Who Will Get The Final Rose?

You guys may have heard the news – I’m married!!! I have so much to tell you guys about it, but I am crazy busy this week and I want to take the proper time to write my wedding blog post. So I will have it up at some point soon I promise! For now, pick up this weeks issue of Us Weekly that’s on stands tomorrow!!! They have a bunch of photos from the wedding that I can’t wait for you guys to see.

Also, a new episode of Love Buzz is up! In this episode we talk all about Rachel as our new Bachelorette. It’s such a fun episode and I really think you guys are going to love it!

Now let’s talk about last night’s episode. First, the montage of Raven dancing around in the snow after spending the night with Nick was pretty funny but also totally awkward. If he ends up with Vanessa, it must have been infuriating for her to watch! Sex usually isn’t talked about so blatantly on the show. I mean, we can all assume that the couples have had sex – many and most do from what other Bachelor/ette’s have told me. But it’s normally not talked about. Or made to seem like sleeping with multiple people in one week in normal. I’m not saying Nick is doing anything wrong by sleeping with more than one woman, but I’m not saying it’s right either. It’s just part of this really weird experience for some people. I also found it so weird how we were hearing about Raven having sex with Nick one moment, and then immediately switching to romantic music playing for his date with Rachel. I couldn’t make the switch in my head so easily.

Speaking of Rachel, she continues to impress me. I just love listening to her talk! I think it’s because she is so well spoken and always has something meaningful and intelligent to say. While watching her date with Nick, I was more focused on her and how excited I am to watch her as the Bachelorette than focusing on their date or connection. There wasn’t really any point in focusing on their date or relationship because well – we knew she wasn’t ending up with him – and of course we saw her go home later in the episode. But I will say that I totally felt like they had the best connection while watching their date. If I didn’t know she was the Bachelorette, I would have thought they ended up together. And it was really hard to see her cry when she was sent home. You can tell she was blindsided. Especially after the conversation they had about opening up about love. The hard thing about this show is that you are almost always blindsided at this point if you’re sent home.

Some of you have emailed me or tweeted me asking if I think the producers asked Nick to send Rachel home so they could cast her as the first black Bachelroette. I absolutely do NOT think this is the case. The show would never ask Nick to not choose someone in the end just so they could cast them as the next Bachelorette. They would have been happy to see Nick end up with Rachel. It just wasn’t meant to be.

I’ll talk more about Rachel later in this post. So let’s talk about Vanessa. Oh my gosh – I would have totally got sent home multiple times by now if I was Vanessa. First, the Zero G date. I would have been WAY too scared and not have gone on it. And now the FREEZING cold ice bath date. I would have HATED doing that.

I know Nick and Vanessa were both questioning their relationship in last night’s episode, but I can’t figure out if they really are concerned or if it’s edited to seem like they have huge concerns. I mean, the serious music playing in the background is making it seem very dramatic. Ha! I also think that Nick feels so strongly about this relationship that he is LOOKING for something to be wrong. Like he is diving into things with Vanessa that he wouldn’t with the other girls because their relationships are more surface level. Whereas his relationship with Vanessa is deeper. I dunno. Just a thought. Also, I think Nick is trying to throw us off. It has been pretty obvious all season that they have the best connection, so I think he and the producers are trying to keep us guessing until the end.

Now the Woman Tell All. I found this WTA extremely uncomfortable to watch. The women were pretty tough on each other. Here are some takeaways:

– The girls had a lot of anger. Towards Taylor. Towards Corrine.

– The women seem to really rally behind Liz.

– People/The audience really love Corrine. Despite everything she has said and done, people love her. This is not the last we will see of her. Not only will she be on this season of Bachelor in Paradise (no it wasn’t announced I am just assuming), but I think she will be in future Bachelor shows. Whether it’s a second season of Bachelor in Paradise or as a contestant on ANOTHER season of the Bachelor.

– Kristina and her story are so inspiring! I really hope she finds her happily ever after!

– I think Nick handled himself extremely well. The girls threw some tough questions at him and he handled it all with respect and empathy. I have to agree with Nick that being the Bachelor or Bachelorette is EXTREMELY difficult. I have always said that I so much preferred being a contestant on the show than being the lead. Like Nick said, everything you do and say makes some people happy and upsets others. It’s not easy. That said, I do agree with the girls that at some points he did say things to get the girls to say I love you, only to send them home shortly afterwards. But in his defense, it’s a weird situation to be in and you don’t always make the right decisions. Especially when millions are watching.

Who do you guys think Nick will end up with in the end? Raven or Vanessa? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

And while you are here – check out my favorite looks from this past week 🙂






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  1. First, Congrats on getting married!!!

    Next, I am thinking he will choose Raven. You are right the WTA was a little awkward to watch. I totally got the same vibes that you explained, especially the girls rallying behind Liz.

