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Some of you may have seen that little Miss Molly graced the cover of Us Weekly last week! Obviously, I’m her biggest fan so I went out and bought 10 copies! Ha! Anyway, since the article about my “body after baby” went up on Us Weekly online, many of you have been asking me questions about my diet and fitness routine. So I thought today would be a good day to share the things that really helped me bounce back after I gave birth to Molly. And look, I would never suggest that any mother should feel pressure to lose weight after having a baby. This isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad who maybe hasn’t lost the baby weight. Instead, I hope to inspire others to be good to their bodies and be healthy, so we can all be the best moms we can be! And really, my body is not perfect by any means. My skin on my belly is so stretched out that I can pull it about 5 inches off my stomach. And I still have little dimples in weird places all over my body. But I’ve definitely learned a few tricks since Molly was born that I feel have really helped me lose the weight and I wanted to share them with you guys!

First, I swear by grapefruit juice in the morning before my breakfast. Yes, you may have read in Us Weekly that I do in fact eat a bowl of pasta every morning. And this is not an exaggeration. Not even a little bit. I legit eat a bowl of pasta every single morning! I’m borderline obsessed. Actually not even borderline, I’m totally obsessed. And pasta just wasn’t something I was willing to give up to lose the baby weight. I’ll NEVER give it up!!! That’s like giving up water for me. I need it to survive! Ha! By eating it in the morning I am able to burn it off all throughout the day. And I’m also able to burn it off better by taking a shot of grapefruit juice before I eat my pasta in the morning. I read in a book once (and saw on Dr. Oz – that man knows everything!) that taking a shot of grapefruit juice before eating a high calorie or high-fat meal helps your body process the calories quicker. So far it’s really worked for me! So I totally suggest you guys try it for yourselves!

Sometimes before the pasta, or right after, I have my coffee! Molly is still waking up in the middle of the night.. I mean, occasionally she’ll sleep through the night, but sometimes I wake up two to three times. So I’m a tired mama! I need that coffee! I used to put sugar and creamer in my coffee every morning. Actually, I even used to put marshmallows and whipped cream in my coffee in the morning. Ha! Not exactly your picture of health. Then one morning I saw Kevin take one of my Evolve Protein Shakes out of the fridge and put it in his coffee. Genius right!? I tasted his coffee and it tasted like a mocha latte! So now, every morning I put a little Evolve Protein Shake in my coffee instead of creamer and sugar. I have all my friends doing this now too! Every single time someone comes over and I make them coffee, I ask them to try mine first to see if they want to put the protein shake in their coffee too. Everyone is always blown away by how good it tastes! Seriously! You guys have to give this one a try!

The coffee trick is only one way that I limit sugar in my life. In general Kevin and I have tried to cut out sugar in our every day diet. Don’t get me wrong, we still go out and indulge! We especially love Happy Hours. So we’re always taking Molly out to our favorite spots to get all our Happy Hour favorites! Especially since Happy Hour is now our dinner time. We go to bed shortly after Molly cause we are so exhausted most days. Anyway, in general, we try to limit sugar. Have you guys seen the documentary Fed Up? It’s so good! It’s all about how sugar is hidden in so many foods that we consume daily. It also talks about how unhealthy sugar is for us. I really recommend you guys check it out if you haven’t seen it already. Some of my favorite foods were packed full of sugar and I didn’t even realize it!

Oh, and I don’t really eat fruit that often. Fruit might seem like it’s something that’s really healthy for you but it’s actually packed full of sugar! It’s natural sugar, but still. It’s funny, I’ll talk to some of my friends that live in other parts of the world like Australia or Europe and it’s actually common knowledge there that fruit isn’t really healthy to eat in large quantities. I think people in the States think “oh I can eat a whole bowl of fruit for breakfast and it’s totally healthy”. It’s not! That’s a ton of sugar! And look, I’m no doctor so always consult with your doctor before changing any eating habits you have. But this is just something that’s really working for me. I look at fruit as more of a treat now.


