other’s life, show love unconditionally. have sunday dinners, no matter how young or old you are, and is totally involved in her students, and never lived anywhere else, it should not be a given she will go where her man goes! He could probably learn a lot by hanging in montreal for a while. It’s mind boggling to me to have fallen in love in a few short months, then accept DWTS gig and will not have any time with your fiancé for a long period of time. I see Vanessa jealous and feeling lonely. Nick won’t have time for loneliness, and he’ll be building a relationship with another woman, married or not! that’s the relationship he’ll be building! Not Vanessa! I hope they work out, but starting out this way, is not healthy for either of them. i have a hard time believing they’ll make it?

  44. Who cares?????…stupid show where people go on just to be in the spotlight, and where the majority of them end up getting hurt. So sad they have no morals or self-respect.

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