    I think we all assume by watching the “overnight dates” that sex most definitely does happen. With the few occasion that we have seen in the past where the girls have said they are not “that type of girl.” I use the word “few” loosely. I feel like all they did this season was talk about SEX SEX SEX, and concentrate on what Corrine is doing. There are definitely a few girls who have been obviously been looking for Love. But I felt like this season was more a competition. A little disappointed, but I looking forward to see who he chooses, so we will see!

    1. Yes, Ben’s season was much better. I don’t even know why I’ve watched it every week. Maybe I can get over my Bachelor addiction, my hubs hates it. ;p

    2. I say Vanessa but either way even if it’s Raven it’s already over. Since Nick is now on DWTS – he’s wanting a to career not a marriage.

      My two cents.

  2. I feel like his relationship with Raven is so carefree and fun!! And with Vanessa it’s more serious. I think you may be right he’s asking the harder questions because he has a stronger connection with Vanessa. I personal LOVE Raven but I think he will chose Vanessa.

  3. Absolutely RAVEN !! She is perfect for Nick, they are perfect together! She has got a great personality, soft spoken, laughs easily and I see the best connection with her. She’s very down to earth and got along so well with meeting his parents and seeing younger sister at her soccer game and then took it farther and went roller skating. I will be sad for Raven if he doesn’t choose her.
    Vanessa is a sweetheart, I love her too. She’s a strong, well spoken and very sincere woman. She is passionate about her work and family is high priority. The problem I see with Nick and Vanessa is the relocating, unless they are making this up to throw us off, I don’t see Vanessa leaving Montreal and Nick seems almost scared to move to Canada. Nick said he was a proud American and Vanessa said she is a proud Canadian!

    On the WTA , Wow what an explosive hour !! I have to say this first… I am really bothered by the plunging necklines of the women’s dresses lately, not just on this show, but everywhere! What is it that women need to reveal so much of their bodies ! Yes I know skirts have been short but Ladies please cover up and I don’t mean turtlenecks!! Too many boobs about to fall out and why not just wear nipple pasties !!
    So I feel bad for Taylor but not for Corrine! Corrine is such a selfish little girl ! I have not changed my mind about her, she needs to grow up and OMG is she goes on Bachelor in Paradise she’ll be stripping and straddling all the guys. Taylor will be fine as time passes, put this experience in the trunk and move forward.

    1. I agree with everything you said, especially the part about boob exposure. WHAT is with this! I do not like it…eSPECially now the everyone is doing it. Ali, I’m glad you haven’t gotten on that train. You always have the best taste in everything you do! Re. Raven & Vanessa – I do not know – I do not see how it would work w/ Vanessa because it is entirely clear that Nick wants and is trying to establish a career in Hollywood. But it does see like they have the best connection, but I do agree that it could be difficult besides just the relocation problem. I remember when he was first on the show – and he has changed SO much in his looks, more evidence of that. Re. WTA – yes, I did not like all the negativity. It was very uncomfortable and I think Corrine was very immature not to offer an apology back. Once again, Kristina made me cry. She is just SO darling….I hope she finds love – she is do deserving.

    2. RAVEN!! I love Vanessa, but I don`t think she will ever leave Canada and I don`t think Nick would ever move there…….I have seen Nick on all of the bachelor shows and I don`t think he really wants anybody, I think he just wants to see how many different shows he can be on……

      1. I totally disagree with your statement about Nick. I think he wants to find the one person! I must say there is something about Vanessa that i don’t trust! She second guesses everything Nick does!

        Congrats Ali!!!

  4. WTA was excrutiating! Taylor was taking herself way too seriously for this show. Corrine is way too immature for a relationship with men or women. I still have a gut feeling that both Raven and Vanessa are way too good for Nick. I guess that means I hope he doesn’t pick either or they say “no thanks”. He should have picked Corrine! I felt like the producers really had to stretch their minds to keep this show going!

    Congratulations on your marriage Ali!

    1. TAYLOR mentioned her education and degree way too much. She’s brand new into her career and needs to show some humility.

      1. They interviewed Taylor this week and she had to step away from her practice because of the backlash she got from being on the show…I found that interesting.

        1. Taylor is way too weird if you ask me! I’m shocked she is a mental health counsellor … that’s terrifying especially how she handled herself on the show and how she treated Corinne

          1. I totally agree there is something just not right with Taylor like she is obsessed with Corrine who is totally harmless and Taylor started the whole thing so why should Corrine need to apologize?