Photo Credit: Marc Royce

I have to talk about breastfeeding in this post because I truly believe it has helped me SOOOO much! But it doesn’t always work for everyone. For instance, my girlfriend had SO much trouble losing her baby weight while she was breastfeeding, but once she stopped, the weight fell off. So breastfeeding doesn’t always help everyone, but it has totally helped me! I actually find that I am eating more than EVER now because I am so hungry after breastfeeding Molly. So it’s not bad to eat after, you just need to make sure you are putting the right food into your body. Which brings me to my next body after baby tip…

Eat whole foods!!!! Eating whole foods, rather than processed food (pasta is my main exception!) is so important. A few times a week you may have noticed that I post videos on Instagram story of Kevin and I cooking. And as much as I’d like to take credit for those healthy, whole food meals we’re making, I can’t. They’re pretty much all from Hello Fresh. We genuinely love Hello Fresh so I post videos on Instagram story a few times a week because we love it so much! Plus Kevin and I just love to cook together. We met at a cooking class so we find cooking extremely romantic. And I kid you not when I say I haven’t been to the grocery store in years. Well maybe I’ve gone a few times with Kevin, but other than that he goes to the grocery store and does all our grocery shopping. So for me, having Fresh food delivered to my front door is pretty darn awesome!

As far as working out goes, I honestly don’t stress about this. I really believe that getting your body back after baby is 80% what you eat. But with that said, you still need to get some exercise to be healthy. Most of my exercise revolves around hiking with Molly, Kevin and Owen or just going on long walks around our neighborhood. I try to get to hot yoga when I can, but I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve been in the last two months. I haven’t. I’ve been so busy planning our wedding and with work that I just haven’t had time to fit it in. Also, we don’t have any childcare for Molly yet so it’s not easy for me to just go to the gym or go to a yoga class. She had her FIRST babysitter (a friend) the other day and she was only with Molly for 1 hour. Ha! I really need to work on MY separation anxiety. So I try to find ways to work out around my house. When I’m playing with Molly, I’ll toss her up in the air multiple times to help tone my arms. If she’s getting restless, I’ll dance around the house and jump up-and-down to be silly to keep her entertained. I know you guys are going to think that it’s not possible to get in great shape by doing these things, but I assure you it is! Every little bit counts! And I believe doing lots of these little things works WAY better for me that going to the gym 3 times a week. At least for now, I need to tone up A LOT! And I will have to step it up with class or a gym membership for that. However, my arms are much more toned than they’ve ever been before. Just carrying Molly around tones my arms a ton! So I encourage all you moms out there to get active with your babies! Play with them, move around with them, and go places with them! Just by being active with Molly it helped me get my body after baby.

And if you do find time to go to the gym or go to a workout class here’s my tip. It always seems like a huge task to go to a workout class. When I consider going to hot yoga, I feel exhausted just thinking about it. So instead of telling myself that I have to commit to this huge task, I instead commit to just getting to the parking lot of the class. For example, I’ll put on my workout clothes and just drive to the class. That’s the only commitment I make to myself. Once I’m sitting in the parking lot in my yoga clothes the chances of me not going in and doing a class are pretty slim. So at that point I might as will go in and take the class. I don’t know, this might sound silly to some of you. But it works for me! It’s almost like I trick my brain into thinking I don’t have to actually do that much by just getting my butt into workout clothes and driving to the class.

What else? What else? Hummmmmm… well sometimes I will eat a handful of almonds before bed. I read once that eating almonds before bed keeps your metabolism working all night long. Makes sense to me. And I drink LOTS of water!!! Everyone always says that when talking about weight loss and that’s because it’s true!!! You have to stay hydrated if you want to lose weight.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. And look, my body isn’t perfect!!! As you can see in these pics, I have things that I need to work on, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come and proud that I’m living a healthy life! I hope you guys found this body after baby post helpful in some way. Again, this isn’t about being skinny. It about being healthy!!! I still have a ton of changes to make to be a healthier person but I am taking baby steps every day! Baby steps after baby! Love you guys! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!!! Or just leave me some love notes! xoxo

Thank you Evolve Protein and Hello Fresh for partnering with me and helping me be healthy!!! And I want you all to know they I TRULY love and use these products! I would never have partnered with them if I wasn’t totally obsessed and using them all the time! I stand by everything I wrote in this post. I hope you guys find it helpful!


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63 thoughts on “Body After Baby

  1. Great post, Ali! I am 4 months postpartum and only 5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (thank you breastfeeding!) … but I have been feeling discouraged lately about how loose the skin on my tummy is. So many model celebrities post postpartum photos that look perfect. Your photo is the most beautiful because it looks real. Thank you for pointing out your loose skin and dimples! It was very refreshing to read πŸ™‚

  2. How did you tone your abs?! You’ve always had such a tight looking stomach. What’s your secret for that?

  3. Hey Ali!! Great post! You look great and are setting such a great example for Molly. Can I ask what flavor of the evolve protein you use for your coffee?

    Have a great night!

  4. Good points. Im a 51 yr old grandma and I have a Thyroid issue and take meds everyday for it. I use to have a flat tummy but 4 yrs ago when I was told of the problem I have been struggling with losing or toning up my abs but slowly it is getting there. Mine is motivation. I did join a gym but hate going by myself. I also drink Teami Blends detox Tea Im like you I swear by this product. It really helps give me energy and it helped me to stop drinking pop. I am glad you mentioned the grapefruit juice I had heard it was good for you.
    Thank you for your blog you are very beautiful and Molly is adorable. You look amazing Ali.

  5. You look sooo great! And so well said about everyone’s bodies changing in their own ways and at various paces. You’re always great at taking care to be inclusive and non-offensive to anyone in a different situation. Can’t wait for the bridal pics to come πŸ™‚

  6. You look fantastic, being Molly’s mommy is a good look on you. Just an FYI- you probably know this, be careful with grapefruit. It prevents medicine from absorbing and could be fatal. Example.. Antidepressants, you cannot eat/drink grapefruit.

    I miss Owen. Can we see him soon? Molly is gorgeous.

    1. Yes, I agree. Grapefruit is not good for everyone especially if you are taking high blood pressure maintenance medicine (which is a blood thinner).

      Also for people with acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). I have these and when I tried the grapefruit diet many years ago, I had some episodes of stomach pain.

      On another note, thank you for inspiring us, Ali, to be good to our body. It’s an expression that all women should adhere because we are hard on ourselves when it comes to handling our own issues (e.g. weight, self esteem, etc.). πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for sharing this information. I was going to try grapefruit juice but I have/had problems with acid reflux. I finally have it under control so I don’t want to aggravate it again. It is important to be good to our bodies. Ali’s blogs are so inspiring aren’t they? πŸ™‚

        1. Also don’t drink grapefruit juice if you’re on birth control! (the mini-pill if you’re breastfeeding is fine but standard birth control pill nope!) that could be a scary (or awesome?) mistake

        2. Very inspiring that I have this link on my Task Bar so when I log in to my computer, I could click it first thing. πŸ™‚

          Btw, I checked Evolve Protein Shake online and Vitamin Shoppe carries this brand. I am also lactose intolerant so I would like to give this a try.

          Have a wonderful Spring break everyone! I am just a lurker from South Florida.

      2. While it’s true that grapefruit juice does interact with some medications, it does not interact with all antidepressants or all blood pressure meds (which btw are not blood thinners). Easiest way to find out if grapefruit juice affects the metabolism of the medication you’re taking, just ask your pharmacist the next time you’re in to pick up your meds!

        Btw, great post Ali. Thank you for not being condescending to those of us new moms who haven’t yet lost the baby weight, but for encouraging us instead!