          2. Do people not realize the show is heavily edited? The producers sit down with each contestant and ask you whatever questions on camera. Taylor could have easily been prompted to answer what she does for a living on multiple occasions, then used it against her in editing. I would suggest some of you to read Sharleen Joynt’s blog. She points out with sound bites from the show how they use one quote and play it over and over again making it seem like the contestant is saying things over and over agin, when they in fact aren’t. The WTA episode was so hard to watch. Can’t believe people can be so vicious. Taylor was literally crying with tears down her face as people were laughing at Corrine’s childish antics. She was obviously deeply hurt in her career and personal life due to what I believe was horrible editing. While Chris Harrison and Bachelor producers were feeding Corrine’s ego due to her popularity, they completely ignored this.

    2. Totally agree! Taylor should realize in her position as a counsellor she can’t change anyone, she can only change her reaction. To Blame Corrine shows her lack of maturity ‘ suck it up butter cop and move on with your life. She was very condescending to the girls and needs to grow up a lot as well. I think he picks Vanessa but don’t think it will last due to geographical differences. Sometimes a bachelor should just remain a bachelor.

  5. I see warning signs flashing everywhere around Vanessa! Bringing up the points last night that they both are extremely head strong, only foreshadows a very complicated relationship. Vanessa is extremely needy. She will expect a lot from Nick and I just personally think he will get bored. Or better yet, tired of constantly trying to “keep her happy”. Picking Vanessa may seem intruging to him because she’s a bit of a challenge.
    Raven should be voted best all around. She’s beautiful, fun, care free, she makes awkward moments less awkward. But I do think he’s going to be scared of her inexperience with love.
    I personally think he will choose Vanessa but I think it’s a mistake. Even if he chose Raven I still don’t believe either of these girls are going to have the fairy tale ending he’s looking for. He seems to be a bit hung up on the past two seasons and I’m not 100% sure he’s going to be proposing for the right reasons.
    Best of luck to all 3 people and I feel so bad for the heart ache that’s about to occur for the one he doesn’t pick. 🙁

    1. I completely agree with you. And I’m soooo over both Corrine and Taylor. Both of them are very immature and egocentric. I came away last night with a completely new impression of Liz! She was very well spoken last night and it was obvious the girls all loved her.

  6. Is it just me or was there way more disorganized shouting/women talking over one another during this WTA than in the past? I honestly couldn’t understand 1/3 of what was said because of all the I comprehensible yelling. I understand air time is limited and everyone has a lot they want to get out there, but what about common courtesy and respect?
    I’m not surprised that they continued to play up the Taylor/Corinne drama but I continue to be more disappointed in Taylor than Corinne. I think people love Corinne because she never pretends to be someone she’s not. She admits she’s spoiled, that she was just trying to get attention the whole time, and that she was not particularly worried about making friends with the girls. Taylor on the other hand is so set on pretending that she was just trying to open corinne’s eyes to the impact she was having on those around her. This is not true. Listen, I am a mental health professional and would never in a million years act the way that Taylor acted. She is self-righteous and egotistical at best, and petty and mean spirited at worst. Taylor is only 23 years old which means she probably got her undergrad degree and went straight to her Masters, never actually practicing counseling outside of school. I’m honestly embarrassed that she’s representing herself as a mental health professional because she does not in any way represent the profession.

    Okay rant over. CONGRATS Alli on your wedding. You were a gorgeous bride and I am so happy for you! You deserve your sweet happy ending!

    1. I agree with you about Taylor. I looked back at the discussion she had with Corinne regarding emotional intelligence and the WTA situation where she still reiterated that Corinne should feel (according to what she and Corinne had talked about and then apologize). Really? In my opinion, we cannot change someone or we cannot tell someone to change or we cannot tell someone to act like the way we wanted. It was very immature of Taylor to tell Corinne to act a certain way they was she wanted to (because she is a Mental Health Professional). To begin with, Taylor is not Corinne’s parents and it’s non of her business whatsoever to tell Corinne how to behave.
      I am not a Corinne fan but I feel her perspective is more mature than Taylor.
      I cringed a bit watching Raven’s fantasy suite’s escapades, why would she tell viewers that Nick is so good of what he does. If something happens inside that cabin, it should only be kept to herself. Like what others had mentioned, there was too much sex in this season. I am married but I cannot fathom the fact that these women are so open to talk about it.
      Vanessa won’t be picked for sure. First, she won’t compromise. Second, she won’t relocate. I wonder why she is so hard on herself when she could enjoy the moment with Nick and focus on what they have. Yes, you have to talk about it but it was obvious Nick would not relocate to Canada as she would hope.
      Ok, enough said he he. Congratulations Ali! We cant wait to see your wedding photos. 🙂

    2. Taylor was irritated by Corrine’s actions in the house just like many other girls in the house. Corrine chose to approach Taylor and ask her why she has a problem with her. Taylor gave her an honest answer. She was not trying to change her but explain to her why she has a problem with her actions. I think that Taylor was unfairly edited on this show. At the same time I think that actions a lot of girls take on this show are due to such an unnatural environment and I am sure Taylor is not proud of all her actions. The fact that people are attacking her now in her real life and saying she does not deserve her degree is ludicrous. The editors literally create a villain every season. Some are worse than others. Taylor is the least of them. Can’t believe people take this narrative so literally and attack her so harshly when I believe this is not a true representation of her character. Be kind people. This is reality and you are attacking real human beings. Have some empathy!!!