  7. Hi Ali,

    You look amazing!! Keep up the great work. I’m also so happy that you’re encouraging healthy living vs. extreme dieting. Anyhow, I’m interested in drinking/taking a shot of grapefruit juice as well. How many oz do you take in the morning? Thanks in advance

  8. I’m only 24 and don’t have a baby, but I’ve followed you since The Bachelor days and you are so talented! Thanks for this post… I crave pasta every day to the point eating a sandwich or something else for lunch makes me want to throw up bc I don’t want it. So definitely trying the eat pasta for breakfast thing!!! You rock!

  9. This is a great post! I can’t wait to try the evolve trick with coffee and I’m obsessed with hello fresh. My baby is about a month younger than yours and I know playing with her and dancing around is a workout. I have been trying to get back into hot yoga too but being a stay at home mom and starting up a business makes it hard. You look amazing! I know I fit into my pre pregnancy clothes it’s the toning up that has been the hard part, baby steps. Your blog posts are great and so honest, thanks. Oh and I know that wedding has to be coming up quick enjoy it it goes so fast. One word of advice I was told one my wedding day is to take a minute alone with you new husband to soak it in (and eat a protein bar before the wedding). Congrats!

  10. What do you put in your pasta?? I’ve been following you for years, big fan of moms and dads that can make it work without needing constant childcare!

      1. Same! I can’t find it anywhere, I’d love to be able to purchase them individually so I can make sure I like it.

  11. Everyone has individual needs and it’s important to find out what works for you! That being said, I can understand where people would come from not wanting to eat as much fruit because of the sugar, but there’s so many other good things in them and I would definitely consider them a healthy food. My whole family and pretty much everyone I know in Australia (I grew up there) would actually say the opposite to you on fruit. My grandfather actually makes a mango milk type of thing to eat with his cereal that’s how much they love their fruit. Hard not to when it’s basically grown in their backyard.

    1. I agree with you. Alot of fruits have their benefits, and some of them don’t have as much sugar as you think. For example, bananas are high in sugar but they have TONS of potassium in them which is essential for our diets.
      Refined sugars are worse for you. Just eat fruit. It won’t kill you.

  12. I love that you look natural and not airbrushed but it looks like you photoshopped c-section scar out.

  13. When it comes to pasta, how big is your typical serving? What the box says? More or less? I only ask because serving sizes are my biggest challenge when it comes to eating well!

    Thanks for sharingβ€”you look beautiful!

  14. Love this post..the more normal you can be with real life issues the more I will be checking in with your posts. My only question is awhile ago you asked for advice on sleep training/issues for Molly–and seemed to get a boatload of responses…but from your update below…seems that things are the same. Did you try any of our suggestions?

  15. Great read!! Thanks for being so honest about your body and what you are doing to try to be as healthy as you can. You look amazing!
    I’m 6 months post partnum and I feel like the last 10 or less pounds are the hardest to lose. I feel like women are pressured to bounce back from pregnancy so quickly. Instead we should really be admiring what our bodies have accomplished and trying to be healthy for ourselves and our families and not worry about what society is going to think.

  16. Thanks for the post! Love the grapefruit tip. Have you tried a workout program with Molly? We have Stroller Strength where I live and it’s a boot camp type class in a local park. You get to bring the baby, have a great workout and meet other local Moms. I had my first baby 3 months ago and am also getting in shape for my wedding in a few weeks and it’s been a great help!

  17. Ali – what a great post! It is so inspiring to hear a “real” mama be real about what has worked for you, and you look amazing. Thank you for always being so open and honest about all things motherhood.

  18. You rock, mama! I’m 24 with 3 little ones, and am so thankful breastfeeding also worked for me to help rid myself of my baby weight, and then some! Keep that adorable family of yours your #1 priority and motivation, and you’ll reach your goals! ???

  19. Love your post I can so relate to you I have a 6 year old boy and a 7 month old baby girl and it can get pretty hard to work out. I think your an amazing mom and your baby is so cute????keep it on.

  20. Hi Ali,
    You look great because you feel great! A happy glow hides all dimples ? Where is the blue shirt in the first photo from?