  7. I might be one of the only ones to feel this way, but I’m not a really big Vanessa fan. She’s so serious and why is it all about her in the “where will we live?” conversations. It seems like going to Canada is a must for her. What about keeping an open mind on coming here.

    Once again I cried my eyes out when Kristina was in the hot seat. I just adore her!

    Corrine vs. Taylor. Shocking enough I’m team Corrine which is crazy to me lol Taylor is annoying and once gain made herself look really bad. I would never let her be my mental health counselor lol

    Lastly, CONGRATS on getting married!!! I got married in October and I’m still on cloud 9. So I have all the feels for you. Can’t wait to buy my US weekly:)

  8. Raven and Nick are a great fit. Raven is ready to take on a love relationship which Nick needs. Not so sure Vanessa is. Nick and Vanessa are just awkward together. I don’t see it happening between them.

  9. Ali, congratulations on the wedding!! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see how beautiful the day was!

    I am a little worried about Nick if he picks Vanessa. Hearing their conversation yesterday about not wanting to miss Sunday lunches with her family or move from Canada sounds like they will definitely have challenges to work through (who doesn’t I guess) it just sounds like she doesn’t want the type of life Nick may want to lead after the bachelor is over.

    Interested in what your thoughts are if you think Vanessa and her life style would be good fit for Nick (or someone post-bachelor).
    It seems like Nick really likes the life he has created with the help of the bachelor (living in LA, dancing with the stars, etc) which is great – just unsure if it is what Vanessa’s looking for.

    On the other hand, Vanessa is a smart girl. I’m sure she didn’t expect Nick to start selling software or jump right back into “normalcy” once the show is over…

  10. Congrats Ali!! I can’t wait to read your wedding post!

    I think Nick will definitely end up with Vanessa! The audience loves Raven (as do I), but Vanessa has acted for awhile now as though she’s just waiting it out for everyone else to go home. Maybe they’ve had conversations off camera? Does that happen often? Time will tell!

  11. I completely agree about watching Rachel and Nick’s date. The last couple episodes I have not been interested in their time knowing she will be sent home. Also, I was pretty disappointed we saw them in the fantasy suite and spending the night together, again, knowing she would be sent home.

    I am a big Raven fan but still not sure if he will pick her!

  12. Vanessa was watching last night’s show and I imagine she had a cow when she saw that Nick slept with the other two ladies. I think that if they’re engaged, they are not after last night’s episode. Remember that Vanessa was upset that Nick told her dad that he had asked other dad’s if they would bless their marriage….if THAT upset Vanessa, imagine her displeasure in knowing Nick was in bed with the other 2 women. Even if she could get past it, imagine what her family….and her tough dad….thought last night. I think Nick will remain a bachelor.

  13. I was so thrown off by how much detail they went into with Raven & Nick’s fantasy suite. If he doesn’t pick Raven I don’t see Vanessa getting over all that. She seems like she’s had a hard time the whole show accepting that Nick might have strong relationships with other girls. Don’t the producers want the final couple to work out? It seems like a recipe for disaster. I agree it seemed like Nick easily went from one overnight to the next and to the next. Previously he had mentioned he wasn’t sure what he was going to do (regarding the fantasy suites) and I wondered if it was something he went back and forth about or just easily decided to be with them all. They didn’t show much about how Nick was feeling about it all.

  14. Congrats on your wedding! Dying to see your dress.
    Will be getting myself sometime next year or the year after since I’m expecting my own bundle of joy now, and would love to see what you wore for inspiration!

    I know this is secondary to all the drama going on, but I DIED with Rachel’s dress in the rose ceremony. Could you help us find out where is it from? So spectacular. She looked so beautiful.

    WTA was all about Kristina for me! Being from a troubled country myself and currently living in Canada, I felt so related to everything she said. It’s hard to balance the joy of living your life the way you always wanted to live it and have as many opportunities as your talent and effort find you, and the “guilt” of coming from such a different reality and knowing that most of your loved ones are not living way you wish for them.

  15. I think the intense conversations Nick and Vanessa continue to have are a testament to how seriously they are taking their relationship. I see Nick hold back way more in his experiences with the other women, and if he truly plans to propose at the end of this journey, these discussions are imperative to their future success. In fact these topics are necessary and normal in any relationship before an engagement, it just has to happen on super speed because of the circumstances on the show.