    1. Hi Jenn, I have this shirt. It’s from Banana Republic, but it’s a little older–from over a year ago.

  21. Hi Ali, thanks for sharing, love to hear your tips! I’ve bought the Withings watch you also recommended and love it. Something you might like to try, is a fantastic / super easy/ very supportive online program called 28bySamWood. Sam was the bachelor here in Australia. It’s fantastic because it’s only 28minutes/ day to workout and he gives you a new video routine everyday. It’s a great alternative to getting into the gym which is hard for us mums. Can fit it in between sleeps. All the best!

  22. What do you put on your pasta? I’ve never thought of having it for breakfast but maybe I’ll try it!

  23. Hi Ali!

    Love your blog! Do you use the Evolve shakes as a meal replacement or as a snack between meals?

    My Facebook memories from this week had a status update of mine 7 years ago saying “Yay, Ali is the next bachelorette!” Lol.

    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  24. HI Ali, you look so happy and healthy! And Molly is such a doll ? I just wanted to ask if you have been checked for diastasis recti – in your belly-baring photos it appears as though you may have it. If that’s the case you have to be careful to repair it before doing certain exercises. All three best to you! XO

  25. Ali thanks for the post. My daughter is a month older than Molly and I’ve been struggling to get the remainder of my baby weight off. Can you tell me what are some things you eat for lunch? We use hello fresh as well and love it.

  26. Question πŸ™‚ have you ever not gone in, despite being there in your yoga studio parking lot in your work out clothes? Are there days that you really just can’t do it?

  27. I’m kind of disappointed you mentioned fruit not being good for you…
    It’s full of fibre, vitamins & minerals essential to your health. As a Dietitian, I know that Fruit should be a part of your balanced diet (everyone should enjoy fruit!) Yes, there is sugar but it’s natural aka unprocessed AND it comes with so many other good nutrients. Grapefruit juice on the other hand is pure sugar, with fibre removed in the process of making it juice.. all I’m saying is, if you want a piece of fruit; have it! No one should cut it out from their diet. Everything in moderation is key. BALANCE is key πŸ™‚
    You look great though!

  28. Thanks for the post Ali! My baby girl turns 9 mos in about a week. I lost the baby weight around 4 months but definitely need to tone up. I’m going to try your grapefruit trick, do you just do 1-2 oz each morning? Also, are the Evolve shakes safe while breastfeeding? I’ve been afraid to take any sort of protein shakes or any supplements other than prenatal vitamins while nursing. Last thing, please post soon about you skin care regimen and exactly what makeup products you use! Thanks

  29. Ali, you look amazing! Congrats on your post-baby body and working toward being healthier. This post is great – thanks for sharing all of your tips!

  30. Does Ali reply to any of these posts? I had some questions but didn’t see any replys to everyone else’s questions.

    1. Ali, on the pasta every morning do you cook fresh every morning? I read online that you should not reheat it if you are going to eat it for breakfast. I have high cholesterol and take meds so I know whole wheat past is better for you. I just was wondering how much you cook and if you make it fresh every morning and how much you eat. You look great.

    2. Yes I have seen her reply. She has a sick baby and she just got married last weekend so she is very busy.

  31. Hi Ali!

    I’ve been reading your blog and following you on instagram and I love your posts! Thank you for being such a great role model and an inspiration to others. Little Molly is precious and you look fantastic!

    We’re there any go to foods or snacks when you were pregnant that you would recommend?

  32. Ali – I was wondering what you eat for protein seeing that you’re a vegetarian and all? Thanks!

  33. Hey Ali!

    What flavor of evolve do you put in your coffee? Also do you know where you can find the Evolve Protein Shakes? I see they sell on Amazon but I don’t want to buy a whole 12 pack yet! I currently use Vega which is also a plant based protein powder in my smoothie. I want to try evolve but I want to try just one first before buying the whole 12 pack πŸ˜‰


  34. Thanks for the info! You look amazing and I love keeping up with you and your little cutie on Instagram! My 3rd baby just turned 1 and I have 25 pounds to lose to feel good in my skin. Thanks for being vulnerable & authentic! So refreshing!

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