    I think ultimately they pointed our core values that are non negotiable but stressed the importance of compromising and working as a team. I respected the maturity in all of this and really root for their future success. You can clearly see their connection is full of passion and fun. The producers just chose to emphasize the more serious elements of their dates. I think Vanessa will be hurt about his overnight dates but also be understanding. She knows like everyone else that this is what to expect if you sign up for the show.

    Finally of course Raven is a doll, and her and Nick are super cute together. I just think from the limited interactions we actually see that their relationship lacked the substance that he shares with Vanessa. In a perfect world both Raven and Rachel would have their seasons of the Bachelorette of Nick picks Vanessa. They both deserve all the happiness in the world.

  16. YAY! Congratulations on getting married! 🙂
    I’m thinking that Vanessa is going to be the one. Raven is adorable and I want to be her friend, but I just don’t think she and Nick make a “better” couple than Nick and Vanessa. Even though the relationship brings some challenges (they are both strong personalities/stubborn, they challenge each other, and geography), I think they are better suited for each other.
    Now, the most important question – if Nick and Vanessa end up together, what do we call them? Ninessa? Vanick? 🙂

  17. Congrats Ali, can’t wait to see your photos.
    Raven is a beautiful girl and they clearly are a good match but I think Vanessa is the clear winner. The editing has likely removed a lot of conversations between Nick and her, showing only the serious conversations. The fact they are having these conversations shows they take this relationship very seriously and are trying to figure out how it will work moving forward. I hope they can make it work.

  18. I think Nick will pick Vanessa. Although, I hope she didn’t ruin it for her and the other contestants because of the issue “where to live”…she knew she was going on bachelor USA. (Ps, I’m Canadian). As far as the fantasy suites….well we’ve seen them before, again she should have expected this. As far as her family, N & V will win them over if she’s truly happy at the end. I wish them well and thank Vanessa for representing Canada well. Moving on to Corrine and Taylor, I like them both, but Corrine should have shown more empathy when Taylor extended an olive branch. Ps Ali, I love Molly’s smile in the pic and congratulations on your wedding.

  19. Funny we all watch the same series and we see things, some alike and we’ll others not so much alike. I see the connection between Raven and Nick and not so much Vanessa. I think throughout this series there were many Corinne distractions that unfurtunately it seemed to take lots of energy away from the other ladies. Back to Raven. I think she has the spunk, beauty and innocence to satisfy Nick, as well as provide an opportunity for the two of them to grow and bond their relationship. With Vanessa I think Nick would feel smothered since she is hellbent on her style of living. If Nick does choose Vanessa I think their relationship will be short lived.

    WTA was not at all interested in what must of the ladies had to say, they were very disrespectful and immature during this episode.

    Congrat’s Ali on you wedding. You can see the happiness in your eyes being with Kevin & Molly. You are truly blessed!

  20. Based on how subdued and less-than-excited Nick appeared to be on the WTA, I’ll go on a limb and say he chose Vanessa.

  21. Congrats on your marriage! Nick was interviewed by Glamour magazine about last nights episode and said that those serious conversations he had with Vanessa about where they would move, etc. he also had one his dates with Raven and Rachel but it wasn’t shown on TV. So obviously that was added into Vanessa’s date to keep us guessing.

  22. Congrats to you and Kevin. I think you guys are the perfect couple and perfect family. I have followed you ever since you were the bachelorette. I remember Kevin from the dance moms show he was on. I wish you both the best life has to offer.. Molly is the cutest little girl. She is adorable.

  23. Congratulations Mrs Manno, that’s such wonderful news! I can’t wait to see the pics and read the post when it comes!

  24. Congratulations on you’re marriage
    I really want raven get the final rose
    But I feel it’s be vanesse getting it

  25. First HUGE CONGRATS ma belle on getting married. I cannot wait to see pics.

    Bachelor – I think Nick will pick Vanessa. I seen it since the beginning. I felt it was just like Ben’s season with Lauren. It was right from the start it was her. Instant connection for sure. I totally feel they still have so much to discuss. But this season I havent felt or seen that super connection for some reason compared to seasons before. Hopefully he finds what hes looking for and that it last (we all want that Happily Ever After).

    WTA – I love Corinne. I think she just had a case of Michelle Money editing. Editing made her look bad like it did for Michelle and I think her sense of humor was a gold mine for producers. I think she seems fun etc.

    1. I also loved Michelle Money! But I think that if you compare how Michelle and Corinne behaved at their respective Women Tell Alls, Michelle was much more sincere and emotional and wanted to make things right, whereas Corinne didn’t come across that way at all. I think Michelle and Liz from this season both had bad edits, which was why they came across so differently at the WTA, and redeemed themselves. I don’t think Corinne got a bad edit, because she was exactly the same at the tell all. Just my two cents!

      1. Yes absolutely agree with you. Corrine had absolutely no remorse for anything wrong she did or might have said. In my opinion I think Corrine got a good edit. She was this seasons Chad. Negative traits getting rewarded on this season again.

        1. I agree with you. Corrinne acted like a spoilt entitled girl and had no remorse for her bad behavior. I’m surprised the other girls supported her when they all complained about her attitude during the show. She definitely got rewarded for her bad attitude. Taylor got a bad edit.

  26. Congratulations on getting married! It is so nice to see you come through to the other side of your season happy and with a wonderful family!

    Nick is very obvious with his facial expressions. The only time I really felt he was emotionally in it this season was when he was with Vanessa, but I could be wrong.

    As for the WTA, I wished the producers had been able to rally the women in some way to not be so rude. They are free to say what they think, but there is a civilized way to do it. And let’s face it, if you were only on the first episode of the season, no one remembers your name, so why would they want to hear your opinion???

  27. RAVEN!! I love Vanessa, but I don`t think she will ever leave Canada and I don`t think Nick would ever move there…….I have seen Nick on all of the bachelor shows and I don`t think he really wants anybody, I think he just wants to see how many different shows he can be on……

  28. I didn’t like Corinne but I thought that Nick did and that they make a perfect pair. Maybe not marriage material but they could go out with each other and see what develops when not on camera.
    Raven is adorable but not sure Nick picks her. Vanessa is a class act. Don’t know if Nick is really ready for a serious relationship with her. I am waiting for the final rose to see who he chooses if anyone.

    I know Corinne would take up with him if she became available.

  29. Congratulations on your wedding!! So excited and happy for you!!

    As for the show, I think he’s going to pick Vanessa. I love her, and I’ve believed it would be her, from day one. I just don’t know if it will work out long term… I don’t feel Nick is ready. I hate saying that, because he’s done this twice before, but I can’t help but feel that way. I also think the relocation thing is a much bigger deal than they both want to admit. I don’t think either of them has considered that an option (and just assumed the other person would relocate for them); but, because of the nature of the show, this should have been something they had at least considered before joining. Anyway, as much as I love Vanessa, the more I watch, the more I think it’ll be a mistake if he does pick her. I think he has a much stronger connection with Raven. He seems so happy and care free with her, and they have so much fun together, but they can also have those serious conversations. And there is something about the way they look at each other! Both girls are great, and I’ll be happy for whichever lady he picks. Hopefully he’s serious about this, regardless of who she is.

    I couldn’t get through all of the WTA, I had to turn off the TV. They annoyed me. I think it was Liz that said that as women they should be lifting each other up, not attacking one another… but they did very little of that.

    And I’m sooooooooooo excited for Rachel!!! She’s definitely one of my favorite contestants ever. And I think she’s ready for this journey. She is going to make an excellent Bachelorette. I just hope they pick some amazing guys for her.

  30. Oh my gosh, huge congratulations!!! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to read about your big day 🙂

    I really hope he ends up with Raven. He seems to have fun with her and they seem so open/honest/playful with each other. I love watching them together whereas I sometimes tune out during his time with Vanessa because I get bored. Maybe that’s just me?? Maybe that justbmeans their relationship is more serious/would last longer in the real world…who knows!

  31. I like Vanessa. But, as we all know when they go on DWTS it puts a lot of pressure on their relationship. Best of luck to whoever, but I agree, he likes the spotlight.

    1. I agree but I also think it’s hard to go back to regular employment after all that attention on TV. I think he’s doing it for the $$.

  32. I think they edit the show to appear the person getting picked, isn’t going to be picked. I’m on to them lol I believe especially after all the seriousness with Vanessa last night, and all the fun with Raven that Vanessa will the the last girl standing. I think they are both wonderful girls and Nick can’t lose.

  33. I think Raven is more suited for Nick. Vanessa is a wonderful woman, but I don’t feel she can compromise in terms of her family, job and leaving Montreal. If she is picked, Nick will probably try to make her happy, and go to Montreal. But ultimately, I think he loves his fame, USA, parties and spontaneity. Loving two women, is not what Rachel will accept. If she was picked, and she’s watching right now, I’m sure she is struggling! All in all , to me, Raven is a better fit.

  34. I used to really like Vanessa but the more I see of her, the more she irks me. She gets overly emotional any time she even thinks of the fact that there are other girls still in the picture- obviously it must be difficult, given she says she’s in love with him- but she knew what she was signing up for! She talks about compromise but she seems to expect Nick to drop everything for her, and there’s a certain sense of superiority about her that is just off-putting.

    On the other hand, I LOVE Raven. She’s sweet, funny, charming, and brings out a carefree and fun side of Nick that we don’t see enough of. Yes she’s younger than Vanessa but she does seem genuinely ready to commit to Nick, and to make the sacrifices that come with a relationship (here’s looking at you V). And I feel like her and Nick’s connection deepens any time they’re together, whereas him and Vanessa seem stuck having arguments. Also she seems to have become really close with quite a few of other girls on the season (including Rachel, Kristina and Alexis <3), which shows she is as easygoing offscreen as she is onscreen.

    Both seem to value family, but it seems like unless he fits in perfectly with Vanessa's values she won't be satisfied, whereas Raven seems more easygoing, like Nick.

    I will genuinely be very disappointed/close to tears/crying if Nick chooses Vanessa. That or next week will have me doing a complete U-Turn.

    P.S. So incredibly happy for Rachel! (Although I would have been thrilled to see her or Raven end up with Nick and the other being the Bachelorette). She's so classy and articulate and I think her season will be fantastic.

  35. After the WTA – I am neither Team Corn nor Team Taylor. I think Taylor only watched the poor footage of Corrine and not herself. She kept asking Corrine for an apology for what she said and how it has since impacted Taylors life… but she didn’t apologize to Corrine until the VERY end. Corrine was beyond immature, but that’s just her. Also for Taylor – people are probably not reacting well to how YOU were, and what YOU said… I don’t think Corrine effected your career, I think how much you let Corrine bother you and the not-so-friendly you that came out because of it is what is effecting your career…

    I already read all the spoilers because I have the patience of a 2 year old, so I will keep mum on what happens in the finale!

  36. Oh – and I was surprised no one brought up – especially in defense for Taylor – how Corrine said she was putting on a show and trying really hard to be that “cool girl” talked about in Gone Girl the whole time… I would have said – you said yourself in the limo you were trying to show off and be the girl the guys want…so really, you know exactly what you were doing…

    Or something a little more thought out and not so much – drinking wine, finally got the kids in bed, have 800 things to do tonight, but need to procrastinate even more….

  37. Congratulations Ali!!!! I really like Raven too but Nick has looked at Vanessa with so much tenderness and protectively and he asks her the hardest questions about their future which shows a lot of interest.

  38. I admit, I read spoilers every season and know who he picks if it’s correct.

    I love Ravens and I personally think she is better suited for him than Vanessa, just because I wonder if he and Vanessa can come to some big compromises. I personally don’t see the “deep connection” that they have. I see many many challenges in their future. I like Vanessa as a person and think she is great though! It just seems like their relationship is SO serious. I am always so bored watching them. But that’s just me.

    Congrats Ali!

  39. Hi Ali congrats on your wedding. Now let me say this even though
    we know Rachael is the bachelorette I’m going to stick with what
    I’ve always said. Nick had the best connection with Rachel. I hate
    that he pushed her to say she was falling in love with him, and than
    he sends her home. Not to mention he tells her that he has 100%
    fallen for her.

    He did not say to Raven, or Vanessa. He gave interview saying
    he couldn’t give a reason for why he sent her home except that
    he is the bachelor, and that if he and Rachael had met some other
    way they probably would be together. I think she deserves much
    better than Nick. He will pick Vanessa, and than the clock will
    start on how long they last.

  40. I think you are wrong about Rachel &a Nick connecting on there date this episode. They were really off and you could tell Nick wasn’t as interested as she was.

    1. I don’t know what you were watching, but they really
      connected, and if you go on face book the majority agrees
      with me. I also believe Ali also said she saw their connection.

  41. Congrats on getting married Ali! Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics, I am sure you and Molly will have beautiful dresses!!

    I am Canadian, so of course I have been rooting for Vanessa since day 1! Their 1st date sealed the deal for me! But Raven also has been the other woman that Nick is attracted too, their 1st date was also amazing.

    I can’t see Nick moving to Montreal, at all!!! He was hit hard with reality meeting her family!! I think he really was telling Vanessa that he hopes she will compromise to move to L.A. if he picks her. That is what I got from their deep conversations…. he brought up her family!! He always says he wants a strong, challenging woman, and he knows it is Vanessa! But then he also does not want to give up his lifestyle. So it will be up to Vanessa to give up her life and family for him…..which I think she might, but it will be very tough. Leaving Canada to live in the U.S. without family and friends is a hugh stressor! I don’t think it would happen very quickly either…..so him being on DWTS will mean even less time together. If he does pick Vanessa, I hope only the best for them!!

  42. I think both women are fabulous. They offer Nick very different lives. Raven offers easy going, fun, passionate, adventurous, and more laid back lifestyle. Vanessa on the other hand offers a deep, passionate, more challenging relationship.

    I think it boils down to what he ultimately feels is ideal for his future… I lean toward him choosing Vanessa though.

    Not a fan of Taylor or Corrine.

    Love me some Rachel!!!!

  43. Yay I’m so excited for you. Congrats on your wedding and lots of love for a lifetime marriage.

    I think Nick will totally pick Vanessa based on his loving of Kaitlyn and Andie. All these ladies seem to be strong women who challenge him. Not that Raven isn’t but she doesn’t seem to push him and challenge him as much as Vanessa. Raven would be the safe pick for him.

  44. I love Raven! Sure hope she finds her soul mate!

    Vanessa isn’t going to leave Canada, and Nick wants to stay on the U.S.. Two very strong minded people, love may not be enough.

    Nick will be on DWTS? He will remain a bachelor at 34…

  45. Congratulations, Mrs. Fedotowsky-Manno! I’ve seen a number of your pictures posted on multiple sites and you were avgorgeous bride, Kevin was a handsome groom and Molly was precious! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your wedding, including sweet Owen, and your families and attendants!
    I am team Vanessa, but I am worried about their future. I love Raven, but she is way toobyoung and unworldly for Nick. She will have a wonderful life, I am quite certain. She is sweet, kind, smart, fun-loving, contemplative, compassionate and ambitious. I hope she goes back to law school and I can see her doing pro bono work during her career and even becoming a judge someday.
    Rachel is a fabulous person! Here’s to a great group of guys for her perusal during her season! She WAS in love with Nick and would have been a terrific wife for him if he’d been more in love with her and less nervous about being an interracial couple, which I think he truly was uncomfortable. Intellectually, he would not allow himself to believe that, but I think that is ultimately what his heart felt.

  46. I think Raven because she seems so kind and genuine and if nick is as stubborn as he says he is, he may fit better with someone who will want to talk compromise. I like vanessa but she is comfortable with her life and not willing to move, she didn’t say it but its pretty obvious . I also see her family commitments getting in the way of their relationship. There is a reason he told her the story of his ex and her family being too involved, its not something he wants to go through again. Even though their connection is good, it seems like so much is stacked against them

  47. Just don’t think Nick has found “The One” yet. I feel like he will pick Vanessa but ultimately I feel their relationship will be short lived. Their relationship is too serious..forced…just doesn’t seem to me they will be good for one another. Hope I’m wrong!!

  48. I absolutely LOTHE/DISPISE CORRINE! Not worth wasting my time on, so I won’t! Taylor, she’s not worth even worrying about, you are better than her. Period!
    As for Raven… She’s my pick for Nick. Love love her. I wish she could be the next bachelorette after Rachel. I’m pretty sure, like Ali said, that Nick chooses Vanessa. They do seem to have a deeper more “after the final rose” relationship. As much as I love Raven, I think he will choose Vanessa.
    And as for Rachel!!! Love it! I called it 2 weeks in! She is a true catch for someone. Cannot wait to see her ATFR SHOW. So excited for her!

  49. Ali I love you! Congrats on getting married! And I think Molly is just adorable! Motherhood suits you well and I love how open and honest you are about everyday life!

    I have a question. Are the fantasy suite dates three consecutive days or are their breaks between each one?

  50. I kinda think he isnt going to pick anyone. When he was asked if he was in love at the WTA he hesitated and Chris stepped in and said we will find out next week. In the past the bachelor/bachelorette always said how happy they were, etc. IF he does pick one I think that it should be Raven. It wont work with Vanessa. She is too smart and way too good for him! Just my thoughts!

    Congrats on the wedding!!!!

  51. Congratulations on your marriage. Your family seems wonderful.
    I think Nick will pick Vanessa but I do not think Nick is in it for a relationship. He is also going on DWTS. He really needs to spend some time with his choice. Vanessa does not seem like she will be happy with Hollywood.

  52. I love Nick and always have! Knowing Nick he needs a woman that will give him an extreme challenge (this is Vanessa) Raven can not offer that to him. I love love love Raven but I love so many women on this season. ABC did a great job with casting.

  53. I think all the women said some things while filming The Bachelor and The Women Tell All that they’d probably take back… looking back. I think we can ALL relate to that. We are never, in the moment, going to say and do the right thing 100% of the time. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s a beautiful thing, that’s how we learn from our mistakes. However, these women expect everything right and flawless from the get-go and cant seem to forgive/let it go. To make any relationship work you have to be willing to forgive. Granted some relationships are toxic and you need to peacefully part ways from people. BUT, we’re going to fight with the love of our lives and our friends. Healthy conflict resolution is key with our co-workers, lovers, friends, and family.

  54. Hi Ali,
    I was wondering, if you’ve been hearing the rumors that Nick
    marries his final pick on the after the final rose show.
    I know who he picks, but I won’t spoil it for anyone. I also wonder why Rachel has to be on that final show. Will some please respond to my question about the surprise wedding. Mike Fleiss, and the bachelor say it’s going to be the most historic ATFR show yet.

  55. You are totally right!! The WTA was very awkward. I feel like the girls are having their last ditch effort to get cast for BIP. Some of the girls who we didn’t really see or hear much of during the show, all yelling over each other to get noticed.

    I wonder what the WTA would look like if there was no BIP. Or if casting was completed before the WTA?